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    1. Brothers Spare Dick (4.9.14)

      by , 09-04-2014 at 02:20 PM (CHiLLEN's Dream Journal)

      I'm outside in a neighbour hood street with my Brother and a few mates (Daz and Josh?). I think we stayed overnight, sleeping in an old car. The car looked like it was from the 80's or 90's, maybe an EL?
      We made a camp fire near the back of the car. Someone said it was a stupid idea. I'm assuming it's due to the car could possibly catch fire. I begin to throw something over the campfire. I think it may have been petrol.
      I'm holding a piece of plastic in my hand and I hold it need the flame but if doesn't light for me straight away, but eventually it catches fire. I thought this was odd.
      I walk off to gather some firewood in the neighbourhood. I can see a lot of logs in people's front yard but I assume that they're either too heavy or embedded in the ground. I come across some sticks and begin collecting them.
      I make my way back to where the car is and there's a man being aggressive towards us all. I'm unsure why this man is trying to fight us. My friends are fighting him and I coward out and don't help my friends. I keep my distance from the fighting.

      I'm now at a house party in the same neighbourhood. The inside of the house is very tight. It consists of a hall way with multiply rooms to the side of it.
      I'm at the front room of the house and I can see Carissa Barrete. Her job is being Britney Spears. I also see her Mother who is also talking to me. I think one of them find me attractive and fancy me quite a bit.
      I make my way into another room where I see people. I'm trying to find something that belongs to me. Clothes? Someone in the room points out where my clothes are that I've been searching for.
      Now I'm in another room, where I can see a screen. It's showing the medalists of the Olympic Games. Notable one is an MMA fighter Marina Shaffer. At the bottom of the screen it shows how much money they make for winning the medal, some higher amounts then others. I have won 2 olympic medals and hope that I get to see myself on the screen, so others are impressed with my success. I hope that maybe someone has recorded the telecast so I can watch over it.

      I see my brother through the window next to a car. The car looks a little beat up and not looked after the best. Brother seems to be working on it. I notice that my Dad and a few others are near the car also.
      The car bonnet is being held up by a dick. My brother must have two dicks and is using his spare one on his car. I look back at the dick again and notice that it's tripled in thickness. It's the size of a brick.

      Dream Fragments

      1. I'm sitting at a table with Daryl. I see that he's smoking. I'm a bit surprised by it, cause he's recently giving up smoking. I ask him if he wants the deck of smokes that he told me to hide from him, but he would only use for mixing with weed. He says ok, sure.

      2. Dad calls me dumb or uneducated. I agree with him on the basis of mathematics due to my arachnoid cyst troubling me, but insist that I did well when I was younger and symptom free. I tell him that I could do my 1-12 times table no problems. Josh tells me to do them, so I attempt my 4 times tables. I start off decent but start going on reverse as I get higher.
    2. 3 Short Lucid Dreams - First in a long time (27.7.14)

      by , 07-27-2014 at 06:54 AM (CHiLLEN's Dream Journal)
      Dream 1

      I'm inside a abandoned house which looks old but classical to an extent. I feel a little creeped out by look of the house and the fact that it's empty and abandoned. I reach a room which has metal panels which I thought, may have had computer technology attached to it.

      I'm now sitting on a couch with Kayley in the lounge room of the house and her dirt bikes riding outside. Kayley mentions something about them.

      People start to come inside the house as if it's a party. I see Tilly from the reality TV show Big Brother, and others that myself and Kayley recognize. We both look at each other as if we know and secret which no one else in the room knows. I get up and greet Tilly, by shaking her hand i think. The other guy we knew is sitting at the table with us. Kayley greets him and says his name by accident. He's name was Matt. Matt is surprised that she knows his name and is a little suspicious.

      I begin to become aware inside the dream at some point. I don't think I did a reality check.

      I'm looking through a beautiful stained draws. I open up some compartments with another DC. I compliment the look of the piece. She doesn't mention anything back to me, and is just standing near by. At this point I'm pretty much lucid and my animal instinct kicks in [i really gotta kick this out of my mind when lucid lol] I begin to seduce her by touch her feet and stroking them very lightly. She is now caught in my intentions and begins to take her clothes off. She's down to her underwear and I feel it's time for me to lay down and bring her into me. Dream ends.

      Dream Fragment:

      1. I'm outside doing something. Think it was linked to previous dream.

      2. I'm laying on the ground and Jade is laying over the top of me with her breasts in my face. They have a bad odor smell to them. I tell her that they smell.

      Dream 2

      I'm walking towards the train station via Daryl's street and seem to be off to the shopping center. I realize i forgot my bike and seem a little unsure if I should turn back or continue walking. After if-ing and are-ing I eventually decide to head back to get my bike. As I'm walking back I see a girl from my school Jess. She has very blonde hair, you could almost call if white. We smile as we pass and I decide to do a reality check by looking at my hands. I notice I have extra fingers but it doesn't click with me straight away and decide to do it again and count. I have 7 fingers. I try not to get overly excited as it's my first time being lucid in 5 or so months. I see Jess walk passed again with someone else but I ignore them and decide to stabilize the dream. I rub my hands together, spin and even shake my head, but the head shaking my head feel off. I'm in a room with about 4 of so DC's. I'm a bit overwhelmed of what to do in my lucid dream. I walk up to a DC and annoy him a little. I try to talk but my voice is slurring as if I've had a stroke. Dream ends.

      Dream 3
      Recorded at 7:40am

      I'm back inside the abandoned house in the kitchen. I'm already lucid and don't think I needed to reality check. I see a man which seems to be a teacher of lucid dreaming or maybe just giving his 2 cents on what was happening. He tells another DC the reason he became lucid is probably due to the fact he was excited.

      I have a water bottle in my hand and decide to pour it over my face to see if it helps stabilizing which didn't really have much effect except a slight feeling of cold when pouring it. I see Sabrina from a talent show "The Voice" Australia. I find her attractive and pull my non hard dick and slowly put it in her mouth (face palm). Before I get any pleasurable sensations, I awaken.

      Side Notes:
      Woke up a few times and had a headache, which kept me up a little, which may have played a factor in being more aware in dreams.
      I try to DEILD my way back into each dream but I seem a little impatient and cut it short. I did see light flashes at one point. By me trying this, it may have played a part in my awareness in the upcoming dreams which gave me lucidity.