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    1. Rescue mission

      by , 01-26-2015 at 10:32 PM
      A woman's just rescued two men and they're currently escaping through a series of underground tunnels. She's just shoved one of them up a ladder, to a manhole leading out of this tunnel, but apparently that's her limit - she collapses onto the floor, which is a sort of metal grate over water. I can see blood on her face. The other man says, teasing about the way she's been telling him to just let her handle things this whole time, "This is your plan? To lie here and bleed to death?"

      She says, "See, I knew you wouldn't be down with the plan."

      He picks her up and carries her up the ladder. I switch to first person, from the POV of the man she'd shoved up the ladder before; we've climbed up to the level of the subway tunnels that are currently in use. We walk along the tracks for a while, and just as we reach a platform - currently empty, though I'm aware people could show up at any moment - we hear a train in the distance. I have to help both of them up onto the platform, he's so tired from carrying her, and I'm thinking about how we each keep exhausting ourselves to pull the other two up. I climb up after them, and collapse on the stairs, exhausted, listening to the train.
    2. LD w/exhaustion, visited Chichen Itza (as described in International Oneironaut Project), met people

      by , 12-29-2011 at 04:47 PM (Hypatia's Dream Journal)
      I was at a theater or opera house where costumes used in past plays were being sold. One item I recognized as a gown from the opera Turandot - I tried it on with the mask from The Fall and posed dramatically.

      Around this time I became lucid. I immediately started to fly and felt the dream fade away. To counter this, I came back to the ground and started by spinning in place, since the dream was starting to fade. This stabilized everything succesfully.

      Then, I wanted to practice what I'd read in the DV forums - that getting control over a dream is about assuming you can do something rather than questioning whether or not you had the ability. I practiced by making fire shoot out of my fingers. The first two times I struggled, but then practiced assuming it would happen. Then I was able to do it. I went from lighting my finger on fire to lighting my hand on fire, with mostly success.

      Satisfied with the fire experiment, I wondered what I should do now that I was lucid. Sex came to mind, and I looked around at the people around me. Lots were beautiful women, so I chose one and started to caress her. But, I wasn't really feeling it. I should have sex with someone I actually know, I thought. I saw a friend in the distance, approached him, and kissed him. He reminded me of another time we'd done this, in RL rather than a dream, and I was mortified by the embarrassing memory (note: false memory, I'd never been with this person in RL).

      Not feeling into the whole sex thing, and started to wonder what I should do next. Hey, I should go to Chichen Itza, just like the IOSDP mentions. I don't believe in shared dreaming, but trying their challenge sounded like a good next step. I visualized Chichen Itza, and a few seconds later I was at its base, gazing up at it. The sides were too curvy, so I stared at them until they were straight. I noticed a fence around the pyramid and noted how strange it was my subconcsious put it there. Now I'm at Chichen Itza, I thought, so I should probably meet the people here and try to remember them when I wake. There were about 10-15 people standing with me, so I went around to them to ask their names and remember their faces. There were four blonde women of varying bodytypes, and I remember one man with brown hair, a green barret, and a slightly pudgy figure. Another male was tall and had tousled brown hair - he looked only 17 or 18, and I thought he seemed like a student. I tried hard to remember names - even asked people to put nametags on - but the names kept changing and I had trouble remembering. One person was named Enzo or Anzo, I think. Another was Cho.
      I woke up shortly after.

      Note: Haven't written here lately due to travel and holiday busyness. The night of the above LD I was exhausted from travel - tried sleeping on my back with eyes closed for 30 seconds, then gave up and rested on my stomach and was asleep in seconds.

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    3. Frustrating night

      by , 07-28-2011 at 05:25 PM
      I know I kept jumping from dream to dream, but I guess I was too tired this morning to remember any of them. I feel pretty exhausted.
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    4. The Night Before Last: Intimate Conversation

      by , 04-19-2011 at 09:05 PM

      From the night before last
      *This is a rough draft that I may or may not get around to cleaning up more*

      I woke, trailing out of a dream. I tried to remember but was disappointed that I didn’t. Then the dreams started to come back to me.

      Dad, mom, a friend from college, and maybe another friend (best friend from high school?) sitting (on a bed or floor with cushions?). Comfort but not a lot of affection, not needy affection at least. Calmly focused.

      I was asking questions about what happened when I was a child (about traumas that occurred).

      It was observed that I wasn’t as angry as usual.

      I told them yeah, I don’t get so angry now when talking about my childhood traumas with dad. I say “I just got tired of being angry,” feeling very heartfelt and with a glimpse of that exhaustion. “Now I just ask questions about what happened.” Dad agreed, though he still didn’t like to talk about the what.
      The 4 or 5 of us discussed the change in my questions about childhood traumas and if it was a good thing. My college friend appreciated my change (in the face of others having concerns about it).
    5. Grey's Anatomy Cast Moving my Furniture and Cheater Theatre

      by , 02-24-2011 at 05:10 PM (Brainy Vapours)
      Non Dream

      Dream 1 - Grey's Anatomy Cast Moving my Furniture

      Some guys are moving some furniture for me. Included are my Partner, my Brother In Law, and Alex Karev from Grey's Anatomy. The house we are in in a two level version of an old beach house my Grandparents used to live in. After a while, they come downstairs looking exhausted and frustrated. Apparently there was a problem. Lexie from Grey's appears and gives me the low down on the situation. While they were moving furniture around my baby son's bedroom, a window was broken. They are all very concerned that my son will suffer from too many cold drafts of air.

      Too much time in Germany is to blame for that brainwave I think! LOL

      Work stops and there is pizza for all the hard working helpers, but I realize I must bring a table down from upstairs so that people can eat it. I can't do it alone, but no one offers to help because they are all so tired. My Brother In Law seems to be especially tired - he begins to snore loudly on the couch next to me. I chide him for it and he smiles at me before quickly passing out again. Suddenly I feel really tired too, like I can't move, even though I did nothing. I know that the others all want me to go get the table, but we all pass out instead.

      Dream 2 - Cheater Theatre

      I think it's rather strange that "cheating" seems to be a reoccurring thread through out my dreams. Perhaps it is a dream sign, reflecting in inner fear.

      A group of people are watching my closely to see what I will do, if I will cheat on my man with this random guy that looks a bit like Tom Cruise. I feel pressured. I am not interested in cheating, but for some reason I agree to. There is a room separated by a curtain that we go into. Flash forward to after the "event", there is a large African American man telling me that I've got game, and he has respect for me. I barely acknowledge the comment. Flash forward to me putting on some makeup with the same people watching me intently. The onlookers are waiting with baited breath, and when I put on a certain shade of eyeshadow they go mental, telling me that the colour is perfect for me. It's really odd as they are all shouting and cheering over it. They offer me a really over the top curly blond wig to complete the look.