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    1. Small Invisible Whirlwind

      by , 08-19-2018 at 09:17 AM
      Morning of August 19, 2018. Sunday.

      Reading time: 1 min 21 sec. Readability score: 49.

      In my dream, my family and I as we appear now are living back on Barolin Street (though the house is no longer there in reality and our youngest daughter never lived there). It seems to be late morning. She is looking out into the front yard.

      A white plastic bucket (contents unknown, if any) rises from the ground in about the center of the front yard and hovers in the air to about five feet and floats slowly from north to south. The scene resets and repeats several times. I think that an invisible whirlwind is causing it. It does not pose a threat, and my daughter sees it as a joyful event.

      It is not a tornado dream, but it is a basis for the ultradian rhythm process (in addition to VSC). Tornadoes stem from a specific type of vestibular system correlation at the peak of ultradian rhythm. Even so, I have often controlled their manifestation and direction in both non-lucidity and lucidity.

      Here, my infra-awareness (with non-lucid dream control) mediates the event as being cheerful and soft. It represents ultradian rhythm being less dominant in the projected contemplation of my illusory fictitious dream body, also affected by the level of natural melatonin. The white bucket likely represents a specific measurement of it. From a biological standpoint, water and how it occurs in dreams is autosymbolism for the level and dynamics of sleep and levels of melatonin. I have “water symbolizing sleep” as appearing 350 times in my main online journal (though water induction/melatonin begins all sleep cycles). As I have written often, dream “symbolism” is not symbolism in the conventional sense, as it is not even viable in non-lucidity despite popular misconception.

      The association, although I never take medication as such, probably stems from the following extract: “When it’s nighttime and melatonin levels are high,” says Dr. Wurtman, “taking melatonin supplements is like putting a drop of water into an empty bucket; when it’s daytime, it’s like putting a drop of water into a full bucket.”

    2. 1/28/14 - horrible sightings in the sky

      by , 01-28-2014 at 11:08 PM (Leaving the matrix)
      Me my sister and my half sister are standing in my yard in front of my house. It is pitch dark night. For some reason we are looking into the sky and night clouds form, then we see them form into land in the sky, choppy patterned green beige and orange islands. They are frightened and ask me what is going on, I tell them a storm is coming, but not the usual kind. They are confused by my explanation. I tell them a storm of evil is coming. And I was right, we see two missiles shoot down from the sky from far away, and it lands somewhere and the earth rumbles a little bit, and I bright flash of light shines from of the earth where the missiles landed. I told them now look what forms in the sky, we look and we see symbols, satanic symbols. Evil depictions. My mom runs out and asks what's going on, I tell her to look at the sky, she does and see's all the things, they form and disappear fast and new things form. Then I pointed them all to a part of the sky that seems to have a holy depiction, we are iffy of it but I can tell we all seem relieved by it. Then we all walk towards the house and go into the door into the house and we lose our worry.
    3. 1/24/14 - candy and water bottle pen

      by , 01-24-2014 at 09:23 PM (Leaving the matrix)
      Me and some girl are standing in someones front yard, I have never seen it before. The girl is on her knees doing something. I walk up to her to see what she is doing, I see her tugging at some huge candy gummy works from the ground. One is a sour powder covered one, and the other two are normal gummy ones. I decide to help her and pull at the gummy worms and then they pop out and land on the grass. We stand up and stare at them, then they shake and turn into a big rubbery pen, and a water bottle pen, you can drink water from it but it also has a pen at top. I think that it is stupid and must be one of those things you can win at an elementary school for selling shit. But me and the girl decide to pick who gets what she grabs the rubber pen so I'm stuck with the pen water bottle.
    4. 9/9/13 2nd lucid dream!

      by , 09-09-2013 at 02:51 PM (Illuminating the Dream Realm)
      In my front yard. Not sure how I realized I was dreaming, but it may have been that many of my dreams lately have been in my front yard. After becoming lucid, I walked around taking in how real it all felt. I was about to feel the ground, when I remembered my goal of eating something. I wanted an apple. I put my hand behind my back and felt an apple materialize. When I brought my hand back there was a dark red apple. It was the best apple I have ever tasted. Just the right mixture of sweet and sour,softness and crispness. It turned into a plum after a few bites, but that was good too. :P

      I then tried to think of what I wanted to do next I remembered my other goal of finding a wizard, and getting him to teach me magic. I closed my eyes and thought of the inside of a castle as I spun around. When I opened them, I was underground. Everything was brown stone, but well lit. I kept having to crawl through perfectly square holes, and at some point it turned into minecraft -_- I found the wizard at his castle, but he was just a minecraft mob that could fly. I was having problems making the fight "fullscreen" and I just "shut down" the game and found myself in the kitchen.

      I remembered the task of the month for august, so I went looking for a dream character to ask the meaning of life. (not sure if I forgot it is september or just wanted to do the task.) I found my mom and asked her, but she just said "What?" and started scolding me for random things. I found this too un-dreamlike, and lost lucidity.

      I then went to my room and my desk was covered in schoolbooks and children's books about racial and religious toleration. dream fades.

      Notes: I am happy to have had another lucid dream, and I had better control in this one. The apple thing worked perfectly, but the Teleporting was not what I wanted. Also I really need to avoid my mom in dreams. D: All she does is scold.
    5. 5th Lucid - The Black Man

      by , 06-20-2011 at 07:51 AM (Dark_Merlin's Dream Journal)
      This was sort of a weird false awakening induced lucid dream, I'm not sure how the dream transitioned but I remember being aware as soon as it did.

      I had a dream about some sort of race to Candyman's house - he was having some sort of gathering with a bunch of friends from school, and we all had to make our way through a forest to get there. Toby and I were grouped together, and as soon as everyone entered the forest it got very dark. I decided to hell with the forest, I'll just fly across and beat everyone there - so I did. Toby and I waited in a small room, it had grey walls and was only lit by the light coming from the overcast sky. Inside was a large stack of presents, which I believe Toby and I accidentally knocked over. We picked them all back up in time to turn around and find people arriving from the forest.

      I went out the sliding glass doors and found Sally, I told her 'Sal, I flew here! Haha! That only happens in my dreams, but how crazy is it that I can fly when I'm awake!" I remember thinking to myself how much stronger I must be.
      I'm not sure how it happened, but the dream transitioned to my front yard, and I was lucid. I recognised how clear it was, and how it didn't feel like it was going to fade. I knew I had complete control. I rubbed my hands and looked around at the trees in my front yard. It was mid afternoon, there was a bright sunlight shining from behind my house, indicating it would set soon.

      A boy from my school walked up my driveway, with a huskie/wolf on a leash, with a clone of him with another huskie right behind him. I knew that I should ignore whatever the DC wanted, because it would likely put me back on the plot of the dream, but I figured I might ask him a question. I can't remember what I asked, but I remember I dismissed the answer because it was nonsense. I then remembered my goal of trying to find my dreamguide! I said to the dream "when I turn around, my dream guide will be behind me.' I turned, and a large black man was standing behind me. He was wearing clothing somewhat like a genie, with short sleves embellished with gold trim. He was extremely tall, perhaps 7-8ft, and extremely built. I asked him
      "Are you my dream guide?"
      He laughed, and replied
      "Of course not, When you find your dream guide you will know it for sure."
      I realise now that I should have asked him who he was, and how he was connected to me, because I did feel some form of connection. He had a very positive presence, he radiated happiness and seemed so carefree. I plan to find him again and introduce myself properly (and a lot more politely..)

      I spoke to the dream again "When I turn around, my dream guide will be behind me." ad turned, to see my father. He was blurry and out of focus, I'm not sure if it was my vision or just the rendition of him. I was confused
      "what, are you my dream guide?"
      He smiled, and said no. Things started to blurry, but I could still feel my dream body.
      "No, Stabilise!" I yelled, rubbing my hands together and noticing how real it felt. The dream faded, and I woke up in an FA.
      I told sally about my LD, how I'd been flying and told her in my dream. I hadn't written in my DJ, but I figured I didn't need to because it was all so clear in my memory! The rest of this dream continued on briefly, with an uninteresting plot about presents and an ex girlfriend.
    6. The Moose In My Front Yard (in Cubitis)

      by , 08-27-1972 at 02:27 PM
      Night of August 27, 1972. Sunday.

      I had been sleeping (in my dream) in my bedroom in Cubitis, with my bed along the west wall (as it is in reality). I hear a noise outside, possibly from near the entrance to our carport. I look out and see a large moose in our front yard, more to the north and facing south and not that far from the front of our house. There is a vivid awareness of it. Even though it is late at night and dark, I am still aware of its form, though it mostly appears in silhouette. It seems to be chewing on Spanish moss or possibly has a “beard” of Spanish moss. I do not see it as any sort of threat. Even though I find it curious, I eventually “go back to sleep” without waking from my dream.

      Rather than pretending that the moose in this dream is some sort of “omen” or “symbol” (though most people probably know what I think of the nonsensical superstitious type of dream “interpretation” by now), I know it was mainly influenced by the cover of “Peter’s Moose” (by Hughie Call, originally published in 1961), a book I had read again prior to this dream. It was usually on my bookshelf near a copy of “George Washington’s Breakfast”. My best friend Toby also had these two children’s books in the tiny bedroom of his family’s mobile home west of Highway Seventeen. As the emergent consciousness factor, it directly relates to the awareness of reading a book and the critical thinking skills of which do not viably exist in the non-lucid dream state.

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