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    1. “Finding Nemo’s Girlfriend”

      by , 04-21-2017 at 10:21 AM
      Morning of April 21, 2017. Friday.

      I am watching a movie which is supposedly a sequel to “Finding Nemo”. It may be called “Finding Nemo’s Girlfriend” or at least that seems to be the main plot.

      The movie seems to be in an advanced form of CGI. The fish speak and seem very “real”. The search is on for Nemo’s girlfriend (though it does show her in certain scenes where the others are not aware of her location). After a time though, it is revealed that there are people in very unusual costumes with mechanical attachments that create the animated fish in the movie. This includes a smaller robotic fish (or another ocean creature in robotic form) attached to the top of each person’s head, as well as attachments to their arms and some sort of cylindrical form around their body. They seem to be on break and sitting on chairs in a semi-dark studio. There remains a vague (but mostly subliminal) association with being in the Cubitis living room. For a moment, I am confused, as if they do not care about Nemo’s girlfriend or properly ending the movie, but then I realize it is just the making of a movie in progress and the fish characters are not real beings.

      What a curious way to validate fish as symbolizing lower levels of the conscious self, submerged in the dream state, playing a role in real time.

    2. The Maze 8/21/13

      by , 08-24-2013 at 06:18 PM
      I was with a group of prisoners. So I guess I was also a prisoner. We were walking in a maze that had the same interior design as a public bathroom. The place was very dimly lit. I turned a shower head on and the water was incredibly hot. I found a hallway that had lights coming from it. I was about to open a door that led to the lights when one of the other prisoners acted like he was gonna lock me in so I made him go first. Inside there was a projector showing Finding Nemo on the wall. There was no sound.