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    1. Life of a Monk, Virtual Wandering, Backpack Cat, and Duelyst

      by , 10-29-2016 at 01:37 PM (Cinder's Dreams Gallery)
      I felt like these were separate dreams, but since I didn't wake up I'll record them in a single entry.

      I was a monk, or something of sort. We were at war with another monastery. Me and another person infiltrated the rival monastery. There were nobody present, and we snooped around, and we found a cellar which had some broken things in there. As we looked around I doubled over in pain and thought that somebody teleported a tack into my stomach. Yikes.

      I don't quite remember how that situation was resolved, or it might have just transitioned, but I found myself going to sleep in the temple.

      My dream transitioned to me going on Mapcrunch and messing around on a random street in Germany. I find myself bodily transported there at night. It was cold, but I was undaunted and I explored.

      I found a coffee shop and drank coffee with somebody I thought I knew. My parent's orange shorthair exotic cat was with me all along and was following me. He was as shy and skittish as he was in waking life, though, even if he kept within the general vicinity of me. He kept wandering around the coffee shop and I was worried he'd get lost, so I put him inside my backpack. He did not seem to mind this, although he did tense and hiss if I tried to pet him.

      My dream transitioned to me playing a round of Duelyst, but instead of playing with my own deck and faction, I got backfilled for someone else. They were in a terrible position, my general was a young man in a lab coat, and my enemy's general was an armored woman (or she might just be Faie) and we both seemed pretty Vanar-themed. THe map is also pretty icy, and there was a blizzard filter. I had only one health left, but my enemy only got one minion that can reach me, and it can deal 2 damage, so I played a card that healed me for two damage. Then I replaced my useless spellcards for any minions to tip the balance. The next turn, some kind of event happened that gave us both 20 health on top. The game went on, I start summoning a bunch of minions and trying not to die. It must've been infuriating for my enemy.
    2. Dream & fragment

      by , 04-15-2016 at 07:22 PM (Keitorin's Dream Log)
      Fell asleep: 11:30 P.M. (with trazodone)
      Woke up: 9:02 A.M.

      9 hours 18 minutes sleep last night
      7 hours 38 minutes restful sleep
      1 hours 39 minutes restless sleep
      82 % restful sleep

      Dream: I was exploring a new house we were staying at, and I started finding secret doors, but they all just seemed to be alternate paths to other parts of the house until I found this one that led to a dark room. I tried turning on my activity watch's backlight but I don't know if it worked. Still, I could see better, as I spotted books on a table to the left. I could see that they were probably all just romance but I had to be certain, so I walked up to them and skimmed through them with my eyes. Yep, romance.

      At some point I realized this was just another familiar room, that it didn't maybe lead to someone else's house like I speculated after I heard a TV running. Then I realize that someone is coming over - dad. Not knowing what else to do, I waited until he was to my right and yelled "Boo!". He wasn't surprised, as usual.

      I'm exploring a specific section of the house. I'm crouched down on the floor looking in the nooks and crannies of a shelf or something, and there's a bunch of objects stuffed in there. There's a kid to my right and I realize it was probably him that did it. I pulled out a handful of writing utensils. Then I start looking for diapers, but all I find is toys and stuff.

      Fragment: Looking through a hidden house full of some kind of historical stuff packed away, a man discovers me, another pile of hidden stuff back outside near a tree.

      1:35 A.M. for 23 minutes
      3:45 A.M. for 16 minutes
      7:20 A.M. for 41 minutes
      9:02 A.M. for 15 minutes

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    3. (April 8, 2015) Scary stuff

      by , 04-09-2015 at 05:20 AM
      Late entry, but late is better than never.

      first dream i was in some sort of tall building out on a balcony, scenery resembled old town from the game dying light. I look across about 100 yards away from the balcony, a small concrete bunker on a cliffside. I tell the group of people i am with i want to go there to meditate to improve my dream abilities and they laugh at me but i go anyway. I go into the bunker down an open hatch on the roof, down a all concrete staircase into a all concrete room with some yard supplies. i forget wy i am there and I grab a wheel barrow and collect some things. i go deeper into the bunker and end up in the finished basement of my old house, but it is dark. It is a room with the staircase in the middle dividing it into two sections of room. one with carpet and one with tile, and "tongue and groove" wood walls. I feel fear for some reason and leave. i go out the basement, back up the concrete stair entrance leaving the wheel barrow at the base of the stairs. i turn for a moment and stare at it, and it suddenly get thrashed, flipping over spilling all its contents, like something from a ghost movie and i very quickly run away from there. i am now all the way down the mountain on the road, with no transition between the two. I am talking to my friend somewhat frantically about the incident.

      I wake up, throat dry so i grab the water next to me. forgot to do at least a basic wbtb.

      This dream below would have been more complete had i wrote it down this morning.

      I am in a classroom. its dark colored, faded wallpaper, really run down. The teacher decides to showcase a video of what i had done earlier in the dream, except instead of watching it the dream changes and I am now living this scene. I am in a very dark house, or asylum, or building, not quite sure but go with the flow. There are a series of long long dark hallways and the power is out. It is storming outside and lighting lights the room every once in a while. I see the silhouette of a ghost in one of the flashes, wait a minute and walk down the hallway to see it. now my family appears with me, but quickly disappears when i look down the next hallway. i assume the ghost did something. I see old t-shirts on the ground and pick them up thinking i may need them. The lightning flashes again, i see the ghost again at the end of the hallway and i start to run straight for it this time, it goes down the next hallway 90 degrees to it. there is another shirt at the intersection and i pick it up, look up to see the ghost flying at me. I have no time to react and it stops me. it is a pale older woman, wearing all gray dull clothing. she has no pupils, the dead eyes completely white. then the dream ends

      usually dreams of horror themes never bother, gotta say these two in a row made me a bit skittish in my dreams. they usually help me become lucid, resizing this isnt real, but not this time!
    4. (March 4,2015) prison walk

      by , 03-04-2015 at 05:06 PM
      (March 4, 2015)

      I drove to a prison in my truck and my little brother was with me. We pulled into a small lot in the back of that was surrounded by woods everywhere except where the prison was. There were other vehicles also parked here. It was about mid afternoon and overcast out, cloudy enough to darken the scene with that gloomy rainy day amount of light. We got out and wanted to go somewhere to eat and decided the fastest way was to go through the prison grounds. We hopped over a part of a fence that had no barbed wire covering it and started walking along the outside walls of the blocks. The prison was made of red brick and the windows were covered from view by white curtains on the inside. The grass was pretty real, and had some dew on it. We walked along the outside of the building till we came to a narrow corridor and walked down it thinking it would lead us there. The ground was now concrete and there were some chain link fences blocking off small areas along the way and there was a few red rustic metal doors along the walls. At the end of this walkway was a T intersection and decided to take the left passage and it ended up leading to the front of the prison. From there we could see a road and a lot of stores and restaurants. Me and my brother went to a McDonalds close to the prison. By now the clouds cleared up and it was a late sunny afternoon. We got food and at first i joined someone else's table but later moved to my own after realizing i was probably invading privacy. Some more people came in and started causing problems and arguing with management about something. Someone brought in diamonds and was trying to sell them. They had small clips on them so they could be clamped to things. I put a few on my ear thinking it wouldn't be noticed and i could bring some home.We finished up and left back through the prison exit we came out of the first time, back into the corridor and saw some of the people who were arguing in the restaurant, except now they were in orange prison clothes being moved around the prison via security guard. It was now night time. Before we made it back to the parking lot out back, a security officer found us and told us we would be in trouble if we didn't leave right now. I was respectful and explained what we were doing and he was not very nice about it but let us leave. When we jumped over the fence he told us to not do anything bad because we were on security camera. He then had a camera in his hands with a big infrared light on top and told us someone has been firing rockets and fireworks. We got back to the parking lot and all the vehicles now were parked facing a different way and had dealership year and model numbers on the windows. Mine was labeled 06-11 and I laughed and said they don't even know the year my truck is. I saw my friend shortly after fire a firework out of what looked like a model spaceship. I followed him back to a van in the parking lot that had a lot of computers and tech in it and he was doing something on the computers. We went back to the truck and the dream ended.

      Another short one, i was in a dark conference room, and was took of my jacket for a meeting but was woken up as soon as it started. The room was the room for the first key card in outlast.
    5. (August 10, 2014) Abandoned building of fear

      by , 08-10-2014 at 05:52 PM
      I fell back asleep after remembering these dreams so bear with me

      my rating 4/5

      +First dream is on a foggy day, i am driving in my truck to a camping location. i have friends and family following behind me in another vehicle. we drive through a strange trail of twists, turns and bridges. we see other people camping as we drive by. the grass has some gravel in the tire marks of old tracks so we know where to go. otherwise it is not maintained, the grass is tall. we come over to a bridge, very narrow but the vehicles drop down a few inches once off it because the bridge drops abruptly. we drive off to the campsite. I dont remember much about the actual site itself, i remember walking around observing the landscape. eventually we decide to drive back, and we get as far as the bridge but the vehicles cant drive back over it because of the drop off,so i get out and decide to cross the little water way under the bridge. it is very short but i find out it gets super deep. its also cloudy water. i am handed a heavy pack and it almost sinks to the bottom so i grab it and get out and search for a new way over.

      +This dream was kind of creepy. I was with someone, in an old abandoned house in a old style town, like almost colonial times. the house was barren of almost everything, at least in the main areas like the foyer and the hallways, was just dirt and dust everywhere as if wind had blown it around over things. we had to leave because we were going to be found so we went back into this dark room full of candles, a few tables, and a skull, and had to blow out all the candles, making the room pitch black. while i was leaving i walked by a pool of water that must have been from leaking roof or pipes, it was in a little pocket in the dirt. a man and two woman appeared and started talking to me,i walked over till my feet were ankle deep in the water, the man and one of the woman disappeared, and the third woman tried pulling me under water but i broke free from her grip and got out of there. i was then out at some old place that looked like my grandfather's liquor store with a friend. it was the dark of night and the only light was out front. we walked out back where there was a crowd of pale creepy looking people staring at me. i stopped for a moment and i think my friend left. one guy with a shaven head and a jailbird outfit came over and started to attack me, saying something about leaving the house. i had no choice but to fight back. i pulled out my smith and wesson swat folding knife and retaliated. he said "nice try but i can just close this" not knowing the lock was engaged holding it open and i cut his hand, the then tried something that was very painful, like wow couldn't believe how real that felt for a dream, and my stomach hurt like crazy but i told my self keep calm, the military wont need someone who will break under pressure, and i used the knife, (leaving out details here), and killed him. another person tried attacking me but i just threw him far. then the dream ended.

      +I got back up and fell back asleep and had another dream. first, i was in an old house know i have been in before. and was trying to explore all its room but i was limited trying to keep my younger brothers away from going so they wouldn't be lost or hurt. so i never got to the room i wanted to. i saw part of it and knew ive seen it before, and don't know why i did not become aware of it. i eventually ended up at a colorful museum and play place type thing where i climbed colorful stairwells into other rooms where i found a box, but i had to climb up ropes to get it, which i did. the feeling of climbing the rope felt pretty real. i eventually got the box but never looked inside.

      i have seen this type of building before many time in dreams, the one directly above. or at least, the color scheme is put on a lot of buildings. i also saw an old house i have not seen in a long time in my dreams. both are not real places but memories of places i created in dreams.
    6. (August 6, 2014) strange series

      by , 08-06-2014 at 04:16 PM
      August 6, 2014

      My rating 4/5

      This dream I was mainly underground in a scary series of tunnel that was haunted by something. First, we would drop down into the tunnels going down an old rusty ladder down a square shaft in the ground. The ground had water covering mainly the middle of it, like a little stream formed, with the dirt closer to the walls that was not submerged. We began walking gown the tunnels, seeing strange things and more tunnels that branch off in different ways. I found an old alligator skeleton in a small dent in the walls, i eventually came across a room with a bunch of shirts in it and most of them had a creepy picture of an eye on them. Then i was instantly at the starting point of the tunnel again, walking through the maze of dirt and puddles, seeing strange mud formations, and finally making it back to the room with the shirts, this time they all had a picture of an eye and the all were facing one specific spot.

      + this dream is not all together in my head but it was a pretty cool setting, wish i could remember more. I was at an old castle at night, with a group of 2 people, and we were trying to defend ourselves from these strange birdlike creatures that were all over the castle grounds. Like being trapped in a haunted house except there are tons of evil live creatures trying to kill us. I remember the last part if it, being outside the main building but still within the outer walls of the castle. Fge castle was tall, had lots of gates, and faded yellow bricks with s little bit of green moss or something growing in the cracks of it. We are making our escape to the main gate but before we get there we see the bird/demon creatures. I take out a handmade arrow with a deer bone tip and we advance. The drop down and begin attacking, and i get one of them with the arrow by stabbing with it in my hand.

      +this dream i was going to the movies with my brother, and we get in the theater and take a seat, it is very dark in here. I don't remember the movie but after apparently is was done we got up and left

      + i was in a certain school setting I've been in a few times in my dreams before, and was walking around a room full of people trying to find one of my friends. The room had bright colors on the walls such as red,orange, and green, and the carpet was colorful too. My friend walked over to me and took out his guitar which had a weird shaped head on it, and he started playing it. Then i woke for good.
    7. (August 2, 2014) Hidden rooms in a music shop

      by , 08-02-2014 at 11:48 PM
      August 2, 2014

      Rating: 3/5

      More fragments. I remember being at my college during construction and almost getting into a fight with some kid near a main building. I decided to tell him it easnt worth it and eventually we made it past it and became friends. He brought me over to his music shop and we walked down the main hall to the end of the building. This part of the building had cheap white tiles and white walls with old sound equipment everywhere. We were at the back of the store when he opened up a metal plate on the wall that opened a secret door. We were now in a bigger space behind the shop. There was small rooftops of buildings we stood on so there must have been some underground houses. I searched with my flashlight and eventually went up into a finished room with dark wood walls and brown carpet. I looked across into another room where a mickey doll that was propped up suddenly fell over, by a ghost. Though i couldnt see it.

      I also renember wading through waist deep water in a flooded city and came upon a spot to put down my phone on a shelf where a bunch of empty beer bottles were. before i could do much i was woken.
    8. (July 29, 2014) Abandonrd Shipping Depot, strange pond

      by , 07-29-2014 at 03:43 PM
      July 29, 2014 8:58 AM **Includes notes at the bottom**

      Rating: 4/5

      3MG melatonin taken before falling asleep at 1:30 AM~ish

      +The First dream I can remember starts out walking out of an amusement park somewhere at night, im walking down a sidewalk with my brother and we come across and old building with a archway that leads into a open area surrounded by the building. looking down into the "courtyard" I see a lot of half rusted shipping containers places around various spots on the ground. this place looks like it has not been used in a while. so we decide to walk through the red brick archway to the container yard. the whole building is an old factory style building, its made of almost entirely brick,has a lot of metal staircases, and small window panes put together to make a big window. after entering through the archway, immediately on out left is a old metal staircase. I decide to go up it. I am trying to be quiet as possible but the stairs make a loud creaking sound with every step up. finally after making it up the the top,i can either go across the top of the brick archway to one side, or to the right through a little door into another room, or take the staircase to the right of the metal staircase down onto the first floor of the building. I decide to look through the little doorway to the right. its it short, and has a cheap wooden frame around it. looking through it I see there is no floor in there, just some boards for building support, below i can see a staircase to the basement. i also see a briefcase on a shelf across from where the doorway is i am looking through. at this point, a man and woman join me in trying to get this briefcase. i get close to knocking it down but cant, then the woman trys to and she ends up knocking it down to the stair case below. I can see it from up here and decide to go down to look for it. The man has already decided he will go look for it before i go and try. I click on my bright flashlight and walk down the first flight of stair that were to the right of the outside metal stairs, though a dark hallway with rooms on the left to the staircase that i could see above from the little doorway. the staircase is barely visible, its covered in either dust or sand so much that it looks like a slope, but i barely make out each step. I go near the bottom and realize the briefcase i no longer there and i stop instantly in my tracks. i look straight ahead and see the basement goes off to the right but i feel to afraid to look what it back there. it is completely silent and im standing in the basement entry. i yell out to the two people who are with me to make sure they are alright, but i get no response i slowly head had up the stairs back into the hall way when i get attacked by some people, i go into the nearby room i saw earlier and there is the man fighting as well as me now, fighting a group of people i suppose want the briefcase as well. i use the strobe effect on my flashlight to make it hard to see and bash em on the side of my head with the light and we start knocking the guys out but two more go through the doorway, a different man and woman, the woman attacks me and pins me down but my fried helps knock her off while i proceed to hit here with the light and soon she is out cold, as well as the other guy my friend was fighting. at the end of the right, the woman with us comes down with the briefcase saying something like jeez guys why was this hard to get? and me and my friend just look at each other and laugh while she walks out the doorway.

      +this dream is more fragmented, I am in some sort of vacation home out in the woods with my family. from where it starts, I am in a hallway in our house, with bedroom doors on the wall behind me, and windows on the wall in front of me. the floors are faded wooden plank floor and the walls are whit. there is a nice breeze coming in trough the window, and outside the window immediately is a pond. In fact, the house is built slightly over this pond. i have a hot dog on a bun in my hand, and i put it in the water to see if it will catch something, but then something does end up taking it, something small and definitely not a fish. I decide to grab another one and head outside to a walk way beside the pond. it is a nice sunny day out but the sun is getting ready to start setting soon. i can see flower gardens behind white walls, and of course the pond. i walk over to the side of the pond from the walkway and put the food in the water again, this time standing in the water. now i can feel a bunch of little things grabbing my ankles trying to pull me down, and i quickly pull out my knife and cut at whatever is pulling me down and get back on the walkway with a prt in my hand i cut off to see what it is. it is a little light blue, transparent hand they looks like those sticky rubber hands you win in real life as cheap arcade prizes. I eventually end up making peace with the little blue people, and walk away over to a pool, when i hear my parents say its time to go inside. so i'm cleaning stuff around the pool and start heading in when the dream ends.

      Side Notes: The melatonin seems to be giving me a few longer dreams that are generally pretty easy to recall at least one almost fully. most dreams seem to be at night but i think since i started ADA and have been becoming more aware of daytime settings rather than night because just of time to do it happens mostly during he day, more dreams seem to be during the day than usual. still waiting for my second lucid dream. i want to try and construct buildings, and talk to some dream characters and learn a bit more of how they function. anyway, a possible dream sign, if you have been reading my entries you may have noticed, i'm usually exploring some sort of vacant or abandoned building. never really in populated buildings.
    9. (July 28, 2014) evil apartment

      by , 07-28-2014 at 03:34 PM
      July 27, 2014

      I woke this morning to disturbances so it kind of killed todays recall. I remember being in a old house and finding a crawlspace in the floor that led to a room of fire,lava, and skulls. I tried to get the pictures out to a news reporter but i dont think he believed me. Later in another dream, i was at an amusement park looking place but it was all indoors. Had to ride something to get into the park that looked like a morgue. I wish i could remember more details it was harder this morning.
    10. (July 27, 2014) evasion

      by , 07-27-2014 at 03:47 PM
      July 27, 2014

      More fragments

      Me and my brother were out at night trying to climb a school. We ended up getting on the roof but noticed a security guard so dropped low as he went past. We got down and met up with jake and decided to go to the abandoned hospital and on the way we saw cops again and ran into a abandoned school that I saw in another dream, and hid in a room full of smaller rooms. Was pretty decent inside for an abandoned building. White walls, wood doors and trim, decent whit and gray carpet. When we thought it was clear to go we went out into the woods and picked up supplies from a 240sx to keep going on. The rest it hard to remember tho.
    11. (July 25, 2014) Dark Theater

      by , 07-25-2014 at 02:43 PM
      July 25, 2014

      7:56 final wake

      Rating: 4/5

      3mg melatonin at 11:00PM before sleeping around 11:30-12:00-ish

      + I cant really remember my first dream well but it was at night and involved driving around. Thats about all i can give for this

      + This dream was much better. It started with a racing theme. I was at a outdoor race track during the day . I started on the road outside of it and decided to walk the track to see what it was like so i could go to it one day and know it. So i go walking into the track area and see that it is in the woods, as there are trees growing everywhere. It is not thick though, there is no low bushes and thick brush. I look and see one way signs pointed to the right so i follow them. I walk along it to see that its not all that great, looks like it needs to be repaved bad. Each turn, you can go left or right but they all end up at the same spot. After a while of walking i see a mc Donald's and some kids trying to get on the roof. I ask them if they are trying to get on the roof and they tell me yes but start walking away. We walked separate ways to a school building to a stair case outside. It was big, and made of solid concrete. We went up to the highest level the stairs there was to a dead end, when i told them i could climb to the next level. So i climbed a little ledge next to the stairs and grabbed on to a tan colored metal frame that pivoted on a point and swung on it, and swung right over a gap in the wall onto the next floor. The guy climbing with my gets up too, but the girl is not able to yet. We get up there and notice its a old theater. Its a relatively small room, with theater style rows if seat folding chairs bolted to the ground. They have bright red cushion, the carpet here is red, the walls have striped wall paper with a tall beautiful dark wood trim. Like i said, the room is small so we walk past only about 15 rows of chairs to the doorway into another room. This room I have seen in my dreams before. It is a lobby area. This room is almost to dark to see in. There is a reception counter, and by the door there is a big chair on a raised platform. This room is not too big or too small but it is a theater lobby. There was an additional hallway in this room i started to go down when i heard that the girl found a way up but was lost on the floor looking for us. I headed back to the room between the lobby and the theater seating and went down a hallway that i needed a flashlight for. I heard her call and thought it was the door closest to me and i took the board holding it shut off when i heard her again, i looked farther and saw her in a to looking into a mirror. I go get her, put the board back on the door, and begin heading to the lobby. When i get there, there are two security guards waiting and they catch us hanging out on this floor, i ask them how they knew we were here and I believe they say they saw us go up. I try punching one in the face but for some reason they wont land. We walk back into the theater room but before we get there, one of the guards turns into the big psycho that monitors the insane asylum in "Outlast". I run down a hallway and hid behind a door. The room i just entered is about the size of a average bedroom, stuff is broken, knocked over, or thrown every where as if something really bad happened her. The only light comes from a fire in the fireplace. I slowly open the door enough to look out into the darkness of the hall way. Seeing nothing I open the door up and run to the theater room where the normal cop hands me a spell book. I read some, cup my hands and launch little fireballs at the advancing bad guard but he just stops and looks at me like its some sort of joke. The one guard whose normal says wanna just go? And the other one says yes and they leave. I sit in a classroom secretly cupping my hands and make fire balls by thinking of it in my mind. I am not lucid though it looks like a good idea for when I am.

      + this dream i start by driving yellow a 240sx and I pull into a lot to turn around. Its an over cast day and the roads are all wet. There is quite a bit of cars out driving and parked in the lot I am in. I get out for a bit and use a little 240 on the pavement to show myself how I want to drift it. I get back in my car and start going back onto the street when I am stopped by a crowd of people. Apparently we are all going to my grandmothers funeral we get into the seating room when i wake up.

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    12. Exploring my house

      by , 07-23-2014 at 10:04 PM
      Exploring my house
      Lucid #8


      I am at the beach and see a huge tsunami, I get lucid.
      I find myself in my room and stabilize a littlebit. I really doubt dreaming first because of the realness of my room. I touch the cold wall and it feels really amazing. I decide to go downstair but instead of taking the stairs I jump down a floor. I glide through the air slowly and like through gel. I go into the bathroom and look in the mirror but nothing seems off. I go downstairs but the dream gets hard to keep stable so I decide to attempt a DEILD and ly down on the floor, ready to wake up.
    13. (July 20, 2014) crawlspace exploration and park

      by , 07-20-2014 at 03:41 PM
      July 20, 2014 10:28AM

      3mg melatonin before bed around 12AM

      My rating: 3/5

      Good dream but bad recall. 2 dreams.

      First one was great! Tho vague. I woke up and went right back to sleep on it. I was in an old house exploring it. Instead of just walking from room to room i was going through a network of crawlspaces and mini tunnels all over the house. I needed my light most of the time because it was so dark. Most of these tunnels were lined with plywood sheets and sone had spider webs in it. There were in doors and out doors, vents, pipes, ect. I came out upon a few rooms in the house and some rooms i could only get to via the tunnels. The rooms of the house were pretty dim lit. It was day i believe but curtains covered every window. Wish i knew more about this dream but the sequence of events is vague now.

      +I was at a big entertainment/zoo/shopping center. The kind you see in big touristy areas. it started out as a single building we were all in, people were everywhere, there were pools people dived in. But eventually it all became out doors. It was a sunny day, but later in the afternoon. I went to one spot where there was a water slide, and fish. I hung out there for a bit watching the fish. The water was light blue and opaque. I went down the slide thing once into the water but never felt getting wet. I went to a store later that sold mini hatchets for some reason then when i was walking out i put my hand in a big fish tank thing except this tine i could feel it and it was warm. Then i woke.
    14. (July 19, 2014) city maze

      by , 07-19-2014 at 03:42 PM
      July 19, 2014 9:53AM

      3mg melatonin before bed

      Rating: 4/5

      I had a few dreams this night that were good. The first escapes me at the moment.

      The second dream has to be one of my favorite ones yet. I cant remember everything I did because there was just so much! Started out with a small group of people in a big city full of random obstacles, buildings, themes, ect. While some spots remain blank I can still remember some. We started in a white building all together, was dim lit and had whit walls but nothing in it. We went out into the street, I don't know what they did but I started by trying to climb high. We were all being chased by a guy with a circular saw too to make things crazier. I went my own way first into a building that was being built still. I went up a metal grate staircase to the second floor. It was kinda dark up here. The floor was steel grate material, wall was sheet metal, there were tools and pipes laying around all over the place. There was a lot of rust as well, as if it was started then abandoned. I hid in a concrete pipe that was up there at first, looked through a window it had, waited a minute but it started rolling forward so I got out and stopped before it hit a rail and made a loud noise. I went farther into the room up a steel beam staircase to the 3rd floor. But looking below it was never ending darkness so I got up quick. Once I made it there, I heard the saw rev a few times, and saw a shadow go by above me on the fourth floor. This floor(3rd) looked like the one below, and I could still see below because of the metal grate floor. This floor had some windows around part of it though. I went left after coming up to the floor into a hallway. (This part is hard to piece together because I end up going into a room I was in earlier in the dream, but cant remember when I was). I came out to an outside area on top of a roof to a house, I see that people are parked nearby and I quickly duck into a hole in the roof into the house. The part i first ducked in was damaged by fire, so I went thru an open door way into another room. It is full of small glass items, and there is a lot of tables. It is a small room that is crowded. I knock over something, then someone tells me it is my grandmothers stuff. I look in one more room and it is basically full of the same type of stuff. This place does resemble my grandmother house. Greenish carpet, yellow cabinets with decorative glass things in it. My grandmother kept appearing and disappearing throughout this house.

      Unfortunately that what i remember most vividly from that dream, theres much more I'm blanking on. I basically explored this huge city going from room to room and building to building doing what i love in real life. There was so much to see.

      +for this dream, the beginning is a bit tough to remember. The whole dream is on a overcast day. I am with a group of people, some real family, some people i have never seen. We are riding through a grass land trying to get to a enemy camp. The field has pale green grass, and pine tree lines on either side with a few pines in the field, it is not flat either, there are hills. We drive up to the camp where we get out of the vehicles, and hide near the road where they are working. For some reason one of our cars is visible and i somehow mover it to the side by pushing, and i viewed the move of it in 3rd person for about 2 seconds. So me and this girl move into the crowd of people unnoticed and quickly get a job clearing streets, and doing geology work to blend in. First i ride in the back of the white pickup truck, while the girl drives, and i clear debris with some sort of scoop thing. Then we get to a entrance in the rock, where i get out and do sone work, thinking about my rock hammer i left at home in real life, still not knowing I'm in a dream. I break some of the dark grey rock and find a opaque light orange crystal. I take it out by hand and it is about 1.5" long and has a great crystal structure. I put it away and go to clean more rock but then i wake.

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    15. Exploring a huge house

      , 01-26-2014 at 03:22 PM
      I was having trouble falling asleep after the last dream and was twisting and turning in bed for a while until I realized I had seen 2 dreamscapes form but not stabilize - one was a video game and the other I donít recall. So this made me think that this is probably a good time to try to WILD and after a while I find myself in the dream although I donít recall how I got there and I donít remember actually entering the dream. I think more happened before the point from which I recall the dream but i just donít remember it. Anyway I find myself walking through a house and exploring the rooms. I am going through some room where itís kind of like a mini labyrinth and I have to make right turns like 3-4 times and as I get to the end I imagine findning and hot girl at the end but there is nothing there. I keep searching and I come to a room that is sort of split up in two parts and is also very much like a labyrinth and I hear a shower running. I go through one part of the room and come to a bathroom where the running shower sound was coming from and in there I find a tall black woman with light skin and she is turned away from me. She has a nice ass and then she turns around and her face is pretty ugly. I tell her "sorry, I am mistaken" and I leave. I feel my dream starting to destabilize but I want to get to the door leading out of here before restabilizing. I get in front of the door and I start spinning. Once I stop I open the door but it feels like I need to spin in the other direction a bit and I do like half a spin to stabilize and Iím good to go. I keep looking through the house and the next room I come to is empty and there is a black desk standing in this room that looks like an office. I decide I want to break this desk with just my bare hand. I slam my hand down on it but it doesít break...fortunately it doesnít hurt me either. I then think that I should have no problems breaking this desk with my hand so I try again and in fact I donít even hit it as hard and this time it breaks in half but my arm doesnít go all the way through. So the desk is sort of broken but the two parts are still held together slightly. I think I just push my arm through it to break it. As Iím heading out of the room I see a lot of clatter and there is some object thatís close to the exit and I move it telekinetically...well it only moves a little and not as much as I wanted to...I intended to just shove it out of the way completely and it moved maybe a few inches. I walk out of this room and keep going through the house but now Iím starting to feel my breath being hot and heavy and it makes me think that my real body is in bed and I have the covers over my nose and mouth and in fact I start feeling the covers get wet with saliva and I have trouble breathing. I do my best to ignore it and I think I try breathing through my mouth and my nose gets congested. Iím able to keep going though, but thinking retroactively I should have just completely ignored these sensations of my real body. Anyway, next I get to a room that is sort of open and not surrounded by walls completely and in fact I can see way outside this room but I realize that what Iím seeing is not fully formed and my dream is destabilizing. I start spinning to stabilize the dream and I decide to actually just teleport out of here and go where there are a bunch of SOIs. As I continue spinning everything goes black and Iím in this void spinning and I feel my feet still going in the motion to make me spin. I continue spinning for maybe 5-10 seconds waiting for a dream to form but I wind up waking up. Interesting to note that my blanket was not covering my nose and mouth and I was lying on my belly with the side of my face on the pillow and nothing was obstructing my breathing.
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