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    1. Freaky subway nightmare | [11.05.2021]

      by , 05-12-2021 at 02:58 AM (Draeger's Dream Journal and Documentation)
      Freaky subway nightmare
      I remember that the situation is like playing a video game again, although this time I feel like I am forced to play, despite my fear of seeing some gruesome image within it. Then I am in the game, physically, and it's regarded as real. There's something about being underground. There's something I don't remember, then I am in a sort of train with people, and I sort of have to save us by getting weird rubbery things on circular parts on a metal box that seems to be central to the function of the train. I notice nobody else is doing anything and that if we don't manage to do this, we will crash with full force into a sort of other chambers, which we are sort of falling into from the top, and to brake we have to get the rubber things on there. I also appear to be some female character relevant to the story, and she might have a name starting with A. I see that nobody else is trying to save us, so I animate them to help. But then, I struggle to do it, so we soon crash. But then suddenly, there's like a second try, so this time, the same things happen, except that this time, I manage to get most of the rubber things on. I think we will die again, but this time, the train brakes and stops in the chamber with no one hurt.

      This might not seem freaky, but there's some sort of deep fear associated with this gruesome image. There were some past dreams that were so horrible that I've supressed them, with a much stronger version of this fear associated with it that are still horrible to think about today. Not sure where this fear comes from, but I probably don't want to know, to be honest.
    2. ccxvi. Tantrum and health issues, Writing a story, Art site, Octopus Woman

      by , 01-24-2021 at 06:42 PM
      24th January 2021


      (at the end of a long segment about family)

      Uncle M mentions "Bucaccus"; it is apparently some kind of organ, gland or hormone? He apparently had many issues with it when he was my age and suggested I get it looked at. I remember previously in the dream I had been having some kind of tantrum, throwing things. I apologised to my uncle and someone else there, an old woman?


      Waiting for a train in a subway station. I'm wearing one of those new and modern drawing gloves on my right hand. I'm writing some kind of story on the palm of that glove on my right hand. I don't make notice of the fact that I was using my left hand to do so.

      The train eventually arrives and I get in; then when I get out somewhere else, I find that my little story has rubbed off completely and is gone and I try to remember what I had written.


      Looking at some profiles on an art site. One of these profiles has thirteen thousand people who are basically subscribed to it. Part of the page seems odd and the dominant layout colour is incorrect to what it should be in waking life, it's a deep blue in the dream.

      As I scroll down I find extra sections, like multiple featured text posts with commenting areas of their own. There's also some section labelled "high-profile banned/blacklisted users". I look through this section, which only has a dozen of usernames, and find that some usernames start similar to mine but mine isn't on the list, I feel some sort of relief?

      This person's profile has a lot of issues with spamming?


      I'm in my old home, my room. I'm visiting. I am upset for some reason? And then there's some kind of hybrid species woman; she's part octopus and she's sad for some reason. Her mom is here too and has the same features, but her mom has a blue tinge and she has a pink-ish tinge.

      In any case, I try to comfort her, but she is resistant to any comfort I try to offer. I remember at one point we touch one another a bit, half sensually, half not, like a strange dance? I am curious about the tentacles and she lets me touch them. This implies some trust on her part, I feel.

      The suckers nip on my skin but much less harshly than I expected; I feel that she has control over this and has made it so as to not hurt me.

      Her mother says something about how she could just cut off her tentacles if she's that sad (comes across as half-serious/half-sarcastic) and that they'll grow back. Her mother warns her however, that it will take months to regrow them and that during sleep she'll be waking up to what feels like every five minutes and bleeding or something.

      I tell her that she should do no such thing. I feel the mother's suggestion was too serious and that it would cause so much more damage than good.


      - The last fragment feels strangely ironic considering how I am feeling right now about something.
      - The tentacles had ends that were more squid-like than octopus-like, come to think of it.
      - I think it's been a while now since I dreamt of any subways or trains. It had also been a while since I dreamt about a website, specifically an art one.
    3. 01/17/21: Jeff Hardy Returns? (The Colorful Dream Story Arc Lives, Too!)

      by , 01-17-2021 at 09:11 PM (Journal #86)
      01/16: I believe the dream this time was a continuation from the "teenage girl trying to be Hayley Williams of Paramore" dream from three days earlier on the 13th.

      However, this time, I found myself in the living room of a beautiful house with a beautiful view of the neighborhood underneath a sunny/partly cloudy day a flat-screen HDTV with something recorded via a digital video recorder, or DVR, for short. On the TV screen playing through the DVR I see what appears to be a professional wrestling ring with red ropes, and a wrestler with seemingly strange attire taunting the crowd and holding in one of their hands what appears to resemble a championship belt, probably belonging to World Wrestling Entertainment, or WWE, for short; the champion dressed eerily similar to 1-time WWE Champion Jeff Hardy back in the days of the revered Attitude (1997-2002) Era, but all I could see was a flash of dyed blood red hair, but the person wearing his in-ring attire (oversized colored short-sleeved shirt, baggy pants, wristbands made from women's pantyhose, etc.) from 1998-99 (during the "New Brood" days) to at least 2002 was smaller than he is (he's 6'1"), and more than likely female.

      The rest of the dream made no sense, as a fake program on Netflix was shown with a cast of teenagers in what appeared to be an action-packed series in another room in the house, the setting still being daytime.

      I am no stranger to Jeff Hardy-like characters in dreams that dress unusually, as I've had dreams like that since 2001 (age 15), and the last one I had was twelve years ago back in 2009 (age 23).

      I am also no stranger to dreams taking place inside houses, as I remember having one as early as 1995 where I heard these electronic toy sounds, and then I walked into a room and saw what appeared to be a toy rabbit chomping on a floor, Pac-Man-style. When I went to tell my mom about it before going to school, she hilariously made a reference to Sonic the Hedgehog 3 (& Knuckles)'s Special Stages where you had to collect all the blue spheres to get a Chaos Emerald. I remember another one from early 2004 where the TV was on, probably on MTV as a music video was playing as well.

      If this was trying to show me an idea for YA/teen lit, I understand. Once again, I don't mind having these dreams.


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    4. lxvi.

      by , 11-06-2018 at 12:35 PM
      Non-dream stuff - Woke up about 3 times through the morning, between 8:20, the time for my alarm, then at 9 something then at 10:20. Some long-ish dreams but think they've fragmented.

      Fragment 1:
      At a square or cathedral. There with partner (H), something to do with pipe organs.

      Then outside, at the square. Nice cobbles and layout. Remember meeting up with my parents and having them ask why I didn't have a stand here selling old coins; I remember explaining that I'd worked out that the cost to make them look new, plus the cost to rent the space, plus other things I don't remember now, meant that it was far too expensive and not worth it at all. I also remember explaining that I didn't have nearly enough coins to make it worthwhile.

      Then at some version of my childhood home with my parents. At the rear balcony of the flat. Things look blocky like a voxel game. I remember blue leaves and yellow logs. We were on the 6th or 7th floor, judging by the height.

      Fragment 2:
      A friend of ours, M, was buying crap again.

      Fragment 3:
      At some sort of flat. Don't remember what lead up to this scene anymore.

      There was a tongue and lips art sculpture thing on a wall. Then it became a bit more real and I then remember a giant furry outside the flat, peeking in. I remember the fur was white and the eyes were blue. I think it was a girl and she said something.

      Some notes:
      • The appearance of my parents and the questions about the "coin stand", has to do with how they often want me to try and do something else, since they are concerned I won't be able to support myself. This type of appearance in a dream is perhaps validating their concerns in part. When I was awake in bed I remember thinking about carpentry again.
      • Being at the cathedral with H seems to be merely a reflection of recent events, as I help H with pipe organ work.
      • Both the first and the third dreams were a lot longer, and I woke up sweating with the third dream; this has been happening a few times recently where I wake up sweating at about 10:20 with vivid-ish dreams. Generally being too hot is what makes the dreams vivid, as far as I can tell. Unfortunately it also means my mind is a bit more active when I'm actually awake, making it easier to forget details.
    5. Not My Type (01.6.15)

      by , 06-01-2015 at 11:47 AM (CHiLLEN's Dream Journal)
      Not My Type
      I'm outside Rita & Bruce's house, doing some work for them. I start having a conversation with a female. Someone tells me that she fancies me, but she isn't my type of female I go for generally. I begin to think that people will think I'm gay for turning her down. I see her again later from the distance, walking near a fence.

      I remember having bad odor.
    6. 7/1/2014

      by , 07-27-2014 at 10:57 PM
      I was with someone from work and talking to Maritza. She was mad because I said I don't like her so she started yelling. The person from work told me what I should of said so we climbed to the roof where we watched the stars. We both turned to females and I laid on the other girl's breasts and arms and she held me as I watched the stars and made not of the beautiful galaxies that were visible. I took my phone out to record the galaxies and was amazed at how beautiful my voice sounded as a female. Daylight came and some more people appeared. We were all practicing parkour and Megan was mad because some guy didn't find her attractive.
    7. Lucid Dreaming while menstruating

      by , 05-19-2014 at 12:51 PM
      Tonight I.. My dream tonight took place outside near a well, I was next to the well with a woman I considered close to me and had a close feeling towards. She had carmel skin with dark brown eyes that i could not see the pupil of. Her skin was aged. She was trying to get my attention, looking me in the face as I seemed to be in a daze between 'realities' I soon realized she was trying to talk to me and focused in, she told me that the men where coming. Nearby were tented forts and shade was near. The jug I had in my grip was bronze/gold and very long & slender, it seemed more festive than practical for water carrying. When I was looking at the jug I noticed I was wearing pale indigo robes and dark brown sandals and I had the same skin complexion I do now. In my dream I knew I was menstruating, and a sensation brought me to consciousness. I then used the restroom and started my period.

      I experience dreams that tell me I'm going to start my period before I do almost every single cycle, I find it interesting. I also wonder why I tend to dream in this time period (seeming to be around the time of Christ). If it is a past reality, why is my complexion the same in this dream? Sometimes I wonder if I am interacting in heaven.. Wondering if anyone else gets warnings before their period starts?
      Until next time ~tendre

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    8. Dungeon and Plane Flight

      by , 08-26-2013 at 11:40 AM (The Dream Magic Experiment)


      Time travel. A group. Go back in time. Forest. Guitar. Weapon. Top view. Shooting. Battle field.


      Room, bed, based on my ... to my side, above. I initially thought I was having an OBE. I moved to my side and I was tingling all over. I thought maybe I was out of my body already, or maybe I'm still awake. Unfamiliar room. Dark room. I looked out the window, with vertical bars, also strange, unfamiliar. Greyish sky. I tried flying out of the room. My arms went through the spaces beside the bars, but I couldn't go through like a ghost. So I thought I was still awake. Mirror. Black small thing. Tech... Comm...

      Ran away from the room. I was chasing someone or someone was chasing me. I visualized a chain on the person's hands, and it clamped him down on the floor. He looked orcish. I ran and climbed up a wall. It reminds me of third-person dungeon computer games. Wide area. Like a castle. I climbed up the gate, and on top of something like a roof support (but it's not connected to the roof), there's a female warrior. I talked to her, asked what's going on. She seems okay to me, but another female warrior/guardian arrived, jumping on top of other supports, and rudely told me to go back. I taunted her, calling her names, like AngeliTina.

      ... woke up...

      Airport. Police. Time. 3 p.m. or 1 p.m. There's a plane crash. Don't care about my flight, which is at 7:49 p.m. I was too early. Then I started wondering: why am I going back to my hometown? Then a memory popped up of a high school classmate telling me that it's his birthday next Saturday or Sunday, and he'd want me to be there.
    9. Huge Fishes

      by , 08-03-2013 at 12:24 AM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      I was running from someone or some people. I was in our house back in our hometown.

      Underground. I was watching a small tribe on a boat in an underground river under a house. The leader was female. They got lost chasing someone (me?). They redirected the boat, but didn't realize it was headed out to the sea and not back inside. Once they were on the sea, there was a huge open mouth out of the water. A big fish was sucked or simply jumped into it. They/We decided to avoid it. Then we had to hurry away from other huge water species.

      We ended up in a wet market with all kinds of fishes. Some of them huge.
    10. Flying over NYC

      by , 09-11-2012 at 07:59 PM (Exterminate)
      Everything may not be in correct order...

      I remember I was in this like play, and I was an adult female. A creepy guy was beside me talking about something, then I guess he scared me, as I went above into the air vents, and he followed, I remember spraying something on him, don't remember what it was. Skip ahead, I wanted to go to this one secluded island off the side of NYC, and I was trying to make a getaway, but I was stuck listening to this guy..He offered to help me, but I didn't trust him. I sneaked away, onto a nearby island, and decided I needed to get somewhere specific. I floated into the air, scared at first not knowing if I could control it, but then I figured it out. Fists forward, superman like but with both fists, I found flying downwards brought my up, up brought me down, left and right worked fine. I could build up a lot of speed, but never got too far into the sky. My main goal was not hitting power lines or cars, but also worrying what others were thinking of someone flying past them while they were driving. I fly all the way to one corner of town, and stop as it is getting dark, and I am getting tired. There is an antiques shop, and an old restaurant. I tell the guy trying to help me over cell phone where I am, and he comes, I eat while he is on his way. I look at the things left over, I guess I got like fries and something else, the containers they were in were like McDonalds, but darker red, and old fashioned. It appears there are monopoly stickers on them, so I read them, one said "Discount on blah blah" The other one was free shake or something like that.

      So the guy comes over, I steal his car(rude..), find a few things inside throw them out, and run the car into a 20 foot deep or so ditch. I then fly away across the town, as I am on the exact other corner of the town that I wanted to be in, it is daytime again, and I just keep flying. I reach my destination, it looks like nobody has ever been on the island, I am in paradise.

      I feel like there was more to this dream, like with the car, just that stop mainly, and at the beginning, that play.. I think I have been to that place before where the play was..I can feel another dream coming to me from either last night or a few nights ago, but I can't quite remember what it is about .-. Actually, it is probably yesterday's dream that I couldn't remember..
    11. August 18, 2012 - "Military Base"

      by , 08-25-2012 at 03:49 AM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      2:14 a.m. Listened to subliminal audio hours before bed. LaBerge #6 doesn't seem to help with LD.


      Some sort of military base. Entrance. Others. Some don't care.
      An ice floe. A small entity. Calling out for another entity. Mi? Mic? A small female entity went out. She knows me or the other character. She jumped happily seeing me. She knows me. white blond hair. Lithe.
    12. Dungeon at the Rook; Swimming Party

      by , 06-10-2012 at 09:35 AM (* The Sandman's Dream Journal o/***)
      Dungeon at the Rook

      I was in a dungeon. It was stone, dark, and miserable. I wasn't locked in, but I was behind a cell door. There were square holes in the wall in the room behind my door that were designed to offer some sort of product. There were coin returns like the ones on old coke machines or video games. I was collecting money from all the coin returns, and I wasn't supposed to.

      I turned and looked out the cell door. In the walkway outside my cell, there were other holes in the wall about the size of a microwave oven. They had bars over them and they were black inside. They were cells.

      I figured who ever they once held could not enter from that side. There must have been a way to get into those cells from another entrance. I thought how miserable it would have been to be locked up in one of those cells.

      I started getting nervous that I was locked in, so I looked at the door. It was open. I pushed it and walked out. I looked up and out a large opening in the rock wall that led outside. A truck circled into the parking area above us.

      I was with someone now. We ducked, but he thought it was his brother coming to pick us up. We were excited to get out of there. Then it seemed it may not be his brother. That's OK. We were out of the cell.

      Dream skip

      I have a bird's-eye view of the building with the dungeon. It is stately and looks like a government building. The main entrance is round, and then there are rectangular portions extending outwards. There is a newspaper in the plastic bag on the roof of the building at the edge of the main part of the building. It was odd even in my dream.

      Dream skip

      I am in a room inside the building. There is a party going on. An Asian women says, "Everyone from C-53 get together for a picture" or something like that. Some older gentlemen get together on a sofa for a picture. My stupid brother runs to a chair. It is off to the side, but it is obvious he wanted to get in the picture. The Asian woman says, "I you are C-42--what are you doing?" or something like that.

      A woman shows me a strange camera called a C-9 I think. I'm not sure all these alpha-numeric identifiers are correct. They may not have been so similar in my dream.

      The girls camera had a weird handle. It was a bar that you grip, and teh camera was built onto it. Anyway, I overheard someone say that the name of the building was The Rook. I assumed it had to do with the shape of the main part of the building being round like a rook in Chess.

      Swimming Party

      I'm in a pool teaching a young woman how to swim. She was a little heavy set and hispanic. She was cute. She had very dark eyes. She was on her back. I took her hair in my right hand and felt it so that she wouldn't realize as it was under water. I felt a wet handful of hair very vividly. I rubbed it on my leg.
    13. Encounter with a Woman; The Butterfly

      by , 01-03-2012 at 11:14 PM (* The Sandman's Dream Journal o/***)
      Encounter with a Woman

      I was in bed with a woman next to me. She was older, but sexy. Beside her on the other side of her was someone else, likely a man.

      I started rubbing her back, nervous that she wouldn't like it, or that the person on the other side of her wouldn't like it. The woman ended up rolling over me to go to the bathroom.

      She was wearing a white robe. As she rolled over, we were chest to chest. I was somehow able to feel her breast as she rolled over. It was not a bear cop, but I felt it better than if it were through a terry robe in waking life.

      She went to the bathroom. After a minute, I went to the bathroom. As she came out, I wanted to spend a moment with her, but there were two kids that could possible see. I started to go through the bathroom door. I looked back and now there was a small hall with another door, so that we had privacy. In other words, she could pass through her door back to the bed room, and I could pass through the bathroom door, and go to the bathroom. Until then, we were both in this hall way type room.

      After a moment, I realized we wanted each other. I held her, but then she said that she couldn't do it because it would affect the rest of her life.

      The End

      The Butterfly

      I was kicking a football around a yard. I kicked it kind of far, then there was a soccer ball. I tried to kick it to where I had kicked the football, but it went to the left. I went to retrieve the soccer ball and found a butterfly about twice the size of a Monarch. It was black with blue and yellow spots.

      I called to my cousin N. to look at it. It was alive, but not well, or it couldn't fly because of the high winds There was an ant on one wing. I didn't want the ant to destroy her wing because I wanted to make jewelry out of it like a ring I had seen in waking life.

      The End.
    14. Living a Movie

      by , 11-27-2011 at 06:29 PM (* The Sandman's Dream Journal o/***)
      I recently had a similar dream where I was living in a movie. This time I was watching from the outside, but the movie seemed to be very similar to real life.

      I had this dream yesterday, but I have to record it. Many details are now lost.

      At one point, I was watching a scene from ancient history mixed with pre-history. I was in Rome. There were people who had captured prehistoric lions. Someone ran by with a giant lion.

      There were three black Tyranasaurus Rex's tied up to a horizontal post like horses in the old west. This was an extremely cool visual.

      I had positioned myself to watch this movie where I could see a really nice view. I showed a DC this epic view of a mountain in the back ground under an ominously dark sky. There was a valley in front of the mountain with trees on either side.

      Dream skip to where I am on a flying square. I'm on with three young lady's. The square starts tilting. I can barely hang on, and one of the ladys is making it hard for me to hold on.

      I tell her to stop what she's doing and I grab on to one edge with my feet. That's better.

      Then I'm on the ground with one of the ladys and I lay'd a giant sloppy kiss on her. I was happy about that.
    15. 26 May 2011 Dream 1

      by , 04-27-2011 at 08:05 PM (Lunar Chronicles)
      Mayuri's bankai pressurized me into hiding in a corner. He started to release his poison, as a dragon flew past. I jumped onto the dragon and We flew over this vast landscape. We landed in a dam, and the current was very strong. When I looked up I saw a house that I was looking for. It was a females house.
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