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    1. Mind DILD

      by , 10-11-2015 at 02:44 AM (Inner World حلم Gamma Waves)
      I found myself running to a police station as I could tell I was being chase from behind by someone. I open the first door and ran through the hallway to the next double door. For some reason I got the feeling I have experience this same scenario before. I make it to the next door and got a huge flash of light out of no where. Outside and in the building were dark but due to that flash I could now tell the walls were lime green with white tiles around the building.

      This place to also seemed familiar to me, I then remember my other lucid dream on 8/30/15 and said no wonder I got lucid here. I notice I was near a light switch for the next hallway and decided to try to turn it on. I attempted to switch on the lights but it was a no go. The lights wouldn't come on so I knew I was dreaming but I wanted to know if this really was the same dream.

      I ran through the last hallway to the next double doors and got a great sense of Deja-vu. It was true this was the same lucid dream as the music pass this hallway was the exact same as last time. The building at this point as well look like the same hospital. I observe, but it was like once I had this realization the dream quickly started changing the environment. I saw familiar kids sitting down, I went over to talk to them about how some of your faces don't look exactly how it should.

      I walk more and saw a group of young adults sitting on couches chairs around this one table. The area they were in was openly wide and I saw another with them at the kitchen, this place didn't look like a house though. They seemed to all be using either CPU's or phones and despite appearing busy I decided to confront one them due to a couple of questions I wanted to have answered. I made sure to notice the sky has change to bright sunny as it's light showered down from the windows.

      The one I pick followed me in till I reach the stairs which felt like walking on butter. I decided I wasn't going to stay lucid and attempted to wake myself up. I close my eyes and everything went black. That's when I started waking up on a couch, it didn't take me long to figure out I am still in the same area I attempted to wake up from. The only difference is that the sky is now darker than it had been before. I notice all the young adults were still here, they all appear to be sleeping except for this one boy who look like he was seriously focusing on his laptop.

      That's when the boy tap on one their shoulders, a man in a black dress shirt and told him he was finish with his file. The man then appear to be excited and said you really done it. I began feeling strange, I soon notice the woman sitting next to the guy was staring at me. I got up and decided to leave but she didn't waste anytime asking me if I could understand anything on the boy's laptop. The boy as if this were a set up quickly handed me his laptop.

      I look at it and then back at her and said yes. She started pointing her finger at the screen and ask me to read all the titles and various words to her. I did so read everything on the screen clearly. Her face quickly grew a smile and stated she wanted to know more about me and that I should work here with the rest of them. I began to walk away trying to find anything similar. She and the guy in a black dress shirt started talking. I could now see my father room but my ears over heard them. She told him I could read all the lines on the screen perfectly with no problems. That's when I woke up Lucidity time: 5 minutes
    2. 9th day and still there

      by , 05-09-2014 at 11:08 AM (4th DJ-Attempt)
      * We had a lot to do at home, went late to bed...

      .../3rd person view. I see myself with dragon wings. There's something about feeding a dragon/...

      .../I'm talking a walk inside an informal market. I see different things on sale, until I get to a jacket patches stand. I see some deconstructive ideas, some 3D art and stuff, but nothing really interesting to me. I get out of the market and find somebody is selling 2nd hand guitars on the street, I take a look if there's something worthwhile, nothing. Then I look up to a hill which is mixed with a tower. It's all covered in concrete. I find that interesting, and want to take a picture of that. My camera doesn't work, it's night and I cannot see any on the LCD. I try using the flash option. It flashes but apparently not enough. I try to figure out how could I take a picture of that. The more I look, the weirder it becomes. Now I try to illuminate the landscape by pointing the LCD screen of the camera. It gets better but I don't know how to take the picture now/...

      .../I have to write an e-mail, announcing some bad news about one of my kids, she's no more with us. I have to face the fact, it gets hard to write down/...

      * From time to time, this feeling of nostalgia spreads around and takes over all over the dream.

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    3. Followed

      by , 07-26-2012 at 08:55 PM (Hey, Look... A Dream Journal)
      around 9:00am


      Apparently I was in a building which was where my job was situated, except it wasn't because I didn't work in this building. My apparent Supervisor came in and said that we had to do a team building exercise. Myself and another guy started fighting, for no reason whatsoever, great team work, eh? I flipped us over his chair, I had his neck in a headlock and next thing I know I am walking home. It is light at this point and I get a phone call from one of friends. He asks me If I want to play football, I say maybe. This girl comes up to me, she had old fashioned clothes and a short hairstyle. She comes up to me, while I'm on the phone, and starts shouting, shouting at me for no reason. She makes it so I can't hear my friend on the phone and eventually he gets tired of me not replying and hangs up. And it cartoonish fashion, I ran away from her, but she followed me and kept shouting with her hand in the air.

      After I ditch her, I continue my journey home. I get the feeling someone is following me, I then see three guys walking towards me. I notice that the two to the side of the man in the middle is dragging him. He looks dead, so instead of walking towards him, I take walk through the park. It is now pitch black, and I'm walking behind this couple. I look to the side and the two guys dragging the body are still following me. I notice it is very foggy now, it was like something out of Alan Wake. I notice I have a flash light so I shine it around the area, and don't notice anything wrong, so I continue on my way.
    4. 5th of july, 2012

      by , 07-05-2012 at 03:33 PM
      Decent recall today compared to the last few days.

      First dream, (actually this one was a pretty bad recall, but it was one of the shorter rem cycles, so oh well). I'm sitting on my porch, in a southern town with a dirt road. All the houses are unpainted and made entirely out of wood. I look across the street, and I talk to an old man. At some point I think I try to sell him some house, but that's not important. He looked kind of like a wizard. Long beard, and no southern accent. I vaguely remember something about him doing magic, but this dream is pretty vague. What I remember right now is still sitting on my porch, watching him walk inside a building and seeing a flash of light.

      Second dream, I'm at a water park, with some unfimiliar faces, and then my friend and his sister. This water park was absolutely enormous. I think we were a thousand feet off the ground, and could have easily fallen, but it didn't seem to bother me or anyone else in the dream. So after wading in this horizontal water slide that was so slow you could walk in it, I noticed that I had my phone in my pocket. I took it out, and it still seemed to work, but I decided that I need to put it in a bag of rice when I get home, and everyone else agreed. Soon after that the dream faded.

      Third dream, some people whose faces I only vaguely remember, I don't think any of my friends were there. We were all sitting in bean bag chairs and had our elbows on a round table. The place felt like a library study room or something, but the feel of the dream didn't hint towards that. There were lots of girls talking and joking around, and I sort of lost interest after a while and started talking to this kid named Dan. Then he says something about his sister liking him, because she was polite to him. So according to my dream mind, "thank you" means "I want to go out with you", which is really creepy. So we get off that topic at some point, and then he talks for a while about his parents being divorced. After that I lose interest and the dream fades.