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    1. 18-08-13 Rising Seas, Bomb FBI Building

      by , 08-15-2018 at 09:54 PM
      I was a character, a woman. I was trapped on a steep beach, with the ocean's waters steadily rising. The sky was covered in grey clouds and the atmosphere was very dark and foreboding. I climbed the beach to escape the water, but was then blocked by a fence. I climbed the fence and run away from the ocean. I was shocked this worked, as I somewhat subconsciously realized this never works in nightmares. I traveled a ways until I got to a large house. The headquarters of my 'faction'. We were a faction aligned with some ideal I agreed with, and we had some problems with the government. I think we needed to silence someone who'd been captured by the FBI. The others were discussing a plan to just bomb the whole FBI building. I didn't feel right about this. It felt was too extreme to my liking.
    2. Air raid; Ophelia; FBI

      , 08-31-2016 at 11:45 AM (Turquoise Dreams)
      Last night bed 8:30pm - 3:20am

      1. Around 11:50pm
      I'm walking down the street towards home. My elementary school is on the other side. Someone says that it's danegour outside because helicopters are attacking.

      I listen and I see a russian attack helicopter in the distance. I tell the kid who is there to run up to the doorway and lay down so they don't see him.

      2. Same time
      I walk out to Ophelia's porch. It's kinda wrap around few sides of the house, at first story hight. It's made of dark red/brownish wood with large gaps between rails. I notice huge holes in the railings. They are cut out in round and oval shapes. As if a cannon ball demolished it and they cut it to make it safe and looking better. A huge bird carved out of wood or tree is sitting on the tree, looking at me. I look up and there is a camouflage net between the roof and the railing, over the barbeque. The are being attacked by some projectiles. One gap in the railing is really big and even when she told me how bad the last one was, I just then realize how dangerous it is and how close she came to harm.

      3. 3 am
      I'm new at the FBI. We are all sitting at the meeting. I am suppose to collect DNA samples from saliva from everybody and they are suppose to fill out their info. It's for later to see how closely the lab matches them, just for fun.

      We are gathering our things to go on a team excercise. Getting on a bus, someone is fetching our bags of FBI clothes because that's the only thing we are suppose to take with us.

      We get to a house. Something has happened and reporters pull up. Everybody walks out to talk to them, I stay behind and when they ask, I tell them I'm not going out, this is me time.
      Tags: fbi, opheliablue
    3. Heartlines

      by , 10-31-2015 at 03:07 PM (Here be dragons)
      I'm doing a mini WBTB
      My hopnalogic imageries turn into random numbers and I start to loose feeling of my body, I decide to try to WILD by keeping my mind awake by counting. I start, going backward, and remark that the number I see are going from random to be the one I'm thinking about. I start to have a rocking feeling, from left to right, stronger and stronger. I wait for a peak and push my dream body out. I fall out of bed and grab the side of it to get back up. I'm in the dark, I can still can feel my physical eyelids so I keep my eyes closed. I follow the edge of the bed with my and to find the widow and climb out. The air is a little colder but I'm still in the dark, so I walk away from the window, keeping my hand on the wall to guide myself. As I go on, my vision slowly comes to me and after a few steps I can see the front of my house, looking as usual in the morning light. I let go of the wall and go through the portal, and I'm suddently on a stone terrace-sort-of-balcony overlooking a big french formal garden, with a beautiful fontain in the center, green lawns and carefully trimmed bushes.The light is a little grey, the sky is overcast; the whole garden is encircled by tall, dark green trees, a mix of oaks and pines.
      I find the stairs going down in the garden and call Eli, my voice ringing around me and sounding both softer and more clear that usual. I end up having to pull him in, using the hand behind my back technique. While he is here, he looks around twelve. We start to go down the stairs, and I tell him that seeing him like that innerve me a little. He doesn't seen to get it at first, his face scrunching up in concentration, then he suddently start to grow up at incredible speed, losing his equilibrium and falling on top of me. He's too heavy for me to keep my own equilibrium and I start falling too. I manage to sit down on the stair and he rest against me, a little dazed but more present in the dream that before.

      I temporaly lose my vision, and when it come back I'm alone on the stairs. I call Eli again, mentally this time, and he tells me that he is in another house close by, with his vampire sister, and that she has kidnapped someone, menacing to bite her. I know that vampire usually don't kidnapped people during daytime to feed; for those who do, it's more of a cry for help, to be placed in a etablishement that can help them. I recognize this sudden knowledge as a dream set up and play along for fun. I go to the house, it's a small white manor nested in old, slender trees that looks like birches,and the lawn around it is losing the battle against a soft, dark green moss, while the gravelled path in front of it need another layer badly. The trees filter the light, it's tinged green and very subdued. There's already a specialized team here, circling the house and waiting for the special agent (that would be little old me!). It's a different kind of fun to be aware that it's a dream while playing along. I'm fitted with the same equipement as the other, a protective vest with big scratchs and a utility belt, then go inside. It's a pretty house,with painted white panelling and a wooden floor, but it's unkept and dirty with narrow, claustrophobic allyways and narrow, talls widows half hidden behind tattered drapes. I find the vampire and arrest her, putting here in cuffs while Eli keep her calm. We walk her outside to the team. She cringes in the sunlight and they quickly put her in the back of a car and thanks me before leaving. I'm alone with Eli again, and enjoy the silence and the mossy smell coming from the soil. I shred some of the equipment and lean against the house. Eli comes close to me and starts to tell me that "that actress is pretty bitchy, that's why she got a small role, nobody wants to remember her." I kiss him to stop him, and he is suddenly very silent and very "here". He looks around with me, taking in the scenery. I warp a arms around him with a smile.

      I wake up in a false awakening, tangled in Eli arms and the darkness of my bedroom and free my arm to write down some keywords about this dream and the one before, then I wake up for good.

      That was a good experience in tulpa dream lucidity
    4. The (failed) famous five

      by , 10-15-2015 at 08:45 PM (Here be dragons)
      I slept so late that's mot even funny.

      I'm in a apparment building, prepping to go to university. I find myself with a kitty plushie in my inner pocket, and all the friend I cross path with comment on it, even thought they couldn't be able to see it. One of my friend ponce on me for a hug, it's a girl I have'nt see since at least 6 years, I'm happy to meet here again. I walk around a little with my friends, I don't recognize the city I'm in; it's full of talls, light stones buildings and large avenues. We reach another appartment building where one of my friend is living. It's made big rooms full of nocks ans crannies, everyone living here make themself a makeshift bedroom with drapes and such. I can see a wall building itself up, like in the sims.
      Later, We're interrogated by the police. One of the detectives sport a striking ressemblance with Sasha Roiz, I'm not complaining. They're are asking us questions about a disappearance, but I don't know anything of relevance... And I may be mooning over the nice detective a little. That being say, he is very patient and nice with me despite that.
    5. Chased By Government, Morpheus Bodyguard (LD #132)

      by , 11-07-2014 at 12:25 PM (Lucid Time!)
      I was a female reporter for some kind of news agency who had gotten some serious dirt on the US government and they had sent some secret service agents to try and stop me from leaking the word. I was working with this man who looked and dressed just like Morpheus from the matrix movies. I think he was my bodyguard or something.
      The funny part was as we were being chased by these guys he was piggy-back-riding me around. We were in a park area but there were many tall buildings around. Somebody pointed out that a speck in the sky was actually just the space station. My vision zoomed in and I could see four large solar panels coming off of it.
      He continued running with me on his back. A couple of tranquilizer darts flew past us. I can recall this funny looking helicopter was being used to chase us, with a sniper in it firing the darts. It didn't have a tail or any stabilization. it was just a pod with a big propeller on it. I looked at it and realized that it wouldn't be able to fly, and it crashed.
      Eventually we somehow created this portal on the ground and jumped through it.
      We wound up in this beautiful sanctuary area; some kind of virtual reality or alternate dimension. There were these shallow concrete pyramids with waterfalls running down the sides and various plants and flowers planted in the steps. There was a huge lake; in fact, I think we were on an island. But you could see mountains in the distance. There were also many tall deciduous trees with brightly colored leaves. Everything was tinted autumn colors. (Reds, Oranges, Yellows, Browns). Even the sky was tinted orange.
      The Morpheus man told me that the government agents could still find us here, but it was probably safe to rest for the night. He told me to gather wood from the forest so that we could make a fire.
      I recall walking into the woods. I see a orange Chinese dragon, about fifteen or twenty feet long flying in the woods, weaving its serpentine body through the trees. It blends well with the leaves, but I'm certain that it's there.

      I became lucid. I changed myself out of the female reporter guise. I decided to summon Manei for our sit down question time that I've been visualizing. I yelled for her name, and heard her yell back. I looked and standing about a hundred feet into the autumnal forest, I could vaguely make her out.
      "Manei, I have some questions for you!"
      "Hurry up, the dream is about to end!"
      "How come if it's my dream, I can't picture what happens and make it happen?" (I was trying to ask her why my visualization doesn't work.)
      "Because you didn't like your cookie from 300 years ago!"
      I woke up.

      Typical Manei logic...

      When I do get my long conversation dream, I should ask her why half the time she makes sense and the other half she says totally random things like that.

      I went back to sleep; it was still quite early. I think it yielded a Nonlucid dream, but I cannot recall it.
    6. A graveyard and a possession

      by , 09-14-2013 at 06:50 PM
      I'm walking up the steps to a graveyard. I'm a teenager or young man who lives and/or works in a temple or shrine or similar attached to this graveyard. In the previous dream scene I'd been talking to friends at the foot of the stairs to the temple about hard times their families had been through, and I'd been thinking that I couldn't really relate, my family never having been through anything like that, and I'd removed myself from the conversation - but now I'm thinking about the hard things in my life I couldn't tell them, specifically I'm thinking about an old man buried here whose death I couldn't tell them about. I float over to his grave.

      But there's a guy here waiting for me. He attacks me - though I just float away from that - while blaming me for causing that man's death by convincing him to expose us to the media. He'd been one of something secret, supernatural or not quite human. But it wasn't like that - I hadn't been the one to convince him at all, and I'm frustrated by this mistaken rumor; it had been some pretty girl who'd talked him into it, I'd been completely against it, and I'd hated that he could throw away a lifelong belief in secrecy so quickly.

      I'm sitting outside what looks like a very small cave entrance, too small for a person to get through, and I'm talking with several very small spirits, and a much larger, much older one in the cave. We're having a disagreement about a course of action, and finally the spirit inside the cave decides to force the issue by possessing me and taking control of my body. In doing so, he forces out the much smaller, relatively harmless spirit that usually possesses me, and it's quite shocked by this; it tries to get back in, but there's this glowing blue crescent on my forehead, like a closed eye, which acts like a lock.

      I'm standing on a city street near a warehouse, surrounded by government vehicles, and talking to my boss, who works for the FBI. He wants me to see what's going on inside the warehouse, but I can't do that. I'm tired. The thing possessing me doesn't understand why this is an issue, takes over and answers easily - his answer has something to do with drugs - he speaks using his own accent, very different from mine, some variety of English, but if the boss notices he chooses to ignore it.
    7. FBI, cannibals, and elves, mostly fragments.

      by , 09-06-2013 at 06:14 PM
      Withnail & I, in which '& I' has an audition he's nearly missing, wrapped up in a sheet on the floor of the apartment and brooding. I, disembodied observer, am noting that no matter how badly off you are, looking at these two will make you feel better.

      Hannibal, in which Will is in Hannibal's room, examining the things hanging on the walls and feeling wary and suspicious.

      A prehistoric bat-like underwater creature.

      ElfQuest, in which I've just come back to the Wolfriders after a long time away, centuries, things have changed a great deal while I was gone. They have new rules for staying hidden - 'new' being relative, these rules are old and well-established for them, to the point that they don't always remember this is all new to me, and both I and the people who were away with me mess up from time to time. It's been a strange readjustment in a lot of ways. I'm up in the treetops, looking out over the forest to a place where a river and a road meet, a road that was never there before, and I think even the river's moved. I'm thinking about how drastically the humans have changed while I was gone, and how my people have had to change along with them.

      (Woke up. Back to sleep.)

      Fragments of a few related scenes, not sure what order I dreamed then in. Pretty clearly influenced by Hannibal. Switches back and forth between 1st and 3rd person, following a man who does some very strange job for the FBI:

      Walking down a sidewalk in DC with a black-haired woman with an upturned nose, her with a cup of coffee in her hand, none for me, I don't drink coffee - we have some professional relationship, we work very different jobs but we talk outside of work, we're old friends, with occasional attempts at being more than friends but the timing's always been wrong.

      A different woman, my partner, talking to our boss about his faith in us on some very strange case he's given us.

      My partner again, we're on assignment in some small town, been here for a few days, and right now we're not working, she's fooling around uploading photos of me to some social network site that her mother is on. I've met her mother, I like and respect the woman, and my partner's teasing me about posting something inappropriate. I try to see what photos she's uploading and she keeps shooing me away.

      Same small town, been here longer now, I'm talking to a police officer I've gotten to know a little just as we're wrapping up for the day, he says it's good that I'm dating, "even if you do fight a lot." I have no idea what he's talking about, I think maybe he misinterpreted something about me and my partner teasing each other - we do fight a lot when we're filling out paperwork - then I turn around and see that other woman from before has come to pick me up, and she's dressed for a night out, stunning, the dream 'camera' does this slow pan up her legs, black dress, done something fancy with her hair - I'd known we were going out for dinner but this I was not expecting. I'm thinking it's something to do with being out in the middle of nowhere like this, the people around me aren't content to let me keep holding them at a distance. It's not a good thought.

      Last fragment before I woke up, more obvious symbolism than the rest, 3rd person for all of it - he's at dinner with that woman, not at a fancy restaurant but at a place with some activity that keeps them on their feet. She's eating ribs, messy, sauce smeared on her face. It looks like blood. So mostly I'm left with this image of her crouching with blood on her face, and I, the disembodied observer, hear TdV's Sarah's line in my head: "Blut, Liebling. Leck es ab." She hands him a rib, and he, obligingly, eats, just as his phone rings, work-related, so that when he answers his phone he also appears to have blood on his mouth.
    8. Special Agent SilverWolf--FBI

      by , 08-20-2013 at 01:07 AM (SilverWolf's Sleep Sessions)
      Mon, Aug 19 5:00 am

      It's dreams like this that will make you want to throw your alarm clock against the wall. You'll see why when I get to the end of it. Stupid phone

      I'm an FBI agent, working to try and find out who recently murdered another agent in the unit that I'm working with. I don't remember all the details, but I do remember that it ended up being some crazy conspiracy driven thing. We were investigating this murder--and I'm not the head of the unit, I'm just one of the detectives working the case. The special agent in charge was actually, for all intents and purposes, Olivia Dunnam (sp?) from Fringe. Anyway, we are investigating this murder, and end up discovering the clue in the murderers business suit. It turns out to be someone who was helping fund out investigation, and his suit, when put together the right way, formed a symbol that represented a very secret organization hundreds of years old (think Mason's or the Illuminati, only it wasn't them, it was a completely different group, veiled in similar secrecy). With everyone on the alert as to the killer, we get ready to nail the guy. The head of our unit (the woman that looks like Olivia from Fringe) calls up the head of our task-force to find the guy (he is a guy that looks and sounds like Agent Broils from Fringe--except again, it's not ACTUALLY him).

      Now my dream jumps. For some strange reason, I'm not with the other FBI agents about to go on the raid to arrest the killer. I'm with another FBI agent instead, sitting outside in the rain near an overpass. He and I are talking, and he casually brings up the case that I was working on, and asked how it was going. I tell him everything, about how we found out who killed the other FBI agent, and how it was that really rich guy acting like he was helping us all this time. Right after I tell him this, he excuses himself to make a call, and heads under the overpass. Feeling this rather suspect, I follow the guy and overhear his side of the phone conversation. It goes something like this:

      Agent: Yeah, they have no idea you were behind the murder of (can't remember the name, but I do remember it was some famous person who's death in my dream had been publicized). Buncha dumbasses. Well, can't really say that, they're not stupid. They found YOU out, after all.


      Agent: Yeah, they found you're suit, the symbol. They're coming to arrest you now. Nah, he has no idea (presumably he's talking about me here, I have no idea about something but what I still don't know).

      That's all of the conversation I can remember, unfortunately. I do remember that it somehow eluded to some grand conspiracy he was a part of that was responsible for the death of that famous person he named earlier, and how they (the conspirators), were all part of some ancient underground group. I wait for the agent as he comes out of under the overpass.

      As soon as he does, I step out of the shadows, and tell him that I heard his entire conversation. He startles, and turns around, glaring at me. Then, almost simultaneously, we pull our guns at the same time, pointing them at eachother. This scene was very cinematic, just like a film, with rain pouring down, dripping down our faces, it was soooo cool! And then, in my left hand I hold up a voice recorder. I tell him that I recorded his conversation, and play it back for him. I then try to bluff him, telling him it won't do any good to shoot me now, because I've already sent it in to the head of our task-force, via my cellphone.

      Just as one of us is about to make our move, my stupid alarm goes off!!!!! So, now I won't ever know how that dream was going to end, darnit! One of us was about to eat a bullet though; I'd like to know if it was going to be me or him
    9. Jesse

      , 07-20-2013 at 07:24 PM (Turquoise Dreams)
      Saturday 7/20/13

      last night bed at 5:20 am - 11 am
      Watched a Breaking Bad marathon from 12midnight - 5:20am

      B6 50mgs around 1pm.

      DR: I'm walking around town square. Looking at booths and stores. Checking out postcards. I'm in european country, but not sure if it's part of EU, so I ask if they take Euros. I have a feeling I'm in Serbia. Postcards have a lots of very nice, church like buildings on them and I'm thinking, that I don't remember this country having such historic buildings.

      I'm talking to two sales people. Later outside, I point them out to someone - one salesperson has a purple, the other one blue top on.

      I'm inside of a building. I'm either escaping, or plotting a break in. I'm going through walls, on the roof and watching some FBI people inside and I know I don't want them to see me. Outside I'm flying around.

      I'm still in the area. Talking to Jesse from Breaking Bad. We are deciding what to do, so we look at the movie schedule. I say I would like to see some movie I know from waking life.

      Lol, watching "Salt" and she is running bare foot. I just remembered, that I ran barefoot in my dream last night. And I was kinda worried if I will hurt my feet. But I wanted to experience how it feels so I started to walk and run and run faster. It was a new sensation. Cool.

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      Tags: fbi, postcards, serbia
    10. Government agent; wedding and having baby

      , 06-08-2013 at 01:11 AM (Turquoise Dreams)
      Friday 6/7/13

      Last night bed 12:30 - 7:05

      DR NEW AGENT: (IWL watching first episode of Graceland, show about FBI agents)
      I'm a new agent. Standing outside of a building, looking in at the dark corridor. I'm not scared, I have a flashlight, and I see the light is on at the end of the corridor (watching World War Z on Wednesday IWL.)
      I shoot all bullets from my pistol, so I have to go to nearest precinct and get some more. I walk into a huge squad room. People dressed in black and white. Most of them are looking at me - I'm the new guy, plus not from their squad. I playing it cool, like Will Smith would do, just saying "Hi, how are ya?"

      DR: GIVING BIRTH and GETTING MARRIED - can this get any worse?
      So, I'm very pregnant. Naked, 2 nurses around me. I'm at home. I'm asking them how long till dialating and then how long after. I get a shot in my right knee. Nurse repeats 2 times what it is, but I don't remember.

      Now I'm in a classic white wedding gown. If I wasn't distracted by the fact that I'm about to give birth, I would so hated that. At the altar, I'm thinking I'm getting married to this girl. Turns out, she is getting married to the girl standing on her left. Why am I in a gown, I don't know. She says she forgot to kiss me, but now it may not be appropriate.
    11. First lucid!

      by , 05-01-2013 at 03:37 PM (Raven's Roost)
      Hell yea!

      14 days after learning about lucid dreaming, I have finally had a tiny glimpse into the world of lucid dreams!

      I was an all-star basketball player in my college, and we had our first game of the season. I was super nervous because I have never played basketball on a real school team, but I told myself to believe in my skills. The game was super vivid and fun to play in, and we ended up winning the game.

      After the game an older man came up to me, dressed in a black suit. He congratulated me on a game, and then asked me if I knew anyone by the name of Dimitri, or some Russian name. I said no and kind of laughed, but he didn't find it funny. He then said "We know about your brother, and what he did." Suddenly I realized that somehow he though my brother (that I don't have IWL) and I were the Boston Massachusetts bombers, and I panicked. I assured him he was confused and he told me that in five minutes an FBI squad was going to search my room.

      I ran back to my room and was freaking out. I knew I was innocent but it was still terrifying. I began to hear dogs savagely barking, and I knew they were coming after me. I left my room and stood in the hall, thinking about what I should do. Can I fight them? What skills do I have? This is crazy... Like a... I then realized that this was so crazy that I must be dreaming!

      I looked at my hands to find my fingers all rubbery, with green oozing slime on my palms.


      I suddenly realize that its a dream and my vision becomes electrified as I zoom into my dreamself. The hallway I am in snaps into vivid detail and color and my heart EXPLODES with excitement. The wall is divided in half horizontally, the top half white and the bottom half a nice floral green. Light is filtering in from some window and I can feel the clarity and warmth. The walls are chipped and textured, incredibly vivid. I remember that getting too excited will make me lose it, so I stare at the floor and try to focus on it - but I expect to lose it and therefore I do...

      I woke up right after and looked at the clock - 6AM on the dot. I smiled to myself, replayed it in my head a few times, then went back to sleep.

    12. Fbi

      , 02-07-2013 at 05:48 PM (Turquoise Dreams)
      2/6/13 Bed 10:30pm - 7:50am

      DR 2:20am
      I'm driving a big rig on a freeway, apparently in some kind of a involuntary competition against a driver in next lane. I want to let him pass, but when I slow down, so does he.

      I'm in a building with someone. Wating for someone to pick us up. I walk out to see why is he not coming, and I notice a police helicopter above the house.

      Then I remember, that for some reason the FBI is after me and I'm suppose to surrender. It's all a misunderstanding. I'm sitting on a sofa when a young, raggidly cute FBI boss, chief (those were his words) comes out of the restroom, wiping his wet hands on a paper towel.

      I'm holding my friends baby, while she took her dog to the vet. I think he is nervous about me holding the baby, but here comes the friend and I give her the child.

      They are relieved and more FBI rushes to me. A young female doctor is starting to inject me in my lover left arm, right above the wrist. She asks me if I want it in left or right, but I guess it's too late for that.

      My hands start to tingle and I ask her what the heck she gave me. I wake up and both my hands are tingling. Hrm.

      Im eating 4 scoops of icecream. It tastes good, except the orange colored one. Yuck.

      DR 7am
      I'm in a hospital. Asking a nurse, if I can prop the door to hallway open, because it's too hot. She sais no, but by the time we done talking, I'm ok with keeping it closed, because it had cooled down by then.

      Someone is visiting me. I don't have a room, it's more of a "county hospital". One large room with beds separated with a curtain.

      I have a feeling I did domething good, that's why I'm there. No good deed goes unpunished?

      *Feels like I have been dreaming non-stop all night. Pretty good feeling.*
    13. Just Keep Running

      by , 09-03-2012 at 01:29 PM (Dimension X)
      I don't remember much of this one... First, I was in school and I was playing on my Nintendo 3DS system, then some guy who looked like he was from the CIA or FBI came up to me and said he needed to talk to me, so I put my 3DS in my left pocket. Then some person was going around saying either "Stay" or "Home" to all of the kids. Apparently if you were being good, you would get to stay in the school, and if you were being bad, they sent you home. The person pointed at me and said "Home", and then I thought "What did I do?" Everything went blank for a little bit. Then I was in an entirely different environment, trying to get somewhere, and I just remember running and running and running. Eventually I had to get through kind of a swampy area with a lot of mud. And then an area that had a lot of bees. I don't remember where I was supposed to be going but it was really weird...
    14. girl is trouble; diapers; victoria's secret; old man; grandpa and grandmas; canal city; helping rudy

      by , 11-17-2011 at 03:29 PM
      Good morning, everybody.

      Dream #1

      I stood out on some covered concrete area, like between the entrances to two buildings that were a part of the same apartment complex. It was a grey day.

      I stood out with a young girl who IWL lives in my apartment complex. We may have just come out from a set of sliding glass doors. Now the girl stood with her back against a concrete pillar.

      The girl told me she wasn't really allowed to talk to adults anymore. She'd gotten involved with some adult woman who worked as something like an undercover agent for the FBI But the woman had fallen in love with the girl and gotten herself in trouble through distraction.

      I saw in my mind's eye that the FBI woman was Latina, a bit overweight, wearing black jeans and a black and red jacket.

      So now the girl's dad told the girl that she was no longer allowed to talk to adults. But I figured I could probably talk to the girl anyway. I wasn't planning on falling in love with her.

      Dream #2

      I was in a living room with a man, probably my brother-in-law, and two of my nephews, who were both babies. My brother-in-law had one of his kids slung up onto his shoulders, and he was saying something like, "Time for a diaper change!"

      My brother-in-law walked out with that nephew of mine. The other nephew was still there. I now noticed that he was wearing only a diaper, which was really soggy. I thought my nephew looked a little too old to be wearing diapers.

      My nephew jumped off the couch and cried, "Diapers are fun!" He then started crawling around in a skinny space between the coffee table and the TV.

      Dream #3

      I was at Victoria's Secret, for some reason, getting rung up for something. The items may have been lingerie, or they may have been the black slacks and jackets the Victoria's Secret workers wear.

      Dream #4

      I was at the end of some area that looked like a huge tunnel. The tunnel was lit up well and had peach-colored walls. It seemed like the area was used for something like a shopping plaza.

      I was crouched down at the mouth of the tunnel, possibly with my back to some wooden barricades or police tape. Somebody may have come up behind me and annoyed me. I may have told him to get lost. Another person may have asked me for help with something. I may have given him directions.

      Another man now approached me. He was an older, black man. He'd asked me if I'd given the other man advice about how to set up a shop in this area. I said I had. The man seemed to be mad at me. I knew people didn't like it when other people started working here. But the man didn't act too mad.

      The man and I may then have stood near his own shop, which was something like a soup shop, set up in a little, wooden shack.

      I was walking away. But I was now out on some plaza-like area like between buildings on a college campus. The blue moonlight shone down on the plaza.

      The man now came up behind me. He was fatter than he'd been before, and he was wearing a nice, orange shirt and tweed jacket But he was now, apparently, a homeless person with no money. He asked me if I could give him some money. So I gave him some change.

      Suddenly there were a whole bunch of old, fat guys pressing up against me, asking me for change. But I didn't have any more change. In fact, I didn't have any more money! I tried to tell the guys this. But they were all mad at me. They told me they'd get me soon.

      I was now in some weird space like a house with a huge window looking out over a backyard area. But the backyard area, as the dim, grey morning light revealed it, was actually a huge area of rolling, grassy hills, small, brambly, tangled trees, and shallow, muddy ponds. Up to the right was a tall hill that towered over everything else.

      I may have been out earlier in this area. I may have thrown the man over my shoulder and into one of the shallow, muddy ponds. While I had been standing over the pond, I'd heard my old friend R suggest that I just go ahead and kill the man.

      I thought there was no way I could kill another person. I wouldn't like to do it, and I could never get away with it. But R told me that I should murder the man. He even had a place where I could bury the body.

      I was now crouched down before a different hill, but in the same kind of landscape. I heard Camille Paglia and my friend R talking about how all people are at all different stages of mental development.

      Paglia said that people who like a certain poet (or listen to a certain style of music?) are of an "older stage" of mental development, like from Edmund Spenser's time. They aren't as developed, Paglia said, as people with modern minds.

      I now either saw or stood near the top of the hill. There was one large spot, maybe ten meters across, where the ground was extremely soft and slimy under the grass, compared to the rest of the rather firm, muddy soil. I knew this without touching or stepping into the spot.

      Dream #4

      I sat on my knees before a coffee table in a living room. I was all by myself. But suddenly my grandpa and my step-grandma walked in the front door.

      I was surprised to see my grandpa: he'd passed away a few years back. But I figured that my step-grandma had done something to make it so my grandpa could come back for a while.

      I was also surprised by my grandpa's hair, which was tight and curly. He also had thick sideburns, like lamb's wool.

      My step-grandma and grandpa sat down on a couch behind me. I continued to sit facing the coffee table, with my back to the couch. My great grandma may also have come in at some point, sitting in a chair to the left side of the couch.

      My step-grandma told me to remain calm about everything, and just to perceive my grandpa being here, without any questions or worries. Getting too worked up would make my grandpa disappear.

      I turned my head slowly back and tried to look at my grandpa. But now he looked really weird. I thought at the time that he was back to looking like he did before he died of cancer. But he actually looked a lot different. His eyes were huge, almost popping out of his head. And something about his face was almost plasticky.

      I looked away. I thought, If my imagination made my grandpa look like that, then I can imagine him a different way. I'll imagine him when he was young and healthy.

      But I was now in a room with my grandma, my grandpa's first wife. My grandma was talking to me about me and my little cousin A, and how the two of us are so special to her.

      As my grandma spoke to me, she was playing with two or three cylndrical, but rough, pieces of wood, each about 20cm long and 5cm in diameter. My vision was really focused on these pieces of wood.

      One or two of the pieces formed a man's body. The third had a smaller tab at its base, which was supposed to fit into a notch at the mid-point of the man. I thought that my grandma was trying to fit this third piece of wood onto the man as if it were his phallus.

      Dream #6

      It was early morning, with a clear, blue sky. I was drifting in, along a river, in toward a city, on a small, wooden boat. The river was big, but I was calling it a canal. I knew the city I was drifting in toward was something like a canal city, like Venice. But I may have also thought of it as a university town, like Oxford.

      I now drifted up toward the buildings at the edge of the river. The buildings were all massive, beautiful, and made of red brick. The rising sun was just hitting the tops of the buildings, setting them in gold light, against the blue-grey shade.

      I knew that a young man would be by soon to come pick me up. He was going to take me to a library, where I would spend some time studying. But I knew the young man was kind of resentful of me, and that he was reluctant even to come pick me up.

      I passed toward or under some tallish, stone arch. I thought that it was still early in the morning. So maybe before I went to the library I could pick up a cup of coffee. I was sure there would be a Starbucks somewhere. I may have been thinking of this place as like the Financial District in New York!

      I was now with the man in the library. We were in some kind of central spot. The place was massive, with heavy, wood walls. There was a wide balcony formed in a sqaure, looking down to the floors below. There was a staircase just ahead.

      I knew the next level down was a quiet area. I may have heard a thin, grey-haired woman with glasses telling me, as if I were already down there, that there was no activity allowed in that area except for quiet study. It sounded perfect to me.

      Dream #7

      I was walking in the parking lot of a huge shopping center. It was a grey day. I walked past a McDonald's, with the lane for the drive-thru to my left.

      Two white girls and a really short black boy came walking up toward me. The boy purposely got in my way, cornering me against the little curb separating the drive-thru lane from the rest of the parking lot.

      I twisted my body so I wouldn't hit the little boy. I'd had to move fast -- it seemed like the boy was almost lunging at me. I lost my balance and stumbled into the drive-thru lane.

      I looked back at the boy. It seemed like he was pretty amused at himself for what he'd done. People of all ages had done that to me before, and given the same amused look. But I decided this time I wasn't going to let the person get away with it.

      So I walked all the way around the McDonald's building, so I could wind up behind the boy and girls. I snuck up on them and pulled the little boy toward me by the back of his shirt.

      I thought I was really going to tell the boy off! But I said, "Hey, man, any time you need any help, any time you need me to do anything for you, just let me know, okay?"

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    15. suicide over artwork; two big cookies; la strada spies

      by , 10-13-2011 at 01:25 PM
      Good morning, everybody.

      Dream #1

      I was standing in some place like an art museum. I stood at the edge of two rooms, like I was in a third room or a hallway. The two rooms were separated from each other by a small divider. Both of the rooms were pretty wide and airy. But the walls seem to have been spattered with paint, mostly red, with highlights of yellow.

      In the room on my right, hanging right next to the dividing wall, was a long, hanging-scroll type of artwork. I may have thought of it as a Japanese painting. But may have been more like an embroidery, with a lot of gold thread. It showed Buddha on the top of a mountain, meditating.

      A little, Asian boy ran up to the artwork and began pushing at it. He was pushing at it so hard that the fabric was stretching, becoming gauze-like, semi-transparent. I was panicked that the boy was going to tear the artwork. But I didn't want to say anything to him.

      I now noticed that the artwork hung by something like a paper towel roll, through which ran a little rod like a metal clothes hanger. As the boy was pushing, the paper towel roll kept coming more and more off the rod. I knew the artwork would crumple to the ground.

      I still felt shy about talking to the boy. But I went and found an older Asian man, who I figured must have been the boy's father. The man was skinny, with coppery skin, a receding hairline, and a slim, square cut of dark, black hair.

      The man seemed to have a little trouble understanding English. But once he understood what I was saying, he went after the boy. By this time the artwork had probably been pushed to the ground. There seemed to be smoke, more like the sweetish-smelling stage smoke, all over the place. I seemed to be standing behind waist-high stacks of boxes.

      The man and I now stood in another room, which was like the frame of a burnt-out house. There was smoke or steam everywhere around us. But we may basically have been outside, on a kind of yellowy-pale day.

      The woman was upset, possibly because the artwork had been ruined. She was telling me and the man that she would be fine.

      I now saw from the woman's viewpoint. I told the man (and somebody else?) that I was going to go home and shoot myself in the heart.

      Dream #2

      I was in a living room with my old friend R. I sat on the floor. R sat either on the floor or on the couch. The room was kind of dim, and there was stuff, including blankets, cluttered all around us.

      I had a huge cookie before me. It was maybe 75cm in diameter. It was white, and it may have had something in it, like walnuts or pecans.

      R encouraged me to eat the cookie. He seemed to think I was being a bit too shy about it. So I took a piece off the edge of the cookie and ate it.

      R now revealed that he had a huge, brown cookie with stuff in it like chocolate chips, but not quite. R had to unwrap his cookie from a clear cellophane wrapper. He began eating his cookie and bragging about how good it was. Something about this was supposed to make me feel bad, like he'd "tricked" me into eating my own cookie while he got to eat his cookie, which was better than mine.

      I decided I'd test out R's cookie, so I grabbed a chunk of it and ate it. R looked at me like he wanted to kill me.

      Dream #3

      It was night. I was in the back of the car with a guy. I sat on the left side. The guy sat on the right.

      The guy was kind of tall, heavy, with a rounding jaw and squarish head. He had a short, square haircut with red-brown hair. He wore a black leather jacket. When he spoke, the guy had an accent that sounded Russian to me.

      The guy talked about the Federico Fellini movie La Strada. He mentioned a group of people who were in the movie, but more in a sense like the movie was a real-life environment, of which they were a part. They had come into this place as spies. They may have been from the FBI.

      The guy said these FBI spies had had such a great time in La Strada. "If they were having such a good time there, why did they go back to America? Why didn't they stay?"

      Something about what the guy said didn't make sense to me. It may have been that I'd thought that of course the guys would want to go home: they'd only been here to spy.

      We drove past some building like an auto repair garage. The garage door was all clear plexiglass, and the lights were on in the garage. But a couple of guys were pasting a humongous map of the United States up against the garage door, to block the view inside.
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