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    1. October 20 2017

      by , 10-21-2017 at 06:42 AM
      >I was walking around at a flea market and/or car show. Someone announced it would be $99 to vote on which car would win at an event and either 1: I thought that was ridiculous or 2: I thought other people would think that was ridiculous or 3: I thought both of the above.

      >Why are the highlighted bubbles atrophying the ninjas? (That's a bunch of hoolabah I wrote, it's not from a dream.)

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    2. Flea Market Theft

      by , 01-12-2017 at 02:35 AM
      Non-Lucid: I was in a flea market that I've never seen before & I was stealing things, mostly jewelry & eventually got caught but talked my way out of it. For whatever reason this dream was very long & boring really. I stole a whole lot of stuff.
    3. Unsuccessful Market

      by , 06-01-2015 at 12:27 PM
      Morning of June 1, 2015. Monday.

      The first part of this dream sequence concerns a large lump of multicolored soft candy, which is actually as big as a basketball at one point. It is almost Playdough-like. I chew on some though am not fully sure if it is meant to be swallowed or used more like gum, though I do seem to be eating it for a short time. I assume purple is grape, yellow is lemon, red is strawberry, green is lime, orange is orange (citrus), and blue is blueberry. The flavor is fairly strong. As I pull certain pieces apart and roll the rest back into a ball, I find small toys stuck within some parts; many metallic figures (likely soldiers) and even a couple miniature ladders. I get the impression that there is only supposed to be one “prize” per smaller candy pack, but there are several in this larger blob - almost as if some just happened to appear mysteriously. There are at least two larger balls of this candy and I am getting the idea that the items inside can be sold at a local flea market, assuming we get enough to bother with for one day or so. (I do not give them to my youngest son because they are apparently mostly duplicates of what he already has.)

      My wife and I end up at a flea market which seems to be at a location that is a composite of the area just north of us in real life near the zoo and the south school grounds from my old elementary school in Florida, including the playground, though the setting seems a bit different than either location. It seems we do not have much to sell and are mostly there to see how the market operates. After wandering around for a time, there is a sudden heavy rain and wind that causes everyone to go into a large warehouse-like building but still be publicly available to buy things from. My wife and I want to see how people are doing, but are not sure how to get into the building. We end up going through an area that seems like a large bathroom, which seems rather strange to have as an entrance in a public area even if it is the back part of the building (though still with nearby public sidewalk access). After we go through, we reach a room where a (unknown) family is seated on the floor. I sit down and there is some sort of minor conflict about which items (some sort of snack foods I think) belong to which person at this point, due to the chaos from everyone rushing into the building when the rain and wind suddenly started. A (unknown) dark-haired girl in a cross-legged sitting position says that the items I had decided to pick up from the floor belong to her family even though I had the impression that I had dropped them just before. I decide not to protest her possibly erroneous claim.
    4. A Huge Shopping Mall / Thailand Food Market / Smelly Shoes

      by , 01-07-2013 at 06:32 PM (...from the dark corners of my mind...)
      DJ Log: January 7, 2013 – 7:15AM (USA Eastern)

      I am walking around with a friend in a huge shopping mall with multiple floors and wings. He stops in at a store with a delicatessen next to it. I tell him that I'm going to find something more substantial to eat and I'll meet him back here in a while.

      I walk around for a while and check out some of the food stands. They all seem to have nothing but chicken for sale. I don't eat chicken, so I keep walking past them all. I walk down one of the wings and stay to the left on all turns so it's easier to find my way back to the store my friend is at. I walk for a while and find this store called Thailand Food Market. I stop in and check out all the food, but don't see anything interesting. There is a reefer cabinet full of all kinds of strangely shaped vegetables. I can't seem to find any meat, so I decide to leave.

      I walk further and end up near the end of the wing. All of the stores here are vacant and have 'For Lease' signs in the windows. I pass a small restaurant and there is a table in the front window which has utensils and wine glasses at all the seats and a candle burning in the center of the table. There is a 'For Lease' sign on the door. I stare in the window for a while, hoping that someone is inside and will invite me in for some food. There is nobody inside and all of the lights are off.

      I walk along a bit further and arrive at a store with all kinds of random junk all over the place. It looks like a flea market of some sort. I walk around through a section of antiques, then into a section with piles of old electronics. There is another area which has shelves full of old smelly shoes. * End of recall ability *

      (Note: My brain was emptying itself as fast as I could talk into my recorder. I have zero recall of this dream now, 14 hours after awakening. The best thing I ever did was put a digital voice recorder beside my bed. I can speak much faster than I can write and I don't need to open my eyes to push the record button. This has helped me DJ more dreams recently that I ever could have before with only a notepad and a pen. Sometimes, I get recordings that are only 2 or 3 slurred words, then just snoring for 2 hours. Though this is kind of a fragment, I'm not categorizing it as such since I was able to write a few paragraphs...)
    5. The Video Game Convention and the Plague

      by , 09-15-2012 at 08:32 PM
      09-01-2012 -- [Have not been remembering as many cool dreams this month as in August, and with today's five dreams posted, I think I have got down all eight dreams I found worth remembering from the fist half of the month onto the computer. Still not every one right on time, but caught up fairly quick. Think this was the first dream of the month.]

      Working security at an Orlando Paving Company type of place. I'm not working alone, there is another guard here, though he is busy trying to change huge tires on a dirt mover or something. He can't seem to fix one of the tires, however. I am trying to fix my uniform, but they have no more blue pants in my size, so I am having to wear a pair of khaki pants, instead. There is a blond haired guy next to me who seems really emotional, and keeps trying to hug me. I recognize him as Draco Malfoy and am almost laughing as he tries on his blue pants and keeps asking me "Do these make me look fat?"

      He is reminding me that I need to catch a plane in about an hour, because some game magazine wants me to cover some kind of trade show or something for them ... though I love doing the reporting for them, somehow I forgot, and now I have to rush to get to the airport.

      Somehow I have run off a couple of blocks, and now I have to get back as quickly as I can, so I can get my car and drive to the airport. I'm lost, though, and am not sure exactly how to get back. I'm tired and messed up. I think I am jogging down Texas Avenue in Orlando, and I find myself walking through a go cart track. I am dodging the cars, including some being washed, and make my way through the office, where one of the employees is say "I love my job ... no! Really I hate it!"

      I walk West to a large warehouse, where I find myself climbing over the back of a big rig, trying to remember the combination of ingredients that made the load this truck was hauling so much more valuable than any other load. For a few moments I turn into some absolute moron movie character like Ace Ventura or one of the guys from Dumb and Dumber, and I am really annoying the guy who is trying to load the truck.

      Finally I remember the extra ingredient was milk, and start planning to add milk to every load to make them more valuable. The fork lift driver seems to be George, the old forklift driver I knew at JC Penney's. He doesn't know if he can handle the changes, and starts trying to kill me, instead.

      I soon end up back outside the warehouse, between it and the go kart place, and find a lot of sick people are standing around there. They all seem to have caught some sort of plague. Most of them are all right, but one went from catching the disease to starting to die from it in something like 7 minutes, which is a horrible, horrible record. An alarm is going off, and we're all waiting for them to come for her as her face is getting all blotchy.

      There is some sort of fun organization that tries to give kids with the plague a good time before they possibly die, and they are doing parasailing right now. I decide to try it, and am soon up in the sky. I cut the lines and glide away before anybody can bring me back, and manage to escape. I enter a mall, and find many of the stores are closed, and the rest are missing half their stock, due to the plague. It slowly turns into Flea World, where I am walking past two of Ron's x-rated video stores. Bob Estep, who I am with, doesn't want me to look.

      Soon I am outside at a discount gas station, trying to fill up my car. I am spilling some of the gas because a bad pumps. The prices are about $3 a gallon, when most places in the area are $3.75, so it is a really good price, but they are charging .05 a gallon in taxes that are being added on top of the bill, which kind of annoys me.
    6. A day at the Fleas Market

      by , 06-04-2012 at 03:54 AM
      WBTB at 4 am. Suppliments taken: 1 capsule Galantamine / Choline. Had a DIELD about an hour later. First part of dream was nonlucid, and not remembered, the second part I was walking down a hill what appears to be a flea market. Their are vendors lined up in rows. There are figurines, and cards before me, and they all take on life, and start moving. I reminds of the movie ( Night At The Museum ). I take a closer look at the cards, and they are all showing life of another world inside them, like the Harry Potter movies. I am walking by a woman and she asked me a question I don't understand, and I politely respond with no interest.I had just watched the show Ancient Aleans concerning the greek gods, so I figured I would try to summon Zeus, and Apollo. Instead I got these weird green leafs falling out of the sky on to me. When they made contact with me I found them to be dragon flies, and rich green colored wings. I looked at one close up on my finger, and noticed my fingers were not my regular fingers they are short and wide. The dragon flies on me start flapping their wings and lift me up into the air. I then find myself in my bed, in my bedroom, and there is someone in my bed laying next to me. THe person gets up, and my body feels like it's slightly floating. My arm floats up as if there is little gravity. The person comes back from behind me and starts performing oral sex on mw, and abruptly stops and goes away, then I wake up, and it is morning.
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    7. Traveling to CA / Dollar Store / A Sexy Encounter in a Flea Market

      by , 03-03-2012 at 05:34 PM (...from the dark corners of my mind...)
      DJ Log: March 3, 2012 – 6:00AM (USA Eastern)

      I am traveling to CA with a friend of mine, who will be known as "M" in this entry. We land at the airport and grab a rental car. Once we drive into town, I pull into a familiar shopping center and point out a couple of places which we should visit. There are several restaurants and shops all connected together.

      We park, then walk into a place called Game Depot. It's a huge arcade connected to a mall. We walk through the arcade and into a dollar store. I pick up a small box fan and the case falls apart in my hands. I comment, “Cheap fucking junk...”, and then put it down. I pick up another fan and it is built a little better. I walk down the row and pick up a couple of other things, then head over to the cashier. While checking out, I ask my friend if we should go check into our hotel before cruising around the rest of the town. He says, “Yes.” I say, “Let's go stay at the Hawthorn Suites. I can still get the government rate there.”

      We walk around the back of the building and see that there is a lower level. I open the door and walk in to find that the area seems to be deserted. As I walk in a bit further, there are tables full of random stuff laying around. Walking in a bit further, we find ourselves in the middle of a flea market. There is a really cute guy standing at a table with a sewing machine who gives me the eye when I walk around the corner.

      As I walk by, he asks if I would like him to fix my shirt. He points to where my collar is separating from my t-shirt. I say, “Yes” and take off my shirt. He quickly stitches it back together and hand my shirt back while giving me a really cute grin. I give him a big hug and he holds me tightly. I can feel his rock hard cock throbbing against my body. I quickly notice that I am also rock hard, so I pull in a little closer and rub my cock against his. He tightens his grip and I feel his cock get even bigger and harder. After a moment, we pull away a bit. He is holding my shoulders and I have my hands around his waist. We stare into each other's eyes for a while. We're so close that our noses are nearly touching. I go in for a kiss and suddenly wake up.

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    8. 62nd Shared Dreaming Attempt- Cay's Dreams

      , 01-29-2012 at 04:21 PM (International Oneironaut Shared Dreaming Journal)
      My computer was down yesterday- well, most likely still is, I'm at Azra's house- but there weren't any synchs, anyway.
      Cay's Dreams

      Dream 1
      Azra and I watched Hostel Parts 1 and 2, and then Monty Python and the Holy Grail last night, likely the fodder for this dream. Monty Python provided the castle and the silly guards, Hostel the...eeugh. I was with a group of people including Azra, and we'd sneaked into the castle through the garbage chute in the kitchens. I guess our goal was to save someone from the dungeons. Not sure that we did, the dream fades whilst we were sidling down a dank hall lined with cells and echoing with screams.

      Dream 2
      I was seated at a table along with Azra, L.G. and C.B. We were guarding C.B.'s mother's setup at a flea market. His mother very much resembled the "woman" that was with Dennis in Monty Python and the Holy Grail. She was also playing in the filth some ten feet away from us. She only looked up when her son assaulted a police officer.

      Recall could be better.
    9. Simpsons Nightmare and Fragments for July 19 2011

      by , 07-21-2011 at 12:21 AM (Sailing the Noosphere)
      5 separate entries? Good night of recall...

      1. I'm watching the Simpsons, where Moe and Barney are the only two in Moe's Tavern. Both are fairly drunk and feeling vulnerable, and after a bit of dialogue they exchange a single kiss. Moe admits he was curious, and as soon as he does the bar begins to collapse around him. Dream cuts to "South Moe's," recast as an upscale drinking spot. However, pots of a black goop bubble behind the surface of the bar. Drinkers are littering the floor with their empty bottles, and as they do so the goop reaches out of its pots to grab them. The drinkers seem to dissolve before my eyes; Milhouse (dressed as Admiral Ackbar) screams "It's a trap!," while his mother's head lulls sickeningly on a bleached-white spinal column. Eventually Moe is the only one left in the bar, and he angrily tips over the pots. All the drinkers emerge, unharmed, and Moe orders them to clean up the mess as a lesson in environmental stewardship.

      2. My high school friend S.M. has asked me to text him on Facebook, but I ignore his request. The next day, he and M.B. show up at my house bearing Magic cards, and as we play they both admit that they've been crushingly bored. I false awaken, then go to the computer and log on to Facebook. I see his text request again and ask myself, "Is this a dream?" I fail the reality check miserably and fail to go lucid.

      3. I'm reading about Tarot readings I've done in my journal, only to realize that I've forgotten the staff portion of the Celtic Cross.

      4. I'm at a flea market with the family, and we enter the main building through a sort of farmer's market area. Most things are reasonably priced, but bananas are $8 a pound and my mom flips out about it. Dad, fed up with her, enters a room containing clothes and life jackets. My brother has a smartphone with him, and dad wants to use it to check prices. The internet at the market can only be accessed through a medieval themed game interface, which costs $35. He buys it, but finds it very hard to enter web addresses, as letters change after entry (failed RC). Eventually he succeeds, and sees that his parking can be validated if he goes to the student union at my new graduate school. As he logs off, the game reports his session as a "royal history."

      5. I'm at college, where I'm taking "History of Baseball." I get destroyed by the first test, and walk out dejected when I meet my old roommate, J.L. He carries a Whiffle bat and ball, and we play a little.
    10. Blood, violence, etc. (another Valerian night)

      by , 01-18-2011 at 03:56 PM (The Labrynth of the Mind)
      I took about 200mg of valerian before bed last night. As often happens, the valerian caused me to have some rather wierd and disturbing dreams.

      Weddings and cruiseships

      I am in the auditorium of my old high school. My brother and I are discussing people that were at my cousin's wedding. To help us remember who these people are, we take turns with a clamp holding pieces of a bench together. At times we break off pieces of it, too.

      My grandparents are there also. The place is no longer the auditorium, but my grandparents' house. They are talking with my aunt about how nobody my age wants to be a sailor anymore. I happen to have been looking for jobs on board a cruise ship, so I tell them that I want to be a sailor. They are reading the requirements for various positions. Meanwhile, I log into my account with a cruise ship job website.

      Flea markets and torture

      I am at a fair. It is also D'ni. It is also a flea market. I am walking with a guy I used to know from a former workplace, who is also the father from "All in the Family" (which is ironic, because the guy I used to know is black). He is telling me that I don't know much about "smokin'", which in this dream is a slang term for buying and selling junk at flea markets for a profit. I imitate the Mask for no reason and say "sssmokin!"

      We enter a junk shop, which is located about where Kadish Gallery should be. It is kind of dark in there, but we browse for a while. I see an old bottle of wine from the 1920's. After a while I see a bottle of something else with the date 1919 on it, and the wine bottle is apparently gone. My friend considers buying this bottle to resell. He tries to give me tips on finding antiques.

      Next to the bottle of wine is a bottle of acetic acid, and some laboratory glassware. My friend asks me what acetic acid is, and I say "It's pretty much vinegar". Then I laugh and say "if we poured some of that into the wine bottle, there would be a nice explosion."

      We leave the junk store, and cross the street. Things begin to change somehow into a laboratory where a mad scientist is operating on living people with no anesthetic. He hacks them up, mutilates them, pulls out their organs and intestines, while they lay on the operating table screaming. He pulls out one guy's eyeball. He slices open the arm of one guy, and puts something in to intentionally infect it. Someone explains that his plan is to let it swell up, and then hit his arms with something. This will both cause the victim pain, and somehow turn him into a zombie.

      Now I see a whole bunch of zombies from the mad scientist's lab, all dancing together like some scene from Hell.
    11. 12 Nov: Boring dreams and a russian cleaning lady

      by , 11-12-2010 at 05:20 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)

      22:00 GMT

      Hiking, cooking and walking
      I’m climbing up some mountain with my BF. On the way we meet local pilgrims and a French lady. The path is full of Buddhist sacred places, like this huge terraced slope with thousands of small golden Buddha statues.
      This French lady knew nothing about Buddhism so he was feeling awkward with the pilgrims offerings and prayers. But we talked to her and then she was starting to actually enjoy the whole thing. She spotted a statue that had fallen backwards and went there to put it up again. She left a golden coin on top of that Buddha. Then I noticed it was the only one really shiny around, as if it was new. All the others were darkened by age and weather.
      When we reached the summit of this mountain, we found some houses and tables on the outside. There was a culinary competition going on with people from all over the world. It had just ended and people were stowing their dishes and pans and glass bowls. I helped. Some Italians were talking about a sci-fi series that didn’t air because it was just bad, like a B-series kind of movie. Then like a vision, I get to see some scenes from the series and it’s really cheesy. The spaceships are just cruise boats with their lights on over a dark, star-lit sky. Then there’s this main character who is simply a klingon but with 1000 eyes all over his body. It’s just bad and I laugh.

      Then we’re all downhill, at my mom’s kitchen, were the award ceremony takes place. I’m surprised that all the Italians get awarded, but so the French, Spanish, and many many others, mostly Europeans. I wonder what kind of competition is this, where everybody is awarded. I’m bored and I go to the window. I see a gay couple walking outside on the back alley and I think why don’t they go up the hill, do the same pilgrim’s path we did, but telepathically they say they are not interested, because it seems exhausting. OK, just a suggestion. At this moment I am half-lucid and I think about going to visit the Flea Market near my home. In RL it is tens of kms from my mom’s home, but this is dream world... So as I walk my way there, I’m feeling really amused and I am singing Pink Floyd’s “The Wall” and dancing. People look at me but I couldn’t care less – dream, remember? Then I realise I already walked too much and passed by the street that goes up to the Flea Market. As I turn back I bump into my BF who decided to follow me. I tell him it’s better we take the bus back to the place, 'cause I'm tired of walking.

      4:40 GMT

      “I’m nobody” and snake venom
      I’m on some weird place with Buddhist people I know. People are sitting down on chairs and that’s when I realise they are waiting for our guru to come. I then see the place prepared for him to seat and luckily I get a sit just in front of it. But I get tired of waiting and waiting and decide to go for a walk, leaving something on the chair to mark my seat.
      When I am on some kind of lobby of this building, some other old guru comes in. I have this weird feeling of coming out of my body and I start floating in the air, involuntarily. I feel like a cloud with no defined shape or form. He passes by me and I come down a little bit. He holds my hands (so I did had hands!) and he smiles looking deeply into my eyes (so I guess I also had eyes!). He asks “Who’s this girl?” and someone from the staff replies with a couldn’t-care-less look “She’s nobody!”. First I feel a bit upset but then I also smile and reply “Yes, I’m nobody.” And he releases my hands and continues his way. I follow him back to that teaching’s room where people are waiting on their seats. But on my way I pass by a corridor which has lots of young boys and girls sitting on the floor and some neons or billboards hanging from the ceiling above. For some reason, some of the boys start to tease me, trying to provoke a fight. Because it is kind of playing, I play along and I defend myself, but then they get serious and I have like 4 or 5 attackers simultaneously both from my left and my right. But my kung fu is strong and I kick their asses, although not really understanding what they want from me. I then get on some kind of skateboard I see nearby and I slide out of there.
      I end up on the end of some long corridor and tired, I simply lay down on a sofa that is on the corner. Then some Russian lay who is cleaning the floor, starts cleaning around the sofa and then the sofa itself. I am like “Really? Couldn’t you wait that I get out?” But she is really sweet lady and she rubs my shoulders and gives me a head massage. How nice of her! But she never says a word. Then a door just in front of us opens up and I see a kind of clinic lab. A nurse or whatever is taking blood samples or vaccinating a person. I go inside and I see two guys collecting snake venom for cosmetics. But the snake goes crazy and is spitting venom like a water hose. They warn me to be careful, cause no venom can fall on my eyes or mouth or I’ll die. But I do get all covered in venom everywhere else.

      6:30 GMT

      Beams of light in my hands
      I am in some shared room with other people. I am trying to have some rest but it’s too crowded. Then the Russian lady appears again and she’s cleaning the room. I find out there’s a room next door which has just been emptied and I take all my stuff to there. As I am cleaning up the bed which is full of crumbles of previous guests, the Russian lady comes in again – is she stalking me in dreams? – and she also seems surprised that I’m there. She still hasn’t said a word but we kinda communicate telepathically. I tell her I’m staying in this room and she seems to be ok with it. She won’t tell anybody. She just needs to do her job and clean it up to. In the end she hands me over a very nicely scented soap for my shower.
      Then I am (again) among this people who came to listen to a guru. But this time when entering the place of the teachings, I slide through the floor to some really good seats and pass in front of everybody who is simply walking – bad luck for them! This time this “room” is on some open air space, like a terrace. The guru comes in, he is very old (I guess the same from previous dream) and he needs a translator because his English is not so good. People are eager for him to start, but then the mic doesn’t work and we can’t hear a thing of what either him or the translator are saying. People complain but no one seems able to fix it and the guru doesn’t stop, he keeps going as if he didn’t care if people are listening or not. I make an effort, but then I give up and go to the terrace handrail to see the views and I notice the terrace is actually a boat deck. Below is the ocean and smaller boats are sailing around. Someone shows concern over me being so close to the limit of the deck,
      so I decide to play with this person, by letting myself fall on the water – of course I didn’t really hit the water, I simply flew up and appeared on some other spot on the deck, but sure it was fun to see his/hers (?) face. I’m half-lucid by now but the dream starts to fade. My peripheral vision reduces as lately it’s been happening on fading LDs and everything becomes a bit dark. I ask some DCs around me to help me stay in the dream, by holding me down. It’s a weird strategy but kind of works. The dream stabilizes a bit more, but the darkness doesn’t go away. The DCs look scared and I provide some light to them by emitting white beams from the palms of my hands. They seem amazed and thankful, but I end up waking up anyway.

      8:00 GMT