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    1. The Greenhouse

      by , 07-17-2016 at 03:24 PM
      This was actually a dream from a few weeks ago, but I thought I'd journal it anyway since it was my first lucid:

      I'm in my backyard by my pool, and my parents are yelling and raving at me for growing pot in my greenhouse. I walk away from them confused, because I've never even smoked pot in my entire life, much less grown it. I'm walking across my lawn to my greenhouse laughing, thinking to myself "I must be dreaming." BOOM, LUCID. I wanted to experience it before it all went away, so I did the first thing that came to my mind: flying. All I had to do was think about flying, and woosh I was in the air, flying over my greenhouse and trying not to fly into a tree. I went a little crazy with the lucid thing, since this was my FIRST lucid dream, because I wanted to try the whole "look at your palm and the world will collapse" thing, but instead of world-collapsing my vision started to blur and I thought I was losing it. I told myself to wake up.

      It was a false wake up. If I can remember correctly, I was lucid as I recounted the whole dream to my sister: the accusations of growing pot, the lucidity, everything. When I actually did wake up, I wasn't sure if I actually HAD told my sister the dream, that's how aware I was even in the false wake up. I asked her if I had told her about a dream, and she said no.
    2. First Lucid

      by , 03-21-2015 at 09:38 PM
      Hello :D
      I don't know if I'm supposed to introduce myself in my DJ, but just in case someone is reading my postings in here and noticing certain spelling mistakes or such, I'm from Denmark and my English is a little rusty, so excuse me ;D

      I had my first lucid dream ever just a few days ago and it got me so excited I immediately started researching everything on the topic. I had shortly read about it a year ago, but I put it aside because I could not relate to it and it seemed impossible. Then, suddenly I was standing in my dream having a totally new feeling of control and consciousness. I joined this forum (first time Iíve ever joined such a site on the internet) cause I really want to share this weird and wonderful new experience, which I am sure from now on will become a large part of my reality and personality, and interact with people who are as passionate about this as I am. I study art-history and I am a wannabe artist and author myself, so I see real potential in this newfound skill. Not to mention how much it already helps me feel more grounded in this reality and in myself.

      In my first lucid dream (that I can remember), I suddenly became conscious, I have no idea what caused it because I donít remember any of the dream up until that moment, the first thought that came to me was to look at my hands, I donít remember how they looked because I was still very hazy. I was in some sort of medieval castle courtyard with tall walls and a podium in the middle. There were lots of people there, including my family and danish actor Mads Mikkelsen (weird). I decided to jump around. Jumping high in dreams has always been my favorite dream occupation (I lost the power to fly as I grew up), even though I was usually jumping away from something unpleasant in my past dreams. I remember very clearly bending my knees and setting off from the ground. I didnít jump that high, but still higher than would be physically possible in this reality. It was great and I did this a few times, then I walked around for a while, but from there the dream slowly faded, and I donít remember anything further.

      I realize this is not a very action-packed lucid dream, but the feeling of being lucid and the endless possibilities that entitles, gave me such a high and I have been chasing that since. Hopefully I will soon be flying and playing in my dreams. I am working on my dream recall, keeping a dream journal, doing wake back to bed and practicing my WILD and MILD techniques.
    3. My First Weird Lucid Dreams (Marijuana?)

      by , 09-24-2014 at 01:37 AM
      Hello, I have two lucids dreams. to put in my journal and share with you all.
      The first is pretty odd but short.

      The day before the night I had the dream, I was biking back from a friends house, slightly toasted, .Anyway, I remember going down the main road on my bike, It was a gray sky, and I remember seeing a green Jeep go past me and thinking, Hmm that's a cool car.

      Then, that night in my dream, the exact same thing happened. Then it occurred to me what if i'm dreaming. Then I thought of the possibility of a lucid dream. I got super excited and told my self to start biking faster and catching up with car. It definitely felt "Real" but when I got near the car black holes started to appear and I woke up.

      I saw my literature book under my elbow, and the sky was nice and sunny. it couldn't have been earlier than 10 Am due to the position the sun was going through my window, I told myself holy shit, I just had a lucid dream, I can't wait to tell anyone. And feel back asleep.

      Now whats really weird, is when I woke up again, the book was not even in my room, the sky was gray, and it was 8 24 am.

      So I'm guessing I had a lucid dream, inside a regular dream? Because the 2nd dream didn't seem to have the same feeling as the lucid dream. and I definitely did not question if i was dreaming in that one.

      Anyway, here is my second one, which lasted a lot longer.
      (Sorry this is a long journal entry)

      It has been about a month and a half since the dream I just told you about. Last night, I got somewhat baked again and meditated for quite a while. Practicing my chakras and yoga.

      I went to bed and woke up in a dream. I was walking my dog down a long road. A road I am quite familiar with. I started to think. What If I am dreaming? I started to get tingly all around. The feeling you get before you go on a roller coaster. I told my self to try and fly. I concentrated. Low and behold I was flying maybe 3 feet of the ground about the pace of a jogger. It was crazy. What was weird was, my legs almost seemed to disappear, and I was just floating. I will admit there were occasional waves of fear. But the excitement kind of took over that. I started to walk again think HOLY SH!T, excuse my language earlier I am not too sure the rules on that,
      I tried to fly again, but it wasn't working. So I took a jogging started and lifted off. The feelings were pretty dang realistic. I was almost numb, like my insides? but could feel everything. At the end of the road, my dad showed up and started yelling at my dog for jumping on him. It almost seemed like I lost the lucidity at that moment, because I couldn't seem or know to control things.

      Well that's my first two experiences in this new awesome world. I'm just curious if anyone else experiences lucid dreams at a higher rate with Mary jane in your system. I hope no kids are reading this...
    4. My first lucid dream!

      by , 04-04-2014 at 02:34 PM
      I had my first lucid dream last night! Woo hoo! I was sitting in this cafe when it dawned on me that it wss a dream. I then made the dream more clear by stomping my foot on the ground, and used all the methods I know to stabilize a dream. Then, I went outside, where I spent a few minutes trying to fly. I finally started to levitate, and then I flew out over a city. After flying for a few minutes, I woke up. It was really fun though! I'm so glad I was able to do it.

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    5. First Lucid-Learned to fly

      by , 01-20-2014 at 04:55 AM
      My first lucid experience was about 3 weeks after initially starting to get into the idea of learning to LD.

      I was in an Ice Rink playing hockey with a bunch of old friends, actually it was the group of friends I grew up playing hockey with. Few fights, bumps and bruises as hockey normally brings. We're walking out of the rink and as I was walking down the stairs outside it just hit me, I stopped and said "Holy #%#& I'm dreaming!!" Did a RC by putting thumb through palm, which is different than I normally do irl, I read somewhere that your brain can expect it not to work if you do the same one all the time so I switched it up. I got overly excited and remembered reading about that being too excited can pop you out the dream so I started focusing on my hands, examining them for a minute or so. When I looked up from my hands the landscape had changed to a field. I decided to try the basic dream fantasy of flying, looked up into the sky and just let the ground fall away from me and flew. It was one of the most exciting experiences of my life. It felt so freeing, and a calmness came over me.

      For some reason I came across Superman who was teaching others to fly, I suppose because when you think of a person flying you picture him. After flying around for a while i landed and decided to try and summon some people from my past, specifically a women I met in South Korea while I was stationed there, I made a mistake by not pursuing our relationship further than I did and I wanted to apologize. Yes I know it's not real but it would make me feel better. I made the mistake of just trying to sit there and willing them to appear in front of me. Now I know the tricks so next time it'll work.

      There were some other aspects that I can't recall and I can't find the piece of paper I wrote it down on, wasn't my normal DJ cause I had re-arranged my room and it wasn't where it should have been. But I just wanted to share this experience so hopefully other beginners can see this and have something to help them not lose hope. Part of me didn't think I'd be able to do it but here it is, and it's motivated me greatly to keep learning and trying new things to help me get there again. The SSILD seems to be what works best for me now.
    6. This time for real! - 1/12/14

      by , 01-12-2014 at 03:42 PM
      Okay, I may have had my REAL first lucid.

      This was part of a larger dream, but I forget most of the details. The important section was this:

      I was with two other people. I think a teenage girl and an older guy (who kinda looked like George Carlin, IIRC). We were going to do some sort of thing to help me get a lucid (how convinient). After I "went to sleep" (it really seemed more like a scene jump), I "started" dreaming and the two of them were standing in front of me. Not-George Carlin starts trying to walk me through everything, but I get a feeling of suspiscion and look around the room, ignoring him. I interrupted him and said, "I think this is a dream." I pinch my nose and breathed successfully a few times. I looked at my hand and it was screwy. The two people looked at each other and Not-George said to me, "Well done." They disappeared and I looked around some more, but the far ends and hallways were being engulfed by darkness, so I started spinning, but to no avail. I think it ended so quickly because I expected it to, which I'll avoid later.

      I think this was a true lucid because my actions and feelings felt like I was consciously doing them, though the events before and after still give me doubt.
    7. Driving Along Destroyed Roads and Having Telekinesis

      by , 01-07-2014 at 05:10 AM
      Feb 1-2 (Lucid)

      I was at my house and a lot of relatives were there. I remember looking for water, but I couldn't find much in our fridges. I found all of these milks and oils and juices, but I just wanted water. I found a cup of water with ice that wasn't cold yet, and I debated if that was already someone's and if I should take it. I ended out deciding to make my own glass and put it in the fridge, but I don't remember actually getting to it. We were outside, I remember the truck was in the driveway, and I think my brother and I went in it. I was driving with Matt, my brother, to Wal Mart and it was about 11:30 at night, we were going to buy something. He was talking about how our guest bedroom was designed for blocking sound out or about how it was perfect for sleeping with a baby or something. As we were driving, the roads were all destroyed. It looked like was an earthquake and explosions, but there were a few bridges that went over these giant holes created in the road (I remember this very vividly and wondering what was going on). On the way, I either fell asleep in my dream, or the dream scene changed, but someone told me a celebrity was trying to lucid dream, then I saw this celebrity, and I knew I was dreaming. I don't remember doing a reality check, but I knew. I was outside this club or big building but I went inside wondering what I wanted to do. I remembered to stabilize the dream so I looked at my hands and rubbed them together. It seemed to work. I was walking around and looking at all the people thinking about how they looked so real. I saw my grandparents (one of which is dead) and others I knew. Music was playing (I think I remember a Pitbull song) and people were dancing. I remember thinking how it was funny I wasn't tired in my dream, but if I woke up, I would be tired. I wanted to see the detail of things so I found these tables to looked real close and the detail was incredible. I also blinked and the design changed! It was incredible! So I started blinking rapidly, but remembered that was not a good idea in a dream. I wanted to try a couple things out. I thought about flying, but decided to try telekinesis first. I look at a chair and put my hand out and flung it sideways and it worked. I did this similar to how they did it in the movie Chronicle. I then wanted to keep testing it, so I attempted to juggle 3 eggs (with my mind). Weirdly enough, the eggs were green, also I couldn't juggle them properly and I dropped one and it broke. My dad was there and said I got a gift from a relative and there was a note saying I would like the shirt. My dad pulled it out and it was really weird with all of these smiley faces and rainbows on it. It also looked massive so I sarcastically asked, "what is that? Like a triple XL?" Sure enough, it was when we looked at the tag. I wanted to try out changing the dream scene so I thought about blinking, but I saw a door and decided to try to open the door to the new scene, but I was stopped by Rachel Wise who said she wanted to come with me. I said okay and then she also demanded to choose the spot we were going. I asked here where and she started trying to explain this place called Cabo, but not Cabo San Lucas in Mexico. I told her to pull it up on a map, and nearby there was a table full of iPads. She was hesitant for some reason about the iPads and I said, "don't you have an iPad?" She said ya and started pulling it up on maps. She found it, it was a remote island, and somehow she like dug her finger in the spot. I tried to find a name, but all I found was like Diy, and she said it was just Di. I let her know I've never been there so I don't know if it will work. But then I woke up. Everything just like quickly faded (like a quarter of a second) and I was aware of my physical body. Also, by the end, I think I was losing lucidity and getting sucked back into the dream, I really have to stay aware and conscious while having a LD.
    8. First Good LD (Also 2 questions, at end).

      by , 07-13-2013 at 06:11 AM (Bennerman's Dream Journal)
      I had 4 False Awakenings in this dream. I became lucid on the 3rd, and retained it through to the 4th:

      Wake up in my own bed. I don't remember anything prior to this, so this is probably where my dream started. I hear people calling me from downstairs, but I'm in a bad mood from my waking life, so I ignore them. It sounds more and more desperate, but I persist; if it's THAT important, they can come up and get me. I know this is a dream because they didn't. Try to go back to sleep.

      Wake up in my own bed once more. I have a smoke in my room and go downstairs, leaving the light on and closing the door behind me, because it's early, and I didn't want to wake up my mom. Go downstairs and see the Easter Chocolate on the table (my parents still give us some chocolate at Easter, but don't make us look for it anymore). Look at the card, it's from my dad, and says "I owe you 80 dollars." Huh? I look up the stairs to see light. Damn, my cat opened my door (Which isn't TOO weird, my cats can do that in waking life). Have huge fight with mom, she says she hates me, etc. etc. etc.

      Wake up third time. At my dad's old house, in his room. Of all things, a silhouette of Ghastley from pokemon is clouding my vision. Realize this makes no sense, therefore, I must be dreaming. I flinch at the incoming nightmare (all of my dreams become nightmares when I realize I am dreaming), but it never comes. I rub my hands together to stabilize. I go downstairs, and the house is empty. I go into the kitchen. Everything looks like it is normal, except for the kitchen, where the space between the counter-top and the bottom of the cupboards is far too low. Don't remember what happened, but something woke me up...

      ...In my dad's old bedroom again. Retain lucidity. Start rubbing my hands together and feeling the blanket I am holding to keep myself there. Decide to parkour over the railing instead of walking downstairs. It works alright, but I fell too fast (somehow I expected gravity would be slower, but it wasn't. Still a good landing, though.) My brother is on the computer with two girl friends. Say I've never met them before, and ask for their names. I don't remember what they responded with, but I remarked that (A) looked like one of my brother's IRL male friends. There's nothing noteworthy about (B). I ask my brother if I can trust him, and he says yes. For some reason, I am hesitant to tell him, but then I explain that I am dreaming. Brother and (B) both laugh at me. (A) says nothing. I say "whatever, I'm going to get food." As I walk into the kitchen, (A) says something along the lines of "If I were dreaming, I'd use ice to stabilize. Simulates the sense of touch." I turn around and look at her, confused, and she gives me this understanding wink, as though we had some form of rapport. I smile at her, realizing she is the only one who knows this is a dream, too. I walk over to the freezer, and she shouts "Chili tastes good in dreams." (I don't know either) and grab some ice. I rub it on my arm, and I feel nothing. I ask "am I supposed to feel anything?". "Not yet", she responds, or something like that. I think a few more things happened, and then I woke up.

      1st question: Is it possible (A) is a dream guide of some sort? Kinda confused by her presence, as I could SWEAR I've seen (B) before in waking life, but (A) seems as though she was created for the dream. Sorry, I'm tired, and rambling at this point.

      2nd. Anyone get headaches from lucid dreams? All of my other lucids have lasted less than 30 seconds, but this was almost 20 minutes, and I woke up with a headache. And I never actually WAKE UP with a headache. Usually if I am going to have a morning headache, it'll happen 30 minutes after waking up, but this time I woke into the headache.

      Thanks for reading
    9. Dream Fragments

      by , 07-08-2013 at 04:27 AM
      Legend: Lucid, Real Life, Non-Lucid, Semi-Lucid

      Hacking EA:
      as I ran down the stairs of a very odd mall I noticed myself and my partner trying to break into EA(Electronic Art Games). He had a box In his hand as if this box was able to bypass there security, we had the box on complete lock down meaning that its true purpose was very important.

      The Green Room:
      After SSILD + WBTB was done I was on the verge of going to sleep but then suddenly the fans in my room got really loud and there was a woman's voice trying to speak to me, I was completely calm as I new exactly what was happening, I was in a Hypnagogia state. I started to imagine a dream scene with me and my friends at a local pool, but this did not happen. Instead, I woke up in a room with green lighting as i tried to move clearly something was wrong. Every time I tried to walk I would move a door at the end of the room, I tried to see who was opening and closing the door and to my surprise it was Abraham Lincoln. I really did want to meet/troll him but unfortunately I could hear my mom trying to wake me up and I had no idea if she was actually trying to wake me up or if i was just imagining it so I had no choice but to wake up.
    10. First lucid!

      by , 05-01-2013 at 03:37 PM (Raven's Roost)
      Hell yea!

      14 days after learning about lucid dreaming, I have finally had a tiny glimpse into the world of lucid dreams!

      I was an all-star basketball player in my college, and we had our first game of the season. I was super nervous because I have never played basketball on a real school team, but I told myself to believe in my skills. The game was super vivid and fun to play in, and we ended up winning the game.

      After the game an older man came up to me, dressed in a black suit. He congratulated me on a game, and then asked me if I knew anyone by the name of Dimitri, or some Russian name. I said no and kind of laughed, but he didn't find it funny. He then said "We know about your brother, and what he did." Suddenly I realized that somehow he though my brother (that I don't have IWL) and I were the Boston Massachusetts bombers, and I panicked. I assured him he was confused and he told me that in five minutes an FBI squad was going to search my room.

      I ran back to my room and was freaking out. I knew I was innocent but it was still terrifying. I began to hear dogs savagely barking, and I knew they were coming after me. I left my room and stood in the hall, thinking about what I should do. Can I fight them? What skills do I have? This is crazy... Like a... I then realized that this was so crazy that I must be dreaming!

      I looked at my hands to find my fingers all rubbery, with green oozing slime on my palms.


      I suddenly realize that its a dream and my vision becomes electrified as I zoom into my dreamself. The hallway I am in snaps into vivid detail and color and my heart EXPLODES with excitement. The wall is divided in half horizontally, the top half white and the bottom half a nice floral green. Light is filtering in from some window and I can feel the clarity and warmth. The walls are chipped and textured, incredibly vivid. I remember that getting too excited will make me lose it, so I stare at the floor and try to focus on it - but I expect to lose it and therefore I do...

      I woke up right after and looked at the clock - 6AM on the dot. I smiled to myself, replayed it in my head a few times, then went back to sleep.

    11. The Return Of Yuppie!

      by , 12-13-2012 at 10:25 PM (Yuppie's Dream Journal)
      This is my first lucid (and dream journal) in months.
      Unfortunately, my dream recall is terrible. However, this is what I can recall.

      Non Lucid: I was watching people in third person, is that makes sense, I was just panning around them, as they talked. It was a woman, and a man. She put her arm around him, and told him she would guide him to where they needed to be.

      I wake up. I attempt to DEILD.

      I succeed. I'm back in the dream I just had, I'm ecstatic! I fly for the first time in months, it feels great having the wind blow through me. Unfortunately, the dream gets really disjointed from here, I switch around into people's bodies, and do a whole heap of shit. It was strange, because I was lucid, but the dream itself would jump from place to place. I recall being someone else, and summoning some chocolate cake to eat. It was dry, but somewhat tasty. Then a monster came bursting through the forest, so I flew up onto the roof of a high school. I did eventually find my way back into my body, right in my own backyard. I attempted to teleport with my dog, into the sun room, but he ran away so I gave chase. We end up at the corner of my house, where my parents asked me to find a "Biscuit pot" which I obviously had trouble with.
      From here, I lost my lucidity, but stayed in the dream. I proceeded to join a group of teenagers who were searching for a ciggerete they had discarded.

      I focused a lot on dream stabilization, and reality checks.
      The great thing was, my lucid lasted AGES. Likely a decent five - ten minutes.
      If I had my recall up to scratch, it would have been a far better experience. However, I'm extremely pleased with myself, it's a great return.
    12. First Lucid Dream [WILD - I think]

      by , 10-19-2012 at 09:19 AM
      Black - Narrative/Thoughts

      25th September 2012 - 22:00

      The one night I got confidence to attempt to lucid dream (after reading and researching for a month every day at work) was after a very long weekend with my friends drinking from Friday through to Sunday evening. That Monday I was shattered and I came home from work and went straight to sleep at 18:30. I havenít had recall of my dreams for the past couple of weeks, and I put this down to my irregular sleeping hours.

      However, this night, I had a very vivid dream but I was not lucid. I was able to recall points in the dream that happened when I awoke abruptly at 9:30. I was very groggy and I thought I was in a state of sleep paralysisÖ so in my dreamy like mind, I thought it would be best to try WILD. I lay there dead still and closed my eyes but I canít remember what I thought of as it all happened so quickly, it felt like a couple of seconds. The outside ambiance noises (the computer being on in my room) suddenly faded away and I started to hear a loud but VERY quick ďwooshĒ sound, I really canít describe it as I was half asleep and it felt like it happened so quickly.

      After this woosh sound came it felt like I was being fast forwarded in a DVD and the dreamscape just appeared from a little dot in front of my eyes and it grew larger and larger in front of me. But it is so hard to explain, it was like it just appeared in front of me and it was all so very quick from the sound that I heard.

      I somehow remember thinking to myself that, this experience was very weird and I needed to check if I was dreamingÖ I looked at my hands (which I have been practicing as my reality check for almost a month now) and I looked down and saw that my hands were very fuzzy and not focused, like if you were to have poor vision and not wear your glasses (I donít wear glasses, but I presume this is what it would be like). But this was not all, on my left hand, my middle finger seemed to mould into my index finger and it looked very weird, creating four fingers (or 3 fingers, one thumb!)

      After this reality check somehow I became so enlightened and I said I am in a dream! I instantly got shivers down my spine, It was weird it wasnít fully vivid, I saw it was all wispy and wavy; I canít explain it, like a ghost realm. I knew I was dreaming but I was also cautious. I peered up to see a door. Iíve never seen it before, but I knew that my friend Rich was behind it. As I walked through the door, there he was, sitting in his dark room, he did not look happy. As I went to speak to him and tell him that I was a in a dream, I felt a big rush of excitement and fear, when I spoke to him, it came out as a whisper, in a very croaky voiceÖ but this did not deter him from hearing me, and he said ďyou canít be in a dream, are you ok?Ē
      I replied, but this time I did not move my mouth, I was communicating through some sort of telekinesis; and he understood me! I said that ďI am dreaming, I can show you, I can flyĒ.

      And with that I jumped in the air, but I felt very weak and not in control fully (the dream felt very fuzzy thinking about it) and I merely stayed in the air for a couple of seconds, before returning to the ground). But this was enough for Rich and he finally accepted that he was in a dream.

      Suddenly my friend Brooker comes in and says that I am asleep in my bed, so how am I standing here. I got freaked out by this, but I kept my cool and I said that I was dreaming, and I can show him. He didnít believe me so I said I can show you. So I did, I made a commandment to fold him up into a brick shape and fly through the glass. And he did, he folded up individually into a small brick shape and then I moved him back and forth through the big gothic windows, with a movement of my hand. I did this four times and smashed four windows.

      When I stopped, he got out of his brick shape and he was delighted and he believed I was dreaming. I heard a knock of the door and it shook me. I went to the broken windows and peered down to see who made the knock. It was dark and there were a lot of unknown people just looking up and staring at me. I then commanded to show the person who knocked on my door, but nothing happened.

      Frustrated, and without anticipation, I went down the stairs, as I went down the stairs I saw the broken glass I had smashed in the hallway, and three people standing there, staring at me as I walked down. I donít remember walking past these people then I came against another door. Which somehow I knew my friend Tony was behind there.

      Walking into the room, Tony was there and someone random was holding a mirror. I think this was because I donít want to see a mirror in my dream, as I have been reading about ďhorrorĒ lucid dreams from mirrors Ė but not surprisingly, as it was in my subconscious, it came through.

      I remember the mirror being 3D and I had to climb over it, not looking in the mirror, I climbed over it but then all of a sudden it went 2d again, and was against the wall. I know in my dream I didnít want to look in it, so I avoided it. But something compelled me to look in it, so in my dream I looked at my hands to ensure I was in a dream again and nothing could hurt me (I didnít really consciously do this, my dream just made me do it, and then I thought ďok Iím dreamingĒ).

      My hands still looked fuzzy and the middle finger was joined with the index. I gave in and looked in the mirror. As I looked in I just looked very fuzzy, like how my hands were when I did my reality check. I was smiling and my head was very liquidy. I looked the same; just had longer scruffy hair and I had lots of spots on my chin.

      As I looked longer in the mirror, I knew I would start looking for something scary (because I do this in real life, I am curious) and this worried me, so I forced myself to look away. As I was forcing myself to look away I felt my eyes darting around the mirror trying to find something, and I hear a feint rumbling noise in the distance, so I quickly looked away and there was a person right beside me.

      He seemed like he had a quite scary face (but I donít really remember because I think I was coming out of my dream, or losing lucidity). I think he grabbed my shoulders and I said I was dreaming
      and then all of a sudden I abruptly wake up and have total vision of my ceiling in my room, like my eyes have been awake the whole time.
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    13. My first LD

      by , 07-09-2012 at 12:08 AM
      Years ago

      Don't remember much except changing from one scene to another were I was part of a ground war and towards the end I stopped and screamed "Noooooo!" as I screamed I went into third person moving away from my self towards the sky then seemed to see my self within a book; the cover flew closed and a cup of coffee fell over the entire book just before I woke up.

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    14. 4th May 2012 - First Lucid Dream

      by , 05-08-2012 at 09:23 PM
      I was in a foggy, snowy environment. I believe there were mountains in the distance but the fog was so dense that I couldn't be sure. Out of the fog a white fox came pacing towards me. I got the feeling the fox knew me and that I knew it, it continued to pace towards me without unlocking its gaze from me. I become suspicious of my environment and perform a reality check by looking at my hands. I had an extra finger! The dream dissolves, becoming more and more foggy, before I seemingly awake.

      Although, I hadn't awoken. I was laying in bed but still something felt very odd, I checked the time twice, and the time had changed. I checked my hands to make sure and I now had 7 fingers. I realised I was still dreaming and got excited, the dream faded again and I actually awoke.

      I was still in a daze, unsure of what happened, but I attempted going back to sleep. I was laying in my bed with eyes closed when all of a sudden my body just felt weightless, like a feather. I gradually opened my eyes and checked my hands, I again had 7 fingers and knew I was dreaming, but I checked the clock to make sure, it was changing times.

      I lifted myself from bed, kind of unsteadily and was shocked by how realistic my room felt, yet it was still kind of dreamy. There were slight differences to real life though, I noticed something pulled out from under my bed, and the drawer in my desk was open.

      I decide I want to try flying, I walk up to my wall/window and imagine myself phasing through it, I put my hand on it and it just slips through the wall. I edge the rest of my body through and it feels like my entire body is being squashed as I pass through, it was a really strange sensation. As I reach the outside world, my weightless body floats down into the garden.

      I am again in awe at how realistic the dream is, I could feel the grass between my toes and the cool air. I assume it was early morning as the dream was dimly lit, I want extra light so I try to brighten the dream but it only gets washed out and blinding, so I tone it back down.

      I then try to fly, I leap up into the air but I am unable to sustain the flight, and instead simply leap over the back fence into a small garden, nothing but grass surrounded by fence. I try to leap into the air again, only this time I shoot right up, flying higher and higher and eventually into the clouds. I can see all the houses and gardens below me and I am beginning to see the curvature of the Earth.

      I begin flying, it was a surreal feeling. I am in a superman pose although I notice I am quite bad at turning. I move my legs and just about manage to perform a turn. As I'm flying by this building, I attempt to smash the windows in it with telekinetic powers, but fail.

      I come across this zoo-like area, there's only one cage with animals in it and they were polar bears. They are fighting it out. I wonder why the zoo is closed, but notice a sign that mentioned it was Saturday but that the theme park was still open.

      I fly down a bit more and see queues of people and roller-coasters, all tightly packed together. I fly up into the inner-workings of the roller-coasters, a small dimly lit box where all the roller-coaster tracks passed through. I am almost hit by the coasters several times, and make sure I can pass through the roller-coaster tracks like I did with my wall so I know I am not going to be hit.

      I cannot find a way out of this room, but notice in the distance a group of kids swinging down on ropes and watching the coasters zoom by. I hover up to them and grab onto one of their ropes as they pull me up.

      I begin to lose lucidity, I walk down a flight of stairs and become lost in this house. I ask a woman if she knew the way out, but she seemed to be kind of lost too, there were lots of false doorways with nothing but brick walls behind them. Eventually we go down this tiny flight of stairs and have to duck under a low roof with a tiny door at the end.

      Things blur here and I lose a lot of vividness and all my lucidity.

      Non-lucid segment:
      I find myself in town. I am an earth-bender and somebody else is a fire-bender. We decide to combine out elements to make a lava-element. It gets out of control and lava is spewing up from the ground and lava golems are rising out and attacking.

      I try to control it by restricting my earth element but fail. I go get the fire-bender back, who was just driving away in his fancy car. I get in the driver's seat of his car and drive it back down to where the chaos is happening, smashing his car into another parked outside a store, and then we stop the lava.

      I realise in the intensity of performing lava abilities that my earth-bending has become much more powerful, I am able to move people underground, effectively teleporting them, just by surrounding them in earth. Everyone is fascinated with my new power and we do a bunch of experimenting with it, before I wake up.
    15. First lucid dream!!!!!!!!!!!

      by , 04-26-2012 at 02:42 PM (My Dream Journal; Mentis est Infinata)
      Holy crap, I just had my first lucid dream!!!!

      I focused on this dreamk for a good 45 minutes or so, and I managed to recall plenty of information. I'm still going to consider this a dream fragment though. I was barely lucid during this dream. In fact, I wasn't even lucid enough to remember the "more lucidity" dream command.

      It turns out I did a reality check in a dream. I tried to stabilize the dream, but it didn't work at all. The only thing I thought to do was fly. I would've done a LOT more, but I was barely even lucid at all.

      I flew for a short while, but I mostly focused on "Swimming in mid-air". I swam through the air as if it was water. This was really cool, and it was the most vivid part of the dream.

      I never did anything other than flying, sadly.

      I was only slightly lucid. In fact, so slightly that I still wonder if it was actually a lucid dream or not. I don't really care. This was my first taste of lucid dreaming, and I'm just speechless!

      This happened last night when I was trying a new method of attaining lucidity. I'll post it here when I find it. http://www.dreamviews.com/f12/activa...cidity-130989/

      (I also remember talking to a DC at one point. That's three goals completed in one lucid dream!)

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