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    1. Trapped again

      by , 04-05-2017 at 07:04 PM
      I am in a village and am trying to get direction to my home town. It all seems very hilly, and the town is heavily pedestrianised. Lots of white brick work. I enter someone's house (dream sign) to escape, there is some kind of kids party going on. I go out the back where it looks like there is a beach and a rocky outcrop to the side, which I race along to try and escape. I run for a while before a parent catches up with me.
      I find out there is a wall at the back and the whole thing is a fake. I cannot escape.

      I have a false awakening where I get up and peek through curtains at bright sunshine down below. There are people going past on trucks balancing precariously on beds, some inside draws in the bed Oo.
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    2. November 28 2016 Non-Lucid

      by , 11-30-2016 at 08:23 AM (Deep Inside The Lucid Dreamer's Subconscious)
      My alarm was set for 1:15.

      I had a false awakening where I went from under my covers and changed the alarm to 1:30.

      At some point I awaken into the moment where my body is going back to bed but my mind stays awake. I get that amazing high feeling of this in-between. I enjoy it for a second and then decide I'm going to ride this transition into a lucid. I think "okay you are going to try to float up from your body" and then try to do this, but it does not happen. I think that maybe I'm going to float up and imagine a girl that I can be with in my room.

      I'm at Firefly music festival. It's the Wednesday night for the early camping and I'm with a group of my friends. I ask if there's a show, knowing there's a show. A friend tells me "yes" being surprised, and then says that it's a rock band and most of Firefly will be rock music. We walk down a path as I can see a stage with a rock band performing in the distance. My friend Allyson B. tells me that rock is better because she's done acid and seen a lot of rock, to which I reply that I've done a lot of molly for electric music and it's been great. We walk up to 3 huge guys and the one in the middle smiles at me. He lifts my hat up to check what's under it, and then I wake up.
    3. [Dream #14 - 2/1/2016] 2 Mewtwos [Sex Dream]

      by , 02-01-2016 at 01:31 PM (The Book of the Multiverse)


      The title is self-explanatory. This has inter-species sex. And like with everything else -- don't like it then do not read it~

      I remember walking down Cerulean Cave in similar format to the one in a pixelmon server I was playing last night where I came up next to a small wall and over it I could see a mewtwo. He was the normal color but then his body began switching pallets to match the color of the shiny variant as shown in the above picture. I was ecstatic and wanted to catch the mewtwo but I fear of him defeating my team of pokémon due to them being so under-leveled.

      I could then see the mewtwo turning his face to look towards me and that's when I became frightened as I thought he was going to initiate a battle with me and make me black out. I tried to head back the other way but I ended up finding myself being taken by force by the shiny mewtwo as he began to make out with me. I could feel his mouth prying open mine and his warm tongue entering inside and I couldn't help but engage in the act with him feeling lustful and passionate.

      This is when another mewtwo appeared from behind and started to fuck me err....anally I guess? I honestly couldn't remember. This is where I found myself naked, whether I just became nude or I was nude to begin with. A cycle of sexual positions began within the 3-some and it felt amazing! And the mewtwos were no joke in staying firm with the act and taking lead.

      Once they were done, the two did not want me to go as they began to take me out the other side of the cave. For some reason I could remember hearing my mother call out my name and for that split of a second I can see myself rushing into my living room from my room and spotting my mother sitting on the couch by the kitchen as it appeared she was watching TV. I began asking if she needed anything but my mother stated that she thought I was calling her so I went back to my room and that's when it switched back to the mewtwo scene. Both were standing around waiting for me and once I appeared again in their site the proceeded on dragging me out again into the open world of pokémon. Then I wake up...

      Notes: Paired with the desire of leaving this planet and the coupling of pixelmon gameplay and the conversation with my fiancé on how Pokémon Go will turn out, there is no surprise that I would have a dream like this. Mewtwo being one of my favorite pokémon was indeed a treat to be able to have sex with...not just one but TWO (no pun intended) in a session like this.

      The false awakening in midst of a dream was quite a new one for me. As when I *truly* awoke I began to think if my mother had indeed called me earlier for something and that I went back to sleep afterwords. But I knew that my mother never actually sits on the couch nor was a TV propped up against the window, where she was facing. Though I did do my reality checks just to be sure.

      Interperting this dream is a no brainer. The joy of being part of the pokémon world, going into a cave and such and having sex with pokémon is something I've always wished for but the weird occurrence of being in my room in the middle of it could be a sign of how the waking reality is always wanting to stop me for wanting such freedom and continue to follow the orders of human society, my mother being a major example to this. But even after that and being taken by the two mewtwos out into the pokémon world (presumably) There is that knowlege of hope that I will indeed have that day where all my wishes will come true and no human from Earth will be able to stop them. What a great dream to start off the new month~

      Date — 2/1/2016

      Went to bed — Around 3AM

      Woke up — 6:40AM

      *Time logged — 7:05AM

      Total sleep — +3 Hours

      Stress level throughout the day — Sad and depressed due to personal issues...


      *Daytime — RC

      *Recall — N/A

      *Inducing Method — N/A

      Dream Signs — The Obvious

      Perceived Length — 30 Minutes

      Emotions — Happy, Free

      Awareness — None

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    4. Wbtb fs - 13/11/15

      by , 11-15-2015 at 03:57 PM
      I tryed to do a WBTB but was fooled by my dream...In the dream I was still trying to get back to sleep in a darkened room. I was laying on a large black suitcase still trying to do my incubation...Darn dream tricked me again
    5. False RCs

      by , 11-16-2014 at 09:08 PM
      In reality, I have stopped smoking cigarette since June 17th, 2014.

      In some of my dreams lately, I'm smoking and it's always a trigger to try and become lucid, but last night I couldn't convince myself that I was dreaming despite reality checks. I don't remember all of the reality checks that I did, but I know I tried looking at my hands and at the time and at my phone and surroundings and felt convinced I was not dreaming. I may have even tried plugging my nose, all I remember is that nothing I tried worked to convince myself I was dreaming. Yet I was dreaming.

      Maybe I just need to learn some more effective Reality Checks
      Tags: checks, false, reality
    6. Fishburne Gets Framed, Peach's Jet, Gas Station Fiasco, Alarm FA, Long Hair, Jade Fetch Quest, Vests

      by , 05-12-2014 at 04:49 AM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Laurence Fishburne Gets Framed (DILD)


      Okay, so a random guy wants to frame a man named John Whitman, and Whitman isn't going to put up with this act. So what Whitman does is that he finds where the framer could be, and I'm just watching everything happen, and being played out. He apparently becomes a sniper so he can pick off his framer while he sets up a plan to weed him out.

      Laurence Fishburne unfortunately is in the wrong place at the wrong time, and the stranger hears a phone ringing. He picks it up, and John Whitman is wondering if this is the person that he's after that's framing him. The guy lies and states Laurence Fishburne is the guy that's framing him, and the actual framer runs out of the store on his knees.

      Out of reflex, John Whitman shoots the individual, ironically killing the framer without knowing about it. Now he has the idea that he probably killed someone random, and believes Fishburne is the real target.


      Princess Peach Finds a Pink Jet/Airplane (DILD)


      Basically, I catch Princess Peach in the act of lying that she has a Pink Jet/Airplane for others to use for travelling. She feels a bit guilty, and is wondering if she should state to others on her recent finding. This is the Paper Mario version of Princess Peach by the way, and some major differences was her hairstyle. She actually used a hairband to bring her hair back, which seems suitable seeing how the setting of the dream was residing in a desert of some sort.


      Fiasco at the Gas Station (DILD)


      There was a lot going on, so I'll just give a quick overview on what happened.

      [list][*]Jūgo from Naruto Shippuden seems to be one of the individuals that's fighting another dream character[*]I'm basically watching him and others through a spectator perspective[*]The fight is at a gas station, and some areas are pretty dark, even though it was clear the dream setting was during an afternoon[*]I feel as if I'm in the situation, and that I have to get out, but I don't bother


      False Awakening From Not Remembering One of the Alarms Set (Non-lucid)


      I hear the sound of my alarm, and out of reflex, I quickly grabbed where I presume it would be, and it’s in the exact area of where I put it in waking life. Forgot to do a reality check for several reasons, the most prevalent is that I had to go to work.

      I looked at the phone, and saw the alarm was set to wake me up for 7:30 AM. I dismiss the alarm from finishing its gradual low to high alert process, and then went to sleep again since I knew I had one set for 8:00 AM.

      After waking up around 8:00 AM, I noticed I never had 7:30 AM set in waking life. Dang, missed that subtle chance for easy lucidity. Guess I'll just have to get back into the habit of doing reality checks even if the alarm is blaring.


      My Hair is Long and Elastic (DILD)


      I'm inside a building that resembles the laboratory floors at a University I attended. I can hear the subtle humming of machinery operating (mostly what would be heard from fish tanks, and maybe some of the lights as well), and noticed the lighting seems to be a bit dimmer than usual.

      The flooring consists of a vanilla colored tile layering (the soft tiles), and I find myself walking straight through the hallway to get to an elevator. I gradually noticed that as soon as I'm heading for the elevator, I can feel that my hair feels longer than usual. I noticed that it can conform to any shape that I could imagine, though I didn't really care at all to abuse this.

      Then I slowly felt as if I'm inside a female's body, seeing how the hair was definitely longer than it should be, and I felt lighter than usual, and a little bit shorter as well. Not trying to objectify women, it's just the sensations, and how I felt seem to make me feel that I'm a female in this dream.

      I noticed an Asian dream character that looks like a girl I'll nickname "Ang" in waking life during High School a few years back. Her slightly darker complexion is pretty accurate in this emulation of the waking life version, except her eyes and eyelashes look more refined and sharper; almost as if she had makeup specifically to have others pay more attention to her eyes to make up for her fairly short body composition.

      While I'm inside the elevator, I noticed the insides consist of dark brown walls, and milky yellow flooring, and metal bars to hold on to as well had this color scheme going on.


      Finding Jade Tokens/Plates/Shields (DILD)


      Feels like the dream revolved around a Sonic X theme, which is kind of rare to have. Probably dream day residue of some content I happened to glance over, I guess.

      I'm on an adventure with several dream characters, though most of them aren't really seen for very long. I just imply that they're part of this experience, and that we're going our separate ways. The overall objective was to collect some Jade items ranging from plates (not the plates you eat from) to shields. It seemed more like an annoying fetch quest than anything exciting.

      And actually finding these items was complicated, especially when dream logic makes me wonder if what I'm looking at is really me going through the motions of trying to find these items. After a while, I believe I'm standing on top of a pyramid that seems to have the apex cut off completely.

      This area seems to resemble the level from Super Mario 64 with the huge pyramid, except the environment was more realistic.

      I noticed that a dream character is next to me, and he looks like Chris from Sonic X.

      I think we end up celebrating how we found a lot of jaded items, though I didn't really seem interested in contributing to that celebration with the others.


      Dude in White Vest Claims He Cheats Academically (DILD)


      I’m walking through a few green hills, and I’m far enough to see some of the city landscapes as well. There’s a lot of dream characters in this area, and the setting seems to be a typical breezy day where the clouds are covering up the sun. It looks like it might rain, but this didn’t really happen throughout the dream.

      The grass, the atmosphere, and the dream characters all look very realistic, and I find my awareness ebbing and flowing of the sensation of the wind. I noticed that I’m around an individual that looks Hispanic, and is probably around his early 20s. He’s wearing a white vest shirt, and probably some dull colored shorts. He has a mustache, and spiky hair along with probably wearing a small silver necklace.

      His cheeks seem to be shiny in a few areas, almost as if he put a little too much lotion on his face. He resting on the grass, and is casually rambling on about things, and one that sticks out is that he admitted to cheating academically.

    7. Strange and entertianing non-lucids, an unsatisfying lucid, and a false awakening

      by , 06-16-2013 at 10:29 AM (TheSpiderSilva's Dream Journal)
      Last night, I probably had some of the strangest dreams of my life. I'm not even really sure how to put into words how ridiculous they were, but I'll try.

      Now, while they were weird, they were also probably some of the best non-lucid dreams I've ever had.

      Here's everything I remember (it might get confusing, but bear with me):

      The first thing I remember was being with two of my sisters... and Neve Campbell. See? It's already weird. I don't remember thinking about Neve Campbell or anything before I went to sleep, but it absolutely was her in my dream. This should have been a pretty big clue that I was dreaming, because I seemed to know her pretty well personally.

      Anyway, I guess my dream was creating false memories for me, because we stumbled upon this guy who was apparently a "chef" from Food Network who had a show that me and my family used to watch together. He wasn't REALLY an actual projection of a real-life chef from Food Network, but I was pretty sure that he was in my dream. In fact, I think he was Bill Murray (at least, he looked and sounded like him).

      We hung out with this guy for a while, but when he wasn't around, me and my sisters (and Neve Campbell) saw a news report on TV that said that this man was actually a man who disguises himself as various people from TV and what-not, and that whoever turns him in will get a reward (or something like that). We tried looking for him, but we couldn't find him. A while later though, me and my sisters... and Neve Campbell... went to the old neighborhood that me and my sisters used to live in when we were younger, and saw a man who looked suspiciously like the Food Network impersonator guy (or Bill Murray...), living in a bright pink house with a Dora the explorer themed car (that didn't start)... he was standing in his garage talking to us (don't remember what he was saying though). Now, I know that this bright pink house wasn't really in my old neighborhood, and this man didn't really live there, but in the dream, I was pretty sure that this stuff actually happened (false memories, I guess).

      The next thing I remember, me, my sisters, and Neve Campbell were sitting at a restaurant having dinner. We were all talking to each other (again, don't remember what we were saying), and all of a sudden Neve Campbell puts her hand on my thigh. Her hand felt really warm for some reason, and I remember thinking that I liked it (weird, I know).

      The next dream I had felt like only a few seconds, and I wasn't even a part of it. It was Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslett (still in character from Titanic) riding in a weird train thing (it was kind of like the Mono-rail from Batman Begins, but instead of a train it looked more like a car), and Leonardo DiCaprio was yelling angrily about how the windshield wipers kept spraying lube on the windshield every 7 seconds (weird as hell, I know).

      It's also weird because I couldn't see them, but I knew they were in the train... car... thing. Kate Winslett didn't say anything, but I knew she was there too. So strange.

      These were some of the most entertaining dreams I've had, honestly.

      Towards the morning though, I was actually able to become lucid.

      It wasn't a very good lucid dream though, because I knew I was dreaming, but I felt absolutely EXHAUSTED in the dream (the sleepy kind of exhausted, not the kind of feeling you get after a workout), and I could hardly keep my eyes open, and everything seemed foggy. I was sitting at my kitchen table, rubbing my hands together furiously and I kept yelling out "INCREASE CLARITY!", and I think it helped a little, but not much.

      The next thing I know, I'm waking up in my room. However, I almost immediately know that this is a false awakening, because I look at my alarm clock and notice it says "15:00" (military time isn't an option on my clock). However, I still felt very very tired and couldn't really enjoy the dream. I remember yelling out "Why the fuck am I so tired!?!?!?" in a half joking, half frustrated kind of way. I woke up for real a few seconds later.

      It's weird, but maybe I actually fell asleep in the initial lucid dream because I was so tired, and that was what triggered the false awakening. Not sure, but it's possible.
    8. Lucid false awakening.

      by , 04-21-2013 at 07:47 PM
      I was at my dad's and it was sunny outside.
      I was in my room and had just woken up, I rolled over to check my laptop and noticed the time was "100:3", so I looked away, then looked back and it was now "100:4", I kept doing so and it kept going up one digit.
      I knew I was dreaming.
      Everything turned dark and fuzzy, I got up and couldn't stand up properly, it was like I was drunk.
      I started rubbing my hands together and the dream started to stabilize. I walked through the corridor and could hear my sister in the shower; I started talking to my dad but can't remember what either of us said.


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    9. February 20th 2013 Non-Lucid

      by , 02-20-2013 at 06:09 PM (Deep Inside The Lucid Dreamer's Subconscious)
      IRL I've been in show choir (singing and dancing group) for about 3 years now and I'm now a leader this year. In our show I have two solos which means a lot of pressure to not mess up, and this pressure makes me nervous every show.

      Last night I had a dream about show choir. Usually in my show choir dreams I'm on stage with my choir and I don't really know the moves or I'm forgetting them, but I don't actually care about messing up or get upset over it. This is why last night's dream was so different.

      The dream starts as we are running onto my school's stage to see that the entire place is filled with people that are screaming and cheering us on. The lights are very bright so I can't really make anybody out in the crowd but the people on stage are the people in my IRL choir. The show is going okay as people are doing random moves to a song I don't know and I'm looking at other people to see what moves they were because I clearly did not know them. When the chorus comes up IRL it's very quick and most people have trouble at first remembering the words and sometimes the moves. The chorus in my dream turns into a disaster. As it hits, no one knows the moves and they stop cold in their tracks along with me. This thought comes into my head that goes "no choir has ever had their entire show stop because people didn't know the moves, this is all my fault" and I run down the stage steps into the crowd crying. For probably 30 seconds I'm standing in dark matter by myself crying in my hands unaware that there is no world around me.

      I don't think I've cried this hard in a regular dream over something so stupid. It was like all the sadness that is in my mind went to this moment of just balling my eyes out for this absurd occurrence. Then I appear through a door into the chorus room where we have class to see our previous dance captain walking. I love this guy so much so I feel I ashamed him and this position. I walk over still crying into my hands and lean on his chest. I'm crying so hard I'm practically yelling my sobs.

      That dream ends and this morning I had a false awakening. IRL my phone plays a song and vibrates to wake me up, but in the dream my phone only vibrates. I get up and turn it off then immediately get out of me bed. I head for the shower and see there are clothes stacked up on the sink. Then I wake up for real.
    10. Alien Encounters, False Awakening and general LC experience

      by , 09-11-2012 at 09:27 AM
      So this is my first post to my Dream Journal.

      I have many dreams each night, all of which I remember. Sometimes its LC, but haven’t quite gotten to the point of developing skills for exploring it. But each dream always leaves quite an impression on me.

      Last day I went to bed around 11, after taking some ZMA. This drug helps me restore muscle tissue better after intense workout which I did yesterday, also its known for causing vivid dreams. Also had a tool for android that register REM state through motion, and is making me aware during sleep.

      Found myself drifting in and out through different states of dream places during the first 1-2 hours during night. Like almost awake and yet deeply emerged into the dream plane. During this time I had all sorts of dream scenes that I experienced such as; Dystopia society – dark and batman like with akira (comic book) sense to it. Fighting monsters and saving my family. Another dream im an aviator having insane air battles in a small room, became aware here for a short time and tried to control the environment. During these different dream scenes I would awake between each, but not in my bed, but simply awake someplace in another dream - where I would also lay someplace and listening to some music.. Notices that the playlist had small soundtracks to it.. Noticed some named aviation thing, another an apple (inventor) thing... Saw different ones, but kept falling in.. Didn’t quite remember all of the smaller dreams.

      There was a dream theme throughout the dreams though, the characters that were present to me, was part of my family and known people in different senses.. But they all seemed different - strange and kind of creepy. Kept having doubts and sort of got aware of my dream state through that notion.. But dreams just kept on going.. I then had a huge gap of forgotten dream, until a point were I am in my apartment with 8-10 family members. They all seemed strange and at that time I started to become more and more aware that I was dreaming, kept shouting at em' that I wanted the truth of who they were and that I was aware of them as being a dream character.

      Then suddenly the dream took quite a dramatic turn. The people gathered in a small group and said to each other that they had to take action or something similar. And the next thing that happens, they disappear and I hear the ground shaking. I run out to my porch and look out over the water to the other side of the lake. And saw a HUGE spaceship, more intense and unimaginable that ive ever seen in a movie, take off. leaving the other side of the city filled with smoke and debris. The water started rising and soon found the yard and roads filled with 2 meters of water.. Rescue teams were sent for us, and first of I refused to leave my animals and started to pack.
      Called my family which were in another part of the country, asking what is going on. I remember at that time that I took a picture of the spaceship, and send the picture to them. From this point on, I packed more.. neighbors came and we finally left my apartment, while the sky and surrounding were filled with water and a scary visual impressions..

      Then the alarm clock woke me up.. Took me quite some time to realize what had just happened.. still kinda confused right now.
    11. Strange accidental WILD...

      by , 06-04-2012 at 04:19 AM (RommiH's Dream Journal (entries are not dated correctly. i am slowly transferring my DJ from my computer, to the one on DV))
      I tried an OBE this morning. I tried to have an OBE but instead I had an accidental WILD. In fact, a very, very long one. It went like this:
      I wake up at seven. I did stuff till eight. I get back into bed and try an OBE. Eventually I become deeply relaxed and there is tons of hypnagogic imagery. It starts distant and unclear but it gets very vivid as time goes by. Then, my mind just explodes with hypnogonia. Visuals everywhere! I hear tons of voices. Then I see flashes of my room as if I can see through my eyelids. Then I see my laptop in front of me, and only that. By this time the voices are at their peak. They were completely understandable. I can hear word for word. Only there were so many voices I couldn't listen to them all. Then voices of two people I know started talking to me. They started calling out my name over and over. I get the feeling that their frustrated at me for not replying. At some point I also heard a huge BOOM/BANG! I think, Ahmed has gotten these bang sounds before! After that VIBRATIONS, never ending vibrations. I get two small waves like when I had my first OBE. I have that thought while its happening. But then a third wave comes and it does not end. It keeps going and going. Im thinking, When is this gonna end? All of a sudden I'm in sleep paralysis. I try to separate, but I fail. Then I open my eyes. I see my room and I am lost for words. The first thing I noticed was the color. I won't try to describe the colors. The next thing I noticed was how the door wasn't where it is normally. But then I saw another door where it always was. There were two. There was a huge window across from my bed. It was like a replication of my room on some alien star ship. Everything was sooooo different yet the same. It spooked me a bit, the way it looked; it was dark and alien-ly sinister. Then I thought, shadow beings? There were none. Then I started to get dragged from my bed. I thought, whatever, just go with the flow. I was then pulled into the space between my bed and my bedside table/drawer thing. I felt my body curl up into the space. I then close my eyes. I try to separate but fail. I open my eyes again I see the same room and everything that happened before happens again. Only this time I am pulled into the wall closest to me. All I see is a strange green-grey. I am unable to move or separate. Seeing no progress will be made now, I want to wake up. This way I'll at least be able to remember all this clearly and write it down, or as I am now, typing it. I try so hard to move. I cant, no matter how hard I try. I think back to what Nicholas Newport said. I try breathing fast and hard. It works; I wake up. I sit in bed and start to think about everything that just happened. I suddenly realize that all of this was not a failed OBE. In fact, I had achieved a WILD without realizing it. I was aware the whole time but I thought I was going through a failing OBE. I failed to tell the difference between an OBE and a lucid dream. It was all a dream starting from the vibrations. I was aware make no mistake, but I had treated everything as if I was on the path to an OBE. I get out of bed wondering how much time has passed. I change my shirt because the one I was wearing smelled.( In waking life it really did smell) I take a moment to decide which shirt I will wear. Whether it'll be the one that I had over my eyes or something else. I then walk out of the room. On my way I look out the window and notice it's dark. This confuses me. I wonder, How long have I been here? I walk into the living room and see my mom and my sister on the couch. Nothing new here. I exchange a few words with my mom but didn’t pay attention to what she was saying. My focus was on the leather coffee table next to us. There was something moving inside of it. I go, Oh! That’s where the mice are living. I hope my mom doesn’t notice. She does and I wake up. For real this time. I think back and realize I had experienced a false awakening. But the conclusions I made in my false awakening about the WILD and how I treated it like an OBE remained true.

    12. Dreamt an OBE..

      by , 06-01-2012 at 05:53 PM (RommiH's Dream Journal (entries are not dated correctly. i am slowly transferring my DJ from my computer, to the one on DV))
      Dream! Not an actual O.B.E. I am laying in Loauy’s bed. He is next to me and we are trying O.B.Es. (happened in waking life. Dream: I am able to move through the covers. I start to wonder if I am out of body. I move some more and conclude, Yes, I am. I sort of crawl off of Loauy’s side of the bed. Now I find myself in the room and out of body. My vision is a bit hazy but quickly becomes 100% clear. I observe myself and notice I am slightly transparent. I now remember my objective of using an open history textbook as a virtual reality realm. We (in waking life had opened the book to a page with a picture of the Taj Mahal) had it set on the floor across from the bed. I walk to it and look at it very closely expecting to be drawn into it and sent to a VR realm of the Taj Mahal. Nothing happens. I then start looking for other interesting pictures in the book. As I flip through, I see some pages have a picture of a man with deep stone like eyes wearing a ski mask and a black hood. His face covers the whole page. The picture keeps reappearing until there isn’t a page in the book that doesn’t have his face on it. I am disturbed. I set the book down closed. I then hear Loauy saying something. I look to the bed and I can see myself next to him. I look deeply asleep and I am wearing the same shirt I was wearing in waking life. Loauy says some stuff to me half asleep. Worried that he would wake me up I speak up. I tell him no no stop I’m in an O.B.E. he doesn’t hear me and falls asleep again. I am relieved.
      Now the order of events are unclear. But this is what I remember:
      Seeing that that the VR realm didn’t work, I decided I leave the house and fly to space or something. I thought Instead of flying through the roof I would go on the balcony and take to the skies from there. So I walk up to the doors that open up to Loauys balcony and try to walk through them. I CANT. I am a bit confused now. I know I should be able to pass through stuff, right? Either way I am amazed at how long I have managed to stay in this O.B.E. At this point Loauy wakes up fully. He turns to me and starts to shake me. I then start saying stop no loauy don’t wake me up I’m in an O.B.E. What amazed me was how everything I said, my physical body said for me. Loauy heard what I said through my physical body and stopped moving me. I then started to talk to him about the O.B.E. so far. My physical body in bed continues to speak for me and even made a few hand gestures. I then tell him how I have an influence on the physical world. I tell him to look at the book and notice how I have changed its place. I then pick up the book and wave it in the air. I figure he can’t see me but he can see the book floating in the air. The Loauy’s mom comes in and tells Loauy to pack. (In the dream Loauy had relatives over. He was going to travel somewhere with them) I love how no one can see me, yet I can see them. Loauy’s mom leaves the room. Loauy then tells me he needs to go pack and that I should continue with my O.B.E. normally. I then walk back to the doors that open to the balcony and try to go through them again. I still cant. Instead I accidentally knock on the doors. This makes Loauy’s relatives, who were standing on the balcony, come into the room. They come in and see nothing.
    13. Air-show in a bus

      by , 01-23-2012 at 08:26 AM

      Identification: (No. 61) Air-show in a bus
      Time Recorded: 7:30, 02-01-012
      Genre: Sci-fi
      Character(s): Daniel D., Melanie O.
      Method(s): Not recorded
      Lucid: Yes (DILD)

      Daniel and I are standing on the footpath beside the road that comes past our house. we see first a single flying speed-boat, then another, both had a loud engine roar. Next came an extremely large airship, powered by it's two very large (e.g. 1km wingspan) and powerful red wings. It had a very synchronised and strong down stroke. At this point it became apparent that we were watching a Japanese air-show. Next, a young, anamatronic Japanese girl walks past us, followed by another robot girl who was fatter. It stops and looks at me and tried to lean in to give me a kiss. I use my hands to push her away. As I do this, Melanie appears from behind Daniel, and says to me "did you just...?"
      I find myself climbing up a rope in a place that is called 'hell'. The floor is red and there are flashing lights everywhere. I somehow know that the Japanese are responsible for the transformation of this place.
      I believe I have just woken up from my sleep on the bus. Somehow I suspect that this is a false awakening. I urge myself to reality check, but before I get the chance I become lucid. I start to think about whether I'm going to wake up, and to my surprise I have remained asleep. I wonder what I should do. Because the dream still doesn't feel very realistic, I decide to try touching some objects. All I can think of is touching the glass window, so I lean my head against it - it is cold. I look at the bus driver and the sides of the bus. It still feels very unrealistic. I get the sensation that I am drooling, but I don't do anything about it because I fear a distraction might make me loose my lucidity. The bus stops and I get off. I go inside a shed with some people inside. I'm not sure why. but they are hanging large spiders (the size of dinner plates) up on the ceiling in two rows. At the end of each row are some dead apes, with their arms hanging down. Both men and women are picking out the largest spiders, and taking them down. I watch one lady unhook an ape and hold it's dead body.

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      lucid , false awakening
    14. Half Forgotten Lucid Dream

      by , 08-31-2011 at 08:28 AM
      This was from a while back - I hadn't remembered it too well:

      I remember:
      • Took a long thin alcohol bottle smashed it on a benchtop and mashed into a bed. No idea why.
      • I took someone's phone, destroyed it, but then materialised about 10 more.
      • I attemped to hover on my stomach - It was difficult.
      • Checked my hands continously!
      • Had a false awakening, but checked my hands and confirmed it was still a dream.

      And thats it. Sounds like I might have been angry for some reason.. who knows?
    15. 2 False Awakenings and being a Bounty Hunter

      by , 07-25-2011 at 09:21 AM
      I was a bounty hunter chasing these robots. They looked like droids from Star Wars and come to think of it my team looked like Delta Squad from Star Wars Republic Commando. We were chasing the droid or someone and I was yelling orders. The hallways were red like it was lava or something.

      I had a false awakening but I knew it was a dream I walked downstairs and read a newspaper. I kept thinking about Megan Fox so she would appear butshe didnt appear. When I awoke I wanted to go back so I just went back to sleep and I did.

      I had another false awakening and I was reading a newspaper that had a picture of my sister in it. The picture was upside down.
      I got out of bed or started thinking of Megan Fox again it still didn't work.
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