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    1. 21 Feb: German crush from yesteryears, werewolfs in fortress and labyrinth hospital

      by , 02-21-2019 at 09:24 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      With Zilla and other people. Her German cousins are visiting. She tells me her cousin, for whom I had a crush, is this fat guy with a squeaky voice. He already has a daughter, he is very friendly, but it is a disappointment for me.
      We are at a fortified town and at night people go indoors and warn tourists about a werewolf, but tourists either don't believe or are excited with it. I am hiding at a high view point of the fortress, I notice some movement, some people are outside and sound the alarm and the creature climbs to rooftops and terraces and tries to escape. I follow it. Goes inside the castle where there is an event happening and people are still there. He attacks and a couple of persons are bitten, adding to the chaos, as at least one starts turning. I hide at a locker room where some ladies are changing, unaware of it, and then a few more people hide and lock doors. I don't want to stay put, as I find an exit leading to an old hospital. It is not empty, it is just quiet, cause it's night and some hallways are closed to the general public, but I dress as a doctor and wander around and no one suspects. Then I can't find a way out and becomes surreal. I hide from some female doctors in an area with rooms or apartments for doctors to rest. They sense my presence but I sneak out from room to room and they don't see me or just have glimpses of me and think are hallucinating. Then I find a secret door leading to a chamber and then another door to a toilet and god knows why, I have to climb inside the toilet and flush to open up a passageway to exit this place. But I hesitate, I am afraid of doing it and look for some normal exit. End up by the side of a bed where one doctor wakes up and sees me again but assumes I am in a dream, so I just lay down by her bed and pretend I am a character of her imagination and wait for her to fall asleep. I finally exit this place. Go to airport where the security stops me and I lose my plane.
    2. 10 Jan: Barbarians invade my kingdom

      by , 01-10-2019 at 09:52 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      At a magical realm, where I am part of the nobility of a kingdom and I am also like Wonder Woman. We are invaded by hords of barbarians. When they strike, I am outside the fortress city with the peasants that care for the lands. Some of my warrior friends manage their way back, but I am shut down outside. I get some Japanese swords to fight, but the invaders are just too many. I realize I can't survive a fight with them all, so I opt out to dwell in the underground maze of artisans shops and their homes because there is a way to access the fortress through some underground tunnels that connect with this place.
    3. Big Skeletal Creature (First LD in a long time)

      by , 07-03-2017 at 04:20 AM (Nonsense and Conundrums)
      I didn't journal on here yesterday because it wasn't interesting enough to report (still wrote it down in my paper journal, though!). Last night, however, was very interesting.

      I'm walking down the hall of a large mansion (you know, the stereotypical haunted house kind of place) with a rather large group of people. On one side of me is a woman with fiery red hair swept up in a messy bun, and on the other side is Owl. Something doesn't seem right about this, and I start questioning my reality, trying to remember how I had gotten here.

      I need no reality check this time, as I suddenly remember the last thing I had done is gone to bed. This has to be a dream!

      The lucidity is really strong. I laugh softly to myself, touching the wall, my clothes, everything, marveling at how real everything feels. I stay calm, repeating "this is a dream" in my mind, trying to stay conscious. I look over to Owl, and half-hoping she's real, I whisper to her, "Do you know you're dreaming?" She doesn't respond, looking straight ahead as she walks. Definitely not Owl.

      It's much harder than I expect to stay conscious. I feel really tired, and want to go back to "sleep", but my resolve is fairly strong. Because of this tiredness, however, I feel as if I have no energy to try and go anywhere else. I decide to stay in this dream and see how it plays out, because I'm very curious.

      The group ends up in this big room. A voice booms out from above. I no longer remember the exact words, but the voice says we have all been selected to perform a task. Once our task has been explained, all of us are transported to our respective locations. I think I lose lucidity for a while, because I don't remember the task (I do become aware again after this).

      I'm on a beautiful terrain of flatland grass, the occasional tree. The sky is bright and blue, but no sign of a sun or any light source. I travel this way for a while, all alone, in wonder at the lovely sights, shouting "clarity" whenever my vision starts to fade (I have problems with going blind in lucid dreams). Eventually I become bored with traveling and summon a video-game style map to go somewhere else. The only location on the map is a fortress, so I tap on the image and go there (This is how I move around, usually. My gamer brain understands a digital interface best).

      The fortress is huge, meant for someone much larger than I, but also run down, crumbling. I decide to explore the outside first before going inside. Then, suddenly...


      I turn at the sound of my name. A man is running toward me with a smile on his face -- it's Denarius!

      [ Denarius is the name of a dc I've seen in many dreams.]

      I haven't seen Denarius ever in forvever so I'm surprised, but not so happy, to see him. He did leave me when I asked for him, so I did not forget that. It's nice to see a familiar face, all the same.

      First thing he says after this is "So you're stuck here too? I got bored with my task but couldn't leave this place, so I decided to search for familiar faces. I'm happy to see you!"

      He babbles on and on, but then I say, "You LEFT me."

      That shuts him up quickly. His gaze drops to the ground. "We shouldn't talk about that here."

      I continue to question him about our last meeting, and how he brushed me off so easily, and how I haven't heard from him in months, but he keeps evading my probing, as if he's afraid. Keeps saying he can't talk about it. I give up on getting any information from him and idly chat.

      I enter the fortress. The layout is insane, very hard to navigate, but I manage. At this point, I lose lucidity, so I barely remember it, but there are many people in this fortress, it's no where near abandoned. Some things happen but it's all so blurry. Denarius leaves at some point, distinctly saying we'll see each other soon.

      I become frustrated at not being able to complete my task. Somehow, this frustration makes my brain click together again; oh yeah, I'm dreaming! I recall I'm supposed to be performing a task here, but what? What was it? I exit the fortress, annoyed.

      I have the sudden realization that I'm probably oversleeping right now. This dream has gone on a long time, something isn't right. I try to wake myself up, but I'm scoffed at from a voice from above. That's when a huge creature crashes out of the fortress: twice my size, humanoid but so animal at the same time, with huge armor and angry orange eyes. It has its eyes trained on me.

      Oh, no. I have no idea what to do, how to fight something so monstrous. The creature is chasing me around, and I'm running as fast as I can. It ends up catching me, starting to strangle me, but I can breathe just fine. I once again remember this is a dream, and my options for ending this creature are endless.

      I struggle out of its grasp and intuitively focus all of my energy into my hands. My hands start to glow and grow warm. I channel all this energy between my two palms, making a huge ball of heat. I release the energy, the ball catches fire and hurls at the creature.

      The fireball makes contact with the creature. Instead of it catching fire...it immediately disintegrates into black ash. I realize my task has been completed, and I wake up.

      And just as I thought, I overslept. It was 1pm when I finally awakened.

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    4. September 19, 2013

      by , 06-25-2017 at 04:03 AM (Fantastical Adventures)
      (L)x3 - DILDx3 | Hands, Zelda Maps, Young Link, Fortress, Lake, Houses, Gorillas, Guns
      -1(L)-First lucid: I successfully increased my awareness. I then in the living room commanded my feet to turn into hands, and it worked.
      -2(L)-Second lucid: nothing of interest happened.
      -3(L)-Third Lucid: I looked at the complete maps some Zelda games.
      Time: 1-3 minutes

      -4-I remember that the dream was centered around OoT’s Gerudo Fortress, and when I got captured, I jumped out of jail as Young Link and got immediately captured again. I told mom to not get caught as I jumped out a second time, this time slashing and killing all the guards and getting some arrows.

      -5-I remember being at the lake’s west side and looking at the weirdly built houses in bed locations. There was a blue one where the garage was above ground, floating and facing the lake. Another one was brown and a lot of its floor was hanging.
      [New Scene]
      Me and some other guy were running from four gorillas were trying to kill us. They followed us until we got our guns, which included a shotgun, rifle, and a pistol. The rifle did no damage so I used the shotgun because they killed the other guy I was with. It appeared that all four of them were dead, and I had no ammo. However, I was suddenly downstairs in the nearby house, and the last gorilla appeared, which I quickly killed my remaining pistol. Then suddenly, a friend showed up, and I woke up.
      lucid , non-lucid
    5. [11-05-2016]

      by , 05-11-2016 at 03:09 PM (Snehk's Dreamlands)

      I recall several nightmare fragments. I was sneaking around abandoned and haunted buildings, dark corridoors infested with undead. I was defenseless, trying to stealthily follow a wraith in blood-red cloak.


      It was in some kind of a ruined fortress filled with undead monstrosities. With group of other people I tried to battle my way through trenches and reach a lair of a hag. Skeletons were shooting with their bows from afar, trying to kill us. Avoiding their arrows, I've run up the trenches and up a hill to fortress' entrance. I tried to destroy a force field surrounding a hag sleeping in her bed, but I couldn't break through.

      Suddenly I found myself in a dark room with few dudes from my class. They were grinning strangely. I had a weird thought that it's a lucid dream, what's more - a multiple one.

      Then I was back at the fortress, fighting my way to a hut of a sage where I found a rod that shot with blue, spiral beam. I used it to destroy the force field and kill the hag.
    6. Home and Fortress

      by , 09-06-2015 at 09:53 PM
      I've gotten better at WILD, although it took... what... 4 years?

      I've found I have much more control over the dream and don't run into the "stuck in the dark" issue that plagues my lucid dreams when I gain awareness during a dream.

      I've been horrible about keeping a dream journal, and today I only remember my 2 WILD lucid dreams and not much else. Very lazy of me.

      My favorite method for WILD is to explore a specific environment. I have two main fallbacks, two different "home bases". I know a lot of people really want to create a home base. It has been very difficult for me - I had no luck even managing to arrive in my home base for 2 solid years. I think part of it was that my "home" really wasn't a good one and didn't reflect my true personality or needs, and I had to spend a lot of time rearranging and rebuilding it in my head. I have two different ones right now, depending on what I want to accomplish. One is a whimsical home in what looks like the rainforest of the Pacific Northwest, perched on a cliff over the ocean. The other one is a fortress in a rugged landscape that looks a lot like the Grand Canyon, although much more mountainous.

      LD #1: Woke up. Had to use the bathroom. Went back to bed.
      Began my visualization of home #1... I was on the sandy beach below the cliff. I walked up and down the beach in my mind, focusing on all of the sensations that would go with it - the sound of the waves, the sound of the wind, the feel of the sand beneath my feet and even the slight whisper it made when I walked. How my footprints looked. The sky and horizon over the ocean, and the smell of salt on the breeze. Eventually, the sound of gulls over the water.

      I looked back toward my house. There are steep stairs that lead up from the beach to the top of the cliff - they're made from the stones themselves. I walk across the beach to the steps and start climbing upward toward the house. The stones feel solid beneath my feet.

      By the time I reach the top of the cliff, the dream has solidified into a lucid dream, although it still feels very fragile. I spend some time on the terrace at the top of the cliff looking out across the beach and ocean, and marvel at how beautiful it is.

      I have a feeling that there are some friends nearby heading toward my house, so I move through the bedroom (which has a door leading to the terrace) and then the kitchen area. Things are fuzzy and I've made the mistake of not stabilizing very well because I'm anxious to greet my friends.

      I open the front door. The rainforest outside is cool and misty. Wooden steps create a trail upward through the foliage. I can hear their voices in the distance, it sounds like two of them are arguing with each other.

      Two of my friends appear at the top of the steps and start heading downward... I can still hear the others arguing with each other, although they're still out of sight somewhere further up the trail.

      All of this is very distracting. The dream is too thin at this point, and it fades. I wake up.

      LD #2:
      I wake up naturally. It's early morning... light outside, but earlier than I'd like to get out of bed. I don't really remember the dreams I just had.

      I lie back and begin another visualization; this time, I'm exploring the fortress. The fortress is a very new idea, interesting and a bit more grim. I wander around through some nondescript rooms... I haven't really developed the place much... and eventually become lucid in an area with ugly lemon yellow walls that really don't look very fortressy. I'm sort of irritated since I'd rather be somewhere more fitting for what I'd like, and more interesting. The hall I'm going down twists and turns but doesn't lead anywhere, and I'm becoming more irritated.

      I run across a woman wearing a very old-fashioned maid outfit (not like a sexy French maid, think a traditional English maid) but she's very... zombielike. I think I said something to her, and she replied in a monotone. Her eyes were white and milky-looking. I don't like her and don't want to deal with zombies, so I destroy her (with a thought, she basically becomes a blood spatter across the walls and floor).

      I run across one of the dream characters who'd normally inhabit this fort (he's a general) but everything is foggy so I don't recall any specifics about him... I need to work on him a little more... and complain about the zombie. He tells me that he and another dream character zombified all of the inhabitants and servants in the fortress when they took it over, so they wouldn't have to deal with any opposition by them but the fortress was kept running and in pretty decent repair. He doesn't care much about convenience and upkeep for himself - he doesn't need that stuff - but the way he sees it, it's more convenient for me. It's sort of evil and disturbing, but it IS something I'd expect that character to do, and he does have a good point.

      This wasn't something I came up with myself... I was a little surprised by it, actually. I still don't really like the zombies, but I don't want to argue with that particular dream character very much - he's very stubborn - so I let the zombie thing slide.

      As I head toward the main door that leads outside of the fortress, the dream falls apart and I wake up.
    7. LD#172: Courtesy of Manei...

      by , 02-21-2015 at 02:24 PM (Lucid Time!)
      I was at some kind of anime cosplay/ comic shop. They sold cosplay costumes from different popular anime as well as prop swords and wigs. Even the greeting cards they sold were replaced with anime characters on the cover.

      I was browsing around but couldn't find anything worth buying. I was getting ready to head out when Manei walks up to me and does the nose pinch on me.

      "Here, pinch your nose, see if you are dreaming."

      "Oh, you're a lucid dreamer too? Cool." (I didn't pay attention the first time.)

      A tall black guy of about 20 asks me what the heck she just did to me. I start to explain.

      "You see, it's a reality test for if you're dreaming or awake. So that you can realize that you are dreaming while you are dreaming and do cool stuff. But the important thing to do during RCs is to actually pay attention."

      I did a second nose pinch, being sure to actually pay close attention this time. It of course worked and I was lucid.

      Unfortunatley I can't really recall what happened after that. The dream went dark and I knew that it was ending. I tried to explain that fact to a couple of nearby dream characters.

      I false awoke on a raft in an ocean. I RCd but somehow turned up nonlucid. There was a massive floating fortress on the horizon. It began launching large white airplanes that shot tons of tiny green laser beams at me. I got the inkling that this was some kind of computer simulation.

      Spoiler for Interpretations:
    8. Couldn't recall much

      by , 01-08-2015 at 10:02 PM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      I remember only brief moments of the dream. I was looking at a dwarf, who was standing in the fortress, near the wall where vampire was closed. He was wearing grey cloak, and he was shouting.
    9. The doom that came to my fortress

      by , 12-15-2014 at 06:08 PM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      I incubated this unintentionally, while playing Dwarf Fortress yesterday.

      In my dream, I was playing Dwarf Fortress in the fortress mode. I was an overseer in gigantic settlement. It was built deep underground in the granite layer. Each wall and floor tile was smoothed out. For a while I observed dwarves, ignorant of perilous danger. And then I saw gigantic beast tearing apart any dwarf who would cross its path. Dwarves were trying to fight it off, but to no avail. Suddenly it died of old age, leaving only two of them alive. They were rebuilding their fortress, unaware of the horrors that would bring them next overseer, a creature of the night.
      Tags: dwarves, fortress
    10. Experiment: Calea zacatechichi and Remee (NLD + FA)

      by , 09-28-2014 at 07:40 PM
      Ritual: WTB 1am, woke 5am. Read and drank a cup of Calea zacatechichi tea. WBTB 6am, attempted WILD (counting and senses scanning), fell asleep while still on my back and had an ordinary NLD.

      NLD: We were assaulting a dwarven fortress. I had stealthed in and filled the place with a smoke that was supposed to put all the dwarves to sleep. There were three other people my party waiting outside. As I was leaving I noticed that the smoke didn't seem to be working: the guards were as alert as ever. But someone started firing and soon we were embroiled in a full-out battle, which was what we had hoped to avoid because we were outnumbered. Although not the slightest bit lucid, I had a good deal of dream control and was using both levitation and invisibility to avoid being shot or captured, but my companions were not so fortunate, and I wasn't going to abandon them. In the last scene, the four of us have been captured and are being taken somewhere in the back of a van wearing straightjackets. One particularly gruff member of my team said to the others, "That's why one doesn't start to shoot until the light says he's turning on." I think he was trying to tell them that they should have waited for me to give the signal before initiating battle, and that our plan had failed because one of them had jumped the gun. After I woke up I thought it odd that he had been referring to me with the masculine pronoun, since I hadn't felt distinctly male in the dream, but perhaps that's how the others had perceived me.

      After I woke it was light out, so I started with my plan to experiment with Remee in nap mode, set to go off after 20 minutes. Anticipation made it hard to fall asleep promptly, so after a while I reset it for another 20 minutes, since I wanted to make sure I was well asleep and ideally in REM before the lights started. I hadn't been carefully checking the time, so when I woke up again I was uncertain if I had missed the signal or if it had not gone off yet. No dreams I could recall. I checked the time, it was about 8:10, reset the Remee and went back to sleep, more easily this time.

      FA: I woke up, looked at the clock, and saw that it was almost 9am. I remembered it had been shortly past 8 when I had last set the Remee, so I must have missed the signal again. I got out of bed, completely oblivious to the fact that I was transitioning smoothly from a false awakening into a real rising, until I began to take off the Remee and just then the red lights started flashing on the mask. After brief confusion I realized that I had just been fooled by an FA: how could I have checked the time on the clock just a moment ago when at that time I was still wearing the mask? I checked the clock again now that I was really awake and saw that it was a lot earlier than I had thought, only 8:30, so the Remee was going off right on schedule.

      Note: The fact that I had woken up just before the Remee went off didn't feel coincidental, but rather a manifestation of what always happens to me with alarm clocks. Although I rarely form an accurate conscious impression of time in my dreams, for some reason I have an eerily consistent ability to wake up right before any alarm that I set actually goes off—usually within a few minutes, sometimes less than a minute in advance of the alarm. This seems to be what accidentally happened here. Not helpful in this case, though!
    11. 25 Jan: Alternative "Lost"

      by , 01-26-2014 at 12:04 AM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      I am in small town, people walking around, going to places and then a loud bang and we see an airplane blowing up in the air and parts of it falling down. One big part of it falls at the end of the street I am in and makes many buildings collapse. Me and other people start running the opposite direction and scream to people coming in our direction to turn back and run for their lives. When I'm almost being hit by debris, I see an entrance to an underground place, maybe a subterranean park and I run down the stairs. There's another lady inside and I tell her to move away from the entrance, which gets blocked with debris. There are some stairs to the right of an elevator. The power is down, so we cannot call the elevator. We try the stairs, but on the next floor they are also blocked with debris. I have an idea, I open the elevator door - it's one of those that you can open by sticking your fingers in the crack between the two and pushing them apart. The elevator is stuck half way on this floor and the top floor is just above us, so I climb through it and bring the lady with me. We open a trap door in the ceiling and find ourselves on a terrace. It's not vey high, just 1 or 2 floors above the ground, probably the upper levels of the car park. There are other persons on it already, close to the edge, looking at the street. Everything below is a chaos, people are confused about what to do, but when they start organizing themselves, a couple of guys with guns decide to take over the decision-making and to rule us. One of them points the gun at me and I instinctively punch him, throwing his gun away, and then kick the other in the croch. Then I grab the gun and the first guy shows intention to fight back so I shoot him in the leg. Still, they attack me and I try to shoot again, this time to kill, but there's no more bullets. So I run and some follow me.
      Soon I realize we're on an island and there's no place to go. I feel that I'm in an alternative version of "Lost" and I even meet some of the characters of the series. When I and some of the others who escaped, get in the jungle, we encounter them and They tell us to follow them. They live in a fortress on a smaller island offshore and we have to swim there, because there's no boat to take us.
    12. 19th June 2013 RTS, Cartoonish video game, Robot bees, AI War

      by , 06-20-2013 at 12:22 AM (Scionox's Journal of Dreams)
      Dream 1(fragment):

      I was in some metallic place.

      Dream 2(fragments):

      I was playing some kind of RTS where i had turrets that were launching projectiles which looked like airplanes, which then were dropping onto enemy building. Then i was going around forest park and then train rails. There was some kind of arsenal station where it went RTS mode again and i had to control group of units and defend buildings.

      Dream 3:

      I was in some cartoonish 3D game, i was in group with a few other characters and we were defending some forest-like place from some scientist that was turning spirits into robots. Most of the robots were some kind of bees. We were progressing through level and then i got ability to control different characters, one of which looked like Sonic.
      When level was done we had to do it in reverse, and in addition, some kind of metallic base/fortress was on the way, presumably controlled by that scientist, also it was snowing in some areas. We had some problems going through and robo-bees were more aggressive this time, but eventually we have found the way. I switched to control to some big but quick mecha but was ambushed by very quick crushing ceiling. I respawned and used some speed glitch related to jumping to gain enough speed for going through, which ended up with success. We went through passageway and were attacked by even more robo-bees, eventually all were destroyed and we got to the start, somebody said that the quest was completed now.

      Dream 4(fragments):

      I was playing AI War with Lordvalkar and there was something about Spire Blade Spawners, Slicers and teleportation.
    13. 6 Nov: Tesseract, monsters in the storm and the EU fortress

      by , 11-06-2012 at 01:25 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      It's been the 3rd time in the past couple of weeks that I wake up obsessed with this word: tesseract. And it rang a bell but I just couldn't remember what this word meant, so only the third morning of waking up with this word hanging in my mind I decided to google it. The tesseract is an hypercube.

      I'm sure I had come across this word and this object before, but I was actually in doubt that such word even existed. This only proves that the unconscious mind knows a lot more than my conscious mind can recall.
      Is there any connection between dreams and tesseracts? Probably a reminder that dreams are existences in other dimensions, beyond the four that we experience through our senses. Therefore, they are like the extension of the cube to an hypercube.
      Anyway, back to the dreams...

      (...) There's a huge storm forming, enormous dark clouds and even a tornado in the distance. I am at the door of what looks like a huge barn and I start calling everybody inside. There are endless doors and windows and I start closing them carefully one by one. I go up in the attic or mezzanine and I see some of my childhood toys forgotten there. I feel nostalgia and I decide to bring it down with me. That's when I see some menacing dark figures outside. I realize it's not just the storm we have to worry about.
      When the storm calms down, still very early morning, I go outside with a kid to see the damages. I tell the kid to stay close to me but he disappears. Then I see these huge black dogs with birds' heads. They've taken the kid away. Some lady who was hiding in the bushes tells me they are mythical animals from the Mexican folklore, who take children alive and no one knows for what.
      Then I think I am on a boat to some island to save the boy.
      Then I am at what seems to be the EU quarter in Brussels. Me and a friend, decide to crash and disrupt an important meeting. Like the "Yes Men", we enter a meeting pretending to be some of the delegates and we sit on the table, just by the side of Christine Lagarde from IMF. My colleague opens her briefcase and instead of papers, it contains lots and lots of ties, with different patterns and colours. They start looking at us. We say the problem that they are so square is that they all dress in black and white and for the good of mankind they must wear colourful ties. Then we start walking between the chairs of the delegates trying different ties on them, suggesting colours and so on. At first no one reacts, then Lagarde shouts at us. We say to her that instead of spending thousands of euros on Louis Vouitton bags, she should also wear a colourful tie, as she clearly is more a man than a lady. That's when we're kicked out.
      Then I don't remember well, but I find out this kind of EU-city is a fortress on top of a mountain, almost like Mount Olympus. And I want to continue doing a lot of crap to sabotage it but I'm under surveillance, so I decide to fly outside the fortress' walls. My friend warns me of the monsters that guard its boundaries, but I go anyway, because it is the perfect shortcut to avoid guards and enter the buildings through a window.
      Then I am flying around this fortress and then I don't remember.

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    14. 9 Jul: Quest to protect an Indian kingdom

      by , 07-09-2012 at 03:30 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      I am a very rich girl, travelling around with a retinue of warriors through India, looking for lands to buy. I encounter a remote kingdom, fortified within walls, a shadow of its past glory. It is ruled by a celestial being of pale green skin who has fallen from grace and no longer is able to bring good fortune to its kingdom.
      Houses are falling apart, farmers don't grow crops, artisans don't do their crafts. People seem to have given up on living. I offer to buy the kingdom and to provide the means to put people back to work. People rejoice and the green king, who is still a bit proud, but is too weak to oppose, opens his palace for us.
      Things are getting better, farmers are again in the fields planting, merchants are selling fresh goods, houses being rebuilt. When suddenly we are under attack.
      They had failed to tell us that some evil army (maybe from a rival kingdom, or from dark forces from another realm) was the reason of their misery, through its constant attacks and destruction of livelihoods. Me and my warriors rush up to close the gates of the kingdom. There is a sort of tunnel system around the external fortification, which they manage to break and we have to battle them while retreating through the tunnels. We finally manage to barricade the passage at some point, but we need a plan to keep going.
      The siege goes on and we are sent to seek the help of an enlightened being. We go out of the kingdom through a secret path and on our quest we arrive at a village on a hill. Nobody seems to talk the same language and nobody seems willing to even talk to us strangers.
      Close to a stone wall we take some rest and there is an orange tree on the other side, from where one of my warriors tries to get some fruits. A wasp stings him, but he is compassionate and spares its life. Then a bunch of wasps arise from the tree and fly towards us. We get up to run, but as they approach us, they transform into giant dark iridescent bugs and then fall on the ground in the form of rounded rectangular black magnetic stones. I receive in my mind the information that these are to be gifts to the Buddha that we are seeking. Then in the sky a path of bright constellations lits up and one that touches the top of a mountain nearby is in the shape of a Buddha. Now we have a "map" to follow. I pick up the stones and we start walking.
      On our way we encounter two evil witches blocking the path. They look beautiful and they summon quite a few other goddess-looking creatures who completely seduce my men with some magic spells. Possessed by lust they forget who they are and what they are here for and engage in an orgy with these girls. Very few seem to be strong enough to escape the spell and help me going through. Then the witches unleash a storm of biblical proportions. Drops of water the size of apples and hard as rocks, fall on us, sending the rest of the men to seek cover somewhere and dispersing us. I protect my head and keep going despite the pain. Then I see a little angelic girl crying in terror, trying to protect herself under some crevice on a rock. I forget about my intent, I run to the child and take her in my arms down the mountain and back to the village. I look for her home to reunite her with parents. She never says a word, but she leads me to a house. I realize the witches managed to divert me from my mission. Can compassion have become my weakness? When the door opens, I wake up.
    15. Was that Eva?, House of Payne Character Ratings, Gardening, High School Biology Class, Solomon Moto

      by , 06-19-2012 at 03:16 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Was that Eva? (Non-lucid)


      Oh if you see me say "blonde," I really mean "blonde female," I'm just too lazy to type "blonde female" all the time, sucks I don't know her name, because she pretty much saved me.

      This blonde had to be a double agent.....and Eva was technically a double agent when she pretended to be a replacement for Adam in MGS3....hmmmmmmmmmmm, could the blonde had been her? Probably, but my recall is a bit horrible....visual recall on the blonde is what I mean by horrible...everything else is pretty much decent.

      Seems I'm at the outside of what seems to be a fortress, and Asuka Langley Soryu is apparently the one who owns this place, because I've had several encounters where she finds me if I go to a certain spot, and I have to escape out of the fortress again until she gives up on finding me.

      I believe I'm saving a blonde, that's for sure, but at the same time, there's other blondes, like Rika Shiraki, who ends up being a klutz, and some other random blonde that finds me at some point in the dream.

      The amount of dream resets, or re-entering in the fortress is so crazy, that I wonder how important this blonde I don't even know is to be going through this.

      Everything is kind of mixed, and my recall is a lacking a bit, but I'll try.

      I go into the fortress, and it's really really dark, and I believe the fortress is most likely set out at some uncharted island. It doesn't have any trees, at least from what I recalled, because the fortress itself took up the whole structure of the area.

      I tried sneaking in to the right side of the fortress, but Asuka finds me, and I get so scared of what she's going to do to me for some reason that I decided to make a run for it. There's some device floating above me that shining so many lights at me.

      Like really, there isn't any point of shining that many lights on me for one little machine, the whole fortress already knows I'm invading....ugh.

      Anyway, I have to go up a few stairs and descend down a bit to get out of the fortress, and I believe the dream resets itself. I think it takes me a few times to get it down, and to realize that Asuka chick is always going to be looking for any intruders on the right side of her fortress.

      I don't know why I'm presuming that she's the leader/owner of the fortress, but her voice....it sounded so dominating, like that bratty older teenager kind of voice, almost the perfect candidate for a tsundere.

      Spoiler for Tsundere Meaning:

      After going at it with the fortress a few times, I get closer and closer to other areas. There's one moment where I think I'm following a blonde, but I only see the back of her, and her long and curvy hair. She senses that Asuka is coming, and prompts me to duck under a table to the right of us.

      I just go with whatever logic this blonde is dishing out at me, and it seems the section of the floor under the table contains some weird objects, there's a lot of them, but I didn't bother worrying too much about them because Asuka is coming.

      The blonde, or whoever it was, damn it, it was someone helping me though, tries to play innocent with Asuka when she comes in. Asuka, being the observant bitch that she is in this dream, and I'm sorry for using that word, but she really was a bitch, god, I swear she wants to kill me in this dream!

      Or best case scenario, capture me, tie me up, and do sexual acts....something tells me that she was smirking every time she saw me....

      Anyway, Asuka gets closer to the table that I'm under, and the blonde quickly walks a bit closer to Asuka, and there's a bottle of Ginger Ale on top, Canada Dry Ginger Ale more specifically.

      Lol. Sweet, dream uses what I like to drink as a means for the blonde to save my ass completely. Even though I'm under the table, I'm able to change how I'm viewing the room with ease. It seems the blonde "accidentally" drops the ginger ale, and "accidentally" open it so that it sprays all over.

      Good, using all the sporadic spraying to distract Asuka, I like this blonde! Or whoever it is that's helping me. Asuka looks at her weird, and even though I can't tell her facial expressions at the moment, I just felt she was trying to be cautious, since I entered the fortress like.....2-3 times, even more?

      The blonde tells Asuka that everything is okay, and the blonde immediately gets on her knees and spreads her arms frantically under the table I'm in. She starts moving the objects on the floor surrounding me. I honestly thought this would be the moment where the blonde screwed up her clever tactic, but it's still going strong here!

      Asuka has that look that the blonde is just being silly with the Ginger Ale, and her constant awareness of being cautious dies down a little.

      There's a dream shift, but we're all in the same room again, and I believe the blonde that's helping me let's Asuka drink from the bottle of Ginger Ale. The moment Asuka gulps it down, she dies. Apparently, she was chewing tobacco, and since the Ginger Ale just fell from the floor, the blonde opened it, and the fizz combined with the tobacco being reactive somehow to it makes Asuka go crazy.

      She falls down, yep, she's dead. By this point, Asuka looked like someone else, but I'll just keep labeling her as Asuka because of the orange latex suit she was wearing most of the time in the dream.

      I believe there's another dream reset, and this time, I'm in the same room, except Asuka is not here. Rika Shiraki, the adult version of herself from Bible Back: New Testament *gulp* (I'm innocent here!!) looks at both of us.

      She's wearing some green outfit, like a green military uniform. She asks the blonde or whoever it is I'm following why am I here with her.

      Recall gets a little scratchy here, but I'm sure that if Asuka was someone the blonde could trick, Rika wasn't going to be that difficult.

      Another attribute that leads me to believe that could've been Eva, because she did manage to trick Volgin in MGS3 that he was her little plaything/secretary type of role, when she was just doing that to get closer to the Philosopher's Legacy roll tape (which had the locations of where the total sums of currency were located).

      Okay now for the part that still gets to me.....

      We're at the same room again, that same room that seems to be like an office of some sort. I'm under the table again, and this time, I don't have the ability to go into another perspective while I'm under the table. I tilt my head, and I see a blonde come in, she's in a green military outfit as well like Rika was.

      She turns around, and she already know I'm under the table.

      Shit. I felt as if I was going to be captured, but she just smiles at me as she turns her head at me. Seems like she's going to talk to someone.

      And she pretty much looks like Eva with her hair tied up....and it's not even me wanting it to look like Eva. I've tried suppressing the possibility of it being her, but my mind just keeps locking in on her smile that she gives me.

      Just add a smile, and bam.


      From this point, the dream shifts to another location, you know, going to the right side of the fortress and finding Asuka yet again...but you know what? I'm tired of mentioning her all the time, she's just a thorn on my side.

      Things get random after that Eva lookalike.

      Tyler Perry's House of Payne (Non-lucid)


      I'm googling on the ratings for "Tyler Perry's House of Payne."

      I don't really have a liking for that show, guess I must've been really bored. One of the characters that I'm looking for a rating for is Malik Payne (Larramie Shaw). I read what one site has to say about his performance in the show, can't remember though.

      Gardening (Non-lucid)


      I'm outside, and I'm 50 feet away or so from getting close to the entrance to an academic institution. It felt like a college, but the atmosphere was completely different, maybe it was, it's just my perception at the time, and the randomness with the dream that distracted me a lot.

      There's seems to be some kind of outdoor convention of some sort, or maybe all of the resources, chairs, furniture, etc. are being moved outdoors to fix something inside the building. I walk around a bit, and I see a table that had huge books resting, and I a few sketching pads with drawings of head models.

      I decide I should go ahead and sit down somewhere, since other people are sitting as well, and there seems to be an elderly lady who is probably a staff member, a teacher most likely, that tells everyone that they have to show that they're doing some kind of work.

      She doesn't want us fooling around, so I take that as pretending to study for something. I'm on the right side of the section outside, and there seems to be a mini-garden in front of me. Some student is watering the plants, but I'm wondering if that constitutes as "work."

      I look at the elderly lady to see her response to this student, but she doesn't really mind her at all. After that, I only remember the female watering the plants having a little difficulty setting the hose to the right setting.

      High School Biology Class (Non-lucid)


      I'm walking down a hallway, and had that feeling that this classroom I'm entering would be one that I haven't gone to for a few days because of some circumstance.

      I see the Biology Pre-AP/K-level teacher I had as a Sophomore in High School looking and smiling at me. I think she asks me if everything is okay, and if I finished the Biology lab.

      I say yes, but I'm not really sure if I did finish it. I sit down in front row of the class, and that's all I remember.
      Solomon Moto is a Grave Robber (Non-lucid)


      It's dark at night, and I'm near some graves, and I think I'm being informed that grave robbers are coming.

      So to find a place to hide, go inside a hole where a coffin was contained, and cover myself in dirt. I see Solomon Moto from Yu-Gi-Oh with 2-3 people wearing masks coming to take the coffin I placed above me.

      After they left, I quickly remove the dirt and get out of the hole.


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