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    1. July 22 and 23, 2018

      by , 07-23-2018 at 07:54 PM (Deep Inside The Lucid Dreamer's Subconscious)
      I was in what looked like Lucky Landing from Fortnite. I walked behind a tree or lamp post where a man was standing. As he walked by me, I grabbed him and stabbed him the back. He fell to the ground bleeding. I walked a bit away and then turned back, feeling extremely guilty. I picked him up and walked over to this guy dressed in an army outfit. Then, I took him to another place where he was finally healed. He got up and became very friendly with me. He was very happy to be alive and was thanking me for saving him. He didn't know it was I who had stabbed him. I felt guilty and nervous that he would find out. His girlfriend came along and thanked me as well.

      The dream shifted as we were now in front of my house but it felt like it was located where Owen's old house stands. The idea was that we were setting up this large corporate head into an illegal scam that would prove he was a bad guy and put him away. He looked like that guy that preaches at that massive church that denied victims of the hurricane in Texas. Anyways, we were down in the drive way talking about the shady deal and he had accepted. He was talking when he started to realize it was illegal and his words became gradually more suspicious. Police came and took him. A news van showed up and my mom tried to get us in front of the camera to talk about the situation. It was all my Mom's idea. I get up to the camera and I don't really know what to do with myself, I'm just kind of smiling awkwardly at the camera.

      I'm in a small town in a different state, maybe different country. I'm with a friend or two. We stroll up to this ancient white temple that is growing with vines and seems to be very dirty. For some reason I think that this is where a girl that I used to talk to went after high school to play tennis. We go inside. The first floor is a mix between tennis courts and some old spa. The inside is softly lit, covered in moss and dirt, with a ring of small openings in between columns surrounding the outside of the room. My idea is that it's like a secret on how to get up to the next level of the temple. I climb into one of the openings and realize there's a path that goes around the outside of the room but it's absolutely covered with spider webs occupied by spiders. I'm getting a little bit tangled up in one when Thomas finds an opening that was closer to the entrance. We get up to the second level and it looks similar to the first level except the ceiling is higher. Hanging in the middle of the room from the ceiling is a dead body. We go up to a ledge closer to the ceiling and find a lot of old n64 video games I've never heard of. I remember it felt like we had come a long ways. I wanted to bring all of the games with me but I didn't have enough arm space, there were simply too many. I grabbed a game labeled "Chim" and threw it down to Owen. At some point I remember one of us had cut the dead body down from the ceiling like we had defeated something. We eventually went outside and came back in a few times. One time we came back in, it felt like there were defenders coming to kill us. We had to dodge around the levels until we could escape.

      I left the temple and realized I was now at Westview summer camp at the main area. In my head, I was visiting my old college again and people from my fraternity were there. I started to run down the path towards the lake. I could hear people screaming or chanting in the woods. As I got closer, I realized that they were all collectively running towards me up the path. I make a 180 turn and book it back up to where I came. As I arrive, the guys pile in behind me. Some come greet me while others who I don't recognize walk into the main building. I go inside and it seems like it's some sort of bedtime now. I'm lying down looking around the room at the new members. They looked like they were 10 years old. One had a talking white bird on his shoulder. I was wearing glasses. Looking at that kid, I realized he was signaling for me to get the attention of his friend. I look at his friend and then look back and forth at them to signal this exchange.
    2. February 21, 2018 Non-Lucid

      by , 02-21-2018 at 07:13 PM (Deep Inside The Lucid Dreamer's Subconscious)
      I was in this cafeteria room. There was this place to fill up on drinks so I was putting this pitcher under a dispenser for chocolate milk, I think the brand was Hershey's. Some really tall guy comes up to me and starts asking me questions. Apparently this person was really famous. He starts ranting about how they make this chocolate milk and even brings me over to this lunch table with some guys I know and is ranting. He points up to the wall at some point and also asks me about Hershey's pointing at this package of chocolate. I think I accidentally got some lemonade in my drink at some point so I needed to pour it out but I didn't want to look wasteful so I didn't.

      Another dream I was in this house that had this giant theater room. It was sort of like a sleep over with a bunch of guys there, some from my fraternity and others from my hometown. They were making fun of me for some reason but I was also making them laugh. There were people playing video games and we were transported to this massive battlefield in the game. My raid leader Xun was playing a match as we were watching. He was trying to quick scope people with a semi-automatic gun like a G3. He was hitting some people but also getting killed. I think I had played at some point.

      The sleepover ends and we're deciding to go on a vacation with my family. So we get in a car and are transported to this snowy neighborhood which looked to me like KC. I think we had a night out or something and everyone got really drunk except for my mom who ended up driving us back home over night. Other things happened in the snowy neighborhood I just can't really remember.

      My last dream I was in Super Mario 64. My friend Matt d. was showing me a speed run strategy. It started by running and diving into the moat. He was swimming around holding his breath trying to find a key that looked like an iPhone headphone adapter. He gets it and jumps up onto this weird series of platforms that had trees on it and a little hut. He jumps way up there and is collecting a bunch of coins. Then he jumps into a white wall next to a blue shimmering portal and strange music starts to play. He's now inside the castle in the underground running around.

      Eventually we're outside again. We go over to this massive tree that has a title over it but I forget the name something like "the grand tree." We go inside and my grandmother is in there so now we're talking to her. A storm starts to approach and this tree is now just a tent that is flapping and ripping. I ask her how she lives in here during storms but she reassures me it works. She points to a small room in the back of the tent that opens up and is safer during storms but It just seems like this tent is ripping away.
    3. #210. Monsters Under the Bed

      by , 09-04-2015 at 09:52 PM (Things to Run Away From Really Fast)
      I'm looking for a place to stay for the next few weeks while I take a course in a new city. I know that a certain motel/hostel/dorm has spots available for students, but they also fill up fast. So I head over there as soon as I'm in town.

      Luckily, there is a place available. Unluckily, it's haunted by the victim of a mean-spirited (and presumably lethal) prank by members of a fraternity or something. We don't actually have those here, but it was a group of guys and they were terrible people.

      So now the ghost violently murders people who stay in the dorms.

      There's a woman screaming.

      I'm running towards her as she's being dragged into a fluffy duvet or pile of pillows. I really should emphasize that they were unabashedly evil pillows, with the electrifying reek of corrupted darkness emanating from them. I grab the woman by the elbows, and she tells me No, it will get you, too!

      I can't hold her, and my arm ends up dragged into the rift. Excruciating, electric pain arcs up my right arm (the kind of pain that you only feel in dreaming, where it overwhelms everything and it hurts but doesn't feel like pain in waking life). I try to pull my arm away, but there's resistance, sucking me into the rift.

      I rip my arm awayŚ

      But the bleeding, rotten darkness is still everywhere and there's nowhere to goŚ

      I wake up. I reality check, tapping my fingers against the sheets. One-two-three-four-five. Genuinely awake. Damn ghost thinks it's gonna get the better of me, huh?

      I slip back into dreaming. I'm back in the dorm room, and it's quiet. Shadows whisper along the ceiling and in the dark corners of the room. I hold out a hand, and the shadows still.

      The ripping, tearing thing leaps into me, but I'm ready this time. I channel the pain, force the thing out of my body until it faces me, forced to its knees on the floor.

      Let's solve your problem. My terms.
    4. A couple non-lucid dreams but then DREAM CONTROL

      by , 11-03-2014 at 05:14 PM (Fennecgirl's Collection of Dreams)
      I don't remember much from the first dream I can remember from last night. I do remember being at a museum where supposedly the first "selfie" from the year 1010 could be found. It wasn't taken with a camera, of course, and it was actually a complete accident. Apparently a family had gone skydiving and the imprint from where their faces had hit the ground became fossilized, so this "selfie" was just a fossilized impression of people's faces. I was disappointed when I saw it, though. It was just a chalk outline of where the people had fallen, and someone had actually drawn these people on the piece of rock, which I thought was kind of wrong because it was in a cartoonish style and therefore inaccurate.

      After that, I recall talking with some guy about Cruisin' USA (an old N64 racing game I used to have; I eventually traded it in a few years ago because, every time nostalgia told me to play that game, I was let down by the awful graphics and the cars' terrible handling). We then heard music from that game coming from somewhere nearby, so we started wandering around the floor of my residence hall trying to figure out which room someone was playing it in.

      I woke up from that and had another strange dream when I went back to sleep. My parents were both visiting me at college, and I recommended that they see the Rocky Horror Show (my school's theater production this semester). I haven't seen it yet, but I've heard it's awesome. At some point, I remember noticing that my parents had left, so I started looking for them to see if they were still around. I ran out through the back door (I was in my house now for some reason - technically my old house, but my family just moved this summer, and I've hardly spent any time in the new house because I left for college a few days after we moved and have only been home for one weekend since). When I didn't see my parents there, I ran out the front door and saw my mom's car still in the driveway... packed full of my fraternity Brothers. That was confusing at first, but then they all shouted, "Thank you for helping your mother!" It turned out my mom was in the car too and had recruited them all to say that for some reason.

      I woke up again but went back to sleep again. In this next dream, there was a floor event in my residence hall. I saw Jackie, one of my fraternity Brothers (we refer to everyone as a Brother regardless of gender), which surprised me because I didn't know she lived on my floor or even in my building (in reality, she does not). Anyway, the "event" was that everyone would be given a big crossword puzzle to take with them and do throughout the day, and whoever finished it first could return it to get a prize.

      For some reason, at some point, we ended up outside by a road intersection off-campus. I decided to leave early and return to campus, which is when things started getting strange. By the time I was back on campus, I found it really hard to walk forward. There was some slight wind at the time, so I thought that could be attributed to the wind, but the wind didn't seem strong enough to interfere with walking. I thought it was strange, but I saw that everyone else was affected in the same way, so I figured it was probably just the wind after all.

      When I got back to my dorm, I realized I'd forgotten to take a crossword puzzle from the event, so I decided to text Jackie to ask her if she could bring one back for me, but I didn't have her number, and I didn't know who else I could ask. I also remember getting a bunch of texts from my boyfriend throughout this dream and the last that I felt kind of bad about not having the time to reply to.

      The dream suddenly because a Sims 3 game, and, since time can be sped up in the game, I accidentally fast-forwarded time (on the fastest setting) to a couple hours later before finally pausing it. I knew for sure now that I wouldn't be able to ask Jackie to get me a crossword puzzle because there's no way that "event" would still be going on. I also felt bad about not replying to my boyfriend's texts now that even more time had passed.

      I realized after awhile that something didn't look quite right about the game interface, though I couldn't quite pinpoint what it was that was different. I did an RC when I noticed that and counted six fingers. I was dreaming! I counted again just to make sure. Seven fingers. Definitely dreaming! Instead of being all clueless as usual when I become lucid, I said out loud, "Now, this is where the fun begins."

      Since I had no plan for the dream, I ran around, looking for something fun to do in a dream (I was no longer playing Sims anymore). I found a buffet table. I could eat! No, no, that's something I can do while I'm awake. Then, I spotted an empty glass and an empty silver pitcher on the table and decided now it was time to learn to exert some control over the dream. I decided that, if I poured the "empty" pitcher into the cup, I'd be pouring a drink out of it instead of nothing. I decided it'd be "something like eggnog" (the first thing that came to mind), but not quite the same, because why drink something in a dream I can drink in real life? The drink that came out was white and a little thick, but it didn't taste at all like eggnog. It was creamy, though, and kind of sweet, and... fizzy? I was actually surprised when I tasted something that was slightly fizzy because I wasn't expecting that.

      I realized while I was drinking it that I was wearing my retainer, and my reaction to that was my one fatal mistake. I decided I should take my retainer out, but, instead of doing something quick like tossing it on the floor (who cares what happens to it if it's a dream and not real life?), I decided to find the case for it and put it back in its case. That was my big mistake because everything went dark, so I realized I was waking up because this had torn me away from what was keeping me occupied. Once I started to feel myself lying in bed, I knew that was it. I opened my eyes, disappointed I'd caused myself to wake up because of something so silly but also proud of myself for having had some control over not just myself but the dream environment itself.

      I did one final RC just to ensure I was awake. Five fingers. I counted again. Five fingers again. Yep, definitely awake this time.

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    5. Mens Retreat, Sexual Activity, Magazine Interpretation

      by , 05-31-2012 at 08:14 PM
      Okay, so this is my first journal entry here on the DV website. I've been awake for 8 1/2 hours (1:30 now, woke up at 5am) so I don't know how my recall will be affected, although I feel as though the memory is pretty strong after all this time. Mainly because I've already written out this post once, but due to my clumsy-assed sausage fingers, lost the post completely.

      So the dream is that I'm a sort of men's retreat. No women in sight, and a kind of friendly, fraternal vibe in the air. The first thing I remember of the "scene" is myself sitting on a bed in a kind of bunkhouse. It's a large,rustic, open building, much like what you'd find at a summer camp, with beds lined down both walls, like a barraks. I'm sitting on one of the beds talking to another, fairly handome guy. Like myself, he's not overly handsome, but neither is he ugly. We're having a friendly conversation, the specifics of which I do not remember, and after a minute or two of this, I notice that I'm aroused and begin imgagining being on the receiving end of some nice, slow fellatio. Moments after this thought, the guy across from me seems to get the same vibe, and it begins to happen. (It should be noted here, that I am a heterosexual, and happily so. And although I'm "freaking out" over this scene, I am curious about what it means, as I know that scenes in dream are rarely supposed to be taken at face value and are symbolic

      Scene shifts to myself and four or five other guys seated around a large, rectangular "dinner"table, in the same kind of building as before. And again, there's a relaxed, friendly atmosphere, and we're just having a normal conversation about your typical mundane topics. Again I don't recall specifics of this conversation, but I strongly remember the gist of it.

      As we talk, I look down at the table and see a magazine there. It's a kind of men's fitness/style type magazine like GQ or something like that, and I notice that it's open to an article about food. Again, I don't recall the details of the article, but I do remember there being a picture of food. Specifically peach slices on a plate with mint leaves for garnish.

      After looking at the article, I look back up and while looking at the leader of our little conversation group, who is an employee there or guidance counselor, if you will, I put the first two fingers of my left hand on the page of the ,magazine, open to the article I'd read and begin moving the magazine back and forth on the table, sliding along, trying to subtly get the attention of the "counselor", and I succeed. He looks down and picks up the magazine and after a brief read, he says

      "So it says here that John Melancamp can bench press 135 pounds for seven reps." I think it was seven, anyway. At which point I say "Well, that's not too bad considering he's in his sixties, or something.."

      That's it. All I remember.

      Feel free to interpret and or discuss.

      More to come.

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    6. 1/6/2010 - Rather Large Update

      by , 01-06-2011 at 11:08 AM
      My internet at my house has been out for a couple days, as people weren't around to pay their bills. Therefore, this is going to be a pretty long update - 5 updates since the last time I updated!

      12/26/2010 - First Person Shooter and Real Time Strategy

      I was on a space station. I entered a large room and picked up a couple weapons (one of them was a gun like the ripper in Unreal Tournament). I entered a large chamber that was open to space. I recall looking up and seeing a number of stars and the planet that the space station was rotating around. I saw a large creature that was channeling what I can only assume was the power to destroy our galaxy. Needless to say, I engaged it.

      Since we were open to space, there was little gravity, so I was able to flip around all of the elevated floating platforms in the area. I began flipping about, him remaining stationary while shooting beams of energy while I was firing my Ripper. Sadly, they were ineffective. I switched to another weapon to continue shooting him, but there was a tingling sensation as his channeling began to become powerful. I could feel the hairs on my arms begin to stand on end.

      I landed on a platform high up, and spherical orbs of light inside a ring began to converge on the center of the platform. I knew it was too late. The disks circled the platform..the orbs shot out and then converged. There was an ear-deafening boom...and the galaxy was gone. I woke up.

      12/28/2010 - Helping a Brother

      I returned home again, and sadly my dream recall suffered, as I was sleeping on my house couch again.

      I remembered that Eric had asked me a few nights before to wake him up and make sure that he went to the airport to pick up his girlfriend. I assisted him in waking up and helped him get all of his stuff together. I then woke up, realizing that this was a false awakening.

      1/2/2011 - Dream Fragments - Free-running and Lightsaber Duel

      I had two dream fragments this night. I know that in my 3rd dream of the night, there was a lightsaber duel, but I can't recall specifics. I also recall that I was free-running around an Arabic city in my 4th dream.

      1/4/2011 - Zombies (again)

      I was traveling through an abandoned city with James, Lane, Shane, and I. Lane was wielding double pistols. I was carrying something tech related, but I didn't actually have weapons (bad call, I know). James was decked out in odd vagabond clothes and double Uzis. Shane had a shotgun and a metal bat.

      We fought our way to a safe room that was in a room high up in an apartment complex. It looked like a hotel room, however. There was a device outside the room that apparently controlled the heat exhaust for the entire building. I was concerned with the level of energy that the building was putting off, and realized that if I were to change the settings, we could conserve energy - but make ourselves more visible to zombies (apparently they have heat vision in this dream). The setting I picked helped us save energy. However, a zombie ran up the fire escape to confront us. I ran inside.

      I slammed the door behind me with the zombie's upper torso and arm stuck in the doorway. I shouted at Shane to come over, who readies his bat and bashed the zombie's head in when I opened the door. Lane and James then ran out of the room upstairs in order to apparently take care of more zombies. Shane shotgunned the zombie's lower jaw off.

      I changed the setting on the device, and once I had changed it James and Lane returned. Lane was bloody and said that he had been bitten. I saw his inventory with 17 bullets in his double pistols. We yelled at my brother to make sure that he wasn't bitten either. Lane hands me his pistols and takes off his arm guard. I wake up to a text message.

      1/5/2011 - Australia

      My dream started with an intricate flyover of the white, sandy beaches of Australia. We (myself and I'm not sure who else) were having a good time on the beach. We talked about all of the animals there and I recall looking down in the water and vividly seeing an eel that I walked across in order to not get shocked. I wanted to take pictures, but I forgot my camera back with my family. I was really devastated. I started to call my mother in order to ask where the camera was when I woke up.

      I stood up and glanced around. I then made my way to my computer tower to look for my camera. I realized that it didn't make much sense for me to look for the camera and I did a reality check, but it was just me sleep walking.

      Tonight I'm going to try to record three dreams and attempt to wake up enough to WILD during that third dream cycle. We'll have to see how it goes. This next weekend is going to be stressful, as I'm going to be doing conferences and retreats, so I might not write in my journal for a couple days!
    7. 12/24/2010 - Jail, Superheroes and a Bar

      by , 12-24-2010 at 08:51 PM
      The last dream of this segment I became lucid! This was my first lucid dream - ever! While it only lasted for a short time (due to, well, being new to it and not being able to stabilize), I can't tell you how excited I am at this improvement! Also, the dream that I had during was really, really vivid. Interesting.

      12/24/2010 - Dream Fragment - Jail

      I found myself competing in a drinking competition with Jim while in jail. There were lots of colorful drinks.

      12/24/2010 - Superheroes

      I had an intricate dream where I was on the beach. I think I was a superhero, but I definitely had the ability to control tornadoes. I do remember that we were on the coast. I had to help defend the town from three tornadoes that were ultimately creating monsoons for the town. As the town wizards rallied, a large lady (black, curly black hair) spoke to me and told me that if the waves causes a swell of greater than 8 meters, the levies would break and the city would be destroyed.

      I became highly interested in this and we prepared at the coastline. All three tornadoes came from next to one another, causing huge tidal waves. The wizards attempted to quell the waves as we protected the coastal city, but it became quickly apparent that the wizards would not be able to successfully combat the three tornadoes when they were all in the same place. The waves were already reaching upwards of 8 meters (said the woman), and it was almost at critical mass. I watched the waves come crashing into the village as she said this. I decided that I had to take a gambit to save this town.

      I used my powers to move one of the tornadoes. I was only able to apparently move one, because I was too weak after moving the first one. I changed it from all three tornadoes being right next to one another, northeast off the coastline, to one of them closer and northwest of the town. This gambit paid off, as it allowed the wizards valuable time to quell that tornado and then take care of the others. We were able to wrangle the tornadoes and take control of nature. We also protected the town.

      (Diagram of the coast and tornado movement is here in my physical journal)

      I returned to the beach, where I found my grandpa and the large lady talking with one another. My grandpa said that he was very proud of my success. He asked us for some hot chocolate (which I recall him asking for before, but I don't recall him before this part of the dream. He might of been talking with the large lady when I was solving shit). She asked why my grandfather was asking for hot chocolate so often, to which I said that my grandma always used to make it for him. I made some appear and gave it to him. He smiled large and my grandma's voice in my head said thank you. I told the fat lady I heard my grandma and I started crying. The scene fades.

      12/24/2010 - Bar

      I think this was supposed to be related to the first dream. I was in a bar that was colored very light brown and with a lot of beige. I was sitting at the counter of the bar. I recall there being dream characters about, but I don't recall seeing any. I do recall that Jimmy was in my dream again, but that I never saw or talked with him. I was watching a news report on the television while drinking a beer. I remember that Britney Spear's "Toxic" was playing on the jukebox, but I don't recall seeing the jukebox either. I was also irritated and a bit confused by it being on in here. I reached for the menu and opened it to look at it and I started to feel a bit odd. I read over the menu once, but then stared at it. The letters changed before my eyes. "I must be dreaming," I thought to myself.

      There was an audible snap and everything became incredibly vivid as I became lucid. I was actually overtaken by emotion and excitement! This was my first lucid dream - ever! When I got excited, I remembered that if I didn't calm down I would wake up, but instead of calming down first I started attempting stabilization techniques. I looked at my hands in order to deeply observe them, but they seemed like they were cut off (I was missing half of each hand, diagonally, from my wrist bone to my index finger knuckle). It started to worry me. I stop doing this and got up quickly and I touched the table, tripping over a chair in scurrying over to one of the back bar counters. I grabbed one of the clear salt shakers that had a yellow lid and many, many holes (industrial) and began to feel it with both of my hands. While doing this, I accidentally closed my eyes and the scene faded to black.

      I snapped my eyes open and I was in my room. I immediately tried a reality check, but it wasn't a false awakening. Success, ladies and gentlemen! After two years of on and off trying, I finally had a successful lucid dream - a DILD! Now the next step: Do it again, remain calm, and stabilize properly. I'm so pleased with myself I can hardly stand it.
    8. 12/21/2010 - Witness Protection & The Next Step

      by , 12-21-2010 at 10:18 PM
      12/21/2010 - Witness Protection

      I found myself in my house being rushed out of the front door. I was quickly shuffled into one of my Brother's (Shane's) car and we were driving away from my house very quickly. I asked what was going on and Shane said that we had to find a place to hide me. I realized that I was in witness protection, though I'm not entirely sure what I did to deserve to be put in witness protection at this point. As we were driving, we went to a yellow house that was apparently near the campus. Shane pulled up into the drive-way and opened the garage door, to which I found a number of people sitting on a couch, hiding in the room. There was a television, but it wasn't on. I can't recall any of the people's faces in the house. We got out of the car and headed into the house. I noticed there was a yellow highlighter on the driveway of the house.

      We sat down and chatted for a bit, but then again Shane yelled at me to get up and get in the car. I looked in the van and my real brother (James) and three Brothers (Jimmy, Shane, and Jim) were all in the car. James hands me his motorcycle helmet and tells me to put it on. We all put on motorcycle helmets as we drive, though I recall thinking it was somewhat claustrophobic in the helmet. Shane asked me where we should go. I point out that there is a hidden place behind a series of bushes near the library near our house and I'm told that this just isn't a realistic place to hide. I'm disappointed, but I can vision the place - there is another yellow highlighter on the ground. There is a causeway to the bushes, and there is a small slit in the bushes that leads behind. I think there was a nice couch behind this area as well, but I can't recall it like I recall the other places. Shane says he knows where to go, and he pushes on the gas. We end up driving into a Col-de-Sac of a rich neighborhood and stop outside a house. Again, another highlighter. We get out of the car and head into the house through the garage.

      I take off my helmet and enter one door, finding myself in my "new room." It was very blue. Everyone else has their helmets off now. I start unpacking boxes and realize that I'm going to have to come up with a new name. I think I chose Faith as my new name, but I was disappointed because all of the things that I have have my old name on it. Shane points out that most of them don't have to go on the wall except one (he points to my paddle). I nod. Jim says he has some generic allergy pills, but that he can't take them. I start to think I might have been doing some computer hacking as what got me in trouble. I wake up.

      12/21/2010 - The Next Step

      I was sitting down in my room. I recall picking up my Inner Circle book and glancing through the pages for the 4th Quarter of the Coat of Arms (this is a program that I am involved in within my Fraternity). I recall that the text seemed odd, but it wasn't enough to tip me off to the fact that I was sleeping. The book was lime-green borders and white for the backing. The text of the book was black. I flipped through the pages to complete the activities within it. I recall one of the activities to complete read: "Have a Mexican fiesta for one, two, three, & four children." There was a picture of babies posted over a blank spot next to the description, and the signature of "Kelsey Sheeha" was on the signature line, indicating that she apparently completed it. The first name was in cursive, the last name was in confusing bubble letters. Each time I read one section in the book, I knew that I would be in the event fully completing it. I felt myself being pulled through the book and then I woke up to a text message.

      I'm pretty sure my Fraternity life is going to end up being a dream sign for me, as these characters and themes keep constantly coming up in my dreams already. I think I am going to start doing a reality check anytime I communicate with a Brother or anytime that I read something Fraternity-related. Hopefully this will start carrying over into my dreams for a DILD. I think my dream recall is already improving pretty strongly, and I'm finding myself much more capable of getting up and writing in my journal - an exciting step for me, as that's where I got stuck when I first attempted to become involved in lucid dreaming! I might try and nap this afternoon (I'm usually really poor and getting back to bed during the waking hours). I also plan on recording three dreams tonight and I think I will attempt a WILD.