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    1. 17 Jan: Love story movie, life in the hood and monster caretaker

      by , 01-17-2019 at 09:27 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      A scene like Charlie's Angels, with mom or friends. We are leaving some restaurant or BnB and some bad dudes are coming in and we notice them. We pretend to leave but we just park our cars strategically out of sight and stay behind to watch them and then do something to interfere with their plans.

      Some love story between some young lady and a young guy. They lie naked in bed, there is so much love. Some day he becomes paralyzed, no reaction, lifeless. Everybody comes to pay respects thinking he is dead, but she refuses to bury him. She sings for him, talks to him, everyone thinks she's gone nuts, but he is not decomposing. Then one day he slowly starts regaining movement and tries to communicate, but there's lots of people in the house. There is one guy who has always hoped to conquer the love of the lady and she is considering maybe allow him in her life. Meanwhile the guy in the bed has gained awareness and his moving his hands, trying to make some noise to get her attention. He is not having much success so he uses telekinesis and starts throwing things around and making a mess. Then I see this story is a movie I am watching and it goes to commercials. My mom sends me a message, needs me to pick her up and take her somewhere, so I stop watching the movie and go get her in a tiny bike.

      I am attending my guru's teachings, it's the last day and everybody is dressed up and I am not. But I am in my hotel room and start trying amazing dresses. I take so long to choose one, that meanwhile everybody's gone. Then the yellow dress that I chose becomes a kind of evil suit that grows green tissue over my skin, including a hoodie over my head. I look in the mirror and I look like a scary elf. I rip it off, but it grows back again and again. I am freaking out.

      Then it gets dark and I am on the streets, sitting on a bench. Two cars from some gang pass by slowly. I avoid eye contact but one guy comes out and looks interested in me. I get up and start walking away. I look back and a guy starts throwing knives at me. I dodge all the knives, then escape to some alley but he keeps coming. He comes closer, but then sits down and hints that he won't hurt me. I hide behind some wall but peak to see what he is all about. He takes out some candy, like waffle with chocolate and ice cream. I dislike but accept and eat along with him. He asks questions, we talk nonsense. Then some girl joins, talks about hard life in the hood, we agree it will get much worse in the near future. Then everybody is running on the street and saying "You don't know? It's Patricia." And we go to the end of the street and see a projection in the sky honoring the fallen from the Hunger Games. Then this girl takes me in. She rescues and nurses mutant and monstrous animals, but they are actually adorable creatures. She puts to bed a kind of centipede with many heads that looks like a plush toy. I cuddle the centipede and all its heads jump on me and lick me like puppies and dozens of other creatures appear jumping and get all over me. So cute.
    2. 4 Jan; A gang, Daniel Craig, porn and a sheep

      by , 01-04-2019 at 10:45 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      I am at some event or meeting, people are sitting in an amphitheater, some audience being presented. My friend Evangenlion is said to have been promoted to some political role and some people are debating whether or not he has acquired more power. I make a small intervention, where I use augmented reality to present a message. Older people can't understand it, how it works and they miss the point. Anyway, it was a warning of a "storm coming", not necessarily literal.

      Later, people on the road are leaving their cars and running in panic. Some gangs now fight over controlling people and certain areas and apparently some gang is now raiding through this area. I could also run, but I need to get something vital from somewhere back. I leave my mom and her friend Analia in the car, that we hide under a crossover bridge. I tell them to run if I don't return at a certain time. I try to be on time but I get late. It's already dark and I get lost and confused. When finally I think I found the place, the area has already been taken over by this gang and they even set up tents to spend the night, They have torches to light up the area and somehow I need to go across. They actually catch me and question me and my motives to be walking around alone over there. But they let me go. I take a piss behind some bushes and they catch me again and feel grossed out. Don't ask any more questions, just ask me to leave. When finally reach the point where I left my mother, the car isn't there. But I find a police car with the door open and keys in it. I decide to take it and go find them, when my mom waves from behind a small car and we reunite in tears. Then we depart on the small car instead.

      They are taking people away. Some Ukrainians were took and people say it is my fault or that I could have prevented because I work as an interpreter and they were taken because of something I said or didn't say when translating to the captors. Out of guilt I take a chance and I go around the trains at the station looking for them. I am told I won't find them because they were already taken to somewhere in the mountains, but I am not certain and keep looking for them.

      Going to my childhood friend Carla's attic. I don't have the keys, so I have to wait for her. Riverstone also joins us. She flirts with him shamelessly. She goes answer some phone call. Daniel Craig appears and opens the door. He is trying to lose someone who is chasing him. The attic is a labyrinth of door and cubicles, I follow him around. We end up crossing a door and being in some middle eastern country. He disguises himself and then goes look for some guy he wants to surveil, but I don't disguise and I am spotted following him and almost endanger his mission. But to minimize damages, I leave Craig and join a group of women, pretending to be with them. Strangely, they are street hookers. Now I can't expose my cover, so I pretend to be one to. Some old fat guy comes to hire me and I can't say no, as I am still on that street where Craig surveils the other guy. I follow him and end up in a hotel where some actors I know from a comedy show are filming what appear as a porn. They tell me it is not porn, that it is meant to be just some raunchy comedy sketch for a late night comedy show. But it is pretty much porn. They don't shoot the sexual act, but all their dicks are out and erected and one other woman is naked too and a guy puts his finger inside her and tastes it. They hired me to join the film. I'm somewhat shocked and aroused at the same time.

      I go to some gift shop where everything is super expensive but I only want to take a look. The girl on the register is foreign, she hardly understands me, but she realizes I don't need help and she disappears. Then some guy comes in, he also looks around, but after a quick look he finds a cage with three animals all tied up and unable to move: a sheep with two babies. I am shocked. Like, why would they have sheep in a cage? He wants to make a complaint but the girl is not back yet, so he unties the animals and provides them food and water. Then takes one of the babies on his lap and brings in a bucket with water to wash the animal. He intends to do the same to the other, but as he gives back the first ship to the cage with his mother, the mom rejects the baby, no longer recognizing its smell. I pick up the poor thing, and hold it in my arms. I confirm it is a girl sheep and cuddle her. She looks so very happy. I tell the guy she can't go back to her mom unless we find a way to make her smell again like before. The guy says forget about it, he will adopt her, he says he was planning to adopt a dog anyway.

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      non-lucid , dream fragment
    3. Running from home, and captured by men..!

      by , 04-02-2018 at 09:30 AM
      I had a dream last night..!
      The first that I've remembered in a while..!

      It was more in bits though. I was myself, at home for a time, but then ran outside. I think I was running away from home, I remember hearing my parents call after me. But I continued to run away from my home.
      In the street, I was surrounded by a few young men (In their early 20's maybe?), and they grabbed me and started to pull me away from my home. They grabbed me by the arms, pulling me backwards along the street. I remember the police arrived on the scene, but the men were too fast and seemed to know exactly how to sneak away from the scene. I was locked up in a caravan, with a man.

      Then I woke up..!
    4. Drugs and fighting

      by , 11-19-2017 at 05:22 PM
      Hi everyone!

      I had a dream last night..!

      I had moved into a new area, it was on the wrong side of the city. I was a new member of a group, learning the ropes, and I had always be on guard. It was because people kept slapping drug patches on people's necks. You had less than a minute to remove them, or the drugs would kill you..!

      People were constantly trying to beat the other, so it was a case of trying to stay one step ahead of the others.
    5. Last Night (February 1st, 2016) THE HOUSE

      by , 02-05-2016 at 07:07 AM
      i have been tryen to lucid dream for foreverrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!!-oldhome.jpg

      I found myself in a Fallout 4 style landscape. I, like everyone else around me found ourselves in a state of panic and determination to get somewhere safe. Every turn there were gangs standing on the streets waiting to rob civilians. I can into a group of 4 or 5 african american men wearing worn jeans and sports shirts. Some had red bandanas. I jumped over a cliff side after being persues by their shouts and agressive taunts. Luckly the hill was not to steap and I was able to run down it without tripping. It felt like a video game with the lack of realistic off balance one would have when going up down and side to side on a hill. I was a curvy street stretching down the side of the rocks ground with the dried out grass. The road I was starting to follow had first a gang of 5 men standing and sitting on a car and second a large home. This house was something you would see out of a Series of Unfortionate Events Movie or a home owned by an old woman living in Georgia post 1800's.

      I snuck around the men and entered the home from the back right side. You know that feeling when you go to a college party for the first time freshman year with friends you have only recently met? The smell of cigarettes and un mopped food and tile floors. This was that. I saw farmiliar faces but none could I put a name on. I simply passed through the house like a ghost. No one really noticed me or saw me. Finally, I got to the back left of the house where all of the attractive girls, wearing black, hair straightened, and wearing their kardashian lipstick. They huddled together in small groups. 1, which I will never forget was three girls against the window and the side wall. 2 were sitting down embracing eachother infront of a giant red pillowed heart on the wall. They faced a girl taking their picture on her phone. The second group was four girls, not friendly at all, sitting with eachother talking but never allowing themselves to be face to face. They talked and looked out into the large room. smalled groups were off to the sides and middle of the floor but were of no interest to me.
      I finally ran into a friend(who? I dont know) but she and I knew eachother as friends. She was with another guy and they were rubbaging through the kitchen trying to find supplies. They would never tell me what they were looking for and only assumed I knew why they were looking. I did.

      It was the end of days and the beginning of something terrible. 5% of the people I saw were trying to prepare, 60% were getting ready to kill and take everything from everyone, and 35% were living their lives like nothing was going to happen.

      I only remember leaving the house shortly after my friends preceaded up stairs while the gangsters from our side came into the building. They did not know weather to kill and take everything from everyone or join the party. Aimlessly looking around I snuck past them and back into the barren wasteland. Waiting for what was to come.
    6. #222. The Warden

      by , 09-19-2015 at 06:41 PM (Things to Run Away From Really Fast)
      I remember that a previous LD involved me having to report in to a jail (um, juvenile detention facility) for a day, and I decide that sounds like an interesting dream plot. I warp the road that I'm driving down until it leads to a fictional location.

      This is a bad part of town, so I'm trying to chain down the bike that I'm now riding so that both the wheels are locked and it's attached to a concrete structure. I head inside and explain some of my health issues to the receptionist, and then I'm stuck in the waiting area with a book (a new fantasy series by J. K. Rowling!)

      I have to go back outside, though, because I'm not sure that I actually finished bolting my bike down. Sure enough, when I go outside, it's gone. Now there's a gang of some kind attacking... not the facility itself, but the people around it. I think it's a raid to steal all the bicycles.

      One of the gang members comes after me, and I pounce on him. "And what are you after, huh?" I ask, looking deep into his eyes. I take him down.

      The other gang members back down after I defeat their leader. I let them limp away, and go back into the building.

      I chat with Sadie, a friend from real life, and then I'm called into an office that belongs to the head of the facility. The warden walks into the room, and she throws down a series of print-outs that explain why the conversation that I was having with Sadie indicates that I'm a spy.

      (I'm secretly a SHIELD agent. I wonder if Sadie forgot to add up her character stats correctly again... that would explain the flubbed deception check.)

      I play innocent. And then I realize that somehow, I'm going to become the warden.

      So now I'm the warden, destroying my own facility because it reeks of pure evil. It's an easy job once the building is evacuated: the warden actually murdered the people who built the facility, so their spirits are perfectly willing to unmake the place during their escape. I destroy the stained glass wards leading to the outside world, and some spirits are quick to flee.

      Others will want their vengeance. I sit down, cross-legged, and calmly wait for them to find me.

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    7. #110 - gang violence + killed in my dreams

      by , 09-06-2015 at 09:23 AM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)
      Black: non-dream
      Blue: non-lucid
      Red: lucid

      Dream 1 - Gang violence
      I remember being on a sloping suburban street that curved around as it went uphill. I was hanging out with some friends from high school. Their families were there, and I noticed that they were a pretty rough folk. Most of them were Mongrel Mob members wearing leather jackets, drinking beer and just hanging out and stuff. They seemed so normal to be honest. I was standing by a white car just talking with my friend when I noticed a car driving slowly past.. They were looking out their windows at the people around me (I guess it was some kind of barbeque get-together) but they looked sinister as hell. I saw one get a gun out and point it towards everyone, they started shooting and I was absolutely terrified. I saw a bullet ricochet off the concrete near my feet and I huddled my head down and tried to crouch behind the car for cover. My friend wasn't too phased by the event, she had an expression that I interpreted as 'geeze their so lame, a driveby while we're partying? wankers'. The car drove off uphill and around the bend and I woke up.

      Dream 2 - Killed in my dreams
      I think at some point in the dream I was involved in some gang related murder, we killed a friend of Snoop Dogg's (Can't seem to remember it anymore). I was driving at night down a well-lit street, the orange glow from the street lamps lit the red-brick apartment buildings that were common in this lower class area. A car drove up next to mine with the windows rolled down, I look over and see Snoop Dogg. I know what's coming next, and I know there isn't any way I can escape. He gets a gun out and puts it to my chest, I try and explain it wasn't my fault but he clicks the trigger. A gasp of breath escapes, my mouth is open and I look down in shock to see the hole in my chest and blood flowing out. It felt so real, the profound feeling of death lingered. Then the dream reset.
      I see Snoop Dogg in the car next to me, I know what's about to happen. This time I explain "wait! I didn't want this to happen! How could anybody want that to happen?!? Nobody should have died, and there's nothing I can do to change what happened" the feeling of tears seem to well up inside me. Snoop Dogg lowered his gun, but I had made a crucial mistake. Snoop Dogg's friend didn't hear my plea. He appeared in front of me (somehow in my car he just popped up in the space where my legs go (I didn't seem to be in the drivers seat anymore as well)) and pointed his gun at me. Bang. A gasp of breath escapes, my mouth is open and I look down in shock to see the hole in my chest and blood flowing out. It felt so real, the profound feeling of death lingered.
      Next thing I know I'm awake.

      The last dream was pretty scary to wake up from, kind of shocked me.
    8. Drinking and Flying (LD #6)

      by , 10-14-2014 at 02:16 AM (Sharpshoey's Lucid Journey)
      Me and some people I know...L, K, and another chick are all staying at my house. L and the other girl are in the bathroom having fun , so I have to use my parent's bathroom. The bathroom was way different and fancier than their bathroom IWL. As I was peeing, I thought it was strange how I was in my parent's bathroom. I asked myself if I was dreaming but I was pretty certain I was awake. I did the nose plug RC and I could still breathe! I literally jumped back in shock and let out a little yell. I forced myself to calm down so I wouldn't wake up. I remembered that I was wondering if all my RC's actually worked, so I looked at my hands and sure enough, there were two fingers for every one finger I should have. I also tried the finger through the palm RC and that worked as well, just as I imagined IWL. It was really weird seeing my finger go through my palm. When I looked in the mirror, my mom's face was floating behind me but when I looked back, she wasn't there. This sort of freaked me out a bit. I remembered I wanted to try and fly so I left the bathroom and turned right, and I was in my front yard. I remember hearing that shadows don't appear in LD's and when I look I notice there are shadows. I try different techniques to fly, all of which don't work. Then I remember that Sensei once use a red bull to fly. I checked my pockets and this time it was actually there! Accept it was in a Brisk bottle and was blue. I opened it and took a sip. I ran down the street while jumping, hoping that will help me to fly.

      A DC comes behind me and asks for the drink.(maybe it was a red bull before and only now just changed to a Brisk but I'm not sure) It was also ice cold. I say no and run down the street.The DC comes after me and suddenly he had buddies with him. They all surround me. They say I can stay Lucid if I give it to them. (they were going to beat me up until I woke up if I didn't) I gave it to them because I didn't want to lose lucidity. One of the DC's try to touch me under the armpit. I somehow know that would wake me up so I move away. I then grab the drink and run. They chase after me and I think I'm done for, so I do the only thing that comes to my mind. I pour some of the drink out. Immediately they stop coming towards me and I can tell they got a little weaker. I then proceed to pour the rest out before they can get to me. They all freeze on the sport n the middle of the road. A couple cars drive by and crash into them making them shatter. I go back to my yard and start climbing a tree, hoping that if I jump off it will be easier to fly. As I climb, the dream gets brighter and brighter until all I see is a very bright light. I try to hold onto the dream but I end up losing in the end and
      wake up. (I wish I would've remembered the DEILD technique. Maybe I could've gone back into the dream.
    9. 6/22/2014

      by , 07-23-2014 at 01:29 AM
      I was driving around and did a reality check. I counted 6 fingers but didn't snap to it. I counted my fingers plenty of more times but still didn't snap. Some old lady, which I think was my grandma, went to my car and yelled at me and even opened my door. I pushed her around and was gonna beat her up but then she got in her car and drove away. I was then in an underwater base when the world first started according to evolution. I was with a few people and we were singing around getting food and stuff. While we were eating, Ace showed up so I ran out and saw Christa's car leaving. I went to get my phone to call her but woke up.

      I was walking down a street and into a parking lot where there was a huge gang of Bloods with their red hoodies and uniforms. I was freaked out because I was the only white guy so I said "I don't want any trouble" and kept walking. I saw another gang but with orange colors. I took out my phone and they all started fighting so I recorded the brawl and saying "World starrr". The guy that was winning the fight got jumped by some fat black girl and he slammed her to the ground twice. Some guy yelled out that the cops were coming and everyone split. I ran into a nearby Walgreens store. The door to the Walgreens was open but the shutters were down, so they were just barely about to open. I looked at the time and it was 7:50. I grabbed a cart and started getting stuff and heard the manager talking crap about me saying I could get hurt by the equipment they were using. I told him I wasn't going to get hurt and that I just wanted to get my stuff. As I was shopping around, I started humming a song. It was Alejandro by Lady Gaga. As I would sing a verse to the song, an employee would sing the next verse and then the manager sang the next verse. My turn came up and I sounded amazing. The song started playing on the speakers and we would sing along with it, each with their respective verse and turns. The bridge to Hips Don't Lie by Shakira started playing and I sang what I knew of that part. A black guy came up to me and high fived me saying I did great

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    10. The Midnight Crew

      by , 06-06-2014 at 06:39 AM
      Ruby Gloom is the titular character of a spooky kid's show.
      some kind of monster...-ruby.jpg
      Squid-Girl is the plucky protagonist of an anime program.

      some kind of monster...-vlcsnap-2012-03-08-01h25m04s237.jpg

      26 July 2013

      It was the hour of dusk in the quiet town of Gale, a city that I have visited several times in previous dreams. I canít well remember how I became mixed up in this crew but I had no complaints. I was a member of what may have been a private investigation group. Either that or a mercenary group. Such a distinction might be obvious between these two different labels but the thing is, I am not sure what it is we were doing what we were doing or for what purpose. But I might be getting ahead of myself. I was a member of a shady group of four. I cannot remember what the group was or if it even had a name so for now I shall refer to us as ďThe Midnight Crew.Ē A gang name borrowed from a popular web-comic, but I digress.

      As I said before, there were four of us. One was a tall man, slender, and dressed in 17th century casual European attire (letís call him Damien). I suspect that he was the leader of our group. Another was a spry young girl; she could not have been any older than thirteen (letís call her Leena). She was young and hyperactive but she was also agile; a very useful member of our crew. Then there was a tall young woman with silver hair and dressed in white armor and clothing (Leila). This woman looked like something straight out of an RPG. Funny thing is: Leila was our tech savvy. She was the one who hacked electronic locks and circuitry. She was the very serious one. I canít remember seeing her crack a smile at any point during the dream. And then there was me; the rookie of the group.

      Our services were drafted by a middle aged woman whose name remained undisclosed. She came to us with a request to retrieve a young boy and bring him back to her. She offered up a reward of course. Now this is where my confusion becomes valid. I am not sure if we were private investigators or some kind of mercenaries or underground couriers. Now as one reads through this he might assume that the woman coming to us is a mother in distress over her lost son but that is not quite how I remember this being portrayed. There was a woman, yes, and she did draft us to go in search of a young boy but I do not believe that this was a mother. I remember that she was quite stern in this request. That is to say, she seemed indifferent to the boyís well being. I donít think that she was concerned about the boy but rather the investment behind him. I believe that she may have been part of a bigger organization; one that seemed to be invested in this boy for one reason or other (there is even a chance that she was our employer...maybe, not very sure on that one). But her reasons did not matter to us for our job was not to ask questions. I am sure that ďNo questions askedĒ existed somewhere within our mantra.

      Now there is no question in my mind that we were underground couriers but little did we know that we were getting mixed up in something serious. I donít remember why but there was an investment in this boy. One that was so vital that two opposing groups would do anything to get their hands on him.

      So now back to the story at hand. It was the hour of dusk and we were walking through the dark streets of Gale. Gale always was an anachronistic city which seemed to be fitting to the anachronistic wardrobe of my colleagues. The mist that was gathering around the streets of the 17th century style town only made the scene that much more ominous. We started out by asking around but I remember that most responses were hostile (maybe they knew who or what we were). But I suspect that the streets had been over taken by the enemies of our client because there was a part of town that was full of nothing but hostiles. I wish I could remember how the struggle went but there are only few precious details that I can remember. As we fought our way through town square we met a man in one of the stores who was obviously taking cover from the bullets (assuming the hostiles were using firearms). This man was a friend of The Midnight Crew. I call him Paul, a jovial soul who was dressed in a black 17th century suit (thatís how most Gale-ites dressed) and a dark blue cape. And fortunately for us he had the boy we were looking for. Now I donít quit remember how our conversation with Paul went but I remember that he was somehow mixed up with these organizations and he somehow got us to agree with some plan of his. We allowed him to take the boy for a while after he promised to meet us later on and hand the boy over to us. The boy was eerily stoic; he never even spoke and maintained a calm demeanor in this epic frenzy.

      We tried to fight our way through the rest of the hostiles but they proved to be too much for us. My heart pounded as we detoured through the stores of the city. Thankfully all of the buildings were interconnected so we were able to continue in our mission while avoiding the hostiles. I remember how relieved I was to be away from them.

      Now the events following are extremely hazy and I cannot recant them here. I just remember that my misadventure with The Midnight Crew eventually led to my separation from them and I ran into this strange gothic girl. I believe this girl to have been Ruby Gloom. I remember that there was something about this girl that rubbed me the wrong way. She was seemingly pleasant but I found it difficult to trust this one. Now Ruby had a story, one whose complete makeup was lost in memory. She was an exile from another land or another world. She was here for reasons unknown and was in the middle of a rivalry with an ocean dweller that was now on land. Squid-Girl was this rivalís designation. I think that Ruby believed Squid-Girl to be partly responsible for her exile.

      After more hazy stuff happened (including several strifes between Squid-Girl and Ruby) I ended up in a college. I was there under Rubyís direction and was now working completely independently of The Midnight Crew. I guess there was a something bigger going on, something that tied in with this college, that mysterious boy, Ruby and her rival, Squid-Girl. I didnít know how this all tied together but I knew that more answers could be found at this college and Ruby was going to help find themÖor so she said. Ruby and I warmed up to each other as time went on. She seemed to consider me a real friend and I canít say that I was far from returning the sentiment. Not to say that she didnít have her annoying flaws. She was very cocky and arrogant and she thought very highly of herself. I hated that about her. And not to mention she loved the sound of her own voice. I was still somewhat weary of trusting her. There was still so much about that I didnít know; most importantly, her motive. She didnít strike me as the type of person who gave out of the goodness of her heart, so why did she agree to help me? What was in it for her? I made a point of keeping these questions in the back of my mind.

      The college had its own private beach. Not a real beach but a man made beach. One with artificial ocean waves and whatnot; similar to what they had in the City of Columbia. Now this beach was a place where the students used drugs recreationally (and yes, the college was okay with this). Ruby was also posing as a student here at this college. She was somewhere else and communicated with me through some chat client. I was extremely uncomfortable here on this beach. I didnít like being around so many tripped out junkies in one place; something about that scenario spelled disaster to me. And I was not entirely sure if the other students liked me but looking back: it may have been in my head. The recreational drug usage was interrupted by a massive storm which brought forth a huge tsunami. We all escaped the beach alive but I was not sure if this tsunami was an accident. What a thought! That someone somewhere actually had the power to cause such a great feat of nature. Perhaps I was becoming paranoid. Or perhaps not. Didnít my partner say something about Squid-Girl having elemental powers over the sea? This whole investigation just keeps getting more and more interesting.

      At this point I wander off into a tangent of unrelated events. I find myself on a bus with my highschool marching band and we are on our way to a performance. We are on our way to a five star hotel and I cannot wait to finally get there because I really have to take a piss. And thatís pretty much it. I donít know what the point of this is. Could this have been a dream within the dream? Because I have had those. Seriously I have. Whatever, back the dream at hand.

      After that random ass tangent of events I was back at the beach. It was not long before another storm hit and another tsunami took place. But this was only the beginning of a series of extremely unfortunate events. After the beach was evacuated the organization that had the boy came and began fighting it out with another group. Could my presence have brought them here? There was also something big emerging from the sea and it threatened to destroy this school. Hell was indeed being raised and my class mates and I needed to find someplace safe before we were all killed. As I was running with the crowed I saw a huge projection of ruby over the rail of the walkway. I donít know if it was a holographic projection which she set up herself or if it was just a projection of the dream which only I could see. But what I do know is that I hated what I saw. She was there just laughing her ass of at the mayhem that was ensuing. I knew that she couldnít be trusted. I donít know how but she planned this and I was pawn in this sick little game of hers. A friend indeed.

      We successfully evacuated to the safety of the school theatre. It was the last safe place left here in the school. All the while we were there I could only think back on that image of my partner laughing at me and everyone here. There was no longer any question that I was nothing more than a means to an end but what end? Damn it! What was all of this about? What was I mixed up? What was this leading to? After a few minutes of thought one of the IT students brought up a radar map of the school and the beach and showed everyone how the tsunami started. I was right. It was not accident. According to the IT and his radar map the tsunami was caused by a giant creature approaching the school from the water. It was let in from the back end. This was no doubt the work of Squid-Girl.

      After several more events that I can not recall, I was reunited with The Midnight Crew. We were back in the City of Gale making our way through the maze of commercial facilities. Several of them were dark due to some kind of orchestrated black out and I could not help but get anxious whenever we entered a dark facility. I mean after all, the city was full of hostiles. But the darkness was short lived because each time we entered a dark room, Leila would rewire the circuits in the rooms and bring the lights on. We made our way into a dark kitchen and, after a few minutes of rewiring by Leila, it was well lit. But the relief was short lived as we were immediately attacked by hostiles. I remember seeing Paul there and the boy was with him. Was all of this really centered around him? I still could not believe that this all could have been orchestrated by one girl. I never did figure out what motive was. One thing that I could never get over. If she really was just using me, then why did she open up to me the way she did.

      The dream changed possibly before the brawl ended. I was no longer a participant; I was now the observer. I suspect that I had gone back through time (possibly by several years) to observe one of the seemingly unrelated events that may have led up to that frenzy. Poseidon, king of the sea, was working at a seaside store. Squid-Girl emerged from the ocean surface with her boyfriend and attacked him relentlessly. She destroyed the restaurant killing everyone inside and came down on Poseidon with huge tsunami waves. She also knew how to handle a trident. I was really impressed; Poseidon really didnít stand a chance. I felt kind of bad for him; I felt that this was a blatant act of treachery on her part. The last thing I saw was Squid-Girl, holding down the king of the sea as he lay on his back with her hand pressed firmly against his forehead. She was in his face with a stone cold look in her eye no doubt saying something menacing to him. I didnít see what happened to Poseidon but judging by Squid-Girlís demeanor; I doubt that she was merciful.

      Note: At some point during the second evacuation (or it may have been during the final strife in the kitchen) I got the inkling that there was an unknown third party involved in all of this. Ruby and Squid-Girl were the two primary antagonists who were pulling the strings in this entire debacle. But I could not get past the feeling that there was an unknown third party who was sitting back idly and watching Ruby and Squid-Girl. I felt like someone was observing their rivalry closely and waiting for the right time to make his move. Perhaps he was waiting for one of them to engage him or perhaps he was waiting for them to do something. Perhaps he was hatching a plan that would arise from their plans.
    11. 03 June: how in a future life I'll come to live in Mars

      by , 06-03-2014 at 02:36 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      The time is a near future and I am a poor orphan girl, living in a slum. The largest chunk of the population lives below poverty line, only an elite gets access to a good life, with all comforts and technologies.
      One day a couple of scientists from this elite is kidnapped with their daughter by a group of boys who take them to their headquarters in the woods. I happen to watch everything and I follow them secretely. They reach a kind of pyramidal fortress and their leader is a cute blonde girl protected by her own elite female warriors. The boys bow to her, the ladies are clearly the rulers of this gang.
      I stick around hidden and I manage to help the couple and their daughter escape and go back to their protected world. I become friend of their daughter and we keep in touch. She learns that the gang found out I released their prisoners and they are now bullying me and my life is at risk. One day I inform her that I am in danger and have to run and hide. That's when she comes to help me and takes me to her parents presence.
      They felt in debt towards me, but I had never accepted anything from them, so now they offer that I stay with them, with no deadline to go away. As long as I want, I can stay with them. I get used to the good life. Soon after they go on vacation to a beach resort and take me with them. We travel by tele-transportation. We basically enter what I thought to be an elevator, but when the door opens, we're at this beach. On the beach, the elevator is cloacked to be invisible against the landscape. I am amazed with all this technology and they are surprised to know about how low tech the life of the rest of us is. We're basically stuck with the gadgets from the beginnings of the XXI century and haven't had access to anything more high tech than that.
      The couple of scientists has been working on some big study of some space objects that seem potential threats to our planet.
      One day there's a meteor shower and a large meteorite hits the ground somewhere on the planet and they start making observations and calculations and moving towards an ever more likely scenario of a nearby asteroid or something coming to hit us. Then I see like an aurora in the sky and they panic. I don't know what it means to them, but they start preparing to leave and try desperately to reach another family with whom they are friends with. Apparently there's an evacuation plan for an elite of the elite and both those families were allowed to embark on a ship heading out of the planet. I am feeling lost in the middle of this chaos and certain that they'll leave me behind, but since they can't reach the other family and they owe me their lives, they take me along in their places. That's how I escape an E.L.E. on Earth and from being and orphan on the slum I go to become one of the very few Earth's refugees in a colony on Mars, where I am raised and educated as one of their own.
    12. Class psychos

      by , 04-13-2014 at 03:00 PM (My smashed up joy ride of dreaming)
      I make my classroom dark, and when the time comes to go outside, I know my eyes will hurt so much. I get on the bus to go home, and somebody gets ambushed with an explosion. It looked like the spiny shell explosions, if anybody has played mk before. And then I realize they want to hit me with one. No, I didn't think about being blinded from the blast. Cut and I am in some sort of fine building. I leave, because everyone here is in one of the dumbest cults ever.

      I run down the hall, if they wanted to chase me, which they did. I take a long route around the school I somehow entered while people talk about how they are all media characters and breaking the fourth wall, unlike myself when they straight out told me this wan't real., hm. So that's what being a video game character is like Anyways making for the exit, I come across my sister who believes the dumb gang. As I say "I'm not putting up with that", I leave. My sister screams in horror. I swear I heard her voice from thirty seconds of walking away begiing me to reconsider. She really thought I was committing suicide by not joining. Even my friends at least respect my decision and have hope. Oh, and my name was Rick Ash;ey for some reaon, either that or ryan.
    13. 4 Apr: leader of a gang in futuristic world

      by , 04-04-2014 at 11:35 AM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      I fell asleep slowly, keeping my awareness, and the plunge was so subtle, that I wasn't sure when I was already asleep or not and both worlds overlapped for a while. I was clearly already visioning a dream world, but every time I moved my hands to do a RC, I was still moving my "real" hands and not the dream hands. It took me a while to finalize the transition. And when I did, I still wasn't sure in what level of reality I was, because I got up from my dream bed and went to a balcony and clearly the world outside was a very large city and not my hometown, but it was so realistic in all its details and sensations, that I chickened at the thought of flying away from the balcony. I decided to do one more RC just to be on the safe side and not kill myself.
      When I was absolutely sure, then I flew away over a 10-lane highway and for fun, landed on top of a big truck and surfed it.

      I had no clear goal with the dream, so I let the story unfold.
      My stunts attract some attention and I gather a group of misfits and adventurers who follow me as their leader. We become a rebel group on this futuristic mad max style world.
      Some day I meet a guy I don't fully trust, but he is a bad-ass with some skills and I spend some time with him, to see if he fits in our group. We hijack trucks with materials we can use, but we never hurt anybody. But he attacks a truck with a family and kills the parents of a kid and almost shoots the kid. Needless to say, I kick his ass and make sure he never hurts anyone again. Then I adopt the scared kid and take him to our base. We live in a semi-underground tunnel complex on the outskirts of the suburbs. I love this kid very much and make sure he grows up nicely and in a peaceful environment.
      I guess he brings me into maternal mode, because I do much less adventures outside and have become more home-based. I even have a date with a guy and a friend helps me pick up a dress to go out that evening. I leave the kid with a lady who is not human. Her head is hairless and instead is covered in a thick brownish skin with round protuberances of different sizes. But she is the most trustworthy person around, very calm and serene.
      This guy I'm going out with, he's like the Hulk, big and green. The babysitter suggest I should wear a green outfit to match, but I disagree, he might think I'm mocking him.
    14. Dream Journal Dec. 1: Zombies, Aliens, and Stupid Plans

      by , 12-01-2013 at 09:17 PM
      I start in spectator view. A red (missed MILD cue alert!) car carrying three teenagers gang members pull alongside a cop car, and one of the gang members shoot the cop sitting in back the head.

      My brain goes, "Oh, not gruesome enough? Let's see it again close-up!" So that scene replays. At least the cop looked pissed off when she died, instead of surprised or sad. The gang car peels off, and the cops give chase. The cops shoots shotguns at the gang car, and that somehow causes a chain link fence to break. And what would you know, the broken fence frees up zombies.

      I get a quick cut to three British hooligans wearing yellow raincoats. The focus is on the fat kid, who is attempting to run past zombies towards a portal. He is getting surrounded, but fortunately, his in-shape friends catch up and disperses the zombies just a little bit. The fat kid still gets surrounded though, but he is pushing on through a small crowd of zombies.

      Another quick cut, and it looks like two of the hooligans made it through the portal. One of them is the fat kid, and he lost an arm -- the zombies managed to get a bite in, and his other friend amputated it for him. They walk alongside a cliff side path until they come to some sort of neo-modern flat-house/apartment, where some survivalist are holed up.

      The view returns to "my" POV, and I'm part of the survivors alongside my friend K. We remark how amazing it is that the fat kid (we don't call him that to his face) survived, and he needs medical attention immediately. Dream Logic fills in the gap that these kids are part of a group run by M, K's wife (in real-life as well), and K wants to send out a party to investigate. So I'm part of a group to go back through the portal to find out.

      But before we set off, we get a ring at the doorbell. We go up to K's room, which has a perfect overhead view of the front door, and there's a skinny blonde woman. She identifies herself as "Amy Adams' friend," and we let her in. I don't know any Amy Adams in real life, so it's a little funny how specific the name is.

      (Edit: Okay, so Google reveals Amy Adams is actually a pretty famous actress that I even saw a few movies of. I definitely did not make the connection in my dream.)

      Anyways, she joins my team, and suddenly I get a 16-bit side-scroller view of my two companions. There's the blonde woman, who carries a pretty wicked Contra-styled rifle; But like in Contra, she can only take one hit before she'll die. My other companion is another long-haired blond, but I think he's like some sort of futuristic elf; he's some sort of cool, silent sniper-type, and his "rifle" has a feature that turns it into a laser bow. Um, okay then.

      We somehow forget about our mission to find M's party. Instead, the King of our survivor group decides to stage a mass exodus towards an underground location (dumb plan 1). So we set out in the middle of the night, forming a single-file line (dumb plan 2), and some of the survivors take this chance to go Trick or Treating. I remark that our group is made up of idiots, so I ask K to guard the rear while I move ahead to guard the middle.

      We safely arrive at our location, and the blond elf and I scout ahead inside a building that is jutting out of the ground. The insides of the place looks like the bombed-out ruins of an office designed by M.C. Escher, with stairs circling a giant pit. We don't get too far before Elfy comes across a creepy, bloody, and naked woman, who is clearly infected. After a brief struggle, Elfy shoots her down. I should note that it is "completely" dark in here, but Elfy's weapon releases a neon-green discharge that lingers at the end of his rifle, soooo not the most stealthy thing ever.

      Anyways, a couple of us investigate the corpse, in which suddenly, an alien parasite bursts out of her stomach and starts snapping at Elfy (ew!). One of the other guys, who looks like the chunky best friend played by Jonah Hill in a stoner movie, appears. His left arm is apparently the same arm as Hellboy's (um...), and in this world, that hand has the property of disrupting these aliens (...'kay...). So Handy grabs the parasite, which implodes/shrivels in a flash of light.

      The King, who is there now, decides to drop a bomb made of light that shares the same property as the Hellboy arm (again, Dream Logic is taking leaps here) into the depths of the ruins. The bomb is called a "Grounswell" here, which I guess is a pretty apt name. Anyways, when the bomb detonates, it causes all the other infected creatures to come rushing up (dumb plan 3). The dream ends here.

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    15. 17 Aug: Hostage

      by , 08-17-2013 at 11:15 AM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      I am watching the events around some kids and their lives. In common, they all attend the same college.
      I'm following the life of a very sensible kid, whose father is very though, I think maybe a cop or military. He tries to raise his kid to be tough like him and fearless, so he keeps dragging him to nasty places and situations where the kid freaks out and gets traumatized. As a result, he shuts down and starts hating his father. He sure gets tough, but not the way his father intended to. The once sweet kid is now silent, unpleasant, unresponsive and anti-social.
      Then I follow another guy whom nobody seems to know or notice. He dresses a casual suit, seems to be of good families, but he is also messed up. He arrives at the school entrance, takes out a gun from his pocket and shoots himself in the head. No last words, no hesitation.
      Then I seem to decide to enter that college and I actively become a character in the dream. I wander around the premises, get to know the kids and I become their colleague.
      One day an armed gang enters the school spreading panic. I take refuge in a bathroom nearby with some other people, but three persons of the gang also enter the bathroom, point guns at us and tell us to quiet down. I consider getting out while I still can, but they say we're going to be taken hostage and stay in there for a couple of days locked up with them. I hear indiscriminate shots outside and chaotic running and screaming and realize I have more chances of staying alive if I stay in there. My instinct tells me to accept being their hostage. They have sandwiches and even some blankets to lay on the floor. They make sure we are comfortable, but never explain their intentions.
      After a day, I notice that our captors are as nervous as the hostages. I'm the only one still cool and relaxed, so one of the captors asks me how can I stay so cool in the middle of all that. I say something like "panic and stress won't help me at all to stay alive and make the best judgement of the situation". He is impressed and we start talking. He is actually a very nice guy and I start sympathizing with him, although not with their cause.
      Another girl hostage asks me later if I understand what their plans are for us. She seems to be confident that they won't kill us. And I tell her "don't fool yourself. we're the backup hostages. they keep us safe here as a safeguard to themselves. but if shit hits the fan, they will kill us to."
      As I say this, a guy who seems to be their leader, breaks into the bathroom and seems to be ready to kill us indeed. Before he even has time to blink, I kick him and throw him on the floor and get his gun, but he wears a kind of armour and his only vulnerability is his head. I don't want to kill him, so I hesitate about shooting him in the head. He feels my hesitation and he attacks me back. We fight and he ends up on the ground again, but now he summones a dragon-demon that no one was expecting. Well, the dragon has thick skin, but no armour, so I shoot the dragon. He disappears in thin air. Just like that, the gang seems to have been also dismantled and normality is being restablished elsewhere in the school, with the remaining hostages being freed.

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