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    1. Ah, Signs of Life

      by , 06-07-2017 at 12:49 AM (The Secret Life of Demons)
      Extremely long story short: I'm a dreamer and I dream with lots of different dreamers, spirits, and entities. I have a very open mind, have lots of relatively cool dreams, but I'm extremely mistrustful and sarcastic. Simply, I don't like most people due to a somewhat higher-than-average intelligence. All this said, here we go:

      3 months ago:
      Nightmares building up to larger nightmares. Not-so-fun lucid dreams.

      2 months ago:
      Captured and residing as a captive in a not-so-fun location. All month long.

      1 month ago:
      Dreams involving a long and painful killing (of me) by my old roommate. At the height of it I was waking up kicking and screaming (so unusual for me).

      Finally feeling like myself. I ate something terrible in dreams three months ago hence I felt pretty lame until now. I had wondered what revived me and brought me back and it seems it was an assortment of things and people. This morning I woke from dreaming (grateful to have uneventful dreams) and thought of DreamViews. I was thinking, perhaps, maybe some of the answers for what I've been up to might be found here. Having found some interesting details, I'm pleasantly surprised. It seems when I'm on the edge of death I reach out to people. Go figure.

      While reaching out it seems there was some kinship involved and I brought somewhat of a mess with me. Just, let me say this: you should've seen the other guy. I was hoping healers would do what they do best and it seems they had. I mean, they exorcised thousands of demons from me years ago, what's one more dark entity?

      Dreams can be insane. They lead to adventures of consciousness which can't always be rationally explained. How does one rationally explain telepathy? How does one explain that I needed to come to DV today? When there's a strong enough need, desire, or intent this is what often allows telepathic communication to occur. I may not like re-connecting (or even connecting) with people, but sometimes when it's life or death it warrants unusual circumstances. Now that things are decent I'm uncertain what's left in terms of adventure. I mean, I've already done quite a bit for a few lifetimes--I'm sorta hoping happiness and enjoyment are in my future. I'm pretty fucking tired of the whole slaying demons thing.

      Speaking of happiness and enjoyment, I'm somewhat interested in dream sharing if anyone is interested in having their sanity challenged.
    2. [Dream #14 - 2/1/2016] 2 Mewtwos [Sex Dream]

      by , 02-01-2016 at 01:31 PM (The Book of the Multiverse)


      The title is self-explanatory. This has inter-species sex. And like with everything else -- don't like it then do not read it~

      I remember walking down Cerulean Cave in similar format to the one in a pixelmon server I was playing last night where I came up next to a small wall and over it I could see a mewtwo. He was the normal color but then his body began switching pallets to match the color of the shiny variant as shown in the above picture. I was ecstatic and wanted to catch the mewtwo but I fear of him defeating my team of pokémon due to them being so under-leveled.

      I could then see the mewtwo turning his face to look towards me and that's when I became frightened as I thought he was going to initiate a battle with me and make me black out. I tried to head back the other way but I ended up finding myself being taken by force by the shiny mewtwo as he began to make out with me. I could feel his mouth prying open mine and his warm tongue entering inside and I couldn't help but engage in the act with him feeling lustful and passionate.

      This is when another mewtwo appeared from behind and started to fuck me err....anally I guess? I honestly couldn't remember. This is where I found myself naked, whether I just became nude or I was nude to begin with. A cycle of sexual positions began within the 3-some and it felt amazing! And the mewtwos were no joke in staying firm with the act and taking lead.

      Once they were done, the two did not want me to go as they began to take me out the other side of the cave. For some reason I could remember hearing my mother call out my name and for that split of a second I can see myself rushing into my living room from my room and spotting my mother sitting on the couch by the kitchen as it appeared she was watching TV. I began asking if she needed anything but my mother stated that she thought I was calling her so I went back to my room and that's when it switched back to the mewtwo scene. Both were standing around waiting for me and once I appeared again in their site the proceeded on dragging me out again into the open world of pokémon. Then I wake up...

      Notes: Paired with the desire of leaving this planet and the coupling of pixelmon gameplay and the conversation with my fiancé on how Pokémon Go will turn out, there is no surprise that I would have a dream like this. Mewtwo being one of my favorite pokémon was indeed a treat to be able to have sex with...not just one but TWO (no pun intended) in a session like this.

      The false awakening in midst of a dream was quite a new one for me. As when I *truly* awoke I began to think if my mother had indeed called me earlier for something and that I went back to sleep afterwords. But I knew that my mother never actually sits on the couch nor was a TV propped up against the window, where she was facing. Though I did do my reality checks just to be sure.

      Interperting this dream is a no brainer. The joy of being part of the pokémon world, going into a cave and such and having sex with pokémon is something I've always wished for but the weird occurrence of being in my room in the middle of it could be a sign of how the waking reality is always wanting to stop me for wanting such freedom and continue to follow the orders of human society, my mother being a major example to this. But even after that and being taken by the two mewtwos out into the pokémon world (presumably) There is that knowlege of hope that I will indeed have that day where all my wishes will come true and no human from Earth will be able to stop them. What a great dream to start off the new month~

      Date — 2/1/2016

      Went to bed — Around 3AM

      Woke up — 6:40AM

      *Time logged — 7:05AM

      Total sleep — +3 Hours

      Stress level throughout the day — Sad and depressed due to personal issues...


      *Daytime — RC

      *Recall — N/A

      *Inducing Method — N/A

      Dream Signs — The Obvious

      Perceived Length — 30 Minutes

      Emotions — Happy, Free

      Awareness — None

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    3. [Dream #1 - 1/12/2016] The Stress of Life and Wanting to Escape

      by , 01-12-2016 at 06:36 PM (The Book of the Multiverse)


      This is Shadow the Hedgehog

      I had a dream that involved me in an environment quite similar to the apartment space I live with my mother. It was warped in a way that the area inside (my room and living room) were much larger in space and taller in height. My mother told me to get the mail which I did even though I didn't want to and was completely annoyed. I went and got it and gave it to her. She was on the phone chatting to her friend and making comments about how worthless I was and my failure at my previous college and when she looked at the letter and she saw that it was about my other college I applied to and saw I wasn't accepted, she criticized me for it.

      However it happened, the next moment I was sitting on the couch with her as there was a TV playing some reality type of show of a guy in a lab coat wearing goggles. It mimicked that of the same scenario in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory with the lab room and transportation of a chocolate bar. The guy from my dream had amiibos, one with Samus in a top hat (much like the video of one from YouTube that I cannot find right now) and one of Sonic the Hedgehog. The scientist spoke about bringing them to life and he did so by inserting their information into some device that brought them up onto his television screen. Eventually, Sonic was standing out of the TV set, spouting the same phrases as he usually does and the crowd behind the scientist grew ecstatic over it.

      I was bothered by it, I knew that I didn't like people who spoke or did stuff dealing with anything Sonic the Hedgehog related since it never seemed to go down the right path nor resonated well with me. It was also something I passionately connected with and seeing that made me feel awkwardly torn. I wanted to go hide in my room and my mother, knowing how I felt about it, started an argument with me. She said stuff like, "Stop being weird!" "Stop acting like a baby!" but I ended up locking myself in my room anyways blocking the door with some sort of umbrella shaped object. (Here comes the most vivid part of the dream) I can remember feeling a strange breeze as if the window was open. I then could see Shadow the Hedgehog. Much more dark in appearance, so dark that his face became almost impossible to register. Shadow's fur was very much slicked down in a somewhat jet black glossy finish. He was standing around half my height and he looked emotionless and almost lifeless, very still like a statue perhaps. Think of it like a ghost/spirit from a horror movie that stands in front of you movement-less. My dream self knew he was alive though but I was too afraid to act since I didn't know what he would do.

      Next thing that happened in a split of a second, I was in his arms, carried in a bridle position. Shadow was perched up on the windowsill of my room as he opened the slider mechanic underneath. I looked out to see a large crowd of people. Civilians, paparazzi and news reporters and even the police. They had guns pointed at us ready to shoot. I didn't feel afraid at that moment though, strangely. I looked up at Shadow and I could see a smirk form upon his muzzle as I caught a glimpse of his teeth.

      Anchoring himself along the sill, he pushed himself forward over the crowd of people keeping his grip tightly on me. Then I woke up back into the waking world.

      Notes — I figured this dream was reflecting the negative parts of my life (more so currently happening) and how I always wished I could escape and leave this planet. Shadow, being someone I wanted to fulfill my wish, it's no surprise to me for him to appear and carry me out from the apartment. In the end, I will say that the ills of my current life are still a main focus in my mind but the chance of being able to achieve the desired freedom is still in reach of hopes.

      Date— 1/12/2016

      Went to bed — 2:30AM

      Woke up — 9:50AM

      *Time logged — 9:52AM

      Total sleep — +8 Hours

      Stress level throughout the day — Moderate (I kept having flash backs of past events from being cyberbullied and discriminated in physical life but nothing that brought me into tears)


      *Daytime — Reality Checks, daydreamed (of Shadow The Hedgehog)

      *RecallMantras (Stated to myself that I would see Shadow the Hedgehog in my dream and that I would remember it)

      *Inducing Method — I listened to some traditional asmr and looked through various picture I had of Shadow The Hedgehog. One in particular is the one I added to the very top of the post.

      Dream Signs — Overly large version of my house, the scientist guy bringing to life amiibos and Sonic showing up, Shadow the Hedgehog appearing in my room, the crowd of people outside my window in a parking-lot type of area where in this physical realm (my window only points out to a bit of grass, a fence and another apartment complex).

      Perceived Length — 15 Minutes

      Emotions — Depressed to Emotionless

      Awareness — None

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    4. Two sets of 40, Dieter again, Julia's daughter, Alice in Wonderland

      by , 10-07-2014 at 05:25 PM
      Talking to someone about "the 40." They're a group of heroes in Scotland, technically real historical figures but their story's become more like a legend, involved in a conflict with the English. Although they're regarded as heroes, I'm thinking that their story was crucial in creating a bad future for Scotland.

      (Woke up. Back to sleep.)

      I'm digging through a drawer filled with various small objects and papers, searching for something. I'm talking to myself out loud, saying "She'll turn this too into one of her charms." Charm as in talisman. There's a woman - the owner of the things I'm searching through - who suffered some setback, as a result of which some object that belongs to her is temporarily in my hands. I meant that she was going to turn that separation itself into her advantage. As I search through the drawer, I uncover a small skeleton of a creature with sharp teeth, no larger than my thumbnail. Another one of her charms. I'm thinking she was likely told this was some wondrous creature - it isn't.

      (Woke up. Back to sleep.)

      I'm in a mountain forest with Dieter. He's holding some large dark-furred animal he's killed - we've caught three of them in a row - and we're talking about the quality of the hunting here since the humans abandoned their village. You'd think that would only improve the hunting, but there's something I'm worried about. When we mention the village I see an image of it, on a hillside with a large body of water in the distance, and I think about something that's been bothering me ever since a conversation I'd had with someone in that village. I say to Dieter now, times have changed - we haven't changed with them. We should. I should have set him free centuries ago and set him up with whatever he wanted. I've been selfish, not thinking. He ignores this and tries to steer me back onto the topic of hunting.

      (Woke up. Back to sleep.)

      Semi-lucid - aware this is a dream but not enough to affect my actions - I'm approaching a certain building by a narrow path between two hedges out back by the gardens. There's somewhere else I was heading, but a little boy intercepts me and tells me there's some message for me in the house.

      (A memory gap.)

      On the grounds of that same estate, right at a tall hedge that serves as an important border between here and the next place, there's a little girl crouching on the ground and a woman next to her. The woman's plain and tired-looking, with brown hair that looks darker because it hasn't been washed. The little girl is blonde and sort of bossing the woman around in some game they're playing. She wants to join in on something going on beyond the hedge, but she's not allowed, so she's playing here and waiting for her chance. I immediately recognize the girl as Julia's daughter, she resembles her so closely, and I ask the woman some questions to try to confirm that hunch without asking about Julia directly. The woman says to something I ask about the girl's mother, "You don't have to tell me that," mistaking my question for rhetorical and irritated about it, irritated at the mother's behavior. This makes me realize that while yes, the girl's mother is Julia, this woman is also the girl's mother - she's Julia's wife. I'd assumed she was a nursemaid, I'm deeply embarrassed.

      A man's telling me something about Alice in Wonderland when he's attacked and killed by these enormous crows. We're in his apartment. One of the crows lands on my shoulder and looks at me, and I'm feeling very exasperated with it.

      I'm the same man I was in the previous scene but now with a head like a crow - which I definitely didn't have in the previous scene - and I'm standing in front of an older crow-headed man who's sitting on the floor in these elaborate robes. He's telling me he can't help me, and says something about "the 40 visions."

      (And this last one is one from two weeks ago that I didn't bother to write out properly. The pen & paper dream journal fell open to it just now and the Alice in Wonderland theme caught my eye.) There's a scene in Alice in Wonderland where Alice is trapped inside the mouth of a crocodile. A boy pulls its tail to make it open its mouth, and she runs out. Now someone's tried to recreate that scene, but the girl playing the role of Alice was too scared and wouldn't move. I shove my way through the kids to get her out, and somebody gets their arm bitten off. (I wrote down who, but I can't read my own writing.)
    5. travel to France

      by , 07-20-2013 at 11:05 PM
      Me and 2 of my close friends was travelling in France. Me and one of them stopped near historical place and 3rd of us went to do something. It was interesting that words in there were Persian. When he came back we continue our path. I saw 2 of my uncles in a car that were looking us. My friend hug me after that. We cross the street and in another part we were speaking about freedom.
    6. Leaving my human life behind and going back to the Pleiades.

      by , 02-24-2013 at 11:08 PM (Percy's Void of Thoughts)
      Leaving my human life behind and going back to the Pleiades. (Non-lucid)


      In all my dreams I have some degree of lucidity. If I am not fully lucid, I still know that something is not right. For an instance, I have a car accident, but I do not worry because I know it is OK (at a deep level I know I am dreaming) But this dream, I really bought the dream entirely... I really thought it was real, to the point of being a bit sad when I woke up from it (despite how amazing the dream was)
      Might be easier to understand if I tell you I am a Starseed. Enjoy!

      I was with my wife in a big room and we were going to head out. I was sharing with her that I needed to meet with a couple clients for some psychic readings.

      We decide to get out for a walk, and we wore only a short t-shirt. I was wondering that if it was going to be too cold. It was also raining and it was very foggy and cloudy at the same time, but it was warm. There were people around. We were in a city that looked like Rome since it had a lot of Roman buildings and such. These building were made out of stone and the detail was amazing.

      I overheard people saying that there were going to be some major changes in the planet. Talking with my wife, she said that she overheard that the temperature was going to be around 150 F. I told her she was nuts, that no way it could get that warm. It started to rain harder and my wife ran away. I felt the rain water warm on my face and I was kinda surprised. Suddenly, I saw a like a big stone falling from the sky into the ground. I saw a couple more of these stones, both were on fire. I realized they were meteorites. I could hear the noise of the meteorite and people all around me screaming, but I was not afraid, I was in fact, somehow thrilled. I considered if I wanted to allow one of them to hit me or if it was better to avoid them. I wanted to get hit by one, but my instinct told me to avoid them.

      Suddenly, a major earthquake started to happen. It was over a magnitude 9. The buildings started to crumble and I felt excited because I was going to home, to the Pleiades where I belong. The building shattered and fell over my head. My vision started to blurr and I lost consciousness. I felt I was leaving my physical body, until the image of a hospital appeared in front of my eyes. I could see my body, very wounded and my wife crying next to it. I was attached to some machine and I heard the doctor announcing my death. I floated away from the hospital. I was a bit sad because of my wife, but I was excited at the same time.

      I roamed around the hospital and I saw my dad in a different room and one of my childhood friends as well. They were not sick apparently.

      I appeared in a building and I had some trouble controlling my Astral Body, I was not used to be a Spirit. I rapidly decided I wanted to cros over and go back to the Pleiades, but I decided to explore first and roam a bit more. I had all the time of the world after all. I was in a 32 stories restaurant, going from room to room and I even discovered some hidden rooms as well. Someone spoke to me telling me that the restaurant had many secret rooms.

      I appeared again in a park, and I was trying to float without success, so I started to climb a building (spiderman style) when suddenly, a young female greeted me. She was with a friend, and her friend was astonish, looking everywhere trying to find me. I knew right away she was a medium, so I jumped to her. She got scared and I apologized about it. She said I was acting weird and she did not know if I was a good Spirit. I told her I was. I also told her, "I am a dead medium." I explained to her that I was a Psychic Medium when I was alive. I started to wonder if she was using her clairvoyance or clairaudience to communicate with me. After I while I wanted to finally leave the Earth.

      I started to float higher and higher until I left the planet. I had the Earth on my back, out of space.

      I had a huge blissful feeling. I felt free. I felt I had no boundaries anymore and I felt very blessed. I was going home and I could not wait. I looked around me, and I saw an endless sea of stars

      Right below me, I was able to see like a water see, but it contained stars, planets and asteroids. I wanted to explore it so a glided to get closer, until I saw a big building, a building that cannot be found on Earth. Upon entering it, I met with two ET beings talking in some strange tongue. I spoke to them and they showed me a Piano. They said it was a nice instrument to generate music found at Earth. I told them that my previous life was there and mentioned that they could find other instruments as well.

      From here, I took long flights around the Universe, meet with some other ET beings. At some points, in the middle of nowhere, I spotted a few ET beings talking. One of them was considering incarnating into a human body. The other ET beings told him that the Earth was full of violence, hatred and envy. The ET being kept saying that it was not a nice place to experience a whole life at. I agreed and jumped into the conversation. I told them I was a Pleiadian who was incarnated into a human body, and crossed over recently. I shared with them the pain and sorrow the Earth is going through and told them I would not come back at all.

      I decided to finally go to the Pleiades and reunite with my Galactic family.

      On my way there, I met with a very hot human being. She had the same of a human and everything, but she was an ET as well. She mentioned that she came from a planet were money did not exist, love was among all people's heart and the whole planet were thriving. She also told me that everybody was hot because they were no GMOs nor other crap on their foods. She mentioned as well that they were having a blast during an entire lifetime of about 40 years. The planet was full of amusement parks, discotheques and scenic views for the enjoyment of the inhabitants. I felt it was a nice place to enjoy a lifetime, specially after dealing with the human life, but I really wanted to go back to the Pleiades.

      I was going however, to spend some time with this being and getting to know the planets located in the area. I felt blissful, I felt so amazingly well. I was truly in the Here and Now... time did not matter anymore. I was in heaven.

      I had a FA in a room, with my wife at planet Earth. I got frustrated and stated what the hell was going on and why I was on Earth again. I did a reality check, but it did not fail. My wife went ahead to write down a dream
      (something she never does in real life) and so I went to write mine. I woke up for real.
    7. My most meaningful dream.

      by , 09-17-2012 at 06:22 PM (Zechariah's Dream Journal)
      My dreams last night where dull. First I got into an arguement with my wife about her getting mad at me for things she thinks I'm thinking. Then that arguements ran off onto my friend as if he was the one it had started with. It wasn't anything to go into, I think the aggression and poor recall was a result of me going to sleep drunk. Instead of writing down these dreams, I wanted to do something different today!
      I want to record one of my most meaningful dreams that I can recall. It lasted about two minutes probably, it didn't take long to show me what it wanted to show me. This dream was one of my stepping stones in the practice of LDing, it taught me a phrame of mind in the form of an analogy.

      The dream was simply this; I was standing in front of a window. The window was three times my highth, and had quite a marvelous look to it. Stained glass, with red, blue, green, yellow- all shimmering from whatever was behind it. There was nothing to my left, nothing to my right, nothing below me or above me. All there was, was this window. I didn't know exactly what was going on. All I knew at that point was I did not want to be here. Something about this place made me know deep down that I did not want to be standing here any more. But what was I supposed to do? It was a beautiful thing that was stopping me, am I supposed to move past it? The answer was yes, I needed to move past it. I leaped towards the glass surface with a good jump and shattered all the way through it. I wasn't met by a ground on the otherside, but I began to float in the clouds above the ocean. So much open space, so much fresh air. I started flying through the clouds with a sense of freedom. I could still see the window that was locking me in darkness as I turned to look, so I kept flying. It was one of the most beautiful and peaceful moments of my life to be honest. I believe it was my mind teaching me that sometimes the answer to life and dreams is so simple. When there's something keeping you in a place you know you shouldn't be, break it down. You don't see it now, but there's freedom on the other side. It may look like a beautiful thing that's keeping you back, but the other side is of much more importance. This dream has helped me in a lot of my dreams, when I remember that if something isn't working- it's just me not taking the leap. Something jurassic needs to be done in order for me to understand how.
    8. the five guys advice concert; fedex and nice clothes

      by , 08-11-2011 at 12:22 PM
      Good morning, everybody.

      Dream #1

      I was on a dark stage with a group of guys. The guys were something like rock stars or performers. I'm not sure whether the stage was in a large or a small venue. Sometimes the atmosphere seemed very small, almost like a coffee shop or a bar. Other times, it seemed like the five guys were addressing a huge crowd, almost like at a political convention.

      The stage itself seemed sometimes to be more like a small coffee shop or bar, or even a living room. I could see rugs, tables, and lamps. I might even once have seen a small hallway leading back to another room.

      The five guys were going away. This might have been their last performance ever. So, partly for the crowd's sake, but partly for my own sake, the five guys gave some kind of inspirational speech. They each took a turn speaking. As the person would speak, a spotlight would shine on him.

      The five speeches were somehow connected. They began in some kind of historical context. They had to do with something like fighting for liberty. Then they moved on to how people shouldn't lose hope, and what kinds of things they could do to keep fighting for liberty.

      All the time, while each person was talking, I was touching the speaking person's face. I could see each person just fine. But the way I was touching the people's faces was like I couldn't see the people's faces, and like I was trying to understand what they were like.

      The final person, while I was touching his face, began to laugh a little. I got the impression that he thought I was doing this because I wasn't taking his speech seriously. So I tried to touch his face more seriously. I began tapping his forehead and his chin with a fist like a cat-paw, not closed all the way, but kind of flat.

      I may have been a little kid at this point, or maybe all through the dream.

      Dream #2

      I was at a service counter at a FedEx. A pretty woman with olive skin, black hair, and black eyes told me something about whatever I was here to do. She said something like things would be ready for me in a while, so I should come back.

      I thanked the woman and walked away from the counter. I was now in a department store. I was walking around some display areas with really nice dark grey or black slacks. The area all around was also nice, kind of dimly lit, with dark green or blue carpeting. All the display stands also seemed to be made of a nice kind of wood.

      A few other guys came up around me. There were some tall, white guys and at least one Asian guy. They were all dressed nice, probably in dark blue blazers, pale blue shirts, and khaki slacks. They were all talking with each other, possibly about some kind of business meeting they'd all been to. But they were all hanging around and looking at the pants near me, I could tell, because they assumed, for some reason, that I had good taste in pants (???).

      I was back in some line, which, as I faced it, looked like a checkout line for this department or clothing store. The cashier counters looked very nice, all made out of heavy wood. They almost looked like bank counters. I was near the front of the line.

      One of the Asian guys was in front of me, talking to some of the other business guys, who were behind me. This guy wasn't as well dressed as the others. He wore a maroon polo shirt and khaki slacks.

      They were all talking about something having to do with the military. It was like they had just been to some convention for military scientific projects. There may have been certain aspects of the technology that they either hadn't understood or had been bored by. But there had been a woman there who had really absorbed and processed all the information.

      The Asian man was now kind of giggling a little, like you would after seeing some kind of daring feat. He then said, almost looking at me, as if he felt I had been listening to and understanding the conversation, "Well, I guess that she is a HLA." (He pronounced "HLA" as "hullay.") I assmed that "HLA" meant "High-Level Analyst."

      I was now up at the Fedex counter, coming to take care of whatever I had been told to take care of. The woman I had come to was the same woman as before. She had been pretty friendly before. But now she was really rude.

      She had an envelope, which I knew was for me. But she was kind of angry that this envelope could be for me. She didn't want it to be mine. She didn't want to give it to me. She told me to give her my ID. I did. She seemed to be going through every number on my ID. Then she was going through every number, every digit, on the envelope.

      She began tapping her fingernails on the counter, trying to find some kind of numerical reason not to give me my package. She was getting mad that she couldn't. I had a feeling she didn't even want to give me my ID back.
    9. "Werewolf by Afternoon"

      by , 10-30-1987 at 04:30 PM
      Morning of October 30, 1987. Friday.

      My dream’s title is based on having been a fan of Marvel’s “Werewolf by Night” comic book (the original series).

      I have had similar dreams as this where I am able to focus on my hands and grow claws and feel very vivid sensations of their emergence from my fingers, even though this dream is not fully lucid, as I know things are “different” yet I do not fully associate the state with being in a dream (but I do recognize its unrealistic nature). My dream colored my mood in a very lighthearted and positive way. I believe my name as a werewolf is “Sawtooth”. My becoming a werewolf is fully determined by my own cheerful desire to and not a result of the full moon’s influence. I am also aware of wolf canines growing but this is not uncomfortable, though I do clearly feel changes and pressure in that area (through semi-lucid threads of intent at one point).

      The ending of my dream provides a strong state of happiness and an augmented sense of freedom, primarily freedom from the negative aspects of human society. I have become half-wolf, half-man, but I am still running upright like a human, to the southwest. It is about ten o'clock in the morning. Not that far away, to the south, my target is a very dense (fictional) forest, the trees seemingly only a few feet apart at least on the perimeter. It would otherwise be located about two blocks south of my older sister Marilyn’s house. I am blissful about living in the deep dark forest. Even though it is late morning prior to twelve, with no full moon anywhere - and in fact the sun is shining, I hear the howls of fellow werewolves from within the woods, and although there seems like twenty or so, I never see another werewolf in my dream. I still feel a strange seemingly serious kinship, even though the overall dream at this point is quite silly. There is a very cheerful, positive feeling, although I feel as if I will somehow completely “lose” myself upon entering the forest (not in a negative sense; more like being a playful child again, free as I was in the woods of Chipmunk Coulee before I went to public school), which is to be my home from then on. However, I awake before reaching the edge of the forest, the edge being east and west and almost perfectly straight across. Upon waking, in addition to general freedom, I realize that another aspect that was in the back of my dream self’s mind, is freedom from the expectations of others.

      The main influence here was “I Was a Middle Aged Werewolf” (even though I was young at the time of this dream), a “Highway to Heaven” episode, where the angel played by Michael Landon (who was born on Halloween in 1936) was also in “I Was a Teenage Werewolf” from 1957.

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