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    1. Just Weird and scary

      by , 04-29-2017 at 05:14 AM
      Well the first thing i remember is that i was laying down on my bed on my left side facing away from the wall looking towards my window. I didn't know it was a dream at first, until i faced the other way. As i faced the other way i came in contact with another body, My hand was resting on a torso and a armed draped over my shoulders, i stiffened, scared to even look at who i was touching, and thinking why the hell are they on my bed? I looked up and saw my ex boyfriend's face, he was smiling down at me and said something around the lines of, "Hey, did you want to finish watching this show?" I pushed off of him and sat up, "What the hell?! What are you doing here in my bed? How- When- Oh my gosh!" i yelled quickly. He shrugged and leaned in closer to my face, "You were the one thinking of me." He said with a smirk. I pushed his face away but when i did that i made my self fall off the bed. I squeezed my eyes shut instinctively as i fell backwards.

      I felt my self falling but never felt any impact, even if a dream i still feel a numb thud when i fall down but this time i didn't, i just kept falling. I opened my eyes and i wasn't in my bedroom anymore, i was outside full of people, tents, animals and clowns. I looked down at my clothes hoping i had any, and i was wearing some sort of costume colored with bright pinks and blues. I got up quickly and looked around for something to give me clues. A guy noticed me and waved me to come over to him so i did. When i walked up to his table area he started to shove random items in my arms, "You're late, hurry up and get to your booth, the show must go on!!!" He yelled. I stared at him, i didnt know what i was suppose to do, i was lost, and afraid to do anything wrong.

      He must've notice how dumbfounded i looked cause he just did this dramatic sigh and shoved me to a booth, i stumbled but made it to the booth and the guy had left by the time i turned around to ask him what i should be doing. I sighed dramatically. I looked at the front of the booth to see a sigh to show me what i should be doing. all i could read was, "Lucid Magic." and thought, 'I really don't want to be here.' i tried to walk away but i took one step and my whole body shifted to another area.

      I was now standing in front of a glass room with a red button in the middle of the room and a large sign above that read, "Roast Yourself." and i laughed because i was thinking of random roasting sayings, my attention was brought back to the glass room when i saw a guy enter and he was smiling big. i went up to another guy who was the room keeper or something and curiously asked him, "Sir what is this booth suppose to be?" He smiled and said in a weird accent, "Well little lady this is the roast yourself room, when life isnt for you anymore, you come here." i was still confused. "Now see this young lad, his wife died in an accident and he wants to go with her." he finished. "Wait what do you mean??" i asked worried.

      The guy in the room spoke up, "Im coming Ellen!!!" He yelled as he pressed the button, then from all directions of the glass room, blasts of fire sprung up and he started to burn. I panicked, "Hey! wait no! Hes Burning!!!" i yelled as i started to run to the guy but he raised his hands and i stopped, he didnt say no words but he was just smiling at me creepily as his face started to burn into a black char, then he was gone, fire stopped and everything was normal, i kept staring at the glass room and the room keeper stepped in front of me, "Would you like to give up?" He asked in a scary deep voice. I just started to run the other direction and just kept running, i was afraid the room keeper would come after me but when i turned back he was just there waving at me then turned to other people to continue to do his booth's job.

      I grabbed my head and shut my eyes, i kept telling my self to wake up overs and overs but i couldnt wake up, i opened my eyes and the room keepers face was smiling at me ugly right in front of mine, i screamed loud and the dream ended.

      (it was 7:04am when i woke up from the dream, i didnt really jump up or scream in real life like you see in movies but i just opened my eyes to my normal room.)

      Well this was one of my crazy dreams when its hard to control because you barley feel like its a dream, so youre force to follow the plot no matter how scary. If you have any question or comments, you are able to leave them below.

      Until Next Dream~
    2. Too Real to Forget

      by , 05-23-2016 at 01:36 PM
      Last night I had a dream that was so real it freaked me out. So I went to bed at a normal time, but in my dream I woke up as if it were the next day already. The only problem was, I wasn't in my room or even my bed anymore, I was in my ex boyfriend's house in his bed watching him and his friend play xbox. When I realized that I was there and that we had broken up I got really confused and started freaking out in the dream. Both of them looked at me and thought I was just being crazy and they told me to go back to sleep. So I went back to his bed and went back to sleep, hoping I could escape. When I woke up again, I was in his friends bed at his friends house. I got up because I thought something felt weird and when I looked at the bed I saw my ex cuddling another girl, his friend next to the girl, and I was all alone staring. I tried to walk away but there was an invisible barrier keeping me in the room. The two boys woke up and started yelling at me to leave but I couldn't because of the barrier. I'm not quite sure what happened but I blacked out in the dream and then woke up for real in my own bed.

      This was super strange because we broke up 7 months ago and haven't actually seen each other in about 5 months. The break up ended badly which is strange why I'd be hanging out with them after that. I'm not sure what to make of the dream but it's haunting me and I'm hoping someone can help.
    3. Kicking the ass of the Psychopath

      by , 02-26-2014 at 07:07 PM (The Nomad Chronicles)
      My wife and I are walking down the sidewalk in a generic Honolulu. She is remarking how my posture is improving, then laughs about how her abusive ex-boyfriend would hunch over and look like Gollum. We turn into a local drugstore, Longs, and there he is in a space between a cashier's counter, and a rack of stuff. He is hunched over looking very Gollum-ish. I want to walk past him to get to where I am going. I consider turning around, but said in my head, "Fuck it. If he fucks with me, I'll just kick his ass."
      He sees us and makes a "oh-it's-you-two-assholes", kind of a face. As I get closer, he sticks his leg out as if to trip me. I simply stop walking and look at him. He lunges at me, a kind of tackle/grab attack, and I engage tai chi. I block and sidestep, grabbing his arm and shoulder, redirecting his energy into the cashier's counter. He hits his head on the counter, and stands up, shaking it off. He charges me, and I allow him to run smack into a rack of hairbrushes. He grunts in frustration and, turns to me again. He tries to weakly kick me. I see it coming from miles away. Perceiving the weakness of the kick, I simply stand there and do nothing. When the kick lands, I chuckle in mild amusement.
      He grunts again, then kind of screams and lunges at me again. I again engage tai chi, and let him do a chin plant on the floor. Now that the onlookers have seen I am not the attacker, I decide it's time for me to reciprocate attacking. Time for some fucking Hawaiian street fighting. I leap upon his back with a primal growl as he stands up like a savage beast, and triangle choke him, wrapping my legs around his torso to weigh him down. He stumbles forward, and makes it out of the drugstore, then collapses on the sidewalk in front of the store, trying to get me off of his back. He is on his hands and knees know, coughing and sputtering. I alter position, sitting upon his lower back, and choking him with my hands from behind.
      "This is what you get, this is what you deserve motherfucker," I think without saying. I think my actions speak loud enough. I grin evilly, then awake with a smile on my face.
    4. [The Carnival of Dreams, a Pitch-Black Storm, and a Kiss on the Knuckle]

      by , 10-15-2012 at 12:32 PM (Searching For The Center of Everything)
      [Thursday, October 11th, 2012]

      <The night before this, Alex had told me how she felt about me... she popped the question, "Why are we together?" a few times and after she left, it felt like the end of the world. She was definitely going to leave me... I was angry and sad at the same time. Why is she so unfair with me? Demanding things of me, but when I ask for the same, she tells me I will never understand. She must love to drill me further into the ground. Even now as I type this, I can't help feeling a helpless feeling... a bitter disgust for the Alex that night, that lectured me like a child and let me know I was a horrible boyfriend. My heart sank 3 times smaller that night. I sat in my bed and sobbed for hours and screamed into my pillow, trying to stop my heart from hurting. I thought about hurting myself physically, I thought about leaving her before she could leave me. I even left a few scars on my mind. I finally calmed down after talking to her on the phone... she made me laugh... while I was going to get cigarettes, but I still felt miserable as I lied down to go to bed.>

      (Before I fell asleep, being as horrible anxious and depressed and emotional as I was... I told my subconscious to just give me whatever dream it thought I needed to see. "Go ahead. Throw anything I need to see at me. But make me lucid. I need to be lucid!" I fall asleep.)

      (Hours later, I have my first dream that I remember...)

      I walk out of a motel room with Alex beside me and we look around. Some kind of festival was occuring all around us. People are walking around in all directions, mostly heading for a particular carnival ground. Some are in costume, some are stark naked. We walk around for a bit and decide to head back to where we came from, to change our appearence. I decide I wanted to either be stark naked too, or cross-dress. Back at the motel room, I skim through my options in clothes, and notice I suddenly have a lot of female clothes in my closet as well as male ones. Alex isn't with me anymore though. So I walk back outside and wander around some more- still with the urge to rip off all of my clothes.

      Glancing around at people more, I notice that I know quite a lot of people here- no family members, but people from my town that I know are very common here. Suddenly, I see some people walking towards Bashas'. Apparently, Bashas' is allowing our festival to take as much food as we want to bring back for a feast. I follow the small crowd to Bashas'. Outside, I wait for an employee to unlock the doors... and we head in with shopping carts. We start tossing in random items, from meats to snacks to candy to cheeses to drinks. The second cart starts filling up with purely meat, and I warn them not to overdo it on meat.

      <dream skips>

      We're back at the festival. I grab a flyer from the ground and it shows my whole family is performing. Tim Z****, Bob Z****, and a few other Z****'s that I've never heard of. I realize that I can't cross-dress or go stark naked because they're here and I don't want them to think bad of me. I see Zack and Alex together and I walk up to them. Zack and me are friendly like we used to be.

      <HOLE IN MEMORY> My Dad was involved with this memory, as were Alex and Zack. We were gathering something off the dirt street, there were lots of them... we were in the old west and my Dad was standing next to an old wagon. <memory skips>

      We're now in the middle of a cardboard-like city. The buildings are close together and flat and textureless like a cheap old video game using 3D models of a wall and a cheap texture stretched across the surface. It's like a type of maze here with buildings painted on the walls. The structures do however tower into the sky like normal. I'm still with Alex and Zack. We're doing something <HOLE IN MEMORY> when me and Alex seperate from Zack. The grey sky becomes covered in clouds the color of charcoal. They become the darkest black imaginable. Me and Alex look at each other and instantly begin to run down the street, searching for shelter. I see Zack behind us walking some other direction, almost as if he's unaware. He turns a corner and I lose sight of him. I keep running the other way.

      We arrive inside of a dark building to wait out the storm. Rain begins to POUR and we wait there for hours. When it finally stops, we go outside, and color is returning to the sky. The sun peaks out from behind the clouds, but the world is still a dull grey tone.

      We walk back to where our motel was and I find where my car is parked. We hop in and begin to drive. She wants to find Zack... she's worried sick about him. I'm depressed- We drive for a bit more and <HOLE IN MEMORY> I park in the Circle K with pumps, and do a horrible job. I try to re-align my park job a few times before I give up and decide its okay how I parked. Alex walks up to me and starts yelling at me about some unknown thing and asks me why I left her somewhere. I tried to explain I didn't leave her anywhere... but it's no use. We both hop in the car however and drive off towards the direction of McDonalds. "Please, we have to find Zack. I'm worried about him." I keep driving.

      Suddenly, we're in a Fun-House of Mirrors, sitting inside a track-ride. We slowly turn a corner and see Zack lying down. The car stops and Alex gets out and runs to Zack and gives him a long hug. She lets go and kisses Zack on the lips. I blink my eyes and see that Zack has his knuckle up to Alex lips. It's a gesture towards me- that Zack would have made before while he was still my friend. I watch the whole scene objectively, as if it had nothing to do with me... a movie I knew was depressing, but lacked the emotion to feel. The only thing I felt was that I was a horrible boyfriend- at that moment I remembered all of the things I had been saying throughout the dream. It was like my horrible self from waking life was invading my dreams- I had said pathetic things about Zack and that I was tired of all this shit and more. I felt horrible compared to Zack, who had just done something nice for me

      <I wake up feeling like shit.>

      (I still admired the intensity of the dream, and closed my eyes again and imagined being lucid during it... I repeated in my head, "It's a dream.")
      ================================================== =============
      <I fell back into a dream.>
      <It's continued with "Pedophilia in a Dark Place" after this dream.
    5. [Smoky City/My Dad and Juan]

      by , 09-16-2012 at 09:53 AM (Searching For The Center of Everything)
      [Thursday, September 13th, 2012]
      <dream fragment>
      I'm in a darkened city street. The sky is a confused, smoky watercolor. Fire's litter the city, buildings burn like candles. What I'd like to call "the apocalypse" has hit- a tank is driving past. The military is exterminating a threat... It's hard to tell who they feel is a threat... so I hide myself from sight atop of a ruined building's wall. They drive past and that's the end of them for now. There is still a society here, just not as open as before. I climb down from my perch and notice a few other's like me. I flow down the street, in a haze, and with no sure goal in mind. After awhile of walking, I fade to another dream-


      My (Dad) is helping Alex practice her driving test with me and my brothers in the back seat. We're driving around a Mall/Walmart's parking lot as she does her rounds, and practices parking. The sky is a normal white-ish blue. My brothers are extremely impatient towards Alex, unlike me... but they don't have the same relationship as I do. I'm sitting in the very right back seat, and we finally park somewhere. We all get out and go inside and... <memory skips>

      I'm sitting with my brothers, some annoying old lady, and Alex and Juan on a couch in the mall by the entrance. My Dad walks up and sees Juan and misunderstands what's going on and says with a testing grin- "Oh hey there little man, you should come with me, I got somethin' to show you." I'm glad my Dad has a problem with Alex's ex, I guess, but it's embarrassing in a Alex's Mom kind of way (can't explain this, you'll just have to KNOW). Then he walks away and Juan gets up and walks to the door. Alex chases after Juan and I watch this, confused as shit. I get up and follow and Alex tells me that that was extremely rude of Dad. She looks very... attatched to Juan. I looked down at a piece of paper on the ground and it said, "Forever my red highs on your blue skies." There was another line that I can't recall. I sat there for a second and tried to remember all the words so I could walk up to Alex and Juan and recite it to judge their reaction. When I got their my dream vanished and I awoke.

      (What the paper said was beautiful and sweet... and at first I figured it came from Juan, but it expressed how I felt about Alex. It also may have been a reference to "Hot Air Balloon" by Owl City.)

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    6. November 24, 2011

      by , 11-24-2011 at 07:31 PM
      One of my old best-friends asked me to come over and hang out with her and one of my ex-boyfriends, and I said yes. She also said that she needed help cleaning her bathroom. I was going to go hang out with her, until one of my close guy friends asked to come over, and I ended up hanging out with him instead. After a while, she came to my backdoor and started yelling at me, and I told her to 'take it outside' haha. We argued, and then I ended up walking over to her house to apologize to her mom.

      I was walking through some woods and there supposedly were zombies around. Things would turn orange if they were 'infected', and I'd have to shoot the orange targets to get everything back to normal. There was some girl in the woods who, after shooting her, turned into a dog. She started speaking, and explained that we could understand her because dogs really did speak english, just on higher frequencies.

      I was in the car with my sister listening to music on full blast, and we waved hi to one of our friends in the car next to us. My sister started throwing hamster food at me, and I ended up getting really aggravated, so I threw some timothy hay back at her. My mom started yelling at me for throwing timothy hay at her, and said that I was being the immature one. When we got back to the house (I believe it was my old best-friends house), I ran upstairs in a vacant bedroom and shut the door because I was mad. This guy randomly came into the room.

      The same guy took me to a hotel suite, filled with a bunch of random people. He explained that the 10 people in the room were runaways, and that we had to be cautious when we went to the dance that night. We walked to the dance, and ended up dancing together in a circle, while getting to know each other's names.
    7. November 23, 2011

      by , 11-23-2011 at 07:01 PM
      I was in the parking lot for my school, and I saw one of my ex-boyfriend's in a group with his new girlfriend and his friends. I was with my friends asking "Is that really him?" and it was. We all joined into one big group and he didn't acknowledge me. Then, there was something to do with swimming in a swimming pool as a way to get 'revenge' with his new girlfriend. (I don't remember much of that part).

      I was going to take a shower, and I was all ready to get in, until my sister came barging into the bathroom. She yelled at me and said that she was going to take a shower first, and I told her that I was already getting in so too bad. She said "Fine! Then I'll get in!" And I was really mad, so I stormed out of the room and she yelled "Oh well!" after me. I remember calling her a bitch like 10 times and screaming (I believe I was screaming in bed as well).
    8. My sub-conscience works too well.

      by , 08-12-2011 at 01:59 AM
      The past few nights, my dreams have involved my ex, telling me that he regrets breaking up with me and loves me still... He told his current girlfriend that he never loved her and always loved me. The dreams took place in a hallway near my locker in school.---The weird things about it was that it was my school---but wasn't... you know what I mean? Like it looked nothing like it and the lockers were red, while they are blue in real-life. I hate how dreams alter the truth and I blame my sub-conscience. I'm jealous of those people who learned to control their dreams, knowing they are dreaming and can accomplish anything in their dream-state. I, myself was only to perform lucid dreaming once and it wasn't even on purpose, but it was a few years back.
    9. River Waterslide

      by , 07-24-2011 at 01:27 AM
      I do not recall how I got there, and I don't really have any great specifics about my surroundings other than it seemed like i was at a waterpark, around some apartments.... I am me myself in this day and age, my fiance is there, im taking care of my son, my mom is also there. We are doin basic things you would do at a waterpark, but then things get kind of wierd... I am down at the "river" only the river is on this huge red waterslide, and we r all carrying around intertubes like we would be floating on a river but also riding them down a waterslide. My son (3 yrs old) and fiance are off doing their own thing as well as my mother... there are now 2 ppl there in addition to my mother, son, and fiance, and a BUNCH of people i donot know, my mom's ex boyfriend and his new girlfriend whom was his ex which is the mother of his new child gunner who is also there, and for some reason I am trying to "save" Gunner (who is 6 months old) from his mother and father (im anxious, sad, scared, and angry) I am reaching down and frantically trying to take him out of his carseat.... I wake... when i fall back asleep, my surroundings are the same, only now my exboyfriend (whom i havent seen in 5 years) is there with me, we are just hanging out as friends talking and laughing, we go and slide/float down this river waterslide and as we r i see my mother, my fiance and son and i wave, i am very happy... then my son wakes me
    10. get the hell away from me

      by , 06-20-2011 at 05:58 AM
      i'm grounded but everyone left and i'm at home alone. i leave and there is snow on the ground and i'm walking somewhere near Rotary Park with Jon (ex boyfriend) trying to be sociable, friendly. he keeps trying to hold my hand and tell me he loves me and i'm just like, "Jon, no."
      he is really pissing me off.
      then James (youth minister) pulls up in the church van with all the stupid kids from my church and is like "get in, Mallory" so whatever, i get in. i know he'll mention something to my mom about seeing me and i figure i'll be in less trouble if i'm with church people. so anyway, James is trying to get me to go with him and the kids on this trip that's going to take all day and i'm just like "no, i don't want to go" and he is stubborn and ignoring me. he keeps driving and everyone is pissing me off.

      i don't remember how the dream ended but i'm really glad it did.
    11. Stolen computer; Huge SUV limo

      by , 10-18-2010 at 11:51 AM
      Dream #1

      I was in a big house. The house was set up so that it stretched along narrowly. I don't know where any of the rooms were, The place just seemed like one big corridor.

      The house was dim, with perhaps only one light in the place, and that a dullish, watery fluorescent light.

      I had left my bookbag on the floor, probably strewn with a lot of other stuff that wasn't mine, like blankets. I now came back to my bookbag to discover that my laptop was missing from it.

      There were a bunch of kids in the house. They were all pre-teens, maybe not even 10 years old. I don't think I ever actually saw them. But I was pretty sure they had stolen my computer.

      I ran all through the house in panic. I was looking for my mom, who was apparently in charge of the kids or who had done something like take them into her house out of kindness. I figured my mom could make the kids give me my computer back.

      But I was also looking through some other backpacks that were lying on the floor, strewn in with a bunch of other stuff, like blankets. I thought I might just find my laptop and take it back.

      I was really angry now. I was running at an unbelievable speed. I could tell it was lightning and thundering outside.

      I wondered what would happen if I beat up the little kids. But I figured it would be no use. I wouldn't get my laptop back through violence.

      I also wondered if there were some kind of buzzer device on it, like for car keys, where you can press a button and make your laptop buzz until you locate it. Or a device where you could track where your laptop was through GPS to catch the people who stole it. But I knew I hadn't gotten any features like that.

      I ran through a bunch of junk and overturned furniture. I was now back at the front of the house. I was in a little, dark area near the front door.

      Near me, my mom's ex-boyfriend J was working at a desk underneath a half-toppled mattress. He told me he understood my frustration.

      I may have been standing on another mattress or between a could of half-standing mattresses. I said, "It's not the expense of the computer so much as--" I started shouting, "I had all my writing on that thing! How am I supposed to get all my writing back?!"

      Dream #2

      I was walking along a sidewalk at night. The sky was dark blue. I felt like I was in some country area, but I must have been in a big city, because there were lights around me like on a big, Fifth Avenue building.

      I walked up to a huge SUV limo from behind. I then walked alongside its driver's side. The SUV limo had a light brown or dark beige color, with glitter-like flecks in it. Its windows looked weird: slim, long, and completely black and seamless. The SUV also seemed to have no doors.

      I felt nervous all of the sudden. I had a feeling that some law or authority figure was going to try to get me in trouble for being near the SUV.

      But I also had a feeling that I was here for a meeting, and that some high-up work associates of mine were in or near this SUV.

      I was now with one of these associates, whom I could not see (I also have no idea who it would be). We walked back toward the back of the SUV.

      As we did, one of the windows opened, revealing my old boss and friend E inside. I said, in a happy, "cool dude" kind of voice, "Hey! E!" I immediately felt I shouldn't have been so easygoing, that I should have shown him some respect, because he was so rich now.

      My work-associate and I were now both standing before something I can't quite get, logistically. It was like the side of the SUV, but it was also like the inside of a building.

      E was inside. He pointed out a couple of small, cubby-hole-looking things. He said these were rooms. One was for him, and one was for his wife (who sat in an SUV seat, only a couple feet away from E).

      E then displayed a chest full of amenities he had been given by this "hotel." The chest looked like an entire drug store. There was so much stuff. But E seemed to be singling out only two trial-size tubes of toothpaste. I also seemed to be impressed that this "hotel" would give you trial-size tubes of toothpaste.
    12. Bomb the School

      by , 07-28-2010 at 01:32 PM

      Bomb the School

      I'm in an auditorium at school. Andrea's sitting next to me sticking long skinny things in my mouth and I'm annoyed at this. I think one thing was a q-tip and I bit it in half. I left and found a classroom with a pizza and cheesebread on a desk at the front of the room. I am telling myself that it won't matter if I take some of this pizza because I'm just going to blow up the school anyway. I take half of the pizza and stick it on a napkin and walk out of the classroom.

      Next thing I know, some administrators are telling me to find my ex boyfriend Mike because they suspect that he's going to blow up the school. That's odd, I thought that was my plan?? Anyway, I go outside and look for him and I see him walking away from me across the yard. There's a creek and it's all swampy, but daylight outside. I have lost track of my pizza and am now crouched in the swamp following Mike. He sees me and starts walking toward me. He says everything's ok, everything's just fine, but I grab him by the waist and tell him not to go and that everything's not fine!! I woke up because my alarm wet off.
      Tags: ex-boyfriend
    13. My Lost Ring, The Souvenir Shop, School / Grocery Store

      by , 07-28-2010 at 12:36 PM
      Night of 2/7/09

      My Lost Ring

      Backstory: I had this really nice sapphire and diamond ring that my dad got for me for a birthday. I don't know when it dawned on me that I couldn't find it. I've been looking everywhere for it for more than a year now. I keep wondering if it's just somewhere that I haven't looked yet, but I think that maybe it was stolen. My parents' house is always really busy and there are people always coming in and out so there's a good chance that someone just went in my room and helped themselves to it.

      So I'm in a house that I don't recognize as my own. I think I'm in a finished attic because I don't see any windows. In the corner of the room is shelving built into the walls and some drawers. I look in one of the drawers and find a jewelry box. I open it up and tucked into the corner is a piece of paper. Written on it is an apology from my ex Lauren saying that if I just keep looking, I'll find my lost ring. I don't know why I never saw this note before and I start looking in all the corners of the box and there are drawers in the box and I keep finding all this jewelry! I go back to the shelves and find more boxes to look through and it seems like it's just all jewelry all different kinds. I don't have the feeling that I'm snooping around someone else's stuff, and that note was just for me, so it must be my room. I just keep looking and looking and don't find my ring.

      The Souvenir Shop

      I'm at what seems to be a beach souvenir shop. I'm looking through a shelf of suntan lotion. All the bottles are clear and shaped like Bond #9 perfume bottles. They all have different names on them of suntan lotions and they're not in any particular order. I don't know exactly what I'm even looking for. I take a bottle up to the register when I see a display of those drink mugs that you put in the freezer and there's liquid in them that freezes to keep your drink cold. I walk over and start looking and see one with a picture of the Simpsons on it. I think my dad would want it so I take it to the register to buy it.

      School / Grocery Store

      Next thing I know I'm in school. It's my old middle school. I'm walking around finding these gold coins all over the place. I'm just walking around looking at the ground finding these coins. It didn't feel like I was in a video game or anything, though. I had the notion that it was a competition and whoever found the most coins won, but only a certain group of people was looking for the coins because not everyone was looking for them.

      I made my way to class still looking for coins and it must have been Spanish class because the teacher was handing back our group compositions. I got my group's back and gave a high five to the other guy I was working with because we got a hundred "because we're awesome!" is what I told him.

      Now I'm in a grocery store. Instead of looking for gold coins, I find class rings all over the place. I saw one and it was from a student who went to Harvard and I stuck it in my pocket. Then I realize that they're part of a display but I didn't put the ring in my pocket back where I found it. (I think I'm a klepto in my dreams, I'm forever finding stuff and putting it in my pockets!) I find my way over to the vegetable section and see my ex Mike standing there looking at vegetables. Someone else, a girl, walks up and asks what he's wearing, and I say, "of course it's the Cool Water I got him when I was on vacation in Spain." (Which it true, I did go to Spain and bring him back Cool Water.) He must not have noticed me until then and turns to me and says that he's so glad to see me and things aren't working out with "Sara" and he still has feelings for me and he knows I still have feelings for him.

      I woke up wondering what was up with 2 of my exs coming up in one night.
    14. 12/26/08

      by , 07-21-2010 at 01:14 PM
      Last night was not the best night, either. I started to get a headache around the time I went to bed.

      First I was a nurse or an orderly in a hospital and there were a bunch of us pushing patients on beds to one part of the hospital. Only half of the fluorescent lights in the ceiling were working and there were some emergency lights that were on and just a steady blue light. The woman I was pushing kept having not really heart attacks, but just like passing out and coming back.

      Then I was on a path in a wooded area but when I looked down, I could tell that there had been traffic on this path like cars maybe because there were not really grooves in the path, but flat dirt tracks and grassy tracks. Then a boy, maybe a teenager, in a dress-ish outfit, but with a cord around his waist like a monk or something... maybe he tagged me, or took something from me, or maybe he just startled me, but I started chasing him. He ran into an apartment or maybe a townhouse and I chased him inside and shut the door so he couldn't get out and I could find him in there because he obviously had enough time to hide in that ten seconds it took me to get to the door. ha!

      I go in and look around and there's a breakfast bar at the kitchen area. Up pops my ex boyfriend Mike and he's got Taco Bell. He says I can have two tacos. Random!!!

      Now I'm in a jewelry store and I think I have to make a payment for something I have on layaway. I go to the lady at the counter and I have to write her a check. I have to write my address on something and she hands me a pair of earrings... to write with... so I use the back of the earring and it is... so... hard... to write like that!!! I do remember writing out my whole address and nothing changed from when I looked up at the lady behind the counter and when I looked back at what I was writing.