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    1. Criminal brothers try to save reputation of Olympics sister

      by , 05-04-2013 at 02:42 AM
      Had this dream around 3am this morning. It was long and complicated.

      There were these brothers, I think three of them, and they were criminals. And their sister who was an Olympics athlete of sort was being unfairly discredited from winning with false accusations of cheating, and they were using their criminal abilities to try to save the reputation of their sister. And the dream kept switching back and forth between different scenes where the different brothers were, but I had some sense of a cohesive though convoluted plot (but that sense may have been wrong). One of the brothers was at a doctor's office out of some reason throughout the dream. The other two were elsewhere dressed in masks trying to break in somewhere. I think they needed to steal evidence that she was framed and had won based on her own abilities.

      In one scene I was somewhere up high with one of the two brothers. While for most of the dream I was watching it like a movie, but in this part I was involved. So I was up high with one of the brothers, and he was going to fall, and I helped him fall more gracefully. He still got hurt very badly and could not call for help himself, so I called for help for him. While his ribs were being mended they discovered why he was there (breaking in to steal the evidence).

      Meanwhile the brother at the doctor's office was telling the female doctor about it, and he had a nosy audience of a small group of people listening.

      That's all I can remember. None of the character's were known to me, nor does the plot ring any bells in my mind: it does not remind me of anything that happened nor any movie or book. Just a really weird dream.
    2. Me and Kevin Bacon Film

      by , 09-24-2011 at 10:16 AM (The first foothold of Arch.)
      Non Lucid, I did try a WILD last night, but I was still pretty drunk and it didn't work out.
      There is loads of this dream I don't remember, but the main plot is that we keep getting framed for killing people.

      I am at some sort of theme park, my family are here, I currently have no idea where they have gone. Behind me is a large doorway into a shop, but the stairs down to the shop are ridiculously steep, so if wanted to go down I would have to climb.
      In the far distance I see a small old man, he is carrying a basketball, above him is what seems to be a massive roof of a merry go round, but just as a roof, no ride beneath. The man uses a tennis racket to smash the basket ball, and it just flies at astronomical speeds, reaching me in seconds, I (somehow gaining a tennis racket) smash it back to him.
      This goes on for awhile and we are having great fun, but then my family come on court, blocking me, and start playing boring tennis. I decide give up and go exploring.

      ...I don't know what happens here but some how I gain Kevin Bacon as a friend, and we got blamed for killing someone...

      Heading outside, I begin to cross the road in front of me, there is a women crossing just to the left of me, out of nowhere a motorbike comes speeding past and kills the women. I instantly get blamed somehow and I decide to run and get on the motorbike.
      Riding down the road I begin to reach a turn off for the highway, I see two cop motorbike drivers just in front, they see me and turn on their lights.
      I try to zoom past them, this bike doesn't have that much power though and they come to the side of me and try to hit me off, I curve off to the side of the road and see a fence that I can jump over. The policemen are too close and I decide to trick them by not jumping and continuing riding, this fools them surprisingly well.
      I continue on, I stop at the side of the road where there is a gathering to try and fit in. There is a man, an old lady and a few others gathering around a barrel fire.
      I go up and start to talk to them, I look closer and see that they are all Kevin Bacon, very strange, my friend the real kevin is just behind me, catching up. I see lights in the distance and know they had set me up, I run into the crop field in front of me, with a surprising struggle to get over the fence, kevin just does a massive backflip.
      In the field there are kids there running after me with bees held between their fingers trying to sting us and slow us down. This is surprisingly affective as I get stung and am in great agony.