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    1. cxxvii.

      by , 08-01-2020 at 11:13 AM
      1st June


      I was on a country road with H. We were walking along it when the road curved towards a big estate. There were tall and trimmed hedged along either side of the road. On the right side were some bushes partially under the shade of an oak. The bushes had bright cobalt-blue fruits. On closer inspection they looked like strawberries, in shape.

      I took one and ate it and it was sweet. I then told H I wanted to make jam with these cobalt berries and H said we couldn't take many but I started to pick the large berries into my pockets until I couldn't take any more.

      Some bit of the dream is missing, or there is a transition.

      Then we're inside the big estate place, but it was just like our home with a bigger scale for the rooms. I remember being in the kitchen and it looked regal or something.

      Dream Fragment:

      In some kind of museum or gallery, there were many objects on display, everything was lit from underneath. I remember there was this wide trunk or stump and I smashed it's side somehow. Its core was crystalline and I pulled out one piece.

      It was shaped like an amorphous animal. I suddenly had a long knife, and started carving it to look like a dog. It felt more like wood than crystal.

      - The second dream may have just been a run-on sequence from the first.
      - In the first dream, I remember it was sunny and it felt like it was a quiet road. I remember that the cobalt colour of the berries was particularly vivid.
      - At the time I think I had started making jam more often, a habit I have kept a bit by now. I like to make jam or jelly out of fruits other people might not consider, so maybe the exotic character of the berries and my desire to turn them into a jam might be interconnected.
      - I still have some visual memory of the second dream which allows me to make note that it looked a bit like that place in space odyssey, with the white floors and rooms at the end. It was darker than that because the light was focused on the displays though.
      - Looking back on this dream, I quite like the idea of the crystal and of carving it. To me, quite a while now since I had this dream, it feels analogous to some of my inner concepts around transformation and undefined forms, shapeshifting and so on. The carving is significant as a whole because carving and sculpting as a whole are of major interest to me but they aren't activities I've had much chance to work in. On top of that it deals with the subject of controlling matter and changing it.
    2. xvii.

      by , 08-05-2018 at 12:23 PM
      Non-dream stuff; Woke up early enough but slept again and then just stayed in bed far too long because I felt very poorly yesterday. Had a few long non-lucid dreams but let's see what I can remember...

      Sequence 1:

      I remember being at a street and walking down with my partner; it was day time and I think the sun was to the right, as we were walking in the shade of some terraced houses or the like. We were going to some rented cars we had at the moment, we had two rented cars and one was up the street and the other down the street. When we got to where the second one should have been, it was gone. We reacted a bit with "oh shit..." as some of the stuff we had was in the boot. I couldn't remember what exactly but I think my partner's laptop and some backpack of mine.

      I said we should call the police and I remember "seeing" an interface that showed they'd find it in under an hour. There was even a thing where I could pay the police some more money and they'd use a jet to find it very quickly. My partner said not to bother, because (for some reason) even though the car had been stolen we'd only have to pay the rental company 100 from the deposit, which I found to be odd. But I was still worried about our stuff at the very least.

      Can't remember how that sequence ended.

      Sequence 2:

      Still part of the same general dream somehow, I remember us arriving on foot at a house; it was night time. The place was more like a small castle or small mansion than a house, actually; a typical estate you'd find on large plot of land anyway, the building's stones were limestone, and it probably had some sort of gothic ornamentation. I remember we went in... There was a woman? Or maybe there wasn't anyone, but I seem to remember the presence of a woman.

      I seem to remember we went into some rooms and dropped off some stuff we had on us and maybe sat down. The memory here seems to blend with memories of the previous sequence, so I'm not sure what chronological order things took exactly, apart from considering time of day in the dream.

      Something about secret rooms... But then I remember that we somehow owned this place all of a sudden and that we were gonna change some things around.

      Fragment 3:

      I think this came before the first sequence, but some game where my partner was playing and he got a jet and I said "oh, I haven't seen that one before! let me try" and he wouldn't, saying "find your own" in a cheeky way even though he wasn't flying the jet too well, as I remember he clipped the nose of the plane on a skyscraper as he was doing a loop. I remember the jet had a nozzle-mounted machine gun and some rockets.

      Some notes:
      • These sequences were much longer, but only writing them down about 3 hours after I've woken up, I've forgotten most of the details...
      • I think in sequence 2, there was a fireplace that was lit when we first came in.
      • The fact we had 2 rented cars does not make any sense, as I cannot actually drive in waking life. And my partner couldn't be driving 2 cars at the same time, obviously. Just this in itself should have been a good cue for RC.
      • The fact my partner didn't care so much about our belongings in the stolen rental was odd too. Again another good cue for RC.
      • The police "interface" thing was reminiscent of something from a game, I'm not even sure "where" I saw the interface, I think just in my normal field of view.
    3. Your dancing Uneasily through my dreams...

      by , 11-15-2015 at 04:29 PM
      I tryed to incubate using a song...to send loving thoughts into my dreams...didn't quite work as expected.

      D1 - I was in a large room with artificial lighting and lots of mats on the floor. Everyone was wearing white karate like suits and everyone was young. We were practising dance moves that a sensei was teaching us. I was doing fine coping his every move. The song I had been incubating was in my dream to start with then...
      more and more people started joining in and it was getting to crowded. I couldn't see properly what I was meant to do and I stumbled and knocked into someone. Next it all fell apart my rhythm was gone and I just jerked about out of time :/
      I got fed up and left the floor. There were partners waiting watching for all the dancers, except of course me.
      In fact the people I looked at averted their gazes, although I felt this was because they were sad and disappointed with me.

      I left the hall and made my way along a hallway that was glass (ds) with white painted frames (old wooden style).
      Along with others I walked to an end section, which looked like an office or a shop (maybe both). At the end was a counter top with lots of different coloured notes (like bills in a restaurant). I looked at the notes and the squiggly handwriting. Thought about picking up one note then decided not too.

      I went to leave the shop but saw that along the hallway, to one side some large pigs had been let out of their pens. These were not cute little piggy wiggys but more like large boars that would happily munch on your bones. I shrank back when I saw a large slobbering black ones jaws , hanging open.
      I made for the back of the shop panicked. There was a door at the back and I escaped out onto a grassy bank (ds), wet with mud, into a Grey gloomy day. Further on was a housing estate. I reached the top of the bank and went to cut back round.
      Unfortunately several people from the estate came out...they were zombies...one particularly scary one an old man, with a black suit, and grey hair slicked onto his face from the rain, homed in on me. I couldn't make it I was paralyzed with fear.

      I woke up, I was determined to WBTB and give the DCs a hug, I tried the song again for thoughts of love...

      D2 - I again thought I was trying to get back to sleep...but I was in a dream again.
      I was in a large manor house at night. It soon became early morning and I found myself in a dormitory surrounded by little kids. I needed to go to the toilet but couldn't remember my password. My partner ditto. So we wandered around the house looking for a toilet with a hoard of kids. I was to embarrassed to say I couldn't remember.
      We ere standing in a large room with ceiling high windows looking out onto lawns and woods beyond. When a parent who had entered the house came in. They asked if they're children could not stay here unsupervised and play while they went off out. Surely they could go out into the grounds and roam, as long as they were told not to go to far. I thought of making a joke about a nuclear reactor being near by but thought better of it. It had started to lash rain and I looked out at the woods as the rain splattered the windows.

      We left the house only to see the parent kids standing outside completely drenched in the rain. We reached a some shops inside it was packed. We made our way to the end of the building. There was a bar. As I went through a bottle went flying up into the air. The barman gave me daggers, I explained it was just a trick.
      I said I could make anyone here at the bar their favourite drink. I used telepathy and magic to fill people's glasses with their favourite drinks. I could taste the bitter taste of the alcohol.
      The barman was still not impressed so I made a drink for him, filling his drink magically up, up and up till full. He downed it in one the frothy brew swilling round his upended glass. Then he spat the last of it at me :/
      I had had enough of this sour faced barman, and made for the door. Flinging the door open I flew up into the air and was gone. I could hear familiar music as I ascended into the stormy grey sky.
    4. Jailbreak and Horses

      by , 12-06-2012 at 08:47 AM
      Alright, tonight was a rather strange assortment of dreams, and I hope I can recall them with some decency.

      The first dream I had revolves around something like a jail break. I apparently know these two guys in this sort of
      posh prison. It's not so much a prison, as it looked way more like a boarding school than anything. The headmaster
      of this institution is blind, and I'm working with this girl to get my two friends out. through some sneaking around, we are
      able to notify the two guys that tonight was the night they were going to break out. We ran up to their rooms, told them to rush it and pack, and
      then, somehow, we just walked through the front door, albeit rather quickly. When we got outside, it was almost as if the scene came
      from an old fairy tale. I smelt pine in the air, the streets were clear of frost but you could still see your breath, and I could hear
      the soft movement of water - not too fast, not too slow.

      It was at this point the phone woke up and I was broken from this scene, but as soon as I could, I drifted back, focusing on that very spot. When
      I got there, I could tell the world around me was fading, so I opened my eyes (in my dream) and spun around. It actually worked in keeping
      the dream alive!

      There is a bit of a disconnect between how I got from there to this estate, but the next portion of the story takes place there. We talk to who I assume to be the father
      and mother of a sister and brother, though I'm not sure if they are the same people in the jailbreak or not. They invite us out to ride their multitude of horses, and
      we take a turn around the track that surrounds a lake (again, still on their estate). The son of this couple and I both take black horses, his a stallion and mine a mare, and we take off. There are more people on the track than just us, but they're just sort of there, racing along, being people walking around the lake, things like that. Anyway, we're racing and we round the first corner round the lake. The son, who had passed me on the turn, couldn't keep his hold and fell off his horse. The horse proceeded to run and jump in the water; that was the last time I saw that horse. I was about to keep going and just finish up the lap, but then a little boy falls into the lake. I get off my horse and, along with some other characters, pull him out of the water onto the bank. At this point my own horse disappears and instead turns into a girl (around the same age as the boy we had just pulled from the water). The girl runs to the small pond next to the road, on the other side of the lake, and jumps in. I ask if she wants to continue down the track, and she adamantly refuses. I turn back to look at how long the track really is: maybe a kilometre or two - tops. By the time I turn around to face her, she has vanished.

      At this point I notice that no one else around me has horses, and they are merely walking about. I follow suit and take the not so long walk back to the estate. A discussion there ensues about what we ought to do, and the father and mother suggest another race. Instead of the multitude of horses, now I see they have but a few, and the black mare I had ridden previously was no where to be found. I instead got a grey mare, slightly spotted with black around the hooves and snout.

      We mount up and ride again, but for some reason we stop; the son and I take our horses, his being a blonde, chestnut mare, mine being the aforementioned, and let them circle the pen on their own. We go back into the house for a little while. The son, whose features and voice I cannot distinguish, was talking to his sister, whose features and voice I can also not distinguish, about the records he held with horses. He was missing the times for a dash of some sorts, and that it needed to be below 20 seconds.

      The siblings then start discussing how riding while reading is quite easy and fun, but I realise that it doesn't suit my taste to multi-task in that fashion. The father and the mother say the best part of riding IS riding, so you shouldn't do anything else but that. The father then offers to go with me once more around the track.

      We get up and walk towards the pen where my horse and the son's horse are taking small warm up circles. Upon seeing up, they jump over the end and sprint past us. The father said to just go and wait by the pen and the horses will come back and then we can ride them around the lake once more. Upon entering the pen, I realise that I am not alone, but instead I'm with another handful of people.

      I see my mare running towards the pen, but she then turns into this blonde woman, decently tall in stature, delicate, but not petite (but she was by no means fat; she was, rather very realistic with a decently slim waist, decent bust, blonde hair that fell to her hips, and clad in a dark green dress that fell to her feet). She was carrying a sort of pouch, and somehow I knew that you needed to be the owner of a certain artefact before you could call her yours. I was not the first to point this out, as one of the people standing in the pen said what she had on her mind: "you're looking for the one with the bottles, aren't you?" She responds with, "Indeed I am. Can you point to me who is my master?" The character she is talking to looks over in my direction and says, "the one in the grey shirt."

      It was sadly at this point I woke up. I got out of the dream so quickly, I didn't even realise it was fading around me. I tried to re-enter the dream, but was sadly unsuccessful.

      During the first part of the dream, the jail break part, I knew I was in a dream, yet it was more like the story was unfolding and I wasn't in my own body. I was merely a visitor in this scenario. When I left the dream due to the phone ringing, upon re-entry I feel like I really "opened my eyes" to the dream world. The details became clearer, I could hear things, smell things, really have a grasp on the world around me. While I don't remember how I got to the estate, I do remember that the riding was a big deal.
      What was really interesting, but something that did seem quite normal in the dream, was that the horses turned into people. From what I gather, the boy that me and some dream characters pulled out onto the bank was actually the son's black mare. Once I got off my horse, she turned into a girl of roughly the same age, who refused to take me along the track, and instead wanted to play with the ducks and such. My second horse turned into a beautiful woman who, thinking back on it, seemed like she was garbed in more Celtic-like gear than anything else.

      I'm still not quite sure what my "dream signs" are. I am simply aware that I am dreaming, perform a reality check to confirm, and go back and go along with the story, as I thing it's supposed to happen. There doesn't seem to be a real consistent theme in the dreams I've written down in the Dream Journal. But, from the last one to this one, what is consistent is that I'm with a blonde girl right before my dream fades. Although the one from my last dream and this one were completely different (the last one was petite, bubbly, very playful, whilst this one was not fat, just taller and slightly bigger in stature, and far more calm). Not sure what it all is supposed to mean, but hopefully some recall on future dreams will shape what my dream signs are and maybe show the significance of the girl.
    5. Lucid Dream 212: Success and Failure

      by , 04-15-2011 at 04:05 AM (KingYoshi's Dream Journal...My World is Different)
      April 10, 2011
      Lucid Dream 212: Success and Failure
      Series: The Land of Dreams, Episode 8
      around 6:00am

      I woke up in the morning to piss and immediately returned to bed. I felt the usual vibrations kicking in, so I went with it. SP really didn't last very long. I transitioned after some brief HI.

      I found myself in my bedroom, but it was different. There was an open balcony that led outside. I walked through the curtain that was separating my room from the outdoor balcony. I jumped down off the balcony and landed below. My house was mansion-like. It also seemed to be part of a vast estate. I noticed a man wearing a suit and a towel draped over his arm. He walked up and said, "What are the orders, my King." I noticed it was Matt W (an old high school classmate). I said, "Well, your orders are to drop that towel and have some fun." He looked at me strangely and I told him that we were lucid.

      He looked excited, but said he didn't know what to do. I replied, "Well, we can anything!" I turned around and there was a huge fountain in front of the house. The water appeared to be a few feet deep. I took off my shoes and said, "We could even do this!" I stepped onto the water and walked across the top of the water. With each step my foot would sink a few inches below the water, but then float back up to the top. It felt a bit awkward walking across, but it never felt like I would lose my balance. I walked back and forth across it several times. Matt took off his shoes, stood on the side of the fountain, and then stepped out onto the water. His foot sunk, he fell forward, and face planted into the fountain. It really cracked me up for some reason. I thought I would laugh so hard that I would wake myself up. As soon as I had this thought, the dream became unstable. I quickly saved it by looking down at my feet, which were bobbing on top of the fountain water. I raised my head back up and everything was stable once again.

      I hopped out of the fountain and saw that Matt had climbed out of the fountain as well. He was now standing beside a brick wall. He asked, "Could we do backflips?" I then leapt into the air and performed a triple backflip, landed on my feet and said, "Of course!" He managed to pull off several successful backflips. I decided to take it one step further. I took off running at the brick wall and stepped up onto it. I ran about 6 or 7 steps up the wall and then kicked off. I then performed too many backflips to count as I fell back toward the ground. I stuck the landing and Matt seemed impressed. He then attempted this same maneuver. He took off running and stepped up on the wall. His foot crashed through the brick wall and his leg became stuck in the wall. Laughing, I walked over and pulled him out of the wall. I then walked up slowly to the wall and attempted the inception wall walk. I slowly stepped my foot onto the wall and began slowly waking up it. It felt really cool. I jumped off and performed another backflip or two.

      We then walked around the side of the house and there were rows of metal shelves on either side of us. They looked like large warehouse shelves that stood like 30 feet high. The shelves were packed full with bags of dog and cat food. I took off running and started an epic matrix-style wall run. I was running along the bags of pet food and ran sideways almost all the way to the top of the shelves. I jumped down once I came to the end of the row and looked back at Matt and shouted, "Try it!" he took off running along the side and seemed to be doing good, but I noticed the shelf shaking a bit. A large bag of dog food fell off the top and knocked Matt off his wall run. Suddenly bags began falling all around him. They piled up around him up to his waste and he was trapped. Suddenly a small compact bag fell off the top and hit him on top of the head. it knocked him out cold. I was laughing once again. This time, the dream faded and I couldn't hang on to it.

      Series Details
      In the dream series, "The Land of Dreams," I explore the depths of my subconscious. With no real goals in mind, I explore the creative lands and characters that come before me. Who will I meet? Where will I go? What will I do? These are the dreams that fit into no particular category. Stay tuned for more entries to the series!