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    1. 22 Aug: My guru throws me a grenade and fire in a festival in Brazil

      by , 08-22-2019 at 10:12 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      I pass through a small secondhand fair. One lady is annoyingly wanting me to buy a book collection from her. I get away and enter a war game simulation area. But it turns real pretty quickly, as soon as I realize the bullets shot are real ammunition. I pick a gun from a guy on the ground, presumably dead and I go upstream along a river. End up in a garden with people dancing. No war here. But I was followed by a guy that threatens everybody with a grenade. He arms it and throws it at me. I try that trick from the movies, of kicking it away. But then Rinpoche comes out of nowhere once again, catches it and after throwing me a defying look, throws it back at me. I feel like "Whaaaat?" and panic a little bit. But almost immediately realize, with my absolute trust in my guru, that this grenade represents no danger and that I can do whatever with it. So I hold it in my hands and try to turn it into a lotus flower. Unfortunately all I succeed in doing is turning it into sort of a flower made of rags. I feel disappointed, but then Rinpoche approaches me and turns these rags into a tent and invites me to step inside it with him.

      With my parents having vacations in Brazil. We go to some festival which is in a semi rural and forested area in the outskirts of a little town. Soon after we arrived, we start seeing smoke from distant fires in the forest. We discuss how it might get dark sooner because of it. But we think we're safe. It seems very distant.
      I see banners from locals supporting Bolsonaro and I feel angry. I make a nasty comment and some man hears and he's not happy. I tell him that I love Brazil and its people, but I just can't accept that man they chose for president. Later we're walking through a street with restaurants and I spot some curtains of a place, on fire. Then look around and also see some vegetation on fire. As I raise the alarm, we notice there are fires spreading a bit everywhere, from sparks coming through the air from far away. We decide to grab our things and leave this area before it gets serious. But general panic ensues and to make things worse, as we head to the car in the parking lot at the entrance of the venue, there are landslides and large boulders falling onto the road we're taking and people are getting blocked. For a while I lose my parents in the crowd, but soon after my mom appears. As we find a safe way out, she complains about the things I chose to bring on our backpack and I don't get why she is commenting that until I realize we can't go back to our tent to get most of our stuff that we left behind and I feel awful for that.
    2. 7 Nov: Non-sense fragments and Trump commits suicide!

      by , 11-07-2018 at 04:29 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      Lucidity: ⭐ (1/5)
      Clear: ⭐⭐ (2/5)
      An homage party to Saramago (portuguese literature Nobel winner). Manuel Alegre (another portuguese guy who writes poetry but is an idiot) gets on the stage, says some incendiary things, seems drunk. People remove him by force but he picks up a fight with a young journalist and it is mayhem.

      In an hospital, some bad guys come in and make hostages. I sneak out to the next room before they see me, but one suspects something. I hide behind a reclinable chair in the room, no time to run away. They don't see me though. But other people who escaped come in and they find me. I decide to take action and with their help, I attack the leader of the bad guys. Not easy, end up fighting two people.

      In Lisbon, downtown, dressed really hot and cool, get out from whatever place I am to go for a quick stroll. Can't take to long, left something hanging. I come across a fair of second-hand and vintage stuff. Would love to look at things in detail, but I have to just pass quickly. Sellers are all young people and a couple of them block my way and insist that I stop and buy something. I say I can't, they don't seem to accept very well. I go back to the place I was before.

      With some girl friends, including Zilla, we're playing with some crazy afro wigs, testing how they look on us. They are a bit over the top, but I like it. I also try some gorgeous clothes.

      On a beach type environment, me and Riverstone are worried making shelters for us and others, due to an upcoming storm. I dig around some big rocks, making up space like some basic galleries to duck in between the rocks. Riverstone chose to built some kind of tent, that falls down at the first accumulation of rain. Somehow, Donald Trump is involved in the scene. He is going through some heavy defeat and he can't cope with the feeling, so in the midst of this storm, he kills himself. My first feeling is that a human being committed suicide and I honestly feel bad for him, but then I realize who he is and realize how this can be such great news for the world.
    3. at the fair in real life

      by , 11-05-2017 at 06:13 PM
      Adam and I were at the fair. We didn't do much but walk around and gawk at all the oddities that surrounded us. We got a daiquiri and wondered aimlessly among the crowd. After we got a caricature done we started to leave. Suddenly I spot a young man that looks scarily familiar, to my sudden suprise I realized he was one of my dc from ages ago. I believe he said his name was james or john? Something of that nature. As we leave I can't stop staring. The resemblance is too uncanny.
    4. Falling into the Safety Net

      by , 10-01-2017 at 04:01 PM
      Morning of October 1, 2017. Sunday.

      Dream #: 18,549-02. Reading time: 40 sec.

      Post-induction: I am with my wife Zsuzsanna and our children as we appear now. We are seemingly at the local showgrounds at nighttime. (This scene stems from residual memory of the enjoyable time we had there in real life.)

      Vestibular stage: Zsuzsanna takes our youngest daughter up a ladder to a minimal structure where a person is to jump off an I-beam from at least thirty feet up. I soon see the view from overhead even though I had not yet climbed the ladder, yet I do not seem incorporeal.

      The drop: I am wary as I do not want Zsuzsanna or our daughter injured. However, after they jump, a safety net appears, and they cheerfully land on it.

      Sustaining vestibular modulation: I decide to try it, but I start to realize as I am climbing the metal ladder that I am liminally trying to enhance my imaginary physicality. Before I get to the I-beam (though I was already on it in the first scene), I wake, feeling amused.

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      dream fragment
    5. Cohesive Guitar Playing and Darth, son of Gorgon

      by , 09-18-2016 at 08:42 AM
      Morning of September 18, 2016. Sunday.

      I seem to be outside at a fair in an unknown location (though it may be the Bundaberg Showgrounds) though there are not that many people. It seems to be late morning. I am playing an electric guitar in an unusual way, though it does not seem to be connected to an amplifier. I seem to be sitting on the ground and crouched down, though in actuality, in order to get the perspective I maintain here, I would have to be lying on my stomach. The guitar is lying on its back, its headstock pointing southward based on the Bundaberg Showgrounds orientation. I am mostly using an unrealistically large plectrum (pick) that is a little like a banjo pick but flatter. It seems to be broken near the middle but not completely. The crack or “crease” allows it to fold over my finger at times without it being that problematic. I use it differently at different points, including possibly upside-down or backwards.

      At one point, an unfamiliar female looks on. My music sounds very cohesive and interesting (though somewhat harp-like) and I am actually aware of each note in each series even though my focus and playing is based on distance between notes (such as thirds and fifths relative to the frets, which would be the case anyway if I were using a capo though which I am not) rather than a direct focus on the notes themselves. Still, the sounds seem to be very precise. (It is quite unusual to have such a clear awareness over what is being played relative to use of both hands simultaneously and with the sound seeming correct. I believe that this is the first time such clarity and precision has occurred in this way.) Nothing unexpected or unlikely happens; that is, the guitar itself seems to not be problematic in any way or have loose strings as is often the case in such dreams.

      I eventually stand up and walk to another area which is mostly undefined. This unfamiliar and unknown area seems to be inside in a large featureless room even though I had not gone through a doorway.

      Soon, a miniature Darth Vader who seems like a child in a costume is present. It first seems that the guitar may have been his but this soon seems to not be the case. Although I get the impression that he is a teenager of perhaps sixteen or seventeen his size and demeanor is more like that of a six-year-old and there is somewhat of a sketchy cartoon essence about him. Since he is dressed like Darth Vader I do not see his face at any point.

      Soon, I hear guitar playing that sounds like rapid heavy metal riffs. A very tall chubby male (about three times the height of little Darth Vader and perhaps a foot taller than me) with curly white hair comes in. He is playing the guitar as he is walking towards us but his right hand is moving very unrealistically as he is playing, almost like he is continuously and quickly doing karate chops, though with all the tips of his fingers aligned towards himself, palm up. It looks very odd and it would not be possible to play a guitar like this in reality. He is dressed in a weird costume (almost like a woman’s ball gown in some ways) and reminds me of Melvin Belli as he appeared as the Gorgon in “Star Trek” in the “And the Children Shall Lead” episode. (Although our youngest son was Darth Vader at a “Star Wars” event at the mall and has shown an interest in playing the guitar, there does not seem to be any relevant connections here at all curiously enough.)

      He starts complaining about the miniature Darth Vader (who is possibly his son though this is not certain). He claims that “Darth” had damaged the guitar by “bending its spine”. This does not really make any sense. The guitar’s “spine” is implied to be the entire length of the back of the guitar (including the neck). Even though I sense that the little Darth Vader is an obnoxious brat (who reminds me of a neighbor from when we lived in Brisbane), it also seems the Gorgon may not understand guitars all that well and as such, the guitar may not be damaged (even though I had thought it might have been me that caused the damage, though I do not actually see any damage).

      As Darth Vader and the Gorgon both relate to space flight on one level, I have included the relevant flight symbol tags. Still, sometimes I seriously wonder how my dreams come up with this weird stuff. Although the Gorgon appears as the last dream character, he does not seem to have any essence of the otherwise common preconscious personification, especially as my dream becomes much duller at this point rather than much clearer (which does not happen very often).

    6. Two Houses

      by , 01-17-2016 at 05:07 AM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      I was in my hometown. I was going to ride a plane. I was packing my things and thought I was late. I hurried out to the airport, which turned out to be right beside our home, where the municipal building was supposed to be. The plane is no longer there. I was told that it's near the market area, and it turned the roads to a runway. I walked to the market. There's a fair. It was a sunny day. When I reached where I thought the plane was supposed to be, it was dark, night, and flooding. I think it was raining. I was on top of some sort post. I looked down at some of the debris being swept away by the flood. I didn't feel fear. A bit of fascination.

      I was walking along the road with mom and sis in a subdivision. Sis mentioned about renting a place. The one she's currently in is horrible. The space is small, the light is dim yellow, security is awful. It also looks cheaply made. I led them down the road. There's a bit of flood on the road. It was raining. There were cars passing by. I was impressed by one car that looks expensive but was able to go through the flood without sputtering. We reached the place, a house I was renting (all on my own or sharing?). I pointed out how the setting is perfect. Sunlight does not go inside too often, only on the east where it rises, and on the west, there's a building that will block it. The house looks decent. Mom wanted to hurry back home. I thought sis was supposed to back home with mom but apparently she's staying. She was in the living room working on her laptop.

      I was in my hometown. I was going to ride a plane.



      - I woke up pre-dawn and wrote keywords for the first paragraph. I slept and woke up around 10am and wrote keywords for the second paragraph.
      - Had a hard time sleeping. I went to bed around 2am.
      - I tried going to gamma through alpha but I keep getting distracted.
      - I will have to go back to basic meditation.
    7. N6: Oh. My. Freaking. Gawd.

      by , 08-14-2015 at 08:38 PM
      Omg! I had my 5th lucid dream, and I had a lot of control over it! In my dream, I did a reality check (because I do it so much IWL) Anyways, I saw my finger pass through my hand. I couldn't believe my eyes, because everything looked just like real life! Just to be sure, I did the nose plug reality check. I could breathe. It was AMAZING! I asked a DC where my Dream Guide is. They say, "Oh, Makenna's back at the high school!" So I floated into the sky (I had a bit of a hard time flying, I try to take a slow, calm flight and I end up zooming a bit too far past the high school!) Once I saw the high school, I landed, but didn't seem to find anyone. So I went back home somehow (I don't even know how), and noticed my parents were watching movies. And the setting changed to night. First, I grabbed the broken tv remote and changed the channel, trying to change the scenery. Nothing good was on, so at random, I just stuck my arm into the tv. Just for fun, I decided to look at the clocks on the screens and look away. One of them had a word, a colon and a couple of numbers. I told myself to remember the word and the numbers, because it was funny (but I couldn't). Anyways, I went to my room. everything was... different, I didn't really like it. Anyway, everything was super clear. I decided to make it clearer by shouting "Clarity Now!". Cool, now I can read the book titles! I finally ask for my dream guide. A girl cosplayed as Joy from Inside Out appeared in my room. We talked a little, became friends, and didn't really learn anything... "What was your name again?" I ask. She replies, "C'mon! You know me!" I look closely at her face to see that it looked like- My old friend Miranda! Then I remembered one of my dream goals- A date with my crush. The scenery changes to a small wooden boat with my crush on it We're sitting in the middle of the lake. Then I realized the goal was to go on a date with my crush-at the fair! I see a carnival nearby, and take my crush there (Again, I don't know how). When we get there, we go on the... Ferris wheel, I think? Gawd, I have a terrible memory when it comes to dreams. Anyways, we went on the ferris wheel and I either lost lucidity and drifted into this next dream, or woke up and fell back asleep. (oh, and at one point in the dream something was trying to hurt me, so I put my hand out, yelled "Laser beam!" and a whitish colored laser shot out of my hand. )

      In this next dream, I dreamt that I was in 5th grade again. We had assemblies and stuff, and at one point we had a project where we pick a rock or gem, and tell if mining it was good or bad. For some reason in that dream, one of my old friends was pregnant.
      That's what I get for reading about the world's youngest mothers.
      anyways, I picked gold (although in the end I realized it was just silver painted gold.
      Teacher (to me): So, is mining this silver rock good or bad?
      Me: Uhh... Mining i-is good except for when you're mining for oil or something...
      Blah blah, stuff happenes, well let's get to the good part.
      My friend who was pregnant in the dream gets up and does a speech.
      "When your pregnant, y-you get fat, and you're sick."
      Okay... So, not really a speech, but still. That was funny, considering she was super skinny.

      So, I think last night was amazing- but does this really mean that my friend Miranda is my dream guide?

      And it isn't until just now that I realize that being on the boat would've been the perfect time to complete Basic Task II.
    8. N4: I think I've discovered a couple of dream signs!

      by , 08-12-2015 at 09:08 PM
      I'm at school. It's PE, and for some reason half of the gym was turned into a swimming pool. You'd think that would've been enough to trigger lucidity, but nope.
      During the game (I don't exactly remember all the details) an Asian girl said something about her aunt <My aunt's name>. I walk out of the pool, and my PE teacher gets mad at me for tracking water onto the other side of the gym. I apologize, and walk out of the room. Instead of classrooms and stuff, I see a fair! (I think those are my first noticeable dream sign!) I go on a couple of rides, including one of those cannons that you see at a circus- You know, the ones that people shoot themselves out of. I shoot myself out of it, but I'm disappointed to see it doesn't shoot me very high at all. On one of the rides, I'm sitting next to that Asian girl! Me: "Oh hey.. Does your aunt <my aunt's name> have a daughter and son named <my cousin's name> and <other cousin's name>?" Her: "Yep." Me: "What's the name of her husband?" Her: "<My uncle's name>" Me: "Oh my gosh, I think you're my cousin's cousin! " Her: "Cool." Then a couple of family members and I go into an arcade! (I think that's another dream sign c: ) I don't exactly remember what we played, but I remember something weird happening afterward...
    9. Fair, DayZ, & Spooky Restrooms

      by , 06-29-2014 at 10:19 PM
      I don't remember the particular order of these dreams, especially since they're mainly fragments.

      A few acquaintances of mine (that I've never seen before IRL) are sitting with me at this fair. The fair resembles Seattle's Hempfest (haha), and I can feel the warmth of the sun in the sky. We're camped next to some vendors on a blanket, and apparently we're intended to sell curly fries. I can remember the smell of the oil & ketchup. We had a some-what decent amount on a tray, but it looked too complicated to sell individually. Clever me decides to get up to the 'help-yourself' section of the fair where there's plastic sporks, butterknifes, napkins, etc. There are varying-sized trays, but I happen to pick a handful of these to distribute the curly fries.

      Our neighboring vendors whom also appear to've situated themselves on a blanket get competitive with us, stealing some of our fries to put on their American-cut fries. My partner and I appear aggravated, but that's the extent of our anger.

      Another dream was set in DayZ, some town north of Berenzino. It looked different to the ideal town, but the church was still there. Here I am, firing my mosin at either zombies or people, but I could feel the adrenaline pumping through my heart as I constantly ducked for cover. I was pretty geared up, too.

      Eventually, I stepped into another dream where the building appeared more formal. Maybe even a government building. The ceilings were tall, with some sort of (blue?) flag draping down the wall. I made my way to the women's restroom, where for some God-awful reason they appear so odd in my dreams. The stalls were low, so everyone can see a 360 of the other stalls. Somehow, I end up peeing for a while 2 minutes where during the process, about 5 Asian males enter the restroom. They, just as confused as I was, look around as if they were lost.

      At least it wasn't another high-school dream.
    10. Midway

      by , 09-18-2013 at 09:32 PM
      This LD was from the morning of 9/13/2013.

      Color legend: Non-dream Dream Lucid

      Lucid #146: Midway

      I'm a high school student walking around near an open field where a girl is practicing her triple jump. She has an odd technique where she bounces up to the line before taking her first jump, so I copy her. It's amazing! Each jump goes for about 10 feet and I go flying along the field this way. I had no idea technique mattered so much.

      I walk toward the school, entering a classroom where students are working on art projects. I fall in with a group of people I think that I know and work on cutting cloth into interesting shapes. At the end, I wrap a golden key in cloth and throw it in the garbage, expecting the other students to somehow understand that they're supposed to fish it out. Nobody gets it, though, and suddenly we're all hustled out of the classroom, the golden key still in the garbage. I'm filled with teen angst, upset that nobody understands me.

      The dream jumps to me outside of the school at night, ready to sneak in and rescue the golden key from the trash. There's some kind of huge event going on, though, and everywhere people are walking freely in and out of the school's front door. I pass by other kids that I (falsely) think I know, as well as lots of well-dressed adults I'm unfamiliar with. As I walk through the school, it becomes a stadium. There's something extremely loud going on in there now and I think that it's a stock car race.

      I'm thinking this is odd when the scene changes and I find myself outside near the coast.
      I have to be dreaming. I'm walking with a group of 3-4 other people, at least 2 other teenage boys and at least 1 teenage girl. I recall that I'm not actually a teenager anymore IWL but I feel like I'm still inhabiting the body of my younger self.

      Off to the right I see a faraway fairground and wonder if it's the same fairgrounds I saw several dreams back. Ahead in the distance I see an aircraft carrier that looks like USS Midway. One of the guys in the group says, "Is that the USS [some word, maybe gallant?]"

      I correct him: "No, that's the Midway." As we walk toward it, the edges of Midway rock up and down as if she were traveling through very rough seas. I look over to the left and see a hilly landscape dotted with houses. As the houses fall into my peripheral vision, they start turning and rocking as well. I experiment with this by staring at several different houses, as well as turning my eyes back to Midway. Whatever I stare directly at stays still but objects toward the edge of my vision rock gently back and forth.

      "Do you see that? Do you see the way that everything's rocking, or am I the only one that sees it?" The DCs mutter noncommitally. "What's this like for you?" I ask. I'm planning to question them further about whether they truly "see" things, but
      the dream fades before I can really get these questions out.
      Tags: fair, key, ocean, school, young
    11. The Fair and a Higher Spiritual Enlightnment

      by , 09-17-2013 at 07:04 PM
      I was at a fair, or amusement park. I was responsible for my own room set up, to have games or sell things..it was part of the military and friends, as a project that i had to do. I can remember fragments.
      I was on the other side of the park, and there was a girl, my age, putting on a type of suit, apparently she was some type of fighter, like a kick boxer, and she was the best female fighter. But in order to fight, she needed to wear this suit, and she needed a ring or key to complete the suit or else it wouldn't work. She asked me to hurry and find the ring/key and bring it back to her so she can start the event. I ran across the park and found my aunts accounting firm, and standing outside, i met her boss, who had a little wooden box, and inside she had the key, i took it and ran back and gave it to the girl.

      The next thing i remember:
      I was in a crowded room with people i knew from all walks of live, past and present, school and military, and i kept floating up (flying) to the ceiling and pushing my hands off the ceiling and floating back down. I was the only one able to do this, and so the people in the room thought i was weird or something. There was an old lady in a black hooded robe in the center of the room behind something of a island desk or counter in the middle of the room. She was very nice to me. And was also not surprised by my ability to float. She was the only person i talked to and she told me that the other people were not as spiritually enlightened as I was and therefore were not able to float like me,. She explained that she was the most enlightened person in the room and i was the second. She took off this mask like thing she had tied around her face, close up as she and handed the tin to me. It was a small metal (tin-like) circular box, with bars across the lid. She wanted me to keep this, and i looked at her, and realized she had no face, but was speaking to me telepathically, her voice just coming from around me, like it was on speaker, but no one else paid any attention. She then exited through a door, i took another look at the thing she gave me, and the string that was tied to it, that held it over her face, trying to make sense of what it was, thinking of how neat it was, and my love for small, antique boxes, and i woke up.
    12. The Dream Fairgrounds

      by , 08-18-2013 at 04:01 PM
      This was a very vivid, DC-heavy lucid from this morning. I finally remembered to do the "ask a DC about the meaning of life" Basic Task of the Month.

      Color legend: Non-dream Dream Lucid

      Lucid #134: The Dream Fairgrounds

      I'm driving on a freeway with Wife and my 4-year-old son "E". Traffic's heavy and I'm in the middle of making a difficult merge but Wife is insisting that I adjust the air conditioning while I'm in the middle of this. I look down, quickly fiddle with a knob, then look back up to find that we're now driving backward down the freeway!

      I gibber some kind of complaint about how this is why she shouldn't bother me when I'm driving, and the car turns back in the right direction again.
      This has to be a dream. Now that I'm lucid, I want to get up in the air and start figuring out how to accomlpish my goals. I feel weird abandoning Wife and E, though. I think about grabbing onto them and kind of phasing through the car with them, but it sounds intimidating. I wonder whether I could just fly the car itself around, and as soon as I think about this, it works -- our SUV is flying high above the freeway!

      The city looks vivid and enormously detailed. Most of it is dominated by a huge fairground that stretches off as far as I can see. The fairground is a mixture of tents, stadiums, amusement park rides, golden domes, and even out-of-place landmarks like the Hagia Sophia. Scattered among these are more mundane buildings like banks. One of the rides is a looping starship ride that I remember from my childhood.

      Everywhere I look there's something new. I'm overwhelmed and pleased by all of the detail and I laugh at the sheer quantity of images being thrown at me. The car flies quietly over the fairground for a while before I decide that we should land and look around. I look down at one of the rides and my perspective "zooms" down to that level.

      The car is gone now and Wife and E are walking beside me. I feel excited as a little kid by this fair, and I'm amused (and dismayed) to see that every adult DC is a bored, miserable-looking parent with their face buried in a smartphone. I work my ass off at lucid dreaming to spend a few minutes a night in a place like this and you DCs couldn't care less!

      We walk past the rides and attractions for a while and I see a lot of familiar people from my life, including my little nephew, my sister-in-law Sissy, brother-in-law Muppet, as well as The Schwartz and his wife and kids. Eventually it occurs to me that I need to get moving if I'm going to accomplish one of my goals, and I think of the Australia Task of the Year. I'm just about to jump up to fly off for a new scene, but luckily I remember the "ask a DC about the meaning of life" task.

      I walk back over to E and say, "Hey, buddy. What's the meaning of life?"

      He lays the side of his head down on a nearby crate and says, "To not die..." I'm not sure that I heard him right so I ask him to repeat that. He says, "Not dying." (He's been having anxiety about death lately, which is probably where this comes from.)

      Wife's nearby, so I ask her too. She looks pensive for a moment. "To see the best of living."

      Satisfied, I turn my attention back to my other goals. There's not much left of this dream, though, and before I can do much else
      it ends.
    13. Flying Fire and Creapy Fair

      by , 10-18-2012 at 10:28 PM
      7:00 AM
      Wake Back To Bed

      • Fell back to sleep with goal of dreaming not expecting to become lucid.
      • Let images come to me and settled on flying down a winding shape that became a river with tree covered hills on both sides.
      • As I fell asleep I imagined that I was a stream of fire flying down the winding river.

      Now asleep and dreaming but not lucid. I was leading a long trail of fire but couldn't see the flames coolness in front of me. So in order to see the flames I would glance behind me and then continue flying over the snaking river. The last time I looked behind me the entire bend of the last turn in the river and all the way up one bank was completely engulfed in flame. I thought this looked totally awesome and took off around the next turn.

      To my surprise I found that it was now night time and I was way up high overlooking the river and gripping tightly to the top of a steal structure with a couple pipes that were protruding beside me being the only objects higher up than I was. As I questioned what was going on and how to get down I realized my situation and took two looks at my hand. Yup. Funny looking indeed I was dreaming. I remained calm and decided that I would attempt flying again.

      I lifted myself over the edge of the structure and flung myself out into the night. Disappointing as it may be, I fell through the dark and the wind rushed past me. Then I temporarily became less lucid. When I landed in a dark sort of carnival area, my brain tried telling me that I had used a zip line to get down but after seeing my cousin standing in front of me I quickly shrugged off the notion and did another reality check.

      At that moment my cousin Michah began to transform. First he shrank to about 2 foot tall and became a bit distorted. Then he continued to shrink into a small cantaloupe sized fur-ball with big feet and a creepily human face. I thought that I'd keep it around and tried to put it on my shoulder. It didn't like that at all and squirmed out of my hands and jotted around my feet.

      Just then another version of my cousin came out from between two poorly lit booths. He didn't look like my cousin but never the less I decided that I would try to get rid of the furball and take my dream elsewhere. I probably shouldn't have waisted the time and tried spinning or something. But regardless, I attempted to put the creature in the sudo-cousins hand but both were completely apathetic to me and each other. The creature became a little aggressive and nipped my hand like a playful pup and though I knew I was dreaming I skipped back from it and I woke up.
    14. ¿Quatro Sueños? ¡Muy Loco!

      by , 07-21-2012 at 06:11 PM (Inside the Mind of Mattlantis)
      I don't think my recall has ever been this good! Four dreams in one night? That's unheard of for me! I think anally writing in my dream journal has helped. The melatonin too.

      Matt in Spaaaaace
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      Me, two friends, and a teacher/commander dude were in a space station. From the inside, it looked like a standard building on Earth, complete with full gravity, though it had a la-bor-a-tor-y feel to it. One of the rooms had an entire wall open to space, though we could still breathe and nothing was getting sucked away. This was the room where we put on our space suits, which were drastically slimmer than the RL models, though they still had the clichéd bubble helmet. The three of us (not the commander) squeezed into a satellite looking thing, that took us out into the asteroid field. When we got out and set foot on an asteroid, the commander was already there, with no spacesuit (and may I say the stars in the background looked pretty cool). The gravity was less, but still very present. He gave us these weird grid bubble tray looking things. Basically a 3D light blue grid with bubbles where the lines intersected. We were to pull these through floating dust on the asteroids, which collected something from the dust into the bubbles. I think it may have been water. Once we filled all of them, we got back in the satellite/ship, went back to the station, and put away the trays and suits.

      Fattest. Chipmunk. Ever.

      There was some type of zombie/mutagen virus scenario going on, in my house. Me, my mom, and some stereotypical zombie game protagonist were sitting in the living room watching TV, when my mom told me to go get a tissue and blood sample from one of the infected. Apparently we kept all the infected out of one half of the house, because beyond this half there was blood and dirt everywhere. I'm not sure how we pulled it off, since our house is pretty open, and anything could just walk through it. When I went over there, I saw a bloated infected chipmunk chasing a healthy one, and the only way it could move was by flopping. His stomach was easily the size of two tennis balls. He eventually gave up on chasing the other one, then I made a whistle that my cat usually responds to, and he started enthusiastically following me. I remember thinking "I don't wanna touch that," and leading it onto a hand towel laying on the floor. Then I took a blade/chain/whip thing, and sliced into its neck, reluctantly killing it. I did it again, at a different angle, then tore out a chunk of perfectly white flesh with red spots. It reminded me of a potato. My mom walked over and I gave it to her, then she handed me a syringe to get the blood sample.

      Changing in a... Suicide Booth?

      I was a member of the Planet Express crew on Futurama, and we were preparing to go on a mission which involved someone putting on a protective suit which just happened to smell like rotting fish. Leela said she couldn't wear it because she had a date tonight, and I of course didn't want to wear that thing, so we made Fry do it (big surprise). He got into what looked like a suicide booth to change, and was trying to put it on with it touching as little of him as possible. We quietly laughed at him as he tried to put it on, and then he fell over inside the booth, the suit touching all of him. Then it went silent, and we walked to the front of the booth (we had been beside it) and saw his silhouette standing motionless. When we opened it, he was hanging from the cieling with no noose, eyes and mouth wide open, as if he was dead. We knew he was playing a joke, then shut and opened the door again. And his jacket was missing. We did it again, and his shirt was off. We kept shutting and opening the door, and every time something was different about his pose. We were impressed that he was able to do that so quickly and silently.

      Friends at Wal-Mart
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      I was at a fair with my dad, step-mom, and step-sister. I don't remember much about this part, but eventually we went to a Wal-Mart nearby to buy something. At one point we came to a "Learn Español" book section. We talked about Spanish for a while, then left and my step-mom said something like "Oh, let's learn Spanish again," to my dad, while clinging to his arm like a three-year-old. Then I guess we forgot something, and turned around to go back into the store. I saw my friend Patricia, and we waved to each other. We went in and out of the store quickly, and this time when we came out Seirra was there. (We were good friends for a long time, then a bunch of regrettable stuff happened and I've been trying to show her how sorry I am, blah blah blah, long story short, she hates me now and talking to her would make me really happy.) She started following us, and said something to me. I thought she was talking to Abbi (step-sister) at first, and asked if she was talking to me. She looked at me as if to say "yes," and we talked casually for a few minutes before I woke up and realized she still won't talk to me.
    15. 27th October 2011

      by , 11-10-2011 at 10:50 PM
      O'm at a fair somewhere, I am about 16 or 17 years old and i'm with my boyfriend ((no one i know, just a random dream character)). We see a ride..it's a water flume or a ride similar and we go on it ..I think we had to go on it for some reason but cant remember why. We sat on like a wooden raft and we are at the top ready to go down. He then fingers me ((omg lol)) he had to do this for some reason aswell but not sure what the reason was. At first I was quite shocked but then it felt really nice so i was quite happy to leave it there . I remember going down the water slide and we could see the other side, I am feeling quite scared , i gasp and arch backwards as the wave comes towards us but then we make it over and get to the other side. ((dream skip)) I am now in the grounds of the fair, my boyfriend has gone but i dont know where...he's just vanished. There is a man and he talks to me ((i can only remember this part very slightly)), he says something which i remember was of importance but i no longer remember what he said...then i wake up
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