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    1. December 2012

      by , 04-30-2017 at 10:02 PM (Fantastical Adventures)
      12/1/12 | Ancient Structure, Trees
      Exploring some long, ancient-looking structure still in use and well maintained. At least one large tree was being fed by a sprinkler.

      12/3/12 | LBP2 Fake Sackboys
      I am using this device to play my LBP2 levels every 2 seconds, as it is using “fake sackboys” to play my levels. The numbers kept increasing until I woke up.

      12/4/12 | Clarkson, Aston Martin
      During the night, Jeremy Clarkson drove to the house in an Aston Martin.
      Current Lucid Triggers: c

      12/6/12 | Black Ops 2, Shooting a Rock
      COD: BO2 real/shot rock
      CLT: c

      12/7/12 | Time Traveling With Q
      Time traveling with Q --> April/mistakes
      Family traveling suddenly to Poulsbo by teleport; I had a compass, so I found north and went south. Ending up at some busy station, I ran outside with Q. Teleported to some island in WW’s Great Sea, fought Zant.? Beat him.
      CLT: c

      12/8/12 (L) Value: 2 | Command For Lights

      I can only remember one part. I became lucid for a few seconds while I was standing on the deck during some night, and I commanded all the lights to turn on everywhere.
      Current Lucid Triggers: c, gray deck

      12/14/12 (L) Value: 2 | Frisbee

      Out in the Egyptian desert with the Pyramids, there was a HUGE sun statue in a small bowl next to the sphinx that was actually standing up. “That’s right, one gigantic f*****g headshot.” NCS threw the sun at the sphinx, and suddenly I was then playing Frisbee….in almost complete darkness. I’m like, “not this again!” Visibility=3ft, dark brown fog. “I wish this dream was a real, LUCID dream!” I said that because I was tired of the darkness. Sure enough, the darkness instantly lifted, I became LUCID, I felt the environment, everything became 100% vivid, and I could consciously play Frisbee. Before, I felt nothing. Now, I could feel everything, even the wind, except for my footsteps. I was lucid for the remainder of that dream. Playing Frisbee with some old friends and being lucid, I decided not to go shapeshifting, but to have a lot of fun with Frisbee. When I was nearly done, I set the Frisbee on fire when I threw it.
      Lucid Triggers: c, gray deck, darkness

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    2. 8-2-14 Pewdiepie's a vagrant.

      by , 08-03-2014 at 12:23 AM
      There were these three strange tiny creatures that lived at the base of a tree in our yard. We took care of them. One of them was quite elderly.

      Pewdiepie had a weird mechanical pig made out of plastic, and one day it escaped from him and sped off down a highway. He chased it, and it led him to an apartment building. Inside, a man with dredlocks was begging. He handed Pewdiepie a costume which would make him look exactly like the vagrant, complete with dredlocks.

      There was like this international frisbee match, and my mother and sister and I were sitting in the very top row of the bleachers. It was the end of the game, and the players were just fooling around. I decided they needed a standing ovation, so I stood up. Soon everyone in the stadium was standing and clapping. And I remember saying to my sister, "Look at what I made them do!" I was so proud.

      Then we discovered the eldest of the three small creatures had disappeared, though we guessed it had only died of old age.
    3. Nov 29, 20 Dream Journal: Pu Pu Platter of Dreams

      by , 12-01-2013 at 02:33 AM
      These are all coming from memory, so they are just remnants of what I can recall:

      Nov. 29 pt. 1
      I'm at the top of a very thin mesa in the desert, and I'm looking for an ancient city/treasure. I also happen to be friends with a small pack of desert wolves (awesome!). I descend via rope through an opening to enter the mesa, while the wolves remain up top as guards. There is a path/tunnel on my landing spot, and I follow it with my torch.

      Dream ends when my alarm went off.

      Nov. 29 pt. 2
      Not very clear, but I know that I'm in my "general" persona again in one of my dreams. I see a world map, and the faction I'm in is based on an island off the northeast section of the world. I'm tasked with spreading our territory, but the entire coastline is blocked off by a faction that's at least 20 times bigger than us.

      In another, I was supposed to be playing a concert. Only I'm in no way, shape, or form nearly good enough to be playing in stadium, so I'm real nervous about dick-fingering it up on the stage.

      There were a couple more, but they were muddled at best.

      Nov. 30
      I vaguely recall I was in a game show? I say this because I remember a very gaudy, lit background with a backdrop, so that is probably a stage. The "host" is a man in a green pin-striped suit, and he also sports an over-the-top blond pompadour. He has an exaggerated speaking-style, kind of like a hype man, and I'm speaking to him face to face.

      In another dream, I was playing with a golden retriever in the city. I was throwing a Frisbee, but I keep throwing wide, and the dog is starting to get pissed off at me for my horrible tosses.

      I think I was also a cop in another dream, but that's a guess at best.
    4. Rowdypuff Girls

      by , 07-07-2013 at 09:17 PM (Cinder's Dreams Gallery)
      remembered I was doing something in what seems to be a storage room in my house (which house I don't know).

      Then I had another unrelated dream where I am Blossoms from Powerpuff Girls, and the Mayor asked us to cause damage to the neighborhood for some reason. We were in my first house that I lived until I was 7. We had a giant oversized orange frisbee. The other girls threw them at the satellite dishes on the roofs of the houses and missed. I couldn't throw at all. I never learned how to pitch IRL, so I'm like a girl
    5. March 20th 2013 Non-Lucid

      by , 03-20-2013 at 06:35 PM (Deep Inside The Lucid Dreamer's Subconscious)
      The first part of my dream I'm in my friend moo's attic watching some movie with him but we fall asleep. I supposedly wake up two hours later and turn off his t.v.
      The big dream that I remember starts with my friend Kolby giving me and some other people a tour of a house that his family might buy. At first we're in this room this looks like Moo's attic, but it turns out it's substantially bigger. I look at Kolby and say "this looks like Moo's house" and his eyes get wide and agrees. The room opens up to become something bigger than a museum as we're on the top floor and there are maybe three floors under us as I look over the railing. The room is laid out like a mall where there's walkways around the sides but open in the middle to look down. There's a platform out in the open part and our group decides to go over there. When we get to the platform (from floating there) we see it has rows of benches and a podium like a church. It looks out to the rest of the building which is now the size of that building in hunger games where all of the teams are introduced in costumes. We decide to start preaching gospels to this open part of the building but it seems very fake and mocking. I look to see my friend Logan preaching and I ask him if he's okay with this mocking and he acts like he is offended by it and walks away. I agree to go with him and we somehow end up on a beach.
      I'm now a floating being with my back facing the ocean as I look at the row of houses on the beach. In my head I'm keeping track of where the building I was just in is in relativity to where I am. I float to the ground and start walking to the left of where I was facing. My friend Owen comes in with all of his youth group leader friends playing frisbee. It gets intense as he runs past my vision and jumps onto one of the guys on the ground with the frisbee. I should note that the ocean isn't really a flowing body of water but more like a giant wall that never actually crashes. Owen screams and the guy gets onto one knee as his eyes get very wide looking for someone to throw the frisbee to.
      Eventually I end up in some building that's supposed to be a water park. The room has this wall of water slides with different variations like one that spins and one that curves a little bit, but they all go straight down in vertical lines. There's a catwalk that people are waiting in line with as I'm in line waiting. The slides are free so people start climbing onto them and they interact by lifting the rider up and down in a circular like motion. I say something about it lifting me 5 feet up into the air and two ride operators are yelling from the catwalk that it goes up 9 feet. This all doesn't make any sense if you haven't noticed. I turn to my left to see some old man dressed in tacky clothing finishing a song on a piano as a group of students cheer for him.Then I woke up.
    6. Trippy shoe-frisbee

      by , 05-09-2012 at 08:11 PM
      I'm in some kind of room that resembles a skatepark, but there's no ramps people are throwing little kiddy light up shoe around--except people are throwing it like a Frisbee, and it's flying like a Frisbee. I don't know how I missed that reality check, but whatever. So people start throwing it around, it turns into some kind of sport that has teams. I feel like I should've written a longer journal during the initial recall, because I know I'm missing a lot now. I remembered all of it when I woke up.

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    7. Lets play a game...pig!!!!

      by , 09-23-2011 at 06:07 PM (Oneiric Mirror)
      I'm in kind of a playground. I'm playing a game with two more people. I canīt see the how they look.
      I have long hair, Iīm about 16 years old.
      We are playing with a circular orange disk. This disk has four metal blades.
      We fired this object between us and the object behaves like a Frisbee.
      I was kneeling behind a washing tank, the tank was made of cement.
      I throw the disk to another player and knelt behind the cement tank.
      The disk came back and hit me,getting stuck in the middle of my neck. The metal blades were left out of the neck, the orange disc has the diameter of my neck.
      When this happened, I looked at the top of a nearby meadow and saw a pig, in a standing position, like a human, he was dressed in typical English farmer clothes. He had a brown stick, and looked at me, turning his head suddenly. He had a menacing air.


      Comment: Part of the dateless dreams series

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    8. It is NOT Emma Watson!

      by , 09-07-2011 at 04:17 AM
      17 Aug 2011

      R.T. had a girlfriend! They were having a joint birthday party with C.D. at school. A frisbee party. C.D.'s girl friend couldn't attend because she is not at our school so it was just the two birthday boys and one of their girlfriends. We were all really excited despite the mundainaty of the concept. The dream ended with a conversation with R.T. about his girlfriend (who was specifically not Emma Watson).
    9. jan 22: Biology and Motel

      by , 02-11-2011 at 11:00 PM
      Tia's sister was in my advance biology class for some reason on the opposite wall of the door, i was leaning on the counter on that area sort of looking at the sink, tia's sister asked her to ask me if I was single and if I would give her my number, but she did it by writing it on a brown papertowel.

      phase 2:At a Motel with my good friends scott, jordan and pat. We were in the back of the building. There was a hot tub, another building for workers, and an electrical area encased within fence, there was also a field. I started off in the hot tub, and chilled in it for a bit. The Hot tub was wooden, and circular in shape. Pat was mocking scott at times; they were playing frisbee with a strange frisbee that had the circular shape and a hole in the middle, then another grapple. Jordan stood next to scott. I then took a path that went under the workers building pat was ontop of, then I took a right and went down a gravel path, the electrical area was to my right and then there was a field to my left, straight ahead was a bend that went right in the gravel like path. Jordan and scott ran over to me and told me how scott tossed the frisbee into the electrical area on accident. Then they asked me to go and get it, I said no, why won't jordan do it? He responded because he wouldn't want to risk it over a frisbee. We started walking further down the path and there was an opening in the tall field like grass, there was a large stone on the ground then I looked further and up a little; there were 5 girls in panties and short sleeve t-shirts putting their asses out a friend taking a picture of them. I then told scott and jordan, I'd rather see my chances at getting with one of them instead of getting f-ed up by an electrical field. as we walked around the bend one of them shouted "BRIAN!" I got confused and looked back because no one is named brian, then I woke up.