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    1. 17 Sept. 2016 - Moldy Food in Fridge

      by , 09-18-2016 at 03:31 AM
      Dreamed of Roman from Regularcarreviews singing something while I moved through a warehouse of some sort then I saw a man with a refrigerator on a stair. I looked inside and there was expired food in the freezer; I was making notes of what to throw out. I then opened the fridge portion and closed it quickly because it stank so much.
    2. Barely Making It To Work

      by , 12-12-2015 at 12:01 AM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Barely Making It To Work (DILD)


      Iím trying to clock in to work on time, and I have a few minutes to spare. I wait in a short line, and started to get a bit anxious. I finally was able to clock in, but just barely. Then, I proceeded to put in my lunch that consisted of a to-go box of Asian food, along with some nicely cut ham with some toppings on it. I had a hard time storing it for a bit, as the box itself was about to open, but I managed.

      I go into whatever room, sat down in a chair, and listened to some presentation on a projection.

    3. Fridge

      by , 02-27-2015 at 04:40 AM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      4am coffee from 2 tbsp grounds with milk and sugar.

      #416 - WILD

      I wake at some point and try DEILD phase tech, but this time I was surprised by entering straight into it, skipping all the usual OBE stuff. I was only mildly lucid at first and thought that I was only seeing strong HI. I thought that I wasn't fully there and was trying to convince myself that I was dreaming, hoping that my dream time would catch up to my expectations. However, during the entire experience, I was already fully immersed in the dream and everything was extremely vivid. I even had the thought at some point that caffeine always makes my dreams more visually vivid.

      I am standing next to a refrigerator in a kitchen that looks like the Smith's house, but my coworker bro Brandon is there. I see the fridge is so vivid and I take a closer look to stabilize ó like I needed to. I note the eggshell texture on the door and the brownish fake wood handle. There is some chrome and I expect to see my distorted reflection. It's not there at first, but I do a double take and there I am. I feel like my eye are open extra wide and I can't believe how vivid the dream is
      . I look around for a moment and realize that I am in fact fully in the dream. Unfortunately, it's at this point that something external wakes me.

      I had another vivid dream about swimming in an ocean and a shark bit my knee where I had been having pain in waking life. Strangely, my knee feels a thousand times better today.
    4. Dumbily-Wumbily

      by , 08-25-2013 at 04:09 PM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      This series of dreams were a little disappointing. I am embarrassed at how sloppy I've become. I made a number of mistakes and really didn't get anywhere with my goal. At least I got multiple lucids!

      I took a longer WBTB than usual (longer than 5 min) with this one and got on Playstation Home Doctor Who pack and explored the TARDIS a bit trying to take in all the visuals of the inside. I think it would have been helpful if I had actually summoned one up or just materialized myself straight inside versus making the blue box first. I was worried about insomnia when I went to bed as I was super wakeful. I had to use my technique for falling asleep and abandon any lucid induction. I was surprised to DILD but with Galantamine it's almost effortless the first few hours. I really need to concentrate on my techniques after my mini awakenings instead of just falling back to mantra. It works... sort of, but I think the experience would be much better with a little more focus. A lot of times I just want to get back to sleep as fast as possible but still try for lucid. Mantras seems to be my fall back method during these times.


      #216 - 3:25AM - DILD

      I have an FA and find my self getting some coffee. The set up looks like work but its a checkout line at Wal-Mart. I try to grab a Styrofoam cup but they are dirty with holes in them. I move the to other side and see some clean new cups. I get coffee from the dispenser. Mary, the janitor is standing next to the coffee machine. I nod at her and walk away sipping my coffee. (No physical sensation or taste)

      My cousin starts texting me while I am walking and though I cant read the words I seem to think that I know what we are saying to each other.

      Suddenly, I am in my living room on the floor next to the couch. I still have my coffee in my hand but I am not really drinking it. I am in contemplation and I feel something is off. I am drinking more caffeine? This isn't a good idea if I am going to go back to bed and try to get lucid. SHIT! I should always RC after any awakening I do a nose plug but don't really put thought into it. I don't even know if I blew threw or not. Then, I hear someone going out the front door. It's my wife. She tells me that she is going outside to get something and I can hear the keys jingle in her hand. No. She should be asleep. That's not like her at this hour. I AM dreaming! I walk to the front door and remember to pause and take in the detail. I look at the door and notice it is very different than waking reality. There is a large window in the middle of it. It's wooden and the paint is weathered and peeling off. Then I forget this and rush outside because all I want to do is get in the TARDIS.

      Outside the air is cold. Always the air is cold in lucids. Why is this? I enjoy the feeling of it, but I begin to notice that I feel really odd like I have a head cold and there is cloth wrapped around my head, chin to top. It feels heavy and I try to ignore it. I wonder if something is happening to my body in bed. I suddenly feel myself lying on my back and there is nothing on my head now. No don't want to do that. I focus and continue to walking with no other distraction. There is a street lamp to the right and void to the left. I let control slip a bit and just allow myself to wander in a random direction believing I will go straight to the TARDIS. I realize that I am walking barefoot but this time I feel like I am wearing shorts with a hoodie instead of the usual underwear only. Suddenly, I feel a sharp and realistic pain in my left foot and assume I stepped on a peddle on the sidewalk. I let out a whispered, "Ouch!" And grab my foot for a moment. I am shocked at the vividness of the pain but quickly put it out of my mind. I come around to the driveway side of the house and stop. I think it should be appearing now and can faintly hear that unique sound of it's engines. I get several brief and dim images of the TARDIS spinning in flight and appearing in various positions in my driveway. Suddenly, I hear the explosion of a gunshot from somewhere behind me. My physical body jerks in reaction to the sound and the dream breaks apart waking me up.


      #217 - DILD - 4:29AM

      I hear my son crying and my wife gets up. The light is on but I have a blanket over my face and lying on my left side. I try not to move because I think I am trying to WILD and I am still in the same position that I laid down. Something feels odd. I can feel the air of the ceiling fan on my face and my breath is not obstructed in the least bit. Then, I hear an electronic robotic buzzing sound from behind me and the blankets vibrate like a strong wind is blowing. I immediately know that I am dreaming and do not feel frightened. The sound stops.

      I get up and am in the kitchen. I see my wife standing there in the doorway looking very sexy. I grab her and we passionately kiss like its the first time. After a moment, I remember my task and let her go. We can do this later. There is a coffee pot full of coffee on the edge of the sink. I laugh. What is it with coffee in my dreams? I spend several minutes aimlessly searching the house for the TARDIS but don't have any real focus.

      Then, I see the front door, but it's not a door at all. It's a large mirror. I run to it intending to dive head first. I pass a DC. Was it my daughter? She says something but I am focused on the mirror. I can see my reflection as I get closer. There are two of me but for some reason I think it's normal. Then, as I dive there is no reflection and I focus on reaching beyond. I get stuck at the waist for a second and wiggle through. I stand up and realize that I went from a very clean and tidy version of my house to a very dirty and messy version of my house. I look around still trying to find a TARDIS but suddenly, the dream collapses.

      I try to DEILD but find myself stuck in bed. I realize my head is floating and not touching the pillow. I roll into the floor and stop. I am in another bed with my head floating. I roll again, fall once more and stop on the floor. I suddenly wake up.


      #218 - DEILD? - 4:47AM

      I either wake up or have a FA. I berate myself for letting awareness slip again. I mantra, "I am dreaming." but suddenly realize that I either I never really woke up or I went straight into a DEILD. I say, "I am still dreaming." (from the times maybe there was not so much a gap after all.)

      I am in the kitchen again. No... a different kitchen. I see a very large fridge and decide to turn it into a TARDIS . There only seems to be one light source in the middle of the room and the area the around fridge is cast in deep shadow. Feeling the fridge, I circle around it into the void phasing past cabinets and walls. I am blind now but my physical sensation is vivid. I imaging how the outside of the TARDIS should feel and it quickly takes shape. When I think I have it, I open my eyes. The sensation of my eyelids feels startlingly real. I pause a moment but realize I am hugging a huge blue box.

      I excitedly step back but it just looks like some wardrobe with solid wood doors painted TARDIS blue. I become annoyed and obsessed with getting it at least somewhat right. I spin the front around and try again. I just want to see "Police Call Box" on the front before I go in. When I spin it back around there is some cheap ass black label with white random letters on it. Something catches my eyes and I look left. There is the damned Police Call Box sign handing from the ceiling above the kitchen sink.

      I decide to let that go and turn my attention back to this half formed TARDIS. To my dismay, the blue box has turned to a type of plastic cardboard. I try to straighten it out and shape it back into a box but not matter what I do, the entire process is clumsy and the material becomes increasingly floppy and weak. I stop and realize the humor it in all. I take a moment and just laugh at it. Then I let out a mocking "WHOOOOHOOO!" I enjoy the sound of my dream voice and shout out again. Laughing I say something Doctor Who-ish, "Dumbily-Wumbily." I just laugh at myself and suddenly wake up.

      The next time I wake is around 7:50AM with no other recall. For some reason I thought I had 4 lucids. The feeling of forgetting something is maddening!

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    5. The day Slender Man was nice to me

      by , 08-18-2013 at 02:58 PM
      So I was at my house in the living room, a casual day. Somehow I was able to summon Slender Man and he was hostile at first. Somehow I was able to make him my ally, and told him to get in the refrigerator, wrapped in a umbrella. ( Some imagination I have ) The refrigerator was white, and old looking. I opened the refrigerator and grabbed the umbrella Slendy was in. It didn't weigh much. ( Maybe a magic portal, hm.....)

      I walked down the street passing a few people and got on my bus for school. I was sitting at window side with my friend. I looked at my umbrella it was a Gatorade bottle. "Hey Slendy is in my bottle." I said. He took the bottle and started to splash it on the floor making a mess. Every time he splashed it on the ground a small boom noised started. I think slendy appeared in the back of the bus and he killed everyone except for me... Time fast forwarded to when I was walking home at night without my great murdering ally! I was walking down a street that curved around a park, at the back of it there was a forest. I was near the front of the giant park when I stopped walking, and noticed a motorcyclist chasing at me.

      I don't know why, I had this urge to run fast to my house. I started running faster then the motorcycle , down this street thinking it was the street to get home, until I read a sign saying I took the wrong turn. Scared, I jumped over my neighbors fence, and over the fence at the back of it. I noticed a dead end and went back to the other backyard. Out of nowhere about 23 police man charged at me, knocking down the gate in the process. I was doomed without Slendy.

      At the right time Slendy jumped off the roof and started kicking some ass. He was doing martial arts kicks! The cops were closing in on him but he managed to distract them, to allow me to get to safety. I looked where Slendy was at, and noticed we were on a steep hill with a city at the bottom of it. I jumped off the hill and tried to swing on the pole of a lamp post. I fell down and woke up.
    6. Milk - Fragment

      by , 06-21-2013 at 02:20 PM
      The only thing I really remember about this dream is putting away milk after shopping in my dream. I put a bottle of milk into the fridge, on its own in the door, then turned away to pick something else up. When I looked back, the milk bottle I'd put in the fridge had been opened and some of the milk was gone, and next to it was the previous week's milk, almost empty.

      Random and... gotta admit, kinda boring for a dream!!
    7. Talking to a Stewardess and Going on a Trip, and a Very Unstable Lucid

      by , 10-17-2012 at 03:47 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was in my living room on the couch, talking on the phone to an airplane stewardess. I was apparently about to go on a trip somewhere. She then suddenly said
      "Oh! I know what I'm gonna do when you're asleep!"
      "What?" I replied.
      She then went on to say that she was going to stick a smiley face sticker on my forehead, and then one on her nose. I pictured her doing this in 3rd person. The stewardess was young and blonde, with her hair up in a bun. I saw her and my sleeping self, her with the sticker on her nose, and me with the sticker on my forehead. The smiley stickers were orange, and it looked more like we were on a bus than an airplane.
      The stewardess and I talked on the phone a bit more. She sounded excited about the things she was talking about, and maybe a bit naive.

      I then remember talking to my brother about something. We were in my room. He was laying on my bed. I was then sitting on the side of the bed. There was then another guy there. He came up and took my face in his hands to bring me in for a kiss. I was hesitant because I felt like my breath was bad, and that my mouth was dry from being thirsty. I lightly kissed him back. It felt dry and half-assed, probably because of my hesitation.

      I then was in a lobby somewhere. Sitting behind a desk was a woman who looked just like the stewardess. Thinking about it now, it reminds me of one of the check-in lobbies at Disney World. I think I was supposed to be in another country though. MK was with me now.

      I was still thirsty at this point, so I looked around for somewhere to get a drink. There didn't seem to be any vending machines, but there was a silver mini-fridge against the wall to my right. I opened it up, eager for a drink, and I saw these tiny, 1-2oz cans of soda that had the Goldfish snack crackers logo on it. I picked one up, and it was still attached to the plastic rings used to hold cans together, but decided better of it. Gross. Goldfish cracker soda. I'm not thirsty enough to touch that shit. There were some really tall cans of Coke in the back, but I didn't grab those either. I asked MK if there was just a water fountain or anything around. She pointed the bathroom out to me, which was to our right. I started to go look for it.


      I woke up this morning around 7am, and it took me awhile to go back to sleep. I finally started to drift off, and felt floaty and a little buzzy. When it stopped, I knew I was in a dream. I opened my eyes, and I was in bed in my room. The dream was not so stable right off the bat. My room seemed very dim. I got up, and heard my mom talking to someone. It was really loud. So loud, in fact, that I thought I was gonna wake up (I assumed the talking and other noises were leaking into my dream from waking life since the dream was so unstable). The talking went on throughout the dream. I didn't know how I was going to hold down this LD.

      I decided to try to fly, or at least float. I floated around a bit, but still, everything seemed extremely dim and unstable. There would be moments where it would flicker into everything being bright and more stable, but they literally were just that: Moments. Lame. There would also be times where I would feel like the way to make things brighter would be to open my eyes more, but when I'd try, I'd start to open my real eyes and I'd have to stop before I woke up. I do feel like I ended up outside for a tiny bit, but it was too much for my unstable state.

      There was a time or two where I did wake up, and would have to drift back off into the dream world. I remember one of those times, I didn't open my eyes or anything, and I started to "roll" around and around slowly, at least that's what it felt like I was doing. I thought about it as I was doing it, about how people can "roll out" of their bodies, and how I'd done it before when I was a younger on accident, and then again intentionally a few years later. I also heard the buzzing in my head that I associate with SP, and focused on that, and it intensified before I entered the dream again.

      I was back in the dream, again in my room, and it was still dim and seemed to be fading. I remember, at some point during this, I was laying on the foot of my bed, and thinking I was doing it IWL too, and that I'd wake up there.
      Spoiler for Explicit content:

      What a waste of an LD. Though...there wasn't really much I could do with it being so unstable. I spent a lot of the dream trying to focus on the dream enough to where I wouldn't get that interference from the waking world, and I'd be able to exercise more control, and have a more vivid environment. I actually did have a friend who lives very far away from me in Ireland who wanted to meet up with me in dreams last night. There was no way I could have done that with this LD I had. During the dream, I honestly forgot about that since it wasn't stable. If I had stabalized it enough, maybe I could have been able to find him, or at least my subconscious's projection of him.

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    8. 23 February 2011

      by , 02-24-2011 at 12:20 AM
      My mom and I were out driving. She said that this was our last lesson. So she told me to pull around the corner and go in between the parking places or something weird.

      I was abducted by aliens.

      I was in a horror game. I was in a dark room with only the light of my flashlight. There was a vent above me. I pulled it open. "I don't like this! I don't like this!" I was now in another room. Something was shaking in the fridge. I opened it. A tower of soda cans fell out. The fridge fell down. It continued shaking.
    9. 25 Oct: Humanitarian, artisans and discussing parenthood

      by , 11-03-2010 at 02:51 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)

      23:00 GMT Ė sleep

      Humanitarian work
      On a remote place, I feel it might be Sikkim, doing humanitarian work, saving children. But I canít say to anyone what it is my work.
      I cross a suspended bridge and take some pictures of it but I have to be careful, because the power is in the hands of some military group and they might confiscate my camera if they see me using it.
      Then I am with my family back home and they are asking me when I go back on my next mission.

      Weirdness just goes weirder
      On a cinema entrance, thereís a challenge going on with a really good prize. I have to untangle some yarn ball which is suspended in a high place without breaking some rules. Because levitating is not included in the rules, thatís exactly what I do, so I reach the yarn ball easily. Then I find some vine plants have grown around it and I also see a huge beetle. I wait for it to move away before untangling the yarn, but then the beetle transforms into a turtle that falls over my head. I just grab it as it falls and then return to the ground. Then Iím looking for a place to put it and see a fridge. Open it and on different shelves there are other turtles in the vegetable drawers. I find it bizarre, but I put this turtle on an empty drawer to.

      5:10 GMT

      Artisans fair
      I arrive early morning to some artisan fair on the fish market by the Lisbon port. For some reason I am hopeful that Nighthawk might appear but he doesnít show up. Itís so early the artisans are still preparing their booths. One of them is my friend TS. She recently separated from the father of her children but sheís already with some other guy. She introduces me to him, he looks handsome and she looks happy. Her older daughter is also there and seems to get along with him.
      Later they invite to join the lunch of the artists and I accept. Weíre all sitting around a big improvised table and I ask if they have something vegetarian, because whatís on the table has meat. The organizer of the event says yes, thereís something but makes a condescend smirk. Then someone brings a large bowl of rice and a huge pot with a kind of soup with red and white beans and a lot of vegetables Ė like carrots, and zucchinis Ė with their peel and still in one piece. First I feel disrespected, because it looks like food for the horses, but I eat it and actually it tastes good, so I donít complain anymore.

      New house and discussion on having kids
      Me and my boyfriend are looking for a cheaper house to live in and we find one in an old neighbourhood which is a bit old, but has 3 floors. The problems are the stairs are quite hard to climb and impossible to carry furniture through and I donít like the landlady. Also, the neighbours seem noisy. I tell the lady I will discuss it with my boyfriend.
      Then I meet my dad at another bigger house he found. Itís newer and also more expensive, but he is so excited about this one he already has the papers to sign on his hands. I want to trust his judgement, but I go around to take a look and find out itís just in front of a busy street with a market just in front and I predict it can get quite noisy. But in general I also like it. Then my father starts saying that because this oneís bigger, I would have space for a baby. I remind him a baby itís not in my plans. But I know this is important to him so I say, itís not 100% excluded, just not in the near future. He insists, saying that now is the right time, later might be too late, biologically speaking. Then I also remind him that me and my boyfriend donít want to have-have a baby, we still would prefer adoption. Then he goes ballistic. I know he hates the idea. He says an adopted kid will never really be ours and I say I would treat any adopted kid as my own. He says we would be investing on a child you never know what will turn out to be and I ask him if he really believes I would turn my back to my child, adopted or not, based on he/she not being what I expected Ė does any kid ever become what we expected? He canít discuss it rationally so he just goes to the other side of the house, infuriated. My mom also appeared and watched this discussion. She supports me and says he has to accept whatever our decisions is because it is our life.

      7:30 GMT Ė wake up
    10. Graveyard and chips.

      , 07-22-2010 at 03:42 AM
      There was some house and it seemed to be haunted somehow.
      I remember specifically this one character in my dream. He was some sort of indiekid/artfag/hipster type, wearing black skinny-leg jeans, scarf, jacket, long shirt, arty hat, shoulder bag, sunglasses, etc., as one of those types would do. Anyway, he would visit a room in this house and that indicated whether or not there were lollies in the fridge, or something like that. It didn't make any real logical sense so it is hard to explain it in my dream. My vision would always zoom into this room and see whether it was vacant or not.

      We were kind of in a graveyard and digging some food out of somewhere. But at the same time, we were cooking or something... haha idk.
      Hmm. I think that at first there was some food and lollies and we were cooking. But then the aforementioned hipster guy went into that room/fridge and got some chips out but didn't put them back properly. My aunties and I had to spend ages digging up all these chips because they all fell out as we opened the fridge door and putting them back into the crisper part of the fridge (wtf).
      Then my aunty heard some weird noises and saw some lights or something and it was the spirit of my grandfather or grandmother. She told my uncle and he heard them too, and also saw the spirits.
      After that part, I was talking to my aunty, but at this point she didn't seem to be my aunty anymore, but rather some random person. Although she still kinda had half the vibe of my aunty.
      I was talking to her about my philosophy on life, and how I believed that all we really needed in life was love, and all else would follow. After discussing it a bit, my conclusion came down to not just love, but love and food, lol. I think I said love and ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate, the molecule that provides energy in the human body, hahaha biology nerd). But this isn't true, because you need more than just ATP in cells .

      But anyway...

      There was a tennis match on and I was watching when suddenly the ball hit a pothole in the court and so it bounced back the other way and the referee called it wrong so the players were getting really angry and worked up and then a plane fell out of the sky and split into four pieces, with one piece landing in the sea (the main bit) and a smaller bit landing on the tennis court. The tail, wings and cockpit landed somewhere else.
      Mr T (the guy off the A-Team) was in the crowd, pretending to hit back all the balls somehow. He got onto the big screen that is broadcasted on TV.