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    1. [09-02-2018]

      by , 02-09-2018 at 07:00 PM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      Narrow escape

      I was some woods. The weather was extremely foggy, all the trees in the forest had no leaves and it was cold, probably a mid-autumn day. It was a deciduous forest composed mostly of beech and hornbeam trees. I was there with a group of people, we were trying to get inside a rundown shed. I thought that it was a horrible idea to seek shelter in that ruin, but I wasn't exactly sure if that was our goal. We were attacked by undead, a group of zombies ran at us and we had to fight them. We had only knives at our disposal but backing up each other we managed to defend ourselves. Curiously, the undead attacked only a moving person. Undead seemed somewhat oblivious of my presence. Suddenly a carriage appeared behind us and several trees disappeared, opening a path to leave the forest. I jumped up on it with two other travellers that weren't a part of our group. Two knights, they were arguing. One called another a cancer. We drove out of the forest.

      Game Engine Test

      I launched a game engine and appeared on a test level as a game character. It was dark, but thinking about how I should've disabled several broken effects I brought back lights. The room I was in was covered with shiny metal plates. Suddenly the engine test turned into "Half-Life" game. I received a crossbow and sneaked around, trying to shoot down alien grunts.


      I was at some party and was about to leave. All the people were formally dressed. I've met several people I haven't seen in a long while, one of my pals asked me if I had time to help her with something. I thought "As usual...", and said that I won't be able to help her this time. I left the entry hall and moved to another room, where I met my old teacher. She asked me something which I couldn't quite make out, she seemed really angry. "Excuse me, what?" - I asked, she smiled and said that I've made a lot of progress since the last time we met.
    2. [06-05-2016]

      by , 05-06-2016 at 08:14 AM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      First dream

      I was in my house. It was late evening, I was working on a history essay til midnight. Next day in school, that crone of history teacher didn't even wanted to check our essays and wanted to make an exam instead.

      Second dream

      I was a writer, writing a story for a horror movie. I've written about a zoo with deadly, mutated animals. The complex has closed down for some reason and nobody was able to leave. The only way led through crocodile pens. A group tried to escape, while manager stayed to wait until the way is open again. The group was eaten quickly by mutants, while manager was still inside, playing hide and seek with them. As I was writing, I could see everything like in a movie.

      Third dream

      Dark late evening. With my sister we were carving something in vegetables for a big party that she was organizing. I carved out some letters, as she wasn't able to carve properly. Then we were out of fruits and vegetables, so she left to get some. I waited and waited, a few people entered the house and told me about some horrors incoming. I noticed that doors were taken out of their hinges. I went outside and stood on stairs, watching as ominous fog was getting closer. I decided to put doors back on their hinges, but when I touched them, bought turned into day and fog disappeared. Them sister came back with others and I had to help them bring furniture inside. Next day I was working with father in his workshop, but then siblings with pals and a girl from Finland that once stayed with us when I was in a student exchange a few years ago. We were talking and laughing.

      Fourth dream

      I was wandering a city, heading to hospital to get some important papers from doctor. I noticed a woman really similar to my previous teacher, and she was heading to hospital too. Crossing the road I heard someone calling me, it was my sister with her classmates. We went to hospital, but there was enormous crowd and no one was able to get to a doctor. I decided to take my car and drive to her house. It was raining, doctor lived in a village inside a jungle and had a cottage made of bamboo. I entered it as doors were open and looked at a desk. At first I looked at ringing phone and saw that my mother was calling. Then I found my papers on bamboo desk. Research showed that I'm not a male, but a female. My body started shifting and I woke up.


      I was back at drivers license course, driving around a city. I talked with someone who said that I have only an hour of driving left.
    3. 1/4/2016

      by , 04-01-2016 at 08:14 AM
      1) I was in the dining room of my childhood house (again!) talking to a colleague(?) who handed me a wallet belonging to another doctor. I felt that there was something seriously wrong and felt something evil about the wallet. It fell to the floor and seemed to move by itself, I started to feel very uneasy. I phoned the doctor who owned it, no answer so I left a message. Then things started to get very strange. Things were moving around on the floor. The wallet jumped at me. I was stood in the corner and started to feel freezing cold, I could see my breath. I turned around and asked the person with me what was going on. We both knew that a very evil presence was with us, it turned into a nightmare. I was breathing very fast and woke up.

      2) Driving down a road came to a big dip in the ground that was full of thick fog. Drove into it very slowly, with bright headlights on I could only just see enough to crawl through very slowly. Came up the other side and went for a walk in some woodland. Had to drive back through. The fog was clearer now and I could see more and got through more easily.

      - set off for work this morning and immediately hit a thick fog bank - strange
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    4. I finally HAD A LUCID DREAM! And then the anticlimactic day that followed.

      by , 08-24-2015 at 06:21 AM (Awake to take in the view...)

      So it's been years - seriously - since I've had a lucid dream that lasted for more than a second or two. Until two nights ago.

      I discovered lucid dreaming on my own, and it was incredible. Mine were never super vivid - like they always felt hazy - but they did happen quite often, and I could always fly. My sleep cycle as a kid and teenager was really screwed up, mainly because OCD and insomnia kept me up late into the night, and I had to wake up early for school and such.

      But then I started taking melatonin nightly, and lived a more regular albeit hectic schedule. On one hand, this was awesome, because I slept and felt better. But I also slept deeply. To the point where my dreams became less vivid, and in the rare event I would become conscious, I would be so exhausted that I'd just let myself become unconscious again. When you only have 4 or 5 hours to sleep...suffice it to say that isn't very good for lucid dreaming.

      I have been fighting to get back to where I used to be, and I want my dreams to be more vivid, too! My efforts have finally been paying off.

      So, the dreams from two nights ago! This night was the first effective MILD I've done. I basically told myself "I'm dreaming" until I fell asleep.

      The lucid one! : I was standing amongst mountains, in a pine forest. It looked like I was on a lower part of a mountain, but a mountain indeed. There were a lot of people around, and a parking lot - seemed like a national park of some sort - and there were lots of tall mountains around me. We seemed to be on a cliff as well. I managed to realize I was lucid pretty quickly. I think it was because I realized I could fly! I was with my brother, and I yelled in excitement something along the lines of "WE'RE DREAMING!" I did upside-down pull-ups on the railing and all sorts of things, and I felt weightless. It was fantastic, and more vivid than I'm used to, too.

      It was also foggy. Very foggy. I could see around me, but off the side of the cliff everything was mostly obscured by fog.

      I decided to explore this building which seemed to be built into the mountain. Inside the building, there were towels everywhere, and a bunch of secret passageways. My brother came along with me. I happened to stumble upon a bathroom, and as I entered, I heard this gasp and saw a blurry reflection of a girl through some glass. All skin, maybe a shower cap? I don't remember! She must've just finished taking a shower or something. It looked like someone else was in there, too, but I couldn't tell. I figure the reason she gasped was because I accidentally walked in on her!

      Aaaaaaand then I woke up. -_- But hey! I had a lucid dream for the first time in YEARS! Hard work pays off. I know this now. I hope this can continue into the school year. I don't want nights where I only sleep 3 or 4 hours anymore. I never liked those. I will do my best to improve on my time management so I won't have to (hopefully). I will do everything that I can.

      Note to self: the reality check of whether or not I can fly is seeming to be more effective than checking my watch or my phone. But we will see.

      Other, non-lucid dreams...

      - For some reason, I had to move in with the parents of a friend of mine who lives in Nevada. I felt really lonely, even though they were really nice and friendly.
      - Another friend of mine (who ironically knows the first friend) was with me in this glass house that overlooked the city below. There were a bunch of paintings kids had done, and they were sitting and drying on the floor. The floor was glass so you could see down below. We were probably just a few stories into the air. The city lights below were actually quite beautiful. If only I had become lucid during this one. That city would've been fascinating to explore.
      - Apparently, some girl, younger than me, kissed me on the neck. I have essentially zero recollection of this one, but that's what it says in my dream journal. I actually do think she may have been blonde with blue eyes. But I don't remember any kissing...
      - Another friend (yep, another! who happens to know the first two, I think!) was riding in this car or carriage or something. He was really famous, but he stopped to say hi. I was in a really crowded street, if I recall correctly.

      But then the next night, I experienced zero lucidity, and I think I fell asleep when I was trying to write down a dream. Thus, the only notes I have are "Stormy and rain outside - some papers wet."

      Very anticlimactic to the previous night beforehand, which was a shame because the prior night had been so captivating. Oh well. I tried sleeping in since I had nothing going on until church in the afternoon, but I couldn't sleep. I just laid there and felt wide awake. So I just watched We Bare Bears on YouTube instead. Wham!
    5. [Semi-lucid] The fog; Reunion

      by , 06-18-2015 at 02:44 PM (Snehk's Dreamlands)

      I was kinda semi-lucid - I could controll all my moves and plan them, though I didn't knew it was a dream. It was dark and cold evening. I was walking down a street. Everything was covered with dense fog. I looked around, searching for something to do. Suddenly I saw a weird, red car without roof with a blonde girl sitting inside. I turned back and went away, when suddenly everything went black.

      Second dream

      It was cold evening. I was in an old, ruined manor with some random DCs that were acting like my family. They were arguing about something, and everyone left annoyed. Only I have stayed, alone in the old manor.
    6. Two Nagas (FA-DILD-DEILD)

      by , 02-28-2015 at 01:31 AM
      Ritual: WTB 2:30am, after a little over four hours of sleep I strap the vibrating alarm to my wrist, set for 35 minutes. When it goes off it wakes me very definitely. I lay still and try to DEILD but can feel that REMA is broken. Turn down vibration strength to minimum, note time at 7:20am, and try again... same result. Remove alarm and go to sleep normally. Next time I wake up, try again with better success... at the time thought it was DEILD but realize now it must have actually been a DILD because I was not in my WL bed, so it must have been FA rather than real waking.

      DILD-DEILD: I wake up and remember not to move. I am lying on my right side, but I am in a bed in my grandmother's house. Momentarily I wonder why I am there, but "remember" that I am visiting her. Oddly, in retrospect it feels like my lengthwise orientation—the directions my head and feet were respectively pointing—was also the opposite from how I sleep WL, and that the bed was on the opposite wall, sort of like the whole room was a mirror image of my WL bedroom. But since everything was in the same relative position to everything else, I'm not sure where that feeling came from.

      I try to DEILD and at first I'm convinced I'm physically moving but REMA seems intact so I relax and explore my sensory awareness. Finally I just start to rock back and forth, until I feel confident enough in my dream body to get out of bed. The door to the hall is open, and on the other side I can see the living room, lit up by a Christmas tree with beautiful golden lights. I know it is my grandmother's house in Texas and don't realize that she hasn't lived there for years.

      My awareness is fairly low all around and I don't recall my tasks either. Aimlessly I go outside and spontaneously a magnificent chestnut horse canters up to me, already saddled. I used to ride a lot in Texas so it is probably the result of mental association. I caress the shoulder of the horse and put my left foot in the stirrup, barely able to reach that high as the animal is quite tall. I start to pull myself up and into the saddle but I lose my balance and get "stuck" with my right leg halfway over. I waver there with my left leg in the stirrup and my right in mid-air, somehow unable to complete the movement. Finally I force it with an act of will and get astride the horse, but it doesn't feel right, the proportions are all wrong. The mental dissonance wakes me (although I am now convinced this too was an FA).

      FA(?): On waking, I review the dream and recognize my mental error in thinking that I had been visiting my grandmother's old house and that it was Christmas-time, but I thought I was at least correct in the position of the tree, and remembered seeing in that spot one year. Now that I am fully awake, I have my doubts even about this: my "remembered" layout of the house was all wrong, and I don't think I ever even visited at Christmas time.

      DILD-DEILD: I didn't think REMA had broken yet so I tried to DEILD again, and there were some ambiguous successes that I don't recall well (I still suspect the whole thing was a DILD, and that even most of the "transitions" occurred entirely within the dream state).

      At some point I am back in my WL house, and I open the front door to go outside. After the stunt on the horse I wonder if the door will impede my progress and, probably in response to my thought, I discover that after I open the first door panel there is still a second one to go through, but I try not to cause unnecessary obstacles for myself and go through the second door easily.

      It is very foggy in the front yard, and it is also a wide grassy area with scattered trees rather than a busy suburban street. The fog is making everything vague so I go for the tried and true, "Clarity now!" I shout it a few times and the dream responds, a bit sarcastically overdoing it. Now everything is too sharp, almost pixellated. I can see white and black birds with incredible definition in their pattern and plumage, but the focus is too sharp to look comfortably real. This is preferable to the earlier fogginess, however, so I go along with it.

      As so often, I start instinctively singing as I explore the landscape. My voice is somewhat annoying this time, high-pitched and overly sweet, and there's nothing especially beautiful or memorable about the melodies I'm coming up with. It sounds like the sort of singing you'd hear in a mediocre mid-century musical. But I stick with it, hoping I can use it to influence the dream.

      The landscape is pleasantly pastoral in all directions now. I am walking in an open meadow, and there are scattered trees here and there. I can't see any other figures, and I decide things would be more interesting if I could interact with a DC, so I decide to request one. I sing something about the "view," and then in the next line ask the dream to "send someone to talk to..." — and hesitate, having botched the lyrics. If I could end the with line "to you," it would have proper meter and rhyme, but obviously I wanted the DC to come talk "to me," so I tack the word "me" awkwardly onto the end of the line. It sounds so stupid that I break character and laugh at myself.

      I give up on the singing and make my request again with a simple act of will. This works much better, and at once I can see a woman—of a sort—approaching me. She has a human torso but the lower part of her body is that of a large serpent, like a naga, and she resembles Medusa in having snake-like strands instead of hair. While I contemplate her unusual appearance, a second such creature shows up at her side. The face of the second one is thinner, with high cheekbones, attractive even, and her snake-hair is asymmetrically coiffed like elaborate dreadlocks. I find her appearance so striking that I want to complement her.

      "I like your... arrangement." It comes out awkwardly because I realized mid-sentence that "hair" wasn't the right word and had to choose another one, but I'm not sure if she'll understand. "I mean your snakes," I explain hurriedly, hoping I'm not inadvertently being offensive by naming them as such. The naga I'm addressing studies me with a twisted expression, like she's not sure whether to be flattered or irritated.

      I converse with them for a few minutes but unfortunately I can't recall what we discussed. Then they ask me for a favor: will I go up that hill nearby and tell their father that they're working on the project? It sounds like an innocent request, but I sense that there is something sinister behind it. I suspect that this is a ploy to lure me into their encampment, where I will be taken captive. As I hesitate, pondering their motivations, I can actually feel the pressure of their minds against mine, like they are attempting to work a subtle enchantment to compel me to go. I lash back mentally, and they both recoil.

      Now the veneer of friendliness drops, and the two nagas become openly hostile. I don't feel like getting dragged into a fight, so I instinctively put an end to the situation. At the top of my voice I shout wordless syllables that sound like a whiplash or thunderclap—"Kuk-KAH!"—and clap my hands together at the same instant. The two nagas vanish into thin air. I am satisfied with how well that worked, but feel a faint pang of concern... I hope I didn't destroy them; I only meant to remove them from my presence!

      The dream ends at this point. I wake up and start report around 8:45am.
    7. Not lucid, but epic mecha war

      by , 09-06-2014 at 02:02 PM (Lucid Time!)
      I really had the cards stacked for a lucid last night. Went to bed at 9:30, attempted 3 WBTBs, all of them failures, and lets not forget the brute force autosuggestion.

      I can recall some dream where I in photoshop was retouching a photo of some beautiful woman standing on the beach at sunset.

      I can recall that there had been a house developed in the soccer feild by the middle school. I later discovered that, In fact there were a couple of small buildings homes connected by a dirt path. I was walking around them looking for my bike or something.
      I thought that the houses were abandoned, or waiting to be bought, but I eventually I found that there was a big group of people having a party inside one of the houses. A few of them came outside and nagged me about being on their property.

      But by far the best of what I can recall was a dream about a post-apocalyptic world. Me, A and some of my other friends were a part of a mech fighting corps. In this corps, there were squads of 5-10 pilots. Missions were often very difficult so an entire squad was needed. Also, every squad had a matching emblem and a unique coloration to their squad.
      Our squad, I think had a skull and crossbones emblem, and we all used an ice-blue digital camo best suited to missions in arctic. In fact, I think our squad had a reputation for our effectiveness in tundra and arctic missions.
      We geared up for our mission in a huge hangar bay. My mech was actually out for repairs, after having taken heavy damage on our last mission. A was injured and unable to pilot his. so I had to pilot A's mech. Our squad was deployed to a foggy mountain valley area, and from what I can recall it was only me and S, piloting his own mech. S was also the commander of our squad.
      I think that our last mission had involved heavy losses on the part of the squad, many of our members had been killed and/or had their mechs destroyed. But the nation we were working for was deploying the two of us out of desperation.
      I can recall our mechs walked for some time. A's mech that I was piloting was a medium weight design that could 'run'. It had huge missile racks on either side and two machine guns for back up. I can recall the machine guns were designed for long missions and had a large ammo stockades mounted on them. I was grumbling a little about the design choices in his mech, having been more used to my own custom design.
      We arrived at the rendezvous point. My view went into a 3rd person chase cam, like I was playing a video game. We were in a mountainous region with huge boulders and steep cliffs creating a maze of passages. There were rivers in the canyons, but they were shallow enough that our mechs could easily traverse them. It was foggy and visibility was low.
      Our mission is to defend a vital communication outpost from enemy forces. The outpost is a huge satellite dish based atop one of the mountains. There is also a large derelict concrete pyramid that used to function as a base and and had room for a single mech inside. I had 'flashbacks' to the early days of the war. Before entire squads of mechs were common. I had been one of the very first pilots, and I had been stationed at that pyramid structure.
      S went inside of it and explained that the concrete channeled his radar and he would be able to easily pick up incoming enemies.
      "You got two scouts coming from the east!"
      "We just got here!"
      I turn. The enemy has very simplistic mechs. I get the feeling their technology must not be as advanced as ours. I open fire, testing the weapon systems on A's mech. I make a note that the rocket pods do not carry much ammunition. Their armor sucks too, I tear them both apart with a few good hits.
      S calls out more enemies coming from another direction. I turn and see what I 'remember' being called accelerator tanks. They are large four wheeled vechiles with their wheels on long struts that can bend and compress thanks to springs and joints. They are designed to go fast, even in rugged environments like this. They do not however have very powerful weapons or thick armor. I dispatch them rather easily as well.
      S calls out more enemies. I turn back the way the first group came and see both enemy mechs and more accelerator tanks. I unleash a hail of missiles thinking this is their main force and take them down just as they come over a nearby hill.
      "Uh... we've got a problem..."
      I turn and look. Cresting a hill nearby are about three dozen enemy mechs and several more accelerator tanks. They open fire. I run behind the pyramid and S backs out of the hangar bay. His mech has some type of mortar weapon. Using the pyramid for cover, we are able to hold our own. The enemy is advancing on us, but just as it looks like we are about to turn the tide, there is a blinding flash of light and a huge explosion, knocking my mech over.
      I turn to see where S's mech once stood there is now just a pair of mechanical legs with burning stump atop them. A glowing plasma trail highlights the air. I follow it to see an advanced enemy mech, a huge six legged beast, painted all black with a massive rail gun mounted on top.
      My mech gets up and the rail gun resets and prepares to kill me. I'm already pinned by the enemy squad we were fighting, and am pretty much doomed to die by the hands of this enemy.
      Just as he is about to fire, an artillery round strikes him, causing him to miss. An allied squad of 8 or 9 custom mechs from our nation enters the fray. This squad has a red and orange camo and uses a yellow falcon with a gun in it's talons as their emblem. This is another squad, one that I 'remembered' being very famous. The commander of the comes on the radio, who I think was a female, and asks if I could use a hand with these guys. Of course, I say yes.
      What followed was a full on battle. Now I'll admit that the dream up until this point was pretty cool. But a 10v100 battle in ten story combat mechs. What could be cooler?! The battle was insane, and this red squadron is really good. Some of their mechs have these advanced laser weapons that are cleaving the enemy mechs in half and cutting their legs off and such. I am more than holding my own though, using the machine guns to take out as many as I can. I think I may have started to get too overly excited after awhile. I can remember the dream fading out to a chaotic crossfire of machine guns, rockets and lasers.

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    8. Entering the Fog

      by , 08-04-2014 at 02:04 PM
      Morning of August 4, 2014. Monday.

      I am on Loomis Street in La Crosse and it seems to be very late at night at first. Eventually there is the knowledge of an explosion to the east. Once again there is, for some reason, a focus on going east on Gillette Street (recently recurring only - though it did recur somewhat in dreams of around ages five to six as well).

      There is apparently a nuclear bomb dropped to the east, but it is only a “practice” one that is meant to implement data on some sort of social study. There is no actual danger. However, a very thick but white “cloud” or fog exists in the area east of where I am, stopping precisely at Loomis and Gillette, and it is supposedly very difficult to walk through, which seems relevant to the beginning “test” or “experiment”. Drivers of cars cannot see where they are going, either, other than fairly close to the car, and require bright headlights to see anywhere at all. There is the idea after I try to walk near the area, that it is probably unsafe to even attempt to go very far in the fog. I have an idea that cars may not successfully travel the street and beyond, either. So, the first time I plan on walking through, I change my mind, but I am ready to go through a short time later.

      Still, regardless of the problematic nature of maneuverability and lack of visual orientation, a number of people must get to work by walking. Many of them are Japanese and work in the same area at a fictional local business. Most do not seem that concerned about being able to get to where they are going. I eventually walk through the fog again, noticing a few other pedestrians in random locations, a couple of them even walking down the middle of the street. I experience an interesting perception as I enter and am able to find my way through without going off the side of the road. I am aware of an area that goes over a smaller bridge. I end up at an area that seems like some sort of resort and things can be seen a bit more clearly.

      In a way, I am surprised that I do not become lucid, especially as I had recently mentioned to my wife that, even though it is somewhat of a movie and television show cliché, certain types of dreams (especially in childhood) have had a mist rise from the ground or floor (but usually only several inches high). I am not sure if this is a “borrowed” cliché that is sometimes utilized by a particular dream state, or if it is just a natural feature of dream states in a metaphorical sense of some kind. As such, it has still never worked as a trigger for lucidity and always seemed a “normal” part of my dream environment in both inside and outside settings.

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    9. The Hilarity of my recurring DCs (Semi Lucid)

      by , 06-29-2014 at 11:36 PM (Lucid Time!)
      So me, Lia, Jack, and robot arm girl (Need a name for her) are vacationing on this tropical island. I remember seeing high, jagged cliffs and huge trees stretching hundreds of feet into the air. It was a magnificent island to be on.
      Unfortunately, we wouldn't be staying for long. Jack wants to take everyone out on a boat. We all head down to the dock only to find out that our 'boat' is a dirty torn up old raft with some rusty piece of scrap metal attached to the back that might have been some sort of engine. We all pile in. The thing can barely hold all four of us, and it's leaking.
      Jack leads the expedition onward. The 'engine' we have is pushing us along pretty slowly, and occasionally one of us will use a bucket to throw water out of the boat. We get out into open water to find it calm and still. A thick fog rolls in , and there are garbage rafts floating on the surface of the water. We cut the engine and begin drifting slowly. In one of the heaps of garbage there is a fishing pole. Jack asks me to grab it and give it to him. I do.
      He casts it into the water.
      Robot Girl: Psh, yeah right, like you could catch something...
      Jack gets a bite. Then all of the sudden he gets pulled so hard by the fish that he gets pulled out of the boat into the murky water. Jack grabs the boat with one hand and holds the fishing rod with the other and pulls us along. With this setup we were actually going faster than we were with the engine.
      I begin to speculate about the size of the fish that must be on the other end of that line.
      In fact the 'fish engine' goes on for a couple of minutes, and we keep on picking up speed. We get through the fog and realize we are approaching another island and like 20-30 miles per hour. This is the best part; the fish runs our boat aground on the beach and begins flopping around in the sand. Jack takes his survival knife and kills it.
      The island we have landed on has a seafood shop and they will supposedly have a master chef prepare any fish you catch. We all agree to eat... whatever kind of fish he hooked. I couldn't identify it. It was one of those big flat fish. It was almost sort of diamond shaped, and maybe 18 inches across. He cuts it into four pieces and then exclaims that he is too hungry, and can't wait for the fish to cook and eats his portion raw.
      We go into the seafood restaurant and they begin preparing the three remaining portions of fish.
      ]I am talking amongst my dream characters and become properly lucid.
      I wake up.
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    10. 4/15/2014

      by , 04-16-2014 at 04:03 AM
      I was underwater and did a reality check of my hand. My hand looked normal and it looked like I had 5 fingers but upon counting them, I had 6 fingers. I became lucid for a few seconds.

      In my other dream, I was at a school campus and was getting some food at the cafeteria there was a very long line of people I recognized. After I ate, I went to a football field. It was nighttime and it was very foggy. Some little girls were there and I said "Looks scary, doesn't it?" I was gonna take a video of the fog but the girls got in the way. The camera was laggy. I also remember seeing P. Foy and M. Padilla talking.
    11. Nov. 19 Dream Journal pt 2: The Board(walk) of the Winds -- The Two Towers

      by , 11-19-2013 at 08:06 PM
      This is after I woke up from my first dream. I recited "if it's red, I'm in bed" with great difficulty before simply falling asleep.

      I'm walking in a somewhat active park with someone, and we drove my car there. It began pleasantly enough, but then the person I'm with starts to feel not as well. I say something along the lines of "lets go back to my car and turn on the AC"; but instead, like the actions of a rational human being, I put her in a shopping cart and scoot her around. I find this hilarious after I wake up, for very ironic reasons aside from the thought of pushing an unconscious adult around in a cart.

      We go to the boardwalk of a pier, which actually reminds me of Navy Pier in Chicago. And, like the real Navy Pier, it was ridonkulously foggy. It is starting to get dark at this time, and the streets lights are starting to turn on. We are heading towards Lake Michigan (or, in the dream, a random ocean), and to my left, I can see a giant, jade-colored tower with golden lights rising out of the fog in the waters. I couldn't see the base of it due to the fog/mist; but the way it is situated, it looks like the fog is some sort of a portal, and the tower is rising out of it since I can see the water line, and it is all clear. (Note: Now that I'm awake, I realize that it is very similar one of my favorite pictures I took of a tower in Chicago, which actually did kind of look like it was rising out of the fog -- hey, an excuse to use the attachment feature! -- though, not at this of an extreme as my dream).

      Hello! I'm New Here-20052011604.jpg
      It's the building to the right. God, I love Chicago.
      To my right is another giant tower, only this one is more marble white, and, due to its proximity, I can see the base (which featured columns -- lots and lots of columns). It's situated right in front of a grass quad. It's at this time my friend wakes up. I tell her she overheated (not as in a fever, but as in the cooling fans didn't work), and I figured the ocean breeze would help. I guess even Fake Chicago has winds colder than death. There was a Video Game College to our right in front of the white tower, so we decide to go in and visit.

      Inside, it is pleasantly lit. It looks like a hotel in terms of hallway/room layout, but the actual rooms feature wooden bunk beds like the dorms I've been in. The guy who greets us is a tubby, modern faux-hippy wearing a green shirt half a size too small, dirty orange hair in white-people dreads, and just-as-dirty-ginger beard (not a missed MILD cue alert for me, by the way: it's a very, very specific red that I'm noticing). The dream fades while the dude talks at me.

      The dream picks up again, and I'm back in the same busy park, only I moved backwards in time and it's the afternoon again. I'm next to my car, and it is parked on the street in the same spot as I "knew" from before. In terms of location, if I keep going straight, I'd eventually make it back to the pier again. To my right is a row of dirty apartment buildings; it's similar to the row houses you'd find in San Francisco, only if San Francisco just gave up and started downing whole gallons of ice cream each night.

      To my left is a grassy patch, with a large oak tree (the trunk is maybe a 1.5-meters wide) at my 10 'o clock. Just a bit past the tree, but more to my immediate left, is a decently sized park basketball court that features 4-5 rows of bleacher seats and chain-linked fences. Two of my housemates, E and S, are there, but they are complaining about the gutters around the court being overgrown with weeds. So now, in my mind, I make some sort of weird plan to insert a grate through the sewers where the roots are, cement off the opening while leaving a slight opening, then pulling the weeds out as they grow through the limited opening. Somewhere during the planning phase, I somehow actually do it.

      The dream fades; and then it gets a bit noteworthy.

      I wake up, and but it's not time for me to get out of bed yet, so I just lay there for a bit. I recite my MILD mantra just in case, but I still have the park dream with the basketball court fresh in my mind; so my mind begins to wander a bit about playing basketball. I thought about playing hoops with my friend DR. C!!! (FYI: it is required by law that you tell his name every time due to reasons)... the wicked crossover move I had in middle school... fantasized a bit about what if I was back in high school and I retained all my current abilities... being athletic enough to dunk the ball from the foul line... and suddenly, I wake up again. Apparently, I dozed off while thinking about basketball, only I don't think my stream of thought ever "broke," thus my mind was still busy doing the basketball equivalent of masturbating while my body slept. I'm chalking this up to some sort of WILD, or perhaps a very, very brief step towards LD?

      I drift in and out of sleep a little more, but nothing else happened.

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    12. Cloudy grounds

      by , 08-26-2013 at 10:26 PM
      I was walking in the fields opposite to the road by the Jernhatten hill, with my sister, brother and father. The ground is covered in snow and the air is foggy as if it were clouds, or white barely-moving smoke. I scoured off to find a place to get a bit higher up, and found a little hill which let me see above the fog. It looked like the top of an overcast when you're looking out the window of an airplane, but with trees sticking up and swirls of fog soaring upwards and dissolving. Looked very heavenly. I went back down from the hill and as the swirls of fog engulfed me, it looked like a thousand faces screaming in agony. I didn't take much notice of that, and walked onwards with my little sister. We found a tree with two chinchillas in it. I reached my hand up, and one of them jumped onto my glove. I took it down and stroked it across the back. I could feel the rough fur as my gloved hand slid across it.
    13. Angel Falls TOTY

      by , 02-24-2013 at 02:23 PM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      WBTB @ 3:30AM 30min looking at Angel Falls picture.
      MILD - Imagained a OBE like dream since I was well aware of myself in bed
      Son yelled out and disturbed me briefly but he went back to sleep.
      I rolled from back to right side and switched to WILD
      WILD - Visualized a simple repetitive hand motion. This time it was arm flapping.

      Angel Falls TOTY 4:56AM

      I can't remember the first part of this but I don't think I missed much. Or maybe this is simply how the dream started.I am standing in my front yard just off the poarch. The dream feels dark and unstable. I have a hard time seeing. I get the weird eye opening thing again and I think I see the bedroom. I calmly close them and focus on seeing on the back of my eyelids. This seems to help. I can see the yard but it is really dark and unstable still. I hear a noise and I begin to listen. It is the fan in my room. This is no good. I remember a funny post of DarkMatters where he is basically telling someone to make out with the dream to stabilize. I laugh a little and throw myself face first on the ground.

      I start licking the sidewalk that leads from the street. I can feel the rough texture on my tongue. I am a little grossed out at how real it feels but I take this as a good thing. I go for more and I reach both hands out to feel the grass on both sides of the concrete. I grope and rub and feel and really make love to the dream. All of this helps a lot and I didn't even have to buy diner first.

      I get on my hands and knees and crawl around some. I see a small tree that is about 4 to 5 inches thick. For some reason I think "beaver" and I bite into the tree. It is soft but crisp like a peach. I note the taste but it is bland. I break the tree off and carry a chunk with me while I walk around the neighborhood. I continue to bite and chew as I do so. The sensation really helps stabilize the dream. I notice how I never seem to have to swallow. The tree just melts away in my mouth to nothing.

      I walk north a ways but feel bored. I think trying to travel at this point would really risk destabilizing the dream. Angle Falls will have to wait. I head back toward my house. I think maybe I will break into my neighbors house and see what I find. I begin to look for it but all the houses start morphing and changing into larger newer homes until I am not in my neighborhood anymore. I stop and stop a house that looks interesting to burglarize. I stare at the rooftop and I am about to make a leap but the dream gets wavy so I wait for it. Then, for some reason, I feel compelled to turn around. It was like could sense someone was starting at me.

      I see an old 70's model Ford truck parked in the street and a familiar looking young man in the driver seat. He is just looking at me expectantly. When I approach the vehicle he wordless moves over to the passenger side. I am surprised, "Oh you're going to let me drive?" I hop in.

      like this but tan color

      I tightly grip the steering wheel with both hands and floor it. I hear the tires break loose. I smile with excitement. The man next to me protests and says something about slowing down but I ignore him. I punch the gas harder. We make several turns and end up on a highway. I begin talking to him. I say, "You know what man? This is a dream. Do you know that? You're not even real to me right now."

      He looks really nervous and mutters, "Yeah, I guess so."

      I look him over again and realize that he looks just like LinkZelda. "Hey you're LinkZelda aren't you?" (I think, say yes)

      He's holding on to the o'shit handle. "Um I don't know."

      I am insistent that he remembers, "Yeah man. You get on dream views. We've talked a few times. Hey you know what? What if we are having a shared dream and you just aren't lucid yet? How cool would that be? Here's what I want you to do. When you wake up try to remember as much as you can about this ok? I mean you never know, right?" I start laughing like a lunatic and slap him on the knee. He seems totally put off. I just can't help myself I feel so energetic and happy.

      I look away at the road. I continue to stabilize visually. I don't look at him this time when I talk. I feel like I can't contain myself. I yell, "HOLY SHIT! I EFFING LOVE THIS. WE ARE TOTALLY DREAMING RIGHT NOW! WHOOOOOHOOOOOO! I am a little afraid that my loud yelling will somehow wake me up so I stop myself.

      I look back at him to see his reaction. The passenger side is totally empty. "Dammit he's gone!" I laugh and shrug it off. I begin to think about getting to Angel Falls now. I look around and it has turned bright outside. I am on some road and I see that I am at the base of what looks like Angel Falls. I look up to see the top but there is a thick mist hiding it from view. I feel like its time to get risky now. I know from past experience that I will have a hard time getting through that fog. I really don't want to end up someplace else; or worse, waking up. "Ah screw it." I phase out of the cab of the truck and fly up.

      When I reach the fog I stop. It looks like a thick and opaque object. I push my head in but I am engulfed in white with nothing to visually ground myself to. I fear the dream will dissolve so I back out. Instead I throw myself to the rock face and begin to climb up. I focus visually and tactilely on the rocks. The climb is easy. I imagine comfortable hand holds as I go along and the dream obliges. After a while I decide I am nearly there. Just then, I see the top. I climb over the edge but when I stand up. It is dark again.

      I look around and I see a small flat screen TV floating just above eye level and a soda machine to the right of it. I hear some random woman giving a newscast but pay no attention to the words. Its just muffled muttering. The soda machine is an Orange Sunkist machine. It is brightly lit in the darkness. I have a feeling of being in a building. I felt like I had gone to "The Bridge" (A place in my town with fake rock climbing). No this wont do. I push the enclosed feeling away from my mind.

      I realize I am on a small platform. I lay down and peek over the side. All I can see is darkness at first but I focus and everything clears up. It still looks like night time but I can see that I am indeed on top of Angel Falls. I see the small white line of the river far below reflecting moonlight and water is gushing out the side of the cliff.

      I push forward and fall head first. I flip around so that I am on my back. I feel weightless and light. I look around and see the water falling with me to my right. It looks like it is frozen in time but I assume we are just falling at the same rate. I reach out to feel it but I only get a mild sensation on my hand. The I hear the sound of diving into water and as I suddenly slash into it. I look around. There is light but all I see is just slightly brown river water with nothing around me. I reflexively close my eyes.

      When I open then I am laying on my stomach. I can see river rocks and realize I am lying in a shallow side stream. I feel completely wet. I stand up and walk forward. I am now in some small building. Again I see the TV and the Sunkist machine to the right of it. This time there is wall behind them. I hear the same woman say, "...Here in Venezuela..." I listen closer now. "T is for Turkey." I laugh and move on.

      I look around and notice the building is mostly huge glass windows, like some sort of zoo or nature center. I can see lush jungle outside. There is water from the water fall creating rain outside. I can even hear it hitting the roof of the building. I see an enclosed glass area with what looks like some sort of tiger/panther hybrid cubs. I open the glass door and reach in to pet one. They all look content and sleepy. Suddenly one of then grows large and snaps at my hand. It lets out a feline growl. I laugh and say, "Ok. I'll leave."

      I feel pretty content that I completed a TOTY and am not sure what to do now. I begin to think how long this dream has lasted and how much happened. I begin to worry that I will forget. I think I should make myself wake up soon but I really don't want it to end. I wait a little longer.

      I step outside and see that I am in some sort of gravel parking area. There are a few cars but no people. I can see a thick wall of jungle surrounding the area. I feel triumphant and powerful and I get the sudden urge to become a werewolf. I stretch my skin and feel myself change. I can see my shadow on the ground in front of me and watch as I transform. I look at my hands and notice that I have hairy werewolf claws and fur. I let out a howl. It sounds a little weak and unconvincing. I try again. This time it is a long and clear WOOOOOOOOOOOOO! A part of me thinks I am making a noise in my sleep. Then I remember. I really should wake up. And this seems like a good way go out of the dream.

      With some great effort I manage to open my physical eyes and fully wake from the dream.

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    14. The Unprepared Astronaut

      by , 10-05-2012 at 03:46 PM
      I finally made it into space! Even though I had no idea how to handle myself once I got there, the fact that I flew up there was a huge milestone. Before this, stable flight had been a bit elusive for me. Big step forward!

      Color legend: Non-dream Dream Lucid

      Lucid #20: The Unprepared Astronaut

      I'm a graduating senior in college, following around a guy who seems to think we're close friends. I feel pretty guilty because I have no memory of him at all. I'm accompanying him so he can say his post-college goodbyes to his girlfriend. We meet her outside of a dormitory, and I recognize her as a girl that I know from high school. I recognize how weird this is and quickly find myself lucid.

      Both of the dream characters freeze in place, looking into one another's eyes. I decide to leave the love birds alone while I take another pass at Task of the Month. (In this case, I'm going to be trying to remove my head and replace it with a pumpkin.) I try to will a mirror onto the outer dormitory wall but nothing appears.

      I remember how much more dream control success I have when I'm detailed and thorough. I try again, this time imagining an ornate mirror that's been worn by time, the paint on its frame beginning to chip and flake off. This time I get my mirror!

      I look into the mirror but it's dirty and cloudy-looking. The reflection looks like a shirtless me but it's very hard to make out any detail. I wipe at the mirror but it just doesn't make any difference. Rather than get hung up here and waste a lucid dream doing glass-cleaning, I decide to spend my time trying out other things.

      I leave the grounds of the dormitory and head out onto a quiet, empty street. The morning feels chilly and the city is covered with a blanket of fog. I wonder what this fog looks like from above, so I decide to try flying above it. This time, I focus on the little details. The chill of humid air against my fingertips. The breeze flowing past my hair and tickling my scalp. Concentrating on these sensations leaves me no time for doubt and I smoothly rise up into the fog.

      The fog swallows me whole as I rise. I wonder how long it will take me to pierce it. I feel myself going faster and faster and soon I'm rocketing up through the atmosphere. The fog never seems to end and I feel like I must be high above the Earth.

      Suddenly I break through into blackness. I stop rising, my momentum suddenly gone. I'm in the blackness of space and the fog is now a floor below me. I realize that it isn't just the city that was covered in fog -- it's the entire planet. I am able to breathe but I somehow can't keep myself from doing so in these desperate, shallow gasps.

      My flight abilities have stopped working and my arms and legs flail helplessly. I will myself a pair of rocket shoes but I get confused trying to work the lever that turns them on. I start losing my cool and my breathing becomes even gaspier until
      I wake up.

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    15. Followed

      by , 07-26-2012 at 08:55 PM (Hey, Look... A Dream Journal)
      around 9:00am


      Apparently I was in a building which was where my job was situated, except it wasn't because I didn't work in this building. My apparent Supervisor came in and said that we had to do a team building exercise. Myself and another guy started fighting, for no reason whatsoever, great team work, eh? I flipped us over his chair, I had his neck in a headlock and next thing I know I am walking home. It is light at this point and I get a phone call from one of friends. He asks me If I want to play football, I say maybe. This girl comes up to me, she had old fashioned clothes and a short hairstyle. She comes up to me, while I'm on the phone, and starts shouting, shouting at me for no reason. She makes it so I can't hear my friend on the phone and eventually he gets tired of me not replying and hangs up. And it cartoonish fashion, I ran away from her, but she followed me and kept shouting with her hand in the air.

      After I ditch her, I continue my journey home. I get the feeling someone is following me, I then see three guys walking towards me. I notice that the two to the side of the man in the middle is dragging him. He looks dead, so instead of walking towards him, I take walk through the park. It is now pitch black, and I'm walking behind this couple. I look to the side and the two guys dragging the body are still following me. I notice it is very foggy now, it was like something out of Alan Wake. I notice I have a flash light so I shine it around the area, and don't notice anything wrong, so I continue on my way.
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