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    1. January 2013, June 2013

      by , 05-01-2017 at 05:53 PM (Fantastical Adventures)
      1/28/13 (L)x2 Value: 0 | Generic Lucid 1
      -I went outside during the night, and looked into the sky. I wanted to fly, so I ran onto the street. Some boys came out of the bushes and it suddenly became daytime. Still trying to fly. Went down the street to try to fly, then woke up.
      -I was in my room and became lucid, tried to shapeshift, and woke up.

      Lucid Triggers: 10*, field*, c, digital clock

      6/29/13 | Disaster Dream
      Carter and Andy (Eureka) were in a strange, small town. Once random things started happening, such as the Majora’s Mask moon appearing over the town, everybody, including me, fled towards the barriers. They opened once we got there. Also, people were swimming in the lake that the barriers were placed over. |1st barrier: 69 mph wind; 2nd: 73 mph wind| Things started exploding.
    2. Voldemort and the Bomb

      by , 10-19-2012 at 08:08 PM
      10-19-2012 -- I'm Harry Potter, and it's probably the summer after fifth year at Hogwarts, and I've been driving around with some of the other Hogwarts students, trying to avoid Voldemort and the Death Eaters, while they've been trying to find us. At one point we're unlucky enough to run into him at a parking lot somewhere in Taft on Landstreet. I guess Voldemort has some kind of really good plan he is following, because he is more than willing to ignore us for now.

      One of his thugs is heading into a building to plant a bomb that will blow up later. They can easily get in today, because it is some sort of open house kind of thing they are doing. But today isn't when they plan on blowing up the bomb. Unfortunately, some kind of magic that Voldemort is doing keeps my internet communication from working, so I switch to using my cellular phone, and the cellular signal interferes with the bomb, and BOOM!

      So somehow we've screwed up Voldemort's plans a little, but there has still been a lot of damage done and a lot of people killed. Suddenly it is a few days later, and I am waiting for some sort of meeting at a property more or less across the street from where the bomb went off. I'm wondering who will end up showing, and who will call off because of fear after the bomb and things.

      No surprise Neville shows up, and a few others. I am wondering if Malfoy will show up to cause trouble, or if Pansy Parkinson will show up. For some reason, everybody who comes to this meeting is dressed up as a super hero, as a sort of disguise. I'm dressed up as the Indian from the old Super Friends cartoon series, and use the old joke on Neville. "Chance!" "Don't you mean how?" "Me know how. Me want chance." He doesn't get it.

      There are a couple of dogs running around, and they keep climbing into wheel wells and the like on the trucks in the area. Near the front of the property, my dad is there. Oddly, he is Jack Carter, the sheriff from Eureka, and he's got a Death Eater there who is the one that got blown up by the bomb. Somehow he didn't get hurt, but he feels very guilty because a lot of kids got killed in the explosion, and though he is a bad guy, he never would have agreed to killing kids.

      Because of his guilt, he is about to confess, but Jack steps away for a few minutes, and two people dressed up in police-style uniforms and take him away. Either they are with the US government, in which case the magical world will be revealed, or they are actually Death Eaters in disguise and are going to kill him to keep him quiet. He feels so guilty, he doesn't even care which one it is.

      More people have gathered for this meeting, and now one of them is a tall, blond, stuck up Ravenclaw heading into 7th year. He's asking what I think I'm going to have to teach the older students, and being a real jerk about it. I tell him people in my group last year aced their OWLS and NEWTS, and ask if he can say the same for last years' Ravenclaws who weren't in the group, and he shuts up. Guy looks like a cross between Troy Kehoe and a couple of the blond snobs from Karate Kid and Heavenly Kid.

      I ask if we've got everybody here, and the blond jerk points out that the primary school across the street next to the blown up factory will be getting out in about five more minutes, and then his sister and a couple of her friends will be joining us. I decide to hold off starting, because I only want to go over everything connected to the bomb once.