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    1. 7th August 2011

      by , 08-12-2011 at 12:28 AM
      I am in water with about 4 or 5 other people, the water is a little muggy. Agiant plant is after us, I remember something about "scooby-doo", maybe someone said it or it was someones name like "scooby" or something. Anyway this plant is after us, a girl who I was with hit it with fire power and blasted it out of the way. This girl is slim with long blonde hair. Now she has blasted it we swim past to a cave of some sort, this cave was also filled with water, we have to swim under it to get to safety in this big house like place.
      I am in this large room, the room is like a house, no upstairs or seperating walls etc just a big room. I see glass windows and a glass door, well more like glass french doors. I am with about 4 or 5 other people. This room is like some kind of meeting place. We are all standing about and then 2 of the males there say "Coming for a swim in the swimming area?" I thought this was a little strange because the water wasn't safe. 3 of them went in and got to the safe area of the water, the girl with long blonde hair went in after them but very shortly after she came back up and came into the room...she was couging and as she leaned over a little she spat some green algie out of her mouth, this was due to her going into the bad water. I remember water surrounding the meeting place where we were. ((Dream Skip)) I am now the blonde haired girls boyfriend , we are in the "safe water" and we are playing "catch ya!" I catch her and hold her then I kiss her LMAO eek:. I remember feeling that she was totally in love with her boyfriend/me.
    2. December 2010: more slack one less dream and another lucid..when im lucid my dream loves to deny me.

      by , 01-06-2011 at 01:31 AM
      Dream 1: Chased by zombies in timesplitters-esque mansion. I was with a group, but me and an old friend matt mueller found a tower room behind the large wall door that whipped open as zombies came through the door and caused several people in the group to shrink into to fear and not realize me and my friend found a door. me and matt went up to the tower room that had a staircase that curved rightwards, the building had large grey bricks for the build of it all. once we got into the room that had old arcade games, green cushion seats and a light of some sort. Matt talked about sharing a graduation party with me and Pat Frankenthal.

      Dream 2: Mortal kombat between mileena and kung lao, i cant remember for sure if it was mileena though. They fought on stage that looked like hell from earthworm jim. then I became more involved in the dream, becoming semi-lucid as well. I was under them above shed, it seemed like I was teleported there. I then froze half the top of the partially red shed. Then I also used a low lying sheet of fire that quickly melted the ice(but there was no steam?)I then became more lucid than before and hopped down of the shed next to a large barn on a steep elevated hill. I swung both my arms around to try to gain energy from the atmosphere to create a windy ice energy ball, but my dream denied me and yielded no activity.... soon after I awoke.