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    1. Rewind..

      by , 06-02-2015 at 05:40 PM
      There was a machine that could read a human mind. How it works? You ask a certain question.. and the person does not have to answer it. The thought itself is enough. You aim the person with this machine.. and you have the answer. It is a powerful machine, and that is why some people are after it. They are already running the stairs to go higher into this old building. But on the floor where this machine is located, a boy lives. And he has special abilities. He can put anything out of the real life into a wall picture. And so, he used his power and this machine was projected to a wall painting. This guys could not take it.

      Now the scene changes.. i am in an old car in the middle of Italy. We are waving with a yugoslavian flag, and singing partisan songs. And the local italian people dont like this at all.. and the fight begins.. scene fades away

      Now i am in a dark room, with my friends.. we are drinking and singing songs, I am playing the guitar and we are arguing with a priest at the same time.. My ex takes my hand, and pulled me out of this room, away from this building. It is night time.. but many people are still walking the streets. We started to kiss.. with real passion.. we were burning hot.. starting to undress.. people were watching but.. it did not affect us very much.. we wanted to do more.. to get this passion out of our bodies.. we wanted to have sex somewhere.. but there were too many people around. And my ex said. " i truly wish, from my heart.. to turn the time around.. and find that boy.. who can put things into wall paintings.. because I want to put this moment into art.." And because she really wanted this to happen.. it did. The time turned around..

      We were again in the room with the priest and the guitar.. singing.. and arguing. But music was playing backwards.. everyone thought whaaat is going on?? But only we know.. where is the catch.. Later we were in that car again.. and again the thugs came.. but now there was no problem.. because i knew exactly how the enemy will react.. so i beat them up very easily.. and then some agressive wild woman came.. and attacked me.. i dodged.. and hit her with one single strong punch into her kidney.. and i destroyed the kidney.. she was walking slowly away and she said that she must catch a plane, because she is on her way to vacation.. and i said.. dont go.. trust me on this one.. go to the doctor and you will live.. End of the dreams! too bad i have not reached that boy.. because i wanted to see how that picture of that beautiful moment would.. look like

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    2. When monsters appear in the city... my vision goes red

      by , 10-13-2014 at 09:12 AM
      The dream started with me running trough streets of an old city. It was night time and I was not alone, i was in a group of let say 5people. We were not running for fun, but for our lives. Because there were some weird monsters beeing born on the fields. When this monster appeared. my vision changed. evereything that gives light (street lamps, cellphones, candles.. ) everything radiatel a red light. But when i was running away from this big creature, it was like i did this once before.. and that is why I should run away this time, because i had no chance of survival. So we ran.. and fell into a big aquarium. And there was another beast in it. At first the beast was winning the battle.. because it started to bump in each of us.. tearing our group apart. But then we formed a team formation.. and started making waves. Each wave was bigger.. and those waves were crushing this beast into one pointy edge of aquarium. At the end we have impaled this creature with a big wave.

      Then i was in a park, walking with Vesna. I told her, how things work.. that every 20s we become stronger, but there is a chance that a monster will appear. And when it does. Our eyes see the lightsources red. She listened really carefully. And we have reached a tunnel. We had to go trough and our eyes turned red.. we have seen a creature infront of us. I told Vesna to hide.. i grabed a huge sword which i had on my back.. and confronted this beast. It was a werewolf. I just charged towards it and the beast got scared, and started to run away from me.. in about 50m i was in reach for killing.. And i needed only one strike.. SLASH.. and the head of the beast was gone.. I went back to that tunnel in search of Vesna and she was hiding above the exit stairs with a knife in her hands. she was just waiting what will come out of the tunnel.. and if it wasnt me, she would attack it. But it was a great relief for her when she saw me. Then we decieded that we should get rid of the body. And i carried that werewolf trough the city until i have seen a big bush. The corpse was heavy so i was happy to dump it into the bushes..

      And then again my vision turned red again. I saw a slowly walking man.. with a tunic and a cape. It looked like a wizzard. I followed it.. he was walking slowly and silently.. so it was not hard to get closer to him. I carefully grabbed my sword.. and when i was in reach to hit him.. he pulled his sword out of his cape. He was so fast.. He just pointed the tip of his sword against my neck.. and i pointed mine at his. He said to me.. "you know i am faster then you are, so put the weapon down" I did what he said, because i knew it was true. i put my sword down on the pavement. And he said.. you are lucky, because i am a good guy. I am one of the 3 eyes of the great beast. He opened his tunic.. and showed me some gold signs around his belly. IT was like a scarab torn in half. He said.. there are 3 eyes of the great beast.. i am one of them, and i am good.. but the beast doesnt know that. It is good to have a spy on our side. He told me that this beast puts eyecontact lenses into its eyes. One is pink, one is yellow and one green.. and this depends on the power which this spy has..

      and then i woke up..
    3. Medieval Days turned into a mincemeat fight with a girl

      by , 01-15-2014 at 11:40 PM
      I was again abroad. This time it is Croatia! I was on some medieval festival. It was jousting on the scedual. At first there were inexpirienced riders, they were trying to hit tha target. It was a man made of hay and a metal helmet. One by one they were riding and hiting the body.. Or missing the target. And then 6 veterans came all dressed in black. They were riding fast and everyone of them hit the target in the head. Just cling, cling ,cling was heard. And the riders before, well they just watched with open eyes. After this show i was feeling hungry and went to the first food tent. They were serving just 2 dishes. the first was green, and the second one was in orange colour. I asked what is this.. they answered back.. one is a carrot soup.. and the other is a pea soup and this one is for free.. Ok give me one pea soup please i said. And a moment later i am at a Slovenian medieval festival. I was fully armed. I had 2 swords, shield, and some light armour, but nobody to fight with. Ahhh i said, this is boring and i decide to go home. On the way home i meet some of my colegue knights, and they were angry at me, because i didnt call them and that i had fun without them. I just answered well it was nothing there, boring.. the croatian ones were way more exciting. And then i went to a bar, to party. We were like 4guys and 3 girls.. and well the party was not for my mood, so i decided to go home. I went with one girl and one guy.. The guy was sleeping in a seperate room, so I was alone with this girl. And that is when weird thing started to happen. We started a fight with minced meat. I grabbed a fullfist of minced meat and just threw it in her face.. and she replied just the same.. we had a meat war.. and she was comming closer and closer.. she was already on my bed, and she was confused what to do.. she undressed her top, but she still had jeans on.. and she just kissed me very passionately. she started to ride me with he pants on.. and just when the fun was starting to begin, her boyfirend came home. he was talking to the other guy in the other room (oh i forgot, she was one of my exgirls which i havent seen in years) well her boyfriend came home and she jumped into her bed and pretend that she is asleep. I had her clothes on my bed and just threw them behind the bed and said.. "hey your jacket is here, what should i do with it?" She said i dont need it now.. im sleeping. I was picking up that meat we were throwing around. ANd he opened the door. He looked in quite suprisingly, he was holding a glass of water and i had full hand of meat. Well he didnt asked nothing. He went to his girls bed to check her out and she was "sleeping". Ok i finnaly cleaned the mess and wanted to go to sleep. I get in my bed.. and i couldnt. it was too small, my bed was underneath some wooden thing. i tried to get in the bed but i just fell down. I got angry and i just pulled the bed into the center of the room. I was happy, but not everybody was. That girl stood up from the bed and pushed my bed back where it was.. of course i pushed it back. And we ended pushing bed around the room. So we made a compromise where my bed should be. And when i had my bed in place there were like 400 firelighters on my bed. AAAAAA.. i was angry again. And just threw them all off my bed, and people in the room started to complain that my stuff is left everywhere in the room.. and that it is not just my room. I got angry again.. and said WHAT? these things arent even mine. And i woke up.
    4. drunk stable party gone lucid - no control

      by , 01-14-2014 at 09:45 AM
      Ok.. i was having a band practice with an unknown band.. in the dream it was my band, but i dont know either the band members or the music. We were practicing in a bomb shelter. It was a nice place.. and we just got new bass player, and it was a woman. Then we celebrated with the band and my ex girl.. around a table. We started drinking.. well we were drunk already i think. And someone said sometging similar to "piki" which is how i called my ex. And she thought that that person said that, and she remembered out past times. But anyways.. we drank more.. I was driving a car.. i didnt feel drunk, i wanted to change a sweater. I got out of the car and i was drunk again. I went to my hotel.. which was not a hotel anymore. There were some wooden stairs and next to it it was a i dont know.. a slide so that you can go up the stairs by bike or a wheelchair. It was another bar now not a hotel. We went up.. and it was obviously closed because it was a fence and at least 3m drop to get to the bar. I said well guys it is closed.. i turned around and 2 babes came up the stairs and said.. bye.. se you tomorrow.. like we were there all night. AH ok.. i slided down the stairs.. and on the bottom i fell under someones table.. i was laughing and i was drunk. I stood up.. trying to walk.. the scene was weird. Everyone looked like a snowboarders mixed with disco peple. There were some girls and on the floor it was hay all over. It was a giant stable. I said to myself.. this is a good place to pick a girl.. i walked more.. fell again on the hay.. my vision started to be very drunk.. everything was spinning.. i couldnt keep the pace with my friends.. they were kicking some inflatable sex toy.. and i was still falling down and rising up.. they saw me and they laughed, they started to imitate my falls.. i tried to get to them.. but i fell again,, and i said to myself.. wtf? ive been drunk many times but this must be a dream! switching to lucid.. the first thing i saw was a computer. i dont know why.. it turned on.. and there were millions of colors in it. The camera of the dream moved slowly so the camera angle was from my bed.. like i was having opened eyes and i am just looking from my bed. Images on the computer were jumpy and colorful.. it was like some comercial about getting everything bigger. There were some little books just popping into a bigger ones.. and flowers were growing with super speed. And my bed became a bar stand. The computer was still there between the liquer. and a waitress came to serve me. she was blonde and good looking. My focus changed from the computer to her. I looked at her and she was changing shapes. she was aging superfast.. she was old in like 5 seconds. Then i woke up. Well it was a lucid dream but no control over it.