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    1. Barely not safe for work

      by , 10-16-2015 at 06:24 PM (Here be dragons)
      It was just a question of time before things got heated up 'round here... I'm keeping no explicit.

      The sky is overcast and the night is falling, giving a gray, eerie atmosphere to the dream. I am in a small ancient garden with gravelled paths gently curving around the lawn, with small shrubs and flowers dotting the place, giving it a pastoral feel, and it's mostly enclosed withing talls gnarly trees that looks like oaks. To my right is a small, free form pool; the water is pristine and looks cold, and close to it is a path made of irregular, hand carved limestone stepstones rather than gravels. This path curves slowly to a stone platform with a tomb or a flat altar on it; it looks old, weathered but well-kept, like the rest of the place. I walk to the platform, laughting as someone stroll behind me. I reach the stone platform and he grab me, pulling me up on the altar and holding me down on it. I'm on my back, not laughting anymore as he pulls me close and pin down one of my thigh with one of his knee, and he is the one who chuckles when I realize his intent and freeze up. His face is obscured by shadows, his hair are pale almost white blond, and long enough to brush against his shoulders and frame his face. over him I can see the first stars of the night sky, but the light is still gray and shallow, like there is no setting sun. The stone is cold and coarse under me, I can feel it through my clothes, and my breath is really short, equally from anticipation and fear, in fact, I feel like I'm drowning in adrenalin, every sensory input amped up to the max. He is slightly too thick for confort, and I can't help but squirm.

      I woke up soon after.
      He made a couple of comments I won't be retranscribing here.
      I still wondering how the hell I didn't wake up as soon as he had me trapped, because everything felt as life-like as it gets.
    2. Egg-cellent

      by , 09-18-2015 at 04:09 PM (Here be dragons)
      (Bad puns make good titles )

      Woke up the first around 6 or 7 am, didn't want to check in case I could disturb the mighty sleeping kitty. Fall back asleep maybe an hour later.

      The atmosphere of this dream was slightly off, in a uneasy way. I was in this gigantic hospital, all painted white with shiny tiles on the floors and somes walls. I was wearing my oversized lab coat and carrying what looked like a dozen malformed chicken eggs in my bare hands*. The hallways and rooms were absolutly packed with people and I had to reach a specific lab, and I was scared to squash the eggs, as their shells were very soft. I took a escalator, shielding the eggs between my cupped hands, to the upper levels of this hospital and managed to reach the lab I was aiming for.

      Inside was a faceless man also in a lab coat, with dark hair. I started to hand him the eggs; I had to put them in a padded plastic box** he was holding, but he curtly stopped me when he noticed that the contents of the eggs were heterogenous***. He told me to shake them so they were homogenous, and started to pick the one I've already placed out and shaking them forcefully. I careful took one out of my hand but even a gentle shake was enough to break the shell and have the lurkwarm and slimy, light yellow content to ooze all over my hands. I did manage to shake the others without breaking them and placed them in the box. I them asked the lab man were the biological waste bin was, and were I could wash my hands. He told me to get lost.
      I found the bin and put the broken shell inside, then found the sink. It was in the same impossibly big room, but there was almost no light and my slime-covered hands didn't help. I managed to wash most of the stuff off, then woke up.

      *it seem really weird, since those eggs were obviously samples of some kind, and I risked ever to contaminate them of be contaminate by them.
      ** it looked like a tips box.
      Hey I'm new.-2571010.jpg
      *** Translucent on top, yellow on the bottom. It was slighty hard to see through the shells.
    3. 8/8/13 - He Is Going To Hurt Me

      by , 08-09-2013 at 03:43 AM
      Dream Fragment: A man is in our house. He is faceless and normal-looking. Mom turns away and I am left alone with him. He is going to hurt me.
    4. 8/4/13 - A Dangerous Path

      by , 08-05-2013 at 05:27 AM
      Julie and I are walking through a field. I hear a noise and look down. A couple of feet ahead of me is a rattlesnake. We dodge and step over the snake, but more appear. We spend a good half hour, or so, dodging the snakes. The snakes vanish then, when we reach the end of the field. The ground suddenly becomes wet, uneven rock. We start carefully picking our way across the rock and as we do that, a giant weeping willow appears. We stop walking. Julie studies the tree for a minute and then tells me to put my hood on because the branches and leaves are poison if they touch our heads. We both put our hoods on and walk under and away from the tree. Once we're away from the tree a cave appears in front of us. We walk inside and it becomes a parking garage. "This is what it'll be", Julies says. "They're going to put and hold us here." I get scared. We start making our way through the garage and we are at the exit when a red, old car shows up. There's a man driving. He tries to run us over. Julie and I are able to avoid him and we escape the garage. We are instantly at home, both wondering what just happened.
    5. 7/28/13 - Knowing Unknown

      by , 07-29-2013 at 05:21 AM
      Dream Fragment 1: I'm holding onto a man. Both of my hands are gripping one of his arms very tightly. He doesn't seem to mind. We are in a very crowded area. It's filled with people laughing, drinking and dancing. I let go of his arm and he places his hand on the small of my back, leading me away from the crowd. I feel happy.

      Dream Fragment 2: I'm in Grandma and Grandpa's R.V., sitting at the table. Julie and I sit on opposite sides, talking about whatever. A guy, who I both know and don't know, Walks up to the table with a plate of food. He looks at Julie and then he looks at me. He smiles big and tells me to move over. I move a bit and he sits next to me. We share his plate of food.