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    1. 16-07-15 Sikh Joke, Wizards and Lucid Flying

      by , 07-15-2016 at 11:17 AM
      I was outdoors, and saw a concrete building. There were metal stairs leading to a door, a few meters up. Inside, there was a very deep pit to the left, with a square pillar in the center (like an obelisk, but with flat top). A ledge right in front of me led past the pit, to another flight of stairs and another door. I have memory of having been in that pit quite a few times, but no idea why. In one instance, I was thrown in by accident. I tried to prevent going to deep, but said f*ck it and let it happen. I fell in, and fell fast (terminal velocity, the pit was hundreds upon hundreds of feet deep), and had to "brake" by wrapping my arms around the central obelisk and squeezing hard - like how elevator brakes work. I reached the bottom, which was just sand. Even in the dream, I could not really remember HOW I got out every time. On the way out (later in the dream), I imagined climbing out, hanging on to ledges with my hands, but it didn't feel like I actually did this. I saw a bunch of (white) guys dressed up like Sikhs (turban and all). They went up the stairs and into the room, which I knew was occupied by actual Sikh. They were playing a somewhat racist joke on them.

      I went into the room as well. In the next "scene", I was in the room, standing by two British (?) people by a long bar table. A bit further along the table was an American girl, a cute blonde, and another woman of whom I suspected was her mother. She was talking, but even though I understand English, I could not understand a word she was saying. Her pronunciation was terrible. I think there was another, dark-haired girl behind me in the corner.

      At some point "we" left again, through the previous room with the pit. Now we were a bunch of guys again, I think already dressed up like wizards (stereotypical hat and all). Past the pit, the last bit before the exit door was a kind of wood planks, quite high above the ground. I didn't trust the other guys, as I fully expected them to play a cruel prank on me. As we walked over the planks, we could see they were half sawed through, so they would break under our weights. It didn't work.

      Back outside, the landscape was beautiful. It was a forest at autumn (falling leaves, red/orange colors). The other "wizards" had left through an alternate exit, as we did not trust each other. I remember the ground being muddy. I made eye contact with the other two, and thought/said something. A bit later, I was going through the forest, and randomly decided to take off. I jumped, and as expected did not come all the way down. I looked up, and slowly flew up. There were branches of the trees in my way to the sky, but I somehow remembered phasing in a previous dream, so I phased through them. I heard the cheers of the "wizards" below me, which boosted my confidence. At some point I started losing altitude again, but I said quietly to myself "higher, higher", and fully expected it to happen. It did, I finally rose above the trees and flew off. As I was flying, I became aware of the dream (I think). Either way, I remember being surprised about the realism of the dream, how "clear" everything looked. I looked at my hands in mid-flight at studied them more carefully. Every detail, down to the pores and grooves in my skin was simulated. Amazing. At some point, I started fading. My sight became blurry, and I knew I'd soon be booted back to reality. I remember the trick of "looking at your hands" to restore stability. I tried, but could hardly see them anymore because of how blurry my vision was. I gave up, and looked forward - everything got very, very blurry. And suddenly, out of nowhere, my vision cleared, and I was flying at very high speed at low altitude over the canopy of the autumn forest. I recognized it as a "scene change". I noticed a white, double-rotored helicopter (like a V22 Osprey) flying by. Somehow, I felt they were hostile. I "stopped" mid-air, and changed direction to fly towards them. As I engaged the target, I got a vision of a turret on the helicopter locking on to me and opening fire. Before I got a chance to continue the dream, my vision went black and I was awake. Bummer.


      There's a memory of an entire section of dream that appears to "run parallel" to the part with the pit. There was a "platformer" section in a building with bizarre architecture (extremely tall interior hundreds up feet up, platforms and rooms built into the walls). Was this above the pit? Perhaps this is how I ended up in the pit the first time? Either way, I remember thinking about fitnessing, and how it might actually be fun to try and lose weight. Talk about reality interfering with the dream.

      Additional dream: I was somewhere in Eastern Europe, walking through a quiet, green neighborhood. I had to remember where I left my car, I think. I walked a path next to the houses, and had to walk under some kind of tent...? I some point, I saw a sexy woman laying on the ground, making out with a guy. I knew she was a hooker, somehow. I knew I wanted in on that action. Without thinking, I went to her and got her attention. The other dude pretty much vanished as I focused on her. I tried to kiss her, but she didn't want to. I gave her the "innocent puppy" look, until she seemed more cooperative. I caressed her bare belly (yes, I've got a thing for bellies) and told her I'd pay her 200 bucks or something like that.

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    2. Forgetting A Necklace (24.8.14)

      by , 08-24-2014 at 03:56 AM (CHiLLEN's Dream Journal)
      Dream - 9:30AM

      I'm at Stone Hill house with Josh and Brother. I'm having some pre-drinks before heading out. Brother offers Josh a beer, but he declines. He say's that he doesn't want to wake up with a hangover and that he will drop $20 on drinks as soon as he gets there.

      I'm now sitting in the backseat of a car. Daryl is driving, Josh is in passenger seat and Brother is sitting in the back with me. We're driving down the road where epilepsy OP shop is when my Brother realizes he has left his necklace at home. We insist that we will drive back and get it, but Brother say's no due to being a hassle. Daryl looks to second guess himself a couple times, missing the turn off each time. Eventually he pulls into the turn off and begin to head back to get the necklace. I tell my Brother that he was using reverse psychology
      I begin to think if I have left anything at home as well. I see a checklist of things that pop up in my vision. Some of the text is different colors. Designer underwear isn't checked, so I must be wearing normal underwear.

      Dream Fragments


      1. Jail

      2. I see a picture of a famous person being used for a meme

      3. Talking to Josh about leg size decrease due to not training for a month

      Side Notes

      Head had larger amount of pressure last night due to big day and cheating on my diet

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    3. Dad's desire for knowledge

      by , 04-01-2013 at 06:12 PM
      Before bed: exhausting cooking and late staying guests

      Total sleep time: 7 hrs

      Dream recall method: two keywords noted

      Fragment1: I was in a building in one of the rooms there was an improvised fitness center. I was considering whether to enroll but it was somewhat expensive, 11 per session. I think I agreed to give it a try and started doing some exercises. I really enjoyed moving around.

      Fragment2[important feeling] Somewhere on the way between grandma's place and our old home. I am looking at the the cars passing by. Next to me is my dad, who has a strangely honest moment. He is sharing the contents of his heart, his innermost dreams. He tells me that he craves to one day get to an astonishing knowledge, this knowledge would be completely true and valid, yet so totally different from anything we know, unimaginable knowledge. I compare it then to the knowledge a more advanced civilization would give us.

      woke up, decided to try some WBTB, but was asleep too fast, had two pretty vivid dreams though, one very close to lucid

      Dream3 [very vivid]: I was at my parents's yard, it was dark. My mom was there, a large white rabbit came to us. We were trying to interact with it, but it was a bit stubborn, reminded me of a rabbit I had for a while when I was very young. My mom was forcefully grabbing it, surely causing it some pain, and it ran away. I felt bad for the rabbit and tried to call it back. It came back to me, and kind of like pressed itself strongly against me, seeking comfort.

      Dream4[very vivid, lucid-like]: I just remember finding myself staring at some kind of a yard, where there was a workshop. It felt as if I am lucid, and I had a moment of deep realization of something, I just suddenly understood it, everything (regarding something) made perfect sense to me. As I was watching the yard, I remembered my great grandpa's wood processing workshop, remembering some past memories that belong to me with great clarity and understanding. I noticed the little pieces of saw dust on the table of the workshop. [those memories felt very real, more than usual fake dream memories, yet my great grandpa had been a tailor, never met him]

      Fragment5: I was in a bus with my grandma2, she got off the bus, but left her bag and eye glasses on the seat. I rushed to gather all her things before the driver closes the door. I told him to wait for me to get off but he said he can't wait, I grabbed everything and jump rushed out of the bus door.

      Some ideas to try out:
      I am still trying to find the optimal amount of awake time for WBTB. I have noticed that during meditation if I do it eyes closed, on some occasions I would drift away too much towards sleep, getting lots of the WILD sensations, HH, sometimes vibrations, and I catch myself falling asleep, feeling my dream body take off/separating. So perhaps instead of WBTB, wake up earlier than usual have a tea, meditate on couch, then lay down to lucid? At least worth a try when nobody is around.

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    4. I don't know again

      by , 09-21-2012 at 04:37 AM (Cinder's Dreams Gallery)
      I'm probably in the role or is reading about Max in an alternate version of the webcomic Paranatural. I'm stuck with a rugby team and have to do fitness and stuff, and later got sent to some hellish camp or whatever. Later I'm myself and my parents dropped me and my friend on some kid science museum. She went and played on those kid slider thing (extra detail: she went headfirst) and I walked around and found some kind of gym. Later I had an FA except without the awakening part. I'm walking down for breakfast and the guys upstairs in the building were trying to spill drink on me even though we're like 5 metres away. They're celebrating about winning rugby or some shit and I reminisce about nearly losing. I kicked on a rope thinking that it was a trash but actually it's some delicate experiment and the teacher asked me to put it back in place.

      The amount of sports in this dream is ludicrous.