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    1. Finally, A WEIRD DREAM! :D

      by , 02-01-2019 at 12:40 AM
      Tonights dream.. was FINALLY WEIRD! OH BOY! I missed having dreams like this! all my dreams used to be sooo weird then once i started dream journaling they were sooo normal and boring UGH!! But finally! I have a weird dream Like I normally did!..

      So, it started in school, I was just talking with people and stuff and sitting in my chair at my desk, then I went on youtube.. and saw that SOMEONE HACKED MY ACCOUNT AND POSTED CHILD PORN ON IT!!, literally! I was watching some of the videos and it was just really lotioned looking fillipino girls from ages 4 - 8.. they were clothed of course, but then some old guys hand came on and pulled down their pants and stuff, No i'm not a pedophile.. idk why this happened but I'm happy about how weird it is.

      after this, I met my partner in real life. we were just standing in the dark outside of these houses. He told me this was his city, that it costed him 170$ and he told me there are 70 people living in it, he called it Spiderman... lol. this city was just one huge cluttered weird house apartment thingy, and it was hard to navigate through. Also, for some reason he was a fat indian and kinda looks like Ajit Pai, when irl hes really white and looks like a emo hipster.

      after talking for awhile, I was gonna leave since the conversation was kinda awkward and told him i'd talk to him again on discord, but instead of leaving i got lost then came back, I went to the oven which played songs then it started playing my music playlist then i made sure to pause it on the oven, but it didn't work.

      My partner then collapsed to the floor and was dying, really ill or having a seizure, not sure what happened, and i had a cup of water and noticed a bug in it, i tried taking it out then this guy helping him just yelled at me and said ''YOU CARE MORE ABOUT A STUPID BUG THAN YOUR OWN BOYFRIEND??'' And I just quietly said ''I have a phobia of bugs...''

      after this, I went on discord and he was online and he was messaging me, his name 'oh yeah, my boy Hivie' [I'm Hivie.] then I started singing My boy by Billie Ellish, the lyrics I sang in the dream was 'My boy, my boy, my boy, don't love me like he promised..' which is really depressing now thinking about it, then I sent the lyrics to him, and sent a really bad animation i made of some neon randomly coloured mammoth lip syncing it BADLY, there was no audio either so I worried he wouldn't be able to tell.


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      Tags: discord, funny, lol, weird
      non-lucid , memorable , dream fragment
    2. Nanook, the Self-Driving SUV

      by , 10-13-2018 at 01:33 AM (The Lab Notebook)
      Non-lucid dream, [Commentary made while awake]

      I'm looking out my upstairs bedroom window in our family's house [our first one that I lived in as a kid - the one that didn't have upstairs bedroom windows, it was only one story in real life], watching my parents and sister drive away in their new Honda SUV. They drive up onto a freeway offramp, where they get out of the new SUV and get into a different vehicle [bus, I think?]. The now-empty SUV is a self-driving car, so I watch it come back down the freeway offramp and drive itself along one of the main roads through our neighborhoods. I realize that if we're going to get it back, I'm going to have to go chase after it. I know that it's brand-new, my parents just bought it, and since I'm home alone, I'm now responsible for it.

      I run out of the house and chase after the SUV, on foot. You'd think it would either keep going in a straight line and crash into something, or else it would be programmed to either pull over and stop or come back to our driveway and park itself, I think, but no. It's programmed to follow the streets and turn at randomly-selected corners, of which there are many in our tract-home neighborhood. Fortunately, it does so very slowly, slowly enough that I almost catch up to it a couple of times, even running after it on foot. I follow it into the neighborhood on the opposite side of that main road I mentioned, just north of the one where our house is. I lose sight of it and yell, "NANOOK!" before I remember, It's a car, not a dog. It can't hear you.
      [No surprise it's a Honda; my parents have been loyal to them for many years. The odd part is that they never name their cars in real life.]

      I finally see Nanook the Honda SUV parked nose-in to the chain-link fence at the front of somebody's front yard, which stops it for long enough that I can get close, but it gets away from me again before I can get in. [I think - my memory gets fuzzy here. It was a fun and amusing dream, though.]
    3. Continue? Click [Yes] or [Golf]

      by , 06-06-2018 at 07:24 AM (Nonsense and Conundrums)
      I live in a large house with my girlfriend(let's call her Owl) in a marshy, swampy area. There's lots of greenery and a pasture in the backyard. Owl and I have to take care of some ragged man. He has dirty clothes, brown hair that hasn't been washed in so long it's in dreads, and vivid blue eyes. He has a huge, sarcastic grin on his face at almost all times, and consistently acts like he's high.

      Unsure what to do, we lock this man in our gray shed, just outside the house. I have Owl keep watch while I try to find a better alternative to the situation, but when I come back, he has escaped. I say something like, "What did you expect, with us keeping him locked up like that?" and then the dream fades out as I wake up.

      I have fallen asleep on the couch, it is 5am, and since I can sleep in, I decide to go to my real bed and try to continue the dream. I'm still partially in the dream, so I try to "pause" it as I go to my bed.

      I lay down in my bed and settle in to sleep again, having never full woken up in the first place. The dream comes back int view quickly, but now there's a pause menu up, like it's a video game screen. It asks if I wish to continue, and gives me two options:



      I find this so funny that I start to laugh and wake myself up from the dream completely. Apparently I couldn't say no!
      Tags: funny, marsh
    4. November 21, 2014 | Weeping Angel, Troll Guy, Escape

      by , 08-09-2017 at 11:21 PM (Fantastical Adventures)
      A Weeping Angel suddenly appeared in my younger sister R's room, so we ran out and shut the door. It didn’t mind the door being there. In fact, it disregarded the door completely. Then, R put an ice cube in a laundry basket. As the angel got closer, we stepped back as the 11th Doctor’s voiceover said, “You’ll know if it kills you.” Apparently, R got out, since she was no longer there. Anyway, the weeping angel had me backed up to the kitchen. Opening the deck door, I led Blizzard out, and tried to lead Snickers out, but he kinda didn’t care. (They're both cats)

      What I did next to ultimately run away was get on to the second-floor deck and jump off the rails. Now, with me on the ground and backing up to the north there were suddenly two people being followed by the weeping angel, one of which of which being R. There was also a minivan on the deck. Moments later, I found out that the weeping angel was actually a trolling guy. How I found him out was his own doing, since he had failed to remain quantum locked—he slowly walked towards the two people when I said,
      “Hey, I can still see you!”
      With that, he turned and looked at me with an annoyed look on his face. A few moments later, the two got away, and I was now way down the street. Several people spawned, just standing around and watching the trolling guy cross the street, walk into a neighbor's house, and drive his amphibious super car into the nearby lake. I was like,
      “That guy has a HOVERCAR!?”
      Next, the guy that was standing next to me also ran into the same neighbor's house. He deployed his blue amphibious supercar(the troll’s was black) and crushed the troll’s secondary vehicle.
    5. Food commercials sequentially bash each other!

      by , 10-13-2016 at 02:50 PM (Journals From The Void)
      This dream was hilarious upon waking up.

      It starts with a McDonald's commercial. Four people are sitting there talking about their first kiss. One of them stands up. "My first kiss wasn't a person; it was a thing." The words also appeared (with perfect grammar and spelling, might I add) on a yellow background, with 'person' and 'thing' in green, and the rest of them red. A young version of the guy is dared to kiss a wax sculpture of skinny Ben Franklin (honestly, he was really skinny. If he were alive, it would be considered unhealthy.), and he does. Ben's wax eyes dart about, worried(?). Employees laugh and give him a free meal.
      Announcer: "kiss a wax statue at McDonald's and get a free meal!"

      All of a sudden, there's pizza in the background.
      A Little Caeser's Announcer: "you know, they never get their burgers to look or taste nearly as good as they do in commercials. I wouldn't even eat one for free! Especially the bread. That's why we never give out burgers. We keep our bread on the side or the bottom, and cook it thoroughly before it enters your mouth hole. Something about hot n' ready pizza too!(He literally said 'something about hot n' ready pizza too!')

      Now the background is white.
      Arby's announcer: "there's a certain pizza company, who will remain nameless, who claims to give you pizza 'Hot And Ready.' When you say my pizza will be hot AND ready, I expect it to be at least one of those things. But you know what? It never is. Arby's. We have the meats."

      I wake up laughing and sort of confused. I wasn't at all hungry when I went to sleep, but these commercials were funny, and seem like things these food chains would actually do to 'bash' one another. It was hilarious.
      non-lucid , memorable
    6. Listened to the audio from an episode of X Files while Lucid.

      by , 09-24-2016 at 09:39 AM
      So, outside of the dream, I should clarify that I was taking a nap while my dad watched X-Files on Netflix in the other room, and I could hear the audio in my room.

      Anyhow, the dream started with me as Ant- Man and I was breaking into a building by sneaking in through a sink, and then a doctor was trying to grab me in the sink, and I'm moving around in the sink, the inside of which looks like a smaller model of the bathroom. I then exit through a side drain and enter another room, which looks like a small office, and then the dream shifts to me being outside and I am talking about the job I just did.

      I then find myself in my house, and I can hear the audio of the episode of Xfiles my dad is watching, for reference it's the episode "Elegy," the audio from which I could clearly hear and make out in the dream while I was walking around my house in the dream. I had never seen the episode before so that proves that I really was hearing the audio from the episode in the dream since I was able to recall lines from the episode. Anyhow, hearing the audio I realize that I am dreaming and I go to the back room of my house where there is a large window with a view, it's become a habbit for me to look out this window when I go lucid because I usually see these amazing landscapes. As I approached the window, I could see green and I realized that the landscape was really neat this time. I look out and I see the city, but it's surrounded by a massive forest of redwood trees. I look around and the city is filled with these giant trees. I'm really impressed with how detailed it really is, and I leave the room to go to my dad's bedroom where I see him laying down watching a screen floating in midair, but I can still hear the episode of Xfiles playing and in the dream he's watching a completely different show. I concentrate at this point and can clearly hear the audio from the episode, which makes me want to listen to podcasts and whatnot more often when I sleep.

      I then leave my house, and see a vacuum cleaner outside. I grab on to the handle, and find that I can ride it like a scooter as it propels me forward. I decide to explore more of my dream on this extremely fast vacuum cleaner, and I visit my middle school. It's around this point I wake up from my nap.
    7. Reindeers are better that people

      by , 11-10-2015 at 08:47 PM (Here be dragons)
      During all the dream I'm not here; I'm merely witnessing what's happening.
      It's a hospital of sort, and the resident physician is a big burly man with dark hair and bear and a gruff behavior. The place is brightly lit and clean, with nurses in white running around a being busy. An incredible catalogue of people enter, each one with more ridiculous ailment and belief that the next. One of them worries that her belly button won't shrink back after giving birth through it; another want his broken hand to be cut off so it can grow back whole. The gruff physician isn't very amused, but some of the nurses hide in the rest room to giggle.
    8. Casey's Here, Off To A Bad Start (17.7.15)

      by , 07-17-2015 at 01:16 AM (CHiLLEN's Dream Journal)
      Casey's Here
      I'm in my bedroom at my house, but it's my old bedroom. I think I was sleeping when Megan came in. Megan says I should get up or something. It felt rude. She says that her old friend was over. Megan leaves the room. I take a massive drink from my water jug, finishing about 80% of it. I'm disappointed that I finished that much, as that needed to last my the whole day. I begin getting ready and try some clothes on. I try a heavy brown jumper on. I quite like it, but it's a tad big maybe. I go through a lot of clothes, with a lot being ugly or too big etc. I think one of them is dads. Daryl comes Into the room with a massive plastic water container, which he places on my bed. I hear Casey's voice in the house. I anticipate Jane or someone coming in to get me to come out and socialize. As I come out, the guests have left. I sit on the couch eating a small tub of coleslaw. Jane walks in and asks if I'm ready for a bike ride. I'm not sure if I'm keen at first, but decide I probably should. Jane shows us some food that we can have, which was a sourdough roll. I get up and walk over to the bench. Daryl is telling me that this place really brings out his beautiful eyes. I examine them closely and see that they're light blue mostly. They seem to be still changing as its a bit patchy.

      Off To A Bad Start
      I'm at a house and there seems to be a bit of a gathering going on. I'm on the toilet which is in a bedroom. I have the runs. It doesn't have a pleasant smell to it. I wipe my ass and get shit on my jumper or something. It drips onto the floor and leaves a stain. I'm not feeling too good about that, and try to see if I can rub it out, or blend it in with the carpet somehow. I try to find some more toilet paper, eventually finding some near the toilet itself. My brother is now using the toilet, and he realizes I still need to use it. He grabs the toilet bowl and moves it closer to him. Im a bit shocked with what I just saw. He is pissing into the bowl and almost filling it to the top. The toilet bowl falls over and piss goes everywhere. I feel a little better about myself that I'm not the only one that made a mess in the bedroom. A bit of piss gets onto the side of the bed. I smell the sheets to see if it reeks of piss. It doesn't.

      I'm in the kitchen and there are people at the table. I decide to play a game where I have to sell product to them. I see 3 vita biscuits on a plate. I pick up the plate and tell them my pitch, which goes a bit like this.
      "Ok I have these rare biscuits here. The reason they're rare is due to the ingredients and the culture of them. You know how normal flour is used for making biscuits? Well this isn't normal flour. This is MOON DUST Aka Moon Flour. Also If you look at the 3 biscuits, they have a different color to them. I call this the multicultural biscuits. One is dark, other is medium and last is lightest of the colors."
      I had a black hooded jacket on, with the hood over my head when doing the pitch. I really put some professionalism into the pitch, even put on the goofy fake voice they do. As I finished, I continued my act and walked out like I was overly cocky with what I had achieved. I feel a bit embarrassed with what had just happened.

      I'm outside and there's an announcement of a man performing a triple backflip on a BMX and eventually landed it after many tries in practice. I think to myself that someone recently performed a quadruple backflip on BMX and that this may have been the one he was talking about. It's night time and I see the set up for the show. It looks like nitro circus which is sponsored by red bull. I see a man go down a big ramp, he's connected to a metal chariot. The horse is made out of metal also. He's flying around the track and notice that he's in a wheel chair. He disconnects from the chariot and flys across what looks to be water. He doesn't make it all the wave and falls off the side of the narrow path.

      The scene changes and I'm seeing Daryl run from a girl. Everyone is playing hide and seek. I decide to join in and hide behind these thick trees. There are a lot of trees near one another. Daryl climbs the tree and is hesitant to go any higher. I think that's the right option as there isn't much to hold onto, apart from the trunk. I keep an eye on Daryl incase he falls onto me. I imagine if I was up there and fell, would anyone catch me? And if they did, would it work out ok. I see the girl coming my way. I decide to run to the side of her, hoping to be covered by the trees. She spots me and I run quickly towards a safe zone. I reach the safe zone, but the hole to enter it is too small. I think I try another hut which allows me in. The roof is cut off the hut. Me and the other guy in there are poking our heads out. We're talking about Julian Wilson the pro surfer.

      I meet up with some people from the gathering. I don't feel too comfortable due to drinking the night before. I see my cousin Trev. He's sitting in a covered area. There's a lot of cars on top of the small hill. I see Trev's dad, and give him a wave. My dad is walking towards me also. I'm a bit shocked to see him come to something like this.
    9. Live and Let Lucid

      by , 06-13-2015 at 06:15 PM
      I was in an apartment with a few friends. I was in the bedroom with a particular friend who I've only recently grown attracted to. We were laying next to eachother but not in any sexual sort of way, and I got up and went into the kitchen. I then saw the others laying in the living room and watching the television and hanging out. I saw my crush leave the room and I suddenly figured I'd ask her about her first kiss to segway into my kissing her, but decided the best place to do this wasn't in front of everyone where she'd feel pressured, so I retired back to the bedroom.

      She followed me but when she entered she was no longer herself. Instead of it being Alyssa it was now an old friend of mine Taylor. I felt awkward asking a question with that purpose but for some reason it was already decided that I'd ask. So I did and she mentioned something about her boyfriend and then we segwayed into going on a trip.

      We were in a BMW that was stick shift however the seat was rotated funky and I couldn't press on the clutch very easily and shifting was a challenge. I adjusted the seat as we approached a red light after driving several blocks with this uncomfortable seating arrangement. I was feeling very tired or something and was looking out the passenger window instead of watching where I was going and the lady in the lane to the left of me had decided to start switching lanes to pull into my lane but ran out of room to pull forward so she was half in my lane and half in hers. I have extensive wreck avoidance practice from racing and so out of the corner of my eye I saw her as I approached and I had pulled a bit far up on her side, it looked as if I was trying to block her from getting into my lane.

      The driver was a middle aged mother of 2 and both of her daughters were sitting in the passenger seat looking out the window. I could hear them talking and somehow our cars were attached and it was like we were only separated by a thin sheet of glass but I could hear them just as if they were right next to me. I told Taylor that I could hear them and then I wondered if they could hear me. When I looked back at the mother and daughters all three of them were looking directly at me, but not in a creepy way, just more like the mother was looking at me because she was pissed off and the daughters were looking because the mother was.

      The light turned green.

      I let her pull ahead of me and I began to drive. With the seat fixed I felt much better with driving the manual transmission and downshifted to second gear after we were going down the road. I nailed the gas and we began to take off but it wasn't as quick as I anticipated. In fact the car was rather slow. I shifted to third gear. Not much speed.

      The road then dead ended into a parking garage and we were waiting in a line of people to get a ticket to park. I noticed that the lady from the red light was in front of me.

      We lost interest in waiting and got out of the car and walked through a doorway. We were on this rooftop of sorts. It was like a restaurant that had been setup on a rooftop. It wasn't the place we had been looking for and I looked around. There were quite a few people around. Suddenly across the rooftop an older man raised his hand and waived at us. It was Taylor's PaPa. He was a kindly looking older man with white hair. Before we walked all the way over to him I thought "this is all a really weird scenario" and decided to do a reality check. I looked at my hand to count my fingers, a full proof method of reality checking for me, and noticed I had 5 fingers. I looked up and then looked back down at my hand. I had to concentrate because it was difficult to count for some reason but i managed to tell that there was an irregularity with my hand. I managed to count 6 fingers. I said "okay 6 fingers so I'm dreaming".

      I felt the rush of lucidity waft over me like a wave on the sands of the beach. I felt warm and everything became very clear and colorful. The sun was out and there were clouds in the sky and people eating at tables. The first thing I wanted to do was stabilize the dream. I started clapping my hands together and then remembered reading something about touching objects in the dream world. I walked up to somebodies table and slapped my hands down on it. They didn't go through. I was surprised at how real it felt. I rubbed my hands together a little more and then I walked up a small flight of stairs to go to the next balcony restaurant patio thing and picked up somebodies drink from their table. I poured it on the ground right in front of them and laughed. They looked at me and I said "suck it" and then he went back to eating. I looked around and started wondering what I should do. I quickly looked for the hottest girl around to get some action with but then thought that this would be a waste of a lucid dream. Regardless I found a girl and slipped my hands into her shirt. I closed my eyes for a moment to imagine a girl and have her appear but when I closed my eyes I lost lucidity and the dreamscape closed.

      Fuck. Wasted a perfect lucid dream.
    10. Lucid with Hermione!

      by , 03-27-2015 at 12:56 AM
      Finally, a lucid! This one made me laugh quite a bit after waking up!

      I run as fast as my legs can carry me down the dazzlingly white corridor. Feeling like my lungs are about to burst, I glance to my right. Satisfied that Hermione is keeping up without too much difficulty, I make no effort to slow down. She says something to me, but I cannot hear her over the sound of the air rushing past my ears. Footsteps. Someone is chasing us. I know that if I trip up, if I get caught, I will die, right here in Hogwarts. Spotting a broom closet, I run towards it, and lock myself in. I smile and take a few moments to catch my breath. I'm in Hogwarts, with Hermione, being chased by none other than her evil twin. Perplexed, I consider this piece of information. Hermione doesn't have a twin. This realisation brings me to lucidity, and my thoughts are teeming with possibilities. After some reflection, I decide to continue on with the dream's plot, not yet having set an LD goal. As if on cue, my pursuer's face appears flattened on the closet door's small glass window. I laugh at the comical sight, before thinking that I need a wand. Excited at the prospect of trying out my dream control skills, I shove my right in my pocket enthusiastically, concentrating entirely on this one thought; 'When I pull out my hand, I will be holding a wand.'. Feeling my fingers grasp a small, thin object, I pull it out, only to see what I am holding. A stick. A fucking stick. Putting it back in, I try again. A pencil. Ugh. As they say, third time's the charm, and finally, I find myself in possession of a beautiful wand. I admire the small intricate carvings on its handle before unlocking the closet door. Confident in my skills, I step outside, ready to face my enemy.


    11. Being a Samurai! Every asian probably will facepalm at my story...

      by , 12-06-2014 at 11:25 AM
      "Here it comes, here it comes..." I said to myself as I awaited to be launched into the world of dreams. Suddenly a huge sensation fills me up as
      I lose, what I only can describe, my weight of my body and leave it behind. I find myself standing in my bed, shrugging off the sensation as I always
      do. Neither unpleasant, but transcending from a body like that will always feel alien to me.

      I jump off the bed and land with perfection next to a window over looking the streets. Snickering to myself I remember the days I actually went down and opened
      the door to get where I wanted. That was before I realised the rules of the world didn't apply here at all. I place my hands gently on the window and push it out.
      It falls below on the ground with a crashing sound. As I looked down at the depris I created, with any lack of care of my actions, I remembered the time I used to
      punch the glass out instead of pushing it gently...

      This all changed after a dream I had where I had cut myself on the glass doing this. I've been punched in the face, broken my nose, getting
      stabbed and got my eye gouged out by an assasin... Pain-receptors usually let me feel a sensation how it could feel like if those things would happen to me,
      but because I never got disembowled or anything like that I only felt 'What it would have been like'. Not really painfull at the end, altough everyone has cut
      themselfs before and that caused the pain to be so real that I had to remember myself the whole time I was dreaming so I didn't yell it out.

      I jump in the air out of the open window and fall down. As I see myself falling at rapid speed to the many sharp glass pieces below I can stop myself just
      in the nick of time before hitting them. Letting out a delightfull sigh, I fly away into a random street leaving my house behind. I stop and land in a random
      garden next to a house. As I'm wondering what to do I decide to call in a DC. For a while I wanted to experiment to bring other then the normal norm of DC's
      in my dreams... Like animated characters. The idea of calling in Saya from Saya no Uta came as an idea, but I leave the idea behind for another time...

      "Sarah..." I say into the air and turn around and there she is. White short hair as always, but she looks a little bit different. Her clothes doesn't seem
      to fit her at all and she looks rather dull and annoyed. I close the gap between me and her and give her a hug. "What are you thinking you're doing?"
      She suddenly asks. Stepping back out of surprise I said carefully "Just giving you a hug, is that so bad?" - "Don't!" she exclaims. Surprised by this
      I recall a time when I had far less respect for Dream-Characters. How I often would punch them or let them do humiliating things for my enjoyment. I shrug it off
      but couldn't stop thinking that Sarah is not behaving as her normal self.

      My actions were interrupted when suddenly a TeamSpeak window opened up in front of me, floathing mid-air. Apparently a discussion were made by WolfedOut
      and 2stickmen about something of Minecraft... That is if you could describe it as a discussion, more a fight who could yell the loudest through their mic.
      "Stop it you two!" I yelled getting angry. "I'm in the middle of a lucid dream and I have wasted enough time without you two disturbing me. Minecraft is the last
      thing I wanna do now. In fact, I created Minecraft before so been there, done that." I said without a tone of respect as I close the application before they
      could do a retaliation to my words. In real life I'm much nicer to them, but in dreams I'm more egocentric. Why not? It IS my dream after all...

      Looking through the air I remember having difficulties to know the rules to control a dream before... That was before I watched Star Trek from TNG, DS9 and Voyager
      back to back. As I used to describe the experience to people before as an Oculus Rift experience, I now laugh how idiotic that comparison was. This is no
      Oculus Rift experience... This is a holodeck from Star Trek I tell them. So from that point on I used that to my own advantage. "Computer..." I start off,
      "Load previous save, setting ancient eastern-japan, samurai time..." Suddenly the whole environment changes in a white fog as pieces of the setting fall in Star Trek
      wise. "The only thing missing..." I think to myself, "are the 'whoosh-whoosh!' sounds and the 'bring-brong!' sound effects from Star Trek... I'll add that in
      next time!"

      As the setting completes itself I find myself in eastern-japan back in the old times. I face a shop that I know sells Samurai Swords so I gleefully enter the shop
      with Sarah reluctantly following me in. "Kombanwa Genki-Desu!" says the owner. Probably some japanese, or words resembling them, from various animes I've watched
      thrown in together in a sentence. Am I glad no japanese people are seeing this dream. "Genki-desu!" I yell back. I pick up a katana and see a price tag of 100.
      "hmmm..." I let out. Not knowing if 100 yen is much or not. Probably it's somewhere of 100 dollars or so I think to myself. Japanese people would probably facepalm
      themselfs if they knew I actually tried to cut the price lower then that. But talking to the owner was no easy task, so I quickly gave up on it.

      Going outside, I immediately took the the katana out of it's sheath. I'm quite fond of katanas, they are nice swords and I can't help but smile at the reflection
      of this elegant weapon. The next scene what I did with it I will not include in this story as I probably humiliate every asian person and dishonour every japanese
      person as I played with it like a lightsaber from Star Wars or as a Bath-leth from Star Trek... Probably even Sarah was ashamed of my actions, but I never looked at her.
      I was way to bussy cutting trees and shortening everything down in size I could find. I stopped my child-play when I heard the sound of fighting and swords clashing down.
      I ducked behind a wooden-gate that looked like the gates you see in cowboy movies entering a cafe (don't ask me...) and peeked through a hole. "Sarah!" I yell, "You gotta
      see this! This is some real Rurouni Kenshin shit going on there!" Sarah didn't even reply as I kept watching the fight.

      It ended with a knock-out of the left guy with the other guy towering above him ready to give the final blow. I couldn't hold it anymore, I gripped my katana close to me and
      as a wild-lunatic I rushed through the cowboy-gate to the garden with my katana holding up as a madman yelling 'Deeeeesssuuuuuu!' along the way. Our swords clashed
      in the air, we pushed eachother back, dust following in the air as we slid around the garden... if it even was a garden at that point. Next you just need to imagine
      the most clumsiest sword-play ever. At the end I thrusted my sword in my opponent stomach. Blood flew out in every direction as my enemy fell deeper in my sword and came
      to rest on my shoulder. "Konbanwa friend.... Desu..." I whispered and pushed him off my sword.

      I woke up in a shock. "No!" I cried to myself. "It just started to be so awesome..." I thought to myself. I smacked my hand on my head and held it up in the air where I was
      holding the katana in. "What the..." I exclaimed when I suddenly started to notice something strange. There, a little sixth finger was hanging from my hand. My confusement
      ended shortly and I began to smile. "Oh dear false awakening... Not this time you won't!" I stated. I jumped right up and said with proud (now shame)
      "Watashi wa Samurai Kasper desu!" as I did a superman pose. There was no hesitation, I flew out my bed, crashed through my window and as I was falling down I yelled
      "Computer! Continue story!" The dream quickly changed back and I landed on one knee and in my right hand I held my beloved katana again. "Oh, almost forgot. Computer,
      load character Sarah." She suddenly appeared again, dressed the same and with even a worse expression then before. "Let us move on, Sarah-kun! Our story has not ended yet!"
      Said I. I quickly noticed the wounded guy I saved and ran towards him. "Dai...dai...daijo...aaargh... Are you ok, dude?" I rambled. He opened his eyes slowly and said in pain
      "Yes. I am fine. Thanks". He got up and looked at a building that came up from nowhere. I looked too at, what I think, was the entrance of a japanese palace.

      Noone said anything. For some reason I knew it too. There, our arch-nemesis resides. All three of us marched to the entrance... Well, all two of us, Sarah was more
      dragging her feet around. When we came inside it looked more like a dojo. Or what I think a dojo is. Guessing back again it probably looked nothing like a dojo. When we
      reached the middle of this place, I turned around to Sarah who calmly walked towards me. Being happy that her pacing changed, I tried to say "Sarah, maybe you should..."
      when suddenly I got interupted by her grin. A grin so wide it made me sick to my stomach. Actually, I did feel something in my stomach, when I looked down I saw a short
      knife going through me. Blood started pouring out as I walked backwards to the wall and looked in horror what was happening before me. "Sarah... why did... why?" I asked
      shockingly as I pulled the knife out of me and held my wound. She answered with an eerie laugh that made my bones freeze, like a maniac-laugh from an episode I remember
      in Higurashi no koro ni.

      Confused and in shock, I watched as she tears her clothes apart. Her nude body quickly changed into a white-like dress. Her short white hair changed into messy long black
      hair and her grin was the only thing you could see through. Genuinely terrified I was thinking about shutting the story down, ask the computer to delete Sarah. But on one
      side I wanted this to go on so I watched as a sword in her right hand came out of nowhere. A sword so thin and long, but quickly that changed too. The sword was made
      up of hundreds of razor blades that suddenly came free, attached at eachother with some kind of wire. As she swung this devilish weapon, the razors roared through the sky.
      It looked like a combination of a sword with a whip, with razor blades attached on it.

      "That's not Sarah!" yelled my partner. "It's her! The mastermind!" he declared. Suddenly it all made sense. It was never Sarah to begin with, her attitude, her clothing...
      I called up someone entirely else from in the very beginning. Suddenly I was disturbed by a painfull sensation. She swung her sword while I was off-guard and her razors
      pierced through my left hand. I bit my lip, this 'being cut' feeling was more intense then the stabbing. I gripped my sword and wanted to end this as quick as possible.
      While rushing her she swung her sword again, ripping through my flesh. I stopped in my tracks as I held my arm. "You're going to die" she said snickering behind her black
      hair. Suddenly I realised something. "No, I'm not..." I said calmly. Suddenly I started to grin and looked at her, which made her drop her smile. "You see..." , I said
      "I CAN'T die... If I ignore the pain, you have nothing against me." I rushed again towards her. In a frenzy she swung her sword again and again, cutting into my flesh. But
      to no avail, it didn't matter anymore. In a sense, this sensation made me even go faster. In a short second I almost imagined I saw horror in her face when my katana sliced
      off her head. As her head fell with a tud, her spraying body collapsed with no sound.

      As we walked outside, my partner gave one final thanks before dissapearing in his tracks. I sighed and said "Computer, activate Sarah". Suddenly Sarah in her normal self came
      running towards me "Let's go! Let's go! I wanna go someplace else!" She said enthoustiastically. "Where do you wanna go?" I asked. "Anywhere but here." she said. So we walked
      onwards. Not much happend then, except me losing my precious katana in a well, buying a new one that broke soon after and me waking up and looking at my hand for a sixth finger
      but this time it was done. I was awake.
    12. My Fifth Visit

      by , 09-04-2014 at 05:50 AM
      My Fifth Visit
      I can't remember where the dream began. I remember searching everywhere in the dream world looking for Lin in a hurry before I woke up. I asked some people, and looked at some girls closely to see if they were her. I kept saying, "Lin!," but they were very confused and one asked how I got there. One girl had her eyes and I asked who she was. She said a name and I asked several questions to know more about her but she kept leading me in circles. I decided not to waste time with her and left. I was outside of the school then and was by a field where some people were playing soccer. I just remembered another dream I had where people were playing soccer. I was so lucid, I was able to actually think about dream in my head and think, "Oh yeah, I remember that one." I looked around to see if she was watching with the crowd and couldn't find her. I then thought I should go ask one of them to see if they knew. (How the heck should they know? Or know who? I'm in control of this story along with my dream so of course they could know!) I asked one man sitting at the game and he said she was at another school in West Valley. The school I was at was a high school, very identical to an elementary school I went to that had a playground of two other schools I know mixed together. (I didn't fully pay any mind to that oddity until now.) West Valley was miles away and I had to figure out how to see her. My teleporting ability wasn't very good and I knew that from experience from other dreams. If I tried it, I would have possibly lost lucidity, ended somewhere completely off radar, and the last time I tried it, (the very same morning of this dream), I ended up being blind since that was an apparent side affect of attempting teleportation. My next idea was, "Maybe I should try to summon her with magic." I think it was a hilarious moment because out of desperation, I imagined holding out my hand and making blue star-like dust rise from the ground to make her appear. I was very doubtful about it working but I gave it a shot. I held out my hand towards the ground and to my surprise, it happened EXACTLY how I imagined it! There she was, but walking in a different direction, because apparently while she was walking in school, I was summoning her and she then stopped a bit confused. (I thought that was also hilarious) Right then, as if it was it were completely normal that I had done that, she asked, looking at our reflection in the school doors we were standing by, "Are you taller than me?" She completely ignored the fact that I brought her there with magic but it was the logic of the dream world. Her voice was completely different this time. Instead of the oriental accent she had the first time we met, she had an english accent. We stood next to each other and I told her, "No, we're exactly the same." For a moment she shrunk a little and went back to normal, a little glitch in the dream world. We then just walked to class. It seemed my timing to enter the dream world was a little inconvenient since apparently, it was her class time. As we sat in class, I watched her for a bit and just sat there thinking it was amazing to just sit in this world and consciously think about just being able to sit there in that class. I looked at her again and she was playing a joke in class with a fake mustache and beard and the teacher told her (or him, because I think at this point it was some random guy sitting next to me in her place) to move seats. I woke up around that time.

      Random moments:
      I was in paralysis trying to figure out what dream I wanted while sort of weirding myself out with the odd sounds I heard around me that sounded like laughing again. (My paralysis is usually accompanied with weird laughing in the background for some reason.) I was able to control the levels of etheric energy high and low. I wanted a dream of Lin like I planned so I released myself from the paralysis, got my phone, looked at her picture, and then actually went back into paralysis!

      I was blind after trying to teleport for some reason. I heard voices and all sorts of things around me. I then started seeing a guy come into view and he had crazy white eyes and smiling at me. I said "Okay, I think now i'm starting to see again." He laughed and faded from view as I lost focus.
    13. Quick Step, Ferlingo Twin, Teddy Bear Biscuit Friends (21.8.14)

      by , 08-21-2014 at 04:30 AM (CHiLLEN's Dream Journal)
      Dream 1 - 7:18AM

      I'm at Jane and Tim's house and I'm sitting at the table in the dining area. Tim and I are talking. I get up and decide to mock the quick step. I'm moving my feet up and down quickly. I find it pretty funny, but I think I enjoyed it more then anyone else.
      I walk back over to Tim and notice he had recorded what I was doing. I see myself on the screen but he seems to have only recorded from my knee and up, missing the whole point of why we were recording. At the end of recording, he does move the camera down so you can see my feet for a few moments.
      Tim looks to have uploaded the video clip on Facebook.

      Dream 2

      I'm in a pubic bathroom setting. I see that Daryl is with me and one of the Ferlingo twins. Ferlingo is eating a icey pole. On top of the cubicle is 5 icey poles sitting on top of the door. I try one, but it wasn't one that was on the door. Ferlingo doesn't seem to be as snobby as I expected and seemed nice. I notice that my hair is long, similar to theirs. I mention about my hair being like theirs. He tells me to shave the side.

      A lot of people start to enter the bathroom.

      Scene must change and I'm outside of a gold course. I see Tiger Woods and he's explaining about his earlier career. He says that he was broke and that he slept in his car at this course, awaiting the game the next day. I think this course was for the Australian Open.

      A scene comes up of a Croatian Golfer who must have won the Australian Open. He was getting carried by his supporters. He was ecstatic.

      I figure I'm in a restricted area and begin to blend in by searching for golf balls. I find a bunch and hand them to the man that collects them. I notice a few of the balls look odd. Some look small, big, cut in half etc. The man collecting notices this too.

      I'm now outside the course, lining up with Jane and Daryl. Jane pushes in line and drags me in with her. I feel it's rude, so myself and Daryl go to the back of the line.

      Dream 3 - 9:30AM

      I think I was at the shops buying meat with my brother.

      I'm in the car. Kayley is driving, Dianne is in the passenger and I'm in the back. I notice Dianne is eating a packet of Arnott's Teddy Bears. She looks to have already finished a row of them.
      Attachment 7551

      I have a plastic shopping bag on my lap and I look through it and find that I too have a Teddy Bear biscuit, expect I only have one. I take it out and place it next to Dianne's and pretend they're hugging one another. We find it funny. I think Dianne mentions that mine isn't a legit teddy bear biscuit and is probably a rip off of it. I continue searching through my bag and see that I have some steak in there. I open it up and realize its uncooked. I'm a bit pissed, as it's not sealed anymore, so I think of using a bag to wrap it. I see another steak, which is smaller compared to the other. I think I may have my brothers steak in here.
    14. 7/24/14 - The Pokemon Song

      by , 07-24-2014 at 11:54 PM
      I'm sitting in a classroom at the teacher's desk. I am the teacher. I watch happily as children file inside and take their seats. While they are sitting down and taking out papers and what not, I'm looking at a list that has all of the students' names on it. I quickly look over the list and then back up at the students to see who is missing. I realize that one student is missing and her name is Ashley Ketchum. I smile to myself and duck under my desk to get the boombox that I keep. It's big but super light weight. I put it on top of my desk and face it towards the classroom door. My right pointer finger hovers above the play button as I patiently wait for the late student to arrive. After a few moments, she runs into the classroom and apologizes for being late. I smile widely and press the play button on the boombox. Out of the boombox blasts the original Pokemon theme song.
    15. Talking to deceased uncle and having a nice time with family ends in hopeless fight with demons.

      by , 06-27-2014 at 02:00 PM
      I had recently woken from a short lucid dream, and I was thinking, am I awake in RL? And there my uncle who have left he’s earthly body some years ago, where sitting in a chair. This made me fully lucid again.

      The time in the morning was around 8 am, because I had waken from a dream and gone back to sleeping and dreaming again in the exact same position before all this. I was sleeping at work.

      I asked uncle, what are the meaning of you showing up in my dream. He answers. "Throwing up, and sickness.” (I think the last one was sickness. But I am not exactly sure of that.) I try to ask him some more about the meaning of him, but he gives the same answer. He then goes to the toilet and throws up in a strange way. He's body is all erected, but he somehow manage to put he's head in the bowl. I then ask him. "How it was to die of lung cancer (which was not the cause) or was it that?” I asked. He replied "that the pictures had left no doubt that it had been a lung cancer." He also explained something about how it had been, but I cannot remember.

      I asked him how it was to die and being dead.

      He said that it was sort of lonely.

      He also said that for people who prepare, it can be very good.

      I then ask him if he had some tips for me regarding dying. He answered that in a matter of fact he did had a note for me written down.

      I said that that probably would not help since this is a dream. He's hand writing was all mixed up, but the paper it was written on was not an ordinary blank sheet. It was a economic report from the Buddhist organization I am a member of. It was typed and I could read it. My teacher had slipped and hurt his leg and the organization was paying for that. The paper was full of similar stuff, and also a bill for filling out.

      Now the dream went in another direction. It was a family event. There was a living room, where my uncle where sitting. A hall where the toilets where, and a big kitchen. My sister was there in the Kitchen. She told me something about going to a cinema, while at the same time showing me a fantastic lego house somebody had built with here. It had all the windows going outwards. It was a very nice and worm, “big family” setting with lots of people. I said that I already had arranged to go (home?)(With our dad?), so no cinema for me.

      I am in a car with my dad. (I am often in cars in my dreams.) Now we are at the petrol station, and I am noticing that this car does not have a driving computer. There is quite a few details about the car. I am still sort of semi lucid, but when we drive of, my father has taken the wheel. The scenery looks very real, like the Norwegian farmers countryside. Suddenly somebody is knocking. (This could have been someone knocking on a door in RL.) I taught it came from the roof of the car. I asked my dad if I could open the roof, and he said sure. There my brother was laying and this was so strange that I became fully lucid again. I had just had a big lemon candy in my mouth, like the once my grandmother often gave me when I was a kid. I was tired from sucking it. I took it out and had it in my hand. My hand became sticky. Now I was asking my brother on the roof if he would like to have it. He would, so I gave it to him and licked my hand clean, very satisfied with the strangeness of the situation and the niceness of being together the tree of us.

      We came to our goal. A house laying on the left side. We were going to set it up and the rest of the family would come. We did not go out of the car, because some people who looked troubled, met up with us. They said that we were late! We had a conversation about this in the car. It came to my understanding that in this place, no one owned a house. It was now the evening and even thou my family had many things there, the time was now so that others could occupy the place legally.
      This information struck me as something important about the dream world. I was advocating that we should leave them in peace and go to find another place. We were leaving, but in the last moment, we saw somebody loading uncle Tom’s (I have no uncle in RL with that name) DVD’s player into something, and we decided there and then that this had gone far enough!

      Now this turned in to fight. Sort if lie a role playing computer game. I where a full-blown flying lucid spell caster. I do not remember the spells I used, but electricity was part of it. Even thou thy where more people than us, my powers made it easy for us to make them go away. Our side had also turned in to more people. Some of my best male friends had shown up. Now the demons where coming. (As usual, when I go into a fight in dreams, the first one can be won, but then all hell breaks loose!) A flock of human like bad intended creatures where coming for us over the field. Before I could even word anything my brother and my best friend, Kristian, where going for them like computer game A.I characters. Maybe they were thinking that this would not be a problem with my powers. But I was thinking the opposite. These creatures where immune to physical harm and where throwing petrol and breathing fire. I tried to attack them with fire, but they soon had killed my whole family and chased me away. I tried to fly, but I only managed to go a meter or so of the ground. I was running backwards and defending at the same time, which were not efficient. There was a woman going after me. I decided to turn and run as fast as I could into a forest. I went up a tree, but they were burning the forest. I jumped down from this very high tree and woke to RL.

      My uncle who is deceased was named Tore. I have a LD task, which is to heal Tor, a friend of mine, which are very ill.
      In the dream, I took the knowledge about not having any safe possessions as important information. Failing to help letting go of them, not being persistent enough about my decision to leave the situation.Letting other people influence me. In this dream, I was lucid, but I was following the dream much more than creating it.
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