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    1. Donald Trump, Ice Cold, Game Design

      by , 06-05-2019 at 09:15 PM (Lydia's Game of Dreams)
      2019, 06-05

      Regular Dream - Semi-lucid Dream - Lucid Dream - Notes

      Fus You, Donald Trump!

      I am on top of a tall building, perhaps the Empire State Building. There is some kind of gathering there. I get closer and I see the president of the United States is there. Donald Trump is surrounded by secret service people and reporters are gathered. The president is standing near the edge of the building where there is a really tall railing designed to keep people from falling or jumping off. I get closer and I hear Trump saying something about opening a new coal mine that will employ hundreds and make money for him and all his rich friends. When a reporter asks about air pollution Trump says the coal burns clean. I get closer and Trump sees me, then says he can have whatever woman he wants. He reaches to grab me. I tell him if he touches me I'm going to fus him. He grabs a breast and laughs. I drop down to get a better angle and I fus him... FUS-RO-DAH! Due to my angle he flies up into the air and right over the barrier at the edge of the building, disappearing from sight. I wonder if he will make a crater when he lands, or maybe he will bounce? Secret service seems at a loss for what to do.

      So Very Cold
      I am in a strange place. It looks like an old style castle or fortress. I am not very focused on what is going on around me because I am so very cold. Not just cold outside, but cold inside. It feels like I might have swallowed some liquid nitrogen and I am currently freezing solid. I walk through the halls looking for some possible source of warmth. There are people around but they all seem distant and cold. They look like Assassins from Assassin's Creed. I need to find warmth or I will freeze through. I go through some more halls and rooms not sure of where I am going. I enter a bed chamber. There is a bed there with an Assassin sleeping in it. I feel warmth from there. I need that warmth. I stumble over to the bed and practically fall into it, crawling under the covers and up against the sleeping Assassin. He wakes and looks at me. It is Altaïr Ibn-LaʼAhad from Assassin's Creed. He puts his arms around me and holds me, I feel his warmth and now I am able to fall into a peaceful sleep.

      Design a Game, Design a Reality
      I am in a school, I am in a computer class. Everyone is working on our projects. My project is to design a video game, and I am working on a creepy one. I have just finished modelling a student desk and I am placing multiple instances of it in an empty and creepy looking classroom. It is coming out quite good. I make the room dark and add spots on the wall that are cracked and peeling, just enough to make it look abandoned. I add some marks that could be blood stains near a door that will lead to the next room. I need a bathroom break. I lock my computer and get up. I head out the classroom door… and I find I have walked right into the room I was just creating! How can this be? I haven’t even finished making it yet! I walk into the room and the door closes behind me. I turn back and the door is gone! I am thinking this might warrant a reality check when I wake.
    2. Back to School Daze

      by , 10-25-2017 at 08:46 PM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)
      2017, 10-25

      Back to School Daze

      I am at Pima Community College heading to my class. It is a computer animation class. There are a lot of people standing around outside right now. And there is a serious weed problem. I’m not talking about the drug. I’m talking about plants. A strange plant has been growing out of control. It is a plant that looks kind of like human hair. It is blocking the pathways in some places. People who want to get by have to grab large chunks of it and throw it out into the desert. It isn’t hard to pull up, and I am actually thinking that this part of the plant is already dead. It looks like serious fire hazard. I am thinking we should try to do something about it, but right now my class is going to start. So I find the correct classroom and go in.

      I sit down at a computer that has some 3-D animation software running on it. There are some premade models already in the scene. It actually already looks pretty cool. I see a planet, moon, lots of stars, and a person. A character model looks like Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad from Assassin’s Creed. I am just messing around before class, and I stand Altaïr on the moon. The model of Altaïr is much too large compared to the moon. When I pull him too close to the moon, he automatically bends his legs. I am thinking that my work isn’t very good, because I see someone else working on their project and they have some weird space entity that is eating up all of the other objects. But they don’t seem pleased with it, so I guess that’s not what they wanted to do. My computer does strange things. More models appear. There are now two characters and three moons. The new character looks like Desmond from the Assassin’s Creed series. He is trying to balance on the smallest moon. He fails to do so, and falls right out of the monitor into the room with us. I am sitting there looking at him, he is on the floor next to my seat. All I can think to say is, Desmond! You’re real!

      I wake up in bed and get up. I am thinking that I have to go to school. I go out into the other room where my mother is watching television. It looks like she is watching an old episode of MacGyver. I start telling her about my dream. She doesn’t seem very interested, but pays a little bit of attention. I am telling her about the features on the 3-D software, and saying I wish the real ones did that. I have just gotten to the point where Desmond falls out of the computer. My mom stops and looks at me, and asks if he’s cute? She says I should marry him. I tell her he was only a dream. I can’t marry a dream. My mother doesn’t pay any attention to the dream part, and says I should marry Altaïr. I am considering that maybe I am still dreaming, but I wake up before I can do anything about it.
    3. Director Of A Homemade Game

      by , 05-06-2012 at 04:03 PM (Inside My Eyes)
      I was in a house directing a game, but the strange thing was that this game was more like a movie than a game and was filmed instead of done by computer. I was being very incompetent, I had no idea what the game was about. I already knew it was a dream but I did an RC to make sure, I was lucid and looked at the details of my hand to stabilize. I did not even tried to control the dream because my last lucid dreams were very unstable and I didnt want to wake up at night so I treated this dream as a normal dream.
      lucid , non-lucid
    4. 04/04/11 Virtual World: DDO

      by , 04-05-2011 at 12:07 AM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)
      My Virtual World
      I am in a place that looks like a video game. There is just something about the place that makes it look like a computer rendering instead of a real physical place, though I'm not entirely sure what that something is. I am designing the place as if I was in a 3D virtual reality design system. I place pieces of geometry to form them into buildings and such, then I choose textures from a menu that pops up in mid air to apply to the buildings… it is really cool. There are a couple people there with me, but they don't seem to be real people. They are actual NPCs I have already designed for the game, and it seems I programmed them well enough that they can now help me with designing the world.

      That is awesome. I have to give them explicit instructions, but they are still very helpful. I leave the virtual world for a bit and find out I am at school, at ITT Tech. I wonder when they got such cool equipment in, and why did they have to get it when I am just ready to graduate? My instructor tells me what effect I need to be creating in the virtual world, so I go back in and begin setting that up. It is a lighting effect where the rays of the sun are visible shining through one of the windows of the building. I create the effect without much difficulty. There is another effect I have to do in the same setting. I enter a completely blank void. I pull out what seems like a blanket and throw it out in front of me. It expands to become a copy of the world I just made previously. Now that is a useful feature! I pull my NPCs into the setting again and then I begin adding the details I need to achieve the next effect. My NPCs are getting annoying now, however, they just want to stand around and do nothing while I do all the work.

      DDO - In Poisoned Waters
      I am in a place that looks a lot like the city of Stormreach from the DDO game, I am in the harbor area. I am not alone there, I see there are two men and a woman there with me. I am instantly aware of who they are, though I do not become aware it is a dream. It is Nomad, MoSh, and Tigress, but I am thinking they are just in a virtual reality version of DDO with me. And the game is completely awesome! I look around at all of the NPCs and the other players, there are actually some of the NPCs with golden chalices floating over their heads indicating they have quests… Tigress heads over to one of them and talks to her. I follow Tigress, Nomad and MoSh come with me. The NPC is telling Tigress how some of the wells in Stormreach had been yielding poisoned water. She says the kobolds are responsible, though no one knows why. The poison is coming from the waterworks.

      The four of us go into the waterworks. At first we get attacked by a few kobolds, but there isn't much kobold resistance. Farther down we start seeing a lot of dead kobolds lying about in varying stages of decomposition… yuck. The water smells bad, it is poisoned. Why would kobolds poison their own water supply? We go deeper, and soon we aren't in the waterworks any more, now we are in what looks like mine shafts. Kobolds are digging at the mine, but they pay no attention to us. Most of them look very weary, exhausted even. I see a kobold fall over from exhaustion. A goblin comes and starts poking the kobold with a spear, snarling at it to get up and back to work. It is clear the kobold can't go on any longer. It weakly tries to get up and then collapses again. The kobolds around the fallen one make no move to help, they hardly seem to notice. The goblin kicks the fallen kobold.

      Nomad tells the goblin to pick on someone his own size. The goblin notices us for the first time and calls out that there are intruders. Nomad picks the goblin up by the neck in a hand that has grown huge, and snarls at the goblin that he is pathetic for being able to pick on those who can't fight back but he calls for help the instant someone who can fight comes along. He crushes the goblin's neck. More goblins are coming now, so a fight breaks out. I am a paladin, Nomad is a dark knight cutting down goblins with a black sword and drawing their energy into himself, Tigress is a rogue hitting the goblins when they are distracted attacking Nomad, MoSh, and me, MoSh is a monk knocking goblins to the ground with martial arts moves. We fight all the goblins off, but we know the boss is down farther into the dungeon.

      The four of us continue down farther, past a lot of kobolds who are working as hard as they can. A couple kobolds pause in their work to look over at us. We get down to the bottom chamber where the kobolds are digging down even farther. There is a really nasty looking goblin there, examining a chunk of metal. He smacks the kobold who presented it to him, saying he would not stand for them bringing him crap like that. He says any fool can see it's the wrong mineral. The kobold is on the ground, begging for mercy. The nasty goblin says mercy is for the weak and kicks the kobold. He then tells the kobold to get back to work and don't bring him any more crap or next time the penalty would be death. The kobold can barely stand, and is moving slowly away. The goblin tells the kobold to move faster or he might change his mind and kill the kobold now. The goblin looks over and finally sees us, and asks who the fuck the three of us are. Three? I notice that the rogue Tigress is not with us. I then spot her in sneak mode over behind the goblin boss. I comment that they are polluting the water, and that has to stop. The goblin laughs and says he doesn't care. That's what he told the kobolds when they bitched about it, and that's what he's telling us. I say I guess that means it's time for him to die, then. He laughs harder. He says his goblins are more than a match for three pathetic humans.

      Tigress attacks the goblin boss, which takes him completely by surprise, he spits an obscenity… AAHHH!!! SHIT!!! What the FUCK? We get into a big fight. I am fighting off goblin warriors and throwing out healing spells to allies. I can't see their health bars… so I don't know if they are needing the healing… but I don't want to take any chances. It feels like my supply of mana is limitless, and I credit that to a potion that gives that temporary effect. The goblin army that the boss boasted about proves to not be so tough. Archers are shooting at us from above. Tigress is sneaking around the rim up there and knocking the goblin archers off one by one. On the other side of the room I see a couple goblin archers get attacked by kobolds. It seems some of the more capable kobolds decided to join in the fight. The goblins never had a chance. We wipe out their numbers completely, I see Tigress finish off the boss near the end of the fight. I see Nomad over near the underground stream, he is doing something to clean the pollution from the water. The kobolds keep saying they don't want any trouble, won't attack any people, they just want their home in the waterworks back… I don't see any reason to attack kobolds right now, so instead I heal some of the ones that are more seriously injured. I tell a couple of the kobolds in charge that as long as they're not hostile towards the inhabitants of Stormreach, I certainly have no problem with them. The kobolds say we helped free them, they won't forget that. I'm not really sure that will prove to be true, but Stormreach is used to dealing with kobold problems… and they'll probably be busy for a while cleaning up the mess the goblins made.
    5. 06/11/10 Game Design, Navigation

      by , 06-14-2010 at 09:50 AM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)
      Note: And the rest of this night was taken up with a couple of fragment dreams, both of which were unfortunately non-lucid. I really need to improve on my RCs!

      *Outer Realms Software*
      I was sitting at a computer. Tigress was sitting beside me, both of us were talking about a video game we were working on. The part of the game we were working on would have a town located near a dungeon. The strange thing about the dungeon was that it wasn't stable… it was constantly changing and rearranging itself. Passages would adjust themselves, dead ends would open up, passages would close off… so each time the player entered the caves it would be a completely different layout. This would be cool, because each trip down there would be new. I was figuring this could be easily done with a random maze generator. I was looking at the screen trying to think if UDK (Unreal Development Kit) could be used to generate a random maze. I would have to Google that.

      The next idea we had was to have some characters in the maze that weren't evil. While there would be merchants in the town, the maze we were planning would be big and the player could easily run low on supplies. Then it would be a pain in the ass to have to leave and come back since the entire maze would've changed again. So to fix that there would be random goblin merchants wandering the maze. These merchants would sell the same items as the town merchants, just at an inflated price. Their excuse for the inflated prices would be that the dungeons are dangerous, thus it is dangerous for them to be down there selling stuff. In fact they most likely sell to both the player characters and the enemies alike, and are probably in very little danger, it is most likely the fact these goblins are just greedy that makes them charge so much. Tigress and I talked about the rules involving the goblins for a few minutes.

      After Tigress and I were done talking about the goblins, it was time to start doing something. I was looking at a blank screen. It was ready for me to start coding. But what to code? Would UDK handle a random maze? I would need custom models… maybe I should start there first? But making really good models just takes so long… maybe I should just make place holder models and use them for the initial build. Yes, that would be good enough. Before I could even launch the 3D modeling program I woke.

      *Watch the Way I Navigate*
      I was in a car with Tigress. We were driving down the street rather fast. That didn't bother me since I have a tendency to speed myself. I had the feeling we had just left the Pima Community College, West Campus, and now we were driving down Speedway. Tigress was taking the street name very literally as we flew past other vehicles that were barely moving compared to us. I also noticed that she was beginning to drive erratically. She was swerving all over the road. I looked over and noticed for the first time what Tigress was doing while she drove. She had her laptop opened on a make-shift stand to her right, a cell phone pinned between her shoulder and her head as she talked on it, a piece of paper on the center of the steering wheel where she was drawing a rough map, and she was steering with her left knee. Talk about distracted driving. We were rapidly coming up behind a pickup.

      "TRUCK!" was all I managed to say as I saw the impending wreck. Tigress looked up and swerved around the truck. She asked if I could grab something for her, it was in her backpack. I said I was too busy watching the way she was navigating… That brought to mind the lyrics of a song called Feel Good Inc. by the Gorillaz, "Yo, watch the way I navigate
      Hahahahahhaa!" And I was watching as Tigress was navigating directly towards a stopped bus…

      "BUS!" I cried out. She swerved around the bus. She said I was getting way too worked up over those little things. She said she really needed that hard drive from her backpack, so could I please get it. I was just happy to be able to put my head down for a bit so I wouldn't see the impending doom…