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    1. High-End Restaurant Exhibit House - Man I Fucking Hate Gout

      by , 05-29-2019 at 03:16 AM
      Hello DVers, I have returned once again. Just a little update- I've stopped smoking weed (for now) and plan to at least have a few lucids, I've been working hard on dream recall and just taking things at a slower pace to avoid getting excited then losing motivation at the first sign of failure.

      Anyways, here's an interesting dream I remembered Non-Lucid

      Anything in orange is a potential dream sign for my own reference and improvement

      The dream begins in an open space, It looks similar to my old work, but a lot nicer with some more expensive equipment. I work on Interactive Media at work (virtual reality, augmented reality, motion tracking, etc)

      It appears that I'm also with mostly coworkers from said older company. I'm standing in front of what looks like 3 wooden shelves, all in descending height coming toward where I'm standing, creating some sort of augmented reality app in which the holograms have some placement element within the shelves. For whatever reason, I didn't seem to know the specifics of what it was.

      Then I see a Robotic AI tripod that has miniature tank track like wheels on it, on the top of the tripod is an advanced 360 kinect sensor I didn't see any details that would suggest it was kinect but I seemed to just assume as that's a sensor I use fairly often at work. But back to the AI Kinect (Let's call it KinectX).. this thing moved unexpectedly fast, and the idea of it was that instead of a person moving in front of a static Kinect, this thing would calculate the distance from itself to a person- then use it's tank tracks to accelerate around it's target and apply cool effects to their person and stream it to a display wall somewhere in the restaurant. I never gathered this from any DCs but for some reason I just had that information in mind. This device looked super high tech- it was jet black with some space white indents and really sleek looking rotatable joints where it could transform for different angles and such.

      Photo of concept below drawn from memory (drawing doesn't represent how cool it was, sorry)

      Couple of q's about jesus-kinectx.jpg

      Anyways Richard my old coworker came in, at my old company, he was always the one on the kinect applications, so this really fit the bill.

      After a little bit we had some user testers come in to try out the apps and vet out some bugs and any edge cases, which is fairly standard protocol. My testers consisted of about 10 guys, and one of those 10 guys was Lebron James. At one point during the testing we all jumped in unison, at this point I'm assuming it was basketball related but after the jump I did a nose plug reality and test and failed! I remember thinking "Yeah I'm busy but this might be a dream.. test.. nah".....

      After the failed attempt I seemed to just appear inside the seating area of the restaurant. Every table was filled, all people there had on black clothing.. suits for the men and flapper dresses for the ladies. There was a fancy plethora of Edison light bulbs chandeliers above all tables, for some reason I was going around switching out the lightbulbs in front of everyone eating...

      After that I saw my old boss walking around to make sure the installation was going good, then I saw him walk back to the staging area I was in before and he was sitting at a table with other old coworkers laughing and not helping .. I got hungry at this point so I found some raw pizza and ate that After this I went to the other side of the seating area of the restaurant and found that there was a resort attached to the side of this restaurant, so it was half outside and half inside, on the resort side it was a long strip of beach chairs that were in the water and a little further in front of those chairs was about 5 feet deep water that was super warm like a hot tub.

      I seemed to timeshift again and found myself traversing the water, I remember it feeling super warm- went to the end of the little pool extension and saw a few guys sitting on beach chairs. One of them was talking kind of loud and I just remember him talking and saying "Gout fuckin sucks man, yeah it just sucks bro", don't remember what else. I swam back and I remember there was a very busty woman in the water and she was getting in my way as I swam back, I don't recall doing anything with her but man it was feeling extra steamy at that point.

      I time shift one more time and I'm near where the pool extension and the restaurant meet, I then see speakers that are floating on a ledge and see the cord dangling, I was trying to find an outlet to plug it into then I heard my coworker from my current company on the phone and in a black suit and sunglasses saying "Man I fuckin' hate Gout, DUDE IT FUCKING SUCKS" right near where everyone was sitting and was just venting about it


      End of dream, not a lucid but it was interesting and vivid. I will have a lucid dream soon so stay tuned if you happen to read these.
      Tags: fancy, futuristic
      non-lucid , memorable
    2. Boring and not so boring; Office, Kung Fu

      by , 11-04-2015 at 04:49 AM
      It was very dark out the whole dream, like midnight dark. I was working in a several story high office building, but it wasn't like a skyscraper or anything. Just a several story brick building, very boring on the outside, and it looked a lot like the building from The Office.

      Anyway, the woman in the cubicle kind of behind and across from mine was maybe in her mid to late 50s, stocky but not fat, with frosted dark blondish hair. She wore a sort of suit jacket and shell with a skirt and some low heels. Her jacket was sort of a pinky color, her skirt was more of a taupe. I can't remember if she wore glasses, but I don't think so.

      There was another woman there, a middle-aged black woman who was very no-nonsense, and I think maybe she was supposed to be one of the Human Resources people.

      I vaguely recalled the older lady leaving, but I turned round to talk to her and she was gone... I asked where she went, and the other woman told me she was gone - as in, gone for good, she'd left the company. I was a little bit surprised by this, since I hadn't realized she was leaving, otherwise I'd have said goodbye.

      So the other woman was leaving for the night, and I didn't want to be in the building all alone, so I decided to leave, too. I got out into the parking lot and she got into a very tiny white car that looked sort of like an older BMW but very, very small. I recall thinking that it was a very expensive car, and that someone else in the company had one, too. Anyway, she drove off. I didn't have a car. It was extremely dark outside, and sort of rainy.

      I briefly woke up. When I started dreaming again, I wasn't lucid, and the office building had turned into a really swanky hotel. I went back inside. The lobby was really brightly lit, and I recall there being a lot of gold stuff... maybe the carpet was even a gold color... it was fancy in the "trying too hard to be fancy" sense, where it came off as not being as fancy as it was trying to be (but still pretty fancy). Not exactly gaudy, either, though.

      Suddenly I was a kung fu master who had somehow ended up getting a job at this hotel... for whatever reason. I don't recall what it was. I just recall going into sort of a ballroom/meeting room and everybody was completing handwriting assignments. Not quite calligraphy. I recall a professor coming through and grading them by marking them with streaks of watercolor, and he gave me a really bad grade, which I was pissed off by because my handwriting was clearly very good! I'd just written in a different language than everybody else. So we argued about it - I don't recall the exact words, or even if there were words at all, I think there was more of the sense that I was protesting than me actually saying anything specifically and the assumption that an argument had happened - and then eventually he wiped off the bad mark he'd put on it.

      After that, I went out into the lobby and Donald Trump was there with his daughters. He was arguing with the receptionist.


      So I ordered a FitBit yesterday. My boyfriend has one because I got him one for his birthday, and I'm interested in the heart rate tracker and sleep tracker. It's hard for me to tell how much sleep I get, and I know I wake up a lot.

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    3. Creating a mess at a fancy restaurant.

      by , 02-05-2015 at 11:33 AM (Percy's Void of Thoughts)
      Creating a mess at a fancy restaurant. (DILD)


      Full Dream (1 pts)
      2nd DILD (5 pts)
      Stabilize (1 pts)
      Fly (4 pts)
      Teleport (7 pts)
      Eat something (4 pts)
      Use electronics (4 pts)
      Use Telekinesis (4 pts)
      DC Interaction (2 pts)
      Invulnerability (4 pts)
      Unespecified dream control (blast) (3 pts)

      In this dream, which probably was in the morning, I was about to get to work, and I had over 1000 readings to do. I stressed a lot and felt uneasy. I told myself, "No way I can have such a queue in 4 days break." I looked at my hands very frustrated, when
      all my frustration left once I realized it was a dream. I also jumped a couple times in order to make sure. I could levitate a little.

      I decided to make my dream stable once again taking a small flight around a building that I was supposly in. I wanted to just farm points on this dream, so first I wanted to teleport to a restaurant. As usual, I closed my eyes and jumped on the place thinking of a restaurant, finding myself in an old restaurant I used to go when I was a child.

      I saw some food so I grabbed a crab I believe it was, it did not taste like crab, but most likely like meat, pork I believe. A waiter came to me and told me, "Can I help you?" I told him, "No thanks" and started to laugh hard. He was saying, "sir, excuse me, sir?" I ignored him and walked to one of the registers, in order to use it. I started to press random buttons from the computer's monitor and I think that somehow, I opened a word document, the computer was working pretty poorly.

      I also wanted to make a huge mess in the restaurant, I tried to lift all the tables at once, without one moving an inch. I tried a few times without success, until one table started to levitate, but I could not do more. As I was doing this, a cop joined the restaurant and called my name, that freaked me out for a second, but I remembered it was a dream. I ignored the cop and he started shooting me. I stood in front of the bullet saying, "You can't kill me here." I felt the bullet hitting me and almost my torso moving, but it did not hurt.

      I wanted to start throwing blast and go crazy in the restaurant, but as usual, blasts would not come out from my hands. I pushed hard a few times and small spheres came out, very tiny ones, but upon contact with the tables, they would explode. I kept doing this until I woke up.
      Tags: fancy, mayhem
    4. Happy client after Banishing

      by , 01-19-2015 at 11:13 PM (Percy's Void of Thoughts)
      Happy client after Banishing (Non-lucid)


      I was called by a client because of something that happened in her home when I was there.

      I got to a big building, kind of futuristic and very dark. The walls were gray, looked like concrete and the door was made out of dark wood. The lady opened the door and she had a ton of gadgets and a very fancy decor.

      Apparently, my twin flame and I did a spirit banishing work at her house. I could not recall such event but she even knew the name of my twim flame
      (who in real life I have done banishings with) Aparently, during the ritual, Olga dented some pricey figure.

      My client wanted us to pay to fix it and well, we found it fair. She was happy of my honestly and I knew Olga would be happy to do so as well. Our client told me that she will be happy to work with me in the future, that she was going to need readings and that all the entities were gone and her house felt safe again.
    5. $330 Bill for breakfast

      by , 12-10-2014 at 10:54 PM (Percy's Void of Thoughts)
      $330 Bill for breakfast (Non-lucid)


      My wife in this dream was my girlfriend and she met with someone who was dressed as a hippie and someone who was a very rich guy. My wife and I hanged up with the rich guy, who apparently we were going to have breakfast together and then go out for lunch. After the breakfast, my wife paid the bill and it was a wooping amount of $330.

      I was in shock but I figured she did because he was going to pay for lunch, and probably much more expensive.

      We went to have lunch and the rich guy just bought some fast food and I was kind of upset... some fancy guy! In addition, he got mad because he could not take the leftovers from the burgers.

      There were two additional guys going after me for some reason and I was in a weird bird contest. I was like in a convention, a lot of red carpeting and a lot of people. Despite being very upscale, some areas seemed abandoned and dusty. I somehow started to follow a bird, that was mechanical and was from some female friend I had. I was able to outrun the guys chasing me and our bird ended up in the 210th position out of like 4,000 birds. I reunited from my wife, who was safe and sound.
    6. NASCAR & Dogs

      by , 06-15-2013 at 07:50 AM
      Level of Lucidity: 0
      Level of Clarity: 2
      Level of Realism: 5
      (levels based 0-10, 0-5 being low - good 5-10 being great - extreme)

      I had a rough night sleeping and accidentally left my app for reminding me to do reality checks on over night.. so every hour on the hour it would vibrate and either wake me up, or wake me up enough that I roll over and fall back asleep.

      Dream Fragment 1: I'm with my uncle in his car. My uncle is an extremely southern guy, and loves Nascar. We were driving somewhere down a road I've never seen before, and he begins to talk about how he has a race that he's in and it's in the NASCAR Nationwide Series. Then I woke.

      Dream Fragment 2: I was in a park like place. I noticed that there was a few dogs in front of me. The dogs were simply standing there and not looking around, not with anyone, and not scared of me. All of a sudden the dog who is closest to me stands up on his back legs, and it looked like he was rotating his front legs so that they were backwards. It was like a trick that the dog was doing for me.. just like playing dead, rolling over, or shaking hand/paw. Then I heard a voice that said something like "Well trained dogs". Then I woke.

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      non-lucid , dream fragment
    7. Latest Dreams

      by , 01-22-2013 at 01:16 AM
      First Dream
      I was bored,talking to someone in a old telephone,and teleported to where he was.It was a beach place,there was people I know from different schools,and a teacher I have a bit of a crush on,he hugged everybody as we were coming closer to him.Later I was in this room in a colorful square pattern(ground,walls and ceiling)mainly of blue,red and yellow.There was some videogames there,but it was suffocating,and I decided to leave.The hallway was the same pattern,and suddenly I was in a pine forest place,with long bodies of water with a bridge to connect the land.I tried to go back but fell into the water.A guy helped me,I asked where I was,I was worried on how I would go back home.He said it was a viking country in Central America,and dunno why,I got relieved.

      Second Dream
      I was on a family meeting,the house was a fancy beach house with bright colors on the wall such as red and purple,dark wood furniture and moroccan design.I was in a room talking to my mother and the same teacher from the first dream(it happened the night before this one) came into the room and started to talk about something

      Those dreams were not lucid,but very vivid.They happened a few night ago.
    8. 7/5/12

      by , 07-05-2012 at 11:52 PM
      I dont remember any dreams but when i looked back at my DJ this afternoon this is what i saw.

      "I am a fancy gentleman"