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    1. Aliens Attack the Airport (Pt1) (*Lucid) (TOTM)

      by , 09-03-2014 at 12:06 PM
      Tuesday,3rd of September 2014

      Moon Cycle: 54% Illuminated (First Quarter) in Sagittarius (8 days old)

      Tarot Card of the Day: Two of Pentacles

      Mayan Calender Date: Blue Galactic Hand

      This DILD occoured in the latter REM cycles before a WBTB,using MILD.
      The duration of sleep was approximately 6 hours from 11:45pm until 5:45am.
      Manta used: "Tonight I will have lucid dreams, and I will remember them."

      Colour code: Non - Lucid

      I found myself on the 3rd floor of a enormous brightly lit airport resembling Dubai International with my Mother and Russel Brand.
      We are in transit, and Russel has just smuggled a small portion of drugs onto and off of the plane, mule style.
      There's frantic activity all around us as we and many others wait impatiently for the two large metal lifts to descend through the transparent glass shafts to transport us to the roof, where the airport departure runway lays.

      Suddenly the lights start to flicker and a piercingly loud siren sounds. I look up through wide adrenalized eyes at the transparent shaft where the lifts now shake, shudder and gyrate up down and side to side violently, with the people shrieking and screaming inside...presumably in pain.
      Chaos erupts, and everyone begins to panic...many running around as a headless chickens would.

      "They have control of the power supply!" a middle aged woman shouts at the top of her lungs, trembling in fear.
      I can hear the poor souls in the lift crying loudly in agony for someone to switch the power off.
      I echo their pleads and begin to shout the same.
      "Turn the power OFF!!!!"

      "Shut the f'ck up!There's nothing we can do....Run for your lives!",a security guard hollers.

      I grab my quivering mothers by the hand and we begin to run toward a large convenience store where I catch sight of a green emergency exit symbol hanging overhead.
      I notice that I'm unable to pick up pace and my stride length remains short as I attempt to sprint faster,albeit unsuccessfully. (Dreamsign)

      The omnipresent bolt of lucidity strikes me, and an immediate calm percolates the entire dreamscape.
      I turn to my mom and a she possesses a golden luster which radiates outward like some sort of halo. A modest smile creeps into the corners of her mouth. I feel a tremendous relief and give her a kiss on the forehead.
      I remain calm and decide not to perform ant dream stabilization technique since my visual field is acceptably vivid*.
      I examine the surrounding dreamscape. We stand in bright cavernous passage, with the beige tiles gleaming and shining squeaky clean beneath our feet.
      Many empty craft and clothing stores line the left and right hand side, displaying their products through large square glass windows.
      The emergency exit lay at the very end of the passage,inside a large convenience store.
      A closed liquor store was located directly to my right,and outside stood a medium sized circular metal trash can.

      I recalled the Task of the month and expected to find a fortune cookie beneath the trash can, which I did.
      I unwrapped the small cookie from its thin transparent plastic cover and broke it in half to reveal a stone/tan colored piece of folded paper.
      Unfolding the paper proved to be rather difficult and, to my dismay,revealed nothing but a blank surface.
      Then, on closer inspection, strange symbols and words seemed to magically transcribe themselves onto the sheet...similar to the invisible ink scene in Harry Potter.
      I could only compare the inscriptions having a resemblance to a combination of Greek,Arabic and Hieroglyphs.
      Similar but not identical.

      I discarded the paper and figured i'd try again, looking in the same spot.
      Lo and behold I found second specimen, and upon opening I had the same experience with the magical emergence of the text.
      This time it was in English.

      "BROMIOIDE",I uttered out loud.(Pronounced BRO-MEE-OH-IDE)
      I turned the sheet over, hoping to find a meaning.

      As I focused on the opposite blank side "PZ33" slowly manifested itself, surrounded by a rectangular border
      It then faded away as quickly as it appeared.
      I began to chant the word and letter-digit combination out aloud in order to ingrain it into my pre-frontal cortex so I could remember it in waking life.

      The story doesn't end there, an I continue into a fairly fun and abstract adventure,leading to an abrupt false awakening through a dream meditation...more of which i'll post in Part 2.

      Very excited to have completed my first TOTM

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    2. Apocalpyse Dream No 9

      by , 11-23-2013 at 12:09 PM
      So in my dream I was stuck in a hotel. Some natural disaster happens which threatens the human life all over the world. Initially it began with fire balls falling from sky. Everybody started to panic and running in the hotel, but there was no where to go because the whole world was on fire. I try to run to basement. Suddenly a deadly gas erupted heading towards our hotel. I saw some people came with safety mask. I tried finding one for me but I couldn't. So, when I was running to basement I found an oxygen breathing system with cylinder across the stairs. So I decided to stay with that system, I thought that will be the best for me. Although I was worried about my family coz they might not have the same privileged as I do. Then I woke up.

      Last night I ate Italian Food: Noodles and garlic bread, before watched Hunger Games. Had Headache till now.

      I can blame watching the movie and the headache might be the reason for the dream, but I had many similar dreams with natural disaster that I want to share in other posts and I want to find if somebody else have similar dream. If somebody else have similar dream please contact me.

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