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    1. Donald Trump, Ice Cold, Game Design

      by , 06-05-2019 at 09:15 PM (Lydia's Game of Dreams)
      2019, 06-05

      Regular Dream - Semi-lucid Dream - Lucid Dream - Notes

      Fus You, Donald Trump!

      I am on top of a tall building, perhaps the Empire State Building. There is some kind of gathering there. I get closer and I see the president of the United States is there. Donald Trump is surrounded by secret service people and reporters are gathered. The president is standing near the edge of the building where there is a really tall railing designed to keep people from falling or jumping off. I get closer and I hear Trump saying something about opening a new coal mine that will employ hundreds and make money for him and all his rich friends. When a reporter asks about air pollution Trump says the coal burns clean. I get closer and Trump sees me, then says he can have whatever woman he wants. He reaches to grab me. I tell him if he touches me I'm going to fus him. He grabs a breast and laughs. I drop down to get a better angle and I fus him... FUS-RO-DAH! Due to my angle he flies up into the air and right over the barrier at the edge of the building, disappearing from sight. I wonder if he will make a crater when he lands, or maybe he will bounce? Secret service seems at a loss for what to do.

      So Very Cold
      I am in a strange place. It looks like an old style castle or fortress. I am not very focused on what is going on around me because I am so very cold. Not just cold outside, but cold inside. It feels like I might have swallowed some liquid nitrogen and I am currently freezing solid. I walk through the halls looking for some possible source of warmth. There are people around but they all seem distant and cold. They look like Assassins from Assassin's Creed. I need to find warmth or I will freeze through. I go through some more halls and rooms not sure of where I am going. I enter a bed chamber. There is a bed there with an Assassin sleeping in it. I feel warmth from there. I need that warmth. I stumble over to the bed and practically fall into it, crawling under the covers and up against the sleeping Assassin. He wakes and looks at me. It is Altaïr Ibn-LaʼAhad from Assassin's Creed. He puts his arms around me and holds me, I feel his warmth and now I am able to fall into a peaceful sleep.

      Design a Game, Design a Reality
      I am in a school, I am in a computer class. Everyone is working on our projects. My project is to design a video game, and I am working on a creepy one. I have just finished modelling a student desk and I am placing multiple instances of it in an empty and creepy looking classroom. It is coming out quite good. I make the room dark and add spots on the wall that are cracked and peeling, just enough to make it look abandoned. I add some marks that could be blood stains near a door that will lead to the next room. I need a bathroom break. I lock my computer and get up. I head out the classroom door… and I find I have walked right into the room I was just creating! How can this be? I haven’t even finished making it yet! I walk into the room and the door closes behind me. I turn back and the door is gone! I am thinking this might warrant a reality check when I wake.
    2. Chimpanzee Terror

      by , 05-14-2015 at 04:59 PM
      I had a mini nightmare last night. I don't have nightmares very often. And when I do they are often sort of similar.

      In the dream I had gone outside from what was supposed to be my house. I heard my cat meowing. It sounded like she was in distress. The sound came from the roof. I looked up-- and suddenly this huge chimpanzee leans over the edge of the roof and looks right at me.

      I was so startled and freaked out that I tried to scream, but all I could do is breathe heavy. I also wanted to run, but I was frozen in place. The terror lasted about 15-20 seconds before I woke up.

      I have had other dreams very similar to this. Often it is a bigfoot that comes out of the woods and stares at me. I'm always frozen with terror and trying to scream but all I can manage to do is just breathe hard.
      non-lucid , nightmare
    3. Last Month's Dreams

      by , 03-08-2015 at 05:08 AM
      (That I bothered writing down. I've been super lazy about the stuff recently with starting a new job and whatnot.)

      February 13:

      Catching cats in a specialized car that has a giant bin in the back for cats to fall into. Driving around on roads and cats are falling from highway overpasses/out of the sky/etc for me to collect. Totally made sense at the time.

      February 14:

      At a shady Kia dealership where I bought a car before. Came with my mother, brought my work MacBook with me for some reason and was trying to get on their Wi-Fi. Sleazy car salesman shows up, I want to test drive some of the newer Kia Rios. Leave the dealership on a bus. Start asking people where this bus is going, and nobody will tell me. The scenery changes from desert to snow and starts going up the road to the ice castle from Frozen. I have an 'aha' moment and wake up.
    4. Judo and Giants

      by , 01-15-2015 at 06:07 PM
      Color legend: Non-dream Dream Lucid

      Lucid #263: Judo and Giants

      As I lay back down post-WBTB, I get the sense that I’m starting to fall asleep. Just before bed, Dreamer had skyped me her most recent dream where she transitioned to WILD by rolling onto her side and partly more onto her stomach. (This one!) I try the same thing, worrying for a second that moving will spoil things, but it’s all fine. There’s a low buzzing sound and a dream starts to take shape. After a little more patience, I find myself outside on a street at night.

      Among the people going by, I see a lost boy wandering around calling out for his mother. I ask him who his mother is and he says that it’s RBBB, someone I know from college. I decide that she’ll be close by, and sure enough I see her kneeling in an alcove carved out of a nearby brick building. I bring the boy to her and say, “Hey, [RBBB]! It’s [Canis]. Your son was looking for you.” She gives me a curt, rather cold nod and goes back to fervently praying as her son curls up next to her.

      I review my goals and remember my two main ones: first, my 5-year-old son E’s idea to find him, take him to a playground so he could play with Elsa and Anna from Frozen. Second, Iokheira’s (aka NewArtemis) idea to find her and transform into wolves. :canislucidus:

      I head down the street to start looking for E, but the DCs on the street start running in terror from something up ahead. There’s a stone giant stomping along the road ahead of me, and he grabs a car from the side of the road and flings it across the street into a grassy courtyard.

      He comes straight for me, and I try to think of some way not to turn this into a fight, but it’s just not coming to me. The stone giant seems way too hostile, and the only option that comes to me is to try to end the combat as quickly as possible. I move my hands away from each other in a ripping gesture to pantomime tearing the stone giant apart. It works, and the giant blows apart into a huge scatter of boulders and pebbles.

      I hurry past, but almost immediately the rocks start rolling back toward one another so that the giant can reform. Soon I catch sight of his shadow chasing after me, but I resolve not to turn around and instead just ignore him. Sure enough, he vanishes!

      I come to the top of a tall series of stacked platforms that descend into the ground, sort of like a reverse parking garage. Every floor is packed with these large, amazing water fountains that flow into one another. I drop down a few levels, expecting to find my son E. And he’s there! He’s curled up in the corner crying, and I scoop him up in my arms. “Hey, don’t cry, buddy! This is a lucid dream! I’m going to try to take you to meet Elsa and Anna!” This settles him down, and I leap off the side of the fountain structure, floating softly about 80 feet or so to the ground.

      At the bottom is a playground! I hop up on one of the wooden structures and set E down so that he can walk on his own. Together we cross a wooden bridge and in the middle we meet Elsa and Anna! “[E], look who it is!” They look similar to their appearance in the films, although their facial features occasionally rearrange in unusual, Picasso-like ways. E runs up to them and hugs Anna around the leg.

      A crowd of DCs start pouring in, and we get separated for a moment. I feel a loss of stability and grab onto this old guy’s stomach to restabilize. To my surprise, I can feel that he’s clearly got abs. I say, “Dude, you’re like 60! How have you got abs?... Oh right, you’re a DC.” He and some of the other DCs laugh.

      I return to where E and the Frozen princesses were, but they’ve been replaced by clear imposters. (The Elsa imposter is non-animated, black, and in her mid-50s!) I talk with the imposters for a bit but decide to move on to Iokheira’s idea, so I leave the playground, finding myself walking down the stairs in a house.

      Up ahead I see Iokheira sprint by! I follow her path into the shadows of a living room, but when I get there, she’s gone. I turn back and look around for a bit before someone else comes down the stairs I entered from, a young strawberry blonde woman in her mid-20s. I ask her where Iokheira is and the woman answers that “Sorry, [Iokheira] doesn’t live here anymore.”

      As I’m turning to leave, the strawberry blonde woman runs up and starts aggressively kissing me. It’s exciting to some degree but also a little scary. She pulls away for a moment to admit to me that she’s a “very slobbery kisser”, and sure enough, she becomes quite slobbery. Then she says, “And check this out!” As I watch, her left eye moves into the center of her forehead. She checks my face, seemingly expecting a horrified reaction. Instead I laugh and for a moment she seems disappointed not to have frightened me. She returns to aggressive kissing, and after things move on to sexytime,
      the dream fades...

      I hold on for DEILD and I’m quickly back. I’m roaming the hallway of a house, and I continue a room-to-room search for Iokheira. In one of the rooms the light switch doesn’t work and I remark out loud that “That’s a bullshit schema!” I leave the hallway and enter a huge cathedral-like chamber that’s snaked through with all of these suspended balconies.

      I run along one of these balconies until I’m confronted by an archeress, a brown-haired woman in her mid-40s. I try to ask for her help, but she starts saying a variety of strange, threatening things and looks like she’s going to take a shot at me. I grab onto her and do a Dreamer-style sacrifice JUDO throw, and it totally works! The archeress is still yelling at me, but I run away from her into a new room as
      the dream ends.

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      lucid , memorable
    5. 13th Nov 2013 Some good recall, video game mix and fights

      by , 11-14-2013 at 02:41 PM (Scionox's Journal of Dreams)
      Dream 1(fragments):

      I was going on streets and then through some other place.

      Dream 2:

      I was playing some game that was somehow a hybrid of video game and forum game where at times i controlled character and at other times posting actions in some thread. I was going through some places and then there was a eastern style temple where i talked to a few characters and then enemies appeared and we had to fight them.
      Later after going through a few rooms i had to go through a few corridors, which looked frozen. Game turned into an fps and lots of enemies started spawning, including some frozen skeletons. Then after corridors there was circular frozen arena place, it had two floors and kamikazi bug kind of enemies started spawning all over the upper floor and jumping down. I got up and managed to hold the wave off and defeat it.
      Then level continued into dark storage place, which also looked frozen. There was alot of boxes and view switched top-down. After a while of going around an ambush got triggered and enemies started appearing everywhere, including gnaars from serious sam series and kamikazi bugs with which i dealt earlier. The place took a few attempts and i've had to reload save game.
      Next up, i reached place that looked like frozen junkyard of some kind where i had to fight more enemies, then i noticed that my max hp glitched out and i had only 2 segments max, and boss fight was coming up as well. The boss fight was apparently fight against Dante, just like in DMC4, even the place was same. Except my max hp was crippled by a glitch and fight went on slightly differently at first. Attacks were somewhat passive and easy, managed to empty half of boss hp without getting hit. Then fight become more difficult, he started using alot of aerial attacks and also started summoning cannon balls from serious sam series, which were rolling around. Soon i failed.
      I returned to previous save before fight and started exploring area more. I've found a house at the edge of frozen junkyard. In house there was some dude who had aura of darkness and i've talked to him. He summoned kinda bear like creature that was apparently a healer of some kind and i had to escort him, also there was a dark princess who joined as well. We were going through frozen junkyard and new kind of enemies appeared, wolves made of ice. I easily was able to deal with them by just smashing them apart with pure strength, then more appeared and started focusing on bear creature and ignoring me. I get annoyed and grab like 8 of them at once and smash them into ground, which causes some kind of magical symbols surrounded by red glow to rise from ground and create some kind of barrier. The dark princess said that it's very rare for that to happen and that i must be really strong if it happened.
      Then random cutscene started showing that back at temple area white and red mage conflicted. One was on balcony, another on the ground and they started a fight.
    6. Ice Cabin and Wierd Hair Color fragments

      by , 10-27-2012 at 07:21 AM

      Fragment 1
      Stepped out of an ice cabin and into the snow. My feet were frozen in ice.

      Fragment 2
      Strange musical instruments.

      I was growing and styling weird multi color hair on my head.
    7. Lucid in which I was trapped..

      by , 01-21-2012 at 06:41 AM (Yuppie's Dream Journal)
      My memory is pretty sketchy because I had to go to work as soon as I woke up, so this is about eight hours later..

      I'm in a shop and I buy a frozen coke, I have to fill it from the machine. (all I can remember)

      I'm in a dark room, pitch black. I'm bound to a chair. I'm lucid. I try to free myself, but I just can't. I imagine in my mind (my dream mind) that I'm doing the sequence to an energy charge. I feel a VERY strong vibration around me, but the chair and the ropes restraining me don't move. I wake up.
    8. Saved by a starving wolf.

      by , 12-25-2010 at 03:18 AM (Visions in the Dark)
      I am lost in a coniferous forest somewhere in snowy northern Canada. I have been lost for a long time, wandering in the endless frozen forest, and the cold is starting to effect my body in seriously adverse ways. My left hand, from the wrist, has turned completely black from frostbite and my legs have been numb for hours, thoughI still force myself to stumble through the snow because for I have a false believe that if I keep moving that things will get better or I will be found or something.

      Another night comes and the moon is the biggest and the fullest I have ever seen before. It is so bright in fact that I can find my way through the forst as if it were day time. I cannot see what it is but I hear foot falls in the snow behind me and know that I am being followed by a wild animal. Many days and nights pass and my body is sucumbing more to the cold. The animal that has been following me is still around but I have no yet seen what it is, though I suspect that it is waiting for me to die. One day I collapse in the snow exhausted finally reigned to my inevitable fate and wait for the wild animal to come and eat me.

      I lift my tired head and see a light grey wolf slowing making its way to me. The wolf is very think and weak looking and I can see the outline of its ribs and the creature seems to be starving terribly, though it is not threatening me and seems more curious than anything. I figure I am going to die anyway so I pull a pocket knife out and cut off my frostbitten hand and toss it towards the wolf then immediately pass out. I wake up at night and find myself alone. I don't know where the wolf went and cannot see if it ate my hand because it is too dark. I find the strength to stand up and begin wandering again, more out of boredom than anything because I don't think I am going to be saved and I am essentially just passing the time until I do. I am so cold and so tired that I no longer actually feel the cold that much anymore, let alone think about it.

      Something happens one day though the dream becomes fuzzy and I cannot remember exactly what. I think a bear or a group of evil hunter men came upon me and attack me but I am saved my the light grey wolf that had been following me before. The wolf chases away my attacks and then has to drag me away from there, by the collar of my coat, through the forest because my body is so tired and damaged by the cold that I can no longer walk. I don't know how long the wolf dragged me but it felt like a long time. I pass in and out of consciousness for days and in one moment of clarity I talk to the wolf and believe it can understand me (partly loneliness, partly delerium) and tell him that when I die that he has my permission to eat my body because I know that it is still starving. I pass out again right after.

      I wake up in a hospital bed. I know I am still in the north because I can see a snowstorm raging outside of my hospital window. It is night and everything is quiet and I am trying to wrap my mind around how I survived in the frozen north for so long. I also wonder about the starving wolf and feel bad that I did not die so that he would have something to eat. I lay awake for a long time because my mind is ruminating about so many things and the thoughts of my experience begin to overwhelm me when a nurse with sort curly hair in pink scrubs comes in and says that the doctor will be in shortly. After some time passes an elderly Native American aboriginal chief dressed in a leather vest and a coyboy hat comes in and tells me that I am lucky to be alive and he asks me about the details of my ordeal.

      I tell him everything I remember happening including being saved by the starving wolf and the doctor tells me that I am mistaken. He says that I was found by the side of the road in one peice and that they had to amputate my hand because of the frostbite damage after I was brought to the hospital. I argue with the doctor and tell him that I am so sure that it all really happened. The doctor tells me that I was suffering from delerium from the cold and that I probably hallucinated the whole thing. I feel kind of at a loss because I am not sure how to feel but the doctor tells me that I probably did meet a wolf in the frozen north and that it guided me out of the forest because in Native American aboriginal legend, the wolf is a protector and a guide for lost soles.

      After the docotr leaves I stare out of the window for a long time, trying to come to terms with what I though was real and what I was told really happen. Through the blowing snow outside I can see something move and when it comes close to the window I can see that it is the starving wolf that saved me, though it no longer looks like it is starving. The wolf looks at me for a moment than runs off into the snowstorm and the dream ends there.

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      non-lucid , memorable
    9. Prison Break and Frozen House

      by , 08-10-2010 at 05:06 PM
      08/06/2010 -

      A group of 'bad guys' (juveniles/ teenagers in trouble possibly) and myself were locked up in a building. There was a small rectangular window, big enough for one person at a time to crawl through, which is what we did. Once outside, It was a lot like a prison yard - Plain, grass-covered lawn with large fences surrounding it. It was late afternoon, I think, and cloudy... kind of a dark grayish-brown sky.. very gloomy looking. I ran to the 15 ft fence and quickly scaled it and jumped down on the other side near a highway. The cars on the highway were going incredibly fast and I felt almost like Frogger trying to cross it, haha. Oh, and everyone else that was with me simply walked around the fence.. seeing as how it ended about five feet to the right of where I had climbed over it
      Once across the highway, the group and I came to a small wooden bridge with a guard (bouncer ) standing by it. He let us by with no problem. In the distance I saw a large Circus tent and knew that's where I was headed to.
      I'm in Kroger/My house and everything is VERY cold (AC was probably on fairly high in RL ). It was so cold, that everything had frozen with about three inches of ice covering all the surfaces. When I touched the ice I realized it was more like really old jello. I peeled off a slab of the jello from a counter top. The slab of jello came off no problem and held together perfectly... but then was actually a frozen towel..?? The frozen towel thawed instantly once I realized what it was, so I opened up an industrial sized freezer nearby and put it in there so it wouldn't thaw.
      After this I walked over to the AC controller and turned it off (it was broken and stuck on freezing temperatures). There were a few people with me, but they were no longer a group of "bad" kids. In fact, I think most of them were my friends, one of them in particular I remember to be a girl I had a crush on at my old high schoo,l named Danielle. At this point, they all left the room whilst I amused myself with a Gameboy I found on a small table. I played a Pokemon game for approx. 5 seconds, and then left the room to follow my friends into a bedroom. A girl in the group left the room to go shower and the rest of us, including Danielle, layed on a bed and watched T.V. The room was setup like a hotel room, btw.
      So, Danielle was irritated by a guy with her and ignored him to talk to me. We talked about Invisalign which I have and apparently she did too.
      The dream then skipped to an outdoor setting where we were all sitting in the stands in front of an abandoned stage ( looked like the Warped Tour stage setup I recently went to in Atlanta, GA ). Set up on the stage were 100's of small ceramic and glass figures, masks, vases, etc. that were were all throwing rocks at and breaking.. almost like a carnival game. I decided to get on stage in hopes of doing something to impress the crowd.. no idea what though. Instead, as soon as I stood up, a large man yelled at me to get down and threw a shoe at me. I had to walked a LONG way to get off the stage for some reason, and ended up having to walked through a large crowd of ethnic people who didn't like me. I found a person I knew in the crowd named Justin. I talked to him for a second and then was interrupted by a fat and somewhat blind guy who needed help finding a seat. I obliged and then the dream ended.
    10. Frozen Lake

      by , 07-17-2010 at 10:42 AM
      Second dream posted in here. Awesome! Well, here it goes...

      So me and every one of my cousins that I have ever known decide to go swimming. We all get our swimming gear on and head off to the lake. The thing was that when we arrived at the lake, the whole thing was frozen! Every bit! There were people ice skating, ice fishing, and building snowmen on the surface. All in winter gear. We couldn't understand, it was the middle of July! (BIG dream sign I missed ) But, none of the less, we all rush to enjoy the day anyways. I follow up and theres a point when the ice breaks and a little river flowed through in which we had to jump to get across. But right before I make my jump, I see to my right a large kid in a brown sweater with two white stripes sandwhiching an orange stripe attempt to jump across. Sadly, he Superman-ed and took a blow to the face by the edge of the other side and fell into the cold, cold drink. I laughed SO hard I almost didn't make it across myself. But something about a fat guy trying to jump an icy river makes me chuckle. Does that make me a bad person? Anyways, we get across and climb a small mound of snow. To my surprise, I realized this wasn't a river. It was an OCEAN. Frozen as far as the eye could see. We kept running until I felt the ice crack a bit under my feet. I said,
      "Whoa! Hold on! Let's not all go at once!"
      And we all went in three's. Except for one of my larger cousins. I let him go by himself hahahaha! I tipped-toed all the way. Then, as I was surveying the area, I hear an enormous crack! Dreamscaping-beach.jpg this is what I saw before the ice broke. I turned my head swiftly and I see two of my cousins drowning in the water! Somehow, they couldn't swim. I dash to the water and dive to save my family. The water was SO cold!!! It made me gasp and I took a bunch of water to the lungs but I continued to make my rescue. My first cousin wasn't that bad to get to the surface. He's real skinny. But my second cousin was a little chubbier. I was trying to pull him up to the surface but he kept kicking and using my face as a foothold. He eventually got up but mysteriously, I kept sinking. I was at ease for some reason. Like it was inevitable. I accepted it and closed my eyes. The last glimpse being the distorted sun hitting the water surface. The water was the deepest blue you could ever imagine! Suddenly, I open my eyes and I am sitting next to my girlfriend in her room.