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    1. Lucid Dreaming Silliness

      by , 01-23-2019 at 06:13 AM
      Morning of January 23, 2019. Wednesday.

      Dream #: 19,028-02, 19,028-03. Reading time: 2 min 54 sec.

      I am listening to my music with headphones. I listen to the same (fictitious) track twice in a row. It is about three minutes in length. I notice how soft the snare sounds (with no attack, that is, as soft as an organ). There is a lead synth that almost forms words and phrases, the last phrase sounding like “dance with me,” the overall effect seemingly caused by modulation. (Otherwise, it is like a reed organ with a precisely controlled wah effect.)

      The setting seems to be the Cubitis house (unseen since 1978), though I do recall that I am married and have children. I start to wonder where my second-youngest son is. I know that Zsuzsanna and our two youngest children went to the library. I walk around calling his name, but there is no response. Finally, I hear my oldest son (from behind his door) say that he is in his (my oldest son’s) room. He had been playing a computer game.

      Although my oldest son looks somewhat like himself (though nothing is rendered correctly in dreams to prevent false associations with waking life other than with interconsciousness threads), my second-youngest son has a “face” like coin-operated binoculars. It takes a few seconds to realize this oddity. “Oh, I am dreaming,” I explain to them. I describe how I know I am dreaming because of his face, mostly noting how his eyes could not be as such in real life. From here, I walk back into the lounge room, which is now more like our present home.

      There is a vague sense of wariness even though I am aware I am dreaming due to an unusual sound to the north. I consider it might be an airplane that might crash near or onto our house (which would be autosymbolism of the waking process concerning vestibular dynamics similar to a typical falling start). That is not the case. I watch various lights and shadowy forms move past the windows (which are factors of liminal space division between dream self and conscious self). I soon wake briefly, but again enter sleep.

      I again start to look for my second-youngest son. I try to open a door, but he pushes it back, and I realize I am dreaming. The house is a distortion of the Cubitis house but changes to our present home in a short time.

      I go out to our front yard. (There is no fence as in waking life.) It is nighttime even though I am aware it is daylight in reality. There are still strange sounds coming from the north. Three unfamiliar people walk toward me, continuing south. I consider that I should talk to them because they may hold threads of the interconsciousness and have something informative to say. Their appearances are unrealistic. Their faces do not look like possible human faces but are also not threatening or eerie. I focus on talking to one unfamiliar man. The sounds to the north are coming from a (fictitious) train station. He does not make much sense. He says something about espionage regarding the trains. They continue on their way.

      I walk east down our street, but the houses are not as in waking life. I summon Zsuzsanna for a love-making session. I use the porch factor to enhance my dream. When I turn about to continue east, I come to a fictitious open area where there are elevated train tracks above a mostly featureless field. There is a false memory regarding something about the man I talked to mentioning that the “king of light” was near here. My dream is extraordinarily vivid at this point.

      A young Sam Neill walks by, with his usual questionable smile, and I suspect he is the preconscious simulacrum showing up to wake me. Several additional men walking from the north, though all unfamiliar, also enter the open area. Sam Neill and the other men are all seemingly railroad workers. I ask them some questions about where I am and if there is something I need to know. They do not say anything of interest.

      As suspected, they all walk toward me to shake me into vestibular system correlation (or to coalesce) to reinitiate my consciousness. Instead, I wave my hand, and all the men go flying back through the air before getting close enough. After effortlessly doing this several times, I decide to wake on my own.

    2. 2017.04.09 - Brother's Games / Trump's Gopher

      by , 04-11-2017 at 12:14 AM (Discovery of the Mind: Xereniak's DJ)
      Brother's Games

      Recall Begins:

      A vast world spreads before me. From the heights above the treetops rises a great plateau, towering above the pathway upon which I stand. I Know that I must scale this great wall before me, with nothing but a parasail, stamina, and great determinat... wait a second, this is another one of those "Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild" dreams. Jeez, I haven't played that game in weeks and it's still the physics engine my mind chooses for everything.
      I make my way up a mountain trail with light shrubbery about. Up the trail, there is a checkpoint, to stop and inspect travelers. I know they're searching for me. Nonetheless, I continue up the way until I arrive at their inspection station, where they begin searching my goods. They're checking my things, which I'm not too worried about, but I'll be in trouble should they decide to pat me down, for concealed within my sleeve is a home phone. The shape of the phone protrudes through the fabric, but I stand on the other side of them in hopes they will not spot it. I feel its buttons against my skin within my tunic, and I am severely startled when they begin to pat me down. Surely, like this, they will find the home phone concealed on my person. When all hope seems to be lost, I re-initialize the dream, sending the guards back to their original positions, not knowing I was ever there. I had all my things back, but one thing remained: my position within space remained the same, and as I was standing on the other side of the guard station, I had managed to slip past them. I continue onwards into the cabin which they had been so zealously guarding. Once inside, I find /...fragmented details.../ in the entry way. Up the stairs, however, I find a console, running a copy of my brother's game "The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess". Of course, with his permission, I fire the game up and begin playing, although the game's graphics felt a lot more like "Ocarina of Time".

      Recall Ends.

      Trump's Gopher

      I traveled from my home to my day job, a 7-3 shift as a crew trainer for Donald Trump's Cabinet. I was still being trained on the position myself, by my waking world coworker J and some other guy whom I do not know. I also sucked tremendously, but Mr. Trump himself was much too busy to take notice and fire me. For the job itself, I had to appear to be a girl. Not entirely sure why, but one blond wig and a costume change later I was working hard at my job to... erm, actually, nobody ever came. I mostly just got paid to snoop around Mr. President's communication equipment he used to send messages to Vladimir Putin. Instead of using old school, U.N. approved touch tone wires to send messages, this setup sent the message by LED cables (wtf????). These cables looked quite spectacular, with towers soaring across the wide mountain range away from the high altitude plateau upon which we built the... some kind of administrative office, but it was definitely like a ski lodge. When I got home, my family seemed to have left on a vacation without telling me where or why. Dream me took no issues with this, and instead headed to the basement to play a game like "Space Engineers", but also it was "League of Legends" and I was a Singed player chasing down a Lux. I almost had her, when these weird bug robot things started flipping me over their heads, and they just kept doing that for awhile (during this process I was moved inside a kind of land rover). Eventually, my craft ran out of hp, but it didn't explode until they were done tossing me. Then the ship and I were transported to my starter platform (all still in my basement), where I tried fixing the ship up for another round of getting tossed around by the bug robots. After 3 times of this, and having to scour for materials each time, I just started taking the ship apart so I could build something new with the components. The frame fits quite snuggly as a house roof.

      Recall Ends.
    3. Female Disintegrates Body and Runs Away from Military Base & A Girl Vomits that Defies Physics

      by , 12-12-2013 at 08:03 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Female Disintegrates Body and Runs Away from Military Base (DILD)


      Spoiler for Personal Notes:

      I recall existing inside of a building that seemed to have high-end technology, almost like some kind of government or private organization that associates with several political magistrates. I wasn't sure what I was doing for this dream, I just knew that I was dreaming.

      The outfit I was wearing is a bit difficult to process, but based on how my dream body felt, it was probably some kind of Tac Suit you'd see in Tom Clancy games. This dream had several themes, and the most prevalent were:

      • Espionage
      • Military
      • Anime

      The atmospheric overlay of the dream environment contributed to how it was mostly a colder region for several reasons. The soldiers or guards within the dream all seemed to have a default format from the MGS2/MGS3 soldiers with the black mask covering most of their face except the eyes.

      Spoiler for personal note:

      The weapon that I'm holding was probably just like the default gun you get from MGS2, the American military M9 that's modified to fire tranquilizer darts. Considering how I was using that gun instead of something lethal, I guess there was some ambition to stop killing figments of my imagination, since the last time I tried doing that to try to save dream characters, it ended up biting me later on.

      I see a few soldiers passively patrolling this linear area I'm at, and I quickly shoot them in the head since I was just going for Metal Gear Solid logic here. The area itself seemed to be split off with a black metal rectangular border in the middle.

      And if you looked from afar, there were more guards on patrol as well, and I had to be very careful of the direction they're facing. I had several guards wondering what was occurring in the area I was in, and I had to quickly go to the other side for safety.

      Fortunately they didn't go too far into investigating things and seemed to have pre-fetched sayings and declarations for whenever they're suspicious or presume the area is clear of intruders. As for the bodies of the soldiers that were passed out from the tranquilizers, it seemed I could care less about putting them in safe areas.

      I figured that there wouldn't be some weird system that demanded one to store bodies, or else there would be an alarm of suspicion. The area that was about 40 feet away from me seemed to be the external section where the weather had a lot of snow on the ground, but no snowing in particular.

      The dream shifts to where I'm now inside another base that has a lot more guards, and what seemed to be unarmed individuals that looked as if they're important. I found myself lying down on my stomach near a section to the left. I believe I was probably under a desk, and there were conveniently placed rectangular objects that concealed my position that were at least 9 inches in length.

      Since my field of vision is limited in this position, I had to make use of my lateral peripheral vision. I saw a Black male that was wearing a milky light violet colored dress shirt and regular jeans. For some reason, he was looking down right where I was at, though I wasn't sure if he knew I was there.

      He seemed to have made several glances back and forth at me and whoever he's talking to. Seeing how he didn't scream my position, he probably wanted to help me out, or he was just staring at random space to avoid the whole averting eyes awkwardness that occurs in most conversations.

      Whatever the case may be, looking at his visage and how he expressed himself, he seemed to have been involved as a computer guru or something of that nature. After a while, it seems some of the individuals leave to their bases and sections, and I finally get out of the awkward position under the desk.

      Unfortunately, there were still a good amount of guards around the area, and I had to time my shots in a specific pattern so one or two would hear their own men being knocked out with tranquilizer darts. Fortunately, the process was easy and I managed to take down the three guards within this room.

      Then the most absurd thing occurs in this dream. There was another individual that was knocked out that was unarmed. My mental image of this person seemed to be them wearing a white dress shirt and red jeans with some pink to it.

      His whole existence disintegrates, and a 3d model of a female that looks like this
      (it's hard finding an image of her not making lewd facial expressions):

      Spoiler for ...:

      I don't know what the hell was going on, and I was busy trying to process what I'm going to do if she ends up doing some weird demonic things to me. I can't really recall what happened after that though, just her running away.


      Girl Doing the Limbo & Vomiting that Defies Physics (Non-lucid)


      I'll keep this short and sweet, no need to be sensory descriptive of someone vomiting in a dream.

      A girl that seems to be 6-8 years of age is walking in a manner as if she's setting herself up to do the limbo without a bar. Then she randomly vomits while in the limbo position, and I'm not sure if the vomit is going in my direction.

      Maybe it's a sign that I'm a pile of vomit, or I'm being aware of certain false pretenses of those who I feel I could relate to. That's not really surprising, though I wonder who it is in particular the dream was trying to inform me on. And I guess the girl doing the limbo is either another symbolic implication of how that certain individual in waking life is still an enigma.

      And considering I had a dream about two children dying yesterday, maybe it's probably that one individual that I feel is another confused woman that just happened to gravitate to my openness to them. Probably a sign that I should go for more stable females than the psychotic ones.

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    4. Shared dreaming attempt #2

      by , 07-06-2011 at 02:50 PM (Aeolar's Lucid Reveries and other Hoopla)
      Small lucid about controlling your energy. I was talking to a girl with blonde hair about taking energy from dreamers' attacks, and using it against them. She showed me her energy, and how she used it, and I showed her mine. Hers was colored like vanilla ice cream, I believe mine was purple.

      I had 2 false awakenings where I wrote down my dream.

      I was with my mom, and we were going across a bridge to a camp. We were one of the first ones there, so we looked around for a place, and we found one. It had an overpass, and umbrella and a swing. Then, a bunch of prepubescent teens came seeking shelter. It started to pour and storm extremely hard.I gave mom 50 cents and she left. I passed out and woke up in a really weird location. I walked a little, and then arrived in a parking garage. There were people all over. I saw people I knew, like Ashley, and Nick B. These people were wandering around, looking for something. I saw this 1 person staircase, that I had to crawl up. It led to the second story, and as I got up there, I almost got stuck, and had to push my self out. I saw Zach and his girlfriend. Zach had given her a white popsicle, which he called an HP bar, and after you ate it it automatically refilled itself, so you got as much HP as you wanted. I then saw Ronnie, and Matt Cook. Later on, I saw Jesenia. Then, I was in a house, and Ally Westfallen was there. She was telling me about when she went on a field trip, she got this funny shirt that had something to do with Haxx0rz. Before all this: I was in a spy group, and we were uncovering hidden secrets from the White House. I believe we were Russian. I was talking to a hacker, and he was telling me that the files were constantly monitored, and that we would only have 10 seconds in and out. As we were about to begin, American spies broke into our stronghold, and began attacking. We started the hack, and got the files. Inside, it was about the Truman Doctrine for the Cold War, and they were forged by Eleanor Roosevelt to start war. Me and my mom ran away, and crossed a bridge...
    5. Night of 9/3-9/4

      by , 09-04-2010 at 04:07 PM (SCPantera's Dream Journal)
      Got quite a good haul tonight; 3 decent-sized sequences that I'm going to split between two posts to denote a break where I woke up and wrote down some notes.

      This first one may have been longer on the front end, but this is where my memory picks up: I'm living in a house with just my dad. I'm in the back yard enjoying the beautiful weather. I'm sitting at the top of a hill, looking at the sky. As I look back down, I notice the back yard is a mess, stuff is scattered everywhere and there is dog poop and urine stains all over, on the ground, and on the walls. I notice my neighbors' back yards are nice and neat, they're all separated into distinct sections by a short chain-link fence. I go inside and it's a mess inside as well. Pissed, I call for my dad, who shows up quickly. I yell at him for letting the dog shit everywhere. I tell him I'm going to go to the store and that everything better be cleaned up by the time I get back. I get into my car, but I decide instead of going to the store I'm just going to run away and live somewhere else. I try to plan where I want to go, I decide I'll fly to Alberta, Canada, then from there to Vancouver. I figure my dad might still be able to find me there and he'll be mad, so I decide I should keep going to Europe. I pick an arbitrary spot to land in Europe, so I pick Budapest (I had to check Wikipedia to verify Budapest is even in Europe and apparently my subconscious knows exactly where Budapest, Hungary is on a map; I should also note that my starting location was in southern California and as I was planning it I was seeing the path I was planning to take on a map with a line for the air route Indiana Jones style). So I go to the grocery store, which had an airport on its roof. I go up to the roof to get on a plane.

      This dream may have transitioned into the following one; my memory of it starts (as I'll describe shortly) with flying as the previous one ends with it, and the sky in both situations was yellow as though it was dusk.

      It's the future, but it's a zombie apocalypse. But not quite an apocalypse; there's pockets of humans living comfortably and there are quarantine zones. I'm at an airfield near a forest, learning how to fly (the airplanes are these tiny hover airplanes). I watch another student (who is Jesse Eisenberg of Zombieland fame) successfully take off and then do a couple loops in the air to show off. I do my own take-off and continue flying to explore. I wander into a massive city, only I notice that it's conspicuously abandoned (also note, the sky is now blue). As I continue, I suddenly realize I've accidentally flown into the quarantine zone, just in time to just barely miss getting hit by a raising camera bot with a zombie hanging off of it. Since it's the future, and there's some advanced technology, they use automated hovering camera bots to watch over the quarantine zone. However, sometimes one of the zombies would grab it, causing the hover blades or the bot itself to be destroyed, so to solve this problem they programmed the bots to fly up and continue flying up if they get grabbed until the zombie falls off. Looking forward, I see several more upward flying camera bots with random zombies hanging off them, some occasionally falling off. Though I'm filled with some dread, I figure I'm fairly safe up in the sky so I continue exploring. Some ways in I find a series of very large buildings that are completely intact. One of them has a large airport on top of it (what's with the airports on top of buildings in these dreams) and as I continue I can see into some of the buildings. I come to realize that this is some evil corporation who's trying to exploit the zombies. In some places there are crowds of people moving around normally as though they are busy at work and aren't in the middle of a zombie infested quarantine zone, but in other places I can where swarms of zombies are attacking people who are desperately trying to escape. There's places where it looks like there's a special forces team fighting zombies. Another place looks like a grade school; a nervous student answers a teacher's question but is wrong so she is taken to a closet and left outside, zombies burst through the door and attack the girl. At another classroom area, a student lures the teacher closer but then attacks them in rebellion so they can escape. The other students attack him too and knock him out, so they all flee. I find what looks like some kind of vent that's large enough for me to fly down into. I come out in a busy office hallway; the ceiling there is high, so I can hover above everyone's heads so most of them don't notice me. There an intersection, and nearby is a black guy in a suit who is apparently the boss of the whole operation. He's giving some sort of evil monologue. I continue to look around while listening; there's windows into labs where technicians in sterile suits are working on something. The boss guy's assistant has noticed me and is trying to get the boss guy's attention but the boss is too into his monologue to be interrupted. I start to head back the way I came to leave, but as I get back to the vent I notice it's been covered over. While I'm trying to figure out what to do, the boss notices me and approaches me enthusiastically, he shakes my hand and asks me how I've been and other small talk; apparently we've met before. Another guy comes up the stairs nearby, I recognize him as a supervisor that I had for a previous job and I'm worried because I know he'll recognize me and know I'm not supposed to be there. The boss waves him over and "introduces" me to him, then tells him to find me a room. After boss guy leaves, I tell supervisor guy that if he lets me in on whatever the evil corporation is doing I'll keep quiet and won't try to escape or anything. He agrees and we get on an elevator. Inside there is what looks like some sort of special forces team. One of them looks half-zombified and is wearing some kind of special suit. We get off on an abandoned floor, the team goes first and readies assault rifles so I assume it's an unsafe floor. I wake up hereabouts.