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    1. Halloween Car Fire

      by , 04-21-2013 at 07:38 PM
      It was Halloween.
      I think I was moving house?
      Me, my Dad, and my sister where in the Merlo. (dad's old tractor)
      Going to pick up what we thought was an old car, it was mum's current car for some reason.
      Got there.
      Tried to pick up the car in the Merlo.
      Walked around the village.
      Saw people from my school.
      There was smoke everywhere. (It was like fog)
      I was trying to scare people.
      Went back to old car. (now looked like 30's era car)
      It was on fire.
      I tried to blow out the fires by blowing on them.
      The fire started spreading more.
      I tried to blow out all of the flames.
      Pulled old photos, videos and cassettes out of the glove box.
      There was suddenly a middle agedwoman watching.
      She wasn't helping.
      She said that she was scared because it was dark so she was just watching us, we all started laughing, she started drinking wine.
      The tire melted on the car.
      The whole car was ruined.


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    2. Vehicle Fire

      by , 04-06-2013 at 02:12 PM
      I took a pass at Advanced Task of the Month (turn a lump of coal into a diamond) but was running into all kinds of cognitive and dream control problems. My brain seemed to be a little zonked. This was my first lucid where I'd taken Valerian Root for sleep, so it's something to consider. Still, a nice long dream, even just counting the lucid part! If I'd managed to get lucid earlier I might have even had more time (and avoided that chaotic freeway scene.)

      Color legend: Non-dream Dream Lucid

      Lucid #84: Vehicle Fire

      Everything in the house is breaking at once. The plumbing is leaking all over the place, the dogs have destroyed a bunch of stuff, and I hear some kind of weird crunching noise from outside. To top it off, we're late picking up the kids from something.

      I head outside to find my brother-in-law Muppet swinging around like a monkey on one of the external brick columns that supports our house. Each time he swings around, a couple of bricks fall off of the house and land nearby. Plus, the pillar is actually moving a little bit each time he goes around it. "What the hell are you doing?" I say to him. "You're gonna break our house!" I perform some half-assed reality check and it succeeds.

      "What did you do just now?" asks Muppet.

      "That was a reality check," I explain. "Everything is such a mess that I hoped I was just dreaming."

      "Ah," he says, not especially interested. He points at our roof. Three objects that look like wooden shipping pallets are sticking out of it. "Hey, what are those?" asks Muppet. I grimace, thinking that they must have fallen out of a plane or something and wound up embedded in our roof. Muppet gets distracted, makes some remark about the flowers on the banana plants in our back yard, and then hops away over the top of our house. (Yes, over the top of our two-story house.)

      Wife and I get in the car to go pick up the kids. We drive around the city for a long time but every road seems to be closed. Finally we take a tollway but traffic suddenly gets really heavy. I lightly bump some car as I'm driving around but nobody makes a big deal about it. Looking up ahead, we see the reason for the delay: ahead of us a disabled car is engulfed in flames. Black smoke billows up to the sky.

      "We've gotta get off this road," I tell Wife, and steer the car toward a left exit. Just as I do that, though, a fire engine comes racing toward me, going the wrong way up the exit. I throw the car in reverse to try to get out of the way. I have to bump a lot of cars to clear a path, but I figure that's okay.

      Finally, our car gets totally stuck, so I hop out and start pushing it sideways, kind of lifting it each time. I realize that I'm way too strong and
      become lucid. Wife has vanished, which is probably for the best -- the scene has grown totally chaotic, with cars driving around everywhere bumping into each other and the siren from the fire truck wailing in my ear. I pick up the car over my head and throw it across the road. In mid-air it changes from an SUV into a yellow Volkswagen Beetle. Then it becomes just the front half of a VW Beetle.

      The license plate looks like a bar of soap with words carved into it in cartoony handwriting. I get closer so that I can study it. There are four words, but I only remember "ship" and "check".

      Now I remember Task of the Month -- turn a lump of coal into a diamond. Unfortunately, I start trying to conjure a diamond at first. I'm very aware of my hands for some reason, and even when I put them behind my back I can't seem to make myself buy into the conjuration. I bring my hands back to the front of my body and see that now I'm wearing these black, rather lady-like leather driving gloves. Annoyed, I take them off and pitch them away. I try the conjuration again -- again, more lady-gloves. Then I remember that I wasn't even supposed to be conjuring a diamond in the first place but a lump of coal. I start working on that, wind up with lady-gloves again, and start getting frustrated. A car clips me as it goes by, I start getting agitated, and darkness comes over me, pitching me into the void.

      I feel relaxed, and start probing at my dream body. It's only a few seconds before I find myself standing in my own bedroom, walking toward the door. I say something encouraging to myself like, "Hell yeah, sexy new dream body!" For a moment I contemplate turning around to see whether Wife is in bed and might be down for doing something sexy but I get scared that approaching the bed I'm actually occupying IWL would be destabilizing.

      I head to the top of the stairs. The baby gate's blocking me but I just power through it and it sort of snaps open. I get nearly to the bottom of the stairs when everything stretches way, way out and takes on that stereotypical "endless hallway" look. I keep moving but no matter how far I go everything seems to stay in the same place. Then the entire room suddenly rotates 90 degrees, floor becoming wall, and I slide down the rest of the way to the first floor.

      Our coat closet has been replaced with what looks like a giant iPhone. The screen is displaying a game with a 5x5 array of tiles. When you touch various tiles, you receive prizes in the form of troops for Clash of Clans. I earn 4 Minions and a Hog Rider just pushing tiles at random, but now I'm interested in learning what the rules of the game are. I'm trying to figure this out when
      the dream ends.

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      lucid , false awakening , task of the month
    3. 29th Mar 2013 Weird dream with control and a bit of lucidity

      by , 03-29-2013 at 08:06 PM (Scionox's Journal of Dreams)
      Dream recall from nap ~20 hours ago that i had written in keywords but didn't had time to write it there earlier, also i feel like dream was fairly long, 24 hours of dreamtime maybe, even though i didn't had much detailed recall.

      I was in the subway, moving to some different place. Then i was at home, testing some things in fraxy, there were some new bosses and interestingly it was 3D and had completely different gameplay. I experimented with some things, but later i figured that i had some control over things, but instead of thinking that i am dreaming i was thinking that i was in some alternate world that was in my mind(close enough ).
      I was doing various things, there was some weird city built out of various materials and some stuff was on fire, i was getting ladder to go through, also there was a dog that was getting drunk.
      I was back at home and was playing around with ability to create various characters, i created a bunch and then was watching some videos with them, some humanoid dog was one of the characters and one of the videos was something hockey related.
      After a while something
      made me think that i was dreaming, but i didn't had much awareness nor memories of waking life so i was worried about it ending, and then i heard voice of all characters, which sounded evil: 'we don't want you to leave'.
      Dream faded and scene changed into some other place and i lost lucidity, i was hiding from two doctors who were running around with scissors and wanted to cut off my dick( ).
      Then i woke up back at home, but before i could do reality check, objects around suddenly started vanishing and then i
      woke up properly.
    4. Fragmentary

      by , 03-16-2013 at 07:01 PM
      I was overtired when I went to bed last night. As a result, my dream recall is garbage. I'll edit this post and add to it as I recall more throughout the day.

      I dreamed that my friend K__ was teaching me and M___ to ride motorcycles and explaining how the throttle worked so we could ride up and down hills.

      I dreamed that I set the stove on fire (I was in an apartment I don't recognize, but it was "mine") and threw buckets of water on it to put it out.

      Woke up and attempted a half-assed wild but my heart wasn't in it. Saw dreamlets of a fireplace (in my "base") and a flash of the reflections of palm trees and a beautiful sunset in the plate glass window of a house on the beach somewhere in California. My sinuses hurt badly again. I am learning to ignore the heater - it helps that the weather's getting warmer - but I need to take a sinus pill before I go to bed at night.
    5. Mall, Cheat, Work, Home, Fire

      by , 02-17-2013 at 01:47 PM (One Must Imagine Sisyphus Happy)
      I'm not sure if this was one dream or two. I recalled them together and they had a connected plot. I was really mad at the end. Like really, really mad! The emotion lingered for a while after waking up. I rarely feel anger, so on the occasion that I do, it's almost a welcome experience.

      Mall Shops, Cheats
      I'm in a competition with Lance. We are owners of small shops in a shopping mall. The competition is to own more shops than the other. Apparently, it's just a computer program because I easily find how to cheat by editing my character data. I give myself all the max stats and money. Lance and I both use this cheat. We quickly realize that this ruins the fun of it. So agree to not cheat. Lance buys a bar that sits in the middle of the mall and gets a lot of foot traffic.

      I write a program to make money off the bar for Lance. I am reluctant because I know the game is so easy to cheat that someone will use my program to steal money. But I do it anyway. I finish and decide to have a few drinks.

      Work From Home, Fire
      I have a false awakening. I still feel tipsy from the drinks of the previous dream. I must not have slept very long. I am in an apartment but it's nothing like my waking life. I look at a clock: 12:56 in the afternoon. I check my laptop. There's an urgent IM from work from just a few minutes ago. The producer wants me to shut down the bar program that I wrote in the previous dream. As I expected, someone is exploiting it to steal money.

      I'm glad I woke up just in time. I know what to do, I just need to change a few lines of code and upload it to the server. But now I become aware of two other people in my apartment. One is Garrett (an ex-coworker that I didn't like). The other is a young woman who I don't recognize but seems familiar. I intuit that she is my roommate so she has a right to be here and Garrett is her guest. It occurred to me that maybe it was my sister, but the girl was definitely blonde. Anyway, they are chit chatting about nothing in particular in the kitchen. I need to work so I'm annoyed that they are disturbing me.

      I carry my laptop to the kitchen and place it on the stove top. I forgot the power cable. I fetch the power cable from and plug the laptop into a power socket that is oddly on the edge of the counter near the stove. I forgot the network cable. I search the apartment for it. As I search, Garrett and the girl and collecting their coats to leave. I am silently relieved that I will have some peace to work.

      Still searching in another room, I overhear them conversing. It turns out they decided not to leave. Instead they have the sudden urge to have sex. My reaction is "ugh, great...." It is a surprise because I intuited that the girl wasn't attracted to Garrett. Still, my reaction is mostly one of indifference and mild annoyance.

      They are having sex on the floor next to a closet with sliding doors. I see the network cable on the floor in the closet. I careful step around them, trying not to touch them. I say something sarcastic like "don't mind me and don't let me interrupt your garden-variety sex while I get this wire." Garrett becomes enraged by what I said, especially the words "garden-variety." He gives the girl a few final thrusts and finishes. Then he stands up and confronts me. I ignore him and take the cable to the kitchen.

      Garrett follows me and continues to yell and spew. I plug the cable into the laptop on one end and into the freezer on the other. I realize in the moment that this is strange but not enough to become lucid. Garrett throws something heavy at me. I dodge the projectile and it hits the stove top. Garrett storms off and out the door. Good riddance.

      I turn to look at the stove and see that the gas knobs are damaged. A small flame is lit from each of them. I think if I can just turn them off then I can safely shut of the gas and get it repaired. I reach with my hand but quickly pull it back; too hot. I find a broom handle and reach with it to tap the knobs. The flame only grows. It's clear to me that the damage is increasing and will soon become disaster. I see on the wall above the stove the two master gas line valves. They aren't on fire yet. I try to reach them with the broom stick but I can get the leverage to rotate the valve with just a stick.

      I start to panic. I can't stop this. The whole apartment is going to catch fire. I think of my roommate and worry for her safety. I intuit that her name is Laura or Lauren. I call for her to see if she is still in the apartment. I need to get everyone out before the fire gets worse. The glow from the gas flames gets brighter and brighter. I need to call the fire department. Wait, I think, I might have a fire extinguisher. Let me try that as one last chance to avert disaster. I scramble around the kitchen, searching the cabinets for the fire extinguisher. The metal of the stove now is glowing red hot. It looks ready to explode. By now, I feel more anger than panic. This is all Garrett's fault! I decide I should just run to get the heck out of there. Wake
    6. Electrical Madness and the Elemental Warrior

      by , 02-04-2013 at 07:02 AM (Percy's Void of Thoughts)
      Electrical Madness and the Elemental Warrior (Non-lucid)


      I was in some sort of alternate world that had mystical creatures and a ton of weird stuff. There was some sort of warrior (and I believe I was this warrior) that could control the elements of fire, water and wind. This warrior was about 12 feet tall and very muscular. For some reason, this warrior died and a huge tomb was made on his honor.

      Suddenly, due some sort of magnetic disturbance, the electronics went berserk, is like they had consciousness. Suddenly, everything that had at least a microchip would start working on its own. It felt very dangerous because there were some sort of Uzi guns that had a microchip that assisted in automatic shooting. I could see small items that were attacking other people.

      Someone went to the warriors tomb. It appears than an Uzi gun was inside the tomb and it would ressurect the warrior somehow. The warrior resurrected, but three small replicas of him instead. Each replica controlled an element.

      The fire replica would shoot fireballs with his hands and he was able to incinarte buildings entirely. The wind one created tornadoes and the water one got killed almost right away it spawned, so I had no idea.

      The warrior replicas were fighting but they ended up being destroyed.
    7. Fire!

      by , 01-15-2013 at 12:23 AM
      Hi, this is my first post so I apologise for anything incorrect or confusing.

      The dream with be written in bold and what I think it means will be in italics.

      I was in a big pub like room, but no bar, just the room and I was with some of my friends (although I don't know who). The pub was suddenly on fire, I wasn't burning or hot or anything though, I was trying to get out of the pub, but I was in no rush. I turned around and my friend and apparently the person I loved, was lying on a hospital bed dying. This didn't worry me, but I stayed with them until the end, then went on with what I was doing, which was just looking around. I looked down at m leg, because it suddenly felt different, and all the muscle in my calf had gone, but the skin was still there, I have no idea how. There was more to the dream, but I don't remember it as the dream was a few nights ago.

      some pretty weird stuff there! I have no idea what I'm talking about, no experience with interpreting dreams or anything, but I think, going on the fact that dreams are memories and fantasies, that the person I loved dying on a hospital bed was because of a story I had heard from the person I love, about someone he knew dying a while back. The fire may have been because I was hot as its summer and about 25 degrees at night. The leg muscle, I have no idea at all, that's just weird. And my no panicking, also weird, may have just been because subconsciously I knew it was a dream or seething like that. That's my best effort haha

      Peace out.
    8. 18/12/2012

      by , 01-04-2013 at 12:46 PM
      This night I had a very profound dream.

      I was at some kind of festival in a field, there was a tent, within this tent were simple tables, square bales of hay, and through the middle was a large electrical cable with a thick plastic cover. Next to the cable was a table, sat at this table was my eldest sister (my sister dearest to me), she had carelessly thrown a cigarette butt onto the plastic cover of the cable. The cable began to melt and catch alight and sparks started to fly. I hurried to the cable and tried to put the fire out.

      The next thing I know I was sat opposite my sister at the table. My sister was trying to tell me something that had happened to me as a child, something terrible. She seemed very distressed by it and kept saying "I'm so sorry Rob, I'm so sorry.". She did not know how to begin telling me.

      Just as she was about to get the words out of her mouth a small child came up to the table and so my sister had to change the conversation to something cheerful and not depressing to pretend everything was okay to the child "..And then we cleaned up the mess and everything was okay.".

      As the child went away, she started to say that she was sorry and that she was going to tell me now. I was then awoken by my alarm clock.

      This dream left quite a big mark on my mind for a while, I've been trying to figure it out but I can't.
      I think it might be about a repressed memory that I have had as a child but I have no idea what it could be.

      End of journal.
    9. House on fire

      by , 12-11-2012 at 10:34 AM (~Cookieh's Land of Cookies~)
      [color="#483d8b"]We were standing by the window, watching people go by.
      Suddenly everyone started rushing down the spiral stairs, one of my best friends was also with me. The building was apparently on fire.
      When we reached the bottom of the stairs, I realized that it's cold outside and I ran back up to get my coat :|.
      By then everyone else was gone, I saw them through the window in the building right next to this one. They were all sitting by a table, it was some kind of a feast or something. I thought that it would be rude to go there late and I decided to stay in the burning house. Wut. I heard a girl scream somewhere but I didn't think much of it.
      I knew that the power would be gone soon, I took my watch, it was a bit over 7 pm. The digital clock said it was 1 am, I never questioned that.
      I accepted my inevitable fate and sat on the sofa with a blanket, waiting for it.[/color]

      This was a scary dream .__.

      I guess I'm quite afraid of fires, this certainly isn't the first nightmare about fire.

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    10. Murder/suicide - Skiing then hungry at university

      by , 12-10-2012 at 05:49 PM
      There was a multiple murder at the edge of town along the forest in some shacks. I had a vision of what happened kind of on a television in my mind. One of the murders happened like this: a guy started riding a horse away from his house, away from a danger. There was a fire that was engulfing the land below him and he was racing away from it. Then the fire on the ground stopped but there were flames coming from him. There was a sense that he was causing the fire to come from the air by racing through it so quickly on the horse and I thought that if he just slowed down, the fire would go out. He got to a wood clearing. Then he shot himself in the head. A police officer related the shooting to the media by doing a backflip. Then, I was watching news coverage of the event next to a lake. It was like Hurricane Sandy. There was a benefit/donation number for money that would go to the families. There was a number for crime tips. I went into a lake and was swimming in it. It was beautiful. Then I went up onto this land area that reminds me of the area by the shed where I used to live. People in the media were questioning me and others. Somebody offered me a beer and I declined because it was honey flavored and I didn't think it would be good. He said it was the best beer in the world. I tasted it and indeed it was good.

      I went skiing with my family. We were walking up the mountain. There was no lift. There was no snow. I got to the top and instead of going on skis, people were hopping on socks that would fly over not snow but metal rollers. I was going down and had a good hang of it. The problem was that there were too many people in the way and I had to slow down. At one point in the descent I got to a train station. Everyone was going through. I tried to go through using my metro card but it wasn't working. I went to buy a ticket at the machine but my coins weren't all going in. I had to bang on the machine so that they'd go in. As I banged, they went in but the price that I still had to pay went up. Also, my coins turned into little toy naked girls and I was embarrassed that the employee would see them. Later I was walking around at college. I wondered why there was a lobby in every building with chairs to sit in. I reasoned that it was worth building this part of the building because students would like it and if a college didn't have such areas students would be unhappy and go to different colleges. I was hungry and went to the dining hall to get a slice of pizza. When I got to the register I tried to pay with a 20 dollar bill but the woman didn't have enough change and she was frustrated that I payed with a 20. I told her I'd go find some coins. I found many many "coins" but they were actually nails. There were big nails representing more money and small nails representing less. I picked up all I could carry in my arms and walked back to the register. My money turned into vegetables especially potatoes. They were huge potatoes.
    11. Burning Village

      by , 12-06-2012 at 03:44 PM
      Ok so this is my first dream journal entry, I was not lucid during this dream.
      I Dreamed I was lying in a hospital bed next to my cousin Kimberly. She was sick and for some unknown reason her family hated her. I looked around the room and I saw a little girl crounched down in the corner of the room crying. I immediately walked to her and asked her why she was crying, but she didn't answer. Suddenly I was outside of the building I was previously in. The house looked like a log cabin and it looked like I was in a village when I looked around. Suddenly the house was set afire and I ran inside to help my cousin and the little girl. But when I got inside she wasn't there and neither was the little girl, but in her place on the bed was a very petite looking woman. Very sickly looking. I grabbed a peice of bed cloth from the floor and wrapped it around my arm so I could break a window. I ran over to the woman and picked her up (She was really tiny). I never had to break a window so I ran out the door I came in. When we were outside I carried her to a safe area. Then I started to search for I'm guessing my love and I called his name "Damon". He didn't answer so I ran over to a house I think was his but It too was burning down. So I cryed out to him once more and then I wake up.

      I don't know who the little girl was in the dream but I do know who the Damon guy is. He is a character in a show I love to watch.
    12. Arcane

      by , 12-05-2012 at 03:36 AM (Zukin's Dream Journal! <3)
      I was at the beach with my mother. We were fleeing though, someone was after us.

      Later in the dream, I was in the car with my mother. I received a text on my phone. I flipped it open to find a very mysterious text. Many more kept coming.

      The texts were threatening. They threatened revenge, told us to watch our back, and expect our lives to be in ruins by the time they were finished with us.

      They sent us pictures with people who had their faces burnt in acid.

      I wanted to call the cops, but my mother said that it was probably just some angsty teenager. We kept driving home. I was a little shaken up, but my mother said it likely wasn't anything to worry about.

      A few minutes later, my father calls my mother's cell phone and tells her that when he went outside he found his car had its windows smashed open and everything was torn up. He drove it irregardless, and then it blew up a few miles later. The car had been hijacked.

      We immediately stopped the car and turned around. We realized that they had been stalking us for some time and now could recognize our vehicles and target them out. We needed to immediately get off of the country road and somewhere safer.

      They kept sending us threatening texts. I was trying to pinpoint who these people could be and why they were after us. From their texts, I could tell that they were teenagers/young adults and were gothic.

      Awhile later, my mother and I decided to try to come back home again. We parked the car in the garage and turned off the engine.

      "Wait...listen," I whispered. I heard the creaking of the floor above us. I heard talking. We weren't alone.

      "We need to go. We need to call the cops," I desperately whispered. We tried to start up the car, but the engine stalled. The car wouldn't start. The car had made so much noise it was clear that our perpetrators knew that we were home.

      "Hide," I whispered. We hid in a staircase. I pulled out a gun and my mother's eyes widened. I am normally a nonviolent person, but when my loved ones are in danger I will fight. I was ready to blow their brains out. These criminals had caused us so much distress. I couldn't imagine ever losing my mother, so I was very ready to protect her.

      I tried to call 911 on the cell phone. The dial tone was so loud. I heard footsteps creeping up the stairs.

      I could feel their presence lurking, becoming closer and closer to us.

      A figure appeared before us. I aimed my gun at him only to find that it hadn't been reloaded. Fuck.

      He smirked and raised his gun, paused, and added, "you don't think I'd let you die so easily? No. Your deaths shall be slow and painful."

      He turned around and left.

      We needed to get the fuck out of this house.

      But our escapes were blocked.

      In the process of running, my mother and I got separated.

      I found myself alone in a small foyer between two stories. I heard small bombs exploding and could hear the the cracking of burning wood. The house was on fire.

      A figure emerged from the shadows and called my name.

      "...Hello?" I called back.The figure of a young adult appeared. He had scruffy black hair. A white, cotton T-shirt and ripped up jeans. He had dark circles around his eyes.

      "Zukin. I have been watching you, my love," he whispered.

      "Who are you?" I pleaded, backing into a corner.

      "My name is Arcane. You've broken my heart so many times and failed to even acknowledge my existence. All I want is to be with you, but there are so many people in the way. And so I realized; the only way I could ever have you completely to myself, the only way you could forever be mine, is if we died together that way."

      He grabbed my hand but I quickly pulled away.

      "Time is running out," he pointed out. The fire was beginning to engulf the exits and I could hear the morphing and crying of the burning, warping wood.

      "In any afterlife, or lack thereof, I would still never be yours. You're a psychopath," I exclaimed. A hurt look crossed his face.

      "I thought you were different," he whispered, "Normal people call me a psychopath. It's only the misunderstood who understand me. I thought we could have a life together. I've dreamed of it for so long. All I have ever wanted is you in my arms, I would be so good to you," he revealed.

      He had the saddest defeated look on his face, "Please. I understand now. You clearly don't want me, and I will accept that. I only wish I knew that from the beginning so that I could have stopped all of this. But there's no time left now. Please, take my hand."

      He collapsed to the ground in agony. I told him that we could change all of this if we acted now and made our escape.

      "I'm too heartbroken to carry on," his eyes dazed into the distance, longing. I tried to grab his hand to pull him up, but he refused. He really did seem physically weakened. I needed someone stronger to carry him out of the burning house.

      "Arcane, please try to get up," I pleaded one last time. The ceiling was beginning to collapse from the fire.

      "There is one final bomb that will explode soon. You need to leave before it detonates. Leave me here, go, carry on," he whispered with a voice full of despair.

      I couldn't just leave him here, but there was no way I could convince him to go with me. I opted to find someone stronger to carry him from the house.

      "Arcane - I am coming back for you. Please, don't give up yet. We can change all of this," I pleaded.

      "Promise you will come back for me?" He looked up and added.

      "I promise," I whispered back.

      I ran out of the burning building and cried for help. I told one of the firefighters that there was still someone left inside the burning house who could no longer walk and he needed to be saved.

      But as soon as those words came out of my mouth, the bomb in the house exploded, leaving only wreckage.

      I was struck with sorrow.

      After several hours, only ashes remained. I searched through the wreckage for any sign of life. I found Arcane's body, depleted of breath. His skin had remained untouched by the fire, but his spirit was long gone. He was lifeless, his body full of sadness as someone who hadn't had their promise fulfilled.
    13. Burning Down the House; Sweet Ass

      by , 11-28-2012 at 05:52 PM (* The Sandman's Dream Journal o/***)
      Burning Down the House

      I looked up to a house on a hill. There was a big picture window through which you could see a small fire, as though in a fire place. The occupants doused the fire with some type of fuel and it caught that face of the home completely on fire. I thought about helping to put the fire out, but realized there was nothing I could do. The house was going to burn to the ground.

      Strangely, the fire subsided to its original size after about 6 seconds.

      This is the second dream of exploding or growing fire in just a few nights. See Futuristic

      Sweet Ass

      I was with a brown-haired girl with freckles. She was beautiful and had a great figure. I put my hand on her side and moved it down her waist towards her ass.

      She saw that I liked her ass and stuck it out to the side in an attractive way, not in a cheap way. Her outfit was white with a couple solid brown, curvy brown designs.

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    14. Zombie Gandalf on fire! Artificial beach & meeting councillor, Dream sign and partially lucid flying

      by , 11-22-2012 at 12:48 PM
      In some kind of forest and thereís a wooden building quite large suddenly everythingís on fire so escape and look back at the burning building and some strange figure steps out on fire, looks like a burning Gandalf kind of zombiefied from the flames. Says something about how Iím fighting the undead!

      There was this artificial beach with a giant wall and like fake bit of sea off this new road in my town. The wall was covered in graffiti and there was this lady who seemed like a council member saying how graffiti would be banned because of it.

      Back at the old house I grew up in (2nd night in a row Iíve dreamt this dream sign) must have triggered some lucidity because I remembered that I could fly if I wanted to and that it was once a common dream sign of mine to the point where I thought I could do it in reality! The flying wasnít like superman flying more like floating a few feet off the ground and in order to do it I had to do swimming motions with my feet & arms but still quite fun though. I was using this skill to fly over our garden & the neighbourís garden to put something into their recycling bin because we didnít have one. Also remember there being a tunnel leading away from the street with a big wooden door at the end that had swung shut & I was thinking I need it to be open so when I drive away I donít have to get out my car to open it.
    15. Flying Fire and Creapy Fair

      by , 10-18-2012 at 10:28 PM
      7:00 AM
      Wake Back To Bed

      • Fell back to sleep with goal of dreaming not expecting to become lucid.
      • Let images come to me and settled on flying down a winding shape that became a river with tree covered hills on both sides.
      • As I fell asleep I imagined that I was a stream of fire flying down the winding river.

      Now asleep and dreaming but not lucid. I was leading a long trail of fire but couldn't see the flames coolness in front of me. So in order to see the flames I would glance behind me and then continue flying over the snaking river. The last time I looked behind me the entire bend of the last turn in the river and all the way up one bank was completely engulfed in flame. I thought this looked totally awesome and took off around the next turn.

      To my surprise I found that it was now night time and I was way up high overlooking the river and gripping tightly to the top of a steal structure with a couple pipes that were protruding beside me being the only objects higher up than I was. As I questioned what was going on and how to get down I realized my situation and took two looks at my hand. Yup. Funny looking indeed I was dreaming. I remained calm and decided that I would attempt flying again.

      I lifted myself over the edge of the structure and flung myself out into the night. Disappointing as it may be, I fell through the dark and the wind rushed past me. Then I temporarily became less lucid. When I landed in a dark sort of carnival area, my brain tried telling me that I had used a zip line to get down but after seeing my cousin standing in front of me I quickly shrugged off the notion and did another reality check.

      At that moment my cousin Michah began to transform. First he shrank to about 2 foot tall and became a bit distorted. Then he continued to shrink into a small cantaloupe sized fur-ball with big feet and a creepily human face. I thought that I'd keep it around and tried to put it on my shoulder. It didn't like that at all and squirmed out of my hands and jotted around my feet.

      Just then another version of my cousin came out from between two poorly lit booths. He didn't look like my cousin but never the less I decided that I would try to get rid of the furball and take my dream elsewhere. I probably shouldn't have waisted the time and tried spinning or something. But regardless, I attempted to put the creature in the sudo-cousins hand but both were completely apathetic to me and each other. The creature became a little aggressive and nipped my hand like a playful pup and though I knew I was dreaming I skipped back from it and I woke up.
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