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    1. 4/08/16

      by , 10-05-2016 at 05:05 AM
      Another riveting dream from my crazy mind. This one went from intriguing to weird. Like my dream just gave up making sense halfway through and went here, enjoy the crazy...

      My friends, inexplicably, are trapped in the basement. I made the mistake of going downstairs to see what the cries are for, and they trapped me too. We're scared, cowering in the hall, lined by jail cells on either side of us. We're held by gunpoint and forced into the cells. I'm with two other people, a guy and a girl. I don't know them. I have a gun stashed in my waist, and I realize I could be our only hope.

      I shoot the leader in the shoulder and the neck, but of course it's not fatal. Thought I killed him, and I let my guard drop. He shoots me and I get hit in the side. He goes upstairs, and one of his goons comes down to tell us to stay put. I sit down and the guy sits in my lap. He's younger than me, about 12-13, and scared. The other girl and I are trying to comfort him.

      The goon shoots into our cell with a shotgun, and it hits the guy in my lap in the shoulder. He doesn't cry out in pain - he sighs and moves off my lap, more annoyed than anything. As we sit, they bring more kids down and lock them into the cells around us, chaining them in. We decide we have to escape.

      A girl comes downstairs - apparently she's a witch. She heals the guy with me and then unlocks the cells and the chains so we could free the kids. The bad guys come down and we scatter; the witch stays behind to hold them off and let us escape.

      I run upstairs and realize it's was my old apartment. My boyfriend's there, and we run out and get in his truck to drive away. We get lucky and escape, moving out in the process. They didn't see us. I realize how lucky we are because apparently I realize no one else managed it. We go to my current apartment and as we were unpacking, we realized we haven't grabbed everything and we have to go back.

      I'm freaking out, but I tell myself it's okay because if I get scared I can just wake up. This oddly doesn't send me into lucidity completely. I'm vaguely aware that I'm dreaming, but not enough to let me take control, just enough to keep me from being afraid.

      We run across the front of my apartments through the grass to get to his truck. We run down some stairs past a pond, and there were two boulders rolling around in the water (???). Floating on top like beach balls. I joked they were cannon balls and this cracked me up in the dream (I have no idea don't ask). The boulders were splashing and rolling, and water kept splashing us. We were both soaked and since I had flip flops they kept slipping off so I had to keep going back to get them. There was a party going and tons of people were on the lawn. After the third time of running back to get flip-flops the dream sort of shifts.

      I was Stewie from family guy. As I turn on the grass I'm in a suburban neighborhood, no longer at my apartment. I was sitting in a driveway and Brian (also from family guy) was standing behind me.

      He and some other people were standing around drinking, making fun of me. I got up and asked Brian for a favor. I don't remember what I asked or what he said, but he laughed me off. I was upset. I took a drink from one of his friends and downed it. I remember writing in a journal that 'I wanted to drive away and never come back. But I'm drunk so I can't. So I walked away instead'. Which I did.

      And when I wandered away I became myself again. I was back at the apartments, by the pond. I found someone's phone, with the name Tara on the screen. I stumbled around the pond and got to this bridge walkway thing. A bunch of people were rushing by. I casually said 'Tara?' to a girl running by. She didn't respond so I asked if she knew Tara, and she said no. I asked where she was going, she said 'there was a fire on___ street! My. Family's there!' and I realized that's where I'd left Brian and the others (my family still, apparently) and I rushed to go see them.

      I'm apparently on a hill because now I have to run down giant stairs to get to the houses. I mean there's like a huge foot wide gap between each stair, and they're actually mini tvs playing ESPN Sportscenter, instead of real steps.

      I distract myself trying to walk and watch at the same time and remember thinking this is why these aren't mass produced. They're doing an interview. The man interviewing is in a dinosaur costume, talking to a little girl that just got rescued from the house fire I'm rushing to. I wake up when I reach the bottom of the steps more confused than I have been in a while.
    2. #147 - Poison caterpillars / Family Guy / FA / Trippiest dream ever

      by , 11-02-2015 at 10:21 PM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)

      Set up a DEILD alarm for 1:30, 3:20 and 5:10 last night, trying different alarm tones for each. I found that the 'rooster' sound woke me up but the others didn't. After kind of putting off dedicating effort into DEILD I decided last night that I'd give it a proper try, so when I woke up I actually managed to lie completely still with my eyes closed. I remember reading some advice somewhere that you should focus on a point, so I focused on the centre of my forehead. It kind of felt like meditating in a way. I decided that it was a good enough attempt for the night just knowing that I could do that if I wanted to, then I got up for a WBTB.

      Dream 1 - Poison caterpillars
      This dream was pretty interesting, I woke to the 3:20 DEILD alarm and tried cementing it to memory which I found a bit easier than I would if I had moved around. I was in a room at night time, my friend John was here too and we seemed to be in a survival kind of scenario. We had to go to sleep for the night so we each had our own floor mattress and bedding. I lay down to go to sleep but at some point in the night a friend from back home called Fraser showed up. He was the guy we were trying to survive against. He placed these caterpillar-worms on us that were tiny at first (~1cm long), but soon grew to be maybe 7cm long. They poison you just by touch and have these alternating purple to green bands along their body. I remember one crawling on me and thinking that the touch of it was stinging. Fraser came in and took the grown up caterpillars, like it was supposed to be every ones goal to get them (like a quest item?). I was pretending to be dead I think so he wouldn't notice I was still alive despite being poisoned.

      Dream fragment - anime artist?
      I remember a group of people on a sunny day walking down a pathway by the road and they were somehow related to anime/manga. Possibly the artists who make it

      Dream 2 - Family guy
      I remember having a dream where I think I might have been Bryan from Family Guy. The dream was telling the story of how Stewy and Bryan met and how they came to become a part of the Griffin family. Apparently Stewy was adopted alongside Bryan it seems. I think I (Bryan, who at the time I called Mike because I forgot his actual name) went to a one-off job. I met Stewy there who I seemed to hit it off really well with, we ended up become tight comrades and somehow headed off on a journey together in a car (feels like third person during this so I don't think I'm Bryan anymore). They end up getting adopted into the Griffin family which I find weird because I thought Stewy was born as a Griffin.

      FA - I seemed to remember writing 'Stewy and Mike' into my phone so I could recall the dream later, but when I woke up later on and I looked at my phone... there was nothing! Dun dun dun!

      Dream 3 - Trippiest Dream Ever
      I'm lying in bed in the middle of the night surfing the internet on my phone. It's the first time looking at a screen in a dream where it isn't actually in 'full screen'. I think I come across some music website. Basically it has an artistic anime-style kind of epic drawing. The whole background has this intense vividness to it, which was hued in a surreal purple colour. It has this anime girl that looks like she's jumped forward and reaching out for something with a smile. The art style really impressed me and caught my eye. The website plays music, but for some reason I was too quick to click on the next link and skipped to a new page. Damn. I backspace and head to the previous window. Huh? The background has changed?? It's now a new drawing in the same epic style, a different girl (different clothes, face, haircut, etc) with a different colour hue (possibly orange this time). I refresh the page -- it changes again. Now it's like a steel grey. I think the girl on this one might have had a short fringe with silvery hair. Wow this is all pretty cool, but I really wanted to see the one from the first page. I keep refreshing a couple more times cycling through the art, some of which comes up multiple times. I end up talking to the person who apparently makes it all, the artist herself. I'm not sure how we're communicating, it's like she's communicating through the screen. I'm also sitting at my desk with my laptop in front of me instead of being on my iPhone. I can't remember what we were talking about, possibly about who she is and how she may or may not be the artist? Shit gets crazy as we talk though. Like... absolutely chaotic. She shows me the art on her website and it's no longer static. Some of which is video clips but they flash past my eyes so fast. One clip is from Bakemonogatari (an anime) as a hint, suggesting that she is the artist who draws it (which in my head explains why her art is so amazing). But it just gets so crazy because it's all so vivid and fast, the next part there's an image of an anime girl who mimics the artists words. Her movements come in a strobe-like fashion, the screen flickers rapidly, her face appearing to tilt right while her smile broadens into this insane toothy grin with wide eyes. What the f*ck is going on? Everything is so colourful and vivid with so much change in the lighting. Orange, green, blue, purple, black, white. It's quite beautiful. Next scene she sends me porn which I try to ignore, then realize that it's still open on my browser. I have to close it down manually. I open up a screen which shows all my active apps and try delete it, only to find that there's an endless stream of porn videos open on my phone/laptop. How the hell did this happen?? If someone saw this they'd think I was a pervert. There's just too much and I don't even know what happens but I wake up, realizing that I'm now in my room for real. It was just so realistic though.

      On my 20th day of no PMO using the Brainbuddy app. Safe to say that it definitely affected my last dream O_O. My dream recall improved last night too (the 2 nights before my exam yesterday were below my average by quite a bit). From today onwards I have a lot of spare time until I head back to the North Island. I'll be dedicating a lot more time to my dream practices I think from now on (i.e. ADA, DEILD, meditation, + other related stuff like reading ETWOLD)
    3. A Trip to Madagascar

      by , 08-24-2014 at 12:37 PM


      1. I remember Family Guy. A cable guy went to their house. He tried to fix their cable, then he offered free cable. He flipped a switch or something, and they had free cable. Peter flipped to a European channel, and the entire family got sucked into the TV.

      They arrived at a carnival. All of them became very excited, now that they were in "Europe". They went on many rides and attractions. They stayed there for the rest of their lives. At the end of Peter's and Lois's lives, they went to a "retirement ride," where Peter said, "Well, I guess we have nothing to live for anymore". Then the ride got to the station. Peter said, "Oh yeah. Europe has excellent health care." Peter and Lois got on the ride and they rode it happily ever after. The end.

      2. I went to Madagascar with a couple of women. It was during the 1800's, when the British Empire owned most of the world. Apparently, in this dream, the British owned Madagascar, too. I remember it looking a lot like a coastal desert, and sort of like Australia's deserts in the middle. There were many British soldiers everywhere. The two women and I went to a hotel and we had a threesome the whole night. After the night, they apparently were captured by the British army, and were then being held prisoner by them. At this point, the dream seemed to become a video game, of sorts. I had to avoid the guards and rescue the women. There were many wooded structures everywhere.
      That was the dream.
    4. Lucid Dreams 514, 515, 516 (low quality, mini-slump)

      by , 06-05-2013 at 09:28 PM (KingYoshi's Dream Journal...My World is Different)
      Have had a few short lucids the passed few nights. Nothing special with these, so I'll just be brief. Low quality and got woke up in most of them before they really took off. Just a mini-slump.

      Lucid Dream 514 (DILD)

      Don't remember much prior to becoming lucid. Become lucid for no particular reason. Took flight in search of something to do. Flew into some powerlines and started to doing some swinging/gymnastics on them. Was woken up shortly after by my roommates.

      Lucid Dream 515 (DILD)
      Was down at the studio with some friends watching Family Guy. Become lucid and convinced everyone that we were dreaming by telling them all to nose pinch RC. We then exited the studio and started performing some random vandalism. Was about to see how far I could toss a car when I was woken up by my roommates.

      Lucid Dream 516 (DILD)
      Had a pretty long dream where I was driving and listening to the radio most of the time. They kept playing anime OP and EDs and I was excited. They played the Shingeki no Kyojin OP and I remembered, "I gotta have a Shingeki no Kyojin themed lucid dream. BAM! Lucidity. I dove through the driver side window and took flight. I flew and searched for "Wall Maria" (from SnK). I saw it on the horizon. As I flew toward it, I was hit with a false awakening. Frustrated that my recent lucids have been getting interrupted, I didn't even notice it was a false awakening.

      Lucid Fragment
      I remember becoming lucid, but not much else. The dream was really fuzzy and unstable. I managed to stabilize it, but lost lucidity soon after doing this. Pretty sure the low quality of the dream caused my loss of lucidity. I remembered a bit more upon waking, but didn't bother to write anything down on this crappy fragment.
    5. Family Guy College Class

      by , 04-21-2012 at 04:43 PM
      Family Guy College Class [Non-Lucid]

      I only vaguely remember this dream, but it wasn't a fragment or anything, my recall lately has just been poor. I was in some college class where we were watching an episode of Family Guy. Supposedly, the episode was leading up to the start of some very significant arc to the plot, and the characters were letting us know that it was going to end at a very awkward scene because of that. The characters were also very visibly stoned, which I found funny. After that, I got up and wandered around this huge building until I found my way outside, then started looking for my car but was unsuccessful in finding it before I woke up.
    6. Santa's Date

      by , 04-15-2012 at 05:36 PM (The Inner Workings of a Sound Addict)
      I'm back at uni! And despite being rather drunk last night, my lie-in gave me some really nice recall (after what must have been at least 10 hours of sleep). However, I'm pretty sure I'm missing the first half of this dream, but the second half was definitely more interesting.



      I'm on holiday with the family in a cottage of sorts, and I come downstairs to ask what's for dinner. I'm told by my mum that we need to eat up the leftovers because it's our last day here.

      These leftovers turn out to be a small packet of pretzels, 3 packets of cheese and onion Hoola Hoops and a chocolate brownie. Definitely not what I was expecting.

      I munch on the packet of pretzels and head outside to find everyone playing American football. I join in briefly against some DCs that quite clearly have never played before, before getting out the brownie
      [as I'm obviously still hungry].

      Pushing my luck, I go back inside and ask if there's definitely no other food, to which I get response I expected. Appalled, I rudely say

      "that's outrageous! How do you expect that amount of food to be enough?"

      Backed up by the rest of my family, my mum caves in and we go to a restaurant for dinner.

      While in the restaurant, we casually change into the cast of Family Guy. Peter
      [who used to be my dad] orders a lot of food, and I see a cartoon representation of our stomaches, and that they're nearly full anyway. We get our nachos, and eat them while walking on the tables.

      Still in cartoon mode, a fight breaks out at the other end of the restaurant, ending my time in 1st person perspective.

      I then proceed to watch in 3rd person as Meg gets picked up by Santa and walked home. Once home, he asks whether he'll see her again, to which she replies

      "I like clever guys"

      and kisses him on the cheek. As she opens her front door, Santa pretends to go next door to a 'party' and tries to make up a pathetic excuse to come inside her house. Severely parred, Santa walks off.

    7. Fun With Mirrors

      by , 04-06-2012 at 08:32 PM
      Dream Fragment - "Porn of whatever guy wanted to watch porn of me??"

      Fun With Mirrors [DILD]

      I'm swimming at a really old friend C's house but constantly being interrupted by his family for stuff, though I don't remember exactly what now. His family was apparently unending because I kept meeting new people every time I was interrupted. I was really high and drunk apparently and just exhausted, and I was getting some weird effect where it sounded like my ears were surrounded by bubbles and all sounds were very distant and distorted. I decided to go home. Some kid stopped me on the way out and was asking me for something but I couldn't tell what he was saying, but finally I realized he was asking for the jellybeans I just happened to be holding. I gave them to him, then picked up a box of nachos Lunchables out of the trash thinking that this is what I'd been looking for the whole time, but was saddened to discover that all the food had already been half-eaten. :C As I head out the front door of the house my hearing is returning, and I notice that my car is gone. I'm really confused and distressed, and some little girls run out of the house to me complaining about something that Cleveland (from Family Guy and then The Cleveland Show) did, and I tried to figure out what they were talking about but couldn't, but then I suddenly became lucid. I walked back inside the house and there was a cop walking around, and he said something to me but I can't remember what now. I saw my mom sitting on a stool in the kitchen, and next to her was a mirror. I walked up to it and looked in it and it was amazingly accurate. Mirrors are usually really wrong for me in dreams. I decided to conjure up another mirror by turning around and just expecting it to be on the kitchen counter. I picked it up and as I looked up there was a third, even bigger mirror so I walked up and faced the mirror I was holding to it to create that effect were you can see the mirrors endlessly repeating. It looked like it worked but it also made the dream turn really fuzzy really fast, so I stopped and looked away. I turned around and it was too quiet, so I yelled "Say something!" My mom looked at me and said "Cool!" with this over-exaggerated smile on her face. I smirked and walked off calling for this girl L I knew in high school to appear, and it took a while and a bunch of incorrect DCs but she finally did. I'm not sure why I thought of her. She started talking to me, but the dream got really unstable and faded.

      False Awakening - I wake up in bed and I'm facing the wall that would be to my left if I was facing up. Without changing position, I reached out and grabbed my phone and started typing up my dream, and then I felt someone else moving in bed and I could tell it was a guy. I had a sense that it was N, who had spent the night here but was sleeping on big bed-like pillow in the living room. I got really paranoid, and then I felt a hand get placed on my left shoulder by someone who I could tell was another separate entity, and I perceived them as my dad. He said to me "You really should try using the stairwell.", and I was so confused and a bit frightened, but then I woke up for real.
    8. A Crazy Night, The Patrick Effect

      by , 02-27-2012 at 04:46 PM
      Well, I went to bed last night fairly drunk from red wine and having taken a few small hits of JWH-250. I'm sure this had some effect on my dreams but it's hard to say, though there was something pretty interesting at the end of the night!

      Fragment - I remember being in some hotel filled with water and a manatee swimming around, and you had to get to some other private room above the main one I was in by climbing along a ledge on wall, but that was also where the manatee mates and it gets mad at you for being up there so it tries to attack you while you're doing it. I also remember that when I reached the room there were voices of Family Guy characters saying really random stuff. I also recall hearing the phrase "twelve year olds without sex".

      Fragment - I just remember being in a chat room with Seroquel and OldSparta.

      Fragment - I'm looking after some guy (perhaps handicapped? he seemed incredibly child-like) and trying to be buddies with him, I was showing him some anime movies which weren't real but looked pretty interesting. The only other thing I remember is that the TV had two separate volume systems that you had to make work together to control the sound. >.>

      #1 - A Crazy Night [Non-Lucid]

      This occurred almost immediately after the last fragment, I was awake for probably a second or two. I was walking through a store with O and talking to him about getting drunk and losing my clothes and how I'd probably never find them, and O says "Yeah, I think the neighbors saw you." During this this one guy I knew in high school came by and asked us if we worked there but we said no, so he walked off.

      #2 - The Patrick Effect [Non-Lucid]

      I was in my dad's car with my family (but my mom was driving) and we were driving down what I perceived as our alleyway, but it was actually nothing like it, it was like a dirt road with bright green grass hills on each side and a bunch of little shacks with cars parked all around them, and no fences of any kind. The car breaks down when we pull off to the side, and we stand outside with a bunch of other people for a minute, then it jumps forward to that night at my house and we're having a huge party. I think the party is centered around me somehow, actually. I get tired of being in the den and kitchen where most of the commotion is, so I go into the living room to hang out with O, a random girl I don't know, and another DC that frequently changes throughout the rest of the dream. We started talking about music, and I'm trying to tell the random DC about one song that's really good but I couldn't remember what it was called, but the girl reminded me. (It's "Layla", though in the dream I thought of it as "Leila". )

      I went out to the kitchen and den again to see everyone had gone outside so I wasn't too worried about playing loud music, and I tried to put it on by going to YouTube and typing it in, but instead I found... the most amazing thing I've ever seen in a dream. On the screen were characters from SpongeBob SquarePants, with an especially large focus on Patrick (and I think maybe Squidward). They were all quickly jumping all around the screen (mostly one character at a time, though) and ranging from really close to really far away and performing very random movements and actions, and muttering things that were definitely in their voices but completely inaudible, it was like total delirium. While they were doing these things, the entire screen was engulfed in gear-patterned-type kaleidoscopes of sky blue light distortions and tendrils that pulsed heavily and emanated from a blindingly bright white vortex in the center of the screen. The characters and background scenery were dragged along with and twisted and bent by these distortions, and overall the scene was just like some unbelievably massive acid trip. Staring at it for too long caused a grid of Pokémon to form in my vision, and I looked away to see everyone else in the room staring at it in awe. My dad had also come into the room and sat down at the table and was marveling at it. I looked back at it and just stared some more because I couldn't bring myself to look away, it was so beautiful. The Pokémon grid thing started happening again, and suddenly I realized that I was shirtless. I went into my room to put something on, and started thinking about how I was going to spend countless hours watching the screen and seeing how far I can dive into my mind with it, but then I woke up.

      I am now officially dubbing this "The Patrick Effect" and making it one of my lucid goals to recreate this effect in a dream. I never expected my mind to create such a powerfully accurate psychedelic effect in my dreams, I must use this subconscious ability as much as possible!
    9. In Computer Lab, Family guy Comic on the Wall

      by , 01-18-2012 at 07:34 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Computer Lab,Family Guy Comic On Wall (Non-lucid)


      I had a hard time trying to recall because I woke up like 2 hours before I had to get to my Political Science class in college along with 3 more classes)

      (Wednesdays are going to be my busiest days because I have 4 classes in succession; I'm suppose to be in a Chemistry Lab class, but labs don't start until next week, so I thought I should use that time to type up the notes I put down in my Blackberry Curve onto here ( I eventually remembered more details, I couldn't have finger smashed all of this information at once haha; and eat some food before I head to my Biochemistry Seminar course later on).

      I also find that using images on my Dream Journal for certain points is helping me remember things long enough that should I not have the time to type them down immediately, I can somehow pull out an event in a dream and capture it long enough to branch off to other things associated with it. I guess it makes it easier in the long run, even though it gets tedious sometimes Googling pictures that make sense to me.

      Dream 1:

      I'm in a computer lab, the type you would see here in American High School or Middle School. There's dark blue carpet covering the floor with small mixes of random colors.

      Everyone but me were given a piece of paper to do something on the computers set out for us, but I didn't pay attention to why I didn't receive one compared to the rest. Everyone was doing random things like watching videos to typing random things.

      Then I realized I don't have a worksheet/piece of paper and I go up to a blonde female for one. Her hair was tied to the back into a pony tail.

      (I'm going to start focusing on the facial expressions and moods of the DCs I encounter in these non-lucids to try and rationalize why they're doing so.

      She was wearing a small gray hoodie (like the Hollister ones that can barely fit any average guy without them ripping it completely) and she wore a shirt underneath it of course, and probably had the typical skinny butt lift jeans.

      She almost looked like a European blonde or from Russia, but just as a descendant, not a native, the type who has the genes from parents who were but with the American accent. And see had Mascara on her too, which elevated the presence of her blue eyes.

      Cars and Ld's-hair-long-pony-tail_300.jpgCars and Ld's-abercrombie%2520outlet%2520211.jpgCars and Ld's-2168b.jpg
      Cars and Ld's-eye-makeup-blue-eyes-3.jpg (just adding these here to have a general grasp on how she looked)

      When I go up to her, before I could ask her that I don't have a sheet of paper with instructions on whatever it is we're doing in the computer lab, she expands her arm with the last piece of paper she has and offers me it. I think she even was mouthing something, but it was probably just for her to keep track of what she was doing rather than for me.

      It seemed like she was reading something off of it before she handed it to me, I don't know if that she just gave it to me out of the blue or maybe was double checking before she gave it to me.

      But she's still looking down on some other things as if she was too busy to make eye contact, she had that secretary type of mentality where they would go into efficiency mode and just do what's necessary and avoid any kind of additional effort (but not the type of effort to be lazy, just the type to be done and over with things in a professional manner).

      She knew I was there, I could sense it, so I just gently took the paper she offered me and headed back to where I was sitting, which was near the back wall.

      The same blonde, I'm guessing she's a teacher since this seems to be a School environment, but she was pretty young, I'd say she would be my age as well (18).

      She starts calling people, probably to check their progress on the computer, I think she calls one person starting with the name of "C," but I can't remember the full name, but it wasn't too important because it was a generic name.

      Dream 2:

      I'm looking on a wall and there's a comic of Family Guy of Peter, Lois, and Quagmire (It's in black and white, but I think there were a few hints of color). They were doing something, but I can't remember what exactly. I think I recall Lois with a happy expression on her face, but I don't know if that was because something sexual was happening to her or something else.

      Cars and Ld's-peter-lois-quagmire-500-x-374.jpg

      I saw Quagmire, I know I did, but I don't know what the heck he was up to in the comic, probably trying to creep on Lois I guess.

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    10. Hummus and Weed

      by , 12-21-2011 at 10:41 PM

      Went to bed late and didn't really get a good nights/morning sleep. oops.

      I'm eating hummus and pita bread outside at a restaurant with my family. The waitress is loud and over friendly. She is sitting at our table and eating our food. Back at home I smoke a joint with my brothers and watch Family Guy. That is pretty much it.
    11. SpongeBob and Family Guy adventure.

      by , 07-16-2011 at 01:56 PM
      I seem to be having a lot of dreams recently having to do with rather school, video games or cartoons, maybe my dream signs?

      I don't truly remember how this dream even started out, though I remember it happened as I took a nap at about 4:11 pm. I remember the smallest bit about being in my friends grandma's pool, a place I had been to quite a lot as a child. In the pool, I saw that SpongeBob had been drowning (which seems just dumb) while the cast of Family Guy happened to be drowning with them. After looking back on this, that is strange because I have not watched those shows in about three years. They were eventually captured at some point in which then they were tied to wooden planks, and I recall something causing the planks to hurt them in a certain amount of time. Spongebob got free, somehow, and rescued the rest of the characters, except for Lois Griffin who was saved only after she had been slightly injured from the planks breaking on her leg. A credits screen soon came up, at the seemingly perfect time as I woke up only four hours later.
    12. Class, House, Wall-E, rescue mission

      by , 02-16-2011 at 05:47 AM
      2/14-15. 130. Something about a rotating part

      607. At school. In a dark classroom. On the internet. I see someone opening lockers in the hall, dark as well. I try to scare someone. Then the room is huge and mom comes in. Saw me as I flew back to my table (run fast or actually fly, not sure)

      Watching House, but it’s like the ep is on fastforward. It’s part of the intro because you get to see everything first, and the whole ep is them figuring out how the person got sick. Get to see bits of their treatment before seeing them treat the patient

      730. Wall-E meets Star Wars kind of thing. Small raid on something, inside a building/ ship? I’m Wall-E sometimes. 2 girls I’m with go up a dumbwaiter. I take the stairs and fight a bad guy. Then I’m pitching ideas to Peter Griffen and Seth MacFarlane. One is that soda is thrown to the ground (Like the Indian crying commercial) and there should be a sad Indian, but it’s a red herring(misleading). Other idea is something about recycling. Peter Griffen says, “What do you think this is, a syndicate?!”

      9. At home. Go down alley to see friend (house front on alley side). Prostitutes at house across alley. Inside friend’s house. Dad there. I have a younger brother there. Talking to the guy, fireman. Smoke in alley and I ask, “What’s that?” Soon all gone. Decide to go out. Walk down alley. Kid with us is now a girl with crutches. We’re trying to save some prostitute. Sneak and get out of alley, but girl and I are too far ahead. She stops and asks about her mom. We go back and she’s not there and a UPS type truck is leaving (Guess she’s in there). Watch the truck drive away and go around the corner to our other neighbors
    13. Prison Complex, Soylent Green is People, and Puppy Cake

      by , 07-21-2010 at 11:56 AM (exdreamer's Dream Journal)
      Non-Lucid, Lucid, Commentary/Notes, Hypnagogic Hallucinations
      i inner awareness, a action, f form, c context

      Prison Complex

      I was in some kind of prison complex ( c ). I felt as though I was trying to or wanted to escape. Briefly the perspective was third person and from a 2d side on perspective like a 2d side scrolling brawler or platform game ( c,i ).

      Back in the first person view I was standing in a hallway. The walls, floor, ceiling, everything was grey concrete. There was a large dark window on the wall looking in to a room and a mop and bucket next to me. I moved forward slightly and as I passed a corner I noticed there was a prisoner next to me. I knew he wasn't a real prisoner. I had a sense of injustice, and I think I said something to the effect of it being unfair. The fake prisoner punched me. He had a silver coloured ring on.

      Soylent Green is People!

      I was at secondary school sitting in the boys changing rooms with the other people that were in my year and a few years either way above and below ( c ). We were going to be turned in to some kind of stew to feed to the current generation of kids at the school. It was supposed to make them more intelligent by absorbing the knowledge of those who had come before them, and thus raise the status of the school ( c ). I recalled that they must have done this back when we were at school and thought of S's eldest brother being turned in to a stew and having ate him.

      We were being led out of the changing rooms towards the main entrance and outside when myself and some others were removed from the line by Mrs. M ( c ). Apparently we were being spared to be part of some special group. We were standing around outside of the main entrance. I only recognised L ( c ). She was standing across from me looking disinterested. Mrs. M explained that we were going to have some special procedure done that would make us unable to hear a certain frequency of sound. She ten revealed that I already naturally was unable to hear the frequency, and I recalled that this was true ( c,i ).

      Along with the ability to hear the particular frequency, we would also gain the ability to not be detected by a certain scanning device ( c,f ). I imagined a strange hand-held device with a blue light on top of an antenna that would beep faster when it was facing its target person. I was then talking with L and explained that the downside to not being able to hear the frequency was not being able to hear some alarms.

      I woke up with tinnitus...

      Puppy Cake

      I was in a supermarket. Everything looked like a cartoon ( f,c ). I was looking over at an aisle with cereal on the shelves. There were men dressed like superheroes. One in particular was dressed in a purple suit. He was wearing glasses over the face mask. and had regular looking shoes on. I knew he wasn't a real superhero but was doing some kind of promotion related to the cereal.

      I was in a queue for the checkout with Joe from Family Guy ( c ). He was still a cartoon but his hands and arms looked real ( f ). We shook hands -- his hands were extremely sweaty and it was kind of gross. I could see the sweat on his palms. The superhero guy shouted over to us that the cereal Joe was buying wasn't as good unless you ate it where it was made. It was some kind of chocolate based cereal in a yellow box. Joe replied that Quahog was where it was made, and that was where we were ( c ). Then we high-fived, and again his hands were really sweaty.

      I was suddenly holding a blancmange and cake based dessert ( f ). It was in the shape of the face of a dog. It was white with brown ears and had it's tongue out. The eyes were not quite on centre, so it looked a bit retarded. I placed it on the checkout conveyor. Joe's wife commented that it looked just like a dog they used to have that died. We started to eat it then and there. When we bit in to it, it made a strange noise ( f ). Joe's wife commented that the dog they had made the exact same strange noise...
    14. But I'm your son, peter...

      by , 06-13-2010 at 03:41 AM
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      But I'm your son Peter... (Non-lucid)


      I was in an Ireland bar and tried to tell my "true" dad (Just like in family guy) I was his son and I tried to best him in a drinking contest but it never worked. I tried to explain to him "I've done this 2 times before" and like "no it's not supposed to happen like that" it was really confusing. Eventually I found myself outside in front of dirt with squared carved into it and we stepped forward and tossed little army men for a game or something I looked at a brown one in my hand and Becca told me "Better save that one." Then someone tried to throw a ball over a fence to "See if she could move there" She tired 3 times the first 2 times was underhand and the last time was overhand and it worked that time and fell down a hill down to a shed. Then liz ran down hill to get it... END...
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