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    1. Sunday, June 17

      by , 07-21-2018 at 09:06 PM
      I am in a room that has a pool or multiple pools. One of them is pretty crowded. I am now sitting in it though, with Veronica (from high school). Sheís wearing a Grateful Dead tie dye and is sitting a little too close to me. She is also turned towards me and is not so subtly coming onto me. Iím not very comfortable with it.
    2. Quaint Town, Strange Brothel in Cafe

      by , 01-30-2017 at 07:11 PM
      First thing I remember, I was sitting on a horse in a quaint town. There was another guy on a horse who was leading the way. He showed me how to speed up and we galloped through the town. He disappeared while we were riding. I stopped when I saw a boy trying to open a big warehouse door for a delivery. I helped him open the door and a man from inside the warehouse took it and secured it open. Then a large box was delivered (a piano?) A woman handed me a money order and said that I could cash it at the local bank and she gave me directions. I asked her about a bookstore in town. She told me there was a new one that would be opening tomorrow.

      I walked through the town admiring its quaintness and thinking that Peg and I might want to move here. I saw where the new bookstore would be opening. It was to be mostly a used book store. People walking on the street seemed to be pleasantly buzzed. I mentioned to a middle-aged, female, passerby that it was a little bit like the movie, The Stepford Wives. I was not sure if she would get the reference but she did and agreed with me.

      I went into a diner. I had a bag with clothes in it. I noticed a woman smoking at the table next to me. I asked her to confirm, ďWe can smoke in here?Ē At first, she seemed to think I was messing with her and kind of gave me a snarky response. Then I looked and saw that there were ashtrays on all the tables. I thought, ďPeg would love this place.Ē I lit a cigarette and decided that I should take a selfie photo of me smoking a cigarette in a restaurant. By this point there were more people wandering up to nearby tables and chatting, mostly attractive women. I took the selfie and noticed that there was a flirtatious-looking woman in the background. It occurred to me that Peg might not be that happy with me hanging out at this place. I tried to text her the selfie on my phone but I could not find the photo. There were a bunch of photos that I had not seen before, of a wedding that my sister Christine had attended. I struggled with the phone for a minute but had to give up on sending the photo. (tech fail)

      Then an attractive woman approached me and asked me in a flirtatious manner if I wanted to go downstairs. I asked her what happens downstairs. She said something like, ďGenerous men buy subscriptions to our magazines.Ē I thanked her but said maybe another time. Then a young guy approached me and asked me about my refusal to go downstairs with the woman, intimating that I would have a good time. I told that man that I was married and politely refused. An older gentleman sitting nearby said that I should have gone downstairs but not engaged in anything saying that this would make me intriguing to them.

      I was getting ready to go and I started organizing the clothes I had in my bag. A middle-aged woman took my lunch tray and began walking off with it. I said that I still had to pay and she stopped. I worked out the payment with her. There was also a large pile of change that I had left on the tray. She tried to give it back to me but I told her to keep it as a donation to the women who were selling magazine subscriptions.

      I walked through a different room, intending to exit the restaurant through a different door. There were some little private boxes that were like free standing closets. I realized that men were meeting women in these boxes to chat privately before going downstairs. I ended up stepping into one of these boxes. It was a particularly small one, about the size of a phone booth. A woman stepped into the box and spoke with me for a minute explaining that the magazines were around $12 per issue. That seemed kind of expensive to me. But I said that I could probably buy a three-month subscription. We left the box and I was presumably going to meet her downstairs. But then I was captured by a group of men and put into a primitive box with sticks going through the top so the box could be carried by several men. I was afraid that they were going to send me to South America to be a slave.

      They brought me to a darkish room downstairs where there was an auction going on. They were auctioning off men for sexual encounters with men and women. I was not too happy about this. Some people told me that it was not that bad. One gave me a clear plastic glove to make things less messy.
      By then Peg had showed up and we discussed the pros and cons of the two of us working at a place like this. I guess it paid pretty well. But we would have to have sexual encounters with people of either sex. I think we were leaning against the idea. But then I woke up before we had decided.

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    3. Just had first Lucid Dream!

      by , 01-22-2017 at 11:06 AM
      Saturday January 21, 2017 0110

      I was riding in the back of a long car like a station wagon with several rows of seats. There were a lot of male passengers in the car and we were all jammed in tight trying to get comfortable and get some rest. I remember being concerned about my wallet because we were jammed in so tightly. I looked out the front window. We were driving through some big city. I noticed two children riding on extra tall pogo sticks off to the right on the sidewalk. I thought, ďIf Iím dreaming then I should be able to affect those pogo sticks. Instantly, one of the pogo sticks bended like it was made of rubber and then snapped back to being straight again. This excited me! I thought, ďIím dreaming!Ē Then I thought, ďIf Iím really dreaming then I should be able to just fly out of this car.Ē I shot right through the windshield and flew up to about 30 feet above the car. I looked down at the car and the men were looking at me with amazed expressions. I willed the car to bounce up and down a couple feet off the ground just for fun. Then I flew around a little bit shouting, ďIím lucid! Iím lucid!Ē Then I thought. Maybe I should wake myself up immediately so that I have a better chance of remembering the dream. I landed on the ground on a wider section of sidewalk, sort of a walking mall area with benches. I thought, ďI should try to do something fun. I thought that it would be fun to try to have sex. But there was no privacy in this busy city. I looked around and saw an attractive, tanned, red haired woman sitting on a bench and I approached her. There was a muscular man sitting next to her and he seemed like he was her boyfriend. He looked at me like, ďWho are you and why are you approaching my girlfriend.Ē Since I knew this was a dream, I just looked at him and said, ďYouíre not going to do anything.Ē And I turned my attention back to the woman. She smiled and said something like, ďNo, he wonít.Ē She was wearing a leather top with no sides to it, just a hole for her head and a flap covering the front and back. I sat next to her and put my left arm around her under the front flap and sort of hugged her. But then I felt like I was sure to forget the lucid dream if I did not wake myself up immediately and I woke up in my bed.
    4. Unusual Flirtation Tactics

      by , 12-13-2016 at 06:13 PM
      Iím outside on a cold winterís day with a couple of friends. Weíre on a street corner with heavy traffic. I see a cute woman with bad teeth who is dressed like a hooker. I decide to trip her and then catch her as a form of flirtation. Whatever I said after that worked, because she agreed to go out to eat with me and my friends. We leave the restaurant and my date says goodbye. We enter into a car and drive toward home. My friend drives us to my other friendís house, where I get out of the car and travel inside. There, I am telling my friend Syd about women being just as sexually charged as men, but that men are simply more explicit about it. We travel to her bedroom, and she tells me that she once snorted cocaine.

      The next sequence is rather odd. I am outside in my old backyard, and it is soon nighttime. I choose a spot on the grass to lie down. There are a couple of speakers lying there on the grass, and I listen to music as a fall asleep. I wake up, and gather up all my clothes and travel somewhere else. I find myself playing a keyboard outside in the street by a house at night. There is a hat of some kind on my head, and eventually I put a traffic cone or megaphone or something on my head. I probably look ridiculous. Old friends pass me by. I think my dad comes out to walk the dog. Iím then inside a bathroom playing a keyboard on the sink. This bathroom is connected to my friendís bedroom, and Iím unaware of this at first, but she soon comes in, and I know I need to leave.

      Iím in my friendís car again, this time with my sister. She opts to have him drop us off at 7/11 to study. We soon find ourselves at my old high school. She gets in a car with other friends and leaves. Iím walking around in a careless manner, as I run into my mother as well as an old friend. I warmly greet her and tell her that I love her hair. Thatís all I can really remember.
    5. I Live To Serve Her & Flirting With a Girl | Shaking Hands to Break Gregarious Tension

      by , 01-12-2016 at 02:34 AM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      I Live To Serve Her & Flirting With a Girl (DILD)


      Iím on my way to open at work, and the parking lot, if itís even considered one, is so grandiose that getting from point A to B would seem to take a long time, but it didnít. I see a large gray stoned wall that looks like stone doors of some sort. Iím wearing some gray dress pants, and a gray shirt as well, though, before the encounter with a certain dream character, it felt as if I was wearing a green shirt instead.

      Iím in a fairly active mood, and feel so energetic that it slowly bleeds into how I interact with people. The first entity within my peripheral vision was an Asian male thatís probably in his early 20s as me that looks like a parking lot attendant I know. Iím not fixated so much on him other than the fact that heís wearing a bright, lime shirt, and black shorts.

      Heís just strolling around, I guess, and as Iím moving forward, I encounter a blonde female with a heavy foreign accent. Sheís wearing a white vest, and some black pants/shorts. She has her hair tied up in a ponytail, and as I get closer to her, she professes to me, in a manner of jest:

      ďYou should live to serve me,Ē and smiles. As Iím trying to process the words, I was looking at her reaction to really see if sheís just joking around

      But I couldnít shake off the feeling that there was something between the lines of said profession.

      I basically shrug it off while retaining a transient smile, and go inside the doors that start to open up. Itís this spacious garage with all sorts of stuff that I didnít bother paying attention to. The two main colors that came to mind were brown mixed with a bit of dark violet, and this light turquoise color that has this chalky overtone to it.

      I see two girls that Iíll nickname Bail and ArtGirl10; the former of darker skin complexion, and the other thatís lighter. I fixate on the latter, and she says I look different physically. For some odd reason, I get a surge of motivation to start flirting with her physically. I go up to her, smile, and take my finger to rub her nose.

      She giggles for a bit and asks where I got the shirt, because apparently, it costs like $70 bucks online. I have an ďuhhĒ moment, and we part ways after that. Meanwhile, Bail says, ď3 XXX,Ē and I feel Iím shifted into another dream.


      Shaking Hands to Break Gregarious Tension (DILD)


      Iím inside of a house that is dark brown mostly pertaining to the walls and ceiling, and golden for the flooring; a little nuances of brown blotched in as well. I can see that thereís this indirect gregarious tension with my presence in here, but the individuals remain quiet while trying to find something to distract themselves from making it explicitly awkward.

      To dissipate the tension, I took the decency to start shaking hands with everyone, and they all naturally complied. I reached to the point where I interacted with an obese female thatís wearing this black dress with some dark pink flowers surrounding it along with a fancy black hat as if it was 1930s style, or something.

      I started to hug her for a bit, and as Iím trying to release my grasp, I awkwardly touched the gap towards her armpit, and eventually to the muscles that would connect to the top left region of her breasts. I try to pretend that I didnít notice this, and see seems fairly nonchalant in this being done. I turn around immediately, and proceeded to move forward, and then to the right to go into another room.

      The entrance to the room that I have to turn to the right once more involves this dark red drapery that hangs to the sides like ďY Y.Ē I see there are some chairs that are dark red for the base and back rest, and bordered with golden colors. I go inside to immediately sit, and just reveled in being alone while feeling Iím waiting for someone, or some event to take place.
    6. Ol Mate Kyle, Free Hugs (22.7.15)

      by , 07-22-2015 at 11:30 AM (CHiLLEN's Dream Journal)
      Ol Mate Kyle
      Im at some kind of function and I see Kyle Potter and others. We're all having a laugh. I ask him what he's dad is doing. He tells me that he's in Thailand 1 week on 1 week off with his girlfriend to see her family. I tell him that my dad needs to do something similar, and that he's a hermit. I add that I'm kinda similar so I can't really talk. Kyle says that his dad made some kinda layered pancake for this function years ago and failed. But he was awarded for his effort. I tell him that I have an idea, and should make some vegemite toast and cut them into small triangles. I'm joking. A waiter brings food over to us, which ends up being cake. I grab a small piece and begin to eat it. I jump the gun a little, as they have plates that they hand u moments after u pick your cake. There's moose and other similar things on the plate. The cake was chocolate mud cake, with chocolate icing. Kyle seems very welcoming and likes me.

      Free Hugs
      I'm in a house, in the kitchen. I see Ash Kendon. I'm being jokingly mean to her in a flirtatious way. I think she starts getting offended. I could tell she wanted some attention off of me. I think of writing a sign that says free hugs, or get something that says that on my phone and hold it up In Front of her.
    7. 10-25-14 Wes Anderson cultists

      by , 10-25-2014 at 10:24 PM
      There was a satanic cult that operated in a small rural community close to where I live. Their order of ceremonies insisted that at each service the members of the society must watch Wes Anderson's film "Fantastic Mr. Fox". It was a requirement. Not a single service went by without a screening of it. I remember thinking to myself, "This should make some awesome trivia on the movie's page on IMDb. Those cultists must know that movie inside and out! I wonder why it's so important to them."

      This blond-haired boy gymnast was hanging upside down by his feet in a gym. He was wearing some tight-fitting athletic garb that looked sort of like a speedo. Then this girl came up to him and started kissing him. She also kissed him in some of his more private places. It was embarrassing.

      Then I was sitting in possibly the coolest room I've ever been in in a dream. It had an extremely low ceiling, so that I had to bend over even when I was sitting cross legged on the floor. Everything was made of wood and painted black. The only light came from the ceiling which was covered in these glowing, multicolored geometric designs. They looked sort of like Indian henna art, and it covered the whole ceiling and sort of swirled around.

      Then that same girl that had kissed the blond boy came in through a trap door in the floor. She sort of started flirting with me. She mentioned that sweethearts like to lie on their backs together and watch the ceiling as the designs swirled around. She also mentioned several times that she just wanted to "eat me up".

      I was driving down a busy interstate at about 80 mph very late at night. I was going around a big turn in the road. I was passing people right and left, so I was having to swerve a lot. Nobody's tail lights seemed to be working, so I just had to guess at where they were. It was freaky.

      My family and I were shopping at Walmart. My mom forbade me to ever use DreamViews again. I protested that it helped me in learning how to lucid dream and I had a dream journal there. But she forbade it. So I left a notice on the site that I wouldn't be posting anymore, and deleted my account.

      Hagrid from Harry Potter was standing by what looked like a laundry or garbage shoot. He shouted, "All aboard for Hogwarts!" Then Professor McGonagall appeared carrying about five little kids in her arms. They all yelled in delight, "Yaaay!! YaaaaY!!! We're all going to HOGWARTS!!!" Then she shoved them down the shoot. She started laughing and said, "oh, they're so cute! Bless them! They wanted to go to Hogwarts, and we sent them there!"
    8. 8/12, 8/15, 8/23 Good Waking Memory Tested ; Women's Shower ; Shorter LDs

      by , 08-24-2014 at 06:23 AM
      August 23rd 2013 - Focused on RRC during the day. I have been slacking off on my daytime practices and it has been showing.
      11+ 410 At some function related to my #business with a #tall #sexy #Asian colleague. Another tall sexy Asian woman is there relating some mnemonic device that is supposedly commonly used to remember some rule related to the business. She stands close to me and I say that I always tease my colleague about how tall she is (false memory)...I guess I should tease you as well! I look at her face more closely and say "Damn you're gorgeous!" #boldness .. She really likes that and moves closer to me #flirting back. She calls someone on her cell phone and makes arrangements for us to go to some house together. Something about her kids who she's leaving behind tonight. We are now #driving to this house supposedly when she #disappears and some tracking device tracks her to...underneath the car! (I literally get goose bumps recollecting this detail while I write this during WBTB.) / let's take some pictures! #GirlFriday and her first pictures feature some under boob cleavage. I'm even so bold #boldness to touch the cleavage suggesting that I am semi lucid. I take some other pictures including a shot down from the top of her. / coach M and his wife A at some fundraiser giveaway event. I found them when I went inside the auditorium. There were other people there that I knew or I had a false memory of knowing. Possibly J's mom "J" - my son's old classmate's mom. I also have a bunch of stuff that I got from the giveaway and I see my eldest brother in law outside heading to his car with some stuff and I realize it's a good opportunity do not have to carry all this stuff. Someone like J comments on where am I going to put all that stuff in my house and I realize I have enough junk already. / *I wake up from the dream wishing that I had cut some of those details and became lucid but my dreaming mind threw me a little help in the next dream. I get a call from coach M it was featured at last dream and he asks me where I am. I tell him I'm on one of the main streets in the town where he lives and I am walking. I'm almost to such and such street. He says ok meet me in five minutes at the corner of X Street. When I get down to that intersection it becomes a dead end and it is not supposed to and at the same time I noticed there's a party at the house on the left and I can hear my friends voice, J from up north 90 minutes from here. I'm already suspicious and semi lucid to hear him here when I'm supposed to meet coach M. Logic tries to tell me that it may just be someone that sounds like J. So I look around in one of the rooms and sure enough there is sitting J. I say out loud this is a dream and he looks at me funny but I immediately start thinking about my goals. I remember reviewing DutchRaptors goals to test your lucidity and felt that the only ones that I hadn't tried specifically before were the week four goals. I thought about a future event and when I thought about this when I read the goals I couldn't think of any big events coming up even during the day! But then I thought of one. During the dream I thought of a completely different one coming up this coming Thursday. I named what it was (the one at 8:30am not 6pm). I've then thought about what I do during the day which was one of his other goals or tests. And I was able to name that exactly. I start losing the dream here. 193 But I think it may have just been the end of REM. / *earlier I had a super short lucid in which I was in a false awakening and I could hear my son making gasping sounds and I am running down the hall frantically looking for him to try to help him assuming he's choking or something. The scene goes dark on me and I realize that I'm dreaming and I calm down and realize that there's nothing to worry about, that my son should be just fine. I wake up. 192 / I have lots of dreamlets that go, on average, about 10 seconds each - full scenes and all and one of them feature
      2 sexy Asian girls like in my first dream but not tall and these two are twins in matching black dresses. As you can see I like women from all over the world! My only type is feminine and sexy!

      Quick notes 8/12 & 8/15 short LDs

      8/15 I am in a community shower setting like in a gym and I see this short Asian woman little heavy set naked walking in front of me semi-lucid. I feel as if I become lucid as I step into a big shower room with lots of naked women various ages I only notice attractive ones but not sure if that's just my focus. I can feel my thing swinging between my thighs and I reach for it and it is a good size
      Spoiler for X-Rated:
      I have a great time. I do it in a sexy way it seems and it is a lot of fun! I wa
      ke up to my alarm, smiling! 191

      8/12 scene turns dark...I fly slowly forward...hard to tell if actually flying. I just keep moving forward. 190
    9. 7/30/14 Sensei's Competition Night 3; 2 DILDs, Beautiful Office Girl, Few Points

      by , 07-30-2014 at 07:23 PM
      7/30 11-130 dream related to dream tracking and DJ / discussing how I will use alarm app with developer and when starting / beach town & hills / 4-430 wbtb LD! Office rolling stool - I am pushing this short rectangular stool on its rollers around some office halls. A lady is rolling her chair as well ahead of me but is a little bit slow and I make a move to go around her. The direction I went was a little bit of a long way so I have to speed up to make it worth it haha. At some point I realize that I'm making it hard on myself pushing this short stool around and I just pick it up and it is quite light. There's this beautiful brunette lady that tells me to grab one of these other kinds of chairs as well. I ask her if she is here to help me get set up in my office. I look closely at her face and feeling bold I tell her that her eyes are beautiful and I have one of my boldness initiated lucids that I was having commonly a few months back and I was reading about in my dream journal last night when I was looking to see thedifferent things I did when I would hit a little dry streak. Anyway, I told her this is a dream and you and I can have sex right here in the middle of the office all right now. I realize that I should be doing my first step for the competition and I'm trying to remember what it is and I finally think of mass telekinesis even though that was actually step 2. I feel the dream going dark not unlike the void but I don't think it was a DEILD and I just remain patient to stabilize and the sounds start coming back up and it sounds like I'm in the same place with lots of people around talking but when I look up expecting to see the beautiful brunette I get sidetracked and I get ready to pull my junk out and I look up and see my nephew and leave my junk covered. I think about doing one of my challenges to lucidity but decided to move on and went around the corner. I saw a black haired guy and thought maybe I can change him into the beautiful brunette in the hall (inspired by CanisLucidus' technique to summon Dreamer). I did my circular hand movement in front of his face that I planned to do for another task - not unlike a wizard or witch might do - and I get changes with each try. The first two times he just looks like a different guy but the third time he looks like a cute if somewhat tomboyish brunette girl with short hair. I hope this counts for some points because I didn't get many points going here. I start to refocus on my competition goals but perhaps I should have kept doing something at the same time because I fade gently back to bed and thought maybe I could re-enter the dream but I found myself fully waking up and ended up having to get up after running through the dream in my head to lock it into memory just in case. / record player playing a recording of something that I didn't want played related to a mistake at work. I was trying to carefully move the record needle to a different place on the record but the lever that you would normally put your finger on was very small and it was difficult to pick it up for fear of scratching the record. / ~645 sex with AB - I'm in an upstairs bedroom talking to AB from work and as I walk out of the room and start heading down the stairs I realize that she was looking at me in a flirty way...I'm dreaming...I decided to go back up the stairs into the room and she had already removed all her clothes. I asked her if she was touching with herself and she bashfully said yes. I reach down there and she is moist. We fool around quite a bit and I am getting ready to stick it in her mouth when I wake up. Possibly a false awakening as I don't remember doing an RC before going into my next dream. / dream discussing an idea for dehydrating then reconstitute for easier delivery (nothing related to my field of work).

      Clearly I am letting sex get in the way of my plan for getting some points in the competition. Recall is improved with some lucids in between.
    10. Quite Fun, Vivid Semi-Lucid

      by , 07-29-2014 at 05:26 PM
      This is a semi-lucid I'd say...quite fun and vivid...from a few nights ago (not during competition). I was going to save it to tag in my next LD DJ entry but it seems to deserve it's own space anyway.

      7/26/14 I have roommates and one of them is a woman or a woman is over and she goes to take a shower and leaves the bathroom door wide open. I go in there planning to check her out if I take some pictures I can see her naked body move past the doorway and I set up and feel kind of heavy. I end up laying down on the floor and she comes out and catches me in the bathroom with her but she kind laughs it off. seeing her demeanor I decide to be more bold and I ask her if I can take some pictures of her and she says no but smiles and I caress her naked body and tell her how beautiful and sexy she is. It seems like I suggest that we should make love. I don't remember the transition. At some point we are walking outside towards her real house but now she is a guy. After walking away as she turns around she's wondering if she passed her house and I am wondering how it is that she could forget where her house is. I asked her wasn't that your house while you were
      taking a shower and she says no I just took a shower there because it's more comfortable the one at my house is something I can't remember what she said. At some point we hop on a train that i estimate that we ride for about 10 minutes at night all riding on top of the train I see a jet come down at a sharp angle and I am amazed and pointed it out. When we get off the Train I seem to have the understanding that we are in the eastern part of Los Angeles. I tell him this is a bad part of town so be careful. We walk past and in between some people that look homeless hanging out on the side of the street but make it through okay. Also when we hopped off the train we landed right behind it and I was worried it may go back the other way and if it starts rolling right away we gotta get out of the way. I even suggested maybe we should get back on the train in case it takes us back. I also did math during the dream suggesting that we were probably travelling at
      about 50 miles per hour on the train for about 10 minutes so I said 50 miles per hour divided by 60 minutes in an hour would put it somewhere close to 10 miles away or slightly less although it seemed like in the dream maybe it was a 20 minute train ride and I was estimating close to 20 miles away. We talked about whether or not it would be worth getting a taxi. Third person said some taxis will take us that far, some will not. Then I guess we are in Las Vegas instead and three of us now decided we can have fun in Las Vegas now since we're going to go there later anyway. We thought there are lots of fun things we could do full of debauchery. We go to some kind of gentleman's club where you get a wristband for entry. You go up into this tunnel entrance where you go into the main club with an announcement kind of like when basketball players come through the tunnel at an NBA game with lights and a big announcement and everything. We seem to be on a moving
      walkway and there are beautiful performer women all around. One looks kind of young she is in a bikini. I comment to the other guys she doesn't look like she could be more than 14! One of the guys says ewww (gross). We go down to the floor of the club and there doesn't seem to be a lot of people yet, maybe too early in the evening. One of the guys decides to go out through the exit so we can go back through that fancy entrance again. One of the security or bouncers looks at us funny as we go out through the exit. As it go back up into the entrance it looks like they recognized us as the guys that just came through. Been on a separate entrance and then there is some kind of different announcement like we've been discovered going back through the entrance again. Instead of slow-moving trip through that tunnel with all of the fanfare instead descendants through 1 at a time and the ramp drops off steeply to where we slide down to the Club floor 1 at a time.
      Wen i get to the bottom I play it off instead of being embarrassed we're trying not to look embarrassed I start jumping really high. I am jumping up very high notes lot of fun and I am hitting the ceiling tiles a couple of times. Then we make a way out the tub again I think because we had to and I was trailing behind a little bit first two guys get gathered up by the exit and they're doing something with the wristbands living the wristbands on but putting like taper around it and marking the wristbands so we can't use them to come back in anymore. But they seem to have forgotten about me and I make my way towards the exit past several guys don't look at me like they are not sure if I'm one of three. Wen i get to exit one guy asks who are you with and I kind of motions at myself like oh just me here by myself. I asked him if there is any places to eat nearby or he suggests Round Table Pizza. I cross the street and there is this light skinned black woman
      with a cute baby in her arms. (She reminds me of the baby I saw last night at the grocery store IWL.) the pizza place looks like it has just now been closed up as a woman is coming out of the door and turning the keys to lock the door. I continue down to my left an area that looks more like a European town. Down a set of stairs looks like kind of the food court and all the places are closed there are maybe 6 to 8 places to eat, all closed. But I hear some arcade sounds and I see a door open. I think for a moment about calling my two friends I got separated from on the phone but I dismiss it for some reason. I look down into the Arcade it's kind of dark and I dont see anyone inside I look back out the entrance and back down and something makes me think of a dream or that this is a dreamlike scenario but I don't recall coming to the exact conclusion that I'm dreaming. Anyway I go down into the Arcade and there is
      this wonderful large contraption but its like a huge mechanical mermaid and it is on in a swimming motion like a fish or mermaid. There are curtains around it & I go up and down the length of it checking it out. The room ends towards the head of the mermaid and I go back the other way and I am fascinated by this contraption that I guess is some kind of old mechanical arcade item that you to put in a few quarters to watch it go. I head down towards the tail and there's another door in a dark hallway with lots of curtains. I decide not to go down that way.
      When it's time to go out of the Arcade it was like the arcade was down some stairs but instead of going up the stairs I find myself climbing out of the arcade and having trouble climbing over the mermaid machine. I woke up while crawling out.
    11. #2. Attempting to Flirt Using a Printer, #3. Hiking in a Suburban Area

      by , 06-04-2014 at 01:43 AM
      Two pretty long and continuous dreams like back in the day (versus my usual very broken up and short scene dreams of late).

      In bed: 12:00 AM - 7:45 AM

      #2. I. 4:30 AM

      I am with my mom out somewhere in a building. It is for an appointment of some sort. She has to be there too though for her own appointment or something versus for mine. We find out that I donít have to be there until that evening. I decide that instead of wasting time here all day, that Iíll go back to my older sisterís until later. I am happy at the chance to be on my own.

      I head out and am walking along a dirt road that is some walking trail somewhere that I seem to be taking home. As I am walking, there are a bunch of low branches that cross the trail that I have to duck under and dodge around. On the bottoms of some of them, there are small webs that I get caught on and have to knock off of me. Eventually, I reach further ahead where there is a signpost on the left side of the road by some trees. My sister is with me now, I guess she was waiting there at the signpost. We go to the signpost which is the kind with a glass screen on the front with items slid behind it. We apparently put a lot of photos back here and are coming back to get them. She reaches into the signpost pulling out different photos, all of them really old from the past when we were younger.

      We play this old video that we also find here showing an old family friendís husband trying to take pictures of us and the rest of the family. He is having a lot of difficulty with the big camera that he is holding though for some reason. Eventually someone that was standing waiting to be taking in the picture walks over to help him.

      I am just getting back home finally (earlier in the dream, I seemed to be going to my sisterís, but this seems to be my brotherís place). My brother calls me as I am getting in. He is on the train on the way back. I am in the living room of the place which is relatively small but a bit long. I go to a corner of the room where there is a beanbag chair and sit in it. There is also some sort of seating along the wall to my right and one high up behind me. While I am on the phone with my bro, one of his roommates comes in from another part of the home. It is a friend of mine from school in one of the same clubs as I. He is folding clothes in the room. My bro has just gotten back from a MTG event. MTG has changed a lot and is saying that it is definitely improved. He arrives back at the place, and we play a game of MTG on the folding table (that we used have two of that we ate on sometimes). The game plays more like Pokemon now. As we are playing, I notice this weird bug on the floor to my right that seems to be pulling a piece of trash or something along those lines, thatís almost completely covering up the bug.

      I am still in the room and a few other guys have passed through in the meantime including an old friend from high school. The dude from earlier is still in here. At a certain point, four girls are walking through the room as if this was a parking lot for a moment. As in the walls seemed to have been gone or something, and they walk in and keep walking as if just walking through the area. However, they stop while in the room and one of them knows me and sees me. She looks like an old TA but they call her by a different name for some reason. She and they are very flirty. There is a Carly and a Sam among them, one of the girls referring to Carly by the shorter Car. I want to hit back at them specifically at the TA look-alike but want to do it cleverly. They are walking very slowly, one of them talking with someone in the room. There is a printer on the other side of the room on a table. I scramble to type up a message in a word document to print it at the computer before they get there so they see it, read it, and laugh. I rush look up constantly to see if itís too late. Eventually, I print it and watch and wait, but they donít end up seeing it for some reason and leave the room. Around this point, my old friend from high school is just waking up or something and apparently has been on the seating behind me behind the beanbag this whole time which totally surprises me as I forgot or something.

      I am in room in the place, and my niece is talking to me. I seem to be getting ready for something and I am going into the closet to choose what clothes to wear.

      #3. II. 6:40 AM

      I am with a bunch of friends, and we drive to the store. In the parking lot, we all sit in the backseat of the car, ten of us somehow fitting. The wind is blowing nicely as we sit there and just enjoy ourselves. It is nice and warm and relaxing. Apparently, the car is sitting at a gas station. My RA is in the driverís seat. We watch as this car pulls in out of control and crashes into a short pillar slightly. He wasnít going very fast so it wasnít a bad crash, but just a bumping probably leaving a slight dent. We are worried he is crazy, so my RA pulls off to be safe. He drives up to the street, and we wait to turn out to the right. When traffic is clear, he turns right sort of more so continues onto the median then starts turning to the left so he can move to the lane going to the left relative to the parking lot.

      I am out somewhere in a slightly outdoor, slightly suburban area. I am with a group of people still. We are sort of hiking if it can be called hiking in this terrain. There is a bunch of random objects and things to walk on out here placed into the grass, and we are following a path through sometimes walking up the slopes and such. There is a girl in front of me that I donít know. Apparently, this group of people is all people from my hiking club. We are all discussing ideas for how we could have out of state trips, some people talking about whether theyíve been out of state before. I start talking to the girl in front of me about it mentioning that Iíve only been out of state on trips in the southeast. Apparently out of state just means CA in this sense. We start talking about other things. She mentions that she is a freshmen and asks me for advice regarding computer science as she is doing that as well. I ask her what class she took last quarter and she says the one that I also have taken that is the first in the series but is optional. I tell her I did the same thing and that that is totally ok versus skipping straight to the next one in the series.

      I am in a store with the same people. We are waiting to kill some time, and move towards a better area to wait that is on the other side of where we currently are. Mr. A (a teacher at a high school that I've volunteered at) takes this moment to return our chemistry quizzes also handing us a paper and pen so that we can write down any comments or questions that we have when we look over our quizzes. He hands me back mine, and I see I got 103% getting extra credit somewhere, seeing my score is something over something, the bottom not being 100 and the top being larger slightly. Mr. A starts going around to each person to see if they have questions. When he gets to me, I express my satisfaction with my great grade, but I explain that chemistry isnít my major but maybe I should switch or something. He responds with along the lines that I shouldnít be too hasty then he gets some binder to show us this cool compound that breaks expectations of how it would act because it has a bunch of atoms that should want to push away from each other, but donít.

      I get back home before anyone else somehow. I am up on the second floor of this place which I can tell since the window is still open even though it is dark now. I realize that I am missing my phone. I go to my computer so that I can signal flare and figure out where I left it. I track it right as the others are pulling up in the driveway. The flare points to the intersection of two streets and turn my head, so that I can read both. It is the intersection of a street called East and then another street. I realize that it is right outside where the car is meaning that it must be in the car. At this point, the others have entered the house by now. As I am heading out of the room to go search the car for my phone, my brother enters the room carrying my phone which he brought up for me which I thank him for.

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      non-lucid , memorable
    12. Listening to music, hot schoolgirl, cod-like game

      by , 08-17-2013 at 07:06 PM (The Redeeming Dreamer)

      Dream 1:

      I was in a video game. It was a game that was kind of like a combination of CoD: MW3 and Mount and Blade. I was playing multiplayer with some people. I was an arab trying to kill other arabs on another team to get to a point on their side of the map. The map was also a desert-themed maze thing.

      Dream 2:

      My dad and I were on my computer at home. We were both listening to music on it. I was listening to music apparently made by Michael from Vsauce, who was pen-named something to do with feminism. My dad said "I don't like that music. Let's listen to something else." I then put on some rock, possibly Breaking Benjamin.

      Dream 3:

      I was in the school I go to. I was in Italian class, where I was talking to S. C., a girl from actual school in that class. She was flirting with me and stuff. We made a lot of eye contact and she looked cute. I also saw Ty in that class, who is also in the actual class in real life. I might have been talking to her, too. The period ended and I went to my next class.
      I went to a science class, probably biology. I didn't actually go into the room, I just looked into it. I went to my Global History class from last year. I found some teacher I didn't know about and some other students. One of them was Ka, from the real school. The teacher said school was over, and I thought it must have been a half day. The dream ends there.

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    13. Stuff

      by , 01-10-2013 at 10:53 AM (Tales from the sun chaser.)
      I remember seeing a huge ladybug type spider a few days back.

      Yesterday there was some girl who was about to have sex wih me. She was on top of me and I pulled my dick out. She started grinding against it to make it harder. Oh and there was some hardcore sex going on on the next room.

      I was watching some show where a guy set off some gas explosion and was running down the street to avoid it.

      Then I'm. Talking to two girls. Totally sexy with anime type proportions, but all natural. Anyways they get down to their bathing suits and I'm about to talk to the redhead. Some guy stops me, and I'm like "okay are you going to?" and he says no. So I'm like whatever and I head over there. We were talking earlier but it's a whole different ball game with the way she's looking now.

      I was near some stadium and I found a really good rail to skate. I jumped on it a couple of times.
    14. Potions, Potions, and Alarms

      by , 12-23-2012 at 02:35 PM

      (I really should have caught this one, in fact I think I did but just ignored it )
      Anyways I was in the dream walking around my school with my friends from gym, S, I, and M. As we were walking around I saw several potions left on the imaginary counters around the school. I think I drank them all but I don't remember what they did up until the last one which was a potion to increase flirting ability. So of course my dream self drank it and I tested it out on M. Sadly to no avail. Anyways the dream continued with my failing attempts to flirt possibly distracted by S. We kept walking along until we reached the only carpeted area in the school. We did something there I don't remember what, and then an alarm went off. I immediately noticed that the alarm sounded much different than before and thought that it much be serious. I got outside and some buses were leaving so we thought that we could just leave before the end of the day. I ended up getting a ride from my friends from my church and we discussed how weird the previous events were.
    15. Middle School Cafeteria and I need to get to an Airport

      by , 12-22-2012 at 03:15 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Middle School Cafeteria (Non-lucid)


      All I recall is that I'm sitting with familiar people in Middle school in the cafeteria, and they were talking about some random people and what they thought about them.


      Need to Get to Airport (Non-lucid)

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