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    1. lxvi.

      by , 11-06-2018 at 12:35 PM
      Non-dream stuff - Woke up about 3 times through the morning, between 8:20, the time for my alarm, then at 9 something then at 10:20. Some long-ish dreams but think they've fragmented.

      Fragment 1:
      At a square or cathedral. There with partner (H), something to do with pipe organs.

      Then outside, at the square. Nice cobbles and layout. Remember meeting up with my parents and having them ask why I didn't have a stand here selling old coins; I remember explaining that I'd worked out that the cost to make them look new, plus the cost to rent the space, plus other things I don't remember now, meant that it was far too expensive and not worth it at all. I also remember explaining that I didn't have nearly enough coins to make it worthwhile.

      Then at some version of my childhood home with my parents. At the rear balcony of the flat. Things look blocky like a voxel game. I remember blue leaves and yellow logs. We were on the 6th or 7th floor, judging by the height.

      Fragment 2:
      A friend of ours, M, was buying crap again.

      Fragment 3:
      At some sort of flat. Don't remember what lead up to this scene anymore.

      There was a tongue and lips art sculpture thing on a wall. Then it became a bit more real and I then remember a giant furry outside the flat, peeking in. I remember the fur was white and the eyes were blue. I think it was a girl and she said something.

      Some notes:
      • The appearance of my parents and the questions about the "coin stand", has to do with how they often want me to try and do something else, since they are concerned I won't be able to support myself. This type of appearance in a dream is perhaps validating their concerns in part. When I was awake in bed I remember thinking about carpentry again.
      • Being at the cathedral with H seems to be merely a reflection of recent events, as I help H with pipe organ work.
      • Both the first and the third dreams were a lot longer, and I woke up sweating with the third dream; this has been happening a few times recently where I wake up sweating at about 10:20 with vivid-ish dreams. Generally being too hot is what makes the dreams vivid, as far as I can tell. Unfortunately it also means my mind is a bit more active when I'm actually awake, making it easier to forget details.
    2. xlii.

      by , 09-26-2018 at 11:57 AM
      Non-dream stuff - had a couple of non-lucid dreams I remember in some detail. Chronological order slightly forgotten.

      Dream fragment:
      I was playing some sort of space game, I could see in third-person view the ship I was controlling. Though I distinctly remember being "in" the game, I know my partner was watching me play, and I was in a system that had 3 jump gates to other stars; the jumpgates looked a bit Stargate-like, but two were coloured red and one was green. I wanted to go in one of the red ones. The system was very dark, there was a red giant star at its centre and when I arrived at the gates (that for some reason were clustered together) there were 2 ships, which were part of local military.

      I remember using the jumpgate, though I don't remember the transition special effects, and when I got to the next system, it felt like it was a bit more dangerous. Visually it was confusing, I was struggling with the controls all of a sudden and the field of view adjustment kept changing for no reason. There was a blue giant star, and a regular yellow star; I remember some nebulae, blue, too, but there was something odd about the "skybox"* for the system.

      In my controls struggle I accidentally started warping, backwards, somehow. The warp got faster and faster and I could see a "ul" units measurement at the bottom of the interface, going up quickly from 0.x to ~700. I managed to stop it and was now in a different system. I remember commenting to myself "oh, I forgot that worked that way", regarding the system travelling feature of the warp. It reminds me now of the warp mechanic in Eliteangerous.

      Then I used it again and went forwards this time but steering at the same time, but when I warped out, I was in a planet with my ship, in the middle of a mega city, so I had to quickly try and maneuver up through openings I could see.

      I remember getting past the atmosphere though I don't remember what happened next.

      Dream sequence:
      On a plane, with my partner. I don't think I was too happy about it; but we were landing, and we were landing in a street somewhere in France. This was the planned destination and the landing worked and stopped more than few hundred feet away from the nearest building.

      We got out and I think we went to a flat somewhere, I think it was my aunt's and I remember some sort of interaction with my aunt before the dream started. But all I remember from the flat was that it was like our real kitchen and there was a bathroom. The bathroom was filthy, there was trimmed hair everywhere; there was a slight yellow tinge on things, not from urine or anything, as far as I can gather. There were no strong smells. But it felt filthy. I was trying to clean the toilet's rim with some paper, for some reason, and it was taking very long.

      There was a transition and the next thing I remember is being at a supermarket in the same city, and I'm picking up what looks like a sweetener capsule dispenser thing, but instead, they have pictures of great monuments on them. I pick one that has a Great Pyramid, and I remember thinking or commenting to someone near me, "with this we can build our own pyramid... seems it takes about 3.8 acres of land, so we just need to get some 4 acres of land somewhere".

      I walk to one of those self-checkout things, only carrying this little thing, and I scan it but I'm a little confused as to how things work and take a little while to understand where to place it; then I do, and I'm about to pay, but this other French guy about my age or younger starts using the same machine as I'm using, and I speak to him in English saying "excuse me, could you help me pay?" and he doesn't even look at me, which I feel to be rude. In the dream I have the distinct feeling they ignored English on purpose. I somehow manage to pay with my card, which I took out of my wallet blindly, but confirmed to be the card I wanted by the 4 last numbers, which were accurate to waking life as I remember.

      I leave the shop and go down some street. Of note, I go past a man painting some sort of tall vertical canvases, in his own shop, but do not talk or engage with him. Down this street I am looking for a suitable land for this pyramid I want to build. I find some plaza and some ruins, and in the dream I think that because there are some Aztec-looking ruins I could just use them as a base for the pyramid... It's a micro steppe pyramid in its own right, this ruin, and I remember a hole that would be the stairwell. It is exceedingly dark in here, but I can see somehow. There is a different hole next to a wall, big enough for any grown man to slide in, but I do not satisfy my curiosity and walk away instead. Something felt odd but that wall opening, like it would go down forever.

      I remember going up some street and then seeing some big building with a hand-painted sign that said:
      "2 any artist;
      60(something) (something);
      214 accomplished artist"
      or something to this effect. I got annoyed reading the sign. The numbers were value/money, and I felt that it was unfair to unknown artists. I commented something out aloud and realise that I'm standing next to the shop with that man from before, with the tall cyllinders that he painted. He said to me "unfortunately that's how it works; you can see how much work I have here - because it is exotic and unusual, I am not considered to be good or accomplished" or something like this. His shop was literally cluttered with all of his artistic work, some of it looked quite nice, some of it was indeed a bit unusual.

      There was another dream after this but I've forgotten most of the details, apart from a teen boy being naked and antagonising me, who I punched in the face, though he didn't back down and just kept being annoying. There was a little girl but she seemed sad, she had a little pink dress.

      • *The skybox is traditionally a scaled up 3D element that keeps the exact same position as the player and makes up the far-distance objects that can be represented either with 2D sprites or low resolution 3D models.
      • The comments of the other artist reflect partly the basic feel I have about art's value in general.
      • My partner was present at some points in the second dream but I don't remember the interactions between us.
      • I have been to France only once, when I was a kid, and had the possibility of going again when I was around 16, but didn't.
      • In the dream I just couldn't understand why at the supermarket the guy was rude to me. I was being polite and asking for help to get out of his way. But it later occurred to me in the dream that if I'd used my native language instead he wouldn't have been so rude, so it felt like it was a French/English animosity thing.
      • I don't know where the 3.8 acres figure came from (it seems very specific but for no reason) in the dream for the Great Pyramid's base area; but checking quickly has revealed to me that the Pyramid's base is about 13 acres, about 3.25 times my 4 acres land estimate in the dream. I do not have any intuitive understanding of the actual area taken by an acre in waking life, so if there was any accuracy at all, it would have been a surprise.
    3. [29-10-2016: The prom, In darkness]

      by , 10-29-2016 at 11:05 AM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      The Prom

      With class we made a prom. For some reason girls haven't arrived so we made a men party out of it. At first it was in school, but then we moved to my house.

      Failed WBTB attempt.

      In darkness

      I was in some old block of flats, in basement. It was completely dark, I was wandering the basements with two glock pistols with mounted flashlights ready. There was some sort of cataclysm that forced people to hide underground and escape from walking dead. I heard someone moving behind me. I turned back and lit that way with flashlights. There was a dark haired woman in white t-shirt and blue short trousers. She said "It's you. I just... wanted to find someone who I can trust..."
    4. [25-09-2016]

      by , 09-25-2016 at 09:28 AM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      First dream

      I saw it from top-down view. I was wandering in some dark corridors of a dungeon. I searched for some loot, and then a powerful warrior attacked me. I slashed him with a scimitar, but he was much stronger than me. If not for life draining properties of my scimitar, I'd be dead. I defeated him - his name was Korsak - and moved on. I found some more loot and doors to a huge chamber. I opened them and archers immediately shot arrows at me. I jumped back and then Korsak appeared again - this time with some magical barrier around him. He chased me, but when his barrier stopped working I cat a shrink spell on him and squished him like a bug.

      Second dream

      It was an evening in a city. I saw a group of people near a building that have suddenly collapsed. I came closer, picked up debris and started chewing it while watching a couple talking about marriage. The man had quite long facial hair, his hair were brown. The woman was a redhead, they were both in mid twenties.

      Third dream

      I was in school, it was some kind of lesson I can't quite recall. There were only few people. I left my desk, teacher didn't minded, and went to speak with a redhead girl with a pale complexion. She was wearing a pale pink blouse and jeans trousers. I asked if she'd go on a prom with me, she smiled and agreed.

      Later that day I visited doctor for some reason.

      Fourth dream

      I was in some apartment in a flat, searching for something important and valuable. It was in a secured block of flats - there were security guards wandering around. My family was there too, searching through other apartments. Mistakenly I kicked a flower pot and had to do something with soil that fallen out - I opened a window and thrown it down. This alarmed security, I left the apartment and started searching for a way out. There were security cameras in a corridor I was on, and there were entrances to other apartments. There was also a locked door to staircase, lit by red lights. I ran to elevator and pushed a button - a wall moved and I stood in front of a huge hole opened to flat's exterior, and after a while the elevator appeared.

      I entered it and among hundreds of buttons I pressed the right one, going to ground floor. After a while a voice said through speaker "Welcome in age when elevator users are screwed!". And elevator moved down with speed of a rollercoaster, taking different angles all the time. I finally got to ground floor and got to a corridor same as upstairs, but this time closed doors led to exit. There were also windows, I jumped through one, smashing glass pane and getting out of the flat. Security reacted immediately - one dude started shooting at me. I slowed time down, grabbed bullet and thrown out back, but guard managed to dodge it. Then another guard appeared, I punched him and got his pistol, then shot another one.
    5. [12-07-2016]

      by , 07-12-2016 at 07:57 PM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      I was a monster from a movie that was destroying everything around and was extremely annoying. It was in some kind of flat with houses and administration offices. I was smashing every object and grabbing reach women, then kissing them.
      Tags: flat, kissing, monster
    6. #252 - Airport / Plane

      by , 06-30-2016 at 08:49 AM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)
      I remember it was night and me, my friend Lajja and some other guy were hanging out. I had flown to Wellington in order to hang out with her, we were all going to fly back to Auckland tomorrow.
      I woke up in the morning and there was some issue with the flight, like Lajja had forgotten to book her tickets or we missed the plane. We have to go and get new tickets, I'm not really stressed about any of this though. We're in the waiting room which is split in two by a set of folding shutter doors. I sit in the second room while everyone else sits in the first room. I think I did it because it was quieter? The air hostess comes to tell the next few people to proceed, this happens a couple times but not once does she alert the 2nd room. I'm aware she's not doing this, the first time it happens I opened up the shutter doors a bit so she wouldn't ignore it. The 2nd time she still ignores it, so I pull the doors open all the way... The 3rd time she does it again, fucks sake. I just get up and head out instead of waiting, telling myself to just go ahead since Lajja and the other guy went with the hostess the 3rd time. I see them down on the floor below, connected to my floor by a set of escalators. Lajja and the guy are holding hands for some reason, I find this weird since they're not dating and Lajja has a boyfriend already. I head down to meet them and ask if they got the tickets, the guy says "Oh yeh, but uhh whoops I forgot yours, sorry mate". I instantly pick up that he did it on purpose, he's trying to sit alone with Lajja on the plane. I have to go buy my own ticket now.

      I'm on board of a plane, it's a sort of continuation from the last dream (though I definitely recall waking up between them). The plane is quite small with 1 or 2 seats on either side of the walkway. My dad is on the plane next to me or in front of me, we're talking and I briefly look away from him mid-conversation. When I look back at him it's my mum instead. What the...? I'm a bit confused, wasn't I just talking to my dad? Or maybe it was my mum.. Everything feels real, I decide that 'maybe' it's a dream (although I don't even feel like it is). I do a reality check and it succeeds much to my surprise. I stand up and try to stabilise, recalling some advice about making the most of lucids by maximising lucidity and awareness. My mind is a bit chaotic though... I try to force the lucidity to the max and it sort of works but the dream isn't very stable. I can tell because it was bright at first and the world was gradually getting darker and darker. I'm in my flat room now, kind of feels like everything is spinning. I try to escape the room, thinking that maybe moving and engaging the dream will help extend it. I fly out through the window but end up awake. Crap. I do a reality check and succeed, I guess I just had a false awakening. I'm in my bed, I clamber out of it and I'm wearing heaps of clothes which are a bit restricting, it's quite dark and getting darker... I wake up for real.
    7. #191 - flat street

      by , 01-21-2016 at 12:10 AM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)
      Dream - Flat street
      It was night time and I'm I'm walking out of a party with some people, the street we're on is the typical student flatting area. I remember seeing some random person driving a car. The person was obviously drunk as hell as they couldn't park their car, she was just ramming it backward into another car, then forward into a tree. Over and over and over O_O. Me and the people I was with crossed the road to get to a house on the other side (I think we were going to another party). As I made my way across, the drunk driver ran me over :/ I knew that this had to be a dream since I was semi-awakened from the shock. But it just didn't stop and I couldn't feel the pressure, discomfort and pain from this 4WD ute running me over. It really felt horrible, but I managed to shake myself awake in the end.
    8. #188 - Mission Possible

      by , 01-16-2016 at 08:09 AM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)
      In retrospect the whole idea of this dream just cracks me up

      Dream - Mission Possible
      It's day time and I'm outside the school building with 2 friends (one of them is Matt). We're being very sneaky, we're on a mission given to all students to form small groups and obtain a bunch of certain items. We're down to the last item: a can of tuna from the school fridge! Ever so sneakily we walk down a gravel path between two buildings, the building we need to infiltrate is the one on the left. I turn back to see my companions, then looking ahead I see a person suddenly round the corner. My heart skips a beat, OH **** is it a teacher?!?!? Nope it's a student, phew. I ask him something and he tells us there's no point in sneaking, we can literally just walk in there and take the can of tuna. Hmm, I think about his for a second...
      Of course you can just walk in there... Why would the teachers guard a fridge stocked with tuna . We casually continue now, and turn left and walk through the front door of the building. Honestly this place just resembles a 2 story red brick flat, there's nothing school-like about it. It's absolute chaos in here as students are cramming to get by the fridge which is rapidly being depleted of tuna cans. There's 2 types of tuna containers in there, one is a can and the other is plastic, we can only succeed with the can variety. My 2 companions stop to take their shoes off since that's apparently what you're supposed to do. I realize that the cans are almost gone though and decide to rebel a little I keep my shoes on and walk straight to the room with the fridge. There's a girl in front of me who gets one of the last cans, I ask her if she can see any more in there and she kindly looks for me. She grabs one at the back and hands me it, while continuing to search for some other people too. The dream gets a bit distorted now as my daughter is now one of my companions, I stoop down to let her hold onto 2 of the cans of plastic tuna (which I didn't actually pick up in the first place) since she wanted to help. In her own words "I can do it myshwelf" so cute.
    9. #128 - just one dream recalled...

      by , 10-13-2015 at 09:53 AM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)

      I tried a new dream journal app on my phone and it turns out that it's a bastard because it only stores one dream entry per day. So I lost my other dreams and can't recall them either. I tried to SSILD last night but it was pretty ineffective as I just couldn't focus through the cycles, was still way too fatigued.

      Dream - Girlfriend and daughter
      I seem to be in my flat (this is pretty rare, I don't usually have dreams about my flat) and in my bed, just lying down with my laptop out messaging my girlfriend on skype. We send pictures and are just chilling out. She tells me that I should probably break up with her because another guy groped her against her will. I'm pretty shocked, but I tell her that I want to punch that guy and I wouldn't break up with her over that since she stopped him. The situation was that actually she had a sticker on her ass and she asked her friend to help get it off (it was a girl), and then the guy kind of swooped in on the situation. I told her not to let it happen again because it makes me worry when I'm so far away (we study at different universities). I also realize that as I typed it out to her, I actually sent it through text instead of skype. I had been a little disoriented by the whole 'break up with me' message I guess . I return to the skype conversation and see she has replied to my message, I tell her that I goofed up and sent the message before through text (not that it mattered). We continue talking I think, but I also think I start looking at old photos and videos of her. There were random pictures of her in a bikini, another where she had a real hairy stomach (this one I tried to ignore lol ). There were even some where she was posing on the bed . A video also started playing, it was one where I think I was videoing Arya playing with her mum and grandparents. They all charged at Arya and made a sort of dog pile and Arya loved it, she was giggling lots. Then I flick to another video where we're on a beach, my girlfriend looked really pretty. It seemed to be a grey day, and the wind was blowing a bit hard. We were climbing along the wave-cut platform of rocks, the video seemed to follow her (non-existent-in-real-life) cousin, I think she was 10ish?
    10. #101 - lucid, I climbed out of my window

      by , 07-27-2015 at 07:19 AM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)
      Black: non-dream
      Blue: non-lucid
      Red: lucid

      I managed to get lucid last night, not a great deal happened as it was my first real attempt in a long time. I get out of my bed and think 'hey, this is a dream' despite the fact that I was in my room and in my bed with nothing out of the ordinary. I'm actually a little skeptical, like maybe I sleep-walked out of my window? But surely not... Anyways, I decide to go outside which proved pretty easy, I clambered out and walked down the path towards the clothing-line. As I do this I decide to do a reality check, I was still so skeptical of the dream... I bring up the palm of my right hand and push a finger into it, my skin stretches in the way it shouldn't
      "So it IS a dream..." I thought to myself
      A few seconds later I decide that I had to make sure though, and redid the reality check, this time pushing even harder to be certain that it wasn't just my eyes playing tricks on me while I was in a sleepy state. Raising my right hand, I push my finger straight through it. Deciding this was convincing enough I think of a dream goal, I knew that I had one but I couldn't recall it... I think of trying to see that girl again but decide that it isn't the RIGHT dream goal, but before I can think of anything else
      I wake up.

      Not bad for a lucid, it feels so much more natural now compared to when I started... Like I know right buttons to push on a playstation game to get a cheat to work . Now I need to focus on clarity and stability in these lucids, along with overall recall.
      Tags: bedroom, flat, lucid
    11. Dark city

      by , 07-16-2015 at 07:41 AM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      It was dark, cold winter night. Street lamps gave only dim and weak light. I left a tall building where people were gathered, there was probably a party. I moved through the darkness, walking down some kind of stairs and leaving roadsign that I couldn't read for some reason.

      I finally reached road that is better lit, and stood near a building with walls covered with brown plates. There was a plaque with 9-13 carved on it. I thought if this is the right place, or should I got somewhere else. I decided to cross the road. I heard a couple walking through park, laughing. I thought "Wait, I should go back to the plaque."

      I went back, and looked at it again. Still 9-13. I looked for the door, and found it in darkness, and moved up the dark stairwell. I finally found my room, and entered it. This was the only well lit place. I saw that I live with three another dudes, two of them I can't quite recall. The third one had short dark hair, gray sweatshirt and jeans trousers.

      I sat down on a sofa, and then someone entered the room. It was a man in his late forties. He asked us if we have a TV, which we replied that don't. He said that if we want to watch TV, we should go to local meeting hall.
    12. Vampire in a flat

      by , 07-12-2015 at 08:17 AM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      I was one of locators of a flat. I lived in a house on a 12th floor. One day people started to panick all around, and seal themselves in houses. I ran down to first floor, and asked what's going on, and heard that there is a dangerous vampire in our flat.

      I ran back to the 12th floor into my house, and looked around. It was a 60s style house, and someone already used all the furniture to seal itself in my bathroom. That person even took fridge with it. I thought that hiding is not a way, and decided that I should get to the rooftop, to have better chances of throwing the vampire out.

      I searched all around for a way to reach the rooftop, but the trapdoor was sealed. I turned around, and then I heard a strange noise. I turned back, and saw a young, bald man with a blonde woman in a jacuzzi. I immediately noticed that the man is a vampire.

      Upon noticing me, his skin turned grey, white hair grown quickly, eyes become glazed and claws started to grow. I had no chance of winning this battle, so I ran to nearby window and jumped out of the flat. Hovewer, the vampire chased me.

      I landed safely in front of my fathers carpentry workshop. The vampire burst through workshops roof and landed safely too. I didn't knew what to do. I ran into the workshop, and evaded all the vampires attacks. He punched, kicked, clawed, but I dodged all of his attacks, while avoiding to bump onto one of machines.

      Suddenly I saw a strange barrel. Thinking that there might be garlic inside, I threwn it at the vampire. The barrel broke, and a strange substance covered it entirely. It started to scream and moan horribly, his skin burning and falling dow, flesh rotting out and leaving only a pile of inanimate bones.

      Some of the substance spoilt on me, I wasn't hurt hovewer. It had a sweet taste and was similar to honey. I started to laugh - a single barrel of honey was enough to kill a powerfull vampire.
    13. [25-04-2015]

      by , 04-25-2015 at 03:56 PM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      Otherworldly being

      I was living in a flat with a few room mates. It was end of our studying in college, and we were just about to move on, and end our relationship. We've made a party to celebrate the end. Suddenly I had a strong feeling that something is not right.

      I felt that we were watched by supernatural, otherworldly being, and that it was only waiting to get us. I thought that it was a ghost. Somehow, I found a sword strapped to my back. I took it into my right hand, and took a lantern with another.

      I wanted to check room by room if there is anything suspicious. Laundry room and my bedroom were clear. When going into the kitchen, the light in that room turned off. It was dark, and I thought that I shouldn't enter the dark room.

      I took the lantern, and tried to light the room, but it was absorbed by something. Suddenly I realised where I should look. One of the room mates - a black man in office worker suit followed me. We entered the bathroom, and found hidden door.

      We entered a corridor dimly lit by lamps. Suddenly a man in scientists labcoat jumped from behind the corner. We started to fight, throwing random furniture at each other. He hurt the room mate, who escaped next. I was alone with the weird man.

      We were throwing stuff at each other. The man was trying to cast a deadly spell on me, but I quickly catched him and strangled him to death. I threwn his corpse on the ground. It immediately started to shrink and rot, leaving yellow, mustard-like slime on the ground.

      Weird thoughts quickly appeared at my head. "What if it was only his first move?", "What if he used us to leave this plane, and access much greater power?" Then I spotted a pistol lying on a table. There was also one bullet lying close to the gun.

      I took the pistol, and loaded it with the only bullet lying there. I was unsure what I should do next, shoot at the corpse or kill myself. Suddenly the roof has exploded nad a helicopter flewn closer. Special forces officers jumped out of it, and told me that if I give them the pistol, I won't have any troubles. They also gave me congratulations, and then flewn away.

      Storm clouds

      I woke up in my bed. I looked through a window, and saw enormous storm clouds covering the sky. The bottom of the horizon was left uncovered - it was light blue, with dark orange glow. I went to the kitchen, and then decided that I should go to the toilet. After doing my thing, I looked through the window again, and saw those storm clouds.

      When going out of the toilet, I was teleported to the middle of grassy plain. There was a frying machine. I went closer, and heard the signal that the dish is ready. I opened it and took a plate of fries. Then I ate them.
    14. #83 - Another unexpected lucid

      by , 04-13-2015 at 08:20 AM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)
      Black: Non-dream
      Blue: Non-lucid
      Red: Lucid

      Dream - Another unexpected lucid
      I've recently acquired a new surfboard and wetsuit, which is true in both my dream and real life. I'm in my flat and I see my flatmate Oliver scoot out the door in his own wetsuit with a surfboard (he doesn't have them IRL), it seems that he acquired a surfboard after me and is going to test-drive his surfboard before I've tested mine (been too busy sadly ). I decide that I'll meet him at the beach since it's a nice day, I head there and he's absolutely ripping it up - except instead of it being Oliver it's my friend Isaac... I don't notice the transition though. The cut of his board suits his skill level and the wave types there... But my surfboard isn't quite right, I'm having a hard time paddling and can't turn properly, I swim about for a while but the tide is starting to come in (which, where I live, can be a predicament as it comes right up to the wall which would suck to smash into...). I climb up a hill to rest and at the the top there's a slooty bar with a name in glowing red neon, can't recall the name though >_<. I look down and see Isaac leaving, for some reason I think to myself it might be a dream, which my rational says "No way man, this is so realistic, there's no way it's a dream!". I do a reality check anyways, pushing my finger through my hand, it goes through but I'm not convinced... I decide to try something NEW, something that can only be done in a dream. I put my hands in front of me separated with my fingers splayed and curving. I turn them to face each other, finger tips an inch apart, then try to summon electricity. Sparking occurs, stretching between the tips of my fingers from one hand to the other crackling with energy.

      "Hmmm... Okay, I'm convinced, this is a dream" I narrate to myself, the dreamworld around me so convincing that I'm still not so sure. The reality of lucidity doesn't quite dawn on me, I don't really DO anything except follow the dream normally, never truly being in contro
      l. At some point I actually lose lucidity and continue on oblivious, which leads to a situation where I'm swimming with friends and we need to get out the water for some reason. Oh well.

      Note: 4th lucid dream recently that has been unexpected, might be related to simple breathing meditation I randomly did before going to sleep - which I primarily did just so I could slow down my racing thoughts and focus on a 'day-dream' to help myself fall asleep.
      lucid , non-lucid
    15. Smoking cola

      by , 04-02-2015 at 08:28 AM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      I was in a flat. I was at my family's house. I didn't knew where they have a toilet, so I opened the window and did my thing. I looked down. I was at a third storey, and there were people training down there. Suddenly I felt that I need to do it again. A cousin joined me, ut he was only looking at the people down there.

      Then his mother appeared, shouted at me and showed me where thay have toilet. It was occupied though. And then a priest came to visit the family. They were eating, while I waited for the toilet. I decided to go down to the basement, as I was sure there's another toilet that nobody uses.

      I was sneaking. It was dark down there, but I went on. One section of it was flooded a little, so I decided to check whats wrong. I went there, and saw that I'm not the only one in the basement. I saw cousin's brother going to meet someone. I tried to hide, but they spotted me and hidden.

      Suddenly landlord appeared. I tried to hide underwater, but he somehow spotted me. With the cousin and his friend we went to the landlord. He asked what we were doing here and I said Smoking cola! Surprised, he said that we can go away if I'd smoke all the cola in ten seconds.

      I took some parts and made a coca-cola smoking pipe. The landlord filled the reservoir with cola, and I smoked. I felt strong smell of cola in the air. I almost done it. I was late only a second.
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