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    1. Magazines, Screws, Hinges, and a Metal Uterus

      by , 08-05-2018 at 11:09 AM
      Morning of August 5, 2018. Sunday.

      Reading time: 2 min 36 sec. Readability score: 68.

      My dream features several ambiguous transitions, as is often the case. A thread of my dream self identity that links to my current awareness of being with Zsuzsanna is present, but not much else.

      The setting is mainly the living room of the Loomis Street house. The couch (near the south window as it was in reality) is not the couch of that time, but like the one from Cubitis when I was a teenager. (This is the one where the back dropped down to make a single bed.) Additionally, despite my lack of viable memory of my current conscious self, it also has the essence of the couch from our current home. Three-way ambiguity is a typical feature of my dreams. This setup does not “mean” anything other than the usual subliminal awareness of being in bed. Dream state indicators of this nature have occurred throughout every sleep cycle all my life.

      A thread of potential consciousness initiation emerges. There are several piles of magazines in the storage area in the bottom of the couch. It reflects my desire to become more aware in the dream state (by focusing on printed text), but I remain non-lucid. Zsuzsanna is with me and seems very cheerful. I am somewhat puzzled by how so many magazines could fit under the couch seat, as they seem higher than the top of the storage area by several inches.

      My desire for conscious awareness increases but shifts to a different scene. Now I am sitting on a blanket on the floor, still an association with subliminal knowledge of being in bed. An unfamiliar girl is sitting on the floor near me. Later, an unknown male is also present.

      I am sorting through various items that had been mixed in with the magazines (even though all the piles were flat). There are many loose screws and metal items. Some seem to be part of handyman kits. I start to gather pieces that go together, thinking that I could sell them. There are some singular hinges, but not all the screws are with them. One screw I try to match with the other is too different. (This all relates to my non-lucid dream self trying to build cohesive conscious self awareness in RAS mediation.) One set of hinges, when open, looks somewhat like the 2009 Chrysler logo. (This is probably this dream’s vestibular system correlation, as it resembles wings as well as having a doorway association.)

      Once again, there is a change in awareness. The Loomis Street living room now takes on the typical essence of bilocation. My dream self is indoors and outdoors at the same time. On one level, it is still the Loomis Street living room. On another level, it is in an outdoor rural area near an unfamiliar farm. An interconsciousness avatar is present as a farmer. The farmer’s origin is the Loomis Street house’s northeast bedroom, which is simultaneously an open section of a barn.

      I am looking at a metal uterus, considering it is part of a V8 engine. It is rather light. It has what seems like small multicolored scales over most of its surface. I say how it is “ragged” as I move my fingers over the scales, thinking of it as an analogy to long-term use and becoming rusty. I give it to the farmer to look at, and it seems he may buy it for a V8 tractor. It is still in good condition according to him.

      The last part of this dream, in part, comes from our youngest daughter’s T-shirt that features sequins which change color when moving your hand over them. They also feel like small “ragged” rough scales. Another association stems directly from many years ago. A highly intoxicated unknown male had stopped at a rummage sale on Loomis Street and bought one of my father’s hole cutter drill bits even though its surface was mostly rust-covered.

    2. February 9 2018 Transitions

      by , 02-09-2018 at 01:22 PM
      Morning of February 9, 2018. Friday.

      Today marks my 24th year in Australia and in being with the girl of my dreams, Zsuzsanna.

      I am going to try something new here. As I still have tens of thousands of dreams I have never posted online, including thousands from before I was even a teenager, I might try entries that include sequences of specific types in a series of no more than 12 for a specific part of the sleep cycle. Although I usually recall at least six longer dreams per normal sleeping time, there are many more of different but basic types that are mostly autosymbolic of the transitions between different times during sleep and of which I usually just pass through without drama. I am going to try this to see how it goes, randomly selecting dates, after this one, from over the last fifty years to see how the autosymbolic content has remained unchanged for the most part and perhaps note influences when I can. In some cases, I might include a very short summary of a dream I had already posted if it falls into the sequence of a certain dream type and time. The dreams are listed in reverse order, last one first. (Missing numbers are either related to private sections, abstract stages that cannot be described in words, or too long to post online.) (To quote the Yo-Yo man, “Try to remember everything you passed. But when you go back, make the first thing the last.”)

      12th There is one farmer working in a rice paddy. The water is lower when I look again later. (My dream self vaguely recognizes this as autosymbolism for the cessation of the dream state, water lowering waking symbolism, which has been as such since early childhood, having occurred as such through thousands of my dreams.) I do not speak to him but recognize the essence as RAS (personified preconscious). I eventually become aware that RAS has transmuted from a Filipino rice farmer into a Caucasian cowboy. He stands before a fence (my side), which is the division between dream self identity and conscious self identity, and I walk past him through an open part of the fence to wake. I do not speak to him, he nods, and I nod back. RAS mediation as utilizing a fence is less common than porches and doorways, or even parking lots, but does occur on a regular basis. RAS is typically more dominant or even aggressive when a porch is rendered as the waking space, probably because it implies that my dream self wants to remain “inside” for longer (that is, not wanting to wake yet).

      11th I am walking over a large high truss bridge (unknown location) over water. I do not see any traffic. A bridge is autosymbolism for a transition in unconsciousness and the water lowers to become the rice paddy scene of the next segment.

      08th I am walking through a circular tunnel, which I first consider, with a level of wariness, that it is the Large Hadron Collider. Still, it is mostly a featureless silver tunnel. I eventually consider it as just a transition between different levels of unconsciousness after briefly wondering if it is the inside of an airplane with no contents (including no seats or flat floor). There is sometimes a very vague sense of wariness when walking or sliding down through tunnels, not exactly claustrophobia (as I do not have this in waking life), just some sort of unusual level of awareness triggered by semi-lucidity. This is not usually the case with hallways of which are the same basic autosymbolism (dream state transition), though less transpersonal.

      05th I usually have one dream per sleeping period that is either prescient or of another inexplicable factor. I am in the backyard of our present home and there is some sort of distorted event related to five cats in a large rectangular container full of dirt of which may be a plant pot. I get the impression they are not alive, being half-buried in the dirt, but the feature seems unusual. The cats are not fully grown. There is an odd impression that they might not be “real” cats, for example, a perception of thread instead of cat hair, and an odd sort of composition, and even separated “parts” of cats (though still five in total). After waking, Zsuzsanna had shown me an older cross-stitch she had done (of which she had taken out of a rectangular plastic box this morning, with no way of me knowing that she would be doing this). There were five cats on the item, with different coats, but each of the same appearance and sequence as each from my dream, though she had related the cross-stitch as being prescient of our final number of children and the ratio of girls to boys (based on the appearance of the cat’s coat as certain coats are only common to certain sexes, such as most gingers being male and most tortoiseshells being female). This does not mean there is any symbolic connection to my dream (that is, of the cats being linked to our children), as prescience and shared dreaming is often mixed in with other factors. The symbolism still validates the prescient connection, the cats being in a rectangular box, not being “alive”, and of an unusual appearance of thread (cross-stitch thread) mixed with hair.

      02nd I mentally light a candle to see where I am (unrelated to the apnea events I experience very rarely, which is like mentally trying to will a candle flame back into existence with the fear it has gone out) and it is a small copper-walled room without much space. There is a focus on having recently taken the vocal out of David Essex’s “For Emily, Wherever I may find her”. “What a dream I had. Pressed in organdie. Clothed in crinoline…of smoky Burgundy. Softer than the rain.” Solely the isolated vocal plays from a gramophone, with an eerie echo. Sometimes when I strip the vocal out of a track in real life, it takes on a very unique quality, especially when I add certain kinds of reverb. I was thinking of using the isolated vocal in a new dub track I had already started (not for commercial purposes of course).

      00 Induction stage. I walk down steps with the intention of going deeper into the dream state. They are outdoor concrete stairs in an area near buildings of which are covered with vines. When I was very young, I learned to manipulate levels of unconsciousness by going up or down stairs in dreams (in both lucid and non-lucid situations, as I have recognized dream symbolism for so long, I was manipulating it at six years of age - which eventually became non-lucid habit), which is autosymbolism for traversing the specific level of unconsciousness (and is used the same way in hypnosis and meditation). Outdoor stairs are sometimes modeled after the ones in Veterans Memorial Campground in West Salem (Wisconsin), where I sometimes spent time as a young boy.

    3. At Least I Found Snow... (WILD)

      by , 03-10-2017 at 11:47 PM
      As I was falling asleep last night, at one point I became aware that I was just below the waking threshold and was able to take some control over the hypnagogic imagery. I wanted to try a TOTY and decided to attempt sledding again. I figured my problem last time was that I had gotten fixated on looking for a mountain to sled down... wouldn't it be more sensible to establish that I was on the mountain to start with? Then all I would have to do is go downhill. And find snow, of course.

      I successfully turned the hypnagogic imagery into a scene of sliding down a mountain slope. Initially it felt more like imagining than dreaming, in part because I was not yet fully embodied in the scene, only seeing it in my mind's eye. But already it was manifesting some of the ornery characteristics of dream and resisting my attempts to imagine snow, so I was sliding over bare earth. I let the scene play along and pretty soon I started to feel physical sensations: the bumps along the ground (I thought wistfully how snow would smooth out the ride!) and the surprisingly realistic smack of low hanging leaves against my face as I passed under trees. I was on a round metal saucer sled, barely big enough to seat me, but by concentrating I could prevent it from spinning out of control (unlike the similar sled I have in WL!)

      Before long it started to feel like a real dream with physical embodiment, but I was still lucid enough that I was not concerned when my sled went over a steep embankment and into freefall: I just applied some mental "brakes" and came down gently, landing in the yard of someone's farm. The farmer was there, so I realized this would be a perfect opportunity to coax some snow into existence.

      "Can you believe the weather we're having?" I asked the farmer. "Such thick snow! Hey, where is the snow the deepest?" I tried to make my tone convincing, despite the fact that there was still no snow in sight. Apparently this worked, because the farmer pointed into the distance, and when I sledded off in that direction, soon I was surrounded by snow everywhere!

      I was back in the mountain forest, but there was a slight problem. I looked around and saw no way down but steep rocky cliffs, rather than slopes that looked suitable for sledding. I figured I should just pick a cliff and sled off it anyway, since freefalling posed no real danger. But at that moment, for no good reason, I felt a subtle pang of anxiety about completing the task, and this woke me up.

      Dreams are a wonderful laboratory for discovering all the ways that our own minds can get in the way of our intentions!

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    4. #211 - Raid the farm

      by , 03-15-2016 at 04:09 AM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)
      Me and 4 friends were in a red-brick apartment building, we were playing some game but it was more to do with using our minds. I think this means we had some sort of ability though it doesn't make any sense. We could 'type' something in our mind and then enter another dimension through someones mind, and you could travel deeper (think Inception) within the minds of those in your mind. But you also travel physically, unlike in inception where you just go to sleep. Me and my friends leave now, it's time to raid the farm. We split into 2 groups, 3 & 2. I'm in the '2' group, with just me and some guy (can't remember who). The 'farm' we're raiding is HUGE, and incredibly well defended with complete fence covering (both around and over the top) which was electrified. The only entrances had automatic electric gates which you had to get permission for them to open, and behind those were more rotating doors to slow people down or something. Me and my partner had the job of skirting the perimeter to find a weak point while the other 3 took a more headstrong approach in infiltrating (not sure what they did). Me and my partner reached a pine forest on one side with small sets of crop rows that weren't covered by the fences. We walked around here for a bit, I eventually head closer to the fence. Looking back I see my partner, and in the distance I spot the farmer and 3 dogs. Oh ****. Immediately I back up while hissing at my partner trying to get his attention
      "Quick, hide!" my voice was a hoarse hush as I couldn't call too loud. He turns and looks at me, then behind him. He startles and bolts to the fence edge like I was and hides in a nook by a wooden post. Just in time too, the farmer turns his our way and starts heading over, the dogs run ahead. I remember previously having met 1 of the dogs, it smells me out and comes over to nuzzle me. Uh oh... I try to shoo him away but he's licking at my face, any longer and the farmer will notice me. I use my mind powers to control the dog and docile him, he stops and turns, standing in such a way as to block the gaze of the farmer. Phew...
      The farmer disappears, me and my partner emerge from hiding. Me and my partner go scout out the nearby entrance way where we notice all the high-tech security. Bah, screw that. There's no way we can get in here. We leave back the way we came, suddenly there's a call from behind us. I turn and see our other 3 crew members, the one calling us was called Johan I think (pronounced Yohan?), and was a friend who I haven't seen IRL for half a year or so. We head over immediately. Oh look, there's a gap at the bottom of the fence that leads behind the electric gates. How convenient .
      We wiggle under and join them, they head through the rotating doors and we follow, we're bolting along now as we run through the greenhouse-like place which has rows of potted green plants (no, it's not weed). I think I woke up at this point.
    5. Forced Dream, not exactly WILD (10-9-11 7:50am)

      by , 10-10-2011 at 01:12 AM
      There was an unmarried couple with two children. One was a five year old blond boy, the other was a girl who was probably four, with curly blond hair. Apparently they weren't very well cared for, because the girl ran out into traffic on a busy street and almost got ran over by an RV. All I saw was a green blur and then she was standing on top of a massive ditch on the other side of the road. Somehow I move to the other side of the road, and the girl runs into my arms. I pick her up and run back into the woods and break out into a park. I run smack into a gray-haired farmer who is holding the little boy. The children's father runs up and demands to take the children back. The farmer and I refuse, scene shifts and policemen are standing in front of us. The farmer is given permanent custody of the children, and asks what they're names are. I don't think I knew them beforehand but give him the names of by own toddler siblings, for some reason.
    6. Hemp for president.

      by , 08-10-2011 at 04:31 PM (Exploring the Unconscious - Bob's Dream Journal)
      All my dreams lately are directly inspired by something that happened that day... This time, I was looking at the ingredients in my Trader Joe's hemp protein powder with a lady friend a few hours before bed. Which caused the following malarkey to happen in my head:

      A farmer friend of mine, whose animal-raising facility was entirely indoors, suffered a crop failure that killed the plants with which he fed his livestock. He was distraught. I recommended that he started growing hemp indoors as feed, and reluctantly he agreed. He was convinced that the solution would be neither practical, long-term, nor cost effective. But I showed him wrong!

      We pulled out the dead plants that lined the rows of his animal enclosure, and replaced them with hemp. The animal enclosure soon became some sort of luscious hemp jungle. The animals, who were at first just as distraught as the farmer, came to life with joy. They loved the look and taste of hemp. They even started talking. (The animals were HUGE by the way, at one point it kind of freaked me out.) I even befriended a giant snake. Towards the end of the dream, I stayed late after the farmer left so that I could hang out with the giant snake and a giant pig friend I had made; but the farmer came on the overhead all-call and needed to know if anybody was still inside. Unfortunately I had to leave.

      In another small fragment, I remember being on one of my dad's old school campuses, either his High School or college, holding in my hand a picture of him when he was my age.
    7. Dec 24

      by , 12-25-2010 at 03:39 AM (Doctor's Dreams)
      Careful with that Crossbow...

      I was giving a presentation on Medieval and Revolutionary weaponry and me and my partner were dressed up in English Army garb from around the era of Captain Jack Sparrow. We were showing off a giant cross bow and we were going to use it. I got a rock for my partner to shoot at and he kept pointing the giant crossbow (it was like a very large wheel barrow with a crossbow on it...) at me in a joking fashion. I was laughing and dodging his aim at the same time. My laugh was a mix between "Ha this is great fun joking with you!" and "Crap this guy is crazy and I'm nervous".

      Black Farmer (FRAG)

      I was a farmer and no one would give me supplies because I'm black.
    8. Farmers, a Bear and a Cat.

      by , 11-24-2010 at 09:00 PM
      I was passing a field next to a farm. In the field there was a farmer herding up his cattle. There's no fence between the the path which I was walking and the field but there was an irrigation ditch and standing in that ditch to my left was a black calf. I believed the calf to be harmless enough so I approached it with the intension of touching it but with that the calf became aggressive climbed up the banking and raced towards me. Its just a small calf I thought so I decided to face it, held my hand out and shouted “stop!”. With that the calf got startled, it turned tail and ran back towards the herd jumping and kicking along the way. It just so happened that the farmer was on the receiving end of one of these kicks and was knocked to the ground. I went towards him asking if he was OK and noticed that there was clean break in the upper left arm. The bone did not break the skin but it was clear that it was broken you could tell by the shape of the arm. I do not remember hearing a reply from the old farmer but I did feel guilt due to that fact I had indirectly caused him pain. I then found myself walking further up that path until I came across another farm but this time I found myself in a farm yard, there a similar incident happened, with the farmer breaking his arm. I do not remember how it happen, although I believe that I may have startled another animal like a horse or a cow, which in turn caused the injury. I remember saying to the farmer, “I cant believe the chances of this happening twice”. This time however the farmers family came to his aid and called for help. Although I do not remember the farmer talking to me. I do remember a couple of children who where playing, oblivious it what had just happened, one approached with a hula hoop in hand and asked if i would like to try. I gave it try but it just dropped to the ground, “I don't have any rhythm” I said and gave it back the two girls(I think), they just laughed. I then looked back at the farmer and to my surprise the other farmer was with him. The old farmer said to the other, ”I have never broken a bone in my 20 years of farming until now”. While I felt deep regret at what had happened, I did however notice that both farmers did not seem to be in any pain or distress, this I found strange...

      ...I then appeared in a living room, it was mucky in appearance with brown furniture, small kitchen to the left, a front door but no windows, there was big black bear with a brown nose looking at me and behind me a cat, but not a house hold cat this was bigger like a wild cat which was lounging on the chair. I started getting nervous, thinking why is there a bear here, what if it attacked and killed me. I then made my way to the kitchen, the cat followed, opened up the gritty fridge to find if there was anything I could feed them. The cat found something to eat but I could not give the bear anything. Went back and sat back down with the bear, started becoming more nervous, and I could see that the bear was getting fed up. All of a sudden the bear pushed me to the ground, pinned me down so that I could not move, I couldn't move it was too powerful. It then bit me somewhere(maybe it was the chin ), the cat bit me on the left ear both drew blood but it was not an aggressive attack. It was more like they bit me to tell me they were not to be feared. I then got up and touched the bear and rubbed its belly(why?). I got the inclining that the bear seemed to have some authority over the cat. As if the cat served the bear, anyway after a while I opened the front door as I wanted to take them for a walk outside as I opened the door the bear and the cat both ran off, and that is where the dream ends.
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