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    1. 12 Feb: New office job and robbers attack me and mom

      by , 02-12-2019 at 11:01 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      Working at a new office. Me and colleagues are in charge of setting up the furniture but we fail to comply with our boss suggestions. On top of that, I accidentally cut the electricity that goes to his table.

      Me and mom we moved to a new unsafe neighborhood. We are at the window and we watch a couple being mugged and the thieves taking their groceries. My mom says she also thinks she heard a girl asking for help at the parking lot nearby. We go check. we find signs that something appears to have been dragged through the ground but we don't see a soul. Then the thieves we saw before come by and I tell them to go away because I know martial arts. I have an umbrella and think about using it as weapon. They guys don't know if they believe me, so one approaches me and I strike. But I don't train for a while and I am afraid I might not keep going so well if they insist. Luckily they are convinced and they let me go unharmed. But my mom is frozen by fear and I basically have to drag her home.
    2. Furniture Folly

      by , 10-04-2017 at 04:04 PM
      Morning of October 4, 2017. Wednesday.

      A task is given to me but the backstory is unclear. I find myself with two cans of paint and I believe I am supposed to paint two chests of drawers, one bigger than the other. I am painting (or apparently had been painting) in a sloppy way. There is a large uneven horizontal streak of orange paint at the bottom of the front with the drawers apparently being a bluish color. I notice that I had accidentally combined the two colors (dark orange and a darker yellow) into the container and I try to think of a way to separate the colors (which of course is not logical). However, I end up stirring the colors together even more, and as I do this, several other colors are seen in the mix. It then seems to be more of a dark blue and green color (which is illogical, as orange and yellow certainly do not produce any shade of blue or green). I think that maybe I will just use the one color, though the person who owns these apparent antiques might be dissatisfied. At one point, one chest of drawers has an uneven coat of an ugly dull blue color. I am annoyed, as both of my paint brushes are sticky and thick with paint, making them difficult to use competently.

      I think about this situation as being of the wrong thing to do, as I consider that the furniture looks much better in its natural wood grain. It turns out I am right. The male who had given me the work to do did not want the chests of drawers painted. I do not talk to him directly, but I see him from a distance. He reminds me somewhat of the teacher I had for wood shop classes at WWTI, but also a little of the owner of the pawnshop in the same city (La Crosse). It is a different (unfamiliar) male of about twenty who tells me the other male did not want them painted, but varnished.

      There is an unusual change in the situation without much thought about what had happened. Now it seems that I had not painted the chests of drawers at all, though this is actually a reset of my dream.

      An unknown female (of about forty) is showing some people some furniture, mainly chests of drawers (all of them of a natural wood grain) in a sequence of about eight or so in an unknown location. I start to point out how great one of them looks. It is fancy. It has brass handles on all the drawers and narrower scroll work all around. (It does not look like any furniture I had seen in real life, at least not recently.) Two of them, including the fancy one on the right end of the series, are apparently the ones I had originally been painting but I do not consider how I reset my dream due to being annoyed. The other one I had been painting is about the fourth left of the fancy one.

      The tendency to reset or “start my dream over” when I am dissatisfied with how it is going is of a curious type of non-lucid dream control that I have experienced naturally since early childhood.

    3. Teensy Tiny Trump (NLD)

      by , 01-23-2017 at 05:18 PM
      I was in a seemingly ordinary room, white-walled and minimally furnished, when something unusual caught my eye. Near the leg of a chair was a tiny little human, no more than two inches high. Closer inspection revealed that it was Donald Trump!

      Trying to figure out what was going on, I remembered hearing that this room had been designed as a sort of art installation by the punk rock impresario Malcolm MacLaren. All the furniture was subtly oversized in order to make one feel smaller, maybe even bring back memories of navigating the grown-up world as a child. But what I was seeing now was a much greater shift of scale than I would have expected. Just how big is this furniture, if it makes a grown man look only two inches tall? I knew that Malcolm MacLaren had been rich, but it would have cost a fortune to build an installation to a scale like that!

      Then I realized that my scale was perfectly ordinary in relation to the furniture, which could mean only one of two things. If the furniture were vastly oversized, then I too must be an enormous giant, so that if I left this room I would be blundering through the city like godzilla... but that seemed unlikely. I was pretty sure that I remembered being in ordinary scale to the world outside this room. The other possibility was that Donald Trump is actually only two inches tall. That made a lot more sense, given the extent of his overcompensatory bluster. I wondered if it might help if other people came to perceive this.

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    4. [05-08-2016] #7th competition entry

      by , 08-05-2016 at 08:18 AM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      First dream

      It was a cold evening. There were some people gathered on my backyard, wandering around enormous boxes and random furniture. I went there to check what's going on, but I haven't found out too much.

      Second dream

      It was some kind of political conference. I was standing among other politicians, Trump was talking about something when suddenly we all started making jokes off him. I passed a few comments that made everyone laugh and Trump just mad.

      Third dream

      I was back in my school, it was beginning of my last year in that technical. The school was mostly empty and head director was different. They haven't had too much students. I sat in one row with my classmates.

      Fourth dream

      I was in the attic of my house with my younger sister. We were tidying the place up and thinking how we'd arrange things when we'll finally start renovating the place and making rooms up there.
    5. Too Much Furniture

      by , 07-22-2016 at 09:02 PM
      My husband and I had a giant house with too much furniture all over. Many couches, beds, tables in random places. It seemed some of this furniture belonged to other people who were at our house for some gathering that day. At the end of the day people began collecting their furniture and leaving. An old acquaintance, ‘O’ was missing her nice large table. I apologized, but she was ok, and she said she could take this other smaller table instead. I said ok. I was anxious to clean up the house because I thought it could look really nice.
    6. [06-05-2016]

      by , 05-06-2016 at 08:14 AM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      First dream

      I was in my house. It was late evening, I was working on a history essay til midnight. Next day in school, that crone of history teacher didn't even wanted to check our essays and wanted to make an exam instead.

      Second dream

      I was a writer, writing a story for a horror movie. I've written about a zoo with deadly, mutated animals. The complex has closed down for some reason and nobody was able to leave. The only way led through crocodile pens. A group tried to escape, while manager stayed to wait until the way is open again. The group was eaten quickly by mutants, while manager was still inside, playing hide and seek with them. As I was writing, I could see everything like in a movie.

      Third dream

      Dark late evening. With my sister we were carving something in vegetables for a big party that she was organizing. I carved out some letters, as she wasn't able to carve properly. Then we were out of fruits and vegetables, so she left to get some. I waited and waited, a few people entered the house and told me about some horrors incoming. I noticed that doors were taken out of their hinges. I went outside and stood on stairs, watching as ominous fog was getting closer. I decided to put doors back on their hinges, but when I touched them, bought turned into day and fog disappeared. Them sister came back with others and I had to help them bring furniture inside. Next day I was working with father in his workshop, but then siblings with pals and a girl from Finland that once stayed with us when I was in a student exchange a few years ago. We were talking and laughing.

      Fourth dream

      I was wandering a city, heading to hospital to get some important papers from doctor. I noticed a woman really similar to my previous teacher, and she was heading to hospital too. Crossing the road I heard someone calling me, it was my sister with her classmates. We went to hospital, but there was enormous crowd and no one was able to get to a doctor. I decided to take my car and drive to her house. It was raining, doctor lived in a village inside a jungle and had a cottage made of bamboo. I entered it as doors were open and looked at a desk. At first I looked at ringing phone and saw that my mother was calling. Then I found my papers on bamboo desk. Research showed that I'm not a male, but a female. My body started shifting and I woke up.


      I was back at drivers license course, driving around a city. I talked with someone who said that I have only an hour of driving left.
    7. Young Lady and God

      by , 01-10-2015 at 11:01 AM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      I was in a room. It seems like night. I was looking for someone or something. The room is inside a several-storey apartment. Not sure how many floors there were. It looks... old. Some parts were wooden while others were cemented. The furniture added to the "old" look because they look used. Dark green.

      I ended up in a floor where a girl was sitting. There's something like a veranda in that area. I'm not sure how young or old she was. At times, it felt like she's young, like 12 years old, but she seems too "tall" even though she's sitting on a chair. I asked a question about the thing/person I'm looking for. She said something about not seeing it here. She also mentioned something about God. I made a snide remark/question about it, but I made it while I was "walking away." Not exactly walking "away," because I was facing her while walking down a stairs, and the railing is blocking our view of each other. She was looking at me, looking like she wants to say something as I disappeared down the stairs.

      I was in Rob's place. I remember thinking about crystal and food.
    8. Having to Share a Bed With an Ex (and His Girl), Yard Sale and "Boules", and Old Rooms/Injured Cat

      by , 10-16-2014 at 02:31 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was having to share a bed with Katie S. and one of my exes, Ryan. I was really pissed about it. It was dark in the room and I felt the bed shaking. They were doing it! Are you kidding me?? I was also really pissed because they were together. They had just started dating. For some reason, it made me really mad. Plus, I thought Ryan was married? I thought about that and how his relationship must have ended. I didn't think about the details of what could have happened though.

      I remember coming up to the bed at one point and seeing them in it together. I was really pissed at them.

      There was more to this dream, but I can't recall it all.


      There was this big yard/garage sale going on throughout the neighborhood. Dallas and I hadn't known about it, and even though we have a ton of stuff we need to get rid of (true IWL), we had no time to get it out, as it was already the afternoon. There were still people walking around and shopping however. I remember seeing this guy walking around in this indoor area with lots of empty shelves. I asked someone, my brother I believe, about how long the garage sale had been going on. He was telling me that some people were still holding theirs this late in the day.

      I then was picking out these wads of paper and used coffee filters that were starting to get brown spots on them. They were on a table. They were called boules (pronounced boo-lays). They all had stuff in the middle of them, for example, the used coffee filters had coffee grounds in the middle. I picked them up one by one. I think I was going to sell them.

      Someone, Dallas I think, then either threw or shot one of the boules off by this lady. The lady appeared to disappear! I then looked up for the moon in this small cloud break, even though it was daytime, and the moon was gone too! I then saw it starting to reappear. It was some property of the boules that made that happen. Nothing actually went away, it just appeared invisible. It was being explained to me, but I don't remember the details. I then had some loaded in this small double-sided cannon thing. I wanted to try the disappearing act! I shot the cannon, and two fired out, one from each side. One shot close to a lady. When it exploded, red dust came out of it. I don't think anything disappeared though.

      We were then looking at a garage sale at furniture that was being sold. It was like walking through a furniture store. We saw all these ugly chairs, many were red, but I can't remember the colors of the rest. This part had something to do with Dallas's mom; I think the chairs had been hers. We then moved on to some couches and chair sets. There was one that was green, and every piece of furniture looked as if it had trees and plants broken out of the soil and growing in the middle of them. A cool art piece, but not practical. In fact, it was kind of ugly. We moved on past that set and onto another green set, though this set looked cheaper and not as artsy; there were no trees in this one. A young black man then stopped us and started trying to give away the furniture for free. I thought he was talking about the tree furniture, and I was afraid Dallas might take it when I DID NOT want it in our home, but he was also talking about the other green, cheap-looking furniture. I examined the green coffee table and saw that it converted into a small pool table. I told Dallas we could use that for a game room. He then asked me what the point of a game room was.


      I was in the playroom of the house I grew up in. I was play fighting a friend. We were using fake lightsabers. It was a game that we had played with each other before. It had something to do with these rings we were wearing; we had to get the ring off the other person. We could also put on an extra ring, but hadn't done so before this game. I went over to this box and started looking through it for a ring that fit. All the rings looked like silver colored bolts. I tried many on, and they were too big. I couldn't find one that fit. Then, something happened that was part of the game that had something to do with me rolling up this, big, round, flat chicken patty thing in wax paper. I did it, which meant I won, but it didn't seem fair for some reason, maybe because my opponent wasn't ready yet or something. Either way, I didn't feel like it was fair.

      I then was walking through what appeared to be a mixture of all my childhood homes. It was as big as this wooden house we lived in when I was 4-5 and had rooms similar the first house I remember living in. I was showing this guy around. He seemed to be a bit mentally challenged. I was approaching the room I had when I was very little. It was located on the same side of the house as the one in the first house I remember living in. Before I walked in, I realized I hadn't been in there since I was a little girl. I walked in and stopped dead. I just stared at everything, taking it all in. I felt so strange being in that room. My bed was in the right corner of the room. It seemed much bigger than the bed I used to have. It had a bedspread on it that was split into two different patterns right down the middle. The left side was hot pink and white, and the right was black with maybe some other colors in it, but I only remember black. I looked at all the furniture and stuff; most of the actual objects, like toys and stuff, had been moved out when we moved.

      I then moved on to another room, by brother's old room. I announced that it was my brother's old room to the guy I was showing around. I then moved on to the room I had grown up in. It seemed much more comfortable and familiar than my first room, I suppose since I had spent more time in this one. It didn't look anything like any of my old rooms that I can remember. The same thing applied to the objects and stuff though; they had all been moved.

      I then went back into my old room and the guy was there printing off labels. It was then like the room was the bakery/store where I work. He had printed a ton of labels. I hoped we needed them all and wouldn't have to go into the system and alter the inventory.

      I then went and saw my cat. She was very hurt, but was running around like nothing was wrong. It looked as if she had been cut so deeply with something on her leg/side, that you could see her muscle, which looked like intestines. There was also a spot on her back where she was bleeding. She was very hurt! I figured maybe she got hurt when we were playing with the fake lightsabers. I thought about taking her to the vet, but it was Saturday. I then knew I needed to take her to the animal hospital instead. For some reason, I needed to go to the Dr. as well? Not sure about that part, it is vague in my memory.

      I then let my mom know that I was going to take Belle (my cat) to the animal hospital. I don't remember if I talked to her on the phone or if I actually told her in person. We were then at the entrance to the animal hospital, we meaning my mom, my brother and I. I went to get Belle out, but her cage wasn't anywhere to be found. Shit, had I forgotten her? We opened the trunk and she wasn't in there either. I then thought about my mom being able to handle my cat (she is the only one who can besides me without getting growled at, hissed at, and bitten/scratched IWL), so she went back to get her. I stayed and walked into the animal hospital. Instead of an animal hospital, though, it was...a food court. What. The. Fuck. They turned the animal hospital into a damn food court! I then "remembered" the last time I was there, they had been remodeling the place. I "remembered" that they were going to make it into a food court. I walked out. I was so fucking angry! I tried to yell about it being a food court, but all that came out were whispers, no matter how much force I put behind my voice. I eventually got a yell or two out. I then started to punch the wall, but again, no matter how much force I put behind it, it was like I was only lightly tapping the wall. Over and over this happened. It was frustrating. I said to my mom, out loud,
      "They turned an animal hospital into a FOOD COURT?! Why would they do that????"


      I find the part where I entered my oldest room to be very intriguing because of the feeling that I had. I can't really explain it, it was a nostalgic/shock/feeling of awe. I'd definitely say there's something to that...

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    9. Short impressions

      by , 07-21-2013 at 05:41 PM
      Date: 21 July

      Pre bed: Gingko, l-arginine

      Total sleep time: 6 hrs

      Dream quality and recall: My impression after using this combo tonight was that vividness of the dreams was extremely high. I couldn't recall the early dreams but after I woke up naturally after them, I thought "what is going on, this was so real". The dreams/fragments that I remember had a different feel (despite looking like the usual dream nonsense after reading) to them similarly to one of the other l-arginine trials. Very intriguing.

      I was looking forward to sleeping longer and going for a lucid, but was woken up and had to deal with some crap that can't be really dealt with.

      Fragment: I am watching a map of the world, but it is actually the real world. One thing that looks extremely interesting is how I see different winds/temperatures moving over the world.

      Fragment: I am talking to some German guys. Then I watch a screen with a discussion where half of the discussion is in French and the other one is in German. My username is mentioned as well.

      Dream: I am on the street in some city. It feels that this dream may be happening in France and slightly reminds me of the place in the dream about the art appreciator. My bf is queuing inside an embassy. People are sitting on my parents' furniture from years ago. I make remarks about his place having the same furniture as us. I want to reach my bf but the other women on the queue won't let me, I think this is typical. I joke that all people here have gathered to see my bf, when he is supposed to get naked for the procedure. It's his turn. There is a small boy trying to interact with us. (this reminds me of a small boy we saw yesterday, he was talking to himself)

      Dream: I am in a room (some deep strange feeling here), and see a friend of ours. She looks quite worried as she is supposed to meet her husband at the city center in few minutes but is not ready yet. Her husband gives her a call to ask where she is and she gets so emotional she starts crying. This whole scene is extremely vivid as I see her face in great detail, being influenced by the strong emotions. I try to console her and hug her, but she pushes me away. I am at loss.

      Dream: I am in an apartment with lots of guys, this skater guy from my past is there as well. If I am not mistaken, we first discuss lucidity blends, and I want to say that I use coke as the last ingredient, yet as my mom is also there, I am worried that she might understand the whole thing wrong and think I am taking drugs. Therefore I say "coca cola" but she still reacts as if I am admitting to a wrongful act. I don't want to discuss this in front of her.

      On the wall appear 3 posters that describe steps in some process, initially related to lucidity, but then it looks like this is the recipe to make ginger beer? There is also a screen next to the posters, but very soon it looks like it shows porn-related contents. I actually don't see anything of the kind, but know that it is an erotic movie that is playing and also on the posters. I feel embarrassed that I have put these things on the wall and family is coming in the room at the moment. My skater friend is not there anymore, but now there are lots of people gathered around a bench. One older guys looks extremely bad, he has some problems, and I try to calm him down, let him lie down on my lap.

      Fragment: I am wondering why I just saw my skater friend from the past in the dream (this feels like some kind of meditative analysis while asleep), I see his face and features, and conclude that because he looks so handsome I had something like a crush on him and feelings in the past, and this explains his appearance in the dream.

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    10. 6-10-2013 Watermelons

      by , 06-10-2013 at 05:09 PM (Subjects' Dream Journal)
      Legend: Dream , Semi-Lucid , Lucid , Side notes.

      Time: logged at about 10:30 AM, around 9-10 hours after falling asleep

      Dream Summary: I'm in a metallic hallway, i'm on a space ship. I'm a space marine from the movie "Aliens" and well, we're defending against aliens. We start fighting them off, but they keep coming and my squad starts to back off, i tell them something and they get back in the fight and we win.

      The dream scene then changes to a farm, we're on a gravel road, we have a UTV beside us with some gear, my squad is still here with me. We're still on the look out for aliens but it would be no use because our weapons are gone. Anyway,i see a watermelon patch in front of us so i decide to go get one, my squad decides to go get some as well but they start walking the other way. I come back with a watermelon and eat a slice, my squad is gone and probably never coming back.

      If i remember correctly, a man comes to assist me and gives me some information on the surrounding area. The only thing i remember after this is i made my way to this rich mans house, he sells furniture. There are people all around his house trying to bid on the furniture he is selling outside. I'm looking around inside his house. The people dress like they are high ranking officials from the middle ages. This guys house also looks somewhat odd and not like i've seen before. The next thing i remember from this is i'm crawling through a tunnel and to a trapdoor under the place on the gravel road i was originally. I think i had a gun in my hand as i climb through, i'm hiding from the rich furniture person. I remember that my goal at the time was to make a watermelon farm and sell them at the local market to earn money.

      The next thing i remember is i'm on the UTV waging a war against the people of the town or something like that. And the last thing i remember, i'm landing on a battleship.

      My thoughts:
      I didn't remember much since i logged it so late after i woke up. As a result, a decent amount is missing.
    11. Various Non-Lucids

      by , 01-22-2013 at 11:04 AM (One Must Imagine Sisyphus Happy)
      Some furniture gets delivered (day residue). One item is a table which can be customized with replaceable tops. The saleswoman is showing me samples, trying to get me to buy some expensive table tops.

      Twitter Racing Game
      I'm with Ben and Dave. They are playing a racing video game that they control from their cell phones with Twitter. The television is very high, almost at the ceiling so we have to tilt our heads to see. I really don't want to play with them or be around them. I reluctantly watch. Maybe my sister is here too?

      Dave and Daisy
      I'm with Dave and his family. We are waiting in a big line of people to enter a mall or maybe a movie. It's already dark. In the dream, Dave has a sister, who is Daisy. I'm only interested in hanging out with Daisy. Finally the line starts moving toward the entrance. As we near the entrance, we see a sign advertising the filming of Star Search. Dave and I want to see that instead of what we originally planned.

      He asks if I want to go with him. I say yes, as long as it doesn't cost like 1000 dollars. We see that the tickets are $89 for "2 point" seats and $111 for "3 point" seats. We buy the 3 point seats and enter what looks like a movie theater. When we get in, it's open seating and the theater is already mostly full. We see two open seats that aren't very good. We realize paying extra for the "3 point" seats did nothing for us.

      Then the scene changes. Instead of a movie theater, we are in a club. The layout is very strange. There are many small rooms connected by corridors. Every walks from room to room in a clockwise circle, stopping briefly to mingle, then walking to the next room. The experience feels something like a theme park. It's mostly dark and the walls are black. Loud music and laser lights. I'm walking with Dave in a crowd of people walking from room to room. Somewhere ahead of us Daisy. I want to catch up with Daisy so we can hang out. Dave is slowing me down by stopping to talk to people. He talks with one guy about getting a close shave. He finds a mirror and quickly shaves his face to demonstrate. The other guy warns him not to do that here.

      I separate from Dave and get closer to Daisy in the crowd. She looks back and sees me. We almost meet but the dream fades.
    12. OBE#6, experiment #2

      , 01-09-2012 at 09:43 PM (Turquoise Dreams)
      Wednesday 1/4/2012
      DR 5am - illegals crossing river; in class with teacher S; game show on TV

      Thursday 1/4/2012
      Took an evening nap - new HH - 1 tiny heart and 1 happy face

      Friday Jan.6/2012 bed 11:55pm

      Set up another experiment - put a small piece of paper with one letter and a colored pen on top of my kitchen cabinet to try to see it in OBE.

      GM at 5am
      woke up from OBE at 6:35am

      I’m in my bed trying to OBE/WILD. I suddenly realize, I see my room from the correct vantage point, as I’m laying on my left side. It’s darker than in WL (I have some nightlights IWL). All I see is left side of the bed. Right next to me is my cat. I see her as energy in shape of sleeping, balled-up cat. I immediately start rolling out. It takes me a few tries, I’m amazed, she is like a little speed bump. I’m not worried about hurting her, because I know, IWL she is closer to my feet.

      So I roll out and fall to the ground. I start crawling on all four towards the kitchen. IWL, its about 8 feet from my bed. As I’m crawling in total dark, I realize, I could feel my way. As I raise my right arm, I bump into a piece of furniture. I grab the round, smooth, cool leg of a desk/chair. Right behind it is a cabinet. I don’t know how, but next thing I’m looking at the top of the kitchen cabinet. It’s much brighter now and I can see a piece of paper identical to the one I put up there IWL and I clearly see capital letter T. Next to it is a small packet of handy-wipe and text on it is in orange cursive. I take it as a color of a pen I left up there. Other than this, there is a bunch of letters and postcards, addressed to me. I can clearly read my full name written in cursive, not in my handwriting. There is also a book. I really wish I could read that all, but I wake up.

      After I wake up, I check , if I got the letter and color right. Nope, the paper I left up there has a big square on it and the pen is green.

      I was disappointed, especially, because I don’t own any table or chair, that could account for the leg I grabbed in OBE, and I really wanted to go OOB in physical realm - identical or near identical to waking life. It took me almost 2 days to realize, that I actually do, and It’s exactly where I felt it.

      I played back in my mind, how I rolled out and crawled and as I’m following my path, I see a small foot-rest, that has 4 6-inch legs and they look exactly as what it felt in my OBE.

      WBTB 7am-817am

      Regular Dream:
      I’m in Mexico. Some nice resort. We go to the pool. Beautiful clear blue water. I dive in, feels good. Next time we come, the pool is closed. Someone with flu contaminated it. Bunch of people disappointed.

      We decide to go to the beach, but we see dark clouds gathering in the distance. Wind is starting and I see something like a tornado. I take pictures. People are trying to take shelter in the yard of the hotel. I’m in the yard, next to the door. Someone is banging it, trying to get in. The white door is locked and padlocked. I open it anyway and in walk two children. More people come in. Also one female officer. We start to joke, saying wow, this is not a dream, unlike other, that were dreams. I agree with her, this is not a dream.

      Then a big UFO appears in the sky. We are all looking up. I'm taking lots of pictures. The UFO separates into different shapes, it’s trying to tell us something. Suddenly, a pile of broken-up weapons appear on the ground. I have a feeling, they tell us to “take out the trash”, as in weapons are trash of the mankind and we should get rid of them.

      Saturday, 1/7/2012 Bed 10pm
      Traveling on train with my friend M. There are 3 different stations, that feel like videogame levels.

      Sunday, 1/8/2012 Bed 12:45 am B-complex 50mg at 5pm
      Lots of dreams, didn’t write them down
    13. Two more dreams

      by , 07-06-2010 at 09:16 PM
      (I should have written these down earlier today... Now I have forgotten most of them)

      I have vague memories of my brother Jimmy being angry as hell. I think it was at my parents place, but I am not sure. The Austrians were visiting and we were going to Stockholm. We talked about flying airplanes and I said that I have never gone anywhere with an airplane before (in real life I have traveled by air one time when I was 4). After further discussion I came to the conclusion that I had actually done it once before but for some strange reason I had no memories of it. I didn't think much about it.

      -memory gap-

      Something about herbs used for cooking. That it is much more efficient to gather fresh herbs by yourself in the forest than to buy them. Therefor we had to go to my grandpa who lives in fjällen becuase apparently they had herbs in abundance. Then I was walking in a forest there and saw wood sorrel on the ground. It wasn't really what I was after though so I didn't gather it. I was looking for parsley and oregano but found none.

      There was a race held at the uni in Umeå and I was attending along with some random people from the cognitive science program I attended IRL some year ago. The race started at the pond and continued along the road next to the lärarutbildningshus. I ran along the race track and after a while it led into a house. I think it was a store or something. Now Jimmy was there and it was if as the race didn't exist at all. Jimmy was following me around.

      I opened a door that led down to the basement. It was an extremely narrow stairway so you almost had to squeeze yourself down. I started to go down and Jimmy followed. There was a lot of cobwebs on the walls. They were very detailed and I could see small dead insects, web structures and spiders. Most was small and I wasn't bothered by them. I knew that Jimmy didn't like spiders so I warned him about them and said that he should crouch to avoid them. He failed to avoid the last web and it got stuck on his chest without him noticing. I saw that it contained a very large spider (~4cm diameter). I told him about it and he tried to shove it off. It fell on the floor and the spider got squashed. Another spider appeared from the damaged web and approached me. I got disgusted and tried to shove it away but the web was sticky and it partly stuck on my fingers. It felt very repulsive.

      I don't know how the spider episode ended but me and Jimmy entered another room and it was decorated with very old furniture. We approached a child bed that we thought was very typical of the old furniture style. It didn't really look like a bed, it was more like a strange cloth tube. It lead to another room and I think we were going to enter it through the bed.
    14. Middle schoolers, hidden temples

      by , 02-27-2008 at 02:38 AM
      Original dream dated Tues. Feb. 26, 2008:

      Dreamed that I was stocking shelves, some woman wanted to buy a whole bunch of boxes of large furniture, I said we couldn't hold it - she'd have to just come back and hope it was there. Boss was upset that someone in receiving mis-spelled something important (a name, apparently Freddie Mercury or a singer from Queen). Then, I went to the bathroom, but the toilets were weird - in wooden boxes that looked like they belonged in a sauna, and your butt touched the toilet bowl - and I was really afraid I'd get urine on myself.

      Then the dream changed, and I was remembering being a middleschooler on my way to class, but we had to go through this weird forest maze thing, and some of the other kids ahead of us had played some mean pranks. The path was supposed to be lit, but they'd turned off all of the lights, so the other kids and I had to wander through the dark. We kept close together and made sure we could hold onto each other, but the path wound around a lot. Eventually, we found one of the light fixtures and turned it on. We were worried that we would be late and miss the tram, but we didn't. You rode the tram by putting a coat hanger under your clothes and hanging yourself on the tram, but we didn't have time - it was already moving - so I just grabbed onto a bar. My friend objected to this, but her alternative was to miss class, so she did the same. At the next tram (we had the transfer), we had time to hang ourselves up but I didn't really feel like it, so I just grabbed on again. The tram driver got very upset about this and wrote both of us up for it.

      Meanwhile (this is the same dream "universe") there's this very arrogant king who thinks the world revolves around him, and he has a stupid little beard... in any case his advisor (who is a pretty decent guy) takes care of everything for him. They were having their own morning, which involved riding flying birds (the advisor's was a different breed, and smaller) to a meeting with a representative from another country, who for some reason was an anthropomorphic wolf rock-star. The king actually wasn't a bad guy at all, just really deluded. "I'm very well-known, or at least, that's what my advisor tells me".
      The rockstar started talking about how he met his wife at a forbidden/hidden temple in the jungle that they had discovered, how he'd been welcomed by the priestesses and she'd danced for him, etc.
      The rockstar talked about how he wasn't really eurotrash, it was just a show for the masses. The king didn't really seem to believe this, sardonically commenting, "Oh, I see. The eurotrash act is just a front for the masses...?" But the other guy was oblivious and just happily agreed.
      The guy and his wife had 4 kids in this weird stroller which the mom was really proud of (she'd gone from exotic foreign priestess to soccer-mom in about 5 seconds, apparently) and then the guy mentioned how much his dad had paid for it. She started freaking out about the (insanely high) price and yelling about how she had become a rich white bitch. "Oh my god, I have become a rich white bitch!"

      That was the end of the dream.
    15. The “Living” Furniture (vivid lucid nightmare)

      by , 08-21-1976 at 02:21 PM
      Morning of August 21, 1976. Saturday.

      This very long dream event came about after falling asleep again before eleven o'clock in the afternoon, with the sun streaming through the windows but not directly near me. My parents were not in the house during this time. My more nightmarish dreams happened mostly in daylight, sometimes with the sun’s rays shining in through the curtains or windows as here and perhaps triggered by the body’s need to get up and do things, thus the dream state seems to become “hostile” to the dream self.

      This one started out during the longest sleep paralysis I have ever had, about thirty to forty minutes, and it was during this time that I partly woke several times, going back into a very lucidly aware dream state. My head was “buzzing” at different times, but there was no “out of body” perception at any point. I was asleep on the couch in the middle of the living room, facing east, my head to the north. (Normally, sleep paralysis is enjoyable for me.)

      The main events involved two pieces of furniture that the sun’s rays had been shining upon now and then in real life, but somehow also creating a nightmarish shadowy gloomy effect in the room. One was a kitchen chair, looking much the same as in real life and starting to “walk” from the same position from near the partially open curtains in real life at the time. The other was the small green metal typewriter table on wheels, with the built-in bendable lamp, with the conical green metal lampshade. (See photo; it is the same as I had). As the sun went behind the clouds now and then, but still keeping the room light enough to see all the details as I drifted in and out of lucid dreaming and sleep paralysis, either the chair or the small table would “walk” towards me in an ominous, menacing way at a particular time. What came the closest to me was the small green typewriter table, its lamp being the “head” and the bendable part being the “neck” of some sort of miniature surreal “giraffe” as it moved towards me, appearing to “study” me (with the light bulb “face”) and I was hearing its groaning and clacking “legs” and “feet” upon the tiled floor (even though it has wheels). As the last energies of sleep paralysis wore off, I finally caught myself staring at the chair in the room in real life (although when it was walking, it did not have as much a menacing presence as the small table). It did not move of course, yet still looked the same as from my dream, facing directly towards me in perfect perspective and still having a creepy essence before I was fully awake. This was fascinating to me after being fully awake for a time. It was almost like a game, where I would open and close my eyes to check whether or not the furniture was really seemingly alive or potentially menacing.

      This is obvious sunrise symbolism with the related dawning consciousness event. A light bulb (especially if on) is also analogous to getting an idea, used as such in various newspaper cartoons and comic strips. It is also a sunrise metaphor (logic related to daytime wakefulness and being “bright” as in contrast to a “dim” person or akin to the phrase “the lights are on but no one’s home”, indicating the dreams self is aware and active but not fully awake and conscious). It is fairly common to have unusual dreams when sleeping in a different location and here, the bendable lamp stretched towards me to create an aggressive sense of sunrise (the yellowish glow) and the need to fully wake. It was as if my conscious self was annoyed by me still being asleep.

      My lovely wife Zsuzsanna has also had a lucid nightmare with this theme, yet she was watching the upright electric floor fan “walking” towards her on its otherwise flat-to-the-floor four “legs” and moving its “head” (the motor and fan) in a very similar way as the small table with the bendable lamp (in a seemingly menacing “observing” way) as in mine.

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