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    1. 26 Mar: Trump makes a terrorist attack in Europe, visiting a museum in France

      by , 03-26-2021 at 07:54 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid FA / AP

      At some sunny city somewhere in southern Europe, I think, which has canals. There is some international event going on and I am actually walking away from it. Then I spot Trump in a very bad disguise on a motor boat, going in the direction of the crowded area. His kids Baron and some of the girls are going in other boats in different directions. I know immediately they are going to commit some terrorist attack and try to stop it, but can't.
      In the end, I end up with the ashes of the victims, for some reason.

      In France, at a natural history museum, I stalk a guided tour with high school kids, so I can listen to the guide. The guide notices me, but pretends not to care to avoid causing a fuss.
      There is a display of ancient dentures with semi precious stones as teeth. The guide tries to make me feel self-conscious by asking me a question about it. I feel embarrassed and I separate from the group and head to the museum shop. I am delighted with a Star Wars encyclopedia and there are books that resemble some of my childhood Russian books and I get very excited, but turns out they are just similar and not the real deal. A couple kids that were in the guided tour before, also come to the shop and start flirting with me. I feel flattered, but they are just kids. I go get my coat from the cloakroom and the guy there is really gorgeous and age appropriate for me so I also flirt with him a bit. I can tell we both feel like we don't want to depart so soon, but I am the one taking the step. I touch his hand and say I loved meeting him, but I have to say goodbye and that I am going away from this country soon and will probably never see him again. He looks heartbroken.
      At the exit we are thoroughly checked to see if we stole something from the museum, but instead they confiscate some pills I have on my pocket. I explain my need for it and make a bit of a scene, so they end up letting me go with it.
      Outside is already night and I have no clue how to get "home". I just have a vague idea I need to go to a bus stop near of after some place named L'Envers. I go to the closest bus stop and wait for a bus to come. My french is a bit rusty, but when a bus comes, I beg the bus driver for help and he ignores me and starts moving away. I keep begging for some indications and some Asian dude steps up and offers to help me. So the bus driver stops and and I come on the bus. The dude says he can help me to get closer to my destination and teach me what buses I need to get on and off to get there, so I sit a couple seats away from him.
    2. 20 Feb: Weird prank, art heist, silly debate

      by , 02-20-2021 at 09:05 AM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid FA / AP

      I go to my car outside my gates, to get some bags I really need the bags, but I am a bit afraid because it is night already and I am alone. I hear strange noises, so I look around and see some small boars, not so far from me. One has a chunk of bloodied meat hanging from his mouth and I feel a bit concerned. But they don't seem like they want to attack me. I look over the small cliff they came from and see a bunch of boars and cats apparently eating some corpse. One of the cats is my cat Buda. I go there and all the animals run away from me. I realize the dead animal is a giant pig, the size of a very fat human. The animal has tied feet and has burned skin like it had been cooking over a fire. But it ain't dead, it still breathes. At this point, there are other people around who also came to see what happened and all are in shock about the poor pig that was being cooked alive and somehow escaped. They can't handle it, but beg me to film and post online. Turns out there is a restaurant really nearby that is famous for cooking whole pigs but nobody expected them to cook the pigs alive.
      I am confused that a lot of it doesn't make sense. How is the pig alive after everything, including having cats and wild boars eating his guts? And how did it get here with feet tied up? Then I see some guys who look familiar, some famous comedians. They admit to have set up a prank to promote the said restaurant, and that the pig is actually a man in disguise, but once again it makes no sense and I find it all absurd.

      I am with a group of international friends at an hostel in some foreign country. We did a heist and stole a bunch of lesser known paintings of famous painters worth millions. We are saying goodbye to each other, packing bags. I am also saying goodbye to the hostel cats and I feel really heartbroken to leave them behind. Some became really fond of some of us and I ask if nobody wants to adopt any cats. They say no, that they will be fine. The owner of the hostel feeds them and they are used to see people come and go. But I am looking for one in particular that got really attached to us. Our rooms are in the basement with access to a garden where I go look for the cat. Then the police comes into the hostel and raids our rooms. I see some of my friends being arrested, others fleeing and being caught on the street. But I was out of sight in the garden and manage to escape to a back alley that zigzags through neighboring buildings. I leave everything behind, only have my wallet on my pocket. I see police starting to spread out and look for the ones who escaped. I got to another neighborhood and see an entrance to a small shopping center. It's basically closed with only a couple shops open, so I plan to lay low and wait. I go down some stairs to a lower level floor and find a kind of auditorium with people seated and watching something on a screen. I presume it's some movie so I seat down among them. Turns out it is an auction and the items are being shown on screen. I spot one of my partners in crime among them, trying to sell his painting even for some bucks just to get rid of it and make some money to leave the country. But there were some agents in the audience and they catch him. Then they start looking around and also checking bags, trying to find more of us. I don't flinch and since I only have my wallet, they let me go.

      I am at some kind of charity event for an animal shelter or similar and a reporter comes with a couple vets and start asking if we consider vegan feed safe and healthy for cats and dogs. We find that a bit odd but the organizers of the event all says yes. Then the reporter gives the word to the vets she brought along and they start raising questions about longevity and biology and I get into a really heated debate with them about it. I present scientific data and they question my authority on the subject. I then pull out my credentials and one of the vets looks me down, claiming I have a low paid job and no credit. So I exaggerate a bit my professional history, to prove her wrong - no lies, just a bit of embellishment. I then feel so bad for having fallen down through this ego trap.
    3. 17 Nov: I am Trump's daughter, robbing a train and fascist underground world

      by , 11-17-2020 at 04:31 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid FA / AP

      Turns out I am a lost daughter of Trump. Because of that, I am spending some time with his lunatic family and entourage. He has gone full bananas and now wears some hippy tunics and is all "peace on earth". He says he learned from me how to become more like a human being and loving animals and so on. Tells me a story about some horses he saw being mistreated and how he felt compassion for them and suddenly became a better person, but as always, he is just inflating his ego even more with the fake notion he now has empathy. I later tell this story to my group of friends and we laugh and laugh of his lack of notion.
      He later brings me 3 pairs of used shoes he got second hand somewhere, thinks I might like them and wants to impress me with his low waste, humble attitude. I do like the shoes, but then he also says if I am going to be part of his family and get my part of his inheritance, I need to go through a makeover and become more fancy. I wonder what inheritance, as he is broke and full of debts. He says more hilarious things that I share with my friends again, but they are too busy to keep paying attention to what I say. They are trying to get us inside a studio where some children show with karaoke singing is being taped. Since they can't get us officially in, we break in and literally mingle with the kids that are dancing in front of camera. No one seems to notice or care and they just keep taping. Then one of my friends joins a group of kids singing the opening music on and she messes up. That's when they decide to kick us out but she complains they had the notes all wrong and isn't her fault. They start getting pissed. But what takes them over the top is when I acidentally spill ans ashtray full of ashes over the director's snacks that are on a table.

      I'm going back home and a neighbor and friend of mine is kicking out her boyfriend from her house, who happens to be the son of a Mayor or something, so he has a bunch of heavily armed bodyguards all the time around him. She not only is throwing out all his clothes and stuff, but the most hilarious is how she also throws away the security dudes out of the window as if they are pieces of trash.

      Some friend of mine, who works on trains, finds out a secret hideout where they keep money during commutes. It is a cabinet somehow embedded in a wall behind the door mechanism. It is only acessible when train stops and the doors open, and to access it, one has to hve very slender arms. He somehow convinces me to steal the money so I try and reach the money, but then notice a camera pointed at that spot. I then see a chance to access it from as opposite (much harder) position, where only my arm will be on camera. I retrieve the money, it is a very nice pile of 20€ bills, þut I put it back, because if we steal it now and they go check the secutiry footage, they'll see my face. I tell my friend we have to do it some other time, on a different train and schedule, so when the money goes missing, they don't eventually identify us when checking older videos.

      At some event, I don't know what it i,s but aome of my friends and old colleagues from school are there. At the end of it, Melania Trump grabs a mic and starts singing a Whitney Houston song with an angel voice. Everybody gets up in ovation and even those who dislike her comment how amazing it is that she had this hidden talent. But I don't buy it. I clap unenthusiastically and I am sure there is some guy hiding and playing a recording. She is a liar all the way, she can only be scamming us all to buy some admiration. But I fail to prove it. When leaving this party I get stranded from my friends and end up watching a kid playing a videogame. It is about a fantasy world and characters are a couple amphibian elf-like beings who live in undergroung caves. They live away from humans, in caves filled with water, but they enconter a small group of humans also inhabiting an underground world that can only be acessed through an underground river, so they are very much isolated from the world. I become one of those elvish beings and start living the story in their own skin. We encounter these humans when we reach a cave that is semi empty of water and has a stairway carved in the rocks where we spot some humans. We engage with each other. They welcome us to their world, they show us their caves. We ask if they ever go outside and they show us an access they have to a greenhouse on the surface, that is inside what looks like a zoo. The greenhouse is inside an enclosure where aupposedly should be animals but there are none. The place also seems abandoned so they go there to see sunlight and some outdoor greenery but they never venture outside, and they avoid being seen by outside humans, I don't know why.
      Then I start understanding they are some kind of fascist group with some weird flags that look very similar to nazi flags and I meet their leader and realize they are hiding because the rest of humanity thinks they went extinct and doesn't know of their existence and hideout. I feel very uncomfortable and tell my partner we should go.

      I go back to the outside world and Donald Trump won election after recount with about 6000 votes. I say it is not possible as he was losing by 5 million, but networks are all confirming it and I say in despair that I want to get out of this horror alternative universe.
    4. 3 Nov: Working at a VIP event, making out with my cousin and attempted kidnapping

      by , 11-03-2020 at 10:39 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid FA / AP

      At some foreign country in need of a job to support myself. Meet some girl who brings me to a place where they need people to welcome and serve some VIPs. All seems very proper and respectful. Most are scientists, Nobel prize winners, rich investors, all dressed up for a gala. I am helping at the entrance, checking out who's listed or not. When things calm down, the lady boss managing the workers comes to ask me if I would like a better paid job, joining a special group of girls entertaining a few select guests at an upper floor. My friend encourages me, excited about it, but I immediately think it can only be prostitution and in fear of falling into a prostitution ring and just become a sex slave, I refuse to do it. They insist I'd enjoy and I could just go take a look, but I am afraid they'll kidnap me. Later on, I find out it was merely an entertaining position, like a geisha, nothing sexual is meant to happen.

      At my grandparents home in Moita, but a totally fictional situation. My late cousin Rui is there and the garden and the house are magically maintained as in the old days. We are sitting in the couch talking about our past. Incestuous feelings take over and we hold hands and I cuddle his hair. Then we kiss exactly when his mother comes in and reacts with great shock. She then pretends she didn't see it and sits by his side, says he needs to cut his hair. Goes get a scissor and starts doing it. Then she also cuts bits of my hair with the clear intention to make me look awful as a punishment, but she ends up giving me a very avant-garde asymmetrical look that with a few adjustments looks pretty cool.

      Staying with a community living in an abandoned school and exploiting it as a hostel. I stay there for a couple days while I am meeting with some friends. Then it is time to go catch a train and I realize I don't know where my backpack is. I suspect they stole it. They deny and say they'll help me look for it, but first they need a hand preparing lunch for the guests and insist I help them. Someone shakes his head slightly and tries to warn me about something. I have the feeling they wanna keep me there for forced labor and won't give me my documents and stuff to keep me stuck there. But for now I play their game, because they don't know I can fly and have other powers and I know I can easily escape later if I want to.
    5. 4 Jan; A gang, Daniel Craig, porn and a sheep

      by , 01-04-2019 at 10:45 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      I am at some event or meeting, people are sitting in an amphitheater, some audience being presented. My friend Evangenlion is said to have been promoted to some political role and some people are debating whether or not he has acquired more power. I make a small intervention, where I use augmented reality to present a message. Older people can't understand it, how it works and they miss the point. Anyway, it was a warning of a "storm coming", not necessarily literal.

      Later, people on the road are leaving their cars and running in panic. Some gangs now fight over controlling people and certain areas and apparently some gang is now raiding through this area. I could also run, but I need to get something vital from somewhere back. I leave my mom and her friend Analia in the car, that we hide under a crossover bridge. I tell them to run if I don't return at a certain time. I try to be on time but I get late. It's already dark and I get lost and confused. When finally I think I found the place, the area has already been taken over by this gang and they even set up tents to spend the night, They have torches to light up the area and somehow I need to go across. They actually catch me and question me and my motives to be walking around alone over there. But they let me go. I take a piss behind some bushes and they catch me again and feel grossed out. Don't ask any more questions, just ask me to leave. When finally reach the point where I left my mother, the car isn't there. But I find a police car with the door open and keys in it. I decide to take it and go find them, when my mom waves from behind a small car and we reunite in tears. Then we depart on the small car instead.

      They are taking people away. Some Ukrainians were took and people say it is my fault or that I could have prevented because I work as an interpreter and they were taken because of something I said or didn't say when translating to the captors. Out of guilt I take a chance and I go around the trains at the station looking for them. I am told I won't find them because they were already taken to somewhere in the mountains, but I am not certain and keep looking for them.

      Going to my childhood friend Carla's attic. I don't have the keys, so I have to wait for her. Riverstone also joins us. She flirts with him shamelessly. She goes answer some phone call. Daniel Craig appears and opens the door. He is trying to lose someone who is chasing him. The attic is a labyrinth of door and cubicles, I follow him around. We end up crossing a door and being in some middle eastern country. He disguises himself and then goes look for some guy he wants to surveil, but I don't disguise and I am spotted following him and almost endanger his mission. But to minimize damages, I leave Craig and join a group of women, pretending to be with them. Strangely, they are street hookers. Now I can't expose my cover, so I pretend to be one to. Some old fat guy comes to hire me and I can't say no, as I am still on that street where Craig surveils the other guy. I follow him and end up in a hotel where some actors I know from a comedy show are filming what appear as a porn. They tell me it is not porn, that it is meant to be just some raunchy comedy sketch for a late night comedy show. But it is pretty much porn. They don't shoot the sexual act, but all their dicks are out and erected and one other woman is naked too and a guy puts his finger inside her and tastes it. They hired me to join the film. I'm somewhat shocked and aroused at the same time.

      I go to some gift shop where everything is super expensive but I only want to take a look. The girl on the register is foreign, she hardly understands me, but she realizes I don't need help and she disappears. Then some guy comes in, he also looks around, but after a quick look he finds a cage with three animals all tied up and unable to move: a sheep with two babies. I am shocked. Like, why would they have sheep in a cage? He wants to make a complaint but the girl is not back yet, so he unties the animals and provides them food and water. Then takes one of the babies on his lap and brings in a bucket with water to wash the animal. He intends to do the same to the other, but as he gives back the first ship to the cage with his mother, the mom rejects the baby, no longer recognizing its smell. I pick up the poor thing, and hold it in my arms. I confirm it is a girl sheep and cuddle her. She looks so very happy. I tell the guy she can't go back to her mom unless we find a way to make her smell again like before. The guy says forget about it, he will adopt her, he says he was planning to adopt a dog anyway.

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      non-lucid , dream fragment
    6. 11 Dec: Puppies and a lost love returned

      by , 12-11-2018 at 03:29 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      I see movement on my kitchen terrace through the glass door. One female dog decided to make a home there with her three pups and they are gorgeous, look like Akitas, just like my Hachi.

      I encounter a lost love from school at some big event. He is Nighthawk, but at the same time he isn't. I don't want to be pushy, but I feel like I don't want to get away from him ever again. Luckily he seems to feel the same, because he finds all sorts of excuses to sit by my side when everybody heads to the tables to eat some meal. He even makes someone get a stool and sit on it, so we can sit side by side. And because there is no space, we have to get really really cozy.
      We end up sleeping together. I just remember waking up naked in a bed by his side and him saying I should go check a rash I have on my butt and I feel embarassed.
      Well, I didn't know but he had become someone rich and powerful and the next day my mom calls me because she read in one of those gossip magazines about celebrities, that he had been spotted on the event very intimate with me and he was asked about it and he said I was someone he would like to keep by his side for the rest of his life.
      My mom was already asking if he had asked me to marry him and if I was rich now. I was overwhelmed by all that and I told her certainly I wasn't rich or I'd have noticed. But feeling confused about what exactly had happened between us.
    7. 8 Dec: Android friend, boat party, wildfires and mutant pet

      by , 12-08-2018 at 11:46 AM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      I have an android friend, Japanese looking, who I always treat as a human friend. Someday I have somewhere to go and leave her behind without an explanation and she resented me for that, felt treated like an appliance that would be just fine at home alone. She wanted to cut bonds with me. I gave her freedom to act as a human and live her life. Encountered her years later, on a boat, docked on an island, where there's a festival happening.
      She is still angry at me, had been living with guys who used her (I guess as a sex partner) but she had left them one after the other, tired of being constantly treated as an object.
      Very strong wildfires burst in the island leaving everyone in danger.
      In the midst of all these, there is a revelation of documents that finally show how much money Trump got from certain people and lots of people are celebrating his downfall. One lady wants to share the news on a megaphone, when a siren sounds loudly and flames approach the coast. Lots of people come take refuge in ships by the coast and becomes a nightmare to fit so many people in the boats. Chaos ensues and one guys tries to rape me in a dark corner, but I get helped by another guy whom I detest, but on that moment I even feel attracted to him.

      With a bunch of people, many familiar to me, still on a boat, but now things are calmer and on land there is some event with conferences and lectures. A friend of mine comes to tell me that such and such person can't make the lecture he or she was supposed to and they want me to do it instead. I ask about what and she says "Foucault" and I panic, because I know nothing about Foucault. She says they have a powerpoint on a computer and I just need to read it ahead and then follow it. I say no way, but I gotta try and help somehow. So I go running to the conference place, 15 mins ahead to try and read the material and get acquainted with the topic. People are already waiting in the lounge of the auditorium.

      I see an organ (keyboard) and a few chairs by the trash, go get my van to collect it and on returning I see a family emptying their house, so I ask them permission to collect the things they are throwing away. They are extremely nice and invite me to their house to see what they have and help taking it out. I am amazed with the place. I explain my work with charities and that I'd like to take all that I can, they help me pack in bags and carry it outside. They have amazing stuff. They have a weird mutant pet, like Nessie, in a lake outside that reaches inside through a balcony with his long neck. He really likes me and starts licking me. One of the kids says to let it give me a smooch, but others say no, no, because he'll rip my head off. Apparently he gets really excited with some smells and can bite someone's head off.
    8. Dream - Music Practice

      by , 08-13-2017 at 01:56 PM
      Date of Dream: SAT 12 AUG - 2017

      Dream No. 176 - Music Practice

      There wasn't much that I remembered about this dream. The only thing I remember is that I was singing harmonies to a pre-recorded Croatian song that I was preparing for my TAFE's cultural day.

      Dream Trophies Achieved:

      - None
      Tags: event, music, song, tafe
    9. Dream - Accusations Ahoy

      by , 04-29-2017 at 10:40 AM
      Date of Dream: SUN 3 APR - 2016

      Dream No. 74 - Accusations Ahoy

      I'm only writing the segments of this dream that I can remember... So, let's begin!

      To start off with, Taylor Henderson was bound to perform on stage somewhere with a group of 4 or 5 other girls. So they did their thing but when they finished, there was a fairly large riot and people who claimed to be the police were also involved. Now almost everyone was fighting and arguing, all except for me who was trying to break up fights between couples and small groups, and Taylor who was just standing there, looking quite scared and unsure of what he had done and if he had done anything at all.

      One of the police approached Taylor and and actually accused him for being involved in a crime with the girls he performed with. When Taylor left to go somewhere, I approached the policewoman who had also told Taylor of my supposed crime, saying “and look at the girl over there”, pointing to me, “she's also guilty of something”. I had a piece to say to her! I said, “Excuse me, but you don't do that alright?” and as I was saying that, I noticed Taylor watching from within the fighting crowd. I then continued, “Just look at all these people, and you make accusations of the ones who are innocent. They're all at fault but Taylor and I did absolutely nothing. You look at yourself twice!” and I think that was enough to make the policewoman shush up.

      Later on, in the same location, there was one row of seats facing another row of seats. On one side was Taylor, his mate and then his “girlfriend” who was actually light blonde in the dream. Then in the other row, slightly diagonal but more on Taylor's end was me and then a few seats away from me, there was the police woman but she did not move or speak... It's like she was zoned out or a not a “significant figure” anymore. I looked over at Taylor's side, noticing that they were paying no attention as though this side of the chairs was not there, so I say to myself, “I hope it's not true that he thinks I cease to exist”.

      Just then, they all get up and move to my side with the girl, then the mate and then Taylor sitting next to me. Just then, Taylor turns to me and says, “I'm really proud of you”, as he spreads his arms out to give me a massive hug and I'm not joking when I say massive. It's like he pulled me really quickly towards him that my left shoulder went up against his chest with quite an impact (but it was a soft landing). His chest was quite “hollow”, as if someone had dug a trench through the middle of it but this made it so my shoulder and that part of him locked in perfectly. Then just as I start to “relax” and almost actually fall asleep in the dream while he's still holding me, I bloomin' wake up! Much to my disgust and disappointment...
    10. 04-08-16

      by , 08-04-2016 at 08:12 PM
      Trying to form new habits. First start developing an habit on meditation: zazen and theravada meditation. After this is established i will try to keep mindfulness for the rest of the day (everyday), which will be supported by ADA and self-awareness. I will take this as seriously as i can.

      I dreamt many events last night, so i will post the fragments here:

      • My mother throws flour on me. We weren't at home, but at a place we were staying... It was uncertain for how long, and the place wasn't ours.
      • I go to the bathrooms to take a shower. It was a big room (I think it was located where the primary bathrooms of my college were). There were toilet boxes in the wall in front of the door. To the left side of the door there were like 4 sinks. Some steps more and there was like an empty space in the middle where all the showers were together (like 6) [For description: it was like the gas rooms of WWII where german prisioners walked in for a "collective shower", but this was a shower for real...]. There was nobody in the showers so i decided i would take one myself, but i notice that it was reserved by Obama. After realizing this i see him, fully dressed. I realize that he was on Argentina, and on this school, but i wasn't surprised or anything. I start seeing that more people come in the bathroom, some going to the toilets, some going to the sinks, so i decide that i do not need a shower anymore and i go outside.
      • Outside the bathroom there was an event going on, like a festival. The lights shut down and everything is dark. I stay for a while without seeing until some lights come again. I see some kids climbing in some desks, away of this event, so i go to help them. A girl was having trouble to come down, so i hold the desk and the chair and i tell her to climb on me. She nervously did and was safe.
      • After that i dreamt something else that is not connected to the previous dreams. I was in a jail, not inside a cell, but where police officers should be. Well, there was no police apparently, many dangerous guys on cells and one drunk bald guy coming in and out of the cells. He had a beer glass and every time it ran out of beer he went in the cells to refill it. He asked me if i wanted to drink, of course i said no (it was home made alcohol..., and who knows what it had inside, besides i didn't want to drink any alcohol at all). After the third, fourth drink he started puring the drink in my head, since he was standing and i was lying on the floor. I wanted to do something about it, but at the same time i thought that he could easily open the cells and all the others would come out and that wouldn't be good (although there was an axe in the floor, beside the drunk man. He looked like Flea of RHCP). However i think i questioned why i couldn't get out of that place (i was waiting for the guy in charge there, so when he leaves i would go with him, but i questioned why i had to do that).
      • Then i dream about the future and my family. Apparently the economic measures of this country aren't doing any good to the economics of the members of my family, so each time they are poorer. I dreamt something that supposedly happens about 6 months or a year from now. My aunt from my mother has no electricity on her house anymore, she can't pay the bills anymore and apparently she will loose her house. She barely has anything to eat because there's no work. However we were reunited with the rest of my mom's family, and we were enjoying the moment. My grandfather gave me some pens (blue and green), we were standing on a roof and the place was wide. We could have jumped through roofs (i think there was a big tree with vines, that's why the place felt wide).
      • Then i find myself experimenting in a swamp. I had like 2 repelents on water, which repeled some monsters. Those monsters were like dolphins with heads of human and teeth of sharks. If those things caught you, you definitely were dead. But i was on water, proximate to 2 of them, and they couldn't touch me, because of this "net" that repelled them. A group came by with my father in it and i think i showed this to them. First i showed the monsters, and they showed how dangerous they were, and then i showed this device. After that we caught one of these monsters and we chop its head off (it was cruel but that's the decision we took as a group (very stupid to take decisions as groups)). Anyhow she was still alive and with those fierce teeth. Somehow the repellent blanket gets moved, my father didn't notice this and he stomps right on her mouth. Of course the blonde monster head ate his foot. He was asking me to come back, like coming back in time, to the part we were in the swamp. I checked if i could do this and i asked a partner there if he could, but both couldn't. There were 2 options. Going back in time (i was trying CTRL + Z, but i didn't have the keys... i should get away from PC for a while), or deal with this, accept it and start moving on. (This things happens, and even though one doesn't like it, it is of no use to regret or lament, so i try not to from the very beginning).
      • Then i was left with the head alone for a while, while the group did other things. Of course i was watching it, and i noticed that it was coming to me (like rolling down). So i grabbed it by the hair and i throwed it up where it belonged again. It didn't stay, it came down again to me, so i grabbed it again and throwed it again. It did the same, but at this time i was already angry. Angry and cruel apparently, because i grabbed the head and started hitting it in the wall. After i was done i throwed it where it belonged and it stayed there, but i think the monster was dead by now...


      I liked the part where i just met Obama and didn't care at all, and walked outside that place which was of no use to me anymore.
      I liked the part where i helped the little girl.
      I would have liked to question myself about the situation a little more, to avoid uncomfortable situations. Also i would like to develop more the skill of observation.
      I didn't like the group decisions. Probably it was because my father was there, but since im old enough now i have to take leadership on myself. I will start to be more responsible for myself.
      I didn't like the cruelty of chopping of the head of that swamp monster. It doens't matter if it is evil or not, i don't have any right for doing that, and if i do it is a false right since kamma doesn't work that way. I recognize i was cruel, so if i acted cruel something related to that will come up as result.
      I didn't like the moment of perplexity where i saw my father lost his foot. Either i accept it or i do something about it, but at that moment i was stiff.
      I didnt like the anger and cruelty that i took on that head. I acted based on that qualities of the mind, and i felt like no control. I should have felt with control, and i had discernment i probably could have stopped, but i didn't. I hope to diminish anger, erradicate cruelty, be mindful even in moments i forget, and develop discernment (with observance and questioning).


      I was navigating through internet, looking for an avatar image. I saw an image on a geiser i had on site before and i decided to change it. I thought about looking for something related to fire, because of Zodiac (although i don't believe on it). However a couple days before (30th July) we talked about how "Ofiuco" changed the signs. So I recalled i was actually Piscis (water) instead of Aries (fire). And i realized that although i like fire i probably feel more at ease with water. So i looked for Piscis and in the images i saw, i saw sirens (the monsters of the swamp were actually sirens, but there were male as well and neither gender were beautiful). After seeing this i decided to write down the dreams of last night.
    11. #114 - Trapped by a plant skirt/lucid on the roof/getting changed/beat up an old pal

      by , 09-15-2015 at 06:20 AM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)
      Black: non-dream
      Blue: non-lucid
      Red: lucid

      I waited too long to write this up, completely forgot as I got caught in the hustle bustle of the day >_<

      Dream 1 - Trapped by a plant skirt
      I remember I was in a school, it seemed to be in a gymnasium. Most of this dream I forgot but I ended up in a room and there was a girl in her school uniform that I was friends with, but she decided to play a joke on me. Her skirt turned into a plant, the hem extended down and then incased me. I seemed to remember getting let out and she was enjoying teasing me or something.

      Dream 2 - Lucid on the roof (#13 more lucids to go until I've met my quota)
      I remember being at my parents house when I realised it was a dream. I was out on the driveway facing the house when I looked at my hands. I walked forward towards the maple tree by the fish pond with the intention of 'testing' to see if I was dreaming. I placed my hands on the tree and willed it to go... Which it did, it grew smoothly into the air with me holding on. I then stepped onto the roof and walked forward a bit. I noticed how calm I was, the dream felt stable. I knew I had been dreaming for a while before becoming lucid so I figured I would wake up soon (this seems to be the case a lot of the time for me). At some point I had a banana which is the same one I have in my own house at the moment. In the dream it was slightly different though, like I had taken it out of the freezer and thawed it out. Its core was slightly colder, and it had a long bruise-line down its length. I bit into it a bit with the intention of discovering more about my sense of taste in the dreamworld. It was pretty interesting... I felt the cold and crystalline crunch of the interior mix with the softer smooth exterior... The taste was bang on and there was even that slight aftertaste lingering in my mouth for a few seconds. I threw the banana away and I can't recall what happened next.

      Dream 3 - Getting changed
      I seem to remember being in changing room thinking about what shirt to wear. A couple friends were with me. I then also presented my student ID card and the cashier gave me a ticket to some kind of event called 'lava flow'... I had a friend with me that wanted to go but he/she (can't remember) didn't have an ID card.

      Dream 4 - Beat up an old pal
      There are two groups of people in the area each living in a separate house. My group decided to surprise the other group with a fun game of tag, but like a warfare variant where you pretend to stab people or shoot them O_o. I think it's night time when we head over and start running around wreaking havoc, but they were apparently already playing a different game when we get there. I don't know where the rest of my group is and I'm in a dark hallway. I spot a girl running out and I 'pretend stab' her with an invisible knife. She seems confused as fuck. I realize just how awkward the situation actually is when they have no idea what's going on. I then ponder why the rest of my group hasn't made an impact yet and spread the word that the game is on... I decide to go look for them and turn left, opening a door to a well-lit room. As I walk in a spot my group all tied up together. I approach them and say something like "Hey girls" (even though they're all guys). My friend Daniel has these glittery hats on and I realize that they've had glitter and lipbalm put on them by the girls in this group... I notice that my comment probably offended them, Daniel just stands up and leaves without saying anything. I get a bit pissy when a different Daniel shows up and starts making out with his boyfriend (he's gay IRL so no surprises there). They were doing FAR too much in front of everyone and it just seemed rude, like they were just going at it in more than a few ways O_O. It pissed me off so much that I decided to smack some sense into him. I can't remember exactly what I did but I did something which took the whole scene too far. I suddenly felt like the bad guy in all this mess and just felt really down about it.
    12. Competition night #5 guest starring car flipping take two!

      by , 08-01-2014 at 03:30 PM
      Dream one:

      I'm arriving at the Gables [my grandparents' house] with a couple of others (family members?) And it's somewhat empty because my grandparents are planning to sell up (and move to a smaller house, probably)

      I accidentally stomp mud all over the freshly hoovered carpets from my big boots and go to look for the "hodduddudduh" to sweep it up. The carpet sweeper is as useless as ever, just spreading the mud around.

      Mum comments that she'd love to live here and I doubt she could afford it because it's much bigger that armoury gardens.

      Dream two:
      I've been kidnapped to make drugs like in Breaking Bad. Walter White is asleep in a bed and I try to wake him up to get him to help me. The man who's coercing me into making drugs explains that he's drugged and not likely top wake up soon. I also feel very heavy limbed as if I'm recovering from being drugged. I get dressed and can't find any socks because I didn't pack any as I wasn't expecting to stay.

      Dream three:
      I'm in a spherical spaceship with three competing/cooperating factions controlling their own sectors of the ship. I'm inside the ship with the other two captains, trying out some gizmos. There's one that lets us mimic each other perfectly (like a holographic disguise with voice simulation)

      The three factions are stereotypes, one of them is a very by-the-book character, which I rib him about when I mimic him. I touch the left of his three eyelids (on my face while I'm disguised as him) and he gets very angry, apparently there's some kind of cultural taboo I'm breaking. He grabs my arm and tells me he'll break it of I don't stop, and rip it off altogether of I do it again.

      I stop.

      Then we look at some close combat weapons, one in particular grabs my attention, it's a glove with razor sharp blades, hooked at the end. It's labeled the 'killingpriest". It reminds me of Vega from Street Fighter.

      There's also a selection of smaller hook like things with sharp ends which the third captain uses to rip the helmet off my face, scratching my nose in the process. Ouch.

      Lucid dream one!
      I'm arriving at some kind of jacuzzi establishment with a posse of friends. I climb into a jacuzzi booth through tinted cellophane windows that are supposed to make marketing photography more realistic. There's no water in the jacuzzi bit there is a round table about 8ft across. I sit at the table with a random chap. A couple of girls look on like they're going to join us but decide to go for the overcrowded both next door instead. I laugh and comment that nothing feels like rejection as much as girls preferring to be cramped with old folk than sit with us!

      Another couple of girls come into our booth and we start spinning the table which spins the both too, like the teacups at the amusement park. One of the girls has her feet sticking right out into the slave inner the table where I want my feet. I'm not sure if o should be irritated or if she's trying to flirt.

      Pizza arrives! I'm not sure if were supposed to get food here but we tuck in anyway. I notice my buddies outside of the booth sitting at a bar eating together, so I get up and join them. Steve G has a plate stacked high with various cured meats and comments that one of them in particular is almost pure salt. I all if I can try it and he offers me the slice. It's like the basin equivalent of a single malt whisky, full of deep rich unexpected flavours. I ask him where he got out from and he days there's a charcuterie exhibit on down the road, so I go to investigate.

      I wander through the stalls in a dimly lit exhibition hall, most of which are giving out free samples, but I somehow end up at one that's charging for samples and don't have s penny on me :-(

      I head back to the jacuzzi place (to borrow some money from a friend?) but realise that there were stalls giving out free samples so I go back down the hill again.

      I'm waking into the town centre like area with a swarm of other people milling around trying to get to wherever they're going, most going in the same direction, but stone going elsewhere and I'm feeling a little frustrated by having to squeeze through the crowd, so the possibility of floating over them cones to mind (I've been using visualisation of floating and environment manipulation as a daytime practice, which seems to have worked!)

      I GET LUCID!

      I float up above the crowd as an RC and start to think of what I should do with my lucidity. I remember that flying faster is an aim of mine and might count as advanced flying for the competition. I try a variety of swimming like manoeuvres to accelerate with limited success, I get a sensation of speed (wind in my face and the ground blurring) but I'm not covering ground any faster, so I don't think it counts. I try going higher instead to get the advanced flying goal. With a series of *whooshes* I rise up to about fifty metres, then maybe 500, then just below cloud level. I decide that's high enough to count and close my eyes to feel the sensation of flying . I'm a little nervous that this might destabilise the dream but that doesn't seem to happen.

      I decide that while I'm up here I might as well try the"fall from a great height" dare and realise it combines well with the "gain invulnerability" goal. I allow myself to fall precipitously to the ground, feeling the wind rushing past me more and more urgently, falling with a splintering sound through a tree and hitting the ground with a damp thud. The tree feels uncomfortable but the ground seems to be quite soft, like really well hydrated soft soil.

      I get up unharmed and opening my eyes (realising I probably should have fallen with my eyes open) to see a girl trying to fix a gate in front of her house, looking a little frustrated and despondent, like she's been trying for a while and is worried about the security of her house of she can't fix it. I think this night be a chance to get basic summoning by conjuring up a spare part to fix the gate, but it seems she just needs to tighten a bolt and doesn't have a spanner or the finger strength to so it by hand. I tighten the bolt for her (my left arm is uncooperative so I have to lean right in to do it - perhaps I'm sleeping on my arm?) Her mother is just arriving home and they're both grateful. I say they're welcome and mumble something about it not being perfect but it should do for now.

      I look around at the street and think about what I should do next. I think of my three step task (supper strength, basic summoning, eat something) my plan is to flip cars over, then summon and eat a bar of chocolate (with the possibility that the chocolate might be magic and transform me into the incredible hulk)

      I spot a car park across the road and fly over to it. It's night time now (it's been a sunny day so far) I land heavily on the bonnet of a car, denting it badly, jump onto another couple of cars, and then land on the ground next to another, which I kick. (I'm just enjoying being destructive with no consequences!)

      I pick a smallish car (a Micra, perhaps?) And lift out onto its side - it leaves the ground slightly in the process. I'm not happy that the strength require is superhuman enough, so I do the same with a larger car. With the third car, I concentrate on being stronger, rather than lifting harder. I consider making the car light but that surely counts as cheating. I manage to get this one to land on its other side, having rotated 270 degrees.

      I realise that I've been rolling cars in the downhill direction, so I decide to do one last car uphill. I spot a yellow skoda truck that appears to be something to do with fixing street lighting. I stand on the downhill side, grab the don't-drive-under-me rail, muster some imagination momentum, and manage to flip it onto its roof.

      Satisfied that I've been suitably superhuman, I decide to move on to the summoning part but just then my alarm goes off and I realise this entire dream happened between my alarm and the first snooze -10 minutes!

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    13. Cuddling in an outdoor bed

      by , 08-03-2013 at 09:23 PM
      I dreamed that I was part of some kind of event that took place in a house, a house that during some dream scenes looked just like my family home! Me and the others who were part of the event were staying at that house for a few days and doing all kinds of activities.

      I remember going outside and a friend of a friend were there and had just built a outdoor bed, it was like a combination between a bed and a shelter. She asked if I wanted to try it out with her and said sure. We lay there, there was only one blanket so we had to sleep very close to each other, and eventually we started cuddling.

      We started cuddling more and more until I finally I put my arm around her. When I did that she moved away a bit and took of her t-shirt. "You don't mind me being topless do you?" she asked me and I said "no, definitely not" with a smile on my lips.

      I remember everyone was eating a breakfast together in a huge tent outdoors and I was eating together with that girl. We were having porridge with raisins, something I ate almost everyday morning during a period of my waking life. Maybe my subconcious want me to start eating it again.

      Anyway, we got into trouble since we took our food right away, when there actually was a list saying who should take food first depending on how much of a hurry they were in. A leader had been shouting "Ok, we are out of food here, who took their food to early!?", and I immediately admitted it, saying that I had totally forgotten about it. After that I wen and bought my own food, just so I wouldn't do the same mistake again.
    14. Joke of me

      by , 01-26-2013 at 08:23 AM (Keitorin's Dream Log)
      I think I took a shower. Then I was wearing my capri khakis and grey shirt with the blue flower logo, but apparently I needed to be wearing a more formal shirt. I told my sister I was going to the store to get one.

      There was some kind of dinner thing going on and my sister made a joke about me. Off to the side, I got upset and asked her about it. She said something about never knowing what I'm thinking or if I was upset, and I tried to articulate that it bothered me a lot.

      Also something about eyeshadow and there was an old man?

      Notes: I need to type up this stuff sooner so I have a better chance at remembering things. Also, I'm making a table to categorize/track my dreamsigns.
    15. 23/04/11 Dream 4

      by , 04-24-2011 at 07:20 AM (Lunar Chronicles)
      We were all sitting in an auditorium, the police were also busy doing something there. Some of my friends and I were showing everyone to their seats, before the event started. I had no clue what the event was, or what was showing.

      Vividness: 3
      Realism: 4
      Daily Residue: None
      Lucid Aids: Sub Lucid 2.0
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