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    1. Film Trailer - Demons

      by , 12-07-2017 at 12:06 PM (Break the code, break the node)
      I dreamt of the trailer of a film
      it was about a portal being opened from "hell" to earth
      and that the CIA or FBI or whatever already made a big large security compound basically stopping demons from entering freely our world
      and characters were talking about that, and that now each demon that enters must stand trial to have a chance of becoming a citizen of the US
      basically meaning that not every demon is a genocidial maniac monster
      and then there was a scene of one entering ,a powerfull one, it had a human head with those cat like animal ears\horns, yellow reptile like skin, and yellow eyes black sclera, I think it said something that made everyone worry big time
    2. Disjointed Fragments

      by , 12-04-2016 at 11:09 AM (Cinder's Dreams Gallery)
      My dream recall had been in the shithouse lately, so here are just some things I remember:

      There was something about Pearl from Steven Universe not taking her meds.

      I was Barry B. Benson from Bee Movie, other people with me were... human? I think? Maybe some of them were Gems from Steven Universe. I flew up and tried to land back on the ground.

      I was able to spawn objects from a floating meu.
    3. Elevator Adventure

      by , 11-25-2016 at 07:54 AM (Cinder's Dreams Gallery)
      I was in a big, air-conditioned dark room, where someone was giving a presentation. Numerous people including me were sitting on the floor watching the presentation. The presenter asked for volunteers, and me and someone I recognize as a childhood friend got up. We were given a mathematical matrix on the screen and apparently we were supposed to use that as a clue to move to the front, with the people sitting blocking our way and modeled by the matrix somehow. My friend knew how to do this but I didn't, and he beat me the first time. The second time I just guessed my way to beating him. I told him it was dumb luck and he was amazed, because he had solved the matrixes.

      My dream transitioned to me using an elevator. It went down to a fabricator unit of some sort where the elevator door stayed open as the box was moved around and machines cleaned and painted it while I was still inside. Then once the box was put back I noticed that the elevator had gotten bigger and people were now inside with me. There was an adult Blank overlooking a young schoolboy with a broken nose lying on the elevator floor not responding to anything, but still awake. The blank told me about how the schoolboy was punched really hard in the face and we should all make sure he's okay. The blank also said he was a cute kid. The other person in the elevator was Darth Vader but he didn't do anything interesting.

      I got out of the elevator into a bleak corridor that reminded one of parking lots or abandoned office buildings. I only took a few steps before Slenderman appeared in front of me, so I ran back to the elevator and closed it. The lights went out in the elevator as it moved, and we all went to sleep inside it.
      Tags: film, math, star wars
      non-lucid , dream fragment
    4. Disturbing Differences

      by , 05-08-2016 at 08:43 AM
      I cannot remember the context of this dream, but I remember its general theme, as well as the feelings I had about the occurrences. In the dream, I was listening to an album I'm quite familiar with; it was probably a Genesis album. Anyway, one great thing about Genesis (At least '70s era Genesis), is that they often had themes within songs that would resurface in slightly different forms on later songs on the same album, either as like a reprise or just something to help give a sense of circular closure to the album. This is one of my favourite things about them; it can make for some really powerful stuff (Just listen to Duke or Trick of the Tail and you'll see what I mean). So, in the dream, my sense of familiarity with whatever songs I was listening to was clear to me. The song began, and of course I'd immediately recognize it and know exactly where it was going. However, what happened in this dream was something surreal, and I can only imagine what it would be like in real life. Basically, a song that I knew well would start, but at some point during the song, a theme from a song from a different album would come about and somehow work with the music. It was ridiculously strange to me, but the weirdest thing about it was that it worked, within the context of the song. Somehow my brain was able to come up with a way of combining two completely unrelated Genesis songs into one, and it made musical sense. However, it was still pretty disturbing to me in the dream. I think it would have made more sense if my dream self just accepted the weird scenario, as often happens in dreams. But I couldn't really accept it. It was surreal to me in the dream, as it would have been in real life. I only wish I could remember the song and how it worked; I now cannot even imagine what it would have been. I've had similar types of dreams before, but usually with film. A film I'd be familiar with would begin, but changes to the plot and characters would occur, which would be unsettling for me. What could these dreams be indicative of? Do they have some sort of meaning? I feel like recurring dreams usually do...
    5. 10-17-14 The movie monster

      by , 10-25-2014 at 09:38 PM
      My mother and sister and I were watching a movie together. It was kind of a creepy show. Then my sister gave a sort of whimper, reached over to me and pointed to something behind me. I looked. There was a shadow on the wall that bore a striking resemblance to the evil monster thing in the movie. I got scared and woke up.
    6. Bad recall last days

      by , 05-24-2014 at 04:34 PM (4th DJ-Attempt)
      .../something about a film played backwards/...

      .../I'm with some friends sleeping all together in a room. I want to do something with a piece of wood. There's a little girl sleeping and we don't want to wake her up. Something about a magnet. We go back to sleep/...

      .../We're running in couples with a kid. My wife moves forward/...
      Tags: film, wood
      non-lucid , dream fragment , side notes
    7. A Chance To Test Out My Power!

      by , 01-15-2014 at 05:14 PM
      In relevance to the title; often after becoming Lucid I follow the story line from the original dream to keep me entertained. However some dreams don't test you to your full potential, fortunately this one did.

      I was having a dream where me and my brother Robbie where on the run from some sort of Korean army, (about 30 blokes, some in jeeps and tanks.) We were running over some hill top with them in pursuit when we came across a little abandoned shed. We ran and hid in the shed, but it was so small Robbie was freaking out. He ran out the shed and unfortunately was seen and shot. More so though they had seen him come out of his hiding place and all stopped outside. I could see through various gaps and holes in the sheds panels exactly what was happening. They knew I was inside and the were coming right towards me.

      This was the point where I became lucid as I was panicking and just about to wake myself up, therefore realising that I was dreaming. Now lucid, I stayed in the shed and watched them approaching. As the first person reached the shed he pulled out an RPG, and put the end through one of the holes in the shed right in front of me.

      What happened next was inspired by something I had seen in a film; X-men First Class. In it, a character called Sebastian Shaw has the ability to - "Absorb the energy of any impact he is struck by, including not only direct physical blows, but also the impact of bullets."

      So when the rocket was fired directly at me, I almost caught the force between my hands and squeezed it down to nothing. I also have a video for you so you can visualise it

      XMen Sebastian Shaw - YouTube

      After I had effectively absorbed the first one, several more followed, including multiple shots at the same time. Between catching the RPG's I had made a force field shield around me with my bare hands and was sustaining it with my mind. My vision was constantly quite blurred and chaotic, as you can imagine from the video, but I could still see out towards the rest of the army standing in the background a few hundred yards away. I stuck a hand out, whilst deflecting bullets with my other, and literally crushed the remaining men and vehicles at will with my hand.

      This happened until there was nothing left but burning vehicles and mangled bodies. It was quite an epic display of power, although hard to describe. Though I did wake up feeling great about myself. Thanks for reading!
      Tags: film, lucid, power
      nightmare , memorable , lucid
    8. Naked Boat

      by , 08-03-2013 at 12:07 AM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      August 2, 2013

      I was in a mall. I was naked with some people. We were holding something up with our hands raised up. I think it was a boat. Like a dragon boat. We were in one line. A guy behind me tried to push his crotch behind me. I resented that and pushed him away. He might have felt my annoyance and left. We continued with the 'parade.'

      I was in school or a place where we were watching a film. I went to the comfort room. Some guys were naked. I had to take a leak but the urinals were removed. Yellowish light. I had to pee on the floor in the corner. I went out and realized I can barely see. I left my glasses in the comfort room, so I went back and took it. When I returned to my seat, I realized that my glasses were there as well. I 'combined' them by hiding them from sight and then showing them again as one.
    9. Control of the masses and Fighting Nazis

      by , 08-01-2013 at 07:42 AM
      [2-3 sequences, non-lucid, 1-2: Getting shout at ; Controlling a group of people who had no contact with money, 3: Film-like Scene, where a secret agent kills a group of Nazi-officers]


      - You drive me nuts, you drive me nuts!

      A woman is shouting at me. I'm sitting in a room of my old apartment, it's dark outside, and it's unbearable hot inside. I'm sitting there half naked in my pajama pants.

      - You idiot, you idiot!

      The woman keeps shouting at me. She seems really angry, but I don't know why. I'm looking into the television. There is some reportage about a celebrity.

      - Isn't this Henry Fonda?, I asked the woman.

      - Fonda? Fonda? Is that all you can think of? It's 16:00 pm, you still have your pajama on, you slept until now and you are just preoccupied if this guy is Fonda or not!

      Silence. She keeps on repeating "you're driving me nuts". In the meantime I'm eating some pizza.

      - Besides, she says, it's not Fonda, it's Henry Ford.

      - Impossible! Are you sure you're not crazy or something?

      My view shifts to third person, I'm floating through the ceiling and stand before a gigantic warehouse or something

      There is a door in front of me, which opens. A good friend of mine opens the door. he's walking backwards and seems to hold a lecture to a group of people. He says:

      - Isn't it unthinkable. Some metal pieces that controlled the whole world!

      He stretches is hand out towards me, behind his back. I take my wallet and give him some paper money and some coins. He re-enters the ware house and closes the door. But I leave it a bit open, so that my friend can easily open it.

      I'm really preoccupied, I know that we are doing something wicked. I don't like it all. 2 other friends approach me. They came with another crowd of people. I have the feeling that they came to see the other people inside. I close the door again, so that no-one can lurk inside.

      - We should tell them, i said to the other friends. It's not cool withholding the truth about money.

      I was referring to the people inside. My two friends shake there heads.

      - Don't be that preoccupied! There's nothing wrong about that.

      The door opens again. My friend from inside comes out the same way as before.

      - And that's why all kind of money should be refuted!, he says to the crowed.

      - What do you want from me?, he asks me.
      - You know that you're doing wrong to them?, I say, you can't keep them shot off the real world

      He seemed a bit guilty. But than he said:

      - That's why we gathered all those other people outside, so that reality can hit them hard. really hard.

      - Yeah, we want to see the dummies!, someone yelled from the crowd.

      All the people suddenly open another door and enter the hall. I'm running after them to see what's coming next.

      Inside, it seems to me that I knew that the place isn't real. It seems to be a school, but not an ordinary one. I remember that I visit this school only in my dreams. At this moment I wake up.


      - This is going to be violent!

      A general is talking to me. We are in my home town in a narrow street, in front of a hotel.

      - Yossarian, you are going to infiltrate the room of those nazi-officers and prepare the terrain!

      Around me there is a group of youngsters, mostly girls, some of them between 14 and 16. I'm wondering how old they are, because I know that I am bad at guessing ages.

      So I walk into the hotel. I get past of 4 guards. It seems to me that they are mistaking me for a German lieutenant. I enter a room. There are a general, a captain and a colonel inside. There is also another guy. I know that he is, like me, an agent. But he seems really frightened and uneasy. The colonel talks to me in german

      - Hallo Kamarad! Was gibt es Neues von der Front? (Hello comrade, what's new on the front?
      - Das übliche (the same as always), I answer.

      The three Germans open a door. There is a gigantic bathroom, which seems to be twice as large as the first floor. They tell me that they are dressing up, so that we can go to the opera.

      They walk inside. I take a look at the other agent who seems relieved.

      - It was getting unbearable inside here, he whispered to me. How could the general think that it is a good idea to infiltrate the squadron 2 weeks before. I don't speak any German at all! How was I going to survive to just say "Ja" and "Nein" all the time??

      I ignore him and lock the door of the bathroom. The German soldiers didn't seem to notice. In the meantime, I hear how the girls and the general knock out the guards outsides.

      The bathroom door opens again, they come out. One of the Germans tell me a joke, but I don't get it. I'm forcing a laugh.

      The general comes in with two of the prettiest girls (which definitely where 20).

      - Did you miss me? He says to the colonel in English. He seems not surprised at all.

      - We have 4 guards out there, the colonel answers in English. What are going to do about that?
      - We knocked them already out, what are you going to do about THAT?

      The general makes me sign I should leave the room, what I do. I'm standing for a moment in the floor, but I realize that I'm going to miss the epic showdown. So enter again.
      The tallest girl is pointing a gun in some sexy pose. all the Germans are shot.

      - And now to the opera!, the general says.

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    10. 2 lucids this week

      by , 03-30-2013 at 05:58 PM
      I'm trying to keep my dream journal together but little time to do meditation and got other things on my mind. Nevertheless keeping the detail in when I can and ensuring my phone is available and charged for me to write stuff down.

      Most interesting non-lucids were yesterday when I had a weird one where I am teaching kids in a strange building. At one point I remember weird things happening like spaghetti spontaneously moving from my plate to a plastic bag. I'm at the top of stairs running after a lady that helped me in teaching.
      Next one I'm discussing the film Chinatown with a friend and we've missed an art house film showing - I could have spotted I was dreaming if I had noticed how difficult it was for me to recall details of the film, but it didn't.

      Anyway - had lucid on Wed where I'm walking through my home town and I'm 16 again. I'm reenacting my teen years as I wanted to live them. I kept stability without trying but as fears my Mum would realise I was lucid dreaming kicked in I gradually lost stability.
      Next lucid was today when I had a dream of snogging some girl, who then starts to choke me, next thing I'm snogging Nicholas Hoult after which I wake up. I am a little bi, so enjoyed that too.

      Considering I have a heavy project I'm working on and not doing lucid practices all the time it's quite encouraging, hopefully I can get back to controlling dreams as I feel like what I'm doing is random stuff from a disoriented mind rather than like being in charge. Only thing lucid I'm doing is reality checks, where I try and think of doing a different one each time in the hope these checks become natural and more about thinking than automatic mindlessness. The crux is going to be getting back to full lucid practice without overdoing it - e.g. a girl in my meetup group once said that the worst thing she ever did was thinking too much about lucidity when joining the group, as it reduced her lucidity and she didn't become lucid until she relaxed again. Her lucidity is overall better since joining the meetup group, but initially there was a drop.
    11. 12/12/12 - Non Lucid - visual images with story line

      , 12-14-2012 at 06:31 AM
      Playing a character, Marnie, in a Bill Murray film. Shot in Hawaii. Similar to his most recent. I was like an adopted daughter or something. Maybe a transient he was taking care of. I remember the visuals of Hawaii. We were in Oahu. It was fun to escape and be someone else for a while.
      Tags: film, hawaii, water
    12. Film Imagery

      by , 12-11-2012 at 02:55 PM
      All I remember is some Moonrise Kingdom inspired imagery. I had just seen the film.
    13. The Ordeal- A vampire feud.

      by , 08-17-2012 at 01:38 PM
      I wanted to share this dream from last night, this is what I wrote in my journal at about 6am this morning:

      The Ordeal

      2 French Vampires, very similar in looks come to live in a big white house with a host of other characters, several working people. One man enjoys playing games- he is a hunter, but enjoys all sorts of games from pinball to card games etc.

      The Game-Man steals weapons that are hidden in the house, straight-razors and flint-lock pistols. The Game-Man is bound to the house by work & duty. The Vampires are bound by something else- their cursed nature.

      As guests of the house the Vampires are somehow captured within it. If they reveal themselves and their true nature, they could be in danger, so they keep their vampiric nature secret.

      Both Vampires have white hair and white skin though one is somehow 'darker'. The darker vampire finds the Game-Man's hidden weapons and uses them to kill the Game-Man. This strengthens the vampire and somehow gives him more freedom. At the same time, it transgresses a law- the hospitality of the house.

      As a result of this transgression, a rivalry begins between the two vampires. The 'light' vampire is constrained by his obedience to the hospitality of the house, leaving the darker brother more powerful. The two attempt to kill each other quietly, without raising suspicion amongst the other members of the household, but their attempts to kill each other are futile- they are immortal and cannot die by straight-razor cuts. They cut each others' throats, but it is pointless since neither of them breathe.

      As other members are gradually drawn into this feud, the entire house becomes tied up in a bloody conflict of futile betrayal.

      Finally, the darker brother is able to escape the house- I'm not sure if it is because he has become more powerful, or because he is so despised that he is forced to leave. He leaves the house in the middle of the day, it is sunny, but it is raining. He flees across a courtyard toward a cathedral, discarding his black dustcoat in the meantime and feeling the sun on his skin. He is purified by the sun/rain.

      He enters the cathedral to find all the members of the house waiting to meet him. There is an uneasy truce between the vampires.

      We realise that this is all a film- there are light stands and bounce boards surrounding the 'cast' and a behind-the-scenes discussion begins amongst them. In the course of this discussion, we find out that in the beginning of the story, the dark vampire had been 'in love' with a sea serpent, and the film is called The Ordeal.

      Then I woke up.
    14. Six In A Row – [5/6]

      by , 05-17-2012 at 09:34 PM (Do you mind...?)
      After having (or remembering) four dreams that night, I thought I could take advantage of the following, longer REM periods and try out the WILD technique. But eventually I got scared by the thought of sleep paralysis and directed my thoughts to something else – the film “The Avengers” – to calm down. And this affected my next dream.

      #005 | Meeting Thor | In the city | Day | Long

      “MOVE! Everyone, get out of my way!”
      A loud voice brought me back from my daydream. I was sitting alone in a lively street café and just finishing my sundae, as Thor (or rather: Chris Hemsworth dressed as Thor and acting like him, too), passed by – looking rather displeased. A bunch of noisy people followed him, and they got more as the people from the café noticed this special guest, got excited or curious and approached him, too. Thor, being visibly annoyed by that and feeling very uncomfortable with the situation, pushed them out of his way harshly. For a second there, I smirked because I’ve had to admit I was slightly amused by that - but also very angry at this man for threatening these people so roughly. I stood up from my seat as Thor was coming near and at the moment he glared at me I gathered my courade to confront him.
      He stopped (as well as the crowd) and looked kind of puzzled for the source of this call. “I’m here.” I remarked. Thor gave me a confused look, followed by a displeased one. “What?! I don’t have time for your-“ - “You’re threatening these folks pretty gruffly.” You could hear some whispers in the crowd. I didn’t really know what to say and felt incredibly stupid, but I just had to do something. “What?” – “See… I get it, you’re some sort of celebrity, but that doesn’t give you the right of being rude.” He came near, and seeing his huge guise I tried to back away from him, but my curiosity held me fixed at the point I was standing. He lowered his voice. “Look, all I want is some peace and quiet. But now I can’t go anywhere… since even more people seem to recognize me every day.” He sounded frustrated. So he didn’t want any harm, he was just feeling uncomfortable, I thought. My precious little thing. I internally shook my head. Did I just call this enormous creature “my precious little thing”? Geez, being a fangirl and a normal person at the same time is hard. “Okay… I’ll count to three.” He didn’t seem to understand me. “One…” But I couldn’t explain it in front of the crowd. “Two…” He and the people looked tense, because no one knew what was going on with this weird girl starting to count loudly. “Three!”
      I grabbed his hand and began to dash towards a sideway, which was located right next to the main street. The people must’ve thought we’re heading towards the latter and went that way as we escaped from them. After a short chase scene I stopped and waited quietly to see if anyone was still following us. No one did and I finally was able to relax, leaning on the wall and gasping for air. Thor seemed to be completely fine and asked me if I was okay. “Me? Yeah, I’m fine. I’m fine…” He smiled and thanked me. After catching my breath I asked him what he was doing here (on earth). He replied that he wanted to look after the humans and the earth, but eventually got caught up in a whirlwind of activity, since a lot of people started to recognize and pursue him. I chuckled and told him that it’s because of a new piece of art called movie which tells the people a bit of the story surrounding him and Loki, his brother. “People enjoy this piece of art and talk about it, so they recognize you right away and want to talk to you out of admiration, I think.” – “Ah, I see…” He looked somewhat gloomy. “You were right. I was really inconsiderate.” I snickered and told him that it’s alright, and that they’ve probably already forgiven him. Then I invited him to go for a stroll down a more tranquil road.

      Aaand~ I forgot what happened after that, again. In my DJ notes I speak of “classmates who are standing on the pavement and making fun of Thor”, an “adventure”, “Thor cleaning his hands with my sleeves”, the number “105” and “me and [one of my best IRL friends] gaining a lot of EXP”. If I can eventually make out what happened, I will edit this DJ entry.

      Oh! I just remembered another scene. My classmates thanked me, my clothes were quite dirty and one of my friends (whom I look up to) dragged me to the side and praised me. She told me I proved to be a really great person and that everyone should be proud of me for doing what I did.
      That was, or still is, such a nice dream memory! (Especially since I don’t have a lot of self-confidence and this boosted it. Kind of.) Plus, it gave me an example for how dreams can affect the attitude and thoughts of a person positively.
      (But now I really want to know what I've done...)

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    15. Six In A Row – [4/6]

      by , 05-17-2012 at 07:10 PM (Do you mind...?)
      #004 | Yoghurt with Cereals | School | Day (Morning) | Medium

      Okay, this one is a little bit stranger than usual.
      I was sitting in religion class and while we were watching a film (I think it was “The Bucket List”?) I ate yoghurt with cereals and banana bits. Then my teacher came up to me and handed me a sheet of paper, which seemed to be the latest exam I’ve written. On top of the paper stood the verbal and written score I got in this subject. I got a 4 (D) for my test and a 5-6 (something like F) for my behaviour (…which is unusual, because I usually get A’s in both). There were additional notes on my behaviour which said that I would always sleep and not pay attention in class. (Wrong.) Oddly enough, this didn’t upset me at all and I took the sheet of paper as an underlay for my dish of yoghurt and continued eating. My teacher went out of the classroom, whereupon I stopped eating, leaving a rest of yoghurt, cereals and bananas in my bowl. I took out a bottle of fizzy water, opened it and started pouring it into my bowl. I examined the way the yoghurt, cereals and bananas interacted with the water. Then my teacher came back, revealing that he was hiding in the doorway to observe what his students would do if he went away. He stared at me and I stared back, wondering if it might’ve been a mistake pouring that water in the bowl, since I was supposed to watch the film. Then some other stuff happened, which I don’t quite remember… it had something to do with the teacher having a second job and therefore me meeting him at the station but other than that I really don’t remember anything.

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