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    1. Dream - Stick Strife

      by , 05-14-2017 at 03:37 AM
      Date of Dream: SUN 14 MAY - 2017

      One Dream Combat Championship Challenger: DEFEATED!!! There are now 6 challengers remaining in this round... Do you and Dreamy WB have what it takes to get to them in time and reign victorious?

      Dream No. 113 - Stick Strife
      Lucid Dream 6

      Although I've forgotten exactly how I became lucid, I do remember that there was a change of awareness in me. I was now consciously aware that I could change some aspects of my dream. I was in my house, in the front room, when I said to myself, “I want to find the area and fight that pot plant now”. That's when the dream camera shifted over to an image of a bowl with fuzzy, tangled vines in it, almost like very thick strands of knotted hair... But that's not what I was facing.

      The dream camera then went back to the front room, which claimed to be my arena, although it didn't look like an arena in any way. There was now a stick laying on the floor, just laying there like a normal stick in a backyard would. The only special feature about this stick was its two, long-shaped black eyes on the top. I thought that to defeat the stick, I'd break bits off it until it came to nothing. The only problem is, every time I'd break the stick for the first time, it's “head” would keep “regenerating”! At the same time, my mum was sitting on the couch and she was trying to tell me what I should do but then she was also distracting me. It's like the dream was using her to break me out of my lucidity and the pot plant (stick) task at hand. I told her I knew what I was doing and so she eventually stopped and minded her own business.

      I was frustrated and frightened because I was still breaking the stick for the first time and it was still growing back. And so I yell out, “Dreamy WB! What's going on here? Do something!”. In this dream, Dreamy WB wasn't physically there but rather, she was an invisible force. A subconscious message came to me that I had 30 seconds to break down as much of the stick as possible. In the dream, I found myself counting out loud to 30 and when I hit 30, the stick became rigid again. So the stick was about ¾ way broken when it decided it would now “attack” me.

      The dream camera had showed a close-up of my eye and these was now a toothpick going vertically up it, like someone trying to keep you awake. The phenomenon was that the stick had put the toothpick there to cause a lump on the outer socket, intentionally causing injury. So I was in no condition to handle the stick. The dream somehow subconsciously suggested to get Dreamy WB and that she would place her finger on the lump to heal it. Once that idea was expressed, I had some sort of warm, fuzzy feeling surrounding me. I noticed that the lump had disappeared and so I continue to handle that stick.

      I then thought to myself, “You are going to pay dearly”. I noticed I had control of my 4 elements. I used fire on the stick but that did nothing. Earth was next and that didn't do anything either. Electricity was the third try but had no effect. Last of all was ice and that's what ended the life of the stick, making it shrivel up and shatter. Surprisingly, that's the only dream I remember from that night.

      There will be a "Behind The Scenes" entry for this dream.
    2. Surreal Race to the Waking Transition

      by , 01-17-2017 at 07:17 AM
      Morning of January 17, 2017. Tuesday.

      In my goal to strengthen my online journal against the fallacy of “dream interpretation”, I have, to the best of my ability, clarified this entry and recompiled the underlying meaning and root influences.

      I am alone in an unfamiliar car in late morning, though which is implied to be my dream self’s car. I am parked near the center of the parking lot of Skogen’s IGA in La Crosse, logically facing south towards the store’s entrance. Although I am in America, the driver’s side is on the right. There are several other parked cars around, all with people in them. (Both the driver’s side being on the wrong side and all the cars in the parking lot illogically having people in them are dream-state indicators. Erroneous dream-state indicators of this type are so common, it seems to be a natural dividing mechanism to separate dream-state memory from real-life memory).

      After a few minutes of looking around as I am seated behind the steering wheel (with no backstory as to whether there was intent to go into the store or to leave and drive elsewhere), an unknown male erratically drives a car around in the parking lot. There is machine gun fire from the car and someone (in the car) is hollering about a race. In the car are two males who are dressed as 1920s gangsters. It seems that everyone is being challenged to get away and to apparently hide somewhere. I am not sure if there is a literal finish line.

      I decide to drive away as quickly as possible. I go down an alley which is seemingly the one behind the Loomis Street house. I drive into a large garage and get out of the car though sit near it in the semidarkness. It seems I may be safe here.

      After a time, there is activity just outside in the alley. The gangsters are looking for the people who had driven away from the parking lot. I hear objects falling over just outside the garage but I remain still. I do not think they will find me.

      Eventually, I look up and see a large circular hole in the ceiling of the garage and a giant human eye, atypically rendered in black and white, peers down through the hole. The eye and its movement has somewhat of a slight blurry effect as if a giant television was just above the hole in the ceiling, facing downwards. There are even a couple lines of “static” as the eye moves side to side as if in REM sleep, though it remains open, unblinking. I am not sure if I will be seen but I do not feel afraid. This surreal situation does not trigger any sense of it being impossible.

      Step-by-step explanation for the inexperienced:

      In my dreams, sitting in a car in a parking lot (or simply being in a parking lot) is a biological indicator of being in bed and typically represents the last stage of a sleep cycle, the subliminal “waiting period” for the increase in beta neural activity (13–30 Hz). This has been validated from the study of hundreds of parallel examples since early childhood. There is no reason to assume that the parking lot is “symbolic” of anything in real life, which does not even make any sense other than perhaps to people falling prey to the Barnum effect of “dream interpretation”.

      My dream self typically runs away simply out of the lack of enthusiasm over waking up (more obvious in this case as I subliminally knew what being in the parking lot meant even though my dream self did not), though which is random and completely unrelated to how I view sleep or waking in general (and after all, every day is different). My dream self typically runs away from the more dominant preconscious (until the emergent consciousness is linked and activated), which most often has absolutely nothing in common with me or of any relevance to my waking life. It is not known whether the noise outside the garage, another form of liminal space, was based on real environmental noise, but it seems likely, especially as the REM symbolism was activated right afterwards.

      The very last scene, an intriguing indicator of being in REM sleep, was directly influenced by the “Don’t Open Till Doomsday” episode of “The Outer Limits” television series, which I had not seen in years and first watched as a child while I drifted in and out of sleep and lucid and semi-lucid dream states. (This was a major influence that heightened my interest in various levels of consciousness.) The episode, on one level, is a perfect metaphor for the conscious self subliminally “watching” the fictional dream self. In fact, my dream even included the black-and-white television imagery from the original show, even including the static.

      Finally, there is another layer of meaning. In this case, it is almost like an analogy to my life. In order to viably clarify it, I must quote part of an original summary of the episode: “In 1929, a pair of young newlyweds receives a mysterious box-like object wrapped as a wedding gift with a cryptic label reading ‘Don’t Open Till Doomsday’. Unbeknownst to his bride, the bridegroom is zapped by a beam of light emanating from this object when he removed it from the wrapping, and seemingly disappears out of existence. In 1964, an eloping couple arrives at the house in the hopes of using it as a honeymoon spot, now a half-derelict mansion owned by Mrs. Kry, an eccentric old woman who turns out to be the aforesaid bride, driven to insanity after her husband disappeared. After the younger bride herself disappears inside the box, it is revealed that Mrs. Kry has been luring young couples to her house, in the hope of 'trading’ them for her lost bridegroom, with an alien intelligence residing inside the box.”

      How does this relate to me and my life? The box represents the fictional and contained form of a dream limited by a total lack of understanding of dreams (that nearly all “interpreters” exhibit), or believing that a dream relates only to current real-life status. This is like an alternate timeline (in metaphor) of what could have happened if I (or Zsuzsanna) had believed in “interpretation” (“receiving the box”) when I was growing up. That is, I would not have ultimately learned that the “mystery girl” of my dreams, rather than being “symbolic” or of solely being another aspect of myself, was actually literally precognitive of my eventual joining with my “mystery girl” Zsuzsanna. This is pure truth.

      Curious marker: This dream was on the morning of January 17, 2017. The episode of “The Outer Limits” that influenced it was from season 1, episode 17.

    3. [18-06-2016]

      by , 06-18-2016 at 08:21 AM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      I was a police officer, making some paperwork in my office. I was writing a report on some kind of organized crime in my city, checking evidences. My last work partner was killed by them, a bomb planted in his house killed him. When I was leaving with another officer, I saw someone suspicious. As we got closer, he threw a bomb at me and used a remote pilot. I quickly escaped to the office full of other officers and heard a strong explosion. Everybody looked at the door with silence. After a while they opened, and someone appeared, throwing two bombs inside. They were really small and white, but did tremendous destruction. I ran to another, smaller office, but he went there after me. I ran to door, hitting him with my elbow and escaping to staircase. On each floor there was a bomber and I had to dodge all their bombs. Finally I got down to entrance, but somehow I knew that a sniper is just waiting for this. I went to backside instead, to another office and a black haired woman opened me a window. I escaped.

      It was late, dark night. The moon was shining with strong, red light. As I was wandering through a forest road, I looked at it. The moon looked like it was burning, flames enveloping it forming an eye, with moon being the iris. I heard strange buzzing and looked up, a UFO was flying away.

      Finally I got to my house, preparing some clothes to take a shower. I knew that they'd come for me. I woke up in my bed later, it was still dark. Someone rang to the door, I went to kitchen and took the longest and sharpest knife, and then slowly sneaked to the door. Then I saw door to grandma's room open, my younger sister with a knife went out.
    4. 11-19-14 Sod security

      by , 12-04-2014 at 08:24 PM
      We put sod down in the sanctuary of a church. The grass was very green and lush, quite pretty. To keep an eye on the grass, (we must have been afraid someone might try to rip it up), we planted a tombstone outside one of the windows of the church and planted a human eye in a round hollow in the stone. It acted as our security camera.

      One guy wanted to build a huge fancy apartment complex directly behind our church. So he wheeled in this huge red condo that was pulled on a ridiculously small trailer. He pulled it into the parking lot in front. It was way bigger than the church. As he tried to back the condo up so he could get it into the back lawn, it kept hitting the power lines and shooting impressive sparks everywhere.

      Something about maggots/worms.
    5. Waterspout, Flying, and Dawn LD #139

      by , 11-20-2014 at 01:38 PM (Lucid Time!)
      At some point I tried to manifest Dawn. He looks nothing like DawnEye11 showed me in her picture; he has white hair but it is medium length and curly. He has on a white sweater and a brown vest, and thick glasses. He smiles at me and I lose the dream.

      I am on a beach somewhere, standing on a dock. Out at sea there is this huge waterspout churning in the water. It is being created by some manifestation of evil or something, and supposedly it is going to to continually chase me and try to drown me, like those big waves that I always see in my dreams.
      I nose pinched and became lucid. I decided I would rather than run, face the fear of drowning and go into the spout intentionally. I jumped off the end of the dock and ran across the surface of the water directly into the waterspout. As I got close, some lightning struck nearby, as if to warn me.
      I looked closely at the spout itself, and how water seemed to be streaming both up and down it simultaneously, and it also seemed to be rotating. I recall it having a very textured look almost having 'spikes' on it.
      I ran in and let myself lose my balance. I just let it do its thing and, knowing that I was dreaming, I could take it. I mostly tumbled around in what felt like mostly water and little bit of wind. It spun me up and up a long ways. I had my eyes closed at first, but slowly I opened them. I felt less and less water and it felt colder. I could see how the waterspout was sucking water off of the ocean and depositing it in a storm cloud. (I'm sure that's not meteorologically accurate.)
      When I got to the top, I could see down through the eye of the spout all the way to the bottom. For some reason this part of the cloud had an invisible floor and I could walk around and view the spout from different angles from above. I could also see the island that I had started on, and the beach with the dock. It was quite a veiw.

      For some reason I thought the dream had ended. I manifested a computer and went on dreamviews to type about the dream that I had.

      I was sitting atop a sand dune (same beach) The waterspout was gone. I was simply looking around, trying to wrap my head around lucidity.
      "Okay, so this is a dream... This is all in my head... I am actually asleep."
      I feel a warm breeze blowing and think that it feels too real to be a dream. But eventually I figure that it has to be a dream. I run down the sand dune to the coast and decide to fly.
      "This is all a dream. It's all in your head. You can do anything!"
      I get a running start and jump. It's floaty, but I'm coming back down. I jump off again and make my rockets. And we're off. I start saying thing because I want to go faster; I want to fly up in the clouds.
      I start to go a little faster.
      "Fast as you can go!"
      I see a large tree ahead. I roll and pass between the branches.
      I start to go quite a bit faster, maybe 15 or 20 miles per hour.
      I really get some speed. Maybe 40 or 50 miles per hour. I pull out over the water and start to go up. I want to fly through a cloud.
      Then, my flying just cuts out. I find myself in my backyard. I get the dream ending feeling and all of my goals come crashing back to me. I quickly try to manifest Manei. Manei, Dawn and Eye all appear. This time they look like her picture, even down to the poses. I think that they were just cardboard cutouts that had been drawn on. Manei was real though. Then I wake up.

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    6. LD Patchwork

      by , 06-22-2013 at 10:55 PM
      Pre bed: Gingko, l-arginine

      Total sleep time: 6 hrs

      Dream quality and recall: Very vivid, unstable, hard to recall all details and honestly didn’t notice them as much

      WBTB: >1/2 latte, insomnia mostly caused by heat, dehydration and discomfort due to heavy junk food consumed at dinner

      Technique: In the approx. 2 hours of insomnia, I faithfully did all possible techs I could think of, including mantras, SSILD, WILD, noticing dreamlets, initially to induce an ld, but mostly just trying to get back to sleep. As I was dehydrated had to drink some water then go to restroom several times, which made insomnia worse.

      Dreamlet: some kind of palm tree as it is being painted

      Pre WBTB dream impressions: high vividness, flying, friendly dogs in hometown (can't remember anything, just there was some strangeness involved)

      Post WBTB LD Pack 1 (DILD+ 2xDEILD): I finally fall asleep, and find myself in a bus in a familiar city. My bf is to my right and there is a woman in front of me with a baby that she is about to feed. To her left is man, just another passenger that reacts to her moving around. I want to remark that there is not enough space for any action but then notice the hand of the man, he is now a woman and on his palm, slightly below the little finger is what looks like an eye.

      An eye on his hand? Alarm! This can only be a dream! I am more excited than usual, possibly because I spotted this eye. I keep looking at it with interest. The eye on the hand is following the movement of the woman with the baby. Soon enough there is a whole face on the palm of that DC. It looks really crazy and cool! I am overjoyed and for some reason decide to shout out loud exactly "Dreamviews", this stabilizes the dream somewhat. Then I begin to ponder about undressing when the dream fades, I quickly pass through the void, and then feel my physical body.

      I wait a bit and the dream picks up again. It is as if I am following a dream scenario so my dream self is on the way somewhere. This is very close to where I was previously in the bus. There is a small garden next to the bus station, so I am there, trying to hold on to the dream. I concentrate on the ground and look at the ultra detailed and vivid grass. Reminding me of the movie Gladiator, I have a moment of enjoyment touching and playing with lots of beautifully looking grass ears. They have a slight pinkish hue and are not like any grass type I have seen. As I move my hand from one grass ear to another, the dream slowly fades, I go through the void, and am back in bed.

      I wait some more and the dream is back, but this time it is super unstable. If I remember correctly at this point I also get some of my dream paralysis, being unable to move my hand/shoulder (right one this time), but I try to ignore it, adjust my posture and it somehow disappears. I am more or less on the same place, I am trying to make my dream body behave according to a fake dream scenario and pretend that I am going somewhere again. On the street, facing a traffic lights pole, the dream is slipping away. I hug/grasp the pole and try to hold on to it, feel it, etc, then remember all that discussion about making out with the dream. I stretch out my tongue and start licking the pole with all might, but initially don't feel anything. I keep on licking until finally there is a distinct sensation of my tongue and the pole is more solid.
      The dream fades and I am back in bed - I have been moving my real tongue as well!

      I decide to visit the restroom and continue with my efforts to fall asleep.

      Random lucid fragment: I remember looking at the sky and seeing some strange white transparent ghost-like bird. I follow its flight and remember the other lucid where birds were transparent. My thinking is that maybe this is an OBE and real creatures look like that. I try to interact with the bird by calling it, exerting some kind of dream control on it.

      Non-ld: Some kind of a FA, in our bedroom, with bf and Angela Merkel comes in. I am very happy that I will finally have the chance to ask her a few questions about her meetings and the state of the world economy. My memory is vague, but we talk about something, the dream fades and I wake up.

      Struggling to fall asleep again.

      LD Pack 2 (WILD + 2xDEILD): Because of the going in and out of the void, my memory is really elusive with this one, although it was very vivid and each part lasted a while.

      I find myself in what vaguely reminds me of my ex-room. My boyfriend is sleeping in the bed. I notice that it is kind of dark (but not totally dark), so more out of habit than rational thinking, I head to where the light switch is, find a different looking light switch, give it a bit of a thought "What am I doing, expecting the room to become better lit after using a dream switch?", find this absurd, but turn on the light nevertheless. There is a slight change and some more light. It's ok. I am in mischievous mood, so decide to wake up my bf's DC. No way this DC puppet is my bf, it looks like him but I know it's not him. On with my task "assign a lucidity DC", I engage in a long talk with fake bf DC, explaining to him that he should keep on reminding me that this is a dream. He looks kind of dumb and doesn't respond anything and there is something creepy about him as well. I am starting to have regrets about waking this DC up. There is also some aggressive buzzing, some object is pushing me just next my right foot, I can feel it there, and really don't want to have anything to do with it or the fake bf DC. I look down trying to brush the small aggressor away, but there is nothing there, just my clothes and body....the dream destabilizes, passing throughout the void....I remain still.

      Back to the same room, but of course it has changed a bit. It is on the ground floor and leads to an inside yard. One other thing that is worth noting is that I also heard some music playing in the background while in the room, it stopped while in the void, and then resumed with the dream. It is bright and sunny outside, autumn hues lit by the sun. My mood reflects the scene and the scene my mood. I am holding a bottle of coke, wonder whether I should leave it, but notice how much better I feel with my hands around an object. I continue walking, there are residential buildings surrounding the yard and it is raining and sunny at the same time. I want to have some fun with the rain, enjoy the scene. I lift up in the air in exhilaration, this lasts a while and as I am midair the dream fades and I am in my bed.

      I know what to do, I wait and then wait some more. This time it is harder, but the dream comes back (same place). I feel my head touching the branch of a tree. It is as if I landed on the tree with my forehead. I shortly wonder whether this sensation may come from my physical body, but dismiss the thought. On the ground now, and happy to be back in this nice place. I notice a puddle and sure enough there is my reflection staring back at me. My dream reflection looks great, smiling, and my hair is just perfect. (It rarely looks that well styled irl) Naturally, I am impressed by this and especially by the flawless hairstyle.

      Then it dawns on me that this was TOTM and I remember CL's comment that it seems like I always try to do all TOTM in one dream. At that moment, I am super confident that I will be able to do all the tasks even if the dream interrupts. The problem is I never memorized all 5 because of my task flexibility goal this month, so I try very hard to remember what they all were. I remember that with the dinosaur egg and look around. The yard is merging into an open room with all kinds of junk objects on the floor. I am looking for an egg. There are two balls, and one changes to have the hard surface of an egg and elongates slightly and there we have it - a perfect red egg the size of an ostrich's egg. (Finally some positive side effect of dream instability). I put the egg under my butt and start hatching it, holding it with one hand. It cracks and I expect something to come out and then of course the dream destabilizes and I am in the void in a strange position and feeling my body as well.
      I wait and wait but nothing happens this time, so I wake up and try to remember as much as possible before it fades.

      Counted as 2 Lds (official) and 1 micro ld (info only).

      PS: Writing this whole thing took much longer than dreaming it.
    7. The Dire Wolf and the Tunnel

      by , 12-21-2012 at 01:32 AM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      - Triple Gem, breath zhine, 9 purif., reverse RC/ADA

      ~11 mn, sleep

      3:44 a.m.

      I was in a forest, being chased by a huge dire wolf. I was able to enter what looked like a tunnel with vertical bars. The wolf is too big to enter, but it posed sideways outside and looked at me.

      ~6:30 a.m.

      I was in a school. There were different Philosophy clubs that students can join. One in particular was dedicated to studying the philosophy of the Buddha. I invited other PLUS people to join. The place looked like the upward road in our hometown, near our old aikido instructor's place. I think I saw a crush appear. He also different.

      ~7:30 a.m.

      I was outside a house. There's a snake. Someone was teaching me how to avoid it or get rid of it. I was then playing DotA. For some reason, I don't like my position or location and tried changing it. I thought of creating an army in the base, and it looked more like a Zerg base than DotA.

      I was in my room in our hometown. There was a small puppy there that looked like Blaise. He looks smaller thought. I asked him how he is, and then noticed his left eye is gone, and I worried for him. I then started to remember how I touched his left eye before to remove dirt or something, and that might have caused infection and ate his left eye.

      Interesting side:

      "The ones who answered incorrectly (on the surface, at least) were dismissed and abandoned in the tunnels..."

      Just found it interesting that the tunnels appeared in this part that I was reading. I searched it out after I took the VtM quiz.
    8. Minecraft, Blood, and Work

      by , 09-22-2012 at 04:12 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was in some kind of Minecraft world mixed with the real world. I remember the sun being out. I then wanted to drink blood? I think I must have been some sort of vampire. I needed to go down to some basement dug into the ground to get the blood. I was talking to someone about it. They seemed upset about me wanting some blood. They suggested I get something else, like food, but I insisted upon getting the blood.

      I went down into the basement, and some people from my old job were there, managers to be exact. I was trying to avoid them seeing me, because they weren't supposed to know where I was. It was almost impossible to do, however, because I had to go through them to get the blood; they were standing behind grey steel desks. They started talking about how I had to make my own glass eye and have one put in for some reason. That isn't what happened at all, but that's what they believed. I then saw a picture of the glass eye in the socket; it had a red iris. I hoped they didn't notice that neither of my eyes were glass, nor were they red.

      I remember getting the blood, I think from a chest. It was in little bottles, like in Minecraft. I remember seeing the bottles on the floor.

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      Tags: blood, eye, minecraft, red, work
    9. Droppin' Dream Acid

      by , 12-20-2011 at 05:27 AM (Zukin's Dream Journal! <3)
      I woke up in my dorm room. I felt as if I had woken up too late. I wanted to look over to see if my room mate was still sleeping.

      I turned my head over and tried to open my eyes but I was having a lot of difficulty. They felt glued together or something!

      I managed to look down finally for a brief moment and saw that my room mate's bed was empty.

      I looked up and suddenly she was screaming in my face!

      Startled, I jumped out of bed and did a reality check.

      Six fingers - Dreaming.

      I looked around the room and wondered what to do in this lucid dream.

      I thought about flying, but considered that I should do something else.

      I realized that I really should have came up with some more lucid goals while I was still awake. Perhaps I could visit the MDRC as I had been planning to months ago, before I got distracted by something else?

      I just wasn't really too sure. So I stood there for a moment just thinking about how I should spend this dream.

      I thought about jumping out the window and flying off, but then I also thought about how this MIGHT not be a dream, though I was pretty sure it was. I looked out the window. I was pretty high up.

      I turned back around and noticed that there were strange pajamas hanging on our door. They were silk and had bat wings on them. I didn't remember my room mate having these.

      Swimming also crossed my mind. It would be pretty cool to do that too.

      And then, I got a good idea.

      Dream drugs!

      I decided to drop dream acid.

      The room around me expanded outwards like a fun house mirror.

      I walked to the mirror and looked at my reflection. I looked really weird. I stared into one of my eyes.

      Slowly, my reflection began to twist around. Everything but the eye I was staring into began to swirl and orbit this single eye until it morphed into intricate circular patterns.
      Tags: acid, drugs, eye, patterns
    10. No dream, but experimenting with SP.

      by , 08-16-2011 at 04:00 PM
      Hey guys! Sorry I haven't been as active in the DV community as of late, I was (and still kind of am) going through a bit of a dry spell so I am focusing on meditation and WILD technique.

      So this isn't really a dream entry but some stuff I thought would be cool to get down about my experimentation with sleep paralysis. For the past couple of weeks I've been allowing my body to go numb and enter into sleep paralysis while keeping my mind awake. I have been doing this successfully by laying flat on my back on my bed and allowing my body just to get taken by the feeling of the paralysis. I haven't been able to fall asleep in this state however. I mean its good for experimentation but sucks when I can't go to sleep. I don't usually sleep lying on my back so my mind doesn't want to go to bed when I do this.

      At first I just would lie there and let my mind wonder and let my body just slip into SP. I would feel like I was in that roller coaster ride "The Gravatron." (where you are pinned to the wall and can't move) I was pinned to my bed and it almost felt like my bed had flipped over and I was stuck to it as if it were the ceiling. I would be hanging over a bottomless pit. I would do this nightly. Eventually it wouldn't take hardly any time at all for me to get into SP.

      Last night I had sort of a break through of sorts. I have been researching into occult practices, and I had read of a practice that if you meditate while laying down, and you place a crystal in each hand, and one on your chakra point on your forehead (your third eye) you would "charge" or enhance your psychic ability. I tried such a method last night. I even had a particular crystal that is supposed to help with dream vividness and recall. I placed this one on my third eye.

      The SP felt like normal at first, my limps going numb and everything. But I started to feel a weight press down right on my rib cage and my stomach. Then I felt a weight on my head, ( I could actually feel my head sink into my rather firm pillow). I didn't think anything of it til something just kicked in. I am not sure what it was or what it means but I was just lying there thinking about random thoughts (I.e. what I have to do before work the next day..etc) Then all those thoughts went silent, in fact ALL of my thoughts were cut off and my mind was completely clear. And it was like my thoughts were cut off mid sentence. Right after my mind just cut off my thoughts I immediately began to hear a low "hum" or more like I could hear a vibration. A few seconds after this started a high pitched ring was layered over top of the vibration. I had no control over this and I couldn't really think of anything else, it was like all my brain wanted to do was listen to this hum.

      I opened my eyes and could see the air swirl in spirals above me. And that's when the ride started.....my body began to feel like it was stuck to the bed again, only this time it felt like I was never going to move again and I felt like my entire bed was rotating and spinning while I was strapped down. The crystals felt very warm and almost hot in my hands. The crystals almost rolled out of my hands (or at least it felt like this while my bed was spinning) and I had to enclose my fingers around them to keep them in place.

      I think this went on for a good half hour to 45 min before I snapped back to this plane, put the crystals away, and went to bed.
    11. Eyes

      by , 08-13-2011 at 11:33 AM
      A few days before I had the dream when i was a second year, we were drawing queens. Every queen had cirvular eyes but mine. My queen had thin lemon shaped eyes. The other kids made fun of my eyes.

      In my dream, I was walking around the classroom. In my hand I carried an air tight food storage container. Inside it were my eyes. They were thin lemon shaped eyes, covered in blood. No one around me gave a shit. Technically I was blind but I could see enough. My vision was cloudy and smudged with blood though. I then lost one eye. I couldnt help myself because it was on the floor and being blind, my movement was somehow restricted. I was in a state of panic, confusion, anger and sadness. I was covered in bloidy tears. All the children around me were happy and colourful. I was almost colourless.

      I was the hard real drawing and they were an easier alternative
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    12. Buried Love, Cherub, Legack

      by , 07-10-2011 at 08:39 PM
      1. My dad had made a scavenger hunt for my mom, and I was helping her with it along with my little brother and sister. Mom was getting more and more emotional as we went, and by the time we found the last clue I could tell that the ending was going to be really special. I decided to wait behind, and told my siblings to wait too, so mom could experience the ending by herself. However, she got to a certain spot about 100 feet away from us and picked up a shovel and started digging, so I decided to go help her. About 45 degrees to the right of her from where I was standing, I saw a shovel under a little roof-with-no-walls, whatever you call those things. I picked it up (it was red) and turned to look at my mom, but she pointed to something that I couldn't see, because something was in the way, but I knew that it was a shovel. So I dropped the shovel I had and went and picked up the other one, which was blue. Then, I went and helped her dig. Buried maybe a foot under the ground was a red and gold chest, which was medium-size. We opened it, and dad had poured an incredible amount of love into this treasure chest. The love poured over us and completely overwhelmed us, and we both started sobbing. It felt amazing. After a minute or so, mom shut the chest. We all got in the car, which was parked a little ways away, and started driving. I was still crying uncontrollably. I was in the passenger seat. We pulled up to a stoplight in the left lane (but still on the right side of the road) and another car pulled up in the right lane. I was already looking out the window, so the car just pulled into my view. In the driver seat was a girl who was maybe in her 20's, but she was sitting on the front of the seat, and a young child was sitting behind her. They looked alike: they both had brown hair and kind of round faces. They both started looking at me, and so I covered my face because I didn't want to see anyone and I didn't want anyone to see me, but just as I was covering my face, I noticed the way the younger girl (she looked like she was maybe 7 or 8) was looking at me. It was a very interesting look, like she wasn't even human, it contained something like coolness or aloofness, but also compassion. Her eyes were very unnatural, or maybe the eyes themselves weren't unnatural, but they jumped out at me, so that I felt like she was actually floating in the space between the two cars, and they were kind of swirling. They kept changing color, from brown to green to blue, to slightly orangeish, to purple, cycling through a bunch of colors, but on certain colors they would sort of flare up, not in an angry sense, but they just seemed more luminous, brighter, and they peaked when they turned to blue, and I felt total understanding in her eyes. Her mouth seemed to say everything at once, but somehow it wasn't disapproving. It's hard to explain, but she seemed to be giving a commentary on everything in the world just by her mouth, and there was positive and negative, but the negative wasn't negative, and the positive was no different from the negative, and both sides sort of combined into an intellectual or at least informed expression of love that dizzied me with how intelligent and fashionable (not good-looking, but sort of... stylish) and somehow she was very beautiful in a strange, nonhuman sort of way, in the same way that you might call a cat beautiful. I think she was a cherub. I noticed all of this in the split second that I was covering my face, or rather I had already seen it but it took me a second to process it, so that by the time I was thinking about her I already had covered my face. And I was still crying, but I sort of slid my hands down my face until I wasn't covering my eyes, but I was still covering my nose and mouth, and we looked at each other, and... were in a sort of communion. During this second look, even her hair was changing colors, gold and dark brown and orange, it flared up just like her eyes when it turned orange, and she opened her mouth and I felt like I was going to die, and then my car started going, leaving the other car behind, but I was only partially aware that she wasn't even there anymore, because she was sort of burnt into my mind. The last thing I remember is my vision going dark, with her hair turning fiery red (she wasn't even there anymore, this was from the after-image) and turning into a blanket, which was flat like a floating square, but tilted a little bit, so that the right bottom corner was lower than the left one, and then it was coming towards me, enveloping my vision, and still rotating clockwise, until it totally covered me.

      Definitely one of the best dreams I have ever had.

      2. My second dream, after I woke up and went back to sleep, was much more prosaic. I was in a building, and I was standing there, and I was supposed to go somewhere, but I wasn't, don't know why, but anyway there was this girl, who looked kind of like a fish and a lollipop put together, sounds weird but that's the only way to describe her (she was kind of weird looking). She was doing the same thing as me, just standing there, and I had a feeling we had a lot in common. I said hi and we had a pretty long conversation which I don't remember, but I was thinking, we could definitely be pretty good friends, so I asked her what her name was, and she said "Legack". I thought, that's a strange name but whatever, and typed it into my phone, and said, let's swap phone numbers. She said sure, and told me her phone number (I don't remember it) and I typed it into my phone, and she typed mine into her phone, although I don't remember actually telling her my number. Then (I have an iphone, and when you're entering a new contact on iphone, there are like a million slots where you can type little facts about the person) I started scrolling through the facts, and they looked really complicated. They were all computer-programming-y, and had to do with how texting worked. For example, a lot of them were slots where you could type some code saying 'if this person says a, display it on my phone as b'. I was scrolling through them, saying, "okay, I don't think we need to do any of this" but she said "no it's important". So we stood there for a while, both looking at my phone trying to figure how to type the right codes in, but we couldn't really figure it out.
    13. Checkerboard pattern

      by , 06-18-2011 at 06:36 PM
      I remember three dreams, and each of them is centered around a certain pattern. The basic pattern was a continuous image with parts covered up by blocks that were all the same color.

      1. My brother brings a movie to me and we decide to watch it. He puts it in the player, and I tell him that I've already seen most of it. When it loads up on the screen, it shows how much of the movie I've already seen. It displays a representation of the movie as something like a combination of a mural and sheet music. There were horizontal rows of images going down the screen, and so if you 'read' each line you could see what happened in the movie. However, a lot of it was blacked-out because I hadn't seen those parts. You'd think that if I hadn't seen the whole movie then I must have seen maybe the beginning, and then maybe some scenes from the middle or something, but the screen showed that I had seen one or two hundred tiny segments that couldn't have been more than a couple of seconds each, and they were scattered evenly over the whole duration of the movie. It looked kind of like the 'mural' was missing pixels.

      2. I am thinking about my eyes. They are an unusual but kind of nice color of blue (my eyes are not blue irl) and in the dream I thought they looked kind of like that painting by Magritte:

      I was travelling while I was thinking. It was sort of a combination of walking and falling, mainly forwards but pulled a little to the right as well. It felt like three different things:
      1. Like I was in orbit around the sun
      2. Like I was walking
      3. This one's kind of hard to explain, but it felt like I was a bird of prey swooping down, except the whole scene was sideways. Kind of like if you were lying on your side so that the grass was on the right and the sky was on your left, and you saw a bird swoop but it looked like it was going right instead of down.

      Anyway, I felt like I was in control (since I was walking), but I also felt really stylish because I was orbiting. I was 'swooping down' on some friends who I knew were around the corner, and I was thinking that they were going to think I was so cool when they saw me. But I was still thinking about my eyes, and I thought, what if I got my eyes painted (as in literally painting my eyeballs)? I thought that would be so cool. I was trying to decide what pattern to paint on them, and I settled on a checkerboard pattern where I would paint white squares that matched the white of my eye over the colored part of my eye. Then, as I pictured this, I scaled the blocks up and down, trying to decide what was the best size. When they were big, I thought it looked kind of retro. Then I made then shrink, and it started to resemble the 'nothing channel' on TV (I don't know what it's really called but I'm talking about the black and white fuzzy one). Finally they were too small to really be detectable but they made my eyes look glittery or sparkly. I liked all of them but decided on the glittery one.

      (This is the second time I have dreamed about having different patterns on my eyes)

      3. I am cooking a pie with my sister. I walk in the kitchen as she pulls it out of the oven. For some reason we baked it without crust on top. I don't know what kind of pie it was, but it was kind of bluish-purplish-blackish. I got little crust squares and placed them in the checkerboard pattern on top of the pie.
    14. Musical Guards and other dreams

      by , 06-13-2011 at 04:09 PM
      *Recovered from 6-13-11*

      Sorry it's been a while; my computer was broken.

      1. I was part of a small group that was supposed to infiltrate the enemy base. It was situated in a snowy forest It was in a sort of pit, such that only the top four or five feet popped out over the snow, and to get to it you had to slide down this steep slope that would be hard to escape from if you wanted to retreat. We crawled close to the base, to see how they were guarding it. There were about five guards on every side, except for the back, which had no guards. I crawled around to the back, and then, with my back to the wall, moved left until I got to the corner. I peeked around to get a close look at the guards. They wore white and grey helmets with matching vests, and black boots. All five of them were holding cellos. I darted around the corner and started fighting the closest guard (they were all standing shoulder to shoulder, looking straight forward). I grabbed his cello so he couldn't whack me with it, and for a second we just pulled it back and forth, then I grabbed his bow and started using it as a sword, and he started using his cello as a giant club. I smashed his cello, and at this point the other guards were beginning to notice the fight, so they all gathered around me, trying to whack me with the cellos. However, they were too close to be able to whack effectively, and instead all broke each other's instruments. Suddenly a trumpet sounded from behind me (I was facing the wall at this point), and a bright yellow and green light illuminated the wall. I broke away from the guards and rolled backwards toward the hill, since there was no way I could take all five of the guards, even if they didn't have weapons. I was lying against the hill, watching them come towards me and feeling afraid, when I started to hear sounds of fighting from behind me and also from the front side of the building. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw someone from my team emerge from the forest and come riding down the hill on a llama. He came down the hill that was associated with the front, but all the way to one side, so that he could charge down my corridor. He was galloping closer, and so the guards that were coming for me got distracted, preparing to deal with him. I took the opportunity to scramble up the hill, intending to investigate the yellow and green lights which had been getting brighter. When I got out of the pit, I saw a giant grey spaceship landing in the middle of a battle which was taking place on a large snowy plain in front of me. I thought, "who are these people... are they with us or are they another group of attackers?" I didn't think that they were on our side because a big attack wasn't part of the plan, so I decided that we had to finish the mission quickly. I turned around and looked down the hill.The llama guy was retreating around the back of the building. Several guards were lying on the ground, but by this time more guards were coming out of the base, so a bunch of them were coming from the front to chase Mr. Llama. I took a grenade from my belt and threw it down the hill, trying to throw it a little ahead of the guards so that it would land by the time they got to it. It exploded in a bright yellow flash, that's the last thing I remember.

      2. I was sitting at a piano, and I played a nice chord: C, C#, D#, F#, A. I was very pleased by the sound, and I started thinking of my cat.

      3. I was at college and I ran into a girl who goes to my school, whose name I don't know, and we just kind of looked at each other and didn't say anything, but we were communicating without speaking. It's kind of hard to recreate the conversation since it didn't really have any words, but I will try. She showed me the concept of music, as if to say, "You're musical, aren't you?" In response I sent something from Don Giovanni to her, then a duet from Saariaho's opera L'Amour de Loin (which I just watched yesterday). She gave a sort of half-smile, like she was glad to know that her intuition was correct, but she was still waiting for something. I showed her a picture of her playing Chopin on an upright piano (I have heard her play Chopin irl), along with a feeling of admiration, but the admiration had a sort of flavor of, "will you play for me?" So she started walking across campus to where the pianos are, and I was following her, sending her Stockhausen and Messiaen music along the way, which gave us a feeling of a thick blanket and a cat.

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    15. Dreamland: Stealing Mexican Food

      by , 05-16-2011 at 09:52 AM
      It's not a new assertion to say that many dreams are mundane. However, I more and more suspect that most dreams are irrational. The more irrational, the more easily they are forgotten. This probably has something to do with the configuration of the brain during dreams. Some parts in very low demand in general, but in lucid dreams more parts can be accessed. This is a physical reality.

      Katie & Fred have been family friends since before I was I born. They have occupied at least 4% of my dreams over the years, and their houses, attic, and daughters an even larger percentage of recalled dreams. I have very little contact with them anymore, but they still appear often.

      The beginning of this dream is unclear.

      I was at Katie & Fred's house. It was a blend of the second house of theirs I use to visit as a child (the one with the attic) and an old restaurant. Leaving the restaurant area I had to cross what was their backyard to get to Katie & Fred's bedroom. (This is the backyard visible from their attic window.) For some reason I was intent on leaving the gathering of people including my Mother to use Fred's computer. The door led directly to their bedroom which is almost accurate. In real life that door led to Molly's bedroom.

      The bedroom was nothing like real life. When I stepped inside, I noticed there was a to-go container of food. For some reason, I opened it up to see what they had ordered. Inside was a delicious looking meal of Mexican food. I remember the beans, rice, and a Pita Pocket* of steak, tomatoes, cheese and salsa.

      I couldn't resist eating some. I had a little bit of everything and a bite or two of the Pita Pocket. It was fantastic tasting. I tried to figure out where it was purchased so I could go there myself. There were no labels or any identifying information on the off-white cartons. I had the brilliant idea(!?) to do a Google search - using a piece of the Pita Pocket pressed into the search box on the monitor. I don't recall the results, but at this point I had the distinct impression I may be invading their privacy to a wild extent.

      Shrugged it off by telling myself: nothing I had done on their PC was an invasion of privacy. Just then, the backdrop on the PC caught my attention. It was them, along with other people smiling for the camera. Nude. The borders of the picture were pink. I thought:

      "Oh shit, Fred definitely wouldn't want me to see this desktop background."

      Here is when things get super weird: I was sitting on the floor at the foot of the bed using a PC next to their TV. Just then, a squirrel came leaping into the room from the side window. It leaped from the floor, onto the bed directly behind me and froze. Almost as if stuffed. I was slightly startled because its face was very close to my face looking me directly in the eye. (See Blackbird Flying LD)

      I reached up my hand to pet it cautiously. This squirrel looked huge when I took a closer look. About 3ft long, thick, realistic with clean dark gray hair. Suddenly, what started as the far bedroom wall turned into a well forested opening to a noonday dense bright green forest. A little man appeared or the squirrel morphed into a fawn and a little harry man emerged from the woods. He threw the fawn over his shoulder and ran off. Just then I heard a narrators voice say:

      "These little hairy forest men are known to kidnap reindeer."

      Still feeling embarrassed, I decided to leave and go tell Fred all I had done in his bedroom. I crossed through the backyard and into the restaurant party area again. There were a lot of empty tables but my Mom, Fred and other people were laughing and talking at one of the center ones. I took Fred aside back into the yard and made a limited confession. I told him I had ate part of his food, but only a small amount. I told him I used his PC to do some searches. I deliberately left out that I had Google searched with part of his Pita Burrito to find out where he bought it.

      This detail seemed especially incriminating because I suspected there was still a mess on his PC screen in the search box.

      He begrudgingly forgave me. It was as if he only did it to exit an awkward situation as quickly as possible. He entered his room and shut the door. I started to walk about but had the thought "Opps, I forgot my journal in his bedroom." I knocked on the door and Fred answered with the expression he last had. I asked him for my journal and when he went to grab it I noticed he had wolfed down all the Mexican food. He handed me the journal without hesitation, I opened it up, and it was Molly's journal instead.

      I had the thought: why would I ever bring my personal journal here anyway? Now he will think I was snooping through Molly's journal.

      (*PRECOGNITIVE*) I told my my Mom about this dream. When I mentioned the Pita Pocket burrito -she gasped. She told me that Katie was obsessed with Pita bread recently. This is not something I had the slightest clue about, and Pita bread has definitely not been on my mind recently, or at any point.

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