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    1. villain in arena, produce guests, cutting off fingers

      by , 03-02-2019 at 06:21 PM
      2 mar, (3) dreams

      Fighting area, combatting a whole series of people. At one point I am the guy on a platform covering the area in poison, I guess I’m villain. “I’ve built and immunity to this” as he sprays it all over the citizens. I look like Thranduil with a long beige robe and hair.

      I’m setting up a platter for guests or customers as I’m at produce and buying 2 cheap cartons of strawberries, cutting into some foreign looking melons, buying discount bags of assorted fruits(blueberries, starfruit, etc, in red mesh bag). I wash my hands and the new Filipino colleague is behind me to help I think? Apparently I’m in a house or MY houses bathroom now and he’s looking through the pantry saying “you guys got a lot of ingredients” and I say yeah.

      Trying to reattach area on finger
      Go to black market surgeon
      Put my finger in bag on his desk
      He comes back and tells me he needs More
      I cut off other finger and drag my friend down a series of above ground tunnels and see the doctor again, he looks like a old dentist working on someone in a seat
      I slap the bag of fingers on his desk while I bleed
      Apparently it was needed for someone’s facial reconstruction
      I can see the face, it’s a male with dark complexion and deep green eyes. It fixed his eye and cheekbone l don’t know how. He was a handsome looking man.
      I felt like I was in Palestine, rushing to help someone by donating fingers.
    2. School

      by , 09-15-2016 at 01:01 PM (Inner World حلم Gamma Waves)
      I am in a classroom not aware of this yet as I am blacking in out consistenly on the classroom floor. After awhile of this, I regain awareness of my surrondings looking with my eyes. I see kids going to their proper classes and parents infront of me helping their child calm down. I felt slightly embarrassed as I knew I had been moving around dramatically through the ordel. I begin to wonder how did I get here exactly? That is when I see a co-worker of mine working around the classrooms. Still on the floor, I figure I must be at work. As I get myself up from the floor and walk toward to the co-worker.

      I came to another question. Wasn't I schedule to be off on thursday? That's when I stop my walking at the back end of the school classroom. I look at my two hands and could see that one of my fingers were glued to the other one for a moment. I smile cause I knew I realize that I am currently dreaming. Now I wanted to prove it to myself. I see the back dark red door infront of me that I figure would lead me outside. I walk right through it like nothing was there. Now I knew for sure that this is a dream. I am outside, the sky is dark grey as if it's about to rain with the puffed up clouds but unusually it's not.

      I say to myself so this is how my world is now. I could see grass all over the school building I was just in. I begin walking/exploring and not long I found this underground passage way in the middle of the grass. It was dark but I proceeded as I got down to the bottom I see another underground tunnel that was glowing blue. I figure I might as well go further then . There is only one option of getting down through this blue underground tunnel and that was to slide on the walls that are built on the side. I did so for awhile as it felt like a rollercoaster and eventually got to the bottom when I got stuck in mid air. I jump off and could see to my left there were two huge doors.

      I open them and was now inside an office. I look around with my eyes while placing my hand on one of the chairs. I could see no one, it is empty with a small tv playing hang on the upper right of the wall. That is when I hear a voice of someone asking if I weret here. I go to where I hear the vioce the loudest and greet them. I then went further down the department and saw all the other co-workers I knew. One of the employee's look very angry at me for some reason that I did not know. I continue observing as I see some in a rush to leave, I spent a minute looking around before waking up. Lucidity Time: 4 minutes
    3. [Dream #18 - 2/6/2016] Sex With Headless Shadow

      by , 02-06-2016 at 06:03 PM (The Book of the Multiverse)
      [Warning] - The following contains body horror and a sexual act.


      Sex With Headless Shadow

      This was a very odd dream as well, and like the title states, I had sex, more so fingered Shadow the Hedgehog but he was literally headless. I chuckled when I woke up after having the dream.

      This took place, I'm assuming in my room -- The surrounding was hard to map out. I was laying down and I could feel my 'soul' or 'something' extract from my 'physical' body and was then visibly on-top of me. For a minute, I began to think it was a replica of myself but I ended up seeing a patch of white chest fur just like Shadow the Hedgehog's and the noticeable shortness in height compared to mine in perspective. He did not have a mouth to speak with nor could he speak through telepathy, but he could understand what I said to him. I did not freak out and I was extremely pleased. I remember taking Shadow's hand and placing his index finger into my vagina.

      I could feel it enter me as he began to toy with the inside. It felt good and I told him to do it faster and harder which he proceeded to do on command. But then I woke up.

      Dream Goal For February

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      Extended Information

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      non-lucid , memorable
    4. Potion and Energy Drinks

      by , 12-14-2012 at 01:17 AM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      ~ 5 am

      A parade, going out

      ~ 7 am

      I am mixing a potion with a finger. Depending on the effect I desire, I use a different finger: pointing, middle, or little finger.

      I go down the market. It just opened. I looked for energy drinks.
    5. My first FILD. And it was truly awesome.

      by , 08-26-2012 at 11:14 PM (Mysteries of my subconscious)
      I woke up in the middle of the night which happens somewhat often for me. As I woke up, I remembered the FILD technique. So I started twitching my fingers back and forth for about 20 seconds. After that, I did it for another 10 seconds. But after about a total of 15 or 20 seconds, I felt a snap away from my body. But I continued anyways. After the 10 seconds, I grabbed my nose, to see if I could still breathe, which I could.

      I had done my first induction into a lucid dream. I was really proud. The first thing I did was go up to a mirror. I wanted to try and teleport into a different dream scene. I wanted to be a part of a zombie apocalypse. I tried many different mirrors, but the first two I went up to, I just saw my reflection, which in fact, now that I’m in full waking awareness I realize, it didn’t even look like me. A third one, I got teleported into another scene, but it was not much different, and then I tried going back and I did. I just stayed in there. I was hungry and I decided to just fly around the city while I eat. I couldn’t just “float” I had to flap my arms like a bird would, but as I did, I just held my food in front of me floating.
      Since I wanted to create a zombie apocalypse, I tried to desperately create a plot in my head and make it happen. I tried to create a scenario where some vaccine doesn’t work on somebody and it changes them. None of that worked. I tried to just imagine zombies in front of me, but I can’t do that. I don’t know how to create an entity very well. I also just tried to create an entity I could fly on top of, but could not.

      I don’t totally remember that many details, because it was an early dream in the night, and I could not access a computer till later that morning. But I remember that I had awoken many times, so I thought, but just held my nose again, and realized I was still in the dream state. One time there was a scenario which I don’t totally remember. But I had a friend who was a TV show character, Barney, from How I Met Your Mother, and he said he had a “shadow” spirit kinda thing inside of him, controlling him. I tried to expel it by looking into a mirror, which the first thing I saw was a little excerpt showing how the spirit got inside of him and that it truly was controlling him. I went inside the mirror to try and fix things, but slowly, my dream faded. The dream was over.

      I did accomplish a dream goal of mine, which was to maintain control for the entire night.

      I did not remember nearly as many details of the dream that were a main part, but it was still an awesome experience, that I can mark down as my first full lucid dream.
    6. Dorm and Knives

      by , 09-14-2011 at 01:13 AM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      I was in a dorm of some sort, and a school. Preparing for something, saw my light-colored pants in the cabinet. Outside, we were playing volleyball. Then I have to go somewhere. I prepared two knives. I inserted them into my nails, one on one toe and the other on one finger. Somehow, I realized a problem with that, and I pulled out the knife out of my fingernail, and it has a lengthy "tail," or the area that was inserted under the fingernail for it to hold properly. I felt aghast, and saw the red blood starting to come out.

      Then I looked at the one on my toe, and decided to leave it there, because I can use it to kick attackers. Mood is gloomy.

      NOTE: When I woke up, found my only remaining pants is a light-colored one.
    7. Finger Nail...

      by , 04-13-2011 at 05:37 PM
      Well I had a quick, but memorable dream last night. So here it goes!

      I approached the front of an older home with a large porch and walked inside. (may have been "my home") I picked up a nail about 3 inches long and hammered it into my right index finger. Like, through the bone towards my knuckle. I even made sure the nail was flush with my finger tip. I then walked out onto the front porch and pulled the nail from my finger and I could see the "tube" under my skin where the nail had been. I then saw the blood flow from the bottom of said "tube".

      So I guess this is the literal finger nail? Odd stuff.
      non-lucid , memorable