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    1. Unstable DEILD chains

      by , 09-11-2016 at 04:55 PM (AndresLD's (somewhat) Crazy Dream Adventures)


      I woke up from a dream and decided to do a RC. I was dreaming. I tried to get out of bed but I couldn't. I waited a bit and tried again. I landed on the floor. I couldn't get up, my body felt extremely heavy. I tried stabilizing by rubbing my hands but it didn't work, I couldn't feel my hands. I fell on my back. I thought of MadMonkey's Stability Potion. I spawned a stability candy, it was yellow. I ate it and gained momentary stability, but the heaviness came back right away.

      I was back in bed, did another RC, still dreaming. I tried to get up but I couldn't. I levitated and reached the stairs. I tried to stand up but fell down the stairs.

      I was back in bed. One eye was closed. I opened it and thought I was opening it IRL, as I was facing the same way on my bed in both the dream and IRL it was hard to tell. I teleported to the stairs. My mom was organizing the closet. I opened the door, it was dark outside. I closed the door and opened it again, it was a bit lighter. I tried to get outside but I couldn't. I heard someone falling through the stairs. I turned around and there was nothing. I was afraid it had been my dog IRL, but then thought there was no way I would have heard that.

      My DEILD alarm woke me up (oh the irony). I stayed still. I plugged my nose and I was dreaming surprisingly. I couldn't out of bed. I spun around really fast and ended up watching a game. I was controlling one of the characters, I was in a plaza in the middle of the day. I went into my character so I could have a body. I started running while rubbing my hands. I tried to take off but I fell.

      I had a few more FAs/DEILD Chains and they were all crappy. I woke up a bit mad that I couldn't enjoy any of these.
    2. Reoccurring Breaking Teeth Dream (Forgot to add to today's journal)

      by , 08-31-2016 at 02:02 AM
      I thought I was awake but I wasn't. It was a False Awakening...I had a dream that I was just sitting here in bed eating & watching tv & one of my teeth broke halfway off & I freaked out & ran to the bathroom to look in the mirror & saw that one of my teeth had broken in half. I was freaking out & went back into my room. I thought this really happened in the end & made me have some serious anxiety.

      I went back & made this journal entry because I forgot & it's my most serious reoccurring dream & reoccurring false awakening. I always think I'm awake when this happens & I wake up freaking out. It sometimes makes me have multiple false awakenings. It's a great fear I have because I have dentures on the top & fear the day I will need them on the bottom.... I don't mind talking about it.... I had crooked teeth as a child which I knew would lead to problems later in life & also had a heat stroke at a girl scout retreat along w/ some other girls which made me prone to having nausea. Now I have to be careful in the heat. Hence my anxiousness of my A/C not working right this summer. Then there was my Hyperemesis during my pregnancies I was constantly in the hospital puking up blood which ate at my teeth & stomach. Any puking scenario scares the hell out of me, where my teeth are concerned. And the final nail in the coffin was when I became a meth addict in my 20's..... Anyway, this was important for me as a person to add to my journal.
    3. Just Right there

      by , 05-09-2016 at 07:04 AM
      Slept in a different place than usual as I was saying. This is a very good place for dreaming and lucidity. My mind did not shift into dreams at all. When I was asleep it just held the same place as I was when I awake. I was very still. I was nervous about relaxing and going of into dream cause it was a new place and I also had a killer headache all night which helped me focus my attention on the present. There were a couple of times when I knew I was asleep but was still I in the same place that I fell asleep in FA and so could have gone off into dream and explored whatever. However I was very happy just to be there and on retrospect this was very helpful. I am always saying how dreaming is not dreaming it is lucidity and here I really experienced that and I am working towards a dream goal of meditating when becoming lucid because I know all the adventures to be pointless, from a dream yoga point of view, and just reinforce bad worldly habits. The next time I am going to trust the lucidity more and do some meditation methods. Looking forward to snuggling up in my new spot again soon. And the stary sky that you and patience were talking about. TOTALLY know what you mean it is like the roof comes of my head and there is so much space and the place where I am sleeping becomes totally safe. Happy Days
    4. Sex and Darkness

      by , 01-05-2016 at 02:14 AM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      #482 - DEILD - 4:11AM

      I have a false awakening where there is some sort of party going on in my bedroom with the guys from work. There's some issue with the Playstation and I have to sort it out. I am a little annoyed they were being so loud and woke me up but I manage to go back to sleep.

      I wake slightly and move just a bit to get more comfortable and focus on DEILD. There are some very mild vibrations and I get too caught up in focusing on that causing my lucidity to dip a bit.As I wait, my wife rolls over closer and starts making out with me. I'm really enjoying this and wonder if she's woke up wanting to do it or if I am really just dreaming. Either way I don't care and just enjoy the moment. She starts talking about wanting sex and some other things that surprise me a little. I think this is probably a dream and while I ponder that I actually hear her begin to snore. I realize she can't possibly be making out with me and snoring at the same time and my full lucidity returns. Unfortunately my wife begins to toss and turn a bit and it totally wakes me up.

      After she settles down, I try to DEILD again only to fail. I am in the living room painting a mural on the wall. I am working painting a man and I keep having trouble with the white beard. I manage to get it to look right, but when I look away to reload my brush, the different color have blended together too much. I step back to the whole picture and I notice different sections that don't go. The man is too small and standing in trees and on the other end someone has painted furniture. I give up and tell myself I'll have to just paint over the whole and start fresh later. I decide to go back to bed for now and when I lay down thinking about all of this, I realize it's a dream.

      It's really dark now and my wife is talking a bunch of nonsense. It's so distracting that I can't even think. I shout, "SHUT UP!" Shocked at my out burst I wait for her to retaliate, but she is now silent. I chuckle a bit and wonder if I said that in my sleep because it sounded so loud and clear. I shout out again wondering if maybe I really am awake. I do a nose plug and blow through so I get up, but it all feels to real. I fall back into bed and then decide to just go for it. I get up and move out of the bed room in the total darkness. I shout, "HEY DREAM!" and then fall into an abyss. I enjoy the sensation of falling for a few seconds and then hit the floor. I realize I am back in the bedroom. It's still too dark, but I can see that much. I recall the make out session from earlier and find my wife. I'll spare the details, but I decided to have raunchy sex with my wife. It's a pretty lengthy segment for a lucid dream. Some how we move around the room this is all happening and end up in the bathroom. I notice the woman has shifted from looking like my wife to looking like some other woman. I really just want my wife, but realize this is the nature of dreams.

      I stand up in the bathroom and notice is nearly totally dark again. I recall a trick I was told about and blind summon a light from my pocket. I get some light when I flick it, but see some hideous monster with giant eyes looking at me. I put away the lighter and blindly punch at the creature as I move back into the bedroom. I quickly decide to forget I saw that and just wondering into the dining room. I try light switches and even find a huge breaker box. I flip all the switches, but I still can't see. I'm starting to get annoyed now and desperately look for any light source. I notice the fridge is open a bit and light is spilling out of it. I open and study the food items but they all look oddly distorted. I go back into the dining room and see a super bright light coming from a bowl on the table. It's too bright to look at, but only dimly lights the room. I get on the floor and study the wood grain for a bit to stabilize. Now the kitchen light is all the way on so I rush to it. When I get there the room distorts and morphs and the dream fades.

      I find myself back in bed looking at my phone. I have a snapchat text open. It's mostly non letter characters, but there is one sentence. "Fell a distance of ooooooohhhhh". I laugh decide it's a log of what happened to me during the earlier part of my dream. I scroll down but the phone zooms into much to see it all and bar of black makes it hard to see. I notice I scrolled past the word "sex", but can't seem to find it again. I've been taking screenshots of all of this hoping that somehow it will be on my phone when I wake up, but I know deep down it wont. Too bad.

      Now my daughters come in the room and for some reason this is so distracting that I loose all lucidity. They have swollen sores on there legs and my wife says it has to be bed bugs bites. Somehow I doubt it, but I get up and doctor their wounds anyway. After I do that my wife gets ready to leave and says she needs to take them someplace and she will be right back. I'm confused, but just say, "Ok." Then my son wakes up and runs into the room crying for her. I say, "Oh look. Mohinder woke up." That's not even close to his actual name, but in the dream I don't even find this odd. I have to hold him so my wife can leave out the front door. It's at this point that I wake up.
    5. N8: ...

      by , 08-16-2015 at 09:27 PM
      So I dreamt that I was going back to elementary school for a visit with my class. There was something going on. If we found a pig in a wedding dress, and a baby cow, we'd get a prize. I found the pig- it was in a closet. Then I walked past a 3rd grade classroom to see that the kids in there had already found the cow. Then the dream shifted- I was at a hospital waiting room at night. We went outside (my mom, sister, brother and I) To see... Barack Obama! He needed a ride somewhere. That just seemed so strange to me, I did a reality check. My finger didn't go through my hand, but sort of "melted" into it. Eh, still, that wouldn't happen IWL! I plugged my nose too, and could breathe perfectly! I tried to take off to fly, but couldn't! I "woke up" and immediately did a reality check. Nope, still dreaming. I got up, but as soon as I did, I "woke up" again, and did a reality check, only to find that I was in yet another false awakening. I tried shouting "Clarity now!" a few times because everything was blurry, but it was no use. After a few more false awakenings, I woke up.
    6. Did WBTB, two dreams, one lucid, loads of false awakenings

      by , 11-19-2014 at 02:26 AM
      non-dream dream lucid

      I slept a LOT today. I could literally explain my entire day in detail here.

      I entered the day in what seemed to be a black void. Well not really. I'd fallen asleep at my computer and when I woke up everything was black. When I uncovered myself everything was still black. Silent as well. The power was out and all the lights were off.

      I went to the living room up stairs and started listening to my radio. An hour later I did the unthinkable and went back down into the black void known as the basement cause my antenna is down there! I spent half an hour down there before coming back up and laying down, still listening to the radio.

      Ended up experimenting, practicing SSILD cycles with the radio on Didn't work out so well. Actually managed to get numb in some spots but it just didn't happen other wise.

      Ended up listening to the radio all the way until 7 or so, when the power came back on.

      Turned on my laptop and came here to just see what was up. Then came to the question of whether to WBTB or not. I ultimately decided to, so I started my clock and went to bed.

      Ended up waking up an hour before the alarm, so I thought "good enough" and went back to sleep, practicing SSILD cycles as I drifted off.

      And here's where the fun begins.

      The PILD
      Lucid: yes
      TGMG: potentially, but ultimately no.

      I am in my living room, playing an NES game. It looks like Mario but the levels are nothing like I've ever seen before. I have a few false awakenings before I realize something is up. So of course I get up and my room is more or less the same as IWL. I then walk out the door and into the back yard. And this is where things get different.

      I look at the area where the shed was and it's a rather large ruin of a shed that was painted white. I look around and there's a bunch of wood everywhere. I look down and there's a piece of wood in the ground that sounds like there could be something under it. I start to pull it up and I see a bunch of duffel bags in the hole. I climb in and I pull the duffel bags out of the hole, but the wood falls on the hole and there's a bunch of spiders on the wood.

      I just look out of the hole, occasionally grabbing the dirt in the opening before I stop caring and just push the wood away. I carry the duffel bags inside and I open them up to find a bunch of old clothes. They're all completely dry and they even smell decent. Among the clothes I also find a bunch of old school stuff - binders and whatnot. I open those up to find orange text from when I was a log younger.

      I put it away and I then find a bunch of gameboy games and SD cards. I look at the gameboy games. Lots of black cartridges that I have no clue what games are on them.

      The SD cards are also black. I grab them all and start stacking them. "Damn that's a lot of SD cards! Look how tall this stack is!" I don't remember how tall the stack was.

      I have another false awakening.

      I'm back playing the Mario game again! I'm in a very dark level. Well the background is completely black. There's brown Mario styled bricks on the ground and ceiling. I'm also listening to the sound. Sounds like a Mario game except its in stereo oddly enough.

      I continue running down this corridor until eventually the game starts acting weird. The audio goes mono and becomes a bit watery sounding. The graphics also change as the bricks become round stones and Mario becomes Fire peach.

      Ah ha!
      This must be a dream! I immediately become lucid, and realize that I'm playing this on my laptop. I get off and get up. I take care not to destabilize the dream. I look around, looking at how real everything looks.

      The house is more or less the same as in real life except some of the lighting is different. This is more apparent in the kitchen.

      Timmy comes towards me as I'm looking around and asks me whats up. I tell him "I'm dreaming!" and open the front door. I then open the real front door with telekinesis apparently (It was just open).

      Timmy asks me what I'm gonna do, and I tell him I'm going out side. I look out the door, stabilizing the dream. I then walk outside. I start to think "Well I'm dreaming! So what goals do you want to try and do?". I try and remember my lucid list but the only goal I can remember is the one where I shrink myself.

      By this time I'm on the outside porch, (more or less identical to IWL) and I look around. Everything is quite icy, but I don't feel cold. I raise my hands in the air and look up. I then shrink to about a quarter my size.
      Well that's one goal done. No bonus points cause all you did was run to the corner store

      I run off the porch and into the road. The road is quite icy. My brother starts following me as I get to the corner. I look down ecorse rd and I see it's a lot darker than IWL. More houses, and it seems to end in a straight turn to the right. The store down the svc drive looks more or less the same as it does IWL. I continue to walk down, looking down every street that I can.

      I eventually get to where the chicken place is, and I walk inside. This place is pretty much the same as IWL as well. I look around and there's a bunch of food on the back counter. I want to eat some but I think "What if I'm not dreaming?" so I run out.

      All of a sudden I walk up in my bed. I had a false awakening. I get up and everything is blueish. It almost feels as if someone else is in the room but I don't know it. I get up and float across the living room. I say "Jesus christ!", and then I plug my nose. Only to find out I can still breath when it's plugged. "okay this is a dream you don't need to be saying that".

      This next part is a bit of a blur. I definitely lost lucidity.

      I walk into this room that looks like something out of Half Life 2 and metal gear solid put together. There's a DC in there explaining the SD cards to me. He says that someone made the SD cards work like that intentionally to put you to sleep. They don't explain why though. I do learn how it works however. Each SD card has a few DOS games on it as well as a batch file to load them. If you load the games without any batch file, it puts you to sleep, but you don't realize you've gone to sleep. Some of the SD cards, particularly the one I was playing, with Mario, had the batch file tampered with so it acts as if it's not a batch file.

      I have this huge blue monitor to the left of me, and a tunnel that you could crawl through? in front.

      I am then playing this Sonic game where I'm being bounced all over the place with flippers in what seems to be a futuristic setting. Then I'm in a spindash tunnel. I get stuck in it, but I want to go another way so somehow I make my way back up, and I get myself into a launcher and try to get up the top tunnel. It takes a few tries. I don't remember what's on top.

      I wake up some time around here.
      I recall it's now around 11 or so.

      After this I'm incredibly tired, so I end up writing down a lot of things about the dream (go tired me ). I really hesitate though because of just how tired I am. I make lots of mistakes as well.

      Well eventually I end up going to sleep again where I had another dream.

      The windy forest
      Lucid: no
      TGMG: no

      It's during the day time and I'm on a long road in the middle of the forest. No clue where this is but I do know it is quite windy, but not cold.

      There's no cars on the road and I never see any. I look up and the sky is overcast but it is quite bright out. Eventually the wind is so strong that I get picked up off my feet, and into the woods. I see a bunch of trees where I'm going, with water on the bottom. Obviously a swamp.

      I get close enough to a rather large tree and I grab on. It's too large for me to wrap my arms around but I am capable of holding on. As I'm holding on I get my first glimpse of the area. It's a swamp, with lots of large trees like the one I'm on.

      I start climbing up the tree until I get to a large branch. I climb on and sit down. Now I look around fully and I see a swing-like thing made out of tree trunks. There's also a bear laying down on it!

      I watch it for a moment. The bear is swinging back and forth on the branch.

      I look up the tree and I see a yellow rope laying down. I look up to where it's coming from and I see an incomplete bridge. It's made of wood and there's a odd black thing coming off the incomplete end. I grab the rope and start climbing up it.

      As I'm climbing I realize that I don't need much grip to stay on. I could get away with just holding it in my fingers and it would be fine.

      I eventually climb to a branch really close to the bridge. I grab hold of the bridge and I see it swaying back and forth. I then see a DC on the bridge. A female park ranger? They take the rope and throw it to me from the bridge. I climb on and I then see a toolbox the DC has. They're here to fix a bit of the bridge.

      They ask for help, and I start helping them. So they go into their toolbox and start grabbing small screws. Really really small. They then start screwing them into random bits of wood.

      They ask me to do the same so I get a screw and put it into the side of one board on the wall. I can't get it in though! So I try and get it in again. This time it works.

      By now its night time, so the DC thanks me and leaves. I'm alone now so I just get up and walk the path beyond the bridge. I the
      n wake up.

      Once I wake up I'm still really tired.
      Over the course of writing this DJ, I fully awoke and now I feel fine.

      Spoiler for Temp stuff:
    7. "Pulling Sensation"

      by , 05-11-2014 at 11:50 AM
      I have multiple False Awakenings and Lucid dreams all of the time.. One weird thing that happens during any type of False Awakenings that I have is:

      I will realize that I am dreaming in the dream, and I will tell myself to wake up.. Then, if I try hard enough to wake up, I feel this pulling sensation.. It's almost like my soul is being ripped out of my body.. That's the best way that I can explain it... Usually, when I feel that crazy sensation, I wake up..

      I either wake up into another dream, or I will wake up for real.. It's nuts.. I read somewhere that someone else has experienced the "pulling sensation." Nobody that I know personally has experienced something like that.. I was glad to read online today that I'm not the only one, and not crazy. Lol. In fact, I think that I read about that person's experience on here, but I can't find it again...
    8. Bunch of DJ's #2

      by , 12-29-2013 at 02:58 PM
      Had a dream where I was at a secret underground base in Norway and we were sending out jets doing secret ops from there. From there I had to learn all the intricacies of living underground. Also for some reason weed was legal at this base, so that was a whole other deal that we had to put up with. Most of the people from my work were there including my friend Scott. The underground part of the base was also mostly earth colored as if the walls were excavated. For the most part it was night time during this dream.
      The underground part of the bases had many rules and regulations as to how it was run. There was also a special class that you needed to take if you were military in order to be able to take some of the weed. Many people from my shop were secretly trying to take that military course in order to be put on the list that says you can smoke it legally. I knew full well though that it was still illegal for us, but everyone wanted to sneak away to this. Near the end of the dream it got pretty interesting as there were a few close calls that made my heart pound somewhat. Also there was this one part where I m running this one part of this underground lair which happens to be a bedroom area with a huge bed and for some reason everything is freaking me out in the room as I can see all the silhouettes. I knew there was nothing to be afraid of though, and there was nothing supernatural going on but I still had a mini panic attack. After that small part I ended up waking up to the sound of me pushing my laptop off of my bed.
      We all live on a small triangle dice. Whenever the die rolls one side of it is gonna get crushed and there's a 33 percent chance of that happening. i see all the small people around me and wonder why we aren't more significant but I can't imagine why.
      You choose your poison. At one point I end up bringing up all my stuff onto a ship and there's this one small African american kid that tries to steal my stuff from the boat every now and again. I tell him to keep trying. I remember thinking that I am about to set off on an adventure like Bilbo. We were heading out to thee open ocean. I remember seeing from afar that in this video game like reality there was a few normal boats and that there were the pirates of the Caribbean boats. It turned out that the people on the boat from the third world countries made it while many of their family members did NOT. Thankfulness for our predicament, no matter if you're getting robbed, starving, been through harsh times, you're suffering is what you make off it, and is yours to learn from and grow.
      Had a dream where Ozzy told me to shave my mustache because it was out of regs, but he had a chinstrap. Went on a journey because the world was ending, but I still had to check in to work. There was a town that I needed to go to to fix the water supply with an antidote but nobody wanted to drive me because they were too busy. Was a really crazy dream.
      Had a bunch of awesome dreams induced by galantamind. One was where I was in some sort of underground lair that you get to by a special train that a bunch of people get on and then someone pulls the emergency stop and the train crashes and you end up in some certain underground apartment thing where you have to face many different enemies with different powers. It seemed like it played out somewhat like dark souls and that you could level up. It seemed like it was a never ending series of choices that made you go up a spiral staircase as you fought many different and more gruesome foes. On te last floor you choose your fate and you either die b the hands of the midget wizard, some guy from dark souls or a few other people that gained powers after they exited the same train as you.
      I had another dream here I had met the love of my life at a giant school like area with humongous rides and giant arcades and a giant religious sect. We shared a hug love of Disney and for this one giant tall building where a bunch of people got together and played video games, but much more than that. In another small area there seemed o be a sort of religious corrupt sect of some sort that seemed good on the surface but ultimately was not.
      there was another dream where I was transported to this dark realm where I was some sort of evil king but eventually everyone got tired of me, but somehow i knew that I still had power there, and so did many other people. They locked me in this closet type deal, which was actually more like a special door where people could come and challenge me. There I was hung by my body and challengers would open my door, and as they came in I would throw them down a seemingly endless pit bellow me, never to see them again.
      I had a few other lucid dreams, where in multiples of them I met the same girl that I fell in love with. I can't remember them al but I do remember that it was strong feelings.
      Had a dream where I was on a tdy with a bunch of military people that I work with, but also for some reason there ere a bunch o my classmates that just happened to be there at the same time. it was a dream where we were tdy on a tropical island and wile everyone that was in m class was there for a reason that was unknown to me, I still had to work. There was a feeling of a fresh new start for me there because it was a tdy. When I talked to my classmates there they said that there was probably some ulterior motive behind why they were there but they didn't say. At work on the island there were a few incidents that happened. When we were trying to re position jets there was a fiasco with the tow job and the jet came loose. Everything was fine in the end though.
      At some point in the dream I realized that it was a dream and I started talking to the DC from my class. They wer really cool about me askinng them that if they knew it was a dream. Then we walked the beach just talking. At some point in the dream i thought that I would write down my dreams on y cop, but for some reason I had someone else laptop.
      Next I remember i'm back at work on the tdy and our senior was saying that we could al leave from work or go on this tdy where they would perform all sorts of experiments and tests on us to test us. The requirements were that we had to be a1c and we had to have our gi bill, as well as a few other things. There were a bunch of dreams that all stemmed off of this giant tdy dream with my workmates and classmates. It was overall really interesting and I knew that I had to write it down so that I wouldn't forget any of it.
      Me and a few other of my friends are knights and we are on a quest, but we are pretty late. I don't remember clearly much after that.
      I Live in a dorm room at the end of a row of dorms but its larger than normal and has its own yard. Light does not reach that far. I look at the time and see that it is seven forty and think that I am past the time that i need to wake up so I kind of freak out but am still chill. There is a back story as to how I got the room at the end but I can't remember. I wake up so as to go and wake up Martinez but its only five forty.
      Had a dream where I was working on aircraft at Hawaii and for some reason the other squadron hd to move a bunch of f15e's to the other side of the freeway via road. In order to do so they had to remove giant sections of the freeway with a harrier jet via airlift and then push the jest as they go over the open space with a tow vehicle wings of the jet got knocked so it fell off and I just remember thinking that it would take a lot of man hours and money to fix.
      I saw that we are based out of a certain area that seemed to be a large industrial complex. I was let off of work pretty early because on the white board it said that my assignment was already complied with. We end up doing a run with Robinson, Walser, me and a few other people there. They learned what happened to the other squadron by asking me, or rather I had to tell them.
      Had a dream where I was on a walking dead island. I was stuck in a building at one point and I watched Aziz Ansari die to zombie illness just outside my window. I also saw the police searching with their helicopters. Timmy from South Park flew me around in a helicopter as well a a bunch of other people. The building that we were in had classrooms and the like. During the first night we all find a bunch of pot to smoke and we divide it up. We only see a couple zombies for the most part. I don't remember much after that.
      Almost partied with that dude from LMFO during the dream. He was walking around carrying a bottle of something. It was a once day and there was a library to the left down this road and at the end of it was tow buildings, one of which was a lube and I forget what the other one was. I get some hassle from other kids around but I put them in their place by acting suave. I go into the library but for some reason I take off my pants.
      In this dream I find myself back on my home island. I notice that it feels very very real. Somehow I end up in this cave up the side of the fountain facing outwards towards the water. I see a gigantic meteor fall out of the sky and decimate an entire area of the island in a heartbeat. There are huge waves crashing about and weird weather. I really do feel that this is the end and I feel sad that I will never see my family again. It turns out though that my family is in another cave to the left of the one I was in. Family friends, cousins, and my grandma was located in that cave. I started to talk to them about how this is the end and that we could not survive another strike like that. Just as I say that another gigantic meteor comes crashing down, this tie to the left and I see another portion of my island become devastated. There was intense feelings of realism there. That is what I remember.
      Had a dream where I was back at school as well as a dream where I was doing something else I can't quite remember. What I do remember is that I was at my elementary school library.
      There was another part of this dream where I am playing basketball with Nguyen and there is a part where I am outside shooting hoops ad inside my old school gym. We see people going out to party.
      Had a dream where I went to Malloch's party and there was burnt gyoza there. He was flirting with two girls even though he was already married. This house party was set up at a huge college/modern/theater area where for some reason I was walking around with my cousins and my sister and mom and we were investigating a crime scene where an alien had just died. We were trying to cover it up but at the same time we were trying to bust it wide open. the aliens had purple blood which i remember because i saw a nearby elevator that had evidence of purple blood.I really wanted to investigate these vents but they were up at least sixty feet up in the air. There happened to be a giant stack of plastic boxes, grayish in color all stacked onto one another in a pyramid like fashion. My family came and we all got into it and I counted that I could go up and down it in four leaps.
      Had a dream where I Was with Courtney and
      Had a dream where I was batman and I was chasing after Harley Quinn, Joker, and Scarecrow. We were inside of a building with the joker and Scarecrow and the building is full of poisonous gas. Its a multi tiered building. It seems that the Joker has come up with some sort of extra strength laughing gas or something in a certain part of this area. I am viewing third person then I become batman. We end up chasing them around except because of our presence there , the Joker needed certain items that he didn't have to activate something that he had, and we had those items. I believe it was some sort of wireless signal type device. After they get that they disappear and we start looking for them. I end up going throughout the maze because I saw that they were gone. they didn't go through the part of the maze with the thicker poison, but for some reason I had to go into that area. When I did get to those poisonous gas area, the dream ended. if I tried harder I could have gone into dream exit induced lucid dream.
      In this dream I am hanging out with some people from high school. Some people from other grades, as well as Egoraptor and Jontron. For some reason in this dream I have a reputation of always sleeping on the job or something. We walk around to a bunch of different giant arcades, some of which has Disney and barney characters. Inside one of them I go in with my mom to see what they have and it is actually raining inside of one of the restaurants. Next thing I remember I am out on the ocean in a kayak with egoraptor and jontron and we see two whale sharks as well as what we think is a bull shark. They were very close to our boat and we were all flabbergasted. Then I end up jumping on top of the bull shark which turns into one of those long necked prehistoric type sea monsters and I ride it back to shore. While I dismount I realize that I have to go see my classmates at a shop further down the street. When I get off of the dinosaur I a given an option of whether to allow the monster to forget or remember our encounter. I let it forget it so I don't get eaten. then I walk down the boardwalk with my Nintendo ds and meet up with Jordan and Nainoa. They seem much smaller than usual. we go down more and we end up seeing Nainoa complaining about traffic rules and how dumb they are. Everyone mentions my 2ds and says that its interesting. Then the dream ends and I can't remember much more.
      Had a dream that I was in the military still but I was in some sort of new college. It was like a large gray building. We had a few really easy classes. I was with people from my high school, but all my classes were applicable to the job in the military. They were really really easy. I remember talking to David Paik and finding out from him that we have a meeting that was to discuss about how our college gets paid for and that it was mandatory. Also the next day was going to be a not have to go in to work sorta day.
      Had a dream where I was at the mall with my cousins and we went to a shop where my friend Tyler was running the stand and we bought a bunch of weed from him. Met up with my older cousin at the mall.
      Had a dream where we had a high school reunion at a mall. There was a dance party. I had met up with some chick that i knew. For some reason I was looking after her kid. Was having a good time until I lost the kid.
      Had a lucid dream with my Aunty at one point, and then with my mom. I flew around and taught my Aunty to fly and how we could change the weather. I flew around with my mom on my back.
      Had a lot of dreams having to do with dogs.
      Had an awesome really vivid lucid dream where I was able to fly around and try many different things. I flew around near an ocean and terra formed some land. I also Terra formed the ocean by making giant waves become cylinders. The experience was amazeballs. It felt very real, I could feel all the little details of it. The cool ocean breeze, etc. I end up fling near a large flat rock face and decide I want to climb it by singing the Hercules song I will find my way. I get to a point where I can't go much higher so I phase through the mountain side into the dark interior of the mountain. i see matrix code and I reach for a door and open it to another area that is inside. In this area I see and face slenderman in a few different forms. One of the forms looked like Jack skellington.
      Next I see a couple of cute asian girls or possibl white girls walk out. One has a pirate costume with purple trim. i liked her a lot. I fliirted with her a bit and then walked to this other area of this malll. The middle area was another clinder tpe area with steps all around it. I lose track of this girl but then I see her on the second floor, where I am encouraged to go and get her. I climb up a tall tiled lightpole to get to her. i then end up outside walking down the street where I see a google road car drive past me and take pictures.
      Before this dream i had a somewhat ocf a nightmare. I dreamt that me and my family was on a pretty ritzy resort island. Everything was fine and awesome. Then I remember ending up back in m room iin Hawaii. I find my ipad and a bunch of other electronics are destroyed but I don't let it get me down. I take out m drawer of electronics and I go to town. I then end up back at the island somehow after we go to school and work.
      Back on the island resort there were a lot of stuff to do. The floor was stone and each room had something different to do. There was a room with free food out. Eventually though there was an event where we somehow ended up running from large green demon looking things. A group of the other tourists ended up in our room tring to hide from it. I nearly get a bunch of us caught, and eventually I get caught by one of them as they open up the side windows and just drag me and a few other people out. It turns out that I just end up waking up to find that I am okay but still in the dream. the island was devastated but we were all making due. it seemed alike a really down to earth place.

      Had some other non lucid dreams that had to do with Hawaii probably.

      Had a dream where my sister and I were at home with my mom. We came back to visit and we were talking about how our lives were going. For some reason I bought 2 cup noodle saimin and one pork saimin and we were eating those. It looked like we were at my house at first but then it switched over and it all seems to be a pretty normal dream as it seems very close to real life. Sister was playing league of legends so we were talking about that. I get to see my cousin Shaun as he comes over. When I look outside I find that I am in my old house back in Hawaii. I distinctly remember the taste of the cup of noodles that I got and was eating.
      Had a couple dreams where I was watching a bunch of nerd have a wedding. It was this one guy with salt an pepper hair and this other chick It seemed they were having a star wars wedding. On the left side there were a bunch of family and friends. On the right side of the wedding part there were a bunch of well known nerds like Michio Kaku and that one black dude.
      Other then that I remember watching giant advertisements in the sky, probably sponsored by Disney. The one I remember the most is the one where there are giant genie legs in the sky and then it becomes a whole long commercial.
      There were a bunch of other parts to this dream that I can't remember fully right now.
      Hung out at a friends house and we were trying to spades but we couldn't find the cards. Hung out watching dbz with his sisters. They had a lot of dogs and their house was pretty big. Sister's room on the left, parents room in the middle, Watson's room on the right.
      Had a somewhat nightmare that I had to do a research project on a recent death. The weird thing was that these deaths were caused by a demonic force. I remember vividly seeing some of the deaths occur and I remember after revisiting some of those houses that there was a small amount of hair stuck in the vents for each of those houses, everyone drove Mercedes, and that all of the old ladies cats would always stay outside of their owners houses. the project that I had to do for class had to do with the info that we got from each instance of research.
      Had a dream where i was with another friend that was much more powerful than me at the time. It was almost as if I was trying to gank someone in league of legends with him as we were chasing someone down. We were at some sort of giant pond that as setup like a track field. I was trying to lure the guy out so we could get the kill but he wouldn't fall for that. He notices that I split up with my teammate so he thinks this is his chance and he sprints after me. I realize how far I've gotten and sprint away from him and jump over the pond with a jump or a double jump. this goes on for a while and we are going full speed. at some point i end up jumping over again and going over fences. the chase is intense, so much so that it becomes day time. I end up going through fences and over gates. I end up running into some other person at a new setting which is like a ghetto part of the city. Its a giant Sasquatch looking kid. He tries taking me out but he doesn't get me. I run into another kid then i switch dreams

      I talk to someone that is staying over at my place and he says that someone has seen coming over and opening my door and throwing stuff at him or hitting him so i get paranoid about m open door. I wait for him so i can counterattack but he never shows up. I also have a few false awakenings and a real one..
      Had a long series of lucids and a false awakening, going into space and a lot of stabilization techniques. I got to meet up with some o my friends from Hawaii and we went and chilled. Ended up going to some small shops and a bar to get cigarettes and I saw another shop that had a lot of cool nerd stuff in it. I also remember from a previous dream that there was a series of fireworks that were going off that I saw while i was near the pool. Every once in a while the fireworks would come back.
      During one of my lucid dreams I had a long talk with some dream characters about if they knew that they were dream characters. They were two lold ladies. One was giving me some sort of weird hand massage or exfoliating thing with a bunch of hot black rocks on m hands. I asked them a few questions but they didn't seem to be all that distressed about it. I remember making a bunch of crystals for them because that was their currency. After that I went on my way. I also had a somewhat disturbing short snippet of a dream were it was about trypophobia and how the children of that one frog with holes on its back like to dig deeper and latch on to the bottom for as long as possible.
      Had a whole dream about an island of walking dead type deal. Same as I've had before.
      Had a dream to Cali for vacation from work without telling anyone. I also saw a pilot pilot a small aircraft as a secret mission.
    9. A bunch of FAs

      by , 09-10-2013 at 05:25 PM (The Dream Cauldron)
      I woke up at around 8 AM and left my room to go downstairs. I realize I'm dreaming as I go down the steps. The dream feels fuzzy but I can still feel the railing and hear the ping of the railing.

      I have a FA and am now in my dining room. There is a storm outside, the backyard is flooded and it looks like a tornado is on the house.

      After the storm the backyard seems to have changed. I look around and note that the leaves on the tree are a different color and some people's backyard ornaments are missing.

      Later I'm in a really weird place that is a combination of a bouncy castle and a candy land. I got here from a mazelike blue building where a DC said something about "my (their) fortress" and I thought "yeah, your fortress" because of how confusing the hallways were.
    10. Russian knife fight, tiny giraffes, and noisy jackasses.

      by , 04-09-2013 at 10:08 PM
      Galantamine Dreams

      I just had a series of false awakenings/Dreams that took me deeper than anything ive experienced before. I've recently been trying out the Galantamine/Choline combo from Dreamamins over the past week, and while I haven't become lucid while on them yet I always have false awakenings and intense Dreams anyway. What follows is the most intense series of Dreams and false awakenings I've had to date. What I've written is only what I could remember because by the time the last one was over, the first had already begun to fade from memory. I must admit that I felt a little trapped, like I was unable to wake from these Dreams but I kept trying, hence the amount of false awakenings. I liked it, It felt like separate lives...

      In the first, I Dreamt that I was following Jeremy Renner around because he was some kind of secret agent. I don't remember exactly what happened anymore but I do remember that at one point he was being hunted by the Russian government, and at some point we walked into a room that had several people strapped to gurneys, all of them bled out and dead. There were two Russians in the room, I was given the impression that one was a doctor and the other was simply a killer. When I first walked in, i saw a larger man twitching on the gurney closest to me as though he weren't quite dead, but dying, and about six others who were dead. I also saw the killer Russian bent over a last victim slicing open their neck. As soon as they saw us, I became Jeremy Renner, or I should say, the secret agent. The Russian had two scalpels, but they were larger than they should've been and he came at me yelling and extremely intimidating. I found that at that moment I had two knives as well and we began to fight. He sliced and jabbed at me and I managed to deflect and protect myself rather expertly. This went on for a good minute and I began to think about the fight too much, and he sliced one of my hands forcing me to drop the knife. Then he tackled me and bit a chunk of my ear off, and the Dream went black, but I didn't wake up.

      The next thing I remember is being in some kind of basement where people were working on something I'm still not sure of, but I remember there being farm animals there. I remember washing my hands with bloody plastic gloves on, and I remember seeing the smallest giraffe and gorilla ever. I mean tiny, just about a foot and a half tall, and they looked like they were made out of arts and crafts decorations but they were moving. I thought to myself how cute they were and that my girlfriend would want to see them so I tried to take a pic, but the other people there said that pics weren't allowed so I didn't take any, I just pet them. I was also warned that the giraffe bites, so I was trying to be careful with it, but every time I tried to pet his head he tried to take a piece of my finger off. Little bastard. Then I "woke" from this Dream.

      I awoke to our bedroom and was a little disappointed that my Galantamine hadn't helped me to become lucid, again. I remember that I turned on the radio and started blasting P.O.D.'s here comes the boom out the window in response to our new neighbors being noisy jackasses. Then I remember my girl being in the next room and coming in to talk to me. Now, when I fell asleep before all these Dreams, my girls mom was supposed to come home for lunch while my girl is at work, this confused me because her mom wasn't home and she was, so I asked her what was up with that. She said she didn't know where her mom was and was carrying a pair of scissors in her hand. She was walking away from me and reached for something on the dresser, which I snatched from her fearing that she had done away with her mom and I was next. Tis isn't something I actually fear in real life but somehow was a concern in the Dream. When I grabbed it, it was the size of one of those poppers kids get that they throw at stuff, and it said TNT on it. The Dream faded and I was laying in bed.

      The next Dream I remember was odd too but not so much. I had a false awakening and thought I woke up from the last Dream and that I was in bed. I even remember looking at the clock and seeing the time correctly, it was about where it should have been. The next thing I remember I was on the balcony of our apartment with the iPad, writing like I do, and our new neighbors were being jackasses again and he was messing with his truck for whatever reason. They like to do doughnuts in the middle of the night, but this time he did something else, he just peeled out and tried to take off but something, probably me, made his truck flip over. It landed on its top and was smashed to shit, I loved it. I loudly proclaimed YES! when this happened. I remember him getting out of the truck and he started yelling at me and I told him that's what he got for being a stupid jackass and that the next time it happened it hoped he didn't walk away from it. At this point he went into his apartment and I realized that I wasn't alone, there were people everywhere inside my own apartment. It was like our two apartments weren't separated anymore and every annoying jackass he hung out with was now sitting at my dining table, watching my tv, and standing on my balcony! My balcony was also smaller all of a sudden and I had to magically work my way around the other fools there to get inside. I even remember wanting to tell some dude to get out of my chair, but I didn't. When I made it to the kitchen, I saw my neighbor sitting there, crying. I went to go talk to him and I put my hand on his back and asked him why he was so upset, just to be nice, and he ended up asking me if I wanted to go outside and play racquetball with him to make him feel better. I said yes but that I would have to go put my IPad away and get my racquet. I stepped into the room that I thought was mine to discover a couple in there, under the covers, doing things.... I immediately told them to get out because I was certain I was in the right place and this was just too much. Then I took a look around and realized that it wasn't my room after all! I apologized profusely to them and grabbed my IPad before heading out. I was incredibly confused by this, I had no idea what was going on anymore, so i left the apartment completely to see if I was even in the right one. Turns out I really was next door, but the outside of the doors were decorated for Christmas... I knocked on our apartment and my girls mom answered in her robe. I asked her what month it was, and she told me it was November. She told me this as I walked into the apartment, and my neck was scratched by the wreath we had on the door. All at once I began to have trouble breathing, couldn't fathom that I had lost six months time, and dropped to my knees in disbelief at everything that had happened. This is when I finally awoke and realized that everything that had just happened, all four or five Dreams, had been just that. In less than 90 minutes.

      I should mention that absolutely none of the reality checks that I tried worked, I did ask myself several times during the course of these Dreams if I was Dreaming. I was fooled every time. I think that since perhaps the Galantamine makes me more aware, my Dreams respond in kind. They are made more believable, to a point. If I was a master at ADA, then I would've had no problem becoming lucid, but for the level I'm currently at it was enough to trick me.
    11. 11th Mar 2013 Confusing false awakenings, pigeon mail

      by , 03-11-2013 at 02:54 AM (Scionox's Journal of Dreams)
      Dream recall from non-lucid naps.

      Nap #1:

      In the dream, i was still trying to WILD, but i failed again and was basically in the dream in the dream, and there i was still trying to WILD, family came and were annoying and distracting me about something, which ended up with me waking up in the dream where i forgot to reality check and decided to try DEILDing instead, then family was distracting me again and then i woke up truly, what the fuck.

      Nap #2(fragment):

      I was at home and we were using pigeon mail top send some messages somewhere, there was one weird pigeon that didn't looked like pigeon at all.
    12. They Live

      by , 03-03-2013 at 02:51 PM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      This dream as a little earlier than the last one I posted. I took Galantamine but used MILD. Really didn't work so well but its still interesting. The lucid was so brief that I am not adding it to my count.

      They Live MILD 4:10AM

      I have a FA and am in bed with my wife. I hear the baby crying and she wants me to go check on him. I beg and plead with her to let me try to have a lucid dream. I tell her, "I took galantamine and I only do it once a week. Any other night and I would do it but please just let me try to dream." She reluctantly agrees.

      I have another FA. I get out of bed but the house is different but familiar. I walk in the kitchen and see my wife. She looks a little like Deborah from "Everybody Loves Raymond". I don't find this odd I just know her as my wife. She is at the sink peeling carrots. The sink the old white ceramic and really deep. Some how I find out that it is after 6 in the morning and getting close to 7. I notice the sun is up and I feel really pissed that I just slept that long with out even recalling one dream. I think to thank her for letting me sleep but she looks pissed and is not even looking at me. I get a drink of water and decide to just go back to bed.

      On the way I pass my dead grandmother. I look at her from behind as she walks into the kitchen. Somehow I realize that my grandfather is sitting in the living room watching TV. I really want to get back to sleep and try to have a lucid so I ignore them. As I walk down the hallway I think, "Wow. Your grandparents are back from the dead and you don't even pay them any attention. All that feeling guilty for not spending enough time with them was all for nothing."

      I close the bed room door. It is an old heavy wooden door with a really strange knob and locking mechanism. All this is too much. It finally dawns on me. I say, "I am dreaming." but at that instant I wake up.

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    13. 2/3/13 - Lucid and false awakenings.

      , 02-15-2013 at 06:53 AM
      False Awakening in my bedroom - I noticed this deep blue wall paper with a small print. It was beautiful, but not really in my bedroom so I did reality checks and realized I was still dreaming. I immediately fly through the windows and it was daylight outside. I looked over to the left I saw the Hollywood Bowl, but I didn't really want to explore that. Tried to conjure Jules. Walked into a bar and characters said he was at a place called Barstool (I forget the address). On my way over there I hop in a new corvette with Jimmy Fallon. I asked him if anyone has ever told him that he looks like Damone in Fast Times. We're driving around but never find Jules. Woke up. False awakening, reality check and fly out the windows. I appear to be flying over my grandfather's house and there were some runners coming across the swinging bridge. One was my subconscious but he wasn't cooperative and wouldn't answer my questions. Wonder why? Next time I'm going to try for a massage.
    14. Nightmares Loop :S

      by , 11-16-2012 at 02:53 PM
      7 consecutive nightmares (false awakenings) ...involving me being in the "SAW" movie death games in my aunt's vacation house..
      finally realizing I'm dreaming (looking-at-hand reality check)...I run to the nearest balcony...take a look at the fucked up end-of-the world kinda sky and I jump from the balcony as I was mentally exhausted to enjoy the lucidity due to the nightmares (and NO, horror movies don't scare me at all) to end up in false awakening (this time it's not a nightmare)
      so...this is the first time I run away from a nightmare upon being lucid (most of my lucid dreams usually involve fun stuff like flying, sex....)
      oh well...this is my first entry here planning to write here more often..
    15. The green screen

      by , 07-15-2012 at 02:49 AM (Oneironautic Escapades)
      So last night was the single craziest night of dreaming I've experienced in my entire life.
      True Story.

      But first, some background

      Took 2 sleep aid gummies containing about 25mg of Melatonin immediately before bed.
      Which was around 1148. My plan was to core sleep and attempt WILDing when I usually naturally wake up in 4-6 hours. Using an OBE timer a friend of mine sent to me in mp3. I repeated three words to myself as I was falling asleep, EPIC LUCID ADVENTURE. As I have't been fully lucid in a few weeks I was ready for some fun. I dropped off sometime between 12-1230 as I have clock chimes on my phone to keep me aware of objective time. Recently I've been sleeping with earplugs which assist me greatly process of falling asleep. I awoke at 455, for some reason took out my earplugs, went to the bathroom, got some water, and decided to set the OBE timer on my phone and laid back down. I was excited as this was one of the first times I've ever used a timer to help induce a WILD. I must have been too excited cause every mental excise I went through to calm my awareness completely failed, just as I would start to fade the timer would go off and the beeps would snap me back to complete awareness.
      I laid on my back for an hour straight without loosing consciousness once. I was so freakin pissed. The beeps annoyed me since I couldn't fall asleep in between chimes. When six hit I was overly frustrated and decided to get up and vaporize some hash. Only a small amount, as I have heard before that THC can inhibit REM, fuck it, might as well and see what happens. I was finished and head in pillow by 630. My mind was swirling with thoughts, intentions, feelings, and the hope of dreams.

      The following is my best attempt to properly order the events which took place

      I woke up in my room, I knew immediately that I was dreaming, did a nosepinch and confirmed I was in fact non-physical. I looked around and it was kind of dark but everything was still clearly visible. I shouted 'Clarity!' and things got slightly clearer but not hyper-clear, so I figured it was probably just a regular dream and not a wild. I have wanted to converse with my DG for a real long time as he/she is a re-occurring character in my non-lucid dreams. 'Show me my dream guide!' nothing happened. My room looked exactly the same and my lack of control lost me my lucidity and I decided to go back to bed. This is when things kind of took off.
      After falling asleep in my dream, all I could see was a green panel that wasn't quite rectangular but looked like a screen, with foreign/alien symbols divided into 3 lines horizontally. The screen felt to me like a loading screen for a video game, I anchored the belief that I was awake when I saw the screen and I was just waiting for my lucid dream to load. When the loading was complete I nosepinched and lucidly entered the dream.

      I was in a run down school with no one in it. Looks like it has been abandoned for quite some time. I move things with my mind and run my hands along the wall as I walked down the hall to immerse myself in my senses all while repeating 'I'm dreaming..I'm dreaming.. What do I want to do in my dream?'
      'OH YEAH, summon my dream guide!'
      'I DEMAND TO SEE MY DREAM GUIDE!!!' I shouted in the empty hallway, no one appeared but for some reason I now knew that someone was in the back of the kitchen in the cafeteria to my left. As I was walking through the cafeteria I heard a woman/girl humming that sounded soft and warm. Entering into the kitchen there was little light coming through dusty windows , but I saw her immediately. Her figure is unmistakable, she was faced away from me but slightly to the side, she looked at me over her shoulder and smiled. I walked up to her smiling asking if it was her, she nodded. I took one finger and ran it from behind her knee, up the side of her hip, up her back and slid off her shoulder. Taking in every detail. She was wearing tight faded jean bellbottoms and a light blue tank top that barely covered her midriff. Her hair was long and wavy, with highlights of light blue strung towards her tips, I then realized she looked almost exactly like one of my friends ex-girlfriends when she was 18. Her nose was pointed and her skin pale, I was drawn in and lost my lucidity, so excited I took her hand in mine and started on some monologue about myself, my friends, and my father, somehow tying the non-sense into the fact that she was there. She just smiled and humorously nodded as an adult humors an excited child. I realized her demeanor mid-monologue and it shunted me "awake"

      Back to the green screen there were scrolling symbols still I couldn't understand, I just knew I was waiting for the next dream. When I reached up to nosepinch I sat up backwards out of bed. I was back in my room. SHIT, did I wake up? Nosepinch, nope, still dreaming, Oh kay. I FOUND HER. But shes not here now, I'm still in my room and everything looks like it did before.. Weird, I must be in a dream in a dream. Whoa, alright, I need to get back to her. So I looked at the door to my garage and said with intent 'When I walk through THIS door, I will be in the cafeteria!' I barged through the door, and surprise, it was the garage. DAMNIT. I repeated 'I'm dreaming, anytime I felt myself fade, to keep the clarity of the dream. I walked to the car garage door and phased through it, I was outside my house in the driveway. I looked around, the sky had the same orangey color it was when I first WILD'd a few months back. Weird, there was no one around and my lack of interest faded the dream and I "awoke"

      Staring at the green screen I re-iterated the feeling of being awake, only this time every few seconds the screen would slide to the left and show me a brief picture or setting then back to the symbols which were constantly being updated. I watched it for a few seconds and when there was a large red Semi-truck in the frame, looking like it was on a highway, I nosepinched, and the picture grew all around me and became the dream.

      I was standing in front of the very same semi on a highway of non-moving traffic. There was a gun fight going on all around me, and I was already lucid. Sweet, time to cap some foos. I swung my arm out of my field of vision and felt the pistol in my hand, I whipped it back and started shooting dream characters immediately and mercilessly. Realizing I didn't want to be needlessly violent in a completely open ended lucid dream I stopped firing and they all just looked at me. I dropped the gun and made a fake gun with my pointer and thumb, I 'pew pew'd a car several meters away from me and it exploded into a fiery mess. Sweet. Pew pew hands. Forgetting my original agreement I decided explosions were much better than bullets. Everyone ran away from me as I walked down the road 'pew pew'ing everything I could. Towards the end of my Armageddon chaos I'm fairly sure I 9/11'd an 11-story apartment tower that looked familiar. I smiled and "woke"

      Back to the green screen I still felt awake, knowing all I had to do was wait for my dream to load and I could be lucid again. This time it was just symbols still in their three horizontal rows. My nose felt like it was running and I sat up. (I've woken up with nosebleeds many-a-time IWL and felt this was the case) Raising off my pillow everything seemed dark. I could feel the warmth running out of my nose as I tried to sniff it back in. Fuck it, I'd rather dream than clean this shit up, so I put my face back into the pillow and the green screen appeared once again. This time only one screen of symbols, and the rest were pictures. I was made allowed to choose my destination. Random images of places familiar and not slid in and out of the multi-green off-rectangular screen, when an image of a homey Brit. castle appeared, it seemed to be of an old college, like Cambridge mixed with Hogwarts, I know. I know. It seemed appealing and I was drawn to it, so I nosepinched.

      Like before the night grew around me and I was standing in on the side of a street, under a lamp, looking at the very same building.
      'SHOW ME MY DREAM GUIDE!' I hollered into the brisk night. I saw her, she looked like Selene from Underworld this time, only with longer and brighter hair. She was a short distance from me so I couldn't see many details of her. I waved to her and smiled, she smiled back and shouted 'Follow me! Quickly! We must hurry!' She immediately jumped into the hair and started flying the opposite direction of me. Shit! I better follow, I started floating with my traditional style flying(which I felt as though I needed to exert energy for flight) and it was slow and clumsy. I saw her speeding away over rooftops when I decided I needed to get a move on. Knowing I was dreaming the whole time I thought logically that it didn't make sense to have to 'try' to fly. I should just will myself forward, like I do in my running/jumping LDs. With this thought I rocketed forward, nearly catching up to her. We were probably a couple dozen feet from tree-tops, street lamps and the old style buildings in the campus we were now leaving. She was moving faster. I noticed the more I looked around, at the ground and sky I started to loose lucidity. 'I'm dreaming, I'm actually dreaming, I need to follow her'. She started getting away from me as my flight slowed. I shouted 'HEY! SLOW DOWN! You're gonna wake me up!' Realizing I could keep up with all the details I tried 'dimming' my resolution so I could stay lucid. I must have taken it too far because everything became game-like and computer animated. She landed in the middle of some trees and as I approached her I was focusing too hard on her and I gained a 3rd person view of her as if she was my WOW character. I 360'd the scene and she just looked up at me with one eyebrow raised kind of giving me one of those 'really?' smirks while lowering her head. I couldn't re-form and "woke"

      Only this time I woke up in my bed, wet faced down in my pillow. I was still sniffing, my nose was still bleeding. I tried to hold it to but I could just feel the blood running, I nosepinched to see if I was actually awake and it failed, still dreaming. My mother was in the room with me this time, I asked her if there was blood all over my face because I couldn't see it. She said yes and tried to hold something to my face. I declined and told her it was ok, I was just dreaming and I knew how to fix it. Back to bed, in the pillow I go.

      Green screen, and one of the first images was of me flying over one of the buildings where I just was. SWEET! RESPAWN! Nosepinch, and I was in the air.

      I was flying over the same buildings as before, same sensation as I reminded myself I was dreaming. I noticed she wasn't around any longer. I was more interested in exploring my environment than needlessly following some chick. I saw an apartment building that one of my friends lived in and I figured I would pay him a visit. I flew over and landed on his balcony. I saw 4 of them sitting on the floor all playing some sport video game on the television. My friend (who I don't know IWL, but I recognized him in the dream) saw me through their glass patio door. I placed my hands on the glass, said 'I'm dreaming' and forced my way through without breaking the glass. It felt like plastic wrap going through my body.
      'Sup man'
      'Nothin much man, just hangin out with my friends, they're all sleeping and I can't wake them up so I'm just gonna chill here and play with them.'
      'That's cool, I think I'm gonna explore some more'
      'Alright man, I'll probably see you around'
      I walked to their front door and sort of headslammed into it, well more like through it. I felt my body pass through the wooden door and steel frame kind of haphazardly. I was a lil dazed on the other side but still lucid. Looking down the hallway I saw her again, she signaled me to come with her down the hall when we emerged onto this huge stone balcony on the side of a mountain, there was a carving that went up many stories to my right that I couldn't identify. The balcony continued out and around the mountain, where there was another high entrance/exit with stone carved overhangs like an ancient cathedral. There was a shrouded man in white standing between two large, wide shoulder men, and one jester looking humanoid figure that was in a fitting full body couch cushion fabric with weird symbols embedded from toe to head. It came up right below his nose and the hood came over clamshelling his head shadowing his eyes and facial features. He started toward us.
      She shouted 'SHIT, we need to get out of here, NOW'
      'Neeeh, this is MY dream, I'm gonna fight this guy!'
      'NO! You don't understand!' and she bailed, disappearing from the scene.
      I approached the hooded jester looking individual but he leaped towards me at incredible speed. One massive blow and my body was knocked limp on the ground. I was pushed back out of it as I peered down at my body I gathered I was non-physical (outside my dream body) again. The figure was looking at my body, when it slowly looked up, directly at me and said 'We're going to find all of you, you're not going to change anything'

      This is the best I can recollect from everything that occurred.
      There were several other fragments and brief experiences that I don't much remember.
      Christmas decorations, more telekinesis, and an autistic girl named Mary.

      When I finally rejoined the physical plane at 8am sharp. I felt as thought I had well over a dozen dreams. Though the 'Dreaming within dreams' probably convoluted my recall a bit.Trying to focus on the bulk experiences I cemented as many details as possible before I got out of bed. Really need to get that bedside notepad, recall would probably be heck of a lot better.
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