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    1. The Tour Guide and the Evil Brother

      by , 09-16-2017 at 04:35 PM
      08-22-2017 -- Unsure how this will come out, how much I'll remember, and whether it will be interesting or not, but we'll give it a try. There were earlier bits, but the first thing I can remember is riding in a sort of passenger van down a street that I've remembered from many other dreams, a slightly smaller road connecting major highways, sometimes in the RPV area, sometimes in Washington, and sometimes in England, kind of connecting Cambridge and London This time is one of the Cambridge ones, and the beautiful blonde 'guide' (for lack of a better term) is commenting how we'll soon be at our destination, and I mention it should be right over the next hill, and then make a big deal about how I remember that from my England trip in '92, even though I have not been back, since.

      There is a guy driving the van, dark hair, fairly slim, but we're told to ignore him, as he 'doesn't exist.' Indication is, the blonde should be driving, and the only person here, but she prefers to have help. She's quite attractive, and a mild flirt, and I can't help but hope something eventually happens with her, but for now she is mostly involved in serving us as a sort of guide. There are several others on the van, including a family with several children, and I am trying to entertain them by picking up some candy and juggling it. There are several small chocolate balls maybe a half inch in diameter, and then I accidentally pick up something that looks much like a Cadbury egg, and hold it up next to the others and comment on "No, that's not right!" and drop it. So I have the three small balls, and I am trying to juggle them, but I can't juggle, so I end up tossing one up and down in my left hand, with two in my right, just tossing them up and catching them with the same hands. The kids know that isn't what juggling is like, so they laugh at my antics, which is what I wanted in the first place.

      Somehow we've eventually arrived in France, and though I don't get the hows or whys of any of it, we all end up strolling into a classroom where the class is in session, and this annoys the professor, who is poking fun at us. The driver, who was the one who brought us here, is being forced to smoke the professor's pipe, and told he needs to cough like the professor before the professor will listen to him. Meanwhile, the professor is blowing smoke in his face. So the guy takes a puff or two on the pipe, then starts blowing odd smoke formations. Instead of 'simple' smoke rings, he is blowing a sort of smoke chain or smoke 'lattice' that kind of reminds me of making balloon chains. Very cool stuff. The Professor seems kind of offended by that, and then asks the driver if he is a secret agent. The driver says no, and the professor answers with 'Well I am, and we've been after you for a while," and arrests he and the gorgeous blonde. Myself and the other passengers are just kind of brushed aside, and left on our own. The blonde tells me not to try and find them, I think, as they are hauled off.

      The family is looking to me for leadership, no idea why, but is ready to throw me off at a moment's notice, so what's the point? They are talking about where to go next, and how to get there, and we get separated for a minute, and I end up spotting the driver and the guide running toward a train station. I guess they managed to escape the folks who had them, and are making a break for it. I chase after them until I reach the ticket takers, who aren't about to let me in without a ticket, but that's ok, I just wanted to get close enough to call out a 'good luck' to the blonde, who has short three letter nickname that is masculine, while she most certainly isn't. It's as if I were calling her Bob, though that wasn't actually it. Anyway, the ticket taker/guard looks at me strangely, but I don't care.

      I run into the family again, and the oldest daughter has decided she wants to go to Publix, because of how great a store it is, and I am kind of surprised to learn that the chain has spread throughout Europe. I'm trying to figure out how to find one, as the others just walk up to a mall directory, and discover a Publix in the mall (which is huge, with something like 6 or 8 'wings' of shops, and much larger than any other mall I've seen before), but of course it is on the entire other side of the mall, and I'm fat and out of shape, so my comment on the whole thing is along the lines of 'of course!' I turn around and discover the family is gone again, so I glance at the map, identify where the Publix ought to be, and try to head off in that direction.

      I'm kind of walking, kind of running, but things get a little strange, as I look in the direction I want to go, and am suddenly moving much quicker, almost like I was riding a segway or something, except there is no equipment, it is just the dream helping me get around more efficiently. I must have made a wrong turn somewhere, as I find myself in a huge hotel on the outskirts of the mall, and since I still need to get to the Publix, I try to turn around to get back where I started. Suddenly I find myself in somebody else's vehicle again, and I come to realize it is Uber, but that Uber is very strange and different in other countries.

      The driver is a sort of a young punk, and quickly runs his very strong car (build like a tank) into the back of a pick-up truck, which knocks it into the smaller car in front of it, which is then knocked through a barricade, as my driver laughs at them. He offers me a couple of tootsie rolls, and I am about to turn it down because I don't like tootsie rolls, when he reminds me that in other countries, Tootsie Rolls are not just the sticks of weird 'chocolate' that isn't quite chocolate, but a wide variety of different treats. I unroll the roll, to discover four pieces of candy of the See's or Russell Stover type inside. Yummy. Meanwhile, the driver has caused another crash that wrecks another car, and leaves his virtually untouched, and he continues to laugh as he explains he is taking out his competition, while refusing to pick up their passengers who are desperate for rides.

      Soon I am back where I started, in the mall, and still trying to get to the Publix, but now I seem to be driving my own French Uber, problem is, I turn onto a highway I hope will take me to the Publix, only to find all the traffic heading directly at me. Forgot I was in Europe, and have to drive on the left side of the road. (Obviously my dream cannot remember that's only the UK!) So I swing off the road and quickly turn around, heading back off the freeway without causing myself or anyone else any trouble. I drive a few meters down, and find the correct entrance, heading the right way, but there is a large gang of bikers parked there. I am worried they might want to cause trouble, but signs and announcements proclaim that biker gangs often help maintain the peace and keep order. What?

      Anyway, momentarily I find myself pushing my way through crowds on a train, as part of another Uber tour where I am just along for the ride, and the person who is in charge is very much like the other punk, and likes to pick up little kids who need to go pee and set them on top of tables so they pee on the tables and when the train shifts, it runs into people's laps, so he can joke about it. These folks are nothing but trouble, and I keep moving along, wanting to make it to the next car, where I find myself sharing space with the gorgeous blonde and her driver again. He's worried to see me, but she's just flirting again, and rubbing up against me, as she tries to 'explain' things without explaining anything. I ask if they heard me call out to them before, but get no answer. Just more flirting from the gorgeous blonde! All I know is I want her, and every time it seems something might happen, he just happens to pop up again, and she says I'll just have to wait and see if he ever lets anything happens! AAUUGGHH!!
    2. Hitler is Here. Now We're F--ked.

      by , 09-27-2016 at 11:34 PM
      I was at a retail store. I do not remember my purpose there but shit got real real fast. I was told of a plan orchestrated by an underground organization to resurrect Adolf Hitler and unleash his reign of terror over America. The goal was to incite fear among the American people so that they would be vulnerable to propaganda and fear mongering. They had already succeeded in raising Hitler from the dead now they were ready to send him to America. The plan was to have him swim across the Atlantic Ocean from Europe to The United States. Once here he would be free to terrorize the American people. We had to stop him but it was too late. There was a stream the flowed through the store and connected to major rivers that flowed directly into the sea. As we moved to try and stop Hitler from getting here I saw him swimming up the stream singing what sounded like and old German tune.

      Now what were we to do? Hitler was here and now he was free to unleash his reign of terror. I watched as he swam up the stream and attacked a woman like a shark. It was brutal. This was without a shadow of a doubt the greatest threat to national security. We had to do something. I would never get a chance though. I woke up before I could stop him.
    3. 05/01/2016

      by , 01-08-2016 at 07:05 PM
      I was running thorugh the city. At first I ran with a friend called Fran, because cars were going fast and they wouldn't stop for us. Then someone else, a random DC, joined for the run. We were already on a street called Bv Roca and there were few cars in that Boulevard. I saw in front of the street a woman with his son of about 2-3 years of age. He was talking out loud that this couldn't be possible, that we weren't supposed to be there and that she would complain to police or whatever. She was entering a shop. I saw at that time in my side of the street a big supermarket and beyond some trees and houses, in front of that houses a fountain, the other street and a school. We planned to be in front of the school, at the fountains, and there we would think what to do next. But since this woman was complaining perhaps we would get caught before we reached there. To my right there was a large sidewalk and some houses. At that time i was feeling angry and impotent. So when i saw a man entering his house i looked at him firmly, and i shouted at him "look at me!", i was mad, because i wanted to try to explode the shop of the woman.

      Then i dreamt with entering a house backyard. There was a dog by the door who jumps at me. I push it off nicely at first. Then he comes back and jumps at me again. I push it off now more seriously. He seems to get angry and he bites my hand.

      Then i dreamt about some friends from the school, they were mainly girls and just one boy called Fran who was taking pictures to one of the girls.

      Then i dreamt about travelling to Europe i don't know how could i but at few days before travelling to Europe my dad was taking me to school in his car, by the street of "Centro 11". I didn't have doubts that he would pay the trip, so i could go.

      Then i was in year 2007 entering the house of my music teacher. I was thinking about the economy of this country that it went down since the rise of Menem. But now things maybe could change, but we are very behind in economic growth, we would have to be more efficient than other countries to actually advance. It was a challenge, and if that happened i could think again about economy.

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      non-lucid , dream fragment
    4. A Trip to Madagascar

      by , 08-24-2014 at 12:37 PM


      1. I remember Family Guy. A cable guy went to their house. He tried to fix their cable, then he offered free cable. He flipped a switch or something, and they had free cable. Peter flipped to a European channel, and the entire family got sucked into the TV.

      They arrived at a carnival. All of them became very excited, now that they were in "Europe". They went on many rides and attractions. They stayed there for the rest of their lives. At the end of Peter's and Lois's lives, they went to a "retirement ride," where Peter said, "Well, I guess we have nothing to live for anymore". Then the ride got to the station. Peter said, "Oh yeah. Europe has excellent health care." Peter and Lois got on the ride and they rode it happily ever after. The end.

      2. I went to Madagascar with a couple of women. It was during the 1800's, when the British Empire owned most of the world. Apparently, in this dream, the British owned Madagascar, too. I remember it looking a lot like a coastal desert, and sort of like Australia's deserts in the middle. There were many British soldiers everywhere. The two women and I went to a hotel and we had a threesome the whole night. After the night, they apparently were captured by the British army, and were then being held prisoner by them. At this point, the dream seemed to become a video game, of sorts. I had to avoid the guards and rescue the women. There were many wooded structures everywhere.
      That was the dream.
    5. Crazy Trip around Europe

      by , 08-02-2013 at 10:44 AM
      [I can't remember that much about it. ]

      I'm in front of a mirror, which seems to be in an hotel. I'm trying to shve with an electric razor, but it isn't working at all.

      The next I remember is that I'm standing in a railway station. I want to go home. It seems like I'm back from a business trip or whatever. I want to take the plane (yes the plain, not the train). The cashier says to me:

      - We are really sorry but your flight is fully booked. Also your ticket has to get used in the next hour or it will be not usable anymore.
      - But I want to go home! A friend awaits me back in Brussels.
      - I'll see what I can make .... I have a seat in the train from here to there.
      - What?

      I don't understand what he wants.

      - It's easy we are here in Manchester. You'll take the train to Paris. And then you'll take the plane to Brussels.

      I don't remember what I said next.

      He tears my ticket apart.

      - Now your ticket is valid you can go and take a seat!

      He throws them at the floor. I pick them up.


      I'm sitting in a full train. I don't know, when I should go out. I ask the cashier. He tells me that I have to wait 6 hours.


      I'm swimming in a river. I see the Eiffel tower and assume that I'm swimming in the Seine. But the river is twice as large and looks more like the Rhine or a very stretched out lake Constanz. I swim back to a house because I don't want to get sick of the filthy water.

      (that's all)
    6. Guns and Paranoia, a Huge Earthquake, and Janet doing Preston's in Europe

      by , 06-17-2013 at 05:49 AM
      06-16-2013 -- [Most dreams have been skimpy and unmemorable recently, so I haven't been bothering with them as much. We'll see how entering them in goes, now.] I find myself at the Hickory house, where, oddly, Rosemary is trying to pressure me to move out. It's late at night, and I am in my second bedroom, trying to play some sort of computer game or something. Hints of adventure games and roller coaster tycoon, but no details. Rosemary is turning into mom, but still kind of half pressuring me to move.

      Mom wants me out, but she also wants me safe, and starts lecturing me about why I am not carrying around my gun at all times. She is actually putting up a sort of chain link/barbed wire fence separating the living room from the rest of the house, so that if people break in through the sliding glass door, they can't move on to the rest of the house as easily. She's getting rather paranoid.

      Meanwhile, I am looking for the gun I can seem to remember from another dream halfway recently ... one where I had something along the lines of a revolver that I seemed to be shooting at fireworks or something. (I think this was an honest dream I had somewhere in the last year or two, but have no idea if it ever got written down.) To keep it safe, I had it separated into several pieces, and I am now gathering those pieces and trying to put it back together, but the first two or three times, I get it wrong and end up with things like the sight under the barrel, rather than on top. I do manage to eventually get it put together correctly, though, and soon have the shot gun put back together, as well. I gather up my ammo and start loading both guns. Both use the same ammo, something that I think was on Carolyn's advice.

      The tough guy sitting together putting other guns together and planning strategies for possible fights is either Dave D. Or Nick W., I'm not sure which. I walk out into the front yard, preparing to test fire the guns to be sure they work well and I can still remember how to shoot, but I find myself wondering what to shoot at to try and avoid getting in any trouble. I figure out a safe shot shooting a tree across the street or something, but I may have done something wrong because the bullets are moving really slowly out of the gun, and bounce off the tree, coming back at me. I catch the bullets and figure the guns may still need some more work.

      I end up trying to stay in a room kind of connected to the garage for a bit, as a way to get out of mom's hair, yet still be at the house I grew up in, but it is dirty, and has bugs or critters in it, and there is a really beat up kitten with badly matted fur and lots of scabs that I decide I don't want to be around, as well as a really strange girl who seems kind of prone to violence, so I give up and head back inside.

      I'm about to talk to mom, when the place starts shaking really badly, and I quickly realize there is an earthquake happening. It is a major one, and seems to go on for at least five minutes, and it is really bad. The house is breaking up around me, and starting to sink into the ground, as massive cracks start splitting the floor. I decide to head to the front door, and as things continue, into the front yard, trying to get out in the street, and away from collapsing trees, as the entire house seems to be collapsing out of sight. I look a couple of doors down, where Don D. is also out in the street. And even though we're standing here on Hickory, we're both kind of shocked at the earthquake. We would expect it in California, but here in Florida, it was unexpected. [The Hickory house and the neighbor were both in California, no matter what this dream thinks.]


      06-16-2013 -- Earlier bits that are entirely sketchy ... driving somewhere with Carl, getting the mail at the Hickory house, and then watching the washing machine in the garage (oddly a front-loader, which we never had at that location) as it starts to flood, since the door is open, yet strangely doesn't. Then I step out of the garage ....

      And find myself in a European hotel somewhere that bears a striking resemblance to Sargent Preston's. Somehow, Janet is about to perform as Klondike Kate in this knock-off of the original club, and though none of the other performers are working here, the replacements have been trained up well enough that the whole thing has the proper feel.

      The manager of the place is wandering around selling desserts that are actually pretty decent clones of what they had at the original Preston's, but not exact. (Preston's never actually sold the kinds of cakes I was dreaming of.) Dale tries exactly one bite, but won't eat any more because they are made with alcohol. As the show is just about to begin, I am thinking of video taping it, but decide not to.

      A few seconds later, when the show has started and Janet is singing "Hey Big Spender," it sounds exactly like her singing it in real life, and the band is doing a perfect job with it, as well. I am singing along in perfect time under my breath, and dancing back and forth slightly to get the best views as I suddenly am video taping, regardless of what I decided a few seconds ago. And through all this, Janet has not noticed me there, yet, and I'm waiting for her to spot me.
    7. Golf Cart Pursuit and Axe Murders at the Monastery

      by , 01-26-2013 at 07:49 PM
      01-25-2013 -- [Have no idea what this was about, but since there was nothing graphic about it, I am posting it anyway.] Somehow I am at the Hickory house, back a couple of decades ago, and I am somehow watching a porno film that was filmed, in broad daylight, in the front yards at Vinnie's house and Robby's house, and I am wondering how this happened with none of us knowing about it and freaking out about it. Then somehow things shift, and they are filming it now, and I am trying to get together with the females, but just to talk, not why you would expect. Weird.

      Then I soon find myself out driving a small vehicle (think along the lines of a golf cart or something) down a slightly winding sort of paved path like a sidewalk leading through a park or something, while I can hear sirens in the distance, coming from the main road. I continue along the winding path but soon flashing red and blue lights are getting closer and closer in my rear-view mirror. I pull my golf cart off to the side of the path, and hope I am not in trouble.

      The cops stop in another golf cart, but one that is made to look like a police car, and they ask me about a suspect they are pursuing. I don't recognize their description of a very short-haired female, and they don't seem to believe me, but they continue on their way in pursuit of her, anyway, and I then pull back onto the path, and continue, as well.

      Eventually I reach my destination, which seems to be almost a sort of small bank, or perhaps store. I have gone in and done what I needed to do, and as I turn to leave, I spot a woman two people behind me in line who looks very much like the woman the cops described to me, and I figure I will call them as soon as I get outside, and let them know that she might be here.

      But as I reach the door, I find the cop starting to open it. I nod my head at the woman in line, and kind of roll my eyes questioningly, and he nods. It is who they are looking for. So I head out the door, and he heads in. As I am walking down the block, I find myself really staring at the police cars because they have some odd sort of warning on them about a killer axe or something. The cops are glaring at me for looking, like they think I have too much interest or something, but I'm just trying to figure out what it is about.

      I think I find myself in Europe, driving around a bit with perhaps Jeff G, who is driving really badly, and soon we end up at a sort of a cross between a really old cathedral or monastery, and a museum, where the whole axe murder thing took place. Somehow there is a model of the monastery inside a glass case, and I am lifting up the glass case the peer really closely at the model, while the curator glares at me.

      He really doesn't like me, and is glaring at me something fierce, while I notice he is missing his nose, and looks slightly like the Spinx, while there are signs around the placing asking people not to ask about his nose or something. I gently set down the glass case and tell him I was just studying it, and I didn't (and wasn't) going to touch it. I also say I wasn't going to ask about his nose, gesturing at one of the signs, while everybody else around chuckles. He glares at me, and gestures for me to get out, so I leave.

      A little more driving, and then maybe a little bit of a street crossing, and I find myself, still somewhere in Europe, meeting with some thugs about some possibly hot computer equipment, and I and one of the thugs are talking back and forth about some sort of circuit board with an 'avocado' connection. And the boss, who has never heard about this, is demanding to know what it is.

      I am explaining that an 'avocado' connection is a board that is manufactured out of such weak and poor material, it is like trying to force a thin slice of avocado into the slot on the circuit board without it breaking.
    8. Oh.....

      by , 11-22-2012 at 02:38 AM (Tales from the sun chaser.)
      So I'm walking through this place in Europe with all this trash everywhere, and I'm spreading seeds on the ground that will eventually eat up all the trash and chemicals. My brother is asking me a billion questions about it, and I guess I'm answering him. Then he starts talking business...like we can make tons of money off of cleaning up the earth, depending on how we get the seeds, and travel and all this other crap. I really didn't want to do that. I just wanted to help out.
      Tags: europe, plants, seeds
    9. My mother's flying machine.

      by , 09-07-2012 at 01:29 AM (Zechariah's Dream Journal)
      I meantioned in a forum post, I've been experimenting with apples and apple juice for a couple days and have had some great success with the number of dreams that I'm able to have in one period of sleep. Last night's first dreams started out like this;

      My mother and I were visiting her friend in Europe. We had stopped in a cafe' and had lunch with whoever her friend was, I don't remember the breakfast scene but somehow I knew what her friend looked like. My memory of the dream starts with us about to head back to America. But before we started back, my mom wanted to show me around this little town of diners that were all replicas of iconic eateries around the world. They had some very pretty looking places, I specifically remember one my mom pointed out. It was three stories high, and more yellow than the yellow brick road. I'm just getting to the good part now though, for some reason, we were doing all of this in a high tech motored parasailing vehicle! We flew over europe for awhile, but then set off over the waters back home. (In the dream, I guess you could internationally travel within just a few minutes. I wasn't think very hard. It was just a fun experience). Near the end it became a little less fun when I realized I didn't have much of a hold onto the vehicle. The straps were hard to explain, but I think at one point I ended up literally holding myself up on rigid strings.
    10. 6/15/12

      by , 06-15-2012 at 02:22 PM
      I start off walking to a room that contains a roller coaster that's supposed to tour Europe, but I just ended up going over a map version. We don't even go on European countries for the most part, and end up going over a bunch of African and middle eastern ones. The thing goes in a circle, round trip, and I step off. When I step off, I notice that there are stepping stones and mud now, which were not there before. I want to get back to the room that contained the beginning of the roller coaster, but when I step on the stepping stones, they start to sink really fast. Someone calls the police to help us, and we go back to the roller coaster room. I walk in and see my parents having some weird experience, with something that seems like a mix of psychedelic drugs and magic, and I see my friend's mom sitting there, apparently she did that to them. She asks if I want to have the same experience and I say no. Then I see my friend, and realize that he was riding on the roller coaster with me.

      I start off in a room sitting on a couch, next to a square table, and I'm talking to this really hot girl that I want to have sex with. There was something going on after that but I don't remember now. Her parents make her get a job at Barnes and Noble, and the scene cuts to that. I see her walking around with very covering clothes, unlike what she was wearing before. I think they had a black and white downwards stripe like t (Both pants and shirt.. Also I think she was wearing glasses now) I make out with her, and I don't remember what happens after that.
    11. Horrible Recall... Weird Impressions

      by , 11-05-2011 at 04:19 AM (Three Fold Utopian Dreams)
      Yes... I know its been awhile since I've written. But I should be posting more often now that I finally have a good laptop to work from.

      Random & Vague Impressions
      I don't really remember much from last night. I woke up with a weird emotion that i cant comprehend or place. I tried laying back down in the position I was to trigger a better recall but all I got was some more random images. here's a list of them...

      ~ beautiful view from a cliff top. possibly a coastal European city? Nice, France?
      ~ brick walls
      ~ rope
      ~ Kaomea. but she looked about the age she was when I met her. between 13-16 years old.
      ~ lightning
      ~ turkeys running around cobble stone streets
      ~ costume store
      ~ Shasta (alt. name for a personal friend). i didn't see him but i felt him gripping my hand very tightly. maybe with fear?
      ~ floating aimlessly, an abyss
      ~ i remember feeling water in my mouth? like i was drowning but i wasn't afraid. this is strange because i am very afraid of suffocating in any way, shape, or form.
      ~ a randomschool.
      ~ a strange castle.

      and lastly, some of the feelings/impressions i remember in no particular order...

      ~ confusion
      ~ fleeting
      ~ i remember the feeling of analyzing something? like a situation that needed patience and a fresh eye.
      ~ layers. like i was in 2 or 3 spaces of time at once that overlapped.
      ~ the feeling i had when i awoke that i cant describe. it was such a weird emotion, i've never felt it before... i don't even know how to categorize it. it wasn't good or bad... just unknown. it felt like seeing a color that isnt in the normal human color spectrum. Now how the hell am i supposed to describe that? *shrugs*

    12. DON'T follow the red brick road

      by , 07-24-2011 at 05:53 PM
      Firm first-person perspective

      D (only dream)
      I’m driving down the street of a European-style city in my mom’s Chevy Aveo. The street is made of red bricks, the side walk is made of red bricks, the 3-and-a-half-story houses are made of red bricks, even the lamp-posts look like they’re made of red brick. The roofs aren’t. They’re Chinese-style.
      At some point, I switch to driving on the (very) wide sidewalk, and continue to do so until I come to a barrier in the middle of it. The road keeps going and curves off to the right, but the sidewalk beyond the barrier slopes down for a couple hundred feet before dropping off into a mist.
      I exit the car, which now also looks a little like it’s made of brick, and look to the left of the car. There is a gap in the houses 15 to 20 feet wide with a pipe railing going along it. Past the rail, the whole city is lower by 20 or 30 feet, so that the (two-story) houses’ roofs are a little lower than the sidewalk I’m on.
      I vault over the rail onto the rooftop of the first house. It’s a long roof, so I run along it, passing two small gables jutting out along the way. The Roof turns right, and I stop, facing a one-window gable. Opening the window (how the heck did I do that?), I enter the building.
      It’s a sort of antique shop, or pawn shop. More likely a pawn shop, but lots of the things are old, and it’s pretty neat for a pawn shop. I look around for a minute (I don’t remember what’s there), and then wander downstairs.
      When I get downstairs, I run into (not literally) the owner of the shop and a 13-ish-looking girl. They’re both dressed in 1800’s-style clothing, and the owner, and old man, looks like the old guy in “Pinocchio”. He says something to the effect of “I guess I must have not seen you when I locked up the place.” but, as usually happens in my dreams, he says so in considerably fewer words. The creepy thing about him is that, after I agreed with him, he looked at me like he knew I had broken in. Go figure.
      In the end, I leave and am just closing the door (I’m on ground level), when the dream ended. Or at least my memory of the dream ends.
    13. A Beach Resort

      by , 07-08-2011 at 01:59 AM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      I was in a beach resort. We were staying in a hotel facing the sea. Dad was there. I don't want to be near him. He keeps on complaining.

      I remember walking through a forest with a friend. The theme looks European. I also recall a marketplace.
      Tags: dad, europe, forest
    14. Awesome thrill-ride experience

      by , 11-08-2010 at 07:46 PM (The Lab Notebook)
      [Fragment] I'm in dream!Las Vegas, passing behind the back sides of several of the large casinos. There is a wide strip of empty desert between me and the buildings.

      [Longer dream] I'm in a sort of club with dark-brown wood on all the walls, being followed around by a cartoony-looking blonde girl with pigtails, close to my own age. While I'm there, I get a phone call from the coordinator of our tour group (yes, I'm on a tour as part of a tour group) saying that they're offering me the opportunity to extend the tour for a couple of hours, and if I want to take them up on it, I should meet them at the nearest [some kind of store whose name I can't recall].

      So I head for the exit of the club. There are steps leading down from the door of the club onto a large, open space of concrete, which is on a street corner. As I leave the club, I realize that I'm surrounded by several of my favorite actors, who are leaving it at the same time as I am. Liam Neeson and Ewan McGregor are there, and I hear Patrick Stewart's voice. I don't speak to them, though, because I don't want to bother them with my fangirling while they're trying to hang out and have fun. I know that I'm in Barcelona, and that the club I'm just leaving is known for being a popular hangout for famous people.

      Out on the street corner, I see the aforementioned some-kind-of-store directly across the street from the entrance to the club. It has a green awning with white letters on it. I decide not to go there, though, because I see all the other people from my tour group walking along the street and turning the corner to go up a side street. I decide to stick with the group. The cartoony-looking blonde girl is part of the group, too, but she hasn't come out of the club yet. “She'll catch up,” I say, and start walking up the street with the group. The street goes uphill. We walk several blocks, turn at least one more corner, and end up on an open-air elevated light rail car. I sit in the corner seat on the end of the car that points in the direction it's traveling. It starts moving and goes really fast along the track. It's quite thrilling when it turns a corner, and I cheer and whoop in exhilaration, as if I were on a roller coaster.

      Eventually, the track for the vehicle we're in ends abruptly, high above a river that has broad beaches along its banks. Somehow, the vehicle has morphed into one of those circular whitewater rafts, like the ones they have on Grizzly River Run at Disney California Adventure. Our raft shoots off the end of the track and starts falling toward the river. I know that we're not actually falling all that distance, because we're inside a simulator ride. The raft starts tumbling and turning end over end as it falls through the air, but I don't feel the sensation of being turned upside down, and I know that that's because I'm not actually being turned upside down, it's just the video in the simulator ride making it look like I am. Just before our raft hits the water, I realize that it's going to hit with enough force to plunge pretty deeply into the water before floating back to the surface again. I hold my breath just to play along with the simulation, even though I know it is one, and, indeed, there is no real water; I don't feel wet, but I see the deep-green-tinted underwater video all around me.
      [LOL! Maybe this is what happens when MILDing is only partially successful? ]