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    1. Why dream about cigarettes inside the fake steak?

      by , 06-27-2013 at 12:27 PM
      Morning of June 27, 2013. Thursday.

      In my dream, I was shopping for food, a not uncommon recurring scene, probably because I do a lot of food shopping for my family in real life. There is almost always something unusual about the food or about my money (such as being printed on only one side though realistic otherwise, or being Monopoly game money, or foreign).

      I had selected some supposedly good meat at a store that had opened just recently (or reopened after a long closure - as a few have since the floods here in real life). The cut is unusual, like a very thick and more rounded steak and I have two of them. The manager is there and he is making a claim about how good their food is. There are also two other pieces of meat, perhaps chicken, or a different, smaller cut of beef or pork - and I remember that I had some other items, including cheese or something processed and in a small cardboard container. I soon understand that I had forgotten to wrap the meat pieces up myself prior to purchase as the manager makes a note of it, similar to how a shopper bags his own fruits and vegetables in many cases.

      The meat itself looks very strange (although the bone and outside area is seemingly normal), like a sort of transparent and soft pink jelly, although it actually seems more like watermelon, but is still “seen” as “meat”. I can see a total of four cigarettes inside farther down, two in each cut of “steak”. There is this strange idea that they somehow got into the food when it was being processed or “made” (although the idea is pointless, as the meat would be otherwise solid in real life - unless it is a “fake steak” made of various bits of meat). Although these cigarettes are new and unsmoked and encased in the jelly-like meat, I still get the sickly impression of dirty cigarette butts, ashes, and dirty water and chemicals (and people of ill health having touched my supposedly “fresh” food) and a growing disgust at having almost bought this awful “second-hand” or “used” food.

      Another shopper, a female of about thirty, is looking at the meat in awe, seemingly being surprised by such a thing being in a store and for sale. As we look down, one of the cigarettes encased inside the pink “meat jelly” somehow lights itself rather brightly and dramatically (with no oxygen yet, although reminding me somewhat of a sparkler, as sparks seem to fly out from the cigarette as well, even when inside the “meat jelly”) and parts of the steak explode from the side, but no one is hurt. Another one does that as well. For some reason, as the cigarettes light themselves and explode and mostly burn up, the more sickening feeling I had lessens just a little, but I still make a mental note not to shop here again and leave everything else here as well without buying anything.

      I have not been near a smoker (other than occasionally in public settings around people I do not know) in over twenty years. Neither of my parents nor friends smoked as I was growing up. Also, I rarely eat steak on its own, as I have always found it (even as a child) akin to trying to chew on a shoe. I do eat beef and all meat in other forms, but not nearly as much as other people. Perhaps this is some sort of play on “smoked” meat for whatever reason or more likely, implying that eating a lot of red meat is as unhealthy as smoking.

      I have included the “dream journal synchronicity” tag because of this entry which appeared right after mine but with a date just prior to mine: WATERMELON
    2. Vague memory

      by , 06-26-2013 at 08:36 PM
      Tonight I had a couple vague memories.

      I'll share this one, because it was respectively vivid.

      I was in a 3rd person view of a fire, with me and a girl standing around it. She looked like she was 14 or 15 years old. Her hair was brown and straight. She sat hunched down looking at the fire. She wore a black T-shirt and jeans. She looked pretty beautiful (if I do say so myself ). I was staring at her and she looked at me, she smiled, and then looked back at the fire, her hair draped across her cheeks. I looked away, embarrassed, then...

      I woke up.
    3. 24th June 2013 Platformer video game, Air balloon escape

      by , 06-24-2013 at 01:17 PM (Scionox's Journal of Dreams)
      Dream recall from today's naps.

      Dream 1(fragments):

      I was playing some 2D platformer/shooter game and there were fights with some huge bizarre creatures, then later i was using some editor to search particular sprite in the spritesheet, finding that there are even bigger creatures than the ones i fought.

      Dream 2(fragments):

      I was flying with some characters on some kind of air balloon construction, we were discussing something and there was also small dragon with us. We done our mission in the country and we were escaping it. Then the balloon got hit by something and we were forced to land. We use fuel to make construction flammable. Then there's cutscene where some scientist is searching for team and laughing. Then back to balloon construction, that small dragon transforms into human form for some reason and then firebreathes at the construction, setting it on fire. Then we leave.
    4. Hospital campus bizarre

      by , 06-09-2013 at 08:48 PM
      Total sleep time: 9 + hrs

      Pre bed: 500 mg l-arginine (inspired by Highlander)

      WBTB: woke up naturally after 5 hrs, but was super sleepy, so decided to skip the efforts/latte today.

      Dream recall: I was planning on taking a break and just sleeping tonight, had it not been the ld at the end, there wouldn't have been a journal entry

      Dream contents: the night was characterized by bizarre vivid dreams that I mostly forgot. I tried committing one dream to memory (again no keywords noted) as I thought it is easy to remember. Nothing from that dream. What I recalled is from the last hour of sleep, still pretty bizzarre and gave me a strange feeling too.

      Dream1: In our old place, the way it looked many years ago. I am in the room, which at that point in time is dad's workplace. There are a lot of birds there, but soon I notice that some of them are on the floor and do not move. I conclude they are dead. I have a fake dream memory that there was some kind of disease raging, affecting mostly birds and other small animals. I notice lots of robin-like birds (alive) on the wardrobe. Then more dead birds on the floor. I don't think it's a good idea to stay in the room, the air is contaminated. I see some textbooks of mine and begin to gather them before I leave the place.

      Dream2: I am in a bus and there is a discussion about a race ( cars/bikes?). My parents are also there. We are looking forward to finding out who the winner is, but it won't be known until 4 hrs later. We can buy tickets to the final, where the winner will be cycling/parading on the streets. I don't want to go there, but mom is talking to the bus driver. I think she will buy two tickets, but instead buys two coffee machines. They go to the back of the bus to get them.

      Dream3 DILD: In a special room, a woman I know is like the head of this organization. It looks like a room for a lot of audience, but a bit altar-like. On the stage are a lot of this woman's favorite actors/musicians, most of them are from the past and long gone. Freddie Mercury is also among them. So she is related maybe a deputy for an organization's leader, who I identify as a special friend from my past.

      I see a newspaper and begin reading the whole story of the organization. I can't wait to finish it and find out where my friend is now. At that time a DC, who plays the role of a classmate of mine is next to me, places her elbow on the newspaper, so I cannot read. I move the newspaper, but the article is not there, I start browsing the pages, looking for it in vain. I give up.

      Me and classmate DC are going somewhere. I see a shop where they sell bracelets and try out one, but it doesn't fit. There are also lots of golden objects, the size and more or less shape of a pen. I notice one very cool looking - a brush entirely made of gold. The bristles are very soft and flexible and I swipe the top of my hand with the brush, but don't feel anything at all. I leave the brush where the other golden objects are. My classmate had selected some golden item and goes inside the store to pay. I accompany her inside and notice that I now hold a golden knife-like item, but do not have the money to buy it. It somehow ends up in my mouth where it stretches, changes shape, and by the time I get it out it is a golden spiral covered with pinkish chewing gum. I move on.

      I face a door leading to a hospital-like corridor and go into that direction and end up in a vast room. I have the desire to find my special friend. While observing the room I become lucid. At this moment, my classmate walks through the door and joins me in the room. It is just a DC representation of my classmate, doesn't look like her much, but I am really amazed how this DC managed to follow me from the store. I pay no more attention to her and concentrate on the huge room in front of me.

      There are many DCs there, and I decide to ask them where my special friend is. I go and talk to an old lady and ask her about him. She says she will go and get him soon, so I find that pretty cool. I contemplate on the amount of DCs in the room and how they all seem very independent (from my subcon). I have some feeling of the dream becoming unstable so move forward and wonder how real it all seems. I run my hand on the top part of a sofa, so real, stare in front of me, and I even hear a beeping sound which repeats over and over again, like an ECG (possibly an alarm from WL).

      The room is on the first floor and leads to a large campus like inside yard. There are lots of people there, but the thing that immediately catches my attention is a black coffin, held in the air by two DCs. The sight gives me the creeps, and I begin crossing myself, a number of times, closing my eyes. Once I calm down a bit, I begin to feel that the dream is about to go, because there are no stimuli, I almost don't see anything and cannot open my eyes! I then remember that someone in DV ( gab or OB, or both, thanks a lot!) said it is possible to see through your eyelids. So I actually see a bit of the scene through the eyelids, and concentrate on it. My vision gets back to normal and I forget about the issue. The same DCs are still gathered there, holding torches as this funeral? is taking place. Most likely the coffin will be brought inside.

      That doesn't matter much now because I feel the dream slipping away once again. I look around as much as possible and notice the building surrounding the yard, reminding me of a 18-19th century large hospital or campus or both. I begin to panic as I know I am waking up and I really wanted to learn more about the place. I stop a female DC dressed with strange clothes I don't have much time to investigate and say to her "Quickly, tell me where is this place" twice. She replies something like "America, reserve Neuhausen/Munchausen". I believe at that point that there really may be a place like this and repeat it a few times so that I can check it out later. I consider going in the building but the dream is violently coming to an end and the first floor is on fire.

      I decide to check with the place location once again. I see three unpleasant problems individual DCs and engage one of them, asking him where we are. He is so out of place in this dream, doesn't pay any attention to me but instead picks up his phone and starts talking to someone else. Whatever. I look down and see lots of broken mobile phones in the mud...(end of memory and wake up)

      I wake up overexcited and tell bf about the dream and he tells tha strangely he also dreamt about Munchausen/neuhausen. I wanted to know more about his dream. We concluded that it is very likely that I have repeated the name during my dream with my real voice and that has carried over to his dream.

      Comments: I don't know whether it was my once again very deep sleep or the l-arginine that has caused so much bizarreness today. The dreams had a distinguishable different feeling to them, although it is hard to describe.
      The last dream felt very ...different too. I will refrain from any rationalizations at this point.

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    5. Christmas Tree Attic Fire

      by , 06-06-2013 at 12:06 PM
      Morning of June 6, 2013. Thursday.

      In my dream, we are back living in Brisbane. Our house is different and does not have higher steps, the inside being much like our real place there, but the front porch area being most like the King Street boarding house with the upstairs apartments. Our son Lorenzo is playing with three younger blonde girls, racing around inside and out, who are happily going in and out of our house while being yelled at by a slightly older girl not to be in our house. They are dressed very formally with fancy hairstyles, as if for a formal event for the very wealthy.

      I soon notice that something dramatic is going on next-door; there are a lot of people, for some reason, standing on top of wobbly old wooden step-ladders, watching the action as if at some sort of baseball game at the park. The house next door is on fire, but I do not see any actual flames or smoke. It seems that a Christmas tree had somehow caught fire in their attic. The people with the hose (no firemen around, but a couple policemen in black wandering around not doing anything) are aiming the water up and directly through the small attic window from a fair distance away. I hear a young couple crying loudly and holding their hands together, but there does not seem to be anything to really cry about, as I see no actual damage anywhere at all.

      It seems strange that all these people are just standing up on ladders and balancing on the fence just to look at that house when nothing is really visible, even the supposed fire. I call out sort of absentmindedly to the nearest man standing atop a step-ladder, “Oh, I didn’t even know about this…”, but most of these people seem more amused or entertained than having concern for the owners or tenants, even though it also seems they were there to help at first.

      I become semi-lucid and notice something strange regarding perspective. Their house, on the side nearest to our house, seems to go past my line of sight towards and behind me - to seemingly take up the same space (from my viewpoint near the corner of our house) as our house would otherwise be, an “impossible” perspective, yet somehow at the same time, it also seems to be a completely empty region or undefined area where neither house is.

      This last part with the ladders relates to typical waking metaphors. Someone on a ladder relates to getting closer to waking consciousness, a fire relates to growing conscious awareness, and something going through a window implies leaving the dream state. The water though, indicates a subtle desire to become lucid (though goes through the window instead, similar to the “water getting lower over time” waking metaphor).
    6. Burn it!

      by , 05-23-2013 at 12:22 PM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      #185 - Time unknown - DILD

      I was going for WILD and I hit weak vibrations two separate times but I was disturbed by my wife the first time and lost concentration the second time.

      I am in the yard at the old house in Luling, TX with my bro. There was something going on at the church but I can't remember now. Some man walks up talking to me. I suspect he is drunk so I smell his breath as he talks. He purposely talks heavy so that his breath is available for smelling. He has halitosis up no trace of alcohol. There is some conversation.

      I go inside to look at something and close the door. There was a lot of panel glass on the exterior wall and door that should not be there. I turn around and really look at the old house. It has crappy siding but I remember brick. My brother is next to me again and I point and say, "That should be brick. I remember brick." Then gradually realize I am dreaming and remember that last time I wanted to burn the house down. I yell at my brother, "Quick! Light a match!" He instantly produces a lit match and it put it to the house. It goes out for a second but I concentrate on what a lit match looks like and it re-lights. I find a quart of motor oil and pour it on the fire. Then I think what I really need is gas. i look down and see a red plastic gas can. I pour the oil on it and the fire trails. I visualize the fire melting the plastic and watch. Jets of fire come spewing out and spread all over the house. The flames looks strange like some kind of fiery water.

      Satisfied, I remember the TOTM. I feel like I am going to wake so I hurry. I look at my bro and quickly step into the fire. I feel the warm like an electric blanket is over me and I watch the fire spread from my legs up to my arms and hands. My brother is just standing there, looking at me dumbly. The dream fades but I don't wake up. I have some FA.

      I am looking astronomical data. It feels like archived Kepler data. Someone says to look for some star system called "Xeno" "Xenous" Something like that. The dream morphs and at some point Justing Beiber is making out with me. I am outraged when I figure out what is going on and I call him all sorts of names. Britney Spears shows up talking to me like she knows me. I can smell her perfume. I find her attractive for the first time but I realize how much I don't like her and I sort of pity her. I think it is amazing that I am standing here in a Wal-Mart next to Britney and the Beibs. I become lucid but can't remember anything. I must have woke up or had another FA.

      There was some dream about Nix and the feeling or lucidity when I woke up for the morning but I can't remember.

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    7. Three Tasks of the Month

      by , 05-20-2013 at 03:17 PM
      It's been a while since I have had a good LD like this, so I'm very happy about all that I accomplished.

      Lucid Dream/Tasks of the Month

      I was in the jeep with Marsha. We were driving to where this guy lived so I could either pick something up or drop it off. As we were driving I suddenly realized we had gone up the Little Cut. I was surprised. I hadn't realized we were going this far. I hadn't even remembered passing Horseshoe Bend. Right after getting up the Little Cut, we turned right onto a dirt road. The road entered a little canyon, and I remember thinking how pretty this was. I was a little jealous that this man lived in such a pretty place.

      All of a sudden I was out of the jeep. I saw the jeep zip on up the road without me. I had no idea how I had slipped out. I started running after the jeep wondering when Marsha would realize I was gone. And what she would think. I ran through this narrow tunnel area that was really cool and kept on running up the road. Marsha wasn't stopping. How could she not have noticed.

      Somewhere in here lucidity started creeping in. I don't remember a big "blam" moment. But I started doing flips as I was running. I knew I had the ability to do flips. I also knew that I wasn't getting as high in my flips as I often do. I was going so fast...no hovering.

      I finally got to a point where I had full lucidity. And at that point I immediately decided I needed to do some tasks of the month. I had looked at them once at the beginning of the month. I remembered they seemed really cool and right up my alley.

      I looked over and saw that I was at this park. I saw a few guys sitting on benches or standing nearby. I boldly walked right up to one guy and started talking to him. He was about 20 and looked at least part Indian (India), but he had blue eyes. I wish I remembered what I said, but his reaction was really rude. I decided that he would be a good one to do the basic ii task on (Telling a DC they are not real).

      So I looked right at him and said, "Whatever...but guess what....none of this is real....you're not real...this is a lucid dream."

      He wasn't phased. He kept up his rude comments and said something like, "Well you can take your lucid dream and shove it right up your ----."

      I said, "Okay fine then". And I stepped a few feet away from him. This would be the perfect chance to try out another task (Light myself on Fire). I held my arms out in front of me and concentrated. Within seconds I could see flames start to rise from my arms. Since I was in bright sunshine I worried that it wasn't enough to be that noticeable. So I concentrated harder and soon I could see flames all over my body. They were still a little dim, but they would be noticeable. So I then looked over to where the rude guy was sitting so I could get his reaction. He had a surprised look on his face. I then noticed that I had set him on fire as well. I looked around again and saw that his friends were also on fire.

      "Take that." I said to the rude guy. I was hoping the fire would scare the crap out of him and humble him a little.

      The fire wasn't hot. I couldn't feel it at all.

      The friends started laughing at this whole thing. I could tell they thought I was amazing and clever for setting the fires with my mind. The rude guy, on the other hand, wasn't laughing. He was freaking out. He acted like his fire was actually hot and was trying to put it out on his head. Finally I put all the fires out and decided to do another task since I was still fully lucid.

      I remembered I wanted to try the Lay an Egg Task. I knew that would be simple to do, yet had that fun unknown factor. I squatted on the ground and squeezed a little. Nothing happened so I squeezed and pushed a little harder. Suddenly I was worried that all I would manage to do would be to go poop. I didn't want that. I stood up again. I realized that I had my clothes on. I decided to reach down in my pants to see if I maybe laid an egg and hadn't realized it.

      Sure enough, I could feel something down there. I pulled it out. It was a clear plastic ball about 2 inches in diameter. On it were some wiggly eyes. There were a few loose wiggly eyes beside it. Okay, that was interesting. I set them down on the ground and reached down to see if there was anything more in my pants.

      This time I pulled out a handful of those little plastic letters with the magnets that people put on the fridge (or at least used to when I was young).

      I tried again. This time it was a handful of plastic blue things that I wasn't sure what they were. And there was also a dice.

      I was going to do it again, but I noticed the rude guy walking by. I went up to him and put my arm around him and started walking with him. He didn't seem to notice at all. Then a guy that was supposedly a friend of mine went up to him and told him that I was interested in him and that I would like his phone number. The rude guy acted surprised and asked, "Are you sure she would go out with me." My friend said, "Of course." And the rude guy got a little excited at that point and fumbled in his pockets to find a piece of paper on which to write his phone number on.

      But at that point I could feel the dream fading from me. I was a little sad, but knew it was alright since I had done three tasks and I need to write them down before I forgot.

      The next thing I knew I was standing next to Marie who was sitting on a corner couch/chair. I looked at corner of it and saw what looked like cream colored black widow. It didn't have an hourglass, but everything about it looked like a black widow. As I got closer I could see that it was a very big spider....bigger than any black widow I had seen. Suddenly I was afraid. Marie had short shorts on and her exposed leg was just inches away. I told her we had to kill this spider--that it could be every bit as poisonous as a normal black widow. I got a book and tired to smash it against the wall, but something got in the way and I couldn't squish it all the way. And suddenly it was two spiders and they were both huge.

      And at that point I woke up with my heart beating a little fast.
    8. Desperate Measures

      , 05-05-2013 at 02:27 AM (Hyu's Adventures)
      I arrive in Haven with the hopes of plotting against the Templars.
      Although I have no new ideas on how to approach the situation, Silver might.

      He joined us just a few days ago, because I put off asking him until then.
      After attempting to make Ifrit join our cause, which failed quite dramatically,
      I did not have the confidence to ask Silver.

      Silver had done so much already, not to mention his horrible childhood.
      He deserves to rest... to enjoy life a little. I shouldn't burden him with my issues.
      But I ended up visiting him anyways, because I felt lost completely.
      I'm not sure what I was expecting when Yuya and I got to the place he lives at now.
      Talking to him again ended up being a little awkward. I wasn't really sure what to talk about.
      Right as I managed to muster enough courage to address the topic of the Templars
      I saw something that completely threw me off.
      A woman entered the house holding a baby. She nodded at us and continued upstairs.
      I realized Silver had a family now.
      I made up an excuse to leave. I could never ask him to join us,
      not after knowing Silver was finally at peace with himself.
      But as we left he told us to hold on.
      He ran upstairs and shortly after returned with his katana strapped to his back...
      It turned out that he had read in my eyes that I needed his help.
      I tried to talk him out of it but I failed.

      So here he is now, standing in Yuya's garden next to a table, a place where we like to sit down
      and discuss tactics. He is talking to Yuya and another person I don't think I have met.
      Yuya's expression worries me quite a bit.

      "What's wrong?"
      "... It's about Vega."

      Given the way she said it, something terrible must have happened there.
      Vega is a small village which we often visit to go to a Café called Serenity.

      It's situated on top of some sort of structure extending over the village.
      An amazing place to stargaze whilst under the influence of some kind of psychedelic drug Vega is known for.

      "What happened?"
      "It's gone."

      It is clear to me now that the other person with us is a messenger who informed her about the terrible news.
      He tells us that I need to go and see. Yuya draws a portal and we enter it together with Silver.

      The remains of Vega are in flames. They are small in numbers, they must have been burning for some time.
      A man points towards Café Serenity, which still sits on top of the structure which appears to have withstood the fires.
      He doesn't say anything though, he just walks away. Did he live in Vega?
      We rush towards the Café, finding both of its owners outside.
      Although the building still stands, it is heavily damaged and no longer in a usable state.
      The owners tell me not to worry. That it is not my fault.
      I enter the Café. Across the walls is written in burned wood:

      "For as long as the dragon remains hidden, those that help protect him shall share his fate"

      Templars... they've done this. Yuya hugs me in an attempt to console me.
      They have killed these people because we are hiding from them. To show that if I do not reveal myself they will kill those that I know.

      "They are right you know. This is not your fault..."
      "Yet I feel guilty"

      I know that she's right. I couldn't know that they were going to do this. And even if I did, what was I supposed to do, sacrifice myself?
      The owners of this Café were honest when they told me that they do not consider this my fault.
      They know who I am and what I have done. But somehow the fact that they do not consider me guilty makes me feel even worse.

      One thing is clear to me now though. The goals of the Templars have indeed changed.
      Back in the old days they were attacking other worlds in order to steal something I have long forgotten.
      They did not know who I was, and it was me that got in their way because I wanted to protect these worlds.
      But this time they are not after the belongings of worlds. They are after me specifically.
      This is very odd, considering that Templars have no concept of campanionship.
      Yes, I have indeed killed one of them a long time ago, but they would not hunt me in an attempt of vengance.
      They know no such thing. They see each-other as assets, not as brothers in arms.
      Until now I assumed that they are attempting a pre-emptive strike. So that I can not interfere with their goals again.
      But in that case I would be a secondary objective, and I am clearly not.

      That is exactly what the voices said...
      Recently, when I slept in Haven, I would hear voices during my dreams.
      They would whisper things suggesting that "they" were after me only. That it was because of time? And that I cannot surrender.
      The messages were rather cryptic, and I didn't pay much attention because until now my dreams whilst in this realm have always been
      very abstract and not really meaningful. But now that I think about them I get a feeling that they might help me find a way to deal with the Templars.
      My hopes lie with abstract and cryptic dreams I had within a dream. That is how desperate I am.
      No. It's worse actually. If the Templars were here it means they are on the right track.
      Surely they were able to force someone into telling them that we are hiding on Teraluna.
      It won't take them long to find that place, even though Haven is heavily shielded and we are masking our auras.

      "They will find Teraluna..."

      Both Yuya and Silver look at me rather depressed. I am the one who always comes up with the plans. They are relying on me for a strategy to save Teraluna... to beat the Templars once and for all.
      And I've got nothing.

      "Silver, knowing only the name of the moon, how long would it take you to find Teraluna?"

      He's unreasonably good at finding things.
      He sighs.

      "The location of Teraluna is a rather well kept secret. The library is of great importance, protecting it is easier if its location is not known."
      "Unfortunately there are many stories about it, some of which hint at its location."
      "If I would try hard enough I'd probably find it in less than a week."

      Less than a week? How am I supposed to do anything within that time frame?
      And it's not like evacuating Haven and going into hiding somewhere else is a solution without removing the Templar thread.
      They would manage to hunt some of the inhabitants down somehow.
      Not to mention the library. It is of great importance, and they would burn it to the ground.
      And then there are other things... even more crucial things.
      Teraluna cannot fall.

      The three of us combined aren't able to deal with a single Templar, yet there are 12 of them left.
      Even if I had my dragon spirit and the phoenix essence back, it would be utterly hopeless.
      And besides Ifrit I don't know anyone remotely as strong as us, yet I would need an army.
      Perhaps death is catching up with me.

      "Don't you dare even thinking about surrender."
      "... I won't."

      Silver is looking at me, probably expecting me to reveal some kind of backup plan I had all along.
      Something insane enough that it might just work. I've got nothing.
      In my desperation I recall the voices I heard in those dreams.
      For some reason I reach out with my aura, attempting to locate anything that reminds me of these voices.
      As I catch myself doing this I ponder about how ridiculous this is.
      That's not how scanning for auras works. You need to at least be able to guess how it would feel like to be
      in proximity of a person in order to find someone through aura tracking.
      But for some reason that is beyound me, at that very moment, I do find something.
      It doesn't feel like a person though, and the feeling is very weak.

      If I wasn't hiding from the Templars, I could probably pin the location down near instantly.
      But that would involve releasing an amount of energy that cannot be hidden.
      The Templars who are actively scanning for my aura would find me immediately.
      That goes for all of us. The templars know all of our auras.
      But there is someone else I know, who is rather talented in aura tracking.
      He might be able to help me find... whatever this is.

      "So I might have..."

      Silver and Yuya open their eyes wide in hope.
      Oh boy...

      "Listen. This is a longshot... no, I wouldn't even call it a longshot."
      "I have a lead alright. A lead to maybe find some sort of way to..."

      They are euphoric. Are they not listening to my words? I don't have shit.

      Fuck it. This is all I've got. If it turns out to be nothing then that's it.
      They are relying on me.

      "I need to visit an old friend to help me track someone down."
      "Until I do, I won't be sure on how to approach the situation."
      "I assume there will be a grand battle though, so prepare yourselves accordingly."

      They both nod.

      "I'll be back within less than three days."
      "In case I should fail..."
      "Bullshit! When you come back you'll have a plan."
      "You always have a plan."

      No pressure...

      "We'll evacuate Haven in case we need to make a last stand."
      "And I'll have my mother talk to Ifrit..."

      Somehow I doubt that'll help.

      "... Don't you die on me, alright?"

      I smile.

      "Working on it!"

      That extinguishes the last worries in her facial expression.
      I summon my phoenix wings.
      Time to go annoy the hell out of an old friend of mine. Time to meet a talking bird.
      I take off into the fabric of space.
    9. 29 Apr: Fire immolation

      by , 04-29-2013 at 04:18 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      I am walking a path up a hill, alongside others. Around us, on the hill, are scattered buildings. I am a visitor and they are students there.
      I become semi-lucid when I look at the sky and realize how unreal it looks. The colour is super sharp, the clouds are moving too fast and there's something just mesmerizing about all that. The realization of the dream nature of things plunges me into a state of profound melancholy, bliss and hypnosis. The girl walking by my side says "Oh my god, you look like you are in love!". What??? No, she got it wrong. What I am is hopeless of ever being in love. What I am is ready to let go, because there's nothing holding me back. No hope, no illusions. And I remember Morpheus' quote "You have the look of a man who accepts what he sees because he is expecting to wake up." That's what I am. She doesn't understand.
      Anyway, further ahead I see a tree and from the tree top falls a guy who is burning in flames. When he is contorting on the floor, I notice he is a buddhist monk on red and yellow robes. I scream to my friends to go and help him, while I run to one of the buildings to call 911. I find a reception where I make the call, but then I feel I should have helped to stop the fire instead, so I run to the tree again. My friends are there looking puzzled and there's no sign of a burning man anywhere. Instead, there's a couple of westerners, a guy and a girl, sitting under the tree, although they are also wearing the buddhist monastic robes. My friends say I allucinated and go away. The monk boy befriends me. He wants to know what I saw. Then I ask if I could possibly be seing him in the future, but he assures me he would not ever self-immolate. Although he feels just like me, ready to let go, he would not waste this life. He chose to be a very, very sad monk. We feel complete empathy for each other. We hold hands very strongly. I feel his warmth becoming mine. For some reason his hands are incredibly dirty and greasy, but I don't feel disgusted. We just can't let go of each other anymore.

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    10. Halloween Car Fire

      by , 04-21-2013 at 07:38 PM
      It was Halloween.
      I think I was moving house?
      Me, my Dad, and my sister where in the Merlo. (dad's old tractor)
      Going to pick up what we thought was an old car, it was mum's current car for some reason.
      Got there.
      Tried to pick up the car in the Merlo.
      Walked around the village.
      Saw people from my school.
      There was smoke everywhere. (It was like fog)
      I was trying to scare people.
      Went back to old car. (now looked like 30's era car)
      It was on fire.
      I tried to blow out the fires by blowing on them.
      The fire started spreading more.
      I tried to blow out all of the flames.
      Pulled old photos, videos and cassettes out of the glove box.
      There was suddenly a middle agedwoman watching.
      She wasn't helping.
      She said that she was scared because it was dark so she was just watching us, we all started laughing, she started drinking wine.
      The tire melted on the car.
      The whole car was ruined.


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    11. Vehicle Fire

      by , 04-06-2013 at 02:12 PM
      I took a pass at Advanced Task of the Month (turn a lump of coal into a diamond) but was running into all kinds of cognitive and dream control problems. My brain seemed to be a little zonked. This was my first lucid where I'd taken Valerian Root for sleep, so it's something to consider. Still, a nice long dream, even just counting the lucid part! If I'd managed to get lucid earlier I might have even had more time (and avoided that chaotic freeway scene.)

      Color legend: Non-dream Dream Lucid

      Lucid #84: Vehicle Fire

      Everything in the house is breaking at once. The plumbing is leaking all over the place, the dogs have destroyed a bunch of stuff, and I hear some kind of weird crunching noise from outside. To top it off, we're late picking up the kids from something.

      I head outside to find my brother-in-law Muppet swinging around like a monkey on one of the external brick columns that supports our house. Each time he swings around, a couple of bricks fall off of the house and land nearby. Plus, the pillar is actually moving a little bit each time he goes around it. "What the hell are you doing?" I say to him. "You're gonna break our house!" I perform some half-assed reality check and it succeeds.

      "What did you do just now?" asks Muppet.

      "That was a reality check," I explain. "Everything is such a mess that I hoped I was just dreaming."

      "Ah," he says, not especially interested. He points at our roof. Three objects that look like wooden shipping pallets are sticking out of it. "Hey, what are those?" asks Muppet. I grimace, thinking that they must have fallen out of a plane or something and wound up embedded in our roof. Muppet gets distracted, makes some remark about the flowers on the banana plants in our back yard, and then hops away over the top of our house. (Yes, over the top of our two-story house.)

      Wife and I get in the car to go pick up the kids. We drive around the city for a long time but every road seems to be closed. Finally we take a tollway but traffic suddenly gets really heavy. I lightly bump some car as I'm driving around but nobody makes a big deal about it. Looking up ahead, we see the reason for the delay: ahead of us a disabled car is engulfed in flames. Black smoke billows up to the sky.

      "We've gotta get off this road," I tell Wife, and steer the car toward a left exit. Just as I do that, though, a fire engine comes racing toward me, going the wrong way up the exit. I throw the car in reverse to try to get out of the way. I have to bump a lot of cars to clear a path, but I figure that's okay.

      Finally, our car gets totally stuck, so I hop out and start pushing it sideways, kind of lifting it each time. I realize that I'm way too strong and
      become lucid. Wife has vanished, which is probably for the best -- the scene has grown totally chaotic, with cars driving around everywhere bumping into each other and the siren from the fire truck wailing in my ear. I pick up the car over my head and throw it across the road. In mid-air it changes from an SUV into a yellow Volkswagen Beetle. Then it becomes just the front half of a VW Beetle.

      The license plate looks like a bar of soap with words carved into it in cartoony handwriting. I get closer so that I can study it. There are four words, but I only remember "ship" and "check".

      Now I remember Task of the Month -- turn a lump of coal into a diamond. Unfortunately, I start trying to conjure a diamond at first. I'm very aware of my hands for some reason, and even when I put them behind my back I can't seem to make myself buy into the conjuration. I bring my hands back to the front of my body and see that now I'm wearing these black, rather lady-like leather driving gloves. Annoyed, I take them off and pitch them away. I try the conjuration again -- again, more lady-gloves. Then I remember that I wasn't even supposed to be conjuring a diamond in the first place but a lump of coal. I start working on that, wind up with lady-gloves again, and start getting frustrated. A car clips me as it goes by, I start getting agitated, and darkness comes over me, pitching me into the void.

      I feel relaxed, and start probing at my dream body. It's only a few seconds before I find myself standing in my own bedroom, walking toward the door. I say something encouraging to myself like, "Hell yeah, sexy new dream body!" For a moment I contemplate turning around to see whether Wife is in bed and might be down for doing something sexy but I get scared that approaching the bed I'm actually occupying IWL would be destabilizing.

      I head to the top of the stairs. The baby gate's blocking me but I just power through it and it sort of snaps open. I get nearly to the bottom of the stairs when everything stretches way, way out and takes on that stereotypical "endless hallway" look. I keep moving but no matter how far I go everything seems to stay in the same place. Then the entire room suddenly rotates 90 degrees, floor becoming wall, and I slide down the rest of the way to the first floor.

      Our coat closet has been replaced with what looks like a giant iPhone. The screen is displaying a game with a 5x5 array of tiles. When you touch various tiles, you receive prizes in the form of troops for Clash of Clans. I earn 4 Minions and a Hog Rider just pushing tiles at random, but now I'm interested in learning what the rules of the game are. I'm trying to figure this out when
      the dream ends.

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      lucid , false awakening , task of the month
    12. 29th Mar 2013 Weird dream with control and a bit of lucidity

      by , 03-29-2013 at 08:06 PM (Scionox's Journal of Dreams)
      Dream recall from nap ~20 hours ago that i had written in keywords but didn't had time to write it there earlier, also i feel like dream was fairly long, 24 hours of dreamtime maybe, even though i didn't had much detailed recall.

      I was in the subway, moving to some different place. Then i was at home, testing some things in fraxy, there were some new bosses and interestingly it was 3D and had completely different gameplay. I experimented with some things, but later i figured that i had some control over things, but instead of thinking that i am dreaming i was thinking that i was in some alternate world that was in my mind(close enough ).
      I was doing various things, there was some weird city built out of various materials and some stuff was on fire, i was getting ladder to go through, also there was a dog that was getting drunk.
      I was back at home and was playing around with ability to create various characters, i created a bunch and then was watching some videos with them, some humanoid dog was one of the characters and one of the videos was something hockey related.
      After a while something
      made me think that i was dreaming, but i didn't had much awareness nor memories of waking life so i was worried about it ending, and then i heard voice of all characters, which sounded evil: 'we don't want you to leave'.
      Dream faded and scene changed into some other place and i lost lucidity, i was hiding from two doctors who were running around with scissors and wanted to cut off my dick( ).
      Then i woke up back at home, but before i could do reality check, objects around suddenly started vanishing and then i
      woke up properly.
    13. Fragmentary

      by , 03-16-2013 at 07:01 PM
      I was overtired when I went to bed last night. As a result, my dream recall is garbage. I'll edit this post and add to it as I recall more throughout the day.

      I dreamed that my friend K__ was teaching me and M___ to ride motorcycles and explaining how the throttle worked so we could ride up and down hills.

      I dreamed that I set the stove on fire (I was in an apartment I don't recognize, but it was "mine") and threw buckets of water on it to put it out.

      Woke up and attempted a half-assed wild but my heart wasn't in it. Saw dreamlets of a fireplace (in my "base") and a flash of the reflections of palm trees and a beautiful sunset in the plate glass window of a house on the beach somewhere in California. My sinuses hurt badly again. I am learning to ignore the heater - it helps that the weather's getting warmer - but I need to take a sinus pill before I go to bed at night.
    14. Mall, Cheat, Work, Home, Fire

      by , 02-17-2013 at 01:47 PM (One Must Imagine Sisyphus Happy)
      I'm not sure if this was one dream or two. I recalled them together and they had a connected plot. I was really mad at the end. Like really, really mad! The emotion lingered for a while after waking up. I rarely feel anger, so on the occasion that I do, it's almost a welcome experience.

      Mall Shops, Cheats
      I'm in a competition with Lance. We are owners of small shops in a shopping mall. The competition is to own more shops than the other. Apparently, it's just a computer program because I easily find how to cheat by editing my character data. I give myself all the max stats and money. Lance and I both use this cheat. We quickly realize that this ruins the fun of it. So agree to not cheat. Lance buys a bar that sits in the middle of the mall and gets a lot of foot traffic.

      I write a program to make money off the bar for Lance. I am reluctant because I know the game is so easy to cheat that someone will use my program to steal money. But I do it anyway. I finish and decide to have a few drinks.

      Work From Home, Fire
      I have a false awakening. I still feel tipsy from the drinks of the previous dream. I must not have slept very long. I am in an apartment but it's nothing like my waking life. I look at a clock: 12:56 in the afternoon. I check my laptop. There's an urgent IM from work from just a few minutes ago. The producer wants me to shut down the bar program that I wrote in the previous dream. As I expected, someone is exploiting it to steal money.

      I'm glad I woke up just in time. I know what to do, I just need to change a few lines of code and upload it to the server. But now I become aware of two other people in my apartment. One is Garrett (an ex-coworker that I didn't like). The other is a young woman who I don't recognize but seems familiar. I intuit that she is my roommate so she has a right to be here and Garrett is her guest. It occurred to me that maybe it was my sister, but the girl was definitely blonde. Anyway, they are chit chatting about nothing in particular in the kitchen. I need to work so I'm annoyed that they are disturbing me.

      I carry my laptop to the kitchen and place it on the stove top. I forgot the power cable. I fetch the power cable from and plug the laptop into a power socket that is oddly on the edge of the counter near the stove. I forgot the network cable. I search the apartment for it. As I search, Garrett and the girl and collecting their coats to leave. I am silently relieved that I will have some peace to work.

      Still searching in another room, I overhear them conversing. It turns out they decided not to leave. Instead they have the sudden urge to have sex. My reaction is "ugh, great...." It is a surprise because I intuited that the girl wasn't attracted to Garrett. Still, my reaction is mostly one of indifference and mild annoyance.

      They are having sex on the floor next to a closet with sliding doors. I see the network cable on the floor in the closet. I careful step around them, trying not to touch them. I say something sarcastic like "don't mind me and don't let me interrupt your garden-variety sex while I get this wire." Garrett becomes enraged by what I said, especially the words "garden-variety." He gives the girl a few final thrusts and finishes. Then he stands up and confronts me. I ignore him and take the cable to the kitchen.

      Garrett follows me and continues to yell and spew. I plug the cable into the laptop on one end and into the freezer on the other. I realize in the moment that this is strange but not enough to become lucid. Garrett throws something heavy at me. I dodge the projectile and it hits the stove top. Garrett storms off and out the door. Good riddance.

      I turn to look at the stove and see that the gas knobs are damaged. A small flame is lit from each of them. I think if I can just turn them off then I can safely shut of the gas and get it repaired. I reach with my hand but quickly pull it back; too hot. I find a broom handle and reach with it to tap the knobs. The flame only grows. It's clear to me that the damage is increasing and will soon become disaster. I see on the wall above the stove the two master gas line valves. They aren't on fire yet. I try to reach them with the broom stick but I can get the leverage to rotate the valve with just a stick.

      I start to panic. I can't stop this. The whole apartment is going to catch fire. I think of my roommate and worry for her safety. I intuit that her name is Laura or Lauren. I call for her to see if she is still in the apartment. I need to get everyone out before the fire gets worse. The glow from the gas flames gets brighter and brighter. I need to call the fire department. Wait, I think, I might have a fire extinguisher. Let me try that as one last chance to avert disaster. I scramble around the kitchen, searching the cabinets for the fire extinguisher. The metal of the stove now is glowing red hot. It looks ready to explode. By now, I feel more anger than panic. This is all Garrett's fault! I decide I should just run to get the heck out of there. Wake
    15. Electrical Madness and the Elemental Warrior

      by , 02-04-2013 at 07:02 AM (Percy's Void of Thoughts)
      Electrical Madness and the Elemental Warrior (Non-lucid)


      I was in some sort of alternate world that had mystical creatures and a ton of weird stuff. There was some sort of warrior (and I believe I was this warrior) that could control the elements of fire, water and wind. This warrior was about 12 feet tall and very muscular. For some reason, this warrior died and a huge tomb was made on his honor.

      Suddenly, due some sort of magnetic disturbance, the electronics went berserk, is like they had consciousness. Suddenly, everything that had at least a microchip would start working on its own. It felt very dangerous because there were some sort of Uzi guns that had a microchip that assisted in automatic shooting. I could see small items that were attacking other people.

      Someone went to the warriors tomb. It appears than an Uzi gun was inside the tomb and it would ressurect the warrior somehow. The warrior resurrected, but three small replicas of him instead. Each replica controlled an element.

      The fire replica would shoot fireballs with his hands and he was able to incinarte buildings entirely. The wind one created tornadoes and the water one got killed almost right away it spawned, so I had no idea.

      The warrior replicas were fighting but they ended up being destroyed.
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