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    1. [19-10-2016: Some fragments; heating and departure; kid Tim]

      by , 10-19-2016 at 04:01 PM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      Had kinda strange night, waking up numerous times between all fragments and dreams.

      First fragment

      It was a cold afternoon, I was in school at maths. Teacher called me and gave me some task to do - it was really hard and I didn't even knew where to begin. She said that I'm screwed if I won't be able to do this task at final exams.

      Second fragment

      It was dark night, I was in some park lit by lanterns. I walked on small paved path, coniferous trees all around. There was a little stream with tiny bridge which I walked through to get on the other side of park.

      Heating and Departure

      An evening was coming. My house was on some rocky wasteland, it was considerably changed. The boiler building was turned into a huge steamworks, a factory with enormous furnaces. With father we loaded bags of sawdust using shovels and dropped them into furnaces. We loaded them up so they won't need any additional fuel for month. Then my older sister appeared, driving a gigantic truck modified for moving on extremely hard terrain. It was a truck with some additional railings and hydraulic devices. The railings joined it together with two smaller trucks. Family packed and departed, driving through rocky wastelands and then through desert. I stayed at home to keep watch on everything, but knew that the departure would be longwhile.

      Kid Tim

      It was midnight, there was some grand festival all around, perhaps it was new year's eve. It was really cold but there was no snow. I was on my possession, looking for some kid named Tim. I took my car and drove to city and parked on main square. I wandered around, still looking for that kid. I wasn't quite sure how he looked, I only knew that he looked similar to me when I was a child. After some time without any results I drove back to my possession through backyard gate. There were many people gathered there as for some reason they chosen it as a spot for watching fireworks. My car suddenly broke, I went out of it and looked at it - there were many strange rectangles on it's surface that were lighting up in waves. A police officer came closer and said that I should check papers of my car. He also mentioned that they haven't managed to find that kid Tim.
    2. Unlikely Furnace

      by , 12-24-2015 at 06:51 AM
      Morning of December 24, 2015. Thursday.

      …And so now it appears that I enter my yearly stage where the heat of our environment has the most influence on my dream states, at least during certain times in the morning.

      Yet again, twenty years or so of memories are seemingly randomly scrambled in the dream state (of course, only certain stages of certain dream states). I am at least living with my wife Zsuzsanna and our children but we are apparently living in some sort of altered version of the Loomis Street house (unlike any other altered version I had seen in any previous dream). A variation of the large reverse-L-shaped closet (that joins two bedrooms somewhat as a “hallway”) is mostly featured here.

      At one point, there seems to be a small fire inside the wall, visible through a small hole. When I go to check out the possible source and exact location (and to see how far it has spread assuming it has) and check the other side of the wall, there is an odd “secret” panel built into the wall which I may or may not have known of before, accessible from the front small bedroom (but still hard to reach through to), where there are two cream-colored dials (similar to the design of a 1960s radio), one above the other by about four inches and around the level of my lower chest. Each dial seems connected to some sort of isolated door-latch-like feature slightly above it, in a shallow recess. I am aware, oddly enough, that each dial controls a particular door elsewhere in the house, one being the bathroom, I think, and another, a different bedroom. In order to fully get to the dials, I need to unscrew two screws at opposite vertical ends of the panel. The act of doing this is very “realistic” and palpable, as well as with no time distortions (or typical dream “shortcuts”). I put the two screws on a shelf in the closet at about shoulder level. When I notice a sink in the closet (as if for a bathroom) it does not seem out of place. Regarding the two screws, it seems one is sliver and one is gold. (On a side note, the act of unscrewing two or more screws with such an extreme level of focus, clarity, and tangibility, seems to be something that has only happened in my dreams over the past couple of years or so - it may relate to “opening up” other levels of consciousness though this is not certain.)

      When I have easier access, the dials seem to be damaged from either lack of use or from the fire, which I do not presently see. There is some powdery substance around each small “latch” which seems to possibly be disintegrated wood or ash, seemingly causing the dial to not work as it should. I try to see if I can shut the relevant door located in another room by turning one dial, but it is difficult. I ask my wife to check, but nothing seems to be happening other than the other door slightly swaying. The remote shutting of a door in another part of the house by using a small dial built inside a wall is an intriguing concept and I think this is the first time it has featured as such in a dream (at least with more clarity). Still, how would I know when the door was actually open or shut (or locked) without a partner telling me from another room - otherwise I would have to wander back and forth numerous times (I think there is a “message” here somewhere). Apparently, if the latch-like feature above the dial clicks into a certain position (at “12 o'clock), I assume that means the unseen door in another room is shut - but again, it does not seem to work, the feel of the dial being too "soft” where it should probably click in its operation related to the other small feature.

      I am annoyed by the failure of the dials to operate either door, either in opening them or in keeping them closed and possibly even locked. I eventually notice a large fire under the sink (with no doors under the sink) again, inside the closet, facing east, where the closet door is. The fire is “supposed” to be there it seems, but seems just a bit too large and shooting out from the sides somewhat. (Of course, there was no sink - or a furnace - in this closet in reality.) My friend Rick S is in the house, possibly just visiting us, and I ask him to turn down the thermostat while I still examine the dials. Eventually, in addition to the adjustment near the sink-furnace composite I realize that the two dials are probably related to the thermostats in two different adjacent rooms rather than what I originally assumed them to be for. No wonder there has been a fire. The dials need to be turned back counterclockwise to at least “10 o'clock” so that the fire and heat is not as extreme.

      This dream is based on some real-life associations; firstly, the extreme heat, secondly, several of the doors in this house have always been problematic, opening up shortly after closing them (the back door and bathroom door in fact, needing to be locked to keep them closed - otherwise they will just pop open), and thirdly, one of the doors below the sink is off and needs to be replaced or reset with different holes and screws.
    3. Furnace Sabotage

      by , 05-11-2013 at 11:11 AM
      Morning of May 11, 2013. Saturday.

      I am back in La Crosse at my sister Marilyn’s house and it is seemingly in the middle of a very cold winter. The house has a very large and strange furnace in the basement (as in real life) but where one larger vent, instead of the real-life small, narrow one at the baseboard, is somewhat like a large opening in the east wall about the size of a large painting and is where the right front window to the porch would be in real life. The vent also has a more open grill. There are also additional vents in the walls (instead of the other rooms’ floors as in real life) in a couple other rooms, but smaller.

      A younger woman (of about 30) is visiting who is not familiar to me at all, but she seems to have some attributes of a mentally ill woman that shared the same building with my sister in real life over twenty years ago. An older brother is also there. There is some sort of concern about the furnace not working correctly. My sister and her husband, for some unknown reason, do not seem to be there - perhaps being on a longer trip somewhere. Time passes and the woman proves to be a bit annoying and sarcastic and apparently does something to the thermostat controls. My brother is in another room at the time, at the back (or upstairs?), and seems to be staying with either the unknown woman in the upstairs separate unit or my sister and her husband.

      I feel a strong, vivid awareness and it seems like a state of semi-lucid awareness, but I do not try to change my dream or explore much. However, there is an amazingly intense heat that seems to burn right into my skin - almost like a flash fire in which I feel ready to “die”, and I am aware that the entire house could become ash in a short time. Oddly, I have more concern for my sister’s belongings and memorabilia than my own life for a short time. I notice fire leaping out of the vent near the front door (the biggest fictional vent mentioned earlier).

      My brother yells out, like a disembodied voice from above and behind me, “Hey who turned up the heat, it’s too hot, what’s going on?” He turns out to have been downstairs, but had gone out the back door mostly to cool off and additionally get some fresh air. I go out the back door as well. Soon, everything is fine again, with no damage or even burns on anyone and no external fires. As we are walking back into the house, my brother mentions casually that the unknown woman had put the COBOL punchcard (the size of a credit card) accidentally into the thermostat upside-down and backwards. I start laughing and doing a sort of patronizing strut, saying “yeah, sure…sure…”, fully knowing that the unknown woman had done it on purpose to destroy my sister’s house and belongings for some unknown reason (perhaps jealousy of having a more complete photographic record of her childhood and past). He verbally notes several supposed positive qualities of the woman, including her looks, and I almost feel sorry for him and his ignorance, but I continue to laugh and humor him with “yeah, right, sure…if you say so…”. I know that the woman is actually an unattractive criminal and had done similar things in her past, also claiming it was accidental. He apparently does not even know that I am making fun of him.

      Update: This turned out to be metaphorically precognitive less than a year later regarding my sister’s unexpected death and her (some important, including photographs) possessions being discarded by a thoughtless “friend” (supposedly to “help” my brother-in-law) whom my brother also knows, the same one associated with the unknown female in this entry.

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    4. Talking to Myself

      by , 05-05-2013 at 01:29 PM
      This lucid dream was very unusual for me because it occurred less than 25 minutes after falling asleep, right at the beginning of the night.

      Color legend: Non-dream Dream Lucid

      Lucid #91: Talking to Myself

      I'm seated at a restaurant, talking to a couple of friends, including "Leroy". I'm making a point about some amusing fact I'd heard when a waiter seats himself at the fourth chair at our table. I say, "There's even this study where..." and trail off when I realize that the waiter isn't going away. I turn to him and say, "Uh, how's it going?"

      "It's going well," he says. "I was wondering if you needed anything." He says this last part with some concern, like I might be very unwell.

      I look back at the rest of the table and see that my friends are gone. I'm confused and a little embarrassed. "Were there two other people here...?" I ask. The waiter gravely shakes his head. I start worrying about myself for a moment before realizing
      this is all a dream. "Don't even worry about it. This is a dream."

      "Ah, very good, sir," he says, standing from the table and gesturing toward the exit.

      I get up from the table and walk toward the exit. There's a glow coming pouring through the cracks at the edge of the door as if something as bright as a star was behind it. I phase through the door, winding up in a room that has plywood flooring and a ceiling that's sloped like the top of a roof. It looks like an attic. At the opposite end of the room, maybe 25 feet away, I see the source of the light: a fiery, brightly glowing furnace.

      I walk toward the furnace as it spits these little gobs of liquid fire onto the floor. I'm close now, but I don't feel any heat. As I close to within just a couple of feet, the view of the furnace fades and I find myself on a set of sharply descending stairs. Each stair is only about 4 inches long but drops almost 2 feet. As I walk down them, I'm descending so fast that it's almost like slowly falling into a pit. I can't see where I'm going. I wind up stepping onto the railing and slowly making my way down that way. Somehow that seems to normalize the slope of my descent.

      I get to the bottom of the stairs and I'm in what looks like a family room with hardwood flooring. There's a board game laid out on the floor. The dream starts to fade around the edges, but I manage to hold onto my view of the board game for a couple more seconds, seeing that it's composed of a game board, a stand with some cards, and some sort of gently-spinning purple sphere. I can no longer move and my field of vision shrinks rapidly until
      I'm awake.

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    5. The Luggage Furnace 8-23-2011

      by , 08-26-2011 at 09:04 PM
      Sean and I were all packed for something and were travelling somewhere (probably a mixture of me helping Sean pack for college, and packing myself for Japan in RL). We each had two large suitcases (which I really do have for Japan...) and we were heading into this really rickety old train station/tunnel. The train was already waiting for us, and it turned out to be only a little rollercoaster-like car on an open track. The seats of each sections were wide enough to fit about three people, so Sean and I squeezed in the middle and put one suitcase each next to us, and one suitcase each under the seat in front of us. A girl with long blonde hair in a ponytail sat there. She greeted us, but I don't think she said much else. Somehow we found out (maybe the girl told us) that this train was headed for a furnace at the end of the line. People supposedly put their luggage and garbage on this train, some to be incinerated and some to be magically transported to wherever it needed to go. However, Sean and I didn't know how the magical process worked and we didn't want our stuff incinerated...The train began to move slowly, and I could see that it looped back and into a furnace not too far away... One seat moved into the incinerator at a time, and the train stopped each time. However, Sean and I couldn't get off the train yet, even though it would have been very easy to hop off at any moment as it was moving slow enough and there wasn't anything but dirt below; but we were waiting for something...
      Finally, the ride we were apparently waiting for showed up, in the form of the mother of one of Sean's wrestling buddies. We saw her drive her blueish SUV up right outside the tunnel and park, waiting for us. The blonde girl had disappeared by now as we sprang into action. Sean had to hop off and run outside to make sure it was okay with this lady that we put all of our stuff in her car, but by the time he got back there was a small baby-gate blocking the entrance to the train tunnel. He could have jumped over it easily, but it would have severely slowed our progress. Instead, I agreed to grab our luggage and toss it to him over the gate, where he would put it in the SUV. Our car was already nearing the furnace and I started to panic. I quickly grabbed a suitcase, ran over to the gate, and tossed it to Sean, but when I returned to our car the luggage had multiplied. I didn't take time to question it, I just knew I had to save it, so I grabbed as many random things from our car as I could and brought it to Sean. I kept going back and forth, and each time I returned there was more and more stuff on the seats, now mostly toys and junk from when i was a kid... it seemed to be taking forever for me to grab this all by myself, and I was becoming frustrated. Finally, as the furnace was getting very close and I could feel the heat now, i was nearing the end of our stash. The seat two ahead of us jerked into the furnace as I scrambled to grab the last large suitcase we had. I ran it to Sean, feeling relieved that I had gotten everything, but as I glanced back I noticed still one last suitcase, still under the seat in front of ours. I raced to grab it - it was heavy and nearly to big to fit under there - but I yanked it out just before that seat moved into the furnace... I dragged this last suitcase over to the gate, my arm hairs singed; On the other side of the gate Sean was in much less of a rush than I had been, so there were still suitcases piled on the ground on his side. I hopped over the gate and proceeded to help him pick it up. This is where Mom woke me up.
    6. 02 Oct: Sucessive RPG task failures and meeting Nighthawk

      by , 10-04-2010 at 11:31 AM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)

      0:30 GMT – Sleep

      Weird animals
      I’m under the viaduct at my home town, crossing a road that passes under it, when I see a cute fluffy cat with an enormous head, although inside the range of normality, passing by. I also see a pigmee elephant with antlers instead of tusks and a tiny short trunk. I also think he was a bit furry on the back. A truly weird animal. A gipsy woman approaches me saying she wants to read my future in my hands and I say I’m not interested. Then I realise I don’t have any money, any purse, not even keys to my home. Instead of despair I feel so free – I start realising I’m probably dreaming.

      Trying to do the RPG task I
      Then I’m inside some studio, watching a talk show being recorded and I decide to do the nose RC. Somehow it is not clear enough – I do have difficulties in breathing when I pinch my nose. So I do the ultimate test and cross a giant speaker box as if it was an hologram. OK, now I know I am dreaming. I remember the RPG task to go save the demon boy in the woods and I check my reflection somewhere just to be sure I’m on my RPG character (my warrior me). I am close but not enough. I try to summon weapons but when I look again I have strange hair in black, red and white shades. I get distracted by that and wake up.

      Trying to do the RPG task II
      I force myself into dream again and I find myself back in the studio again watching the talk show – boring! I have to start all over, but at least now I don’t need RC. I decide to move forward to jump to the RPG dream. I end up in the lobby of this building. It is golden with large glass windows and doors. I see the street outside. I look for something that can serve as portal and the best I can get is the glass doors. Good enough. I jump towards a door wishing to go to the woods and for a split second I am surrounded by trees and start deciding my next move. But the woods quickly transform and I find myself at my mom’s place. Shit! What’s going on today? It’s late night, everybody’s asleep and I hear noise in the kitchen. I go check and my mom left something in the stove, a cooker with beans that has no water anymore and the beans are burning and kind of exploding with the heat. I shut down the stove and put a wet tissue over the cooker. By then my mom woke up and comes to see what happened. She is surprised to see me and totally upset she forgot the beans cooking. She thanks me and feels embarrassed. She has no clue we’re just dreaming and I also don’t want to enlighten her today, so I tell her I just arrived, it’s late and I go to sleep and we talk next day, okay? She finds all weird but as I go to the room and close the door she doesn’t insist. I then think about trying once more to jump to the woods but I wake up again. Sh*t!

      4:40 GMT

      Trying to do the RPG task III and meeting Nighthawk instead
      After writing my failed attempts I go back to sleep and try to enter lucid again. This time I am facing a mirror and my warrior suit is on, my weapons on my hands and I plunge into a mirror portal totally focused on the RPG task. When I open my eyes on the other side I feel totally crushed, no woods. I’m at a modern house, like a loft studio but really huge. There’s people around a table, like a family and friends and I see Nighthawk. I guess subconscious today won me or maybe he summoned me.
      This is a dream version of his house and family. His mom, dad, brothers and sisters are there. He spots me and puts his arm around my shoulders and tells me to walk with him. Ok. We go upstairs and we sit on a couch – I actually sit on his lap – and we start making out. Then I put my hand under his shirt and he has a really weird reaction, saying he is putting some medicine on his skin and I shouldn’t touch it. He even says the name of the medicine and I’m like “Who cares, we’re dreaming!”. I guess he doesn’t know that. I get bored with his talk about the active component of this medicine and lose connection to this dream.

      Girl stoned in Iran
      Then I find myself in what seems to be Iran. Some women all dressed up and maked-up (but with scarfs over their heads) are bringing boxes of stones to some table. They look shattered and angry. Then a lot of men are gathering around and I feel sick when I realise what’s about to happen. These women are friends and family of the girl who is going to be stoned and I think this is the biggest torture of all, that they have to prepare it all. A little young girl is actually so upset that she throws a small stone towards some guys who are looking eager for what’s coming. Then the older ladies grab her in urgency or she would also be punished severely for that.
      Then a teenage girl dressed in aqua-green with beautiful light brown hair and the most sad and profound eyes is coming to the centre of the “stage”. I am just watching, like hovering around in spirit and no one really sees me. Except her: she extends her arms to me, looks deeply in my eyes, like begging for help and I feel totally broken. I hold her hands and send her all my love and tell her not to be afraid, that she will soon be free. She feels a bit comforted and sings a very sad song.

      6:15 GMT

      Meeting Nighthawk II
      I am back in the house where I met Nighthawk previously. I meet him again and as we move around this place I see how big it really is – it connects with a larger facility with artists’ studios and workshops. Artists and engineers are all working together on some project connecting agriculture and art. It’s bizarre. I pass in front of 3 furnaces which are being open on that exact moment to put something inside or take something out, but I don’t get to see what. I just see that some guy suffers minor burns in his face when a flame hits him.
      Nighthawk takes me again to some private area and he asks me what did really happen in that shared lucid dream he doesn’t recall. I ask him back if he really doesn’t remember and he insists on the "no". He sits on a sofa and asks me embarrassed if we “pleased each other” and I find that such a ridiculous euphemism. I say “If we had sex? No, but it was close enough.” He said “I thought so.” Then he pulls me closer and puts his hands on my hips and I put my hands on his shoulders.

      7:55 GMT – Wake up

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    7. New Zealand

      , 07-13-2010 at 06:41 AM
      I'll start off by mentioning how I slept last night with pen and paper by my side, in hope that I would write down keywords of my dreams throughout the night. But instead of doing this, I dreamt that I wrote keywords down, haha. Typical

      So, I was in New Zealand with some random people. AK was there and she kept leaving the shed unlocked because it no longer contained things that were of value to her. In there was just my clothes and stuff. She'd taken out her photography equipment.

      Outside of this shed, we were in a group of about 10, and walked on a path around this grass courtyard thingy that had some large machine-looking apparatus that was either a furnace or a rocketship.
      The boots I was wearing were made of a thin, black, fake leather and they were too big for me. So I was looking around for a peg to secure them, otherwise they would've just fallen down. Luckily the place our group walked towards had a clothesline with several blue pegs on it. There were a few different types and some were broken. I chose the best one and secured the boots.

      SJ was in my group. She commented on my boots, although I recall not what she said.

      So after walking around the grass courtyard and arriving at the place where the clothesline with pegs was, we were about to go to some next stage.
      There were security guards preventing us though.

      Then the guards stamped us one by one on our hands as to give us permission to go. They used the Bunnings (some large hardware store company) stamp that I have in my room IRL.
      They had stamped my left hand but it was in a slightly inconspicuous position, so I got them to stamp my right hand. They then wrote "pipe" on it too, because all of a sudden I was apparently carrying a flute of some sort in my left hand.
      Another girl they stamped decided to write "New Zealand, fuck yeah!" on her hand below the stamp.
    8. To the Fires of the Furnace

      by , 07-01-2010 at 02:35 AM (From the Drowsy Mind of a Mouse)
      "At the time of your appearing you will make them like a fiery furnace. In his wrath the LORD will swallow them up, and his fire will consume them."
      ~ Psalm 21:9

      This one was epic. It was a video game dream, and those are always fun, and sometimes inspirational. The only downside to a video game dream is that, due to the fact that I saw it as a video game, I can not recall what exactly I did. I don't memorize what I'm doing while gaming unless I actually need to, and I didn't need to. So alas, I can only give a description of how the game worked.
      There was a ghost with a bag. The ghost was a simple, cartoonish thing, and the ghost would go about a 2-D side-scroller platform level collecting stray spirits and avoiding enemies. It was like a treasure hunt, or a puzzle game, but it had a similar feel to Super Mario Bros. 2. The ghost was looking for stray malevolent spirits, mostly fire spirits. He would collect them in his sack and bring them to (this is so awesome) throw them in a furnace to burn for eternity! The incessant moaning became an annoying part of the game, though.

      "brb/collecting spirits to thrust into a furnace for eternity."

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