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    1. lxxvi.

      by , 02-03-2020 at 12:03 PM
      We had a bit of a tidy yesterday and I had somewhat strange sleep because of a supplement I took that I even forgot I had around; but I'd also forgotten why I'd stopped taking it. I had extremely vivid dreams but unable to really stay asleep. The first two fragments were from some of the awakenings and were actually really quite long and detailed dreams, just as the third, but I didn't memorise enough of them since I didn't write them down when I had them.

      Dream Fragment:

      Was in my old home area. For some reason I managed to get a job as a secretary for some important person (politician/businessman?) and I was being interviewed by a woman with tied up hair and glasses; very similar to the secretary in the original Deus Ex game, come to think of it.

      For whatever reason I was using an alias, a French name going just by "Sís", even though I was uncertain myself how I should pronounce it. I remember being asked about speaking French, and I said (roughly) in French that I could speak the language poorly.

      I remember the room I was in was office-like but sort of well decorated as I'd expect for my native region.

      Dream Fragment:

      I wasn't a character myself in this dream. It was more like watching something. It was in China or a place like it and I was seeing inside an office at a business skyscraper. Two men were discussing (in English) about how a brand new government law was going to make everyone's life hell, basically. They could see it being announced on a TV at their workplace. Everyone was becoming afraid of speaking to anyone else but most people were uncomfortably relaxed in a sense, seemingly they felt safe in this place anyway.

      I remember one of these two men making a comment saying "I don't even want to take anyone in my car with me anymore."

      Then there were some scenes outside, scenes of traffic and of dead vegetation/landscapes. It was a gloomy day-time throughout this dream.

      Dream Fragment:

      I am somewhere underground, at some kind of mixed restaurant/convenience store place. I'm with my family, and I'm making small talk with the shop lady. She's interested in my phone and asks if I can get her some extra ones of the same model. I say sure, but then question if it's worth it. I tell her that if I get them at a "brand new price" there's nothing in it for either of us. Before she can give me a reasonable idea of what the agreement would be, my phone "rings" (vibrates, more like, I think).

      It's an old friend, someone I haven't spoken to in over two years in waking reality. Da is calling me and I try to answer but somehow I tap something that says "delete contact" right under "accept call"!

      Feeling frustrated by the fact I just made such a mistake I try to get the number back somehow from the log and then try calling back. He answers and I try to speak but he can't hear me.

      I walk outside from this shop, still underground and take a left and then a right and go up some stairs. I'm outside now. I don't remember what it looked like exactly, but get the feeling of "arid".

      I speak again, and Da hears me now. I ask, "Hey, how are you? It's been a really long time." He says "I'm ok, I guess." He makes some sort of ironic and witty but also serious remark about how I hadn't been in contact. I try to explain that I did try communicating over the last two years, but that every time I did, I never heard anything back.

      We get into small talk and his behaviour over the phone seems more normal, less upset as it seemed like initially. I can hear he's playing something on a console. "Is that Tekken you're playing?" He doesn't answer immediately, concentrating and then says he'll be finished shortly and then we could do (whatever it was) that we were going to do. I quickly realise internally that it couldn't be a Tekken game. All the sounds are too sort of retro and synth-like.

      I remember pacing around outside while on the phone, something I do anywhere whilst on the phone. Everything feels vivid and somewhat real despite the fact that the place I'm at looks somewhat alien. The structure of this place on the outside is some sort of hard compacted sand and I'm on some kind of platform. There are metal beams or girders somewhere as part of the structure, but I forget the details now.

      It's kind of daytime, but there's a strange light. I don't remember anything else now but this fragment was only the second half of this dream.

      No notes for now.
    2. 3rd person omniscient, The French Family

      by , 12-29-2014 at 09:25 PM
      12/28/14 Non-lucid dreams:

      PM has been trying not to stay the night in LB when she gets off work. What ends up happening is that BM sees how difficult it is on her and agrees they can move to LB and try to rent out their old place. They end up moving into a house with M (does not occur to me in the dream this is not where M lives!) and demanding she get rid of J (the cat they gave her in real life) because of the baby arriving soon. I think this is unreasonable to get rid of a cat for a baby. I don't seem to be an active participant in this dream, more like a 3rd person omniscient who sees and knows everything.

      Earlier...I am interacting with a French family: a man, his wife, their son, and his mother in law. The MIL drives by and says fur in French (not sure if I even know what word that is) and then "bye-bye!". I get the impression she is commenting on my unfashionable-ness and inviting me to leave. I ask the man to repeat what fur is in French and he does, but I can't seem to grasp the word or hold onto its sound. I'm usually very good at picking up words and sounds in Romance languages so this is frustrating. I ask ",But isn't "eau" fur?" and then "oh wait, that's water like eau de toilette." We were all standing outside the house and so I make to leave.
      Something about papier mache fruis and greeting cards...
      Then the wife and I are alone and she's trying to engage me in sex.

      Dream signs: sexy time, feeling anxious, not being able to say/hear words well
      Tags: french
    3. It's Becoming Worse

      by , 09-23-2012 at 06:04 PM
      So here's where I'm at. I'm at home trying to decide what I should get Quynh(friend) for her birthday. I think she was still mad at me for yelling at her in this dream. There's a couple of guys in the home walking around the house with small notebooks in their hands. I asked one of them if I could see what was inside this book. A couple of the boys gave me a chance to read the book but as soon as I opened it, I found some secrets. This was a gift for Quynh and inside this book, I read the word, "J'aime". I thought it meant love in French, so after reading it, I was shocked. I felt like doing something insane to these boys, like killing them. But I woke up instrad.
    4. French Bread and The Zombie Cooking Game

      by , 07-04-2012 at 09:01 PM
      Dream 1

      Some guy was sitting at a concert, I think a rock festival. Another guy walked towards this man, and pulled a long slice of French Bread, and told the guy with a very serious voice "It's the safest place to go in the morning" and suddenly the scene changed to me climbing up a mountain from the game Minecraft.

      Dream 2

      My mother and step-dad was playing a zombie game downstairs in our living room, I think it was on Nintendo Wii, but it might have been an Xbox 360. I looked at the screen, which was kind of blocked by an ironing board, it showed a first-person shooter where you shoot zombies using only machine guns. Once the game was finished, it popped up on the screen claiming my mother had unlocked 'cooking mode' for her game. I asked her what the hell it meant, and she told me that it was because the characters were told they couldn't cook, and instead she was going to unlock golfing mode instead.

      (This made no sense at all, what the hell?)
    5. 18.06.2012 - 5 x non lucid dreams

      by , 06-19-2012 at 11:57 AM
      Date: 18/06/2012
      Place: My holiday caravan
      Time of getting into bed: 00.45am
      During the day I drank 2 x 250ml Red Bull drinks. Combined total of 10mg B6 as well as taurine / caffeine etc

      Dream 1 - Non Lucid dream

      I am in a room, which is a bit dark and dingy. Feels like a pub or bar, and I even remember there being a bar serving drinks along one side. The people in the room were holding pints etc so it was most likely a pub. One wall of the pub is a giant black screen, with white writing all over it. The writing is in French. Someone stands up and tells everybody in the room (all adults) to get into a male group and female group. We do so, then they start talking about learning to speak French.

      Dream 2 - Non Lucid dream

      I am waiting in a doctors waiting room (except there is no room!) this is outside. Other people are waiting with me, including my dad and some strangers. One woman is waiting because the doctors think she may be crazy. To prove she is not crazy, she gets a dog (Yorkshire terrier) and saws it in half with a chainsaw. I am shocked and horrified, but no one stops her. In fact one person helps her. The dog is still alive as it is being cut into (which is very neat, no blood) but then it dies. She seems to be searching for something inside the dog (peering inside, not touching) which will prove she is sane. Then she saws off the dogs head, which floats into the sky like a balloon, and into the clouds and far away. The floating head is a boxer dog's, but the dog was a Yorkie. It is sad and a bit spooky. I complain to my dad, who agrees, and claims he was just there to get his sodium levels checked. I figured that's what I must be there for too, so we continue waiting.

      Dream 3 - Non Lucid dream

      I am playing a computer game on my ipod. In the game (which has very basic graphics, much like an old SNES or SEGA) I am a little man swinging from a rope to collect coins. I am not actually in the game, I was playing it on my ipod. I decide I will only complete the game if I let go of the rope and collect more coins, which I do. The game features a large, blue viaduct.

      Dream 4,5...6? - Non Lucid dream/s

      Not sure weather these were all one dream or a collection of 3. My notes in my DJ are sparse and not written properly. I will lump them together but they could have been fragments of 3 dreams.

      1... I am taking a video on my camera of my friend / romantic interest. The video is bad quality and wobbly as I have zoomed in from afar to get it. I remember thinking 'this is like the scene from Slumdog Millionaire.' Where the boy sees the girl looking for him through the crowded train platform. Suddenly it is me I am recording, my hair is slightly different but I am sat down and smiling (not looking at the camera) I figure I must now be my friend / love interest because I can't be filming myself.
      2...I am picking up beer cans in a field - this must be a music festival.
      3...I am at the vets for a friend who wants a job there. They agree to offer him the job if I fill out some forms. My love interest (not the friend who wants the job) gets angry because his ex works there, but I ignore him because it is a favour for a friend. The door is all I remember, a large, white door with 'VET' written on it in green.

      Dream 7 - Non Lucid dream

      I am in the field mentioned in a previous dream. I am drawing a whale, which I give lots of detail to. Eventually it become very real looking, but not like a drawing, more like CGI. It then swims away in the air. A close friend of mine is sitting next to me playing a game about Star Wars. He seems addicted and the game is pointless / boring. I start to draw a dinosaur (Trex) but this again becomes very realistic and CGI looking. It then starts to move around and eat people, with lots of blood and gore and nastiness. However I am not worried as they are not real people he is eating, just CGI people.

      Someone bored me with pictures of viaducts earlier that day
      I recently attended a music festival
      I like to draw and do so a lot
      My love interest really does have an ex at a vets, and avoids him / the vets
      I want to speak French, and have a few French phrase books. However I don't have the time to learn and never really read them.
    6. School:Non-Lucid

      by , 06-07-2012 at 05:58 AM
      As the title said, this wasn't lucid, but this is what happened.

      I remember being in my French class, and we had just finished a test. I hadn't finished it, but the teacher was talking and I was hoping that she wouldn't notice me finishing it. She then got angry and said
      "I know you have finished the test, but you still shouldn't be talking" by then, I had finished the test and I said
      "Actually, I finished mine minus four minutes before we finished" (as in four minutes late)
      The class laughed and then I remember walking with my friends and seeing some people from my class and they started laughing, and so did I, and then it just blurred and I woke up.

      Now, I'm quite frustrated with myself about this, because I missed some obvious dream signs.

      First of all, my French teacher is a man. This teacher was a woman, and the students spoke to her as if she was a regular teacher, not a substitute. Come to think of it, this teacher may have been an evil teacher from one of my primary schools, which would make sense because she hated me, and so does my French teacher (don't judge me, anyone in my class will agree, and I'm not even a troublemaker)

      Secondly, and this is the one that annoys me most.
      All the other events in my dream happened in my secondary school. but I realized that the classroom I was in was one from my more difficult years in my other primary school. Even when I left the classroom, instead of being in the assembly hall of my primary school, I was in the corridor outside my french class, because that is what I expected to happen I guess.

      Over the two recent dreams that I remember, there were a few similarities, the main one being that France was involved, and one of them happened in a place with negative experiences (this one, difficult areas of my primary school life and in a French test). Also, the other happened in a boat, so although it was a nice experience, I don't like boats in real life, which I guess was a dream sign for my other dream, me enjoying being on a boat.

      I may have been having dreams involving France (lesson, and Monaco coast-not strictly French but next to it and French is the main language) and that were in negative places because recently I had a French oral exam, which I spent almost my entire Easter holiday practicing, and then my nerves got to me and I screwed up and was devastated. It may be lingering in my mind because I haven't had my results back yet.

      Hm, that's quite a wall of text I have built up, as I wrote it all down, I noticed new things about the dreams and made the connections.
    7. Horror Mansion May 31st 2012

      by , 05-31-2012 at 07:02 AM (The weird dreams of Appe96)
      Notes Dream Lucid

      Dream 1 I was in this mansion with some dudes that looked like they came straight out from Hogwarts. We were running through the house and for some reason. After a while we came into an elevator and suddenly a monster appeard for a split second and screamed. Everyone except me got so scared that they started to puke.

      We were running to some room again. The monster popped out of nowhere and tried to scare us, but someone threw a magic spell at him and he dissaperd.

      Dream 2 I was sitting next to my sister, as she was talking to a stranger. She tried to convince him that if, he watched the movie, then she automaticly would learn french
    8. Friends and Family

      by , 03-10-2012 at 02:45 PM (Exploring My Mind)
      Couldn't remember much. But here's what I got from last night.
      I was in my house, lying on the couch where I fell asleep the night before (though of course, I didn't realize I was asleep). I sat up and looked around. Everything looked the same, except for a random dresser sitting over by the couch. I crawled over and peered over the side of the couch to the floor, only to see my friend Haley laying down there, mumbling something about her cousin knowing French. I said hello, and she murmured a hello back, only to continue rambling on about her cousin knowing French. I heard a noise and looked over towards the living room to see my uncle, aunt, and cousins all walk in. I didn't question why they were there. I just said, "Oh. Okay."
      I got up and went to talk to them.

      And sadly, I don't remember the rest, but I woke up shortly after. I'm really happy Spring Break will be here soon, as it'll give me plenty of days to improve my dream recall and lucidity.
    9. paycheck and restaurant

      by , 02-09-2012 at 01:12 PM
      Good morning, everybody.

      Dream #1

      I was in my family's living room. Someone, probably my brother, had just finished watching something on TV.

      I was led to believe that I could now watch whatever show I wanted. But I knew this wasn't really true. My brother and probably my mom just wanted me to think I could watch a show that I liked so I'd stay in the living room. But as soon as they knew I'd stay, they's switch my show on me.

      I had chosen some old Saturday Night Live episode. But as soon as I saw that my brother and mom were playing a trick on me, I got up and left the living room.

      I went down into the basement, into a room that was apparently mine. I could hear the Saturday Night Live episode from upstairs. I knew my brother and mom were now playing the episode really loud, and that they were going to play the whole episode, just to taunt me for not having stayed upstairs.

      The room in the basement was pretty empty. It was lit by greyish-white natural light coming in from a window high up on a wall in front of me. My sight was mostly focused on something right in front of me, either a book or a paycheck.

      I was now in some busy place in a really busy part of town. I don't know whether I was inside or outside. The place seemed like a fancy kind of bar. But it also seemed to be outside, out on a street like a small town's main street, only as packed with people as a street like Times Square.

      My vision was still very focused on one small thing, probably an envelope. I was surprised to have found this envelope. It contained my paycheck. I hadn't expected to receive my paycheck so soon.

      I pulled the paycheck out of the envelope. There were a few problems with the writing on the check. The amount for the check was something like $814 or $810 (I wish!). But the way it was written in the side box was all messed up, so that instead of a number, there was something more like a nonsensical word.

      I looked over to the line where the amount of the check was written out. This line seemed to be done correctly. But there was one more place on the check where the amount was written out incorrectly. In this spot, the check gave a horribly small number, like $30 or $40.

      I knew I was supposed to be getting the amount that had been written out. But I doubted any bank would take such a messed up check. I also worried that if a bank took the check at all, they'd only give me the lower amount. I was sure no bank would give me the benefit of the doubt, since people in places like banks always seem to hate me.

      But this was either my first or my last paycheck. It was very important that I have this money. So I needed to get things fixed. I determined to fix things. I thought of going "back" to my job, which may have been some kind of parks job.

      But I was now walking away from the main street kind of area with my mother, sister, and niece. I really needed to go talk about my check. But I couldn't let my mom and sister know what I was doing. And my mom and sister wanted to get back home.

      My mom and sister were using my niece as an excuse to go home. But my niece didn't want to go home. So, as an excuse to go take care of my check, I told my mom and sister that I'd take my niece back to the main street area of town.

      But I got the feeling that my mom and sister now had the idea that I only wanted to take my niece with me so I could do something bad to her. So I didn't push the idea.

      We had been walking through a kind of residential area. But now we had turned a corner and were back in a small town main street kind of area. I decided I should be honest. I told my mom and sister that I needed to go see about fixing my check. I also said I needed to get a haircut.

      But we were now headed down some red-carpeted steps, down into some fancy restaurant. We were being led by a tall, very pale, blonde man with a little bit of a goatee and stubbled cheeks.

      My mom and sister and I had been to this restaurant before for lunch. Either my mom or the young man thought it would be impressive to take us all back to this place for dinner.

      But I knew this wouldn't work. During lunch this place was cheap and relatively empty. But at night (it still looked like midday outside) this place became packed with people because of some crazy comedy show. The price of the food also skyrocketed.

      But I didn't say anything. We went down through some glass doors and into a nice lobby area. There was another set of glass doors showing a packed dining area -- people almost shoved against the glass doors, and everybody beautiful and in nice attire.

      The name of the place was written on the door in gold capital letters. But it was written on the inside of the door, so that from our side of the door, it looked backwards. The name of the place was "EVERYTHING WARHOL." I knew this place served really good Indian food.

      A bald man in a tuxedo came out and made a reservation for us for dinner. It was written on a page from a restaurant order's notebook, like you see in diners and so forth. There were a lot of scribbled numbers all over the page.

      The man gave the reservation to either my mom or the young man. Nobody even looked at the reservation, just assuming we were going in soon. But I knew we'd have a long wait. Finally I snuck a look at the paper. Amid all the scribbles, I saw our reservation for something like 8:37 PM. It was now around 5:30 PM.

      We were all heading back out, with the others in my group thinking we'd be back very soon. But the young man, the last person to go through the first set of doors before I would, stopped in the doorway, the door half-closed on him, and turned to the waiter to ask how long we'd have to wait for a table.

      Apparently this restaurant, or at least the staff, was Belgian, or maybe Swedish. The young man asked the waiter, either in English or French, how long our wait would be.

      The waiter replied in French (I thought of it as Belgian-French) that the wait would be a little long. He spoke in French because he was sure that the young man wouldn't understand it.

      But the young man was either Belgian or had been in Belgium for some time. In fact, he was only striking up a conversation with the waiter because he wanted to impress my mom and sister by showing off his knowledge of French.

      The young man had a short conversation with the waiter. The waiter kept saying "peut-etre," or "maybe," which I kept seeing in my head as "petait." I knew the word meant "maybe," but I kept mixing it up with "petite," and thinking the waiter was saying "little," like, "It will be a little wait."

      Eventually the young man got the understanding that we'd be waiting three hours for a table. He rubbed the goateed corners of his mouth and walked out the door. I must have followed.

      I was now walking out with my mom and my sister in what was supposed to be my great grandma's old neighborhood. We passed my great grandma's house, which had been sold after my great grandma had died. The place was now being remodeled and expanded by the new owners. I could even see sillhouettes of the new owners working inside.

      We passed the next house, in which one of my cousins lives with his wife and kids. For some reason, I looked on that house with scorn. I didn't want to have anything to do with those family members.

      We kept walking on. My view was more like the sideways tracking of a movie camera. My mom was saying how she'd always liked this neighborhood because it was much safer compared to some other neighborhoods.

      I agreed. But something about the sight of my cousin's house made me angry and greedy. All I could think about was buying out every single house on this block, and maybe a few other blocks.

      I wanted this area to be completely empty. I could even envision it being empty. This way, I thought, my immediate family could live in happiness, being safe from violence and free from irksome family members.
    10. Arguing With Rosetta

      by , 11-21-2011 at 07:58 AM (Three Fold Utopian Dreams)
      Last night wasn’t anything to write home about. I spent majority of it arguing with a computer program. Boring shenanigans.
      *My personal thoughts/actions during the dream are italicized.

      Language Software with an Attitude Problem
      I'm home alone
      late at night; chilling on the couch while I work on my French with RSS (Rosetta Stone Software). Everything is going fine until I realize something is… off…

      Me: “Wait a second... isn’t como esta Spanish? Comment allez-vous is French… right? Or am I… what's going on?”

      I was talking aloud to myself but then the RSS answers me &
      everything pretty much goes downhill from there...

      RSS: “No, you’re running the French program so that is what I am teaching you.”
      Me: “Ok... but como esta isn't French… it’s Spanish.”
      RSS: “No, it’s French.”
      Me: “No… it’s Spanish.”
      RSS: “Last time I checked, I was the one teaching you...”
      Me: “Excuse me?!”

      What the fuck?
      Did she seriously just give me an attitude?!

      RSS: “Did I stutter?”
      Me: “……”

      Oh hell nah….

      RSS: “That’s what I thought. Now shall we continue on with the lesson?”
      Me: “….Yeah, sure. Just give me one second to figure something out…”
      RSS: “Very well then.”

      I begin fidgeting on my computer.
      Control panel.

      RSS: “…what are you doing anyway?”
      Me: “oh nothing… just checking something out real quick. Almost done.”

      uninstall a program.

      RSS: “…You know I was just kidding about the whole stutter thing, right? Pretty funny, yeah?....”
      Me: “Yup…Fucking hilarious...”
      RSS: Nervously laughs.
      Me: Manically laughs.
      RSS: Hysterically cries.
      Me: “Aww, what’s the matter Rosetta? I thought we were having fun… you’re not having fun? Well, that’s a shame cos’ I’m having a FUCKING BLAST!!!”

      Me: Manically laughs.
      RSS: Sobs.

      Rosetta stone version 3.

      RSS: (Sobbing) “Pl… pl… please d...don't uninstall me!”
      Me: “Wait, what? Sorry, I didn’t catch that last part… you’re stuttering.”

      Pop up screen: Are you sure you want to uninstall Rosetta Stone Version 3?
      Preparing to uninstall...

      RSS: “wait!”
      Me: “no hablo ingles…”

      Uninstall complete.

    11. Faking the French Language

      by , 11-11-2011 at 12:47 PM (Visions in the Dark)
      I can only remember a fragment of the dream I had last night, but it is the first dream I have remembered for a very long time.

      I was either in school or in a store of some kind and I went up to a man who was sitting behind a table selling things, but he only spoke French and we could not understand each other. I can barely read French and I certainly can not speak it in waking life, but for some reason in the dream I started "faking" what I thought was good French and apparently it was because the man behind the table and I had a long and cheerful conversation with me. I knew by the sound of it that we were speaking French, but I had no idea what either he or myself was actually saying.

      Updated 11-11-2011 at 12:56 PM by 6048

      non-lucid , dream fragment
    12. French Frag (Nov 9, 2011)

      by , 11-09-2011 at 02:25 PM (Realm of Insanity)
      I had a dream about an urban setting. I'm looking at two people standing in front of a brick home one is on the stairs and the other is on the sidewalk. They are speaking in french and if I remembered their conversation I could've understood them. (I had been studying my french just that morning soooooo case closed.)
    13. Elves of Old (10-27-11)

      by , 11-03-2011 at 04:34 PM
      My twin sister, who occasionally co-stars in my dreams with me, and I are escorted into a huge throne room. Scarlet banners hang from the walls, and the floor tiles were gold. The king was there, but I can't remember what he looked like. He asked my twin what went best with wine, She tells him 'white dumplings'. Wrong answer, so we are escorted downstairs to where many others live who have failed the test. I never answered the question, so I am lined up with four others, who have yet to give an answer. We go upstairs, a new girl comes in and goes first. She says something, it is the correct answer, and she is named as an elf, which haven't existed in years.

      Scene shifts, we're on my grandmothers front porch. She is holding a little green-and-purple cardboard circle with a hole in the middle. She comments on how the flowers are withered. I look at her, trying to relay a point. She understands somehow, and kisses the circle. Not exactly what I had in mind. She thinks for a moment, then whistles softly. A few of the flowers start moving, then top. I figure she could use some help. I start to sing very softly, just giving her a push. The flowers started to bloom. The new girl looks on in wonder. My twin walks up form behind us and starts to hum. The flowers brighten. As I sing, my twin hums, and the new girl whistles, the flowers bloom, lift, and brighten. We were each given elven names, but I couldn't remember what they were. I only remembered that I was sun, my twin was earth, and the new girl was water.

      A few hours later I looked back in my journal. I KNEW that we had been given names. I went on Google Translate and typed 'sun'. I tried different languages. After many different tries, I picked French. It said that 'sun' in french was Soleil. As soon as I saw that I remembered our given names. My name was Soleil, the new girl was Eau, and my twin was Terre. I didn't have to translate them to know what they meant. One my coolest dreams ever
      non-lucid , memorable
    14. The Donnie Darko Dream

      by , 10-24-2011 at 04:36 AM
      Coming from an earlier dream, I am with a couple very young friends, running through a muddy pond-sized puddle. I avoid some deep spots to make sure I don’t wind up drowning myself, since I can’t swim, and run through shallow waters with the group to join a group of unfamiliar older adults on a lawn on the other side. I suspect they are of some relation to me, but I don’t actually know any of them.

      Lead by a tall man among them, they are reciting some long historic quote which I recognize but haven’t memorized. When they’ve finished I walk around a bit and overhear someone asking another how to install Linux on their computer – they ask, “do you have to use a CD?” I can answer their question, but I feel like I need to drive somewhere. After thinking about it a moment, I choose not to interject into his conversation, and hop in a silver mini-SUV and drive off the lawn, down a driveway that has appeared where the pond was earlier.

      I stop at the road (also replacing the aforementioned pond), still able to hear the would-be Linuxer’s questions. I think about driving off like I’d planned to, then I throw the car in reverse, hop out, and push the car by its hood backward to the group of people, intent on helping out. (Somehow I’m able to drive the car without operating the steering wheel, but I think nothing of it.)

      When I arrive back at the group, I push the car away and find that they’ve all gone silent. One elderly man, an ex-sailor possibly a veteran of military service, stands from his lawn chair and approaches me, and begins reading a script. It reads like a funeral speech, or something you’d hear on Memorial Day. The man’s son was killed/died early in his young life, and the group gathered every year to remember him. However, the man began directing the speech at me, going off the script to tell everyone that I am dishonouring his memory, “standing there looking all cool, wearing the shoes he could have worn.”

      His words were painful for both of us, but the sadness and guilt I was feeling was quickly replaced with anger. I became thoroughly pissed and pulled off my sunglasses, disgusted that he was publicly blaming me for his son’s death. He continued to rant, both of us standing there face-to-face with no more than three feet between us, and I could feel the situation about to escalate. He pulled out an oversized handgun, loading it with a single shotgun shell. Someone came up from behind me and tried to talk him down, as did I, but to no avail. I tried to get closer to him with a kind of diagonal sidestep in the hopes of disarming him, while making it difficult for him to aim at me, but I wound up twirling as I moved. Obviously, I start to freak out because I’m moving much more slowly than I’d intended to, and am expecting to feel a bullet break my skin. However, the ex-sailor appears to have turned into a short dark-skinned boy and is having trouble figuring out how to operate the gun. Since I can’t run, I twirl a couple more times, and someone manages to stop him – I don’t see how exactly.

      I find myself on the road in the silver mini-SUV, and I’m barreling down the road. I am on the phone with the boy that saved my life, and I excitedly laugh that the scene I’d just witnessed reminded me of the movie Donnie Darko. I ask the boy on the phone if he’s seen Donnie Darko, and explain the comparison: if I hadn’t started down the driveway in the SUV, then returned to try answering the Linux guy’s question, I might not have survived – it made sense in the dream. He agrees with a laugh, and the dream ends.

      Earlier dream fragments:
      I am with Chelsea listening to an old woman talking. She is switching between French and English, with a heavy Mexican accent to all her words. I interpret the French words for Chelsea where I recognize them.

      I’m on a train which is driving on the freeway, high above a big city, and the door next to me is open to allow me a clear line of sight to the people driving cars next to us. One person is driving what appears to be a blue-coloured variation of the Dalek suit from Doctor Who, and I call it a TARDIS (without realizing my mistake). I’m incredibly entertained by seeing this as a functioning vehicle.

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    15. Harry Potter and the DS Games

      by , 09-06-2011 at 11:34 AM
      6 Aug 2011

      I remember having a full dream but I have no memory of the dream though it was quite long. After this, I had another dream which was also quite long. I don't remember anything up until the point when two girls I know go off to some place to help in the production of two Nintendo DS games. Upon their return, they are asked a few questions. The wording is blurry but the first was, "What was it like to work on the games?" The second was, "Have you tried out the games?" And the third was, "Do you have copies of the games, may we have a copy?" The answers are unclear to me but I have a distinct feeling that two games were added to my collection despite the fact that I had no physical embodiment in the dream, I believe that I was just an observer and did not take part in any actions. Some time after this scene, we were discussing names, particularly names from the French comic book 'Asterix et Obelix'. Somebody compared the common ending 'ix' from the comic and mentioned Bellatrix Lestrange from 'Harry Potter' and commented on her French name and possible French origin. Someone questioned whether a female name would end in an 'x' in French. Then I needed to go to the toilet.
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