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    1. Climbing the hill

      by , 12-27-2010 at 01:35 PM
      This is the first entry in my dream journal. It's extremely incomplete, since I already forgot almost everything.

      I remember being on a bus back home, hearing music through a crappy mp4 player, I gave my younger brother for Christmas, and being annoyed by it. (I'm very demanding with sound quality). This bus is familiar to me since it's the only one that passes in my home location. Before I had a car I caught that Bus for almost 10 years to go from school to home.
      The thing is that the Bus is totally different because it looks like a tourism one, and not the public transportation kind. I remember I recognized some people from my personal life and talked to them, but I can't remember what.

      Suddenly the Bus stopped and the driver said there was a huge fire in a mountain range near me therefore he turned the bus to another road I didn't knew. In a moment we were in a highway I didn't recognized, and the Bus stopped near a huge steep hill made of sand and moss(weird). It last like 80 steep and I was really scared because it had an height of about 50 meters.
      At this time I remember the group changed. Now they were friends of mine from the time I used to be in Scouts. Some were really scared but we started to climb. I reached the middle of the hill and slipped, falling to the ground hurting myself.

      I decided I wanted to outline the hill instead of climbing it, so I started walking for a while. Some time after, I noticed I was in front of a poor, old village that I recognized from a previous dream, but didn't found that odd. Curiously a spotlight appeared pointing at me and I started to run so they couldn't detect me. It last very prison like. I believe this happened because I usually do some trek trips and sleep in protected places. In those trips we always try do stay away from forest guards.

      Very strangely I went back to the base of the hill running away from that spotlight, canguru style. It was really weird.

      And then my mother woke me up...

      As I said previously, this is my first dream entry. I decided to start writing here thanks to a wonderful movie called The Waking Life that really influenced me.