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    1. lxv.

      by , 11-04-2018 at 12:16 PM
      Non-dream stuff - Woke up at 8:20 or so with my alarm, waking up from a non-lucid, sweating. Slept some more and woke up again around 2 hours later with one or two non-lucids.

      Dream 1:
      I was living in a house with my partner (H); I remember it had a ground floor and a first floor. It was day time, and sunny. One of our neighbours was a couple, a man and a woman, who had two kids, two boys I think.

      One of those boys started to "accuse" me of looking at him, when I hadn't been; this went on for a while in the dream and the parents themselves didn't seem that interested... Later on, this boy, the younger of the two I think, started messing around and eventually he tried to get into our house for some reason or something. I decided we should catch him and make him calm down and explain his problems.

      I waited for him to be on top of our wall or fence or something and then when he couldn't see me I'd grabbed him by the legs and took him in and told him to calm down, as he was obviously upset now. I asked him why he was being left here when his parents were gone and he wasn't sure; and he said that sometimes when his parents were at home he wasn't allowed in and he could hear "pumping" noises? I understood the implied meaning of this in the dream to be his parents having sex.

      I remember as soon as he calmed down and started to explain his problems I was a lot less tense too, as I hadn't wanted him to get away without an explanation for his previous behaviour at the very least.

      Seems I can't remember any more detail for this dream.

      Dream 2:
      In a square-ish L shape room. The negative shape of the L (so, a smaller square area) was a vertical section of some sort. This looked it was all part of some sort of facility. There was a glass sliding door that would lead into a corridor. Next to the door were many armed guards, standing in a formation, they looked like stormtroopers but some with no helmets on.

      By the glass around the inner part of the L, facing into the vertical section, was a woman. I can't remember what she looked like exactly but I remember something about her breasts being inflated, but then not. She was the DNA source for those clone troopers or something? But I was too or something.

      I remember suggesting an idea to her that perhaps we could change her DNA a bit further, as it was ironic that the troopers were infertile and they couldn't procreate with her. Then I remember saying or thinking something about the fact that she could give birth to our genetically modified humans as a surrogate, rather than them being grown in wherever they were grown.

      There was a lot more detail to this dream, but I've forgotten it.

      Dream 3:
      The last dream, like the rest was quite long but I only remember the last portion... I remember being in a shop, then outside at a pier... I was in Australia or something? I needed to take a boat to Europe or the Middle-East. I remember seeing a world map, but oddly Africa seemed to be missing.

      The boat and some other things looked a bit cartoony somehow. The captain was the owner and they were struggling financially or something so I bought the boat really cheap off him and then I had to get some things ready and then someone else was captain of the boat and I bought it off them again as for some reason it was sinking and buying it stopped it...

      Eventually I got on and there was some sort of transition. I remember seeing the map again.

      The next place, in someone's house. It was like a holiday house that was let to people. I looked around for others but couldn't find anyone. It was day and I could see sunlight come through windows, but the windows themselves looked too bright (nothing but white past them).

      I found some food and drinks, all prepared, for guests like myself, but I didn't take any. I looked around more for someone else and eventually entered this darker, tiny, kitchen. There was a door to the outside and it didn't look so sunny but it was still day. The door was open and there was a woman standing there with a slightly grumpy look on her face. In the kitchen was a man, about my age. He started talking to me and commenting about the house or something, and then all of a sudden he said "oh you've got a bit of a zapper there" or something like that, referring to the fact that he could see my junk poking in my pants, which incidentally were my sweatpants.

      I apologised and said that this just sometimes happened and I couldn't control it (and in fact I expected him to understand since he was a man), but I got the feeling he brought it up more to antagonise his wife or girlfriend standing outside. I took a pair of my compression gloves out of my left pocket and said to him "look, maybe these were also contributing", as my gloves felt quite bulgy inside the pocket previously. Oddly, I can't remember what happened to the gloves, and it's the first time they've appeared in a dream since I've had them.

      Then some transition.

      I was outdoors with this guy. In some city in the US. There was nobody else here initially. I had an interface overlay in my vision, reminded me of the game Boundless and the flooring looked like a specific block-type from the game and I was inspecting it. The floor looked like limestone cobbles. Then he went in a direction and I followed him; he was saying something to me when we got to the top of a slope/stairs bit though I don't remember what. I saw a church and then to its left there was a castle. There were more people here. I remember a couple of cars and a bald man with sunglasses on, inspecting someone's papers.

      The castle bit looked newer, and I asked about it and the guy said they had no old pictures or plans of it so it was rebuilt from imagination or whatever. There was an older castle/church part that had a big glass pane, and inside was a British flag like the one found on planes (the circle with 3 colours). I thought of asking the guy about it but then ended up not and just thought it was interesting.

      Rest of details lost.

      Some notes:
      • The dream with the boy reminds me now a bit of a type of novel that I hear sometimes where someone express their troubles by causing troubles, sometimes at someone else's dear expense.
      • In waking life one neighbour on the other side of the street does sometimes leave their two boys outside, when they're going out, which I don't think is good, and I think this first dream was related to this.
      • I was happy that the boy confessed his troubles as in the dream I then felt like I could do something about it. I think I remember getting on the phone with the police actually, I think when I first grabbed the boy, because I was concerned that his parents were neglecting him.
      • In the second dream there was some residual context from STRAFE, mostly with the layout and stuff like that.
      • The woman wasn't anyone I know in particular nor did she look like anyone I've seen really, but I think she had a ponytail.
      • In the third dream, the guy's presence felt a bit odd all the way throughout. It felt like there was a sinister subtext, although he did seem friendly enough...
      • I might do a bonus image for the second dream, for the layout.

      + Previous score: 65.5

      + This DJ entry score (breakdown below): 8.0
      ++ Recall a non-lucid dream * 3: 3.0
      ++ Help someone in need: 1.0 (the boy; although my tactic was a bit too aggressive, it seemed to get him talking which I think was very important)
      ++ Buy something * 2: 2.0 (the boat, twice...)
      ++ Invent something that's never been heard of before: 2.0 (the DNA altered surrogacy procedure thing)

      = Total score thus far: 73.5
    2. January 5, 2015 - (L) | Facility, Britain, Smash, Forest Trail, Ice, TARDIS

      by , 12-27-2017 at 04:35 AM (Fantastical Adventures)
      -(L)-Caught a FA. I noticed the fan was running and the display was on even though the actual thing (outside the dream) was off. I got out of bed, and looked N, and then a gray and white cat got my attention. I walked over to pet it, and it purred. Suddenly, both it and Snickers were sleeping on my bed. (Also, this new cat was about the same size as Snickers)
      -I was inside a cool underground facility in a room with tables full of unrecognized junk. I walked into an adjacent room that was smaller, the last, and the ceiling was a skylight. It was during the night, and I saw some parking lot lights, and the wall of a building. Suddenly, the dream let me know of a person that was walking closer to me with Satan. They were one the floor above me. I can’t remember the whole conversation, but I replied, “Is there a way that can leave without pain or death?” The guy said, “You’ll just look from your window!” I replied, “No, I can’t, this place is underground.” [Skip] Back in the bigger, first room, Alan was sitting in a random, comfy chair. The chair was also 2-sided. Next, we set up some unstable stairs (which consisted of one wooden chair, and the brown rocking chair (comfy) to try to reach the floor above us.
      -Liberty Ridge had a road that came in from the northeast. There happened to be a gas station in the north corner, and another gas station in the east corner. So, we got out of the car, walked into the east gas station shop, and bought some cereal.
      [New Scene]
      I found myself in England with Jeremy Clarkson. I said, “Britain needs more mountains. [Talking a little about Washington mountains and hikes.]” He was like, “Yeah.” It didn’t matter where I was, whether I was standing there, driving somewhere else; all I saw was slightly rolling, green landscape.
      [New Scene]
      So I was playing Smash 4 with an acquaintance. I was Mario, and he was Greninja. He had the tag “Mew2King.” I beat him, of course. The killing blow was a reverse Ore Club hit. The stage was Kalos Pokemon League. Earlier, I saw some notes that M2K himself apparently made. It contained a list of everybody that we was going to play against that day.
      -I spawned (I think) in a forest on a trail, with a backpack. The stuff in the backpack included a huge bucket of pencils, a 5-subject notebook, some scraps of foil, and maybe some food. Along the trail, I dropped the foil, and decided that seeing what was ahead was more important than retrieving the foil. I soon came to a river (deep, fast-flowing) that I needed to cross. There was ice cover up to 15ft from some rocks over the river. I looked around for a couple of sticks that were big enough to help me cross. I found one that was satisfactory, and one that was not. By now, the ice and snow were almost gone, so I started to walk across. Two steps in, and I find a very suitable stick, just standing in the river. A couple more steps in, and I come to a dual-floored deck. (I was now 15ft above the river) I carefully climbed down to the second level, and jumped from there onto a 45° deck slope. Now on the other side of the river, I decided to set up a beacon pillar, since it was getting dark. The light itself looked exactly like a thermal discouragement beam. The dream camera then switched and panned down the river for a while before coming to stop, where a few people were coming. Also I noticed two other beacons from that camera angle.
      [New Scene]
      I found myself in some kind of school, still with my backpack. I had no clue of what I was supposed to be doing. There was one point where I had gotten a writing utensil out, and put it back. Another scene happened, where a young female asked me if she knew me. I was like, “You look familiar…..did you go to KLE?” “No.” “Then nope.” [Skip] The TARDIS appeared in the floor around the TARDIS. They acted similar to black holes, except the compressions lasted for about 3 seconds each. Everyone (all 4 of us) rushed into the TARDIS to avoid the random compressions, but before we got there, compressions tried to kill us. We eventually got in one by one until all of us were protected from the gravitational forces inside the TARDIS.
      Lucid Time: 30-60 seconds

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    3. 5/20/2014

      by , 06-12-2014 at 01:28 AM
      I was walking through a New Mexican village in the middle of nowhere with my vest, belt, and Remington 700. People were giving me looks and I was looking for a bathroom. I came upon one of the three bathrooms in the village and there was a line of people waiting to use them. After standing for a while, Warner appeared and started joking around, making people laugh. He recognized me and we started talking about me moving out into a place in the middle of nowhere, and how peaceful it is. Amy was there also. Everyone cleared out and I went into a house full of girls to use their bathroom. All of them left and I got on their couch, which was also a toilet. I leave but return because I forgot to flush. All this time I'm aware of my rifle. I exit and look around. The view changes and I see a beautiful mountain range. I get in my car and drive around, checking out the houses in the village and think "Must suck to be the UPS guy that delivers out here"
      I'm suddenly in a UPS facility being welcomed by a good looking skinny guy with greying hair. He gives me and a bunch of other people welcome gifts and takes us around. I see the girl who, when I saw delivering in Santa Fe, I thought was cute run up to her driver, who was a female. We kept walking and I asked if Mark that worked in Los Lunas was still here. The man said yeah and I asked to be put with him next week since it was the last week of something. The man said "Yeah I will" and I got excited. We entered a facility and I saw Antoinette. She was waiting for a door to close before she pushed the button for the lift we were on to go up. She was complaining about her supervisors, saying "Yeah I sometimes see their stinkin' heads looking at me making sure I wait till the damn doors open" I recognized her voice and called her, saying hi. I told her I'd tell her I had a dream about her next time I saw her. We had to go through a very hard obstacle course that was high up. One girl failed and they were gonna make her do it again. I thought the obstacle course was really hard, even for a person who knew parkour. I jumped on a mini trampoline and my ankle got caught in a hole. I got up and someone behind me said, "Careful, we live in NM and have the ability to swallow brain power..." meaning that most people don't know how to think properly and it doesn't really matter if we wait. I laughed and woke up laughing.
    4. 4/23/2014

      by , 04-23-2014 at 07:34 PM

      I was playing Dishonored and saw an ultra hard difficulty setting so I started playing on that. It was arena type mode with challenges every stage. I was actually in the game fighting and had access to the power selection wheel. The first challenge was to get people to kill each other without me killing them. I went through many challenges and a lot of fighting but as I was running from 2 women and a lot of monsters, I entered a room and said "Alright I'm done" because I was so tired. I got congratulated for making it so far by the girls chasing me and had a man on a computer take pictures of me and them. I saw a digital picture frame with other people who I knew got top scores and among them were some of my family members. The girls told me they were going back home and I was teleported onto the ocean where I was swimming.
      There were a lot of sea creatures and I was swimming along side some whales, who reminded me of one of the girls. The dream reminded me of the dream I had on 4/21/2014, where I was sailing the ocean with my family on a car. I saw plenty of cars but this time they were headed towards me. I said "Here I come!" and saw a boat speeding towards me. Suddenly a helicopter comes and its rotors cause me to get blown away. I pretend I'm taking apart an easter egg and suddenly become lucid.
      I'm floating on the water and at the tip of my fingers, an easter egg that looks like a yellow bunny. I remember the water being deep. I opened the easter in half. The bottom portion had a green toy or figurine. The top portion had a yellow and tan toy/figurine. I took them both out and bit into each. It hurt my tooth because they were a hard plastic. I looked at them and read their information on the back of the toys. It said where they were made, by what company, copyrights, etc. I came to shore onto a facility and thought I'd prank a dream character. I said "I want a person to be here" and as I walked, I saw my cat Lucy. I added, "a person that's not Lucy!" I stepped up to the facility doors and a man asked me to identify. I know I've been there before and knew what to do and say. I said my name and that I was wearing black. I took off my duty belt which didn't have anything on it and stepped through. I saw a janitor, who was old and fat and told him to follow me outside. My plan was to make him go outside and have to get access to the facility again. He was suspicious of me and said "If you're trying to make me come out, I have a badge to get in" he then proceeded to tell me how the badge was not his and he actually stole it. I yelled at him to give me the badge but he ran away, outside of the facility and into some sort of cave. I lost lucidity and started yelling at nothing for a badge then slowly started to wake up.

      Before bed, I stayed up a long time repeating to myself "I open easter eggs" and imagining me opening easter eggs. While I was walking out, the janitor asked me for the time and I looked at my watch and told him some weird time. My lucidity was low during this dream.

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    5. The Facility

      by , 11-19-2013 at 10:42 PM (HunterX's Dream Journal)
      (Had a brief nap this afternoon to make up for lost sleep and had this dream. It was remarkably well-formed compared to my usual napping dreams.)

      The dream begins with a short fragment involving a room similar to my current university accommodation, which is connected to some form of multi-level arena in a black environment. It is possible the whole thing is a video game of some sort. This quickly ends and shifts to the dream proper.

      I am visiting some form of day-care/community centre that I have apparently been attending regularly ever since I was a young child as part of my extra-curricular activities. Unlike all of the previous times I have visited, I am promptly called aside and informed that there was a hidden agenda to the centre the whole time.

      It turns out that all of the activities in the centre have in fact been a form of training, and the centre is a facility at which they train secret agents and arm them with technology that can produce almost paranormal effects and abilities. As we tour the underground areas of the facility I am told that all of the uninformed subjects are periodically given tests in which they are exposed to shocking or otherwise psychological scenarios to measure their reaction, after which they are given an amnesiac which wipes their memory of the incident. Taking all of this remarkably calmly, I state the logical conclusion that I have also undergone these tests and don't remember them. I am then shown a tape of who I assume to be a very young version of myself being shown a video of some sort (though I wasn't able to identify the content of the video). In the tape I appeared disturbed by what I was watching, but was able to make it through the whole thing. I inquire as to why the amnesiac is used, to which the researcher explains that the psychological evaluation is based on the assumption that the subject is experiencing the scenario for the first time, not knowing the content nor the existence of the test itself in advance, to allow for comparing changes as the subject ages. I then proceed to perform what I assume to be some form of agility test in which I carry a tray of items down the hallway we just walked through without dropping them.

      The dream shifts and I am sitting with several people who I assume are other subjects who have been informed of the situation next to a large blast door similar to the ones in the corridor I was walking through in the last scene (it may be the same location, but I am not certain). The other subjects are laughing at a form they discovered - it appears to be some form of alias sheet in which an agent can design a new identity for upcoming missions, but it has been filled out with a rather childish description of some kind of monkey-themed superhero, possibly by one of the younger subjects. I point out to the other subjects that despite the author not being present he may be in another 'instance' of the same room (for this scene it is as if we are in an online game in which only some of the users are present in any particular instance - I think I also catch a glimpse of a list of online users partway through), and briefly contemplate to myself whether or not the author in the other instance would be able to observe the sheet of paper floating around as the other subjects hold it.

      The dream shifts again and I encounter another subject who has been turned into a child as a prank by way of a body-altering edible substance the facility has developed. They are visibly put off by this, but to my knowledge the effect can be reversed. After a short scene shift I enter a gym in which another subject promptly explains to me that the child had been an arrogant jock and he wanted to get back at him somehow. He also explains that he used the substance on himself to give himself a more athletic body as some form of poetic justice. He makes a comment to me as he leaves (which I am no longer able to remember) and I respond in the affirmative, before promptly eating some of the substance myself that I had been carrying around (it taking the form of a pinch of sugar-tasting grains that I had been carrying on a spoon) for an unclear reason - it is possible I had been intending to use it on him but changed my mind, or that I ate it to hide it, but neither is certain. I change, but I wake up before I am able to accurately observe what I look like.

      Partway through the dream I had a dream fragment in which I was walking through an airport or train station of some kind while on a family trip, though I am unable to place it chronologically within the dream.

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    6. 8th May 2013 Dino Crisis inspired video game, Strange facility, Flight, T-Rex, Far Cry editor

      by , 05-08-2013 at 10:28 PM (Scionox's Journal of Dreams)
      Dream 1:

      There was something about forest and then some kind of weird cartoon scene. Then i was playing some game that i was thinking was Dino Crisis, but it was completely different, for one it was an FPS, though dinosaurs were here and i had to battle through some levels, mostly indoors of some kind of a bunker and some purple outside area. One of my abilities was apparently ability to place projection forcefield like champion's from AI War. Then i have found some friendly people and we were traveling around the ocean using an medium-sized ship.
      Eventually we have found an facility of some kind, right in the middle of the ocean, it was strange and looked abandoned. I got in and had to do a few puzzles as well as to deal with a few dinosaurs, while the rest were guarding the ship. Soon i got to some kind of reactor area, there were some important documents which i picked up and also i have found another friendly squad, which was stuck there for a while. After a bit of talk reactor started overheating and we had to get out of there, and at the same time, some weird creatures that looked like combination of dinosaur with some kind of an insect, started coming out from everywhere. They were really quick and overpowered and i was thinking that "AI is really better there than Nintendo 64 version".
      The squad i found was killed but i managed to get outside. The creatures that attacked us were swarming all over the facility and ship was way too away, but i have managed to find the flight powerup that looked like a yellow-ish metallic sphere. I was flying around really quick, but the powerup was hard to control on changing direction, i got to the ship but suddenly T-Rex appeared that could walk on water, right near the ship. The squad started the fight with it while i was flying around fighting something else, there also were alot of flight and water walking powerups scattered a round the ocean that helped me in fight. After defeating it i flied towards the ship and noticed that T-Rex was stuck in some telescope thing. I thought that even if AI is better, things like this can happen. And just waited around till the time we needed to survive ended. Then dream faded out.

      Dream 2:

      I was recording some game, can't recall what exactly but i feel like it was some kind of FPS. Then i took a bathroom break and then went to play a game that looked like Far Cry, i was playing not an actual level though, was just flying around in the editor. Then i loaded some map and it was somewhat unfinished. I made level start in some unfinished place for testing purposes and there were alot of crates full of weapons and i could carry more than usual four, icons were alot different too. One of weapons was Sniper version of Heavy Machine Gun, that had even more zoom in than sniper rifle, but still low accuracy. I was testing it in more finished part of the level and it was not really effective. Then i woke up.
    7. 12th Apr 2013 Battle, Trap, Curd making facility and Lucid from false awakening

      by , 04-12-2013 at 10:15 AM (Scionox's Journal of Dreams)
      Dream recall from today's naps.

      Nap #1(fragment):

      I was in the field, brown ground, i was the leader of the warrior squad, there was semi-ruined building that we decided to use for camping, but soon, we were attacked by enemy warriors. We were battling them at our best, but they kept coming. I saw an enemy leader while overlooking the terrain, i sent some of my warriors to deal with him, but they failed. I had to deal with this by myself, but before i went there one of warriors was saying that i should not go for enemy leader. I ignored him and soon was about to attack enemy leader, but it was a trap, leader somehow paralyzed me and then dream ended.

      Nap #2(fragment):

      I was in some futuristic city and there was facility i was visiting. There was some blue humanoid, that i was calling 'Curdy', and he was operating machine that was making curd. He told me recipe and there was some kind of secret ingredient, then i went to home. There was cutscene happening back at the facility, Curdy went missing and there was dude that was mostly bald and he was in cyan suit. Then cutscene ended and i was back at home, i was trying to eat potato but was very hard to eat, then dream ended.

      Nap #3:

      I woke up in my bed and i had to move some stuff around room< then i realized that i forgot to take off headphones, i took them off and binaural beats are still playing, so i am dreaming, dream is somewhat unstable so i rub hands on my way to balcony door. Then i slam the door open and fly outside, i feel the wings and i fly around pretty quickly. Shortly the dreamscape changes and goes weird, like two perspectives are overlapping, some parts of it are normal and some parts moving around with my field of view. After i fly over some street it goes back to normal and i decide to attempt transformation into a dragon again. There's not much of result though, my hands only got a bit bigger. I fly through some kind of temple ruins and suddenly my room appears right in front and before i can do anything i crash into the wall in the room. Dad comes into the room(i think my awareness decreased after this transportation...) and we talk about bunch of things that i barely recall, i recall something was about transformation. Then dream fades out and i woke up.
    8. Underground Facility, Reactors & Strange Babies in Incubators

      by , 01-19-2013 at 06:59 PM (David's Dream Journal)
      I was in an underground facility of some sort with "someone". There was concrete everywhere and it was dark and seemed damp.

      I remember walking up a ramp and looking through vertical windows in a very large door and seeing what looked like reactors, glowing green. They had honeycomb patterns and windows on them and in the windows, the green glow was more intense. They looked like half spheres sitting on the floor.

      I then remember walking past three or four incubators with babies in them. Alive, but not moving. The incubators were more advanced than a regular hospital one, with lots of lights and gadgets everywhere. One of these babies was huge, I would say four feet long.

      After seeing these the dream ended.
    9. Mt. Ka Pt. II

      by , 10-12-2012 at 11:01 AM (Voyages of a Skywalker)
      I am at work. In a cubicle or cash register. Either way, I feel I am in a smaller space within a much larger space at my place of work. Mandy S. is my coworker and there are other employees around maybe two or three. I am being honored in some way by higher management but I get a feeling of jealousy or envy somewhere in the group of four or five. Not necessarily from Mandy S. I am very feminine in this dream. A heart breaker and I wear a lot of make up. Eyelashes are particularly emphasized as I recall. I sense something taboo happening concerning a bathrobe and possibly my dream ego. Outside of this work place seems to be the base of Mt.Ka. A facility wraps around that is our work place. There is a mound that we sit on. I cannot recall if this was a sort of break time or an evacuation, but we sit on the hill. Ryland B. is here. He is not happy. He is very aggravated and I think it has very much to do with me and my opinion of an outcome.

      We sit below the cracked mountain that appears so often to my dream ego, Mt.Ka, on a grassy mound outside of our place of work as it begins to rain black tar. There is no instant fear or panic but I sense that we all got up and fled to one of two doors equally far apart. I do not believe I was able to get inside the large gray door. Nor did I try the other door. What takes place after that I cannot recall.

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    10. Holding Facility/Celebritites

      by , 07-22-2012 at 11:37 AM (Hey, Look... A Dream Journal)
      around 8:00

      Holding Facility/Celebrities

      The first thing I remember is being in a building, I am taken into this area, where I get the feeling people do tests on other people. I enter this booth kind of thing, I look in the mirror and realize I'm naked, after checking myself out for a bit. A women comes in, she begins striping so I assume she is being tested on as well. Next thing I know, I am in a holding facility. Where, I guess, they wait to see what will happen to there test subjects. I begin to need to go to the bathroom, so I search the area, it is now a huge house, I get a little nervous because of how big the house it. I walk up stairs and stairs, so many floors, I eventually find a bathroom. I open the door, close it and lock it, the lock is very strange, not your usual type of lock. I seem to have forgotten all about the bathroom, because after checking out the lock - I just leave the room. When I leave, I open the door to another room, Kaley Cuoco (who plays Penny on The Big Bang Theory) is sitting in a chair at the far end of the room.

      She begins talking to me about something, which I cannot remember, no matter how hard I try, shame. I get the impression that the house we are in, is hers. I notice something moving in the corner of my eye, the cupboard door is opened a little bit and I can see a women in there. I squint a bit to see, and I see finally see it is LIGHTS (singer). She shoots me an impression when tells me not to tell Kaley. But she has already noticed the door and has walked over to it. She pulls LIGHTS out of the cupboard and starts shouting at her, I get the feeling she is a test subject. I walk over to her, and tell Kaley to back off, such a gentleman. I put my arm around LIGHTS and she turns into my body, with her arms around me. I can hear and feel that she is crying a little bit. After a bit, I get her to sit down on a couch, she explains that she has been tested on, and she has hidden in this house, in that cupboard for weeks. I've still got my arms around her, once Kaley leaves she turns to me and thanks me for sticking up for her, she then kisses me and afterwards goes back to laying her head on my chest. This point I had a false awakening which ended up involving the holding facility again, but nothing noteworthy to write down.
    11. A dream, within a dream, within a dream, within a FA!

      by , 06-16-2011 at 07:04 AM (Dark_Merlin's Dream Journal)
      This one was looong, and ended with me becoming lucid briefly!

      It all began with some sort of an excursion with school. We were in some kind of an open room, in the side of a mountain. I think I recognise it from a video game I played a long time ago. I was looking over the edge of one of the gardens and accidentally dropped something, a ring? It fell but I knew where it would be. A girl from my school had also dropped something, and so we asked the teacher there if we could go find it. I got delayed by something, I had to talk to them for a long time on some sort of platform before I was able to go down stairs. It took a long time, and I never actually ended up getting the item I dropped.

      Change. I, and four other people are trapped in a facility. There was a lot of the dream I don't remember, something about some sort of red liquid, which foamed up in our mouths. I made a plan to escape and take everyone with me. The whole facility is actually floating, outside the sky is red and cloudy. I remember finding my way into a security tower, which overlooks a landing pad which resembles that of one of the Star Wars movies. I jump out the window and fly away, knowing I'm going to get spotted before I escape. The man who runs the facility sees me and alerts the guards. I see a phone, it looks like the Nokia blackberry copy, on top of some sort of water tank. I know it's the man's. I maneuver to grab it, and I know I'm fading out. I desperately try to read the two messages in his inbox, and try and commit them to memory. I read the first one, but I can't remember what it said.

      Change. I'm in an underground facility, the walls are made of stone. I'm Neo, and I'm with Trinity. I immediately recognise that we're in the plot of a movie. We walk to the end of a small bridge with overlooks blackness. There is a small stone door, on a stone ledge, small enough to crawl through. On it are the letters 'SMDSI May Live', or something similar to that. I immediately remembered that it is a movie, and told Trinity that it is the title, 'She Must Die So That I May Live' I told her to wait in the lobby, and turned the other way. I felt horrible.

      Change. I think I must have had an FA in which I got up and went to the toilet. It's either early morning or late afternoon, and overcast, because there is a soft grey glow coming in through the window. I look up in the mirror, the bathroom light isn't on and the only light is that which comes through the window. Oh goodness, not again. My mouth was full of the red foam from one of the earlier dreams, and it was blocking off my hearing. I tried to spit out as much as I could, it made my hearing come back buy my mouth still felt full. I look up. What the!? I had hair which went down to my shoulders, and my face looked like that of a woman. Since when was my hair this long, I don't remember! I did the nose check RC, and could breath in.
      It took a second to click, but I was dreaming! I looked into the mirror, and morphed my looks back to normal, my hair shrank back to it's regular length, and my face morphed back to it's regular shape. I got excited, and tried to stabilise the dream. I yelled at the dream telling it to stabilise, and remembered to use my senses. I rubbed my hands together and looked at the kitchen. The light was on, an older style bulb. I knew to take note of my environment and I looked at the light, it was in a chandelier, which was actually made of a glass floral punch bowl we own, but warped slightly. The kitchen was also bigger than it is in waking life. I wasn't controlling my breathing, I was still too excited.

      I wake up in bed, in full SP and try to re-enter, but my mind is too active. I'll get it soon.