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    1. Surreal Race to the Waking Transition

      by , 01-17-2017 at 07:17 AM
      Morning of January 17, 2017. Tuesday.

      In my goal to strengthen my online journal against the fallacy of “dream interpretation”, I have, to the best of my ability, clarified this entry and recompiled the underlying meaning and root influences.

      I am alone in an unfamiliar car in late morning, though which is implied to be my dream self’s car. I am parked near the center of the parking lot of Skogen’s IGA in La Crosse, logically facing south towards the store’s entrance. Although I am in America, the driver’s side is on the right. There are several other parked cars around, all with people in them. (Both the driver’s side being on the wrong side and all the cars in the parking lot illogically having people in them are dream-state indicators. Erroneous dream-state indicators of this type are so common, it seems to be a natural dividing mechanism to separate dream-state memory from real-life memory).

      After a few minutes of looking around as I am seated behind the steering wheel (with no backstory as to whether there was intent to go into the store or to leave and drive elsewhere), an unknown male erratically drives a car around in the parking lot. There is machine gun fire from the car and someone (in the car) is hollering about a race. In the car are two males who are dressed as 1920s gangsters. It seems that everyone is being challenged to get away and to apparently hide somewhere. I am not sure if there is a literal finish line.

      I decide to drive away as quickly as possible. I go down an alley which is seemingly the one behind the Loomis Street house. I drive into a large garage and get out of the car though sit near it in the semidarkness. It seems I may be safe here.

      After a time, there is activity just outside in the alley. The gangsters are looking for the people who had driven away from the parking lot. I hear objects falling over just outside the garage but I remain still. I do not think they will find me.

      Eventually, I look up and see a large circular hole in the ceiling of the garage and a giant human eye, atypically rendered in black and white, peers down through the hole. The eye and its movement has somewhat of a slight blurry effect as if a giant television was just above the hole in the ceiling, facing downwards. There are even a couple lines of “static” as the eye moves side to side as if in REM sleep, though it remains open, unblinking. I am not sure if I will be seen but I do not feel afraid. This surreal situation does not trigger any sense of it being impossible.

      Step-by-step explanation for the inexperienced:

      In my dreams, sitting in a car in a parking lot (or simply being in a parking lot) is a biological indicator of being in bed and typically represents the last stage of a sleep cycle, the subliminal “waiting period” for the increase in beta neural activity (13–30 Hz). This has been validated from the study of hundreds of parallel examples since early childhood. There is no reason to assume that the parking lot is “symbolic” of anything in real life, which does not even make any sense other than perhaps to people falling prey to the Barnum effect of “dream interpretation”.

      My dream self typically runs away simply out of the lack of enthusiasm over waking up (more obvious in this case as I subliminally knew what being in the parking lot meant even though my dream self did not), though which is random and completely unrelated to how I view sleep or waking in general (and after all, every day is different). My dream self typically runs away from the more dominant preconscious (until the emergent consciousness is linked and activated), which most often has absolutely nothing in common with me or of any relevance to my waking life. It is not known whether the noise outside the garage, another form of liminal space, was based on real environmental noise, but it seems likely, especially as the REM symbolism was activated right afterwards.

      The very last scene, an intriguing indicator of being in REM sleep, was directly influenced by the “Don’t Open Till Doomsday” episode of “The Outer Limits” television series, which I had not seen in years and first watched as a child while I drifted in and out of sleep and lucid and semi-lucid dream states. (This was a major influence that heightened my interest in various levels of consciousness.) The episode, on one level, is a perfect metaphor for the conscious self subliminally “watching” the fictional dream self. In fact, my dream even included the black-and-white television imagery from the original show, even including the static.

      Finally, there is another layer of meaning. In this case, it is almost like an analogy to my life. In order to viably clarify it, I must quote part of an original summary of the episode: “In 1929, a pair of young newlyweds receives a mysterious box-like object wrapped as a wedding gift with a cryptic label reading ‘Don’t Open Till Doomsday’. Unbeknownst to his bride, the bridegroom is zapped by a beam of light emanating from this object when he removed it from the wrapping, and seemingly disappears out of existence. In 1964, an eloping couple arrives at the house in the hopes of using it as a honeymoon spot, now a half-derelict mansion owned by Mrs. Kry, an eccentric old woman who turns out to be the aforesaid bride, driven to insanity after her husband disappeared. After the younger bride herself disappears inside the box, it is revealed that Mrs. Kry has been luring young couples to her house, in the hope of 'trading’ them for her lost bridegroom, with an alien intelligence residing inside the box.”

      How does this relate to me and my life? The box represents the fictional and contained form of a dream limited by a total lack of understanding of dreams (that nearly all “interpreters” exhibit), or believing that a dream relates only to current real-life status. This is like an alternate timeline (in metaphor) of what could have happened if I (or Zsuzsanna) had believed in “interpretation” (“receiving the box”) when I was growing up. That is, I would not have ultimately learned that the “mystery girl” of my dreams, rather than being “symbolic” or of solely being another aspect of myself, was actually literally precognitive of my eventual joining with my “mystery girl” Zsuzsanna. This is pure truth.

      Curious marker: This dream was on the morning of January 17, 2017. The episode of “The Outer Limits” that influenced it was from season 1, episode 17.

    2. Kebab Gets Sick // Murder at the Musical

      by , 06-10-2014 at 03:07 AM (The Kestrel's Dreams)
      June 08, 2014

      Kebab Gets Sick

      I was with the backpacking group, drinking in an old house. I think the house belonged to one of my family members, or someone I knew, but I can't remember who it was. The house had a very modern feel to it, even though it was old. We were all on the second floor, and suddenly Kebab said, "I forgot how sick this stuff makes me..." and goes to the upstairs bathroom, but he gets worried that it won't hold all of his vomit (I laughed out loud as I wrote this out) and so he tries to get to the bigger bathroom downstairs, and... well, let's just say he left a trail, and it was disgusting.

      I must have blotched out the part where I cleaned it all up. I remember being on the stairs at the point where it turns (it was one of those kinds of stairways), hearing him vomiting all the way to the bathroom, and then more in the bathroom. I remember thinking, Oh God, I'm going to have to clean this up...

      And then I remember being back upstairs with Zukin, Penny, Ivan, and a friend of his, who was in my own grade instead of a year below me, like all three of the others are. I was telling them all about my Dream Journal, and gave them all my DV username so they could find me once they joined the site (Zukin and I were recruiting them all).

      Suddenly, I was in my high school cafeteria, just as I am saying the last five letters of it; "E-L-K-A-T..."

      And then someone on the complete other side of the cafeteria yells, "E-L-K-A-T!" And then someone else yells it from another side of the room, and soon the whole room is shouting "KESTRELKAT! KESTRELKAT!! KESSSSSTRELKAAAAATTT!!!"

      It was so strange.

      Murder at the Musical

      A friend and I (at the beginning, I don't remember who she was, but toward the end it was one of my friends from college) were acting in a musical about a crazy King who tries to kill his daughter and her friend. My friend plays the daughter, and I play her friend... Her dad plays the crazy King. Can you see where this is going yet?

      Anyways, we find out that her father is trying to kill us; He is going to do it right on stage and get away with it because people will think it's just really good acting. Or, it may have actually been that he was going to actually kill us in order to make it the best show ever. I can't remember exactly which it was, or if it was both. In the musical, the crazy King pretends to be the painting in his daughter's room in order to get her and her friend while they are off-guard, and he jumps at them with a knife, killing the friend first, because he knows his daughter wouldn't dare to avenge her friend and he could easily get her right after.

      Everyone else in the play found out her father's plan, and was trying to help us. We couldn't go straight to the police because they wouldn't believe us if we did. So we all continued with rehearsals as planned, to formulate our plan and also to keep her father from finding out that we knew his plan. We had to all live in the building in which we practiced, and we weren't allowed to leave at all. It was an abandoned warehouse that was for some reason located on my home street.

      When it was time to do a sort of official advertising for the musical (there was a local musical association, and they held an event where all the main characters of the various plays and musicals being put on would gather and try to sell tickets to people passing by on the street), my friend and I left the building (since we were main characters, and her Father could not keep us hidden away with the rest of the cast). Her father was already there, and we were to meet him. We decided we would expose him today, because there would be many people and policemen to help us, and he wasn't really a good actor anyways so he wouldn't be able to lie his way out of it.

      The event was being held a couple blocks away, and so my friend and I had to get up the hill on my street. We were having a very hard time doing it, because of our bulky costumes, so we put on roller blades that we apparently had hidden in the bulky dresses we wore. The going got much faster then.

      When we reached the top of the hill (that's where it meets the street on which the event was held), we saw that there were many, many more people than we had expected. Even better; more witnesses to his horrible lying and more support for ourselves. We found a policewoman and explain what was going on, and we led her to where my friend's dad was, in his ridiculous costume (like this, just he was a painting of a rather creepy looking clown, and the frame was almost as big as he was). We exposed him, and the police took him away. They told my frind and me that we should get the rest of the cast and crew, so that we could all go to testify at the station.

      We go back to the building, gather the others, and get on a bus to get to the police station. As we walked to the bus stop, we all decided that we would have to find another musical to perform in, and that we would stick together because we had become like family. When we got on a bus, and it started moving, a man that had been sitting on a bench at the stop moved with the bus. He was outside of the bus, but moved as if he were in it, even swaying as the driver used the brakes too heavily. I stared out the window at him, and he stared back, grinning. Every time we stopped at a bus stop, the man would appear to adjust himself in his seat of air, so that he looked like he was just sitting at the bus stop. He was describing something to me, and it was strange, because I could hear his voice in my head again. But, I can't remember what he was describing to me. He wore a patch-filled jacket and had a sing-songy voice, but I didn't realize until I was awake that it was the same person from my Gangster Pimp story, who may have been The Face from another dream I had.

      The leader of our little troupe suddenly told us all to get off the bus, quickly. In the confusion, the man whom I will call The Face until I learn his real identity vanished. I reach my troupe and find that they have been confronted by a group of white men and women (my whole troupe, except for my friend and me, was black, with only 1 or 2 women). They stood in lines facing each other, with the leaders of the two groups standing opposite each other. It seemed everyone in my own group had a counterpart in the other group, except for my friend and me. I suddenly know that our leader had taken s off the bus because he'd seen the other group waiting to get on it, and wanted to avoid a confrontation; but the leader of the other group had also spotted him getting off, and had stayed, just to pick a fight.

      "What are you doing with these little white girls, eh? You messin' with them?" Their leader turned to me. "They messin' with you, honey?"
      "We're their friends," I say.
      "Oh really?"
      "We're in a play- a musical- together."
      The other group collectively mocked me and I saw some of their members push some of my friends, so I tried to make myself a human barrier between the two groups, hoping I could stop a fight from happening.

      The other group members were saying really nasty, rude, and disrespectful things about my friends, and I could see my group beginning to get angrier, but they didn't make any moves.

      Then, I saw my group's leader's thoughts for an instant; but it was enough to know that he and his friends had been in a bad situation before joining the musical cast and crew, and they all wanted to live better lives now.

      "Just ignore them all," I said to my friends, while staring into the eyes of the opposite group leader.

      That all went on for a few more minutes, and the situation was looking so desperate that I turned around and hugged as many of my group members as I could, crying. I guess the antagonizing gang must have gotten weirded out by my show of affection, and they left with the grumblings of an aggressor who doesn't really want to open that can of worms anymore.

      We all sat down to wait for the next bus. People sniggered and talked bad about me, as if what I'd done was the stupidest thing they'd ever seen, and I snapped at them all, "Shut the FUCK up! What would you all have done?! Run away? Watch your friends get hurt?" My group leader ruffled my hair and the rest fell silent, just like my group was. It was all very sober until the bus got there. I sat at a window seat, with the leader to my right and my friend to his right. I remembered my leg brushing his, and realizing I needed a shower REALLY bad because my legs were prickly as fuck.

      Then I woke up.

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    3. Lucid Chase

      by , 12-26-2013 at 03:31 PM
      Date: 19 Dec

      Natural wake:500 mg ginseng

      Wbtb: 22 mg caffeine

      LD: We are four guys in some city in the past like the 30-50s in the winter. It feels as if we belong to a gangster organization or so and have just walked away from this store where we got some expensive long winter coats, mine was grey, the other guy's white, without paying. A group of other men is standing nearby, ready to come after us.

      I become lucid but decide to play along (didn't check on my body if I was still a guy) and allow them to go after us and get the gang to start running. The bad guys slowly start coming in our direction, while we are discussing how to escape. I see a large city river running between the buildings and decide I will use it as a quick way out. My companions are a bit unsure of this, but they follow me as I go ahead with the idea I have in mind. Not quite sure if it will work, but it does. Just as I wanted, the surface of the river freezes and we get on the ice, gliding forward for couple of seconds, then walking and running. I turn back to check on the bad guys, they still seem to be in the distance. I try to manipulate the thought of where they will be. Yet, since they only seem to exist when I turn back, they are at a random distance each time. From what I can remember, the river turns into a melting snow street, I feel the dream destabilizing and try to control my speed. At some point I am running very fast, but it feels really weird as I don't feel my body the same way, whatever.

      I lose track of some of my companions, then I remember I wanted to summon a horse (or raindeer) and this will be the perfect opportunity to use it to to ride faster than the chasers. Not sure how to proceed about this since I am still running, I pretend that I am already on a horse and feel as if I am riding it. The guy from our group in front of me is now riding a horse and I get the feeling that I am too. This whole thing is happening too fast for me to notice what's below, my vision is shaking from the movement and I look to the side to see if I am at a higher distance from the ground and I am. It feels as if I am riding a horse, but I am sure that there's no horse. Oh, well.

      We soon reach the end of the road, get inside ? At this point the dream is quite unstable and things change a lot. I still check if the chasers are after us, and of course they are. Trying to use my eyes to spot the best place to go, I look for a place that looks more appealing. Some sort of flooded sewer, no. I just want a place where the dream continues on the street. As I look around everything closes and becomes dead end. Oops. I wonder what to do, contemplating a phase if things get too heated up and but turn around and decide to face them. The chasers are now here (since I kept thinking about them) and this guy carrying a large spiked club is getting closer. At this point, I conclude I went way too far with this "game" and mentally prepare being hit with the club. Then I remember that CL didn't feel any pain in a recent dream and maybe nothing will happen after all. The guy swings at me, but indeed nothing happens, did he even hit me?

      I decide the moment is good to practice some kung fu. Another attacker approaches and we get into a struggle, but he's too hard to move initially. I still manage to throw him on the ground 2 times yet he doesn't seem to be hurt. I get distracted by thoughts and leave him standing, contemplating how are we (there is no we, but I still follow the scenario) going to deal with the bad guys. As soon as I think about us, my companions are back, but different DCs, we are five now, with a female classmate of mine being part of the team. Each of us will deal with each of them (they are four). Now there's this completely different DC attacker and I start getting a completely different idea of how to deal with him, we can seduce him with my classmate. This thought is enough and he is no longer menacing and I have other things on my mind. At this point and probably for the best, the dream ends.
    4. M looks for his love

      by , 03-11-2012 at 08:39 PM (Visions in the Dark)
      I do not participate in this dream directly and I see everything happen in the 3rd person, like I am watching a movie. There is a tall muscular man with long black hair (I will call him "M"), and he is working as a bodyguard for a gangster. It is night time and the gangster's entourage is driving slowly along a road by the sea. There are many people out walking along the beach and many are drunk or having wild parties. The town not far away is a tourist destination with many shops and historical buildings, but those are only fronts for the many criminal activities that go on. There are many gansters vying for control of the area and right now the one M works for is on top.

      The limo goes to a mansion by the sea and the gangster throws a huge party filled with celebrities, drugs, and prostitutes. All of the other bodyguards partake in the indulgences but M sneaks off to have a look around town. The town is empty and the shops closed and the silence is only broken by M's footsteps on the cobblestone roads. He is looking for someone, a woman with red hair whom he loves, but he does not know where to find her.

      M returns to the party and his boss insists that he have a woman for himself that night, so he picks one from a line-up that is presented in front of him and takes her to a room upstairs. M knows that she is a sex slave in a trafficking ring and doesn't want to be there. He has not desire for sex with the unwilling or drugs and offers the woman some food until she falls asleep on the bed. M stares out the window until morning comes.

      Early next morning, while his gangster boss and fellow bodyguards sleep off their hangovers, M heads to town again to ask shop owners if they have seen the red haired woman. No one can help him but he indadvertantly stumbles upon a rival gangster's sex slave trafficking ring behind one shop and finds a woman he knew long ago in other country. He buys time with her from the rival gangster and takes her to a room where he wants to ask her how she ended up there.

      The woman knows that the gangster is having them watched and tells M to be quiet and that they have to have sex or they will both be killed. M tries to fake it at first but the woman is insistant that their intercourse be as real as possible so M complies. After they have both orgasmed and collapsed from exaustion, the rival gangster's goons come and take the woman away before M can ask her anything.

      M is very angry and after redressing himself he goes back to the slave shop and beats several of the goons unconsious before confronting the rival gangster, who gets away on a motorbike. M's boss shows up and congratulates him on driving the competition away and offers to promote him from bodyguard but M refuses. His boss leaves and M can finally talk to the woman he knows and she tells him that she was kidnapped and forced into slavery while looking for her husband who went missing after visiting this town. She says she does not know where the red haired woman is.

      I cannot remember any more of this dream.
    5. 18/10 - Lion men, Kuno, the gangsters and I (plus playing with fire)

      by , 10-18-2011 at 01:48 PM (Floatinghead's dream adventures)
      non-lucid - Notes - lucid

      18-10-11 Intentions I deliberately decided to just chill in the case I got lucid, I had the feeling I always tried to do too much and that this was causing some stability issues. Besides I figured it would be easier for people to find me if I remained calm and fairly stationary.

      “Hypnagoic Havoc”

      Two times before actually falling asleep I was awoken due to HH. The first time I had a pulling sensation that frightened me a bit and I shut it down consciously, which resulted in me floating back to waking condition, which I regretted after having done it. The second experience was someone popping into my head saying something, might have been something simple as hello. I remember seeing the face, though it was fairly jumbled.

      “The Master of Swords am I!”

      I am something of an Egyptian god. Half lion half man and I have this Egyptian name that I don't really understand. What do you do when you don't understand something, you wiki it so I did just that =P. The name translates into “The Master of Swords” and apparently I am somewhat connected to handling slaves.

      There is someone there with me, maybe Float?, who is also a feline man with an equally impressive title. We are going up to see the boss (?) who is on the top of this structure that might be a pyramid. The colourings of the surroundings would indicate that it is set in Egypt and the structure definitely is the colour of the pyramids.

      While we are walking up towards the boss we are goofing around at our impressive titles. We both sort of know that it is a role play situation and we find it funny that we are so highly ranked as well as being lion men.

      Our joking abruptly ends as we get to the top were a lion woman, who reminds me of Windy, tells us that the ropes that are tying us together have been severed. The way it is severed is by the top triangle of the Illuminati symbol all of a sudden appears behind her and it radiates a glow that cuts the bonds between us.

      I get a panicky feeling and don't want this to be the case. I become aware that it is a dream as I wake up, while wondering why I wasn't the top dog seeing as people were trying to find me =P.

      “Just chill man, who the fuck is Kuno and pall?”

      I am walking down this narrow cobbled street feeling fairly gleeful. I notice that there are four people acting strangely and I notice that they all open a can of Tuborg at the same time. I continue down the road, but I find it unusual and turn around to observe what is happening.

      I get the feeling that they are either doing a social experiment, to check if anyone is noticing their weird behaviour, or shooting and ad for the beer. While I am looking at them they enter a shop, think it is a small fashion shop or similar and I get the feeling that they are the proprietors since they are walking in while the shop is closed.

      I turn back around and start walking down the street again. The sunlight would indicate that it is afternoon or early evening. I spot four other people down the street and notice that they have just opened four cans of Carlsberg, which might be the explanation for the other group's weird behaviour.

      One of the guys stops up and I am walking down beside him. On an elevated platform made of stone to my right I see a pick nick table and upon that table is a bundle of keys. I pick them up and turn around asking the people behind me if it is their keys, but they inform me they aren't.

      The guy who had stopped up then approach me and tells me it is his. I give him his keys and explain that I wasn't anything personal, but the behaviour of the other guys would indicate that they were more likely to loose a set of keys. He laughs a bit and tells me “Yeah always look for the people in a festival costume” You should take it as a compliment that I didn't think they were yours” (?)

      skip (small one)

      There is a shop on my left hand side, which serves food as is apparent as it is a transparent cooling desk. The scenery has a 2D quality to it now and I know I am dreaming. I keep pushing myself forward intending to fully submerge in the dream and soon enough I am in a 3D environment.

      I remember to just chill out without really trying to alter the dream or use powers, but just walk around and experience the dream. I start looking at things and I start smelling things, one of these elements being the fish on the counter, which I can't recall how smelled.

      Henriette walks up from behind me and we start chatting about how she has been. She tells me about her studies and I do try and pay attention, but I keep shifting my focus away from her to focus on details in the environment to keep the dream stable. At one point I notice this shelf with some golden glitter on it.

      I ask Henriette if she is aware that we are dreaming, she replies that she is, though she goes on to explain that I am dreaming, but she is not, indicating that she understand herself as a figment of my imagination (which is weird, but I don't think more of it).

      I walk off I think Henriette keeps following me and there is this wooden frame with a hole in it, to act as a window, that I try and crawl through parcour style as I am getting a bit bored. There are loads of wooden boxes and barrels on the other side of this frame and also there is a room with people in it.

      I walk into the room which is grey, but still has some boxes in it. The man from the street (the man with the keys) is in the room and I ask him if he knows we are dreaming. he replies that he is aware and I go to shake his hand. I tell him my name is Dennis and I ask for his. He walks around me and tells me his name is Kuno before he sits down on a box.

      Then someone from behind the boxes jump on my back and scares the shit out of me, his name is some metaphor for my anus and I don't find him funny at all, mainly because I get the feeling he wants to violate me sexually. He has this crazy grin on his face, which look like Gareth's from EIMS.

      I don't trust him and I tell him that I don't appreciate his way of behaving and he seems somewhat hurt of this. Throughout the dream I keep telling him that he will have to do a hell of a lot to prove himself trustworthy for me.

      I turn back to talk to Kuno, I ask “By Kuno, do you mean Katsuno?” “No” he answers. I want to get an idea about this fellow so I ask him to stand up. He does so and turns out to have blonde/brown hair, quite a pronounced forehead, he is about half a head shorter than me (I am 180 cm) and he has this wide smile on his face pretty much all the time.

      We walk out of the room and through these corridors with grey walls. At one point we stop by a window and I notice how the light gets bend through the glass of the window creating these small colourful spots and find it fascinating. Furthermore I notice a pattern playing in the light that wouldn't have been possible in waking life. I also notice that the light projection is actually on the same wall in which the window is placed rather than on the other wall, so I am witnessing something completely impossible physically speaking.

      Something after this point is missing though I don't know what.

      I keep talking to the guy who jumped me and tell him that I don't trust him and that he will have to make up for his stupidity if he wants to earn my trust.

      “No flight!? - You will burn for this!”

      I have a false awakening. My flatmate enters my room with a badminton racket and say something weird. I go back to bed.

      I wake up again and notice that it is a false awakening and I think that the situation with my flat mate would also have been a FA. I get out of bed and start walking around. I don't do any reality checks I just know I am dreaming. I start heading towards the window and I sort of lie on my back floating in the air and start floating out through the window actually seeing the glass as I fly through it without breaking it (I never tire of that one ^^).

      I get a brief thought that I am absolutely insane to start jumping out of my window without having done a RC, but I go with it. It is sunny, bright and warm outside and I get the feeling I am naked. I fly up to my right and have a brief chat with my neighbour, explaining to her that we are dreaming. I face her and she looks at my package and before I fly away she thanks me for the experience. “It was nothing” I tell her and consider I hope I didn't just deliver a stupid joke about the size of my junk.

      Anyways I decide I don't care what people think about my naked body and fly on. I fly down toward the centre of the garden and start thinking about Katsuno in lack of anything better to do. I think about the spider man technique and although I don't feel or see a rope come out I do feel a sensation in my left hand that serves like a compass or homing beacon.

      I start flying towards the direction indicated by my hand, but then I get this message that I can't get to him because the vegetation and foliage of our dreams are currently incompatible (WTF!?). I then fly down and land in some dense material, which is a mixture of pineapple and reeds. The leafs are really thick, but edgy meaning you could cut yourself on them, and I get stuck in them. Moreover I loose my ability to fly, which doesn't really create a panic, but I sure do get angry.

      I start walking through the bushes and end up between a hedge on one side and really tall stingy nettles on the other side. I wonder if the nettles will sting me, but they don't even when I pick them up. So I am walking along the hedge and there is a lot of foliage above me reaching in over the path. I can't fly up and this really piss me off now.

      I just look up and start climbing up through the plants while screaming “FIRE!” repeatedly. I think about doing some fireballs or other interesting stuff, but I don't really manage this. Instead I get out to the sea at a marina with a lot of house boats, and auto campers and trailers as well (?), in the water.

      I kneel down and slam my arms in the ground while screaming “FIRE!” some more. I look out over the boats and in the beginning nothing is happening, but then this one boat starts burning, nothing spectacular, but small flames leaping all over it, and though they aren't big and intense, you get the feeling that they are very effective at eating the boat quickly.

      I channel telekinesis through my left arm into the ground and lift the boat out of the water. I pull it back towards me though on my left hand side. Then I crush it. I can feel the phantom hand I have created around the boat and I clench my fists around it so it looks like the boat implodes. I then release it and return my attention to the rest of the marina.

      Another boat is burning on my right hand side, I keep going nuts and soon I notice fire in many boats and campers, essentially the entire harbour is burning. The sky is no longer sunny, but has turned night time dark. I wake up.


      FA: I pick up the dicta phone and start hearing my voice through the device, thinking that I am starting to record over my first lucid.

      “Cosmic Gangster Showdown”

      I am on a battlefield and two rival gangs are facing one another. “My” team led by my father is holding daggers and is stood squarely facing a bunch of archers from the opposing gang. I wonder why they aren't retaliating or fighting for their lives.

      There is something cosmic going down, some shit about planetary alignment and the battle is part of a greater story. I decide to take one of my daggers and throw it at an archer and sidestep before letting the arrows hit me. But none of the men there besides me does this, and I somehow get the feeling that it was intended for them all to die.

      I rummage the battlefield after the slaughter and pick up a dagger and three other throwing knives that looks like a mixture between a halberd and a scalpel, but in a size suitable for throwing.


      I am in a gangster setting and I have caused a problem, maybe by interfering in the battle mentioned before. However I am not the only one in trouble, I have actually caused some problems for my friends as well.

      Especially this one guy, who is about to be a father I have caused problems for and I do my best to help out. I do this mainly by sourcing pregnancy stuff and a children's bed for him. He is really grateful for this and thanks me at one point in the dream. I ask him not to thank me and reminds him that I have also placed him in the shit. I think Ronja makes a gesture towards him reminding him about this fact.

      In order to make up for this I have started taking a more active interest in my fathers gangster business. I will one day inherit the operations. I have ensured that a lot of small business, responsible for significant income, has been added under the wings of the corporation.

      I intend to get a car salesman going for the firm as well. So I make a trip to this dealer not far a away who is of Spanish origin and in his 40es or 50es. I look at a station car and open the door in the wrong end of the car, though I am convinced it is the front door it turns out to be the rear one.

      The salesman comes over to me and start talking about the car. I offer him a job and tell him that whatever he is getting paid my dad will pay him more. He gets into the driving seat of the car and we drive back to the HQ of my father's empire. On the way I ask if he has a card I can take so I can get back in touch with him. He gives me one.

      Back at HQ we walk the ground floor and look at all the shops down there. I notice that there isn't actually a suitable one for a car business, though I was positive there was. I do know however that some of the existing shops will close down and potentially open up a spot. I thank the salesman for his time and openness to consider my offer.

      slight skip.

      Back upstairs I am talking to people, in particular the coming dad, who I assure that no harm will come to him. I intend to up the game. I am going to go and cut up some people to make sure the rival gang knows not to fuck with us. So I pick up a scissors and give it to a guy and I go into the kitchen to pick up a meat knife, one with a slight hint of teeth on it, while considering it's use against a throat.

      All of a sudden a lot of people are joining me, feeling it is a good idea. We leave some of the woman behind and they put on some music we all know, that we start laughing about and dancing to.

      Down by the front door the doorman stops us. I know him to have been affiliated with the rival gang, but he has taken on a more neutral role nowadays. He grabs my left wrist with an iron claw thing that he is using as an artificial hand. I tell the others that he is sound and isn't to be hurt.

      Across the road I see the entire other gang on bikes wearing fluorescent yellow/green jackets and fake mu-stages and glasses as disguises. They have been tipped off and I instantly recognise that the music we were listening to is actually the tip off sign, we have a traitor in our midst, though I don't know who as of yet.

      The doorman starts singing about the music has been used as a sign.

      I run across the street and start chasing the gang, which is led by Dirch Passer (Famous old school Danish actor) and my old Karate trainer. I chase Dirch who stops casually at a red light, but then he notice I am chasing him and he sort of come to the realisation that I mean business and he takes off. I turn around wanting to chase the others but they have all disappeared. I ask hypothetically if they have all entered the bus, and my gang replies that they have, but that there wasn't enough room for Dirch.

      Throughout the dream (bar the battlefield part, where I think I am wearing some sort of leather arour) I am wearing this bright flashy yellow suit, AWSOMENESS!
    6. Directed Fantasy

      by , 07-26-2011 at 02:15 PM
      Due to a strange series of mini-sleeps, fueled by various proportions of caffeine and ethanol, dreams last night are loosely defined as guided imagery.

      I first imagined two guys named Jerry and Garcia, sitting at a card table smoking some cigars. Garcia commented how the smoke from their cigars was lingering, so Jerry whipped out a pistol and shot the glass out of the window, for some ventilation. Then a bird flew through the window with a long scroll from the King. It was too small to read, but fortunately the other side had the same message in Braille, in which Garcia was fluent. The King said his son was sad, and since he very much looked up to Jerry and Garcia as heroes, the King wished that they would visit and talk to his son. They consent.

      On the way up the King's mountain, they pass Milton, the eternal prisoner. He offers his thoughts for a penny. Garcia flips him a coin, and Milton explains that animals roam the land free, and sometimes animals even come from far away lands, but they continue to roam free, unlike Milton, who was discovered from a far away land and imprisoned for life. He continues to appeal to Jerry and Garcia but they turn away to meet the King.

      Once at the castle, they meet with tall, heavily armed guards, replete with red armor, helmets, strong lances, and boots. They only take one in at a time, leaving Jerry at the gate. Jerry, as if knowing the drill, runs along the castle wall, finds a place to scale, throws a guard off the tower, and sneaks towards the King's hall. There he finds Garcia on his knees in front of the King, about to be injected with a syringe. Jerry leverages his surprise attack to redirect the needle into the King's neck. The King bellows, and immediately begins to transform into an enormous dark beast with glowing eyes and crown. The guards scatter while Jerry and Garcia take cover from the King. While escaping, they ally with a guard, and find the chemical room, where this venom is being refined.


      The other one was based on a friendship of mine. As a "large enough evil" approached Earth, my dear friend Madeline discovered latent powers that resonated with the power of the evil, and woke up with the sense of a mission. She found she could read people's thoughts and future, and she was also gifted with fire. Using her foresight, she roamed the city to find a partner that would help tame this great evil -- she eventually discovers that a partnership with Chris, although not ending happily, would save the world. Her foresight shows that toward the end of their journey, Chris' attachment to her would be his own ruin. However, it is the closest hope.

      A few scenes of their partnership -- while battling tremendous evils, Chris discovers powers of metal, like those of Magneto. A scene shows us Madeline charging his great fiery powers, while Chris defends her with a great iron shield. As the behemoth attacks, infinite particles of iron come together at the point of his strike to defend Chris and Maddie from his rage. It also shows a blade of metal dart from the ground into Chris' hand, passing through their assailant's heart along the way. As it slips through, the beast drops lifeless.

      This sci-fi story was built with a plot twist, in which Chris evolves along the way, and is able to break his attachment to Madeline before the fateful event. Things become murky here -- Chris may have to destroy Maddie, but why her foresight would not prepare her for this, I know not!

      As for actual spontaneous dreams, I don't know -- I recall my cheap aviators being a little bent, and being embarrassed in front of a girl. Don't nobody mess with my cheap aviators!

      --- Oh! I remembered an actual dream! In Boone, my car didn't start, so I visited Bill's Garage. By this point I was becoming friendly with the guy who kept fixing my car, so I tried to make conversation about what was wrong with my car, and the guy smiled understandingly and said "we'll figure it out." I said out loud that yes, I was probably too tired to understand it now. In my living room, meanwhile, was Cameron or Will Franke or both, something about guitars, blah....

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    7. The Eagle Crest

      by , 06-14-2011 at 09:45 PM (Visions in the Dark)
      (There is a "trigger warning" on the content of this dream.)

      I am an archeology student working in a museum in Montreal. I have volunteered to document and study items that are in the backrooms of the museum's storage areas. All of the items had been ignored or forgotten about because no previous archeologists thought they were important. The civilizations or cultures and time frame the artifacts come from are unknown and it is my job to find out when and where they came from. The items I found and set aside to look at include various peices of ancient looking jewelry, a few peices of pottery and a roughly triangular peice of metalwork that features some sort bird with its wings spead out and the bird's head facing to the right. The outline of the bird and the outer edge of the peice is orange while the background is a deep blue. I give this item the name of the "Eagle Crest."

      I tell my department head (Professor Alberts) about the items and he doesn't seem interested at first but says that I can continue my investigations as long as they do not interfere with my other student studies in the museum. One night, after closing time, I am working on a thesis on a computer in one of the museum offices and suddenly a bunch of screens and files start popping up at random and I cannot close them. The files that are appearing are refering to some of the items I found and disclosed to Prof. Alberts and when the files start being downloaded to an outside source I finally realize that the computer is being hacked and I turn it off.

      The next day I tell Prof. Alberts what happened and he tells me to put the items in his office where they will be safe, which I do, except for the Eagle Crest, which I had on my desk, because I wanted to study it that night. When night comes, after everyone has gone home, the museum is broken into and the box of artifacts I had set aside to study was stolen from Prof. Alberts's office, except for the crest which was in my desk in another part of the museum. The buglars stole nothing else and seemed to beeline only for that box of artifacts and this made me think that they knew exactly what they were looking for and knew where to find it. Suspecting an inside job, I do not tell Prof. Alberts that I still have the Eagle Crest and instead I hide it in one of the unorganized and unused storerooms filled with undocumented artifacts, knowing that no one will find it there. I am also worried that if I come forward that I did not put the crest where it was supposed to go the night of the robbery, that people will think I had something to do with the robbery itself or knew about it in some way.

      Later I am in my apartment thinking about the crest and the robbery and the nagging feeling that the two are related somehow. It is early in the morning because I have not been able to sleep and I am in my night clothes with are nothing more than an orange tank top and blue panties. I am so deep in thought that I do not hear someone enter my apartment until that person opens my bedroom door. It is a tall, thin, blond man, wearing glasses and dressed in a black suit. He is holding a handgun and demands that I get dressed and come with him. I am freaked out that someone is in my apartment but also angry and embarassed that I am walked in on when wearing so little clothing. I demand that he turn around so I can change but he says no and watched me with no expression as I get dressed. I ask him who he is and where we are going but he ignores me and says that I need my identifaction and passport. I resist leaving my apartment but the man says that I am in danger if I stay and that he is taking me somewhere safe. I demand to know why I should trust him and he says that there are some gangsters on their way to kidnap me because they think I know the location of the Eagle Crest and that they will torture me to get the location of it. I ask the man how I am supposed to know if I can trust him or not but he ignores me again, grabs my arm and drags me downstairs to his car waiting behind the building. I know he has a gun so I don't want to piss him off and just obey.

      As we are in his car and pulling out of the apartment complex driveway, a car pulls up to the front of the building and several large, burly looking men in dark suits and wearing sunglasses get out and start toward the apartment. One of them looks our way and they seem to recognize either me or the man I am with because he begins shouting and the other men begin running our way, pulling out guns and pointing them in our direction. The blond man speeds out of there and down the street as fast as he can, even as the gangsters start shooting in our direction. The blond man ignores the traffic lights and roadsigns and races through the streets at top speed but soon the dark car is behind us and we are followed all the way out of Montreal. We speed and weave through traffic and eventually seem to lose our pursuers. I ask my kidnapper where we are going and he says New York City. I begin crying because I am scared and the man says that I should not be afraid because none of this is my fault and that he is just trying to protect me. I say I still don't know if I can trust him or not, and he asks me to open the glove compartment which I do. Inside is a large silver coloured hand gun and he asks me to take it. I protest because I have never held a gun before, let alone use one, and he says that it is for my protection and that he will tell me how to use it.

      Shortly after giving me instructions on how to use the gun and telling me to hide it in my bag, the blond man loses control of his car when we are rear ended by the dark car filled with gangsters that has suddenly caught up with us. The car skids out of control and comes to a stop in a ditch and before the blond man can reach for his own gun, several of the gangsters open fire through the driver's side window and he is struck several times. I am pulled kicking and screaming from the passenger side and dragged over to the gangster car and forced into the trunk. My bag is still hanging over my side and the gangsters do not search through it. It is hot and cramped in the trunk and we drive for a long time. I do not know how long but it is dark by the time the goons stop at a motel and finally let me out of the trunk. They let me go to the bathroom in the motel room and I lock myself in and cry for a while. Eventually they bash the door down and force me to come out. None of the gangsters talk to me at first, but one tries to get me to tell him the location of the Eagle Crest by saying that they will let me go immediately if I tell them where it is. I say that I don't know and that it was stolen when the museum I was interning at was broken into. This is the answer I give many time when they press the same question many times in different ways. Eventually they give up and let me fall asleep on one of the beds.

      I wake up at some point in the night and without moving myself much to alert them to my wakened state I try to see were the goons are. Two are sleeping on chairs by the window and I cannot determine the location of the third, but the fourth is laying on the other motel bed with his pants pulled down and masterbating to a pornographic film playing on the television. I am using my bag as a pillow and I can feel the outline of the gun under my head, but I still lay motionless, fearful to alert the gangster who is still awake that I too am conscious. I close my eyes with the intention of waiting for the guy to fall asleep but just then the gangster that I could not locate comes out of the bathroom and jokes with the other guy that they should rape me while I am sleeping. The other guy thinks that is a great idea and rolls off of his bed and on top of me. I scream and struggle and try to reach for the gun but I am dragged out of its reach by the two goons who pull me to the end of the end and start ripping my clothes off of me. My screams awaken the other two gangsters and they fight off the would be rapists and remind them that I am not to be harmed until "the Boss" can speak to me.

      The goons start arguing and even fistfighting and I am able to grab my bag and lunge at the door. One of the gangsters grabs my legs and pulls me to the floor, as the other three goons take no notice and continue fighting amounst themselves, and while the guy who has me struggles to hold my logs with both arms, my hands are free and I pull the gun out of my bag, unlock the safety and stoot the guy holding me squarely in the forehead. The other three gangsters stop fighting and stand stunned for a second as I scramble out of the dead man's grasp and for the door. The gangsters simutaneously reach for their steel and I am sure that I am dead when the motel room door is kicked in and a hail of machine gun bullets rips into the bodies of the remaining gangters and cuts them down where they stand.

      I look up and see the blond haired man from before standing there holding two mini tommi guns, blood from his own gunshot wounds all over his shirt and a trickle of blood out of his mouth. He is backlit from headlights in the parking lot and looks enraged as he stands there and stares down the bloody corpses of my kidnappers. His expression softens when he sees that I am alright and I don't know how he survived being shot several times but he takes me away from there and we continue drivng down the highway - I assume to New York City, but I am not sure because I cannot remember anything more from this dream other than that the blond man reveals that Prof. Alberts organized both the robbery and my kidnapping and was "the Boss" behind the whole mess. He also revels what the Eagle Crest is and why it is important (it is magic or something?) but I cannot remember exactly what the details were now.

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      non-lucid , memorable
    8. September 10, 2010

      by , 09-10-2010 at 06:12 PM (Requiem's DJ)
      surprisingly funny and neat dreams for 6 hours of sleep. especially the guitar part

      Guitar To Save My Life (vivid non-lucid)

      I am driving down a snow covered road. I lose control and bail out. I sit and watch my car recklessly barrel down he street. I look behind me for a cop. None. Look ahead and one is parked on side of the road. His lights go on and he drives right up to me. "On your knees!" he yells with the gun pointed at me.

      I am handcuffed. He walks me over to the outside area of a shabby apartment building and just walks away. I see a lot of gangsters walk out. "Criminal justice!" one says. I know they about to beat me to a pulp. I stand up, handcuffs are gone, and start playing a guitar that appeared out of nowhere. I can't play too well while awake but I was awesome. I sort of just moved my hands around parts of the neck that I know make the sounds I was looking for. I played a lot like Dimebag Darrell of Pantera. (Pantera - The Sleep)

      Transition, I continued to my original destination, my friend J's house. I ran into a girl going to the same house. His house was similar to mine in the dream and he was in a room just like mine, sitting on the bed.

      No Apology Necessary (non-lucid)

      I was at work but we were playing Sorry (The Game of Sweet Revenge).

      There was an argument about the rules and when the co-worker found out he was wrong, he went crazy. He started saying offensive words and threw the game across the room. Dude needs help. We've all got problems but damn.

      A co-worker walked in, bruised, broken, and beaten. We had to help him walk but a phone rang and I got distracted. Relatives started pouring in through the door and were seated. It turned into an event, a wedding, funeral, or something like that. We obviously had a reason to see each other. I don't remember much else but seeing some younger children sitting on a big sofa.

      Oh wait, the first dream influenced the second dream. J's dad was at work with us but he was being a a huge asshole. Or maybe that was another scene or fragment..

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    9. A dog race, shrinking, and terrorists in Turkey.

      by , 05-12-2010 at 06:04 PM (Visions in the Dark)
      Dream starts off with me at some sort of Olympic event for dogs. There is a race down a long winding path that looks like a bobsleigh track. The dog I have entered looks like my friend RM's previous dog Memphis, a shetland sheepdog who passed away last year. Spectators and other dog owners have gathered in a sphirical room where the race starts and where it can be watched on a large screen t.v. There are many people there but the only one's I really pay attention too are a group of three young men who are dressed in black or dark blue suits and look like hitmen. They are determined to win and I fear they may become violent if they lose.

      The race begins but I am too worried about watching my back and keeping an eye on the dangerous looking suited men than the ranking of my dog in the race. The race ends and neither I nor the suit men win but for some reason I leave the statdium with them and we all leave our dogs behind. Outside there is a path that leads to floating boardwalk that goes over a lake to a townhouse complex on the other side. As we cross the boardwalk it starts to sink and we are forced to swim across. For some reason we have to do all of this unseen by others because we are running from something but I cannot remember the reason anymore. The most handsome of the suit men sticks close to me and is very protective. I think his name was Vince because he looked like Vincent Valentine when he was a Turk.

      When we get to the other side we have shrunk and are about the size of crows. We start sneaking around one of the townhouses when we run into my friend RM and her dog Memphis. She tells us that the coast is clear and that we can get by unseen. Past the townhouse complex is a parking lot, then a trailer park where the Vince's alcoholic father lives. We take shelter in father's trailer and Vince and his father argue about something.

      Beyond the trailer park is a huge grocery store which we have to sneak through to get to something on the otherside. We dodge through aisles and onto a table with fruit when we are spotted by some shoppers but they don't threaten us like we thought they would and rather only show curiousity about our small size. The four of us finally get through the grocery store and find ourselves in a dirty run down town.

      The dream changes and Vince's two companions disappear and he language and dress of the poor people walking around inform us that we are in a slum in the eastern European country of Tukey. The slum is overrun with gangsters and terrorists and anyone who lives there are virtual prisoners. Vince and I are normal size again and we are now lovers and he is my fiancee. Because of the dangerous conditions of the city we go are seperate ways because Vince has to find something that will let us get out of the slum and to freedom and I am told to mill about a trade center to wait for him.

      The trade center is filled with goods from all over the world and I am amused to find a section of Canadian memorabelia and soapstone carvings. There are explosions outside and the people in the trade center panic and start running around to find cover. I ask one old woman what is going on and she tells me that terrorists have been randomly attacking the slum and bombing certain streets. I go outside to try and find Vince and see that there are people walking around cautiously either trying to go about there business or find shelter.

      There is an older man who works somewhere nearby that I think can help me, but the bombings are close to where I think I can find him. I search up and down many narrow dirty streets until I find the dentist's office where the older man works, but it is closed and no one is there. I walk out of the alley and see a gang of men wearing masks, carrying weapons and riding crudely built motorbikes riding up and down the streets forcing people to do as they say and to go inside or they will kill them. I know these are the terrorists and I have to hide behind some debris in an alley to avoid being seen until they pass.

      I run into a woman who says she knows where the old man is and I follow her to a cafe halfway across the slum. We manage to get there unnoticed by thugs and find many people trying to take shelter or relax and have a coffee. The older man is there and he admits that he knows where Vince is but first we have to go back to his dentist's office to get something. On the way we are stopped by some masked men who threaten us, but the old man shows them a pass of some kind and says that I am his daughter (and he is escorting me home for the forced curfew) they begrudgingly let us on our way.

      At the dentist's office the old man is dismayed to find that it has been broken into and the place has been ransacked. His money, passport documents and stash of cigarettes has been stolen. The old man thinks awhile about what to do next before deciding that we should head to the trade center which is not that far away.

      The dream becomes fuzzy and I cannot remember a bit but somehow we meet up with Vince who had been captured and tortured by some terrorists. The old man bribes someone to take us to a port town nearby where we can sneak onto a cargo ship and onto freedom. We succeed in getting on the ship but some gangsters or terrorists find out that there are two people trying to escape from Turkey and they get there own ship to pursue us. The crew of the cargo ship get nervous about having us as passengers and dump us on a small island not far away from the port on which there is a circular fortress of some kind that has many levels underground.

      Vince suddenly looks like he appeared in Dirge of Cerberus and has acquired some guns from the cargo ship crew and he sends me into the lower floors of the building. He is able to kill some of the pursuers but is forced into the bowls of the fort when confronted with the leader of the terrorists. He gives me one of his handguns and tells me to go to the lowest floor and wait for him. I can hear gun fire and yelling but don't know what is going on until Vincent and the terrorist leader come running down, shooting at each other. The terrorist leader has transformed into a hideous beast and is more impervious to bullets. Vincent has trouble taking him down and just before the end the leader summons more warriors to fight for him.

      There is a long gun battle all over the basement of the fort but Vincent eventually triumphs with my help but the dream ends before we leave the island or anything.
    10. Transformers and Gangsters

      by , 04-26-2008 at 05:00 AM (Visions in the Dark)
      This dream was long but I can only remember fragments.

      It involved Transformers and people with jedi like powers and took place in a world of advanced technological cities surrounded by poor, rural slum towns where serial killers and gansters ruled. I was a character who used to be a Transformer but was somehow turned into a human who looked like my dream incarnet Chun-li (young Chinese woman) and now worked as a mercenary for hire and was being paid to hide and guard a little girl with a special key (Sari, from Transformers Animated). There were several Transformers I ran into but they did not recognize me in my human form and I could easily attack and defeat them because I had powerful telekenetic abilities. By the end of the dream the Transformers had disappeared and I was wandering through a slum town and came across a factory where bodies of murdered women kept turning up in shallow holes in the dirt floors. I was hired by some poor farmers to hunt down the criminals responsible for the murders but the dream ended before I could find anyone.